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Classic Christians guide (2nd edition): Trailblazers of the faith (Open faith)

Classic Christians guide (2nd edition)

Classic Christian Pioneers - Trailblazers of the faith

by Hearts and Minds Media

Containing a wiki guide to over 80 Christian pioneers who changed the world with their views and action of the faith. This guide is intended to inspire and encourage the reader into considering new perspectives on the faith through reflection of the classic christians. Examples include, Luther, King, Tozer, Dickens, St John of the Cross, St Avila.

Each profile is introduced with a short biographical summary, their photo, quotations and finally a wiki guide to their life's work.

21 Teen Devotionals. for Guys!

Guys and girls don't face the same issues during their teen years - not even close. In this book, we'll share 21 devotions written with today's teen guys in mind. The Bible isn't just some book that's over 2000 years old and caked with dust - it's completely relevant to our lives today... even as teens. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, dig in, find out what God's Word has in store for you!