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The Builder's Companion, Book 1: Zero to Planning Permission, UK/Ireland Edition, Your Complete Guide to Home Building

“ We all need a fixed point we can rely on and this book is a great place to start ”. Shaun O’Sullivan.Have a knowledgeable ‘Companion’ join you on your Home Building journey. You will be challenged to develop a strategy to design your dream home and alerted to looming pitfalls. Get advice on how to approach and instruct construction design professionals and contractors. Legal obligations are investigated and zoning issues are raised. Many new ‘green’ technologies are introduced and methods of cost control are emphasized. You will need an up-to-date home in a fast moving world.Stories and experiences are shared as many lessons are best remembered in the ‘story ’ form. This edition is tailored to meet UK and Ireland building codes and conditions. Book 2 is also available which continues the journey from ‘Start Building to Completion Certificate’.

How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers (Better Blog Booklets Book 1)

REVEALED: How to Write "A-List" Blog Posts and Build an Audience of Raving FansBooklet Length: 7596 WordsWhat's the secret to blogging success? It all starts with the content you create. You see, it's impossible to build a profitable blog if you're NOT providing value to visitors. In "How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers" you'll get a simple system for writing blog posts that readers love! Take Your Blog to the NEXT Level...Once upon a time, blogging was a platform for sharing your thoughts with the world. Now it has become a big business. You can’t write about yourself and expect to make money. What you need to do is create content in a strategic way where you're building a business.Always remember this:Most people read blogs for selfish reasons. Their loyalty largely depends on how much value you provide. They may "like" you, but they’ll stop reading the moment you stop publishing great content. Your goal is to always answer the "what's in it for me?" question that people have about your website.What you'll get with this booklet is a proven recipe for publishing great posts on a regular basis. You won’t just learn how to write the occasional “one hit wonder.” Instead you'll discover a method for cranking out great articles on a weekly basis. Follow the 5-Step Compelling Content Action Plan"How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers" details a proven strategy for building a rock-solid publishing plan. Inside this booklet you'll discover:19 Compelling Blog Post Ideas5 Steps to an Actionable Blog Post Schedule12 Elements of Engaging Blog PostsHow to Improve the Quality of Your Blog Content9 "Must Read" Content Creation ResourcesYou can write great blog posts! Just follow this blueprint and you'll learn how to do it.Would You Like To Know More?Download now and take your blog writing to the next level.Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button'.

Mastering the Art of Assertiveness: Becoming a Happy Man by Standing Up For Yourself and Winning the Respect of Others

About the BookAfter struggling with numerous bad habits and battling to quit them, Jonathan turned to self-discipline, hard work and will power to bring a long-lasting change to his life. Jonathan wrote this book to reveal the deepest secrets which you may not know about assertiveness and how to apply them to achieve optimum success in life and in your relationship with others. This book focuses on the importance of assertiveness, building your self-confidence, relaxation, and setting healthy boundaries in order to achieve life’s full potential. Remember, reading this book gives you the chance to live the life you truly desire and deserve.Grab this opportunity now!About the AuthorJonathan, author of Mastering The Art of Assertiveness was born in 1992 and has great mastery of the art of assertiveness. Mastery of this skill along with discipline and sheer willpower helped him escape an endless loop of bad habits; transforming these bad habits into good habits. In 2014, Jonathan got fascinated with healthy living and improving his relationship with others. So, he got committed to regular exercise and healthy eating. Three years later, he discovered the benefits of growing his finance legitimately which informed his quest to financial investments. Since 2019, Jonathan has seamlessly combined his work with writing. Although, this is his first book, Jonathan intends to publish more books that would spice up your daily life and ultimately help you achieve success and greatness.

Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills: A Practical Guide (Management Book 3)

Assumptions aren't inherently bad. They're necessary to help us make sense of our world. Our brains are bombarded with so much information we simply couldn't function if we didn't each have some basic premises to work from. That said, the critical thinker knows assumptions can get in the way of rational decision making. In this book, you'll learn how to use questions to identify and check assumptions, distinguish relevant facts from opinion, and seek perspectives from others in managing assumptions. Arguments are an expected part of the critical-thinking process. Without them, you can't make well thought-out decisions or reach logical conclusions. You regularly make arguments because you want to make a point or move an issue forward. Your ability to recognize and evaluate their validity determines your aptitude for thinking critically. In this book, you'll learn how to identify arguments, recognize persuasion techniques, explore arguments for accuracy, precision, and logic, and make strong arguments of your own.Drawing conclusions is about analyzing, and weighing the information, and sources that support taking action. It's about questions too. You can only be confident that your conclusion is sound when you've closely queried its clarity, accuracy, specificity, relevance, logic, and depth. In this book, you will learn how to recognize the critical-thinking activities associated with reaching a sound conclusion. Employ effective questions, use tools to help you conclude findings, and create an action plan for putting conclusions into practice.

Effective Business Meetings: A Practical Guide (Management Book 1)

Meetings are among the most expensive forms of communication in today's business environment, so it's essential to make the investment worthwhile. No matter their format, effective meetings efficiently meet their objectives and encourage an atmosphere of open participation that's characterized by fairness and order.Effective meetings begin with careful preparation. This course outlines a five-step process for preparing for effective meetings. First, you'll learn how to clarify the purpose and objectives of a meeting. Second, you'll learn how to determine if the meeting is required, or if a meeting alternative can fulfill the objectives. Third, you'll learn how to choose the best participants. Fourth, you'll learn how to create the agenda. And fifth, you'll learn how to prepare yourself and your participants for a successful meeting.The next time you need to prepare a meeting, the methods introduced in this course will help you make the most of you and your participants' valuable time. By making your meetings as effective as possible, you'll work to conserve company resources, establish a reputation as considerate and efficient, and attract greater contributions from your attendees.So why does one meeting succeed and another one fail? The reason could be that some meeting leaders are unsure of their responsibilities at each stage of a business meeting. Perhaps the meeting leader's opening comments set the wrong tone, or maybe the discussion lost focus and was allowed to drift.There are different types of meetings, but most follow a similar trajectory. Whether it's a regular meeting or a task force meeting, the meeting leader should open the meeting with appropriate information and in the right tone. An effective meeting leader encourages full participation from the group to ensure the objectives are reached within the allotted time. To close the meeting, the leader summarizes the decisions arrived at and follows up on the actions that need to be taken.This course covers the skills and lessons that will help you to fulfill the key responsibilities of a meeting leader at each stage of a business meeting. You will learn about opening a meeting properly and closing it in the correct way. The course also demonstrates how to facilitate good decision-making during a meeting, as well as how to manage time in a meeting.How you feel about meetings will likely depend on your own experience – whether meetings you've attended were effective and efficient, or whether they were unfocused and out of control. But good meetings don't just happen. It takes a conscientious and ongoing effort to make meetings productive, worthwhile, and satisfying.As a meeting leader, understanding the characteristics of effective business meetings will help you take positive, collaborative steps to address issues and make your own meetings more efficient, productive, timely, and enjoyable.This course deals with appropriate ways to address common problems of business meetings. You'll learn about the value of conducting effective meetings and about practices to evaluate effectiveness. You'll discover how to intervene appropriately to address problems that occur during meetings, including issues of decorum and productivity problems. And you'll learn about how to handle the special challenges of virtual meetings.

Growing Wings Self-Discovery Workbook, Vol-One: 17 Workshops to a Better Life (Self Discovery Book 1)

"Who are you? Knowledge is power, and to know one's self is empowering. "No matter who we are, or what our circumstance, we all have the ability to solve our troubles and thrive.These seventeen self-exploratory workshops include a variety of exercises, affirmations, and creative visualizations, designed for the individual, group, or class to explore the perceptions that cement our realities, how they came to be, and how to change what isn't working for us. Each workshop teaches how to overcome troubling emotions, improve communication skills; foster healthy romantic and familial relationships; help heal psychological wounds, overcome trauma, and raise self-esteem. The ultimate goal of this workbook is to enable the participants to flourish as individuals. It can also be used as a source for information.Introduction:From the moment we are born, there is a general indoctrination into the precepts of those who raise us, and the world in which we live. It is understandable that the personal truth of who we each are as unique individuals would get challenged, covered, mangled, marred, and worst of all--forgotten.Being true to one's self is key to coming into fruition. This means walking your own path, your own way. However, sometimes it is hard to be true to yourself if outside influence has obscured your sense of who you are. Sometimes, who we think we are is a reflection of other people's subjective opinions and collective agreement, and not the deep down us, often unrecognized and seldom celebrated.In the story, Little Red Riding Hood, we are warned not to stray from the path already paved by the social group, or the big bad wolf will get us. While it is necessary to conjoin in a certain set of agreements and social rules that allow a community to function successfully, expression of individuality is paramount. If we cannot be who we are, we begin to display signs of distress: be it withdrawal, depression, bursts of anger, drinking one's self to sleep, or a myriad of other negative behaviors. This unhappiness affects those around us. Eventually, the distress ripples out to the community and the world.We are further 'submerged' by the commercial world's use of the mass media to decree how we should look and act, and what services or products we should buy to attain happiness. After awhile, it is difficult to know if we are striving to become the image that we are expected to be, or if we are striving to become who we really are, which is generally not encouraged. Once this is discerned, the next step is to become ourselves in the face of a social atmosphere that may not agree, and further exude false authority to judge our worth.In this self-discovery workbook, you will have an opportunity to discover your unadorned essence so exquisite in worth, it defies all judgment, even your own. Your quintessential self, like the snowflake, is unique to all. If the way you move through life reflects that uniqueness, you will be in your own flow, following the beat to your own drum, and thus experience a brighter, freer life. And just as your repressed self can affect all around you, so too can the expressive freed self. Each workshop will allow you to explore who you truly are, once all the imposed masks of others are removed from your face. And when you see that true face, it is this author's hope and belief that you will weep with joy, and embrace a new and better way of living.

Perseverance and Resilience: A Practical Guide (Management Book 2)

Few people achieve lasting success in life without overcoming a few obstacles first. Consider the example of Walt Disney. As a young man, Disney was fired from his job at a newspaper because his boss thought he wasn't creative enough. His first film studio failed, leaving him bankrupt. And he struggled to release many of his now-classic films. But Disney persevered through all the setbacks he encountered and went on to build a billion-dollar entertainment corporation.The qualities of perseverance and resilience demonstrated by Walt Disney are the same qualities you can use to be successful in the workplace. Perseverance and resilience help you cope with challenges such as losing your job, not getting the promotion you feel you deserve, losing a key customer, or missing an important deadline. By being perseverant and resilient, you're more likely to overcome such setbacks, rather than panic or give up.This course outlines strategies for dealing with workplace setbacks. These strategies can help you rebound quickly from them, refocus on your goals, and ultimately succeed. This course also describes how you can learn to be perseverant and resilient, yourself. And it provides strategies you can use to enhance and develop your levels of perseverance and resilience. Adopting these strategies should boost your ability to cope with crises when they occur.After taking this course, you should be in a better position to manage setbacks, challenges, and adversity at work using the techniques of perseverance and resilience you have learned.Setting a challenging goal for yourself can be an extremely rewarding experience. It forces you to grow personally, and helps you to reap benefits that you may previously have thought unlikely. But few things are as frustrating as watching your best-laid plans come apart as a result of an unforeseen obstacle. That's why you need to persevere and overcome any setbacks in order to achieve your goal.To achieve your targets and objectives, you need to set an inspiring goal that will help you to stay motivated. Remember that no matter how determined you may be, you should also be prepared for possible setbacks along the way. And bear in mind that the ultimate test of your perseverance and resilience will be your ability to deal effectively with, and overcome, any obstacles you encounter.In this course, you'll learn how to set inspiring goals that will give you a sense of direction by making them measurable, achievable, purposeful, and specific. You're more likely to succeed in your goal if it's energizing and well planned. You'll then discover how to anticipate setbacks by listing potential obstacles, categorizing and prioritizing them, and then identifying the key obstacle.Finally, you'll examine how to overcome obstacles by recognizing where your plan went wrong and by reaffirming your abilities. This process also involves refocusing on your goal, and resuming with a new plan of action.By following the guidelines in this course, you'll be better able to proactively anticipate and plan for possible difficulties. And you'll have a greater chance of overcoming obstacles and achieving your goal by using perseverance and resilience.When was the last time you experienced a setback or failure? In all walks of life, every person will meet with disappointment at some point. An even greater failure, however, is to leave these setbacks unassessed. Those who don't accurately dissect their errors are likely to make them again.To persevere beyond a setback, you must analyze it to find its root causes. You'll benefit from dissecting what went wrong and why it went wrong. From there you can realize the changes needed to avoid the same fate again.A setback can linger in people's minds such that they allow it to define them. A lack of closure – wherein you fail to understand why the setback occurred – can result.

Developing Effective Negotiation Skills: A Practical Guide (Management Book 8)

In the business world, skilled negotiation can be the difference between growth and failure. Effective negotiators develop a set of tools and the skills to guide them through their use in the negotiation process. In this course you'll learn how to prepare for negotiations and the skills necessary to communicate effectively for success. You'll also learn best practices for countering ineffective negotiation techniques and overcoming negotiation challenges. Effective negotiators achieve their goals by reaching agreement. Your negotiating skills make the difference between success and failure. In this course you learn the importance of building and maintaining trust in negotiations. You'll be introduced to personality types, and how to handle emotions and interests during a negotiation. You'll also learn how to facilitate agreement by providing options and how to handle continued resistance. Finally, you'll learn how to close the negotiation.

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Mind is a work that presents an abbreviated version of Hegel's systematic philosophy in its entirety. In Philosophy of Mind Hegel pays more attention to the concept of freedom. Much of the work deals with the psychology of freedom, if one can use the phrase without it being an anachronism. Also, he goes into more detail in the political ramifications of his system.

Managing Performance Problems: A Practical Guide (Management Book 5)

How do you know if one of your employees is underperforming? And at what point does this become a real problem? Managers, supervisors, and business leaders must be able to intervene before employee performance issues hamper the success of their organizations.Performance problems in the workplace can be isolated incidents or symptoms of deeper patterns. It can be easy to miss these problems or to underestimate their impact. However, various indicators – such as employees missing deadlines or regularly being late for work – can alert you to possible performance issues and help you decide whether they constitute genuine performance problems.As a manager, you should have warning systems in place so you can detect potential performance problems early. If you avoid problems before they grow, you can prevent them from having serious consequences – for your organization and often for the employees involved.In this book, you'll learn how to detect a performance problem as early as possible. You'll find out how to identify genuine performance problems and the sources of information that can help you do this. You'll then find out how to determine a performance problem's nature and its seriousness. Finally, you'll learn how to accurately diagnose the causes of the problem, which is essential if you're to formulate an appropriate response.Telling employees that their work doesn't meet the required standards or that they're underperforming isn't an easy task. A direct report who's not performing well could be a friend or someone who's highly emotional, making the job even harder. Many managers and supervisors are tempted to avoid it, until it's too late to fix the problem.In this book, you'll learn about the benefits of handling minor to moderate performance problems early on, as they arise. You'll also learn how to identify an appropriate level of intervention, based on how pervasive or serious a performance problem is.Once you've identified the type of intervention that's called for to address a performance problem, you need to handle the issue appropriately. In this book, you'll learn about the sequence of steps you should follow to communicate performance issues to employees, with practical examples of how to do this sensitively and effectively. You'll also be given the opportunity to practice this type of communication yourself in a simulated situation.Finally, you'll learn about both fast fixes and long-term solutions to different types of performance problems.Ultimately, this book should help you improve employees' performance and morale, benefiting both them and your organization.Suppose you're the manager of an employee who's been arriving at work over 20 minutes late nearly every day. You've explained that this is a problem, but the employee continues arriving late. It's time to take action. If an employee continues failing to meet expectations, it's important to take decisive steps, rather than waiting for the problem to escalate further.If you don't take action in response to repeated performance problems, the problems are likely to become more entrenched.Failing to act may also undermine your authority, or make it appear to other employees that undesirable behavior is actually acceptable.Finally, if you don't act, it may be much harder to take necessary and more drastic action later. For example, the employee who always arrives 20 minutes late in the mornings begins to take longer lunches and sometimes fails to return to the office. He offers no explanation. If you have no records of the previous problems or of formal steps you took to address them, it may be hard to justify dismissing the employee.When a performance problem persists, what's required is progressive discipline. This approach involves imposing increasingly severe penalties on employees each time they fail to improve their performance, despite a manager's efforts to assist them.

Coding for Beginners: Python: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Python Programing with Game and App Development Projects (Learn to Code)

Decode the Mystery of CodingPython is the world’s most popular coding language not only for software developers but also for scientists, mathematicians, and even kids. Python should be the 1st programming language you learn. Creating your own apps and video games is not hard – you just have to get started!Would you like a hands-on experience?If Yes, then keep reading This book is for anyone who wants to learn about computer programming, whether you are a student, adult, or just a beginner. To learn how to develop your own software and applications “Coding for Beginners Python” is a great starting point.Why is Python a Great Way to Learn Coding?Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language, but the high level does not mean complicated, it means highly functional in its range of use! Python is a beginner-friendly coding language and is made with newcomers in mind to help them learn to code as simple as possible. Beginners will find Python to be a fantastic language to learn since it allows the creation of a wide range of programs, from simple apps, websites, games, and much more!Here's a quick rundown of everything this book has to offer.To begin, we will walk you through the basics of programming, including how to get started with Python for the first time.In the first half of the book, you are exposed to basic terminology and computations. Strings, lists, and tuples are just a few of the basic Python data types that are covered.We go more in-depth and cover how to apply these data types with variations of conditions statements, if statements, for loops, and while loops. Then we use what we have learned to build the functions that create applications.In the last half of the book, we have plenty of coding exercises along with a complete walk-through for coding applications like a login system and games like Flappy Bird and Tetris.In conclusion, we have More than 50 exercises related to Python for your practice.So, if you have ambitions to become a software developer or just would like to learn a new skill, scroll up and click the “Buy Now” and start your journey to effective learning.

Cost Consciousness in the Workplace: A Practical Guide (Management Book 10)

Workplace cost consciousness is every team member's responsibility from the bottom to the top. Being cost conscious helps your organization save money and ultimately stay in business over the long run. In this book, you will learn about how employees can contribute to cost control efforts by spending the organization's money wisely, including expenditures related to travel and entertainment, supply, vendor and facility costs.Managing costs effectively is critical to business success and can help you avoid painful cuts. A business is unlikely to be as profitable as it could be if it doesn't adopt a cost-conscious culture. In this book, you'll learn how to identify cost management opportunities and how to get your team involved in the process. You'll also learn how you can save on personnel and overhead costs and about using practices like cost sharing and lean.

Effective Directors: The Right Questions to Ask (QTA)

The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.Being a good board member is not about knowing everything; it is about asking the right questions and challenging appropriately. Effective Directors: The Right Questions To Ask (QTA) is a reference book for board members and executives globally to support them in their work.With chapters written by senior company board members and respected figures in corporate governance, the questions have been drawn together to offer food for thought and useful prompts that take boards beyond operational discussions. The book clearly presents key areas to be considered by the board (there are over 50 in total) and range from board composition, to data security, diversity and inclusion, and succession planning. The questions are ones that boards, in any organisation, should be asking themselves, their fellow board members, service providers, executives, and other stakeholders to ensure that the right issues are raised, transparency and effective oversight are achieved, and the board is fulfilling its role in governing the organisation. In addition to being invaluable for board members, the book is also a very useful tool for executives in understanding the kind of questions their board members are likely to ask, and the kind of questions that should be asked and discussed in the boardroom.

Productivity Hacks: How to do less and get better results

Is it possible to do less and get better results? Absolutely! Can anyone learn the productivity hacks needed to do it? Absolutely!Bottom line is that most of the “stuff” we fill our to do lists with can be eliminated, delegated or deprioritized. Even with those three things applied, there are still several productivity hacks that allow you to surface the real actions you need to take to get ahead.In this short book, David Vellacott lays out several key productivity hacks for better, more effective working.You will discover:How the “hustle and grind” boys have got it wrong when they try and get you work every minuteHow you start with your own micro and macro behavioursWhy eliminating, delegating and prioritising is key to productivityWhat 10 productivity habits are going to change your approach to being effectiveShort enough to read in one sitting, easy enough to apply instantly PRODUCTIVITY HACKS will allow you to master your time and do less and get better results.Get it now!

How to Market a Book: Overperform in a Crowded Market (Reedsy Marketing Guides Book 1)

Writing a book is hard. Marketing it can be even harder.Marketing a book in 2021 can seem like a full-time job, what with the crazy number of things authors seem to be expected to do: social media, blog tours, advertising, price promotions, mailing lists, giveaways, you name it. But here’s a little secret: you don’t need to do all those things to successfully set your book on the path to success. What you need is a solid plan to find the one or two tactics that will work, and start to drive sales… in a minimum amount of time. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this book.Instead of drowning you in information or inundating you with hundreds of different tactics and strategies that eventually prove fruitless, this book will guide you through a step-by-step framework to find the ones that actually work for you and your book, so that you can start marketing more efficiently.In particular, you’ll learn: ✓ How to change your mindset and sell more books with less effort.;✓ How to write books that guarantee a lasting, profitable career;✓ How to get Amazon’s Kindle Store to market your book for you;✓ How to get thousands of readers into your mailing list before you even release the book;✓ How to propel your book to the top of the charts at launch; and✓ How to automate your marketing so that you can spend less time marketing and more time writing.After helping over 150,000 authors crack the marketing code through a popular weekly newsletter, Reedsy’s Co-founder Ricardo Fayet is sharing everything he’s learned over the past few years in this beginner-friendly, jargon-free guide to book marketing.Best of all, the ebook version is and will always remain 100% FREE. Get your copy now and benefit from all the experience of a seasoned marketing professional.

Take Charge of Your Destiny: How to Create the Life You Were Born to Live

Take Charge of Your Destiny teaches how you can create a compelling vision for your future, eliminate any subconscious blocks in your way, and design a life of abundant health, success, prosperity and joy. Exactly the kind of life you were born to live.Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:How to break the illusions that are holding you back.How to easily uncover the resistance that is blocking your progress.Why you’re never too old to pursue your dreams.How a simple question can improve interpersonal communication.How to create your own personal health team with you as captain.What to do if you’re not rich yet.How to attract more money into your life easily and joyfully.How to feel better no matter what happens.How taking a few simple steps can lead to ultimate success.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology is a dynamic textbook for the two-semester human anatomy and physiology course for life science and allied health majors. The book is organized by body system and covers standard scope and sequence requirements. Its lucid text, strategically constructed art, career features, and links to external learning tools address the critical teaching and learning challenges in the course. The web-based version of Anatomy and Physiology also features links to surgical videos, histology, and interactive diagrams.

The Black Death: A History From Beginning to End (Pandemic History)

The Black DeathSweeping across the known world with unchecked devastation, the Black Death claimed between 75 million and 200 million lives in four short years. In this engaging and well-researched book, the trajectory of the plague’s march west across Eurasia and the cause of the great pandemic is thoroughly explored. Inside you will read about...✓ What was the Black Death?✓ A Short History of Pandemics✓ Chronology & Trajectory✓ Causes & Pathology✓ Medieval Theories & Disease Control✓ Black Death in Medieval Culture✓ ConsequencesFascinating insights into the medieval mind’s perception of the disease and examinations of contemporary accounts give a complete picture of what the world’s most effective killer meant to medieval society in particular and humanity in general.

Emotional Intelligence: Why it is Crucial for Success in Life and Business - 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your EQ, Make Friends with Your Emotions, and Improve Your Relationships

Would you like to improve your relationships and learn how to recognize the triggers behind your emotions? Would you like to learn how to manage your reaction to those emotions? Do you think it's time you start developing leadership skills? Then, this is a book for you! Emotional Intelligence: Why it is Crucial for Success in Life and Business – 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your EQ, Make Friends With Your Emotions, and Improve Your Relationships explains how 7 simple daily practices can change the way you relate to others.Inside you'll discover:What emotional intelligence is and why it mattersHow to apply the EQ principles in your everyday lifeHow to listen to your emotions and reflect upon your responseHow to improve your people skillsThis book will become your essential guide to improving your professional and personal relationships. It will show you how to recognize and interpret the motives behind yours' and others' behavior. It will prepare you for the sophisticated and challenging workplace of the 21st century. The new type of leadership calls for new skills and from this book, you'll learn how emotionally intelligent people deal with change and how this affects their career prospects.An introduction to the world of responsible behavior, successful teamwork and empathy Why it is Crucial for Success in Life and Business – 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your EQ, Make Friends With Your Emotions, and Improve Your Relationships explains how to draw on your EQ to set yourself up for success.Click "Buy Now" and start rasing your EQ today!

Stop The Silence - A Self Help Guide to living with suicidal thoughts : A Practical & helpful guide for individuals living with suicidal thoughts & feelings

Suicide remains one of the world's biggest killers & taboo subjects within the world of Mental Health, something that continues to shroud it in shame. We need to be willing to have the tough conversations, even asking someone 'Are you having thoughts of harming yourself' has been proven to reduce the risk of someone following through & making an attempt on their lives, it means they've been seen & heard when often it remains silent. We are always one step closer to saving a life than we think, including our own. So far every system I have seen , heard of or listened to, has been about keeping someone safe & management, suicidal thoughts are a symptom of a much deeper cause, the cause is often not considered. I created this book from experience, tools that I've tried & tested, one's that have also saved my life when I too was in that deep, dark place. Many believe that the answer is medication, chat lines & crisis services, while they all are brilliant resources & sometimes may be enough to get one person through another day, there is much more we can do to encourage others & also help ourselves that can make all the difference. This is the first book in a set of 2, designed to help the individual begin to build simple yet effective daily habits & strategies that begin to build self esteem & resiliency and ultimately the belief that they are enough, worthy & deserving of being happy. .

Corsair: The Life of J. Pierpont Morgan

The man who gave his name to the most famous bank in the world, and changed the history of the American economy forever..."The heavy old man with the huge ruby nose sat in the committee room. He was seventy-five years old, and he had been called to testify about what he had done in his life. He was believed to be the head of a Money Trust, which could create and avert panics on Wall Street. He was said to have saved the gold standard of the United States. He was known to be the most powerful financier in America and perhaps in the world. His name was J. Pierpont Morgan."John Pierpont Morgan gave his name to an investment bank which still bears his name a hundred years after his death. In this biography, Andrew Sinclair chronicles his life and times. Born in 1837, Morgan’s story is a cautionary tale of dedicating your days to earning money. America was going through a period of massive expansion in the nineteenth century. The idea of ‘manifest destiny’ was driving thousands of families west, while in the East New York welcomed immigrants and hucksters. J.P. Morgan was a scion who drove this American economic expansion. This is his story. Andrew Sinclair has written biographies of Jack London, Bob Dylan, John Ford and Francis Bacon, among others, and has authored several works of fiction.

The Myths We Live By

Mary Midgley argues in her powerful new book that far from being the opposite of science, myth is a central part of it. In brilliant prose, she claims that myths are neither lies nor mere stories but a network of powerful symbols that suggest particular ways of interpreting the world.

Eating to win: activity, diet and weight control

What should we eat before and after exercise? This free course, Eating to win: activity, diet and weight control, examines the importance of nutrition in physical activity, sport and weight management. The role that physical activity has alongside nutrition in controlling body weight will be discussed, as will considerations for pre-exercise and post-exercise nutrition and hydration.

Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book (Books for Writers 1)

Do you want to successfully self-publish in ebook, print or audiobook formats?There are thousands of new books being published every day, but many self-published books quickly sink to the bottom of the pile.Many authors are frustrated because there are so many options for self-publishing, and they don’t know which one to choose or what will be best for their book. Others spend thousands of dollars to publish and end up broken-hearted with the result.But it doesn’t have to be this way.I’ve spent over a decade self-publishing bestselling fiction and non-fiction books and in 2011, I left my day job to become a full-time author entrepreneur. I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but through the process of self-publishing over 30 books, I’ve learned the most effective way to publish and market your books. In this book, I’ll share everything with you.You will discover:What you need to know before you self-publishWhy self-publishing an ebook is a good ideaHow to format an ebookExclusivity and going directHow to self-publish an ebookWhy self-publish a print bookPrint-on-demand will change your lifeWhat you need to know before you printHow to self-publish a print bookWhat to do if you want help with the publishing processHow to self-publish an audiobookAfter self-publishingHow much does it cost to self-publish?How do you get paid when you self-publish?Book marketing principlesHow to market fictionHow to market non-fictionPlus, links to more useful resources. If you’re ready to successfully self-publish, then download a sample or buy now.Updated Edition for April 2021.

The History of Britain in 50 Events (Timeline History in 50 Events Book 1)

This book provides an easy to understand overview of British History in 50 Events.Inside you will learn about…- The Foundation of London- The Great Viking Invasion- The Battle of Hastings- The Black Death- The Battle of Waterloo- The Last Public HangingAnd much more!

Year of the Nurse: A 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir

This book is for everyone, nurse or otherwise, who is furious about how 2020 went down -- and how 2021 is going.#1 Amazon Bestseller in Critical & Intensive Care Nursing #1 Amazon Bestseller in Mental Health Nursing#1 Amazon Bestseller in Physicians#1 Amazon Bestseller in Nursing Issues#1 New Release in Biography of Medical Professionals#1 New Release in Nurse-Patient Relations#1 New Release in Nursing Patient EducationOn April 25th, 2021 at 10:55 in the morning I messaged my chat group of girlfriends from where I work as a nurse on an ICU floor: “Nothing like feeling strongly suicidal at a job where you’re supposed to be keeping people alive,” and then tweeted that my “mental health wasn’t great” and deleted the Twitter app off of my phone because I didn’t want to “overshare.”That I felt like dying.That I would’ve rather died than still be at work.I am not alone. In 2020 there were roughly four million nurses in America. Only 2.7 million U.S. soldiers fought in the Vietnam War. Those soldiers who came back from Vietnam having witnessed atrocities—and in some cases, participated in them—were changed forever.You can't send four million people into a wartime-equivalent situation without there being psychological consequences.And yet that’s what America has done.Nurses spent a year battling a largely unknown assailant. Running low on gear. Fearing we might bring something deadly home. Getting coughed on by people who pretended that our fights were imaginary, that our struggles—watching people die, day after day, no matter what we did—were literally fake.Nurses are scarred.And unless people understand what we went through and commit to never let anyone lie in the future about public health, we will never become whole.Year of the Nurse: A Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir is Cassandra Alexander's poignant effort to come to grips with suicidal ideation and PTSD after being a covid nurse in an ICU in 2020. Comprised of original essays and her chronological journals, tweets, and emails as she attempted to save lives, including her own—this book will let you experience last year from the bedside.Come and understand what it was like.

Diabetic Cookbook for Beginners: 600+ Tasty Recipes for the Newly Diagnosed to Manage Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes | 28-Day Meal Plan + BONUS Meal Plan for Vigil and Christmas Day

★ Do you have type 2 diabetes? Have you just been diagnosed with this condition? ★★ Are you tired of being told you will have to eat bland food, and other restrictions that you don't like, to live with diabetes? ★If you are seeking a book that explains how to organize your meals, and above all help you to discover super tasty recipes and say goodbye to bland — Then this book is for you!Most cases of type 2 diabetes are preventable and manageable. Unmanaged diabetes can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Diabetic patients are also at risk for blindness, amputations, and kidney failure. Eating a healthy diet is essential. By eating healthier, being more physically active, and losing weight, you can reduce your symptoms.Taking steps to prevent or control diabetes does not have to mean living in deprivation; it can mean eating a tasty, balanced diet that will also boost your energy and improve your mood. This Diabetic cookbook is specially designed, keeping in mind the conditions and taste needs of someone who is just beginning to follow a special meal plan to control diabetes.Inside, you'll find:Comprehensive Overview of Everything You Need to Know About Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes - and how to treat it.600+ Tasty Recipes: Each recipe is budget-friendly and uses easy-to-find ingredients, including nutritional information.A 28 Day Meal Plan: A tested and easy-to-follow program to keep you fit and healthy.+ BONUS Meal Plan for Vigil and Christmas Day: A meal plan for enjoying the holidays with friends, without feeling uncomfortable.There is so much more!Don’t allow diabetes to overtake your health. You can take charge of your lifestyle now!Ready to get started? Click the BUY NOW button!

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021: Investing essentials, expert insights and powerful trends and data

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021 is the latest edition of the popular annual handbook for anyone interested in investment trusts – often referred to as the City’s best-kept secret, or the connoisseur’s choice among investment funds.With fascinating articles by more than a dozen different authors, including analysts, fund managers and investment writers, plus pages of data and analysis, the handbook is an indispensable companion for anyone looking to invest in the investment trust sector. Contributors include John Baron, Robin Angus, Max King, Sandy Cross, Peter Spiller, Simon Elliott, James Carthew and many more. It is expertly edited by well-known author and professional investor Jonathan Davis.The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021 is an editorially independent educational publication, available through bookshops and extensively online. Distribution is supported by Aberdeen Standard, Allianz Global, Axiom Alternative Investments, Baillie Gifford, Bellevue Asset Management, Fidelity International, JP Morgan and Polar Capital. We share an interest in spreading awareness of investment trusts as an option for self-directed investors and financial advisers.

Writing what you know

Do you want to improve your descriptive writing? This free course, Writing what you know, will help you to develop your perception of the world about you and enable you to see the familiar things in everyday life in a new light. You will also learn how authors use their own personal histories to form the basis of their work.

Getting started on classical Latin

This free course, Getting started on classical Latin, has been developed in response to requests from learners who had had no contact with Latin before and who felt they would like to spend a little time preparing for the kind of learning that studying a classical language involves. The course will give you a taster of what is involved in the very early stages of learning Latin and will offer you the opportunity to put in some early practice.

Adolf Hitler: A Captivating Guide to the Life of the FA 1/4 hrer of Nazi Germany (Captivating History)

Explore the Rise of Adolf HitlerFree History BONUS Inside!Was Hitler, as Ian Kershaw asked, a natural consequence of German history, or an aberration? Not that Hitler had been in hiding, waiting to attack. The Führer had actually been following an aggressive and savage foreign policy for almost ten years, and been named Man of the Year by Time magazine in 1938.This is not a book about World War II, but about the man, Adolf Hitler, one of the faces and names that still arouse the strongest feelings—repulsion, resentment, and even fanaticism—but one who also had a childhood and a youth, a father and a mother. It is the road to madness—beginning that day in August of 1934 when he took over absolute power and ordered allegiance and loyalty to him alone—that this book is about. Some of the topics covered in this book include:Hitler's OriginsHis InceptionThe anti-Semitic capital of EuropeMunichFirst World WarHitler's AscensionMein KampfHis DownfallThe remains of Adolf HitlerAnd a Great Deal More that You don't Want to Miss out on!Scroll to the top and download the book for instant access!

Kindle Bestseller Publishing: The Proven 4-Week Formula to go from Zero to Bestseller as a first-time Author! (Influencer Fast TrackA(R) Series Book 5)

Self-Publish a #1 Amazon Bestseller in the next 30 Days!Sound to good to be true?Well, with the right strategy and proper research before you start, it is absolutely possible, even if:you are not a writerhave no marketing experiencedon’t have a large following yetAs a 12-time #1 Bestselling & Top 100 Business Author, Gundi knows a thing or two about writing & publishing bestsellers.All her books reached #1 within just a few days of publishing and over time, she developed aStep-by-Step, proven and easy-to-follow Systemthat helped many first time authors around the world reach #1 within weeks and even beat out famous authors like Tim Ferriss, Hal Elrod, John Grisham and Brian Tracy and - best of all - it can help YOU do the same!"Kindle Bestseller Publishing" is part of SassyZenGirl's INFLUENCER FAST TRACK series, that teaches Internet Marketing to total beginners.You might not think of Kindle Publishing as a marketing tool, but self-publishing is actually:One of the fastest, most efficient ways to build a following online!For your blog, your social media platforms, your business or any service you are offering.In addition, PUBLISHING on AMAZON offers the following BENEFITS:The Prestige of being a published - or even Bestselling - AuthorInstant Authority in your FieldNew clients and customers on auto-pilot who will trust you a lot more, because you have already proven yourselfPassive Income- Automatic List Building. Email marketing is widely considered the most powerful marketing technique of all, more than Facebook and Google Ads combined. Publishing a book on Amazon can help you build your mailing list on auto-pilot - and Amazon even pays you to do it…..This book will teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to go from zero to published - and Bestseller!“Kindle Bestseller Publishing” focuses on the Marketing aspects of publishing a book on Amazon and in particular, what it takes to reach Bestseller status - the “science” behind it.Important areas that will be covered include:Researching profitable Book IdeasUnderstanding Amazon’s Algorithm and how new readers can find youHow to optimize your meta data, including your book title to trigger Amazon’s algorithm to promote your book heavilyCategory and Keyword Research and how Bestseller ranking on Amazon worksHow to market your book during Launch Weekand much more….Are you ready to write and publish your first Bestseller?Then, scroll back up now and hit the BUY Button!

Yes, You Can Write!: 101 Proven Writing Prompts that Will Help You Find Creative Ideas Faster for Your Journal, Blogging, Writing Your Book and More (Become a Writer Today 1)

Do You Want Something to Write About?There's nothing worse than sitting down at your desk to write.... and then finding out you don't have any ideas.When you look down at the blank page, instead of feeling inspired, you feel blocked and depressed.If you don't have anything to write about, how will you ever become a successful writer?So, let's fix that.My name is Bryan Collins, I'm an author from Ireland, and I've been there.If you're struggling with not have anything to write about, it's time to use a writing prompt. They'll help you write about the same topics in different, yet original ways, get inspired and improve at your craft (because hey, we all want to get better).In this short, yet free practical writing book, I've gathered 101 of the best writing prompts just for you.You can use these practical prompts to:Write your next blog post, article or book chapter fasterConquer writer's block and find great ideas for things to write about Make your writing funnierKickstart your journal writing through the use of daily reflectionsTell more honest and meaningful personal stories that your readers love˃˃˃ I also give you specific examples of how to use each writing prompt. The book is free, so what are you waiting for?Download now and say goodbye to writer's block!

THE NEW ME: Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

Introducing THE NEW ME:Healing Your Relationship with YourselfThe 6 Keys to a More Fulfilling, Healthy, and Wealthy Life are revealed.You'll learn how to finally get ahead in life and attract anything you desire!I'm sick of all the negativity in my life!Are you one of them?This is a sick and poisoned planet.Watching the news, reading the newspaper, and even conversing with my neighbors are all things I despise.I don't want to come across as aloof.I have a real affection for people. This world, on the other hand, has turned us cold and vicious.As a result, we have a society full of unhappy people.More than half of all marriages end in divorce.Over half of all young individuals do not believe in marriage at all.We need to return to a time when conversing with strangers was natural and not being nice was unnatural.Back in the day, people truly believed in love and cared about their neighbors.We need to rekindle our love for ourselves. Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world.Scroll to the top of the page and click the BUY button.

The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller

John Grisham says THE TUMOR is the most important book he has ever written. In this short book, he provides readers with a fictional account of how a real, new medical technology could revolutionize the future of medicine by curing with sound. THE TUMOR follows the present day experience of the fictional patient Paul, an otherwise healthy 35-year-old father who is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Grisham takes readers through a detailed account of Paul’s treatment and his family’s experience that doesn’t end as we would hope. Grisham then explores an alternate future, where Paul is diagnosed with the same brain tumor at the same age, but in the year 2025, when a treatment called focused ultrasound is able to extend his life expectancy. Focused ultrasound has the potential to treat not just brain tumors, but many other disorders, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer. For more information, you can visit The Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s website. Here you will find a video of Grisham on the TEDx stage with the Foundation’s chairman and a Parkinson’s patient who brings the audience to its feet sharing her incredible story of a focused ultrasound “miracle.” Readers will get a taste of the narrative they expect from Grisham, but this short book will also educate and inspire people to be hopeful about the future of medical innovation.

Essay and report writing skills

Writing reports and assignments can be a daunting prospect. Learn how to interpret questions and how to plan, structure and write your assignment or report. This free course, Essay and report writing skills, is designed to help you develop the skills you need to write effectively for academic purposes.

Hacking: The Controversial Art of a Professional Hacker. Practical Guide to Computer Network Hacking, Encryption, Cybersecurity, and Penetration Testing for Beginners

Would you like to discover the secret techniques of a professional hacker? Are you interested in understanding how to penetrate a computer system or an entire IT infrastructure? Would you like to start a career as an ethical hacker? If the answer to these questions is yes, then keep reading…You are about to begin a journey into the deepest areas of the web, where you will learn the most effective strategies for hacking any system you want, even if you have zero experience and are brand new to programming.In this book, Jason Callaway has condensed everything you need to know into a simple and practical text that includes real-world examples, step-by-step instructions, and tips from his personal experience.Anyone should read this information, at least to identify any potential security issue and prevent serious consequences for his own security or even his privacy.Moreover, don’t forget that hacking is absolutely not necessarily associated to a criminal activity. In fact, ETHICAL HACKING is becoming one of the most requested and well-paid positions in every big company all around the world. If you are a student or a professional interested in developing a career in this world, this book will be your essential “go-to” guide for your entire professional life.Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:Different types of hacking attacksWhat is ethical hackingHow to crack any computer and any network system, accessing all the data you wantHow to master the Linux operating system and its command lineHow to use Kali Linux for hacking and penetration testingKali Linux port scanning strategiesLittle known cryptography techniquesComputer networks’ vulnerability and the basics of cybersecurityHow to identify suspicious signals and prevent any external attack against your own deviceThe relationship between VPN and firewallsYou need to stay a step ahead of any criminal hacker, which is exactly where you will be after reading this book.If you are ready to access the hidden world of hacking, then scroll up and click the BUY NOW button!

Mindset of Love and Happy People: How to release self-doubt: Love yourself and others, and be free from depression

Do you want to feel loved? Everyone cherishes that sense of belonging. And you undoubtedly want to feel important and valued. Couples crave it. People kill for it!Many people suffer from low self-esteem. Too many others are simply unconcerned about themselves. But, if you could love yourself, it would be a lot easier to love every other person.I used to suffer low self-esteem at some point of my life, but today, am free. The mindset of love and happy people is a book that would challenge your understanding of issues and people. It would help you to unravel the secrets of being a people person. It shows practical and proven ways of building your self-esteem and overcoming depression. Through the knowledge shared in this book, you would also discover that it is very possible to love yourself and live above the societal stigma and unrealistic expectations… You would also be equipped with the strategies of building and maintaining long lasting-relationships.SEVEN THINGS THIS BOOK WILLHELP YOU ACHIEVE:1. Increase your influence and self-esteem2. Build good relationships and maintain them3. Know your Temperament and understand why people behave and act as they do4. Determine the right people who qualify to be part of your life5. Overcome depression6. Discover yourself and live above the societal stigma7. Take control of your life by making the needed decision.Enjoy the read. Books before movies and game. ss

The Book of the Damned

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Nutrition: vitamins and minerals

This 10-hour free course, Nutrition: vitamins and minerals, looks at the two main groups of vitamins: the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K; and the water-soluble vitamins, the B group and vitamin C.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

This advanced cardiac life support course highlights the importance of high-performance team dynamics and communication, first aid, systems of care, recognition and intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest, immediate post-cardiac arrest, acute dysrhythmia, stroke, health care management and acute coronary syndromes (ACS). This health care first aid course improves outcomes in complex cardiovascular, respiratory, and other health care ethics (e.g. metabolic, toxicological) emergencies by expanding on core ACLS guidelines and encouraging critical thinking and decision-making strategies. Through instruction and active participation in case-based scenarios, learners enhance their skills in the differential diagnosis and treatment of pre-arrest, arrest and post-arrest patients. Our education training material is created maintained by practicing physicians, adhering to the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) guidelines (2020 - 2025). This ACLS for health care providers let you know about health care law and ethics. ACLS INITIAL ASSESSMENT: • Determining whether an individual is conscious or unconscious can be done very quickly. If you notice someone in distress, lying down in a public place, or possibly injured, call out to them. • Make sure the scene is safe before approaching the individual and conducting the BLS or ACLS Survey. • When encountering an individual who is "down", the first assessment to make is whether they are conscious or unconscious. • If the individual is unconscious, then start with the BLS Survey and move on to the ACLS Survey. • If they are conscious, then start with the ACLS Survey. Approximately, every five years, the ILCOR updates the guidelines for ACLS. The content contained herein is based on the most recent ILCOR publications on ACLS and will periodically compare previous and revised recommendations for a comprehensive review.

Jackie Kennedy: A Captivating Guide to the Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Captivating History)

Explore the Fascinating Life of Jackie KennedyFree History BONUS Inside!Without a doubt, the name Jackie Kennedy draws multiple thoughts to mind; she is, perhaps, most well-known in her service as the first lady of the United States, as her husband, John F. Kennedy, took office as the president, and her role in restoring the White House. Then, of course, other people remember Jacqueline for her role in the fashion industry, particularly her pink Chanel suit and matching pillbox hat, which became a symbol of her husband’s assassination. Jackie is so renowned and beloved that she ranks as one of the most popular first ladies. In fact, Jacqueline was named in 1999 on Gallup’s list of Most Admired Men and Women in twentieth-century America. While she made major impacts on the White House, Jackie was much more than her title as first lady.Some of the topics covered in this book include:Childhood and Early EducationCollege and Early CareerThe Relationship with John F. KennedyMotherhoodCampaign for PresidencyFirst LadyThe Kennedy AssassinationLife Following the AssassinationOngoing Iconic FigureAnd a Great Deal More that You don't Want to Miss out on!Scroll to the top and download the book for instant access!

Deeper Learning, Dialogic Learning, and Critical Thinking: Research-based Strategies for the Classroom

Deeper learning, dialogic learning, and critical thinking are essential capabilities in the 21st-century environments we now operate. Apart from being important in themselves, they are also crucial in enabling the acquisition of many other 21st-century skills/capabilities such as problem solving, collaborative learning, innovation, information and media literacy, and so on. However, the majority of teachers in schools and instructors in higher education are inadequately prepared for the task of promoting deeper learning, dialogic learning, and critical thinking in their students. This is despite the fact that there are educational researchers who are developing and evaluating strategies for such promotion. The problem is bridging the gap between the educational researchers’ work and what gets conveyed to teachers and instructors as evidence-based, usable strategies.This book addresses that gap: in it, leading scholars from around the world describe strategies they have developed for successfully cultivating students’ capabilities for deeper learning and transfer of what they learn, dialogic learning and effective communication, and critical thought. They explore connections in the promotion of these capabilities, and they provide, in accessible form, research evidence demonstrating the efficacy of the strategies. They also discuss answers to the questions of how and why the strategies work.A seminal resource, this book creates tangible links between innovative educational research and classroom teaching practices to address the all-important question of how we can realize our ideals for education in the 21st century. It is a must read for pre-service and in-service teachers, teacher educators and professional developers, and educational researchers who truly care that we deliver education that will prepare and serve students for life.

The Mediterranean Way of Eating: Evidence for Chronic Disease Prevention and Weight Management

This book presents evidence-based research that validates the traditional Mediterranean way of eating with respect to health. It offers information about an enjoyable, healthy way of eating that has stood the test of time, along with practical suggestions for incorporating the Mediterranean diet into daily life. The book addresses nutrients found in Mediterranean foods, how they function in the body, and why they are essential for optimal health. It highlights the Mediterranean diet's effectiveness in weight management and prevention and treatment of various chronic diseases.

Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice

This open access book focuses on both the theory and practice associated with the tools and approaches for decisionmaking in the face of deep uncertainty. It explores approaches and tools supporting the design of strategic plans under deep uncertainty, and their testing in the real world, including barriers and enablers for their use in practice. The book broadens traditional approaches and tools to include the analysis of actors and networks related to the problem at hand. It also shows how lessons learned in the application process can be used to improve the approaches and tools used in the design process. The book offers guidance in identifying and applying appropriate approaches and tools to design plans, as well as advice on implementing these plans in the real world. For decisionmakers and practitioners, the book includes realistic examples and practical guidelines that should help them understand what decisionmaking under deep uncertainty is and how it may be of assistance to them. Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice is divided into four parts. Part I presents five approaches for designing strategic plans under deep uncertainty: Robust Decision Making, Dynamic Adaptive Planning, Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways, Info-Gap Decision Theory, and Engineering Options Analysis. Each approach is worked out in terms of its theoretical foundations, methodological steps to follow when using the approach, latest methodological insights, and challenges for improvement. In Part II, applications of each of these approaches are presented. Based on recent case studies, the practical implications of applying each approach are discussed in depth. Part III focuses on using the approaches and tools in real-world contexts, based on insights from real-world cases. Part IV contains conclusions and a synthesis of the lessons that can be drawn for designing, applying, and implementing strategic plans under deep uncertainty, as well as recommendations for future work.The publication of this book has been funded by the Radboud University, the RAND Corporation, Delft University of Technology, and Deltares.

Quieting the Mind: A Self Help Book Showing the Path to Truth and Inner Peace Through Mindfulness and Meditation

You can be happy and contented! You can live in Peace and Love!The author knows this Life...He walked through the fires of hell.He faced the dragon... then slayed it!Dr. Murphy wrote this book for You. ...To make you aware of the Truth. ...To lead you to your Hope, your Strength, your Peace and your Love. ...To help end the suffering.Within every person is a “profound reality” that has the power to heal and transform.It can transform You!Discover the path to this power within You.Pick up your copy today.

Against Meritocracy: Culture, power and myths of mobility

Meritocracy today involves the idea that whatever your social position at birth, society ought to offer enough opportunity and mobility for ‘talent’ to combine with ‘effort’ in order to ‘rise to the top’. This idea is one of the most prevalent social and cultural tropes of our time, as palpable in the speeches of politicians as in popular culture. In this book Jo Littler argues that meritocracy is the key cultural means of legitimation for contemporary neoliberal culture – and that whilst it promises opportunity, it in fact creates new forms of social division.Against Meritocracy is split into two parts. Part I explores the genealogies of meritocracy within social theory, political discourse and working cultures. It traces the dramatic U-turn in meritocracy’s meaning, from socialist slur to a contemporary ideal of how a society should be organised. Part II uses a series of case studies to analyse the cultural pull of popular ‘parables of progress’, from reality TV to the super-rich and celebrity CEOs, from social media controversies to the rise of the ‘mumpreneur’. Paying special attention to the role of gender, ‘race’ and class, this book provides new conceptualisations of the meaning of meritocracy in contemporary culture and society.

Serial Killers True Crime: Chilling True Crime Cases Of The Worlds Most Twisted Serial Killers And Criminals (True Crime, Organized Crime Book 1)

Chilling True Crime Cases Of The Worlds Most Twisted Serial Killers And CriminalsA lot of people have hobbies - most of the time, that hobby is directed by their penchant for a certain thing; sometimes travel and exploration, sometimes food, and in other cases, crafts. However, there are people whose hobbies consist of sinister things: some of them desire to kill women, both young and old, children, or homosexuals.Serial killers often act unpredictably - even experts who study them agree that there is no telling how they will react once they have completed a murder. Many of them become perfectionists, often using the same MO throughout their killing spree and fine tuning it to suit their tastes. Others become braver and take more risks to increase the adrenaline rush. For others, each murder becomes more brutal than the next, while in some cases, they virtually stop - as if their need to kill had been sated appropriately. All we can say for certain is that it is an area of interest for many people and that many movies, books and television shows have been created in response to this.In this book, you will learn of 5 people whose desire to murder was sated – learn how they started, why did they did it, and how they were captured. If you love reading about the twisted minds and heinous actions of some of the worlds most psychotic serial killers, then grab this book now!* Scroll Up and Get Now! *

3x Speed Reading. Quick Reading, Memory and Memorizing Techniques, Learning to Triple Your Speed.

"The Speed Reading Amazon Bestseller" ★★★★★"The best speed reading book in Italy" ★★★★★PRACTICAL EXERCISES AND TECHNIQUES TO DEVELOP LEARNING AND MEMORYTriple your reading speed with an innovative rapid learning method.Because the classic fast reading techniques are overtaken by the latest techniques and the 3x fast reading method.Because the school taught you that learning = pain, and how to use the 3x fast read method to create the new association learning = pleasure.THE "FAST READING 3X" METHOD: EXERCISE TO READ QUICKLYBecause the fast reading system based on fixity points is boring, difficult to learn, it requires a lot of practice, and today it is completely outdated.The trap of inner dialogue: how to use it, without eliminating it, to improve comprehension and memorization.The 5 phases of the 3x fast reading method to triple your reading speed.THE 2 FUNDAMENTAL INSTRUMENTS OF LEARNING: MENTAL MAPS AND PREVIEWMind maps: a very effective tool that exploits both hemispheres of the brain.How to take advantage of the maps in the creativity and storage of information and in photographic memory.How to use maps in 3x fast reading and how to use them to create patterns before reading.FAST ULTRA QUICK READING TECHNIQUESRead 1 page / second: how and why 3x fast reading works better than classic techniques.The biggest trick of children to read quickly that the school teaches us not to use.The secrets of horizontal reading and how to adapt the inner dialogue to your speed.The secrets of vertical reading to increase your reading speed tenfold with little training.INSTRUMENTS FOR REVIEW, STUDY AND MEMORYHow to memorize long-term without any effort.Because repetition is a bad memory technique and how to make the most of your brain.How to study half of your friends and get better results in all subjects.SECRETS OF STORAGE AND OPERATING PRINCIPLESTHE ONLY principle on which all memory techniques are based.Eliminate incorrect habits that slow down comprehension and memorization.Memory techniques for Fast Reading 3x: which ones are, how to use them to improve your learning.ADVANCED MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNIQUESHow to integrate Mind maps and memory techniques to speed up the memorization and understanding of a text.How to create an indelible mental archive to store thousands of text information.Store numbers, names and strange words in the 3x Fast Reading method.APPENDIX: FREE SOFTWARE FOR MENTAL MAPS AND SECRETS OF USEBenefits of using Mind Maps software.Illustrated guide for creating your first map and various techniques put to work.How to format your map, use colors and insert images and illustrations.

Principles of Mechanics: Fundamental University Physics (Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation)

This open access textbook takes the reader step-by-step through the concepts of mechanics in a clear and detailed manner. Mechanics is considered to be the core of physics, where a deep understanding of the concepts is essential in understanding all branches of physics. Many proofs and examples are included to help the reader grasp the fundamentals fully, paving the way to deal with more advanced topics. After solving all of the examples, the reader will have gained a solid foundation in mechanics and the skills to apply the concepts in a variety of situations.The book is useful for undergraduate students majoring in physics and other science and engineering disciplines. It can also be used as a reference for more advanced levels.

5 Things Every First-Time Author Needs to Know: How to Publish a Book and Build Your Platform

A Blueprint for Becoming a Bestselling AuthorThis straight-talking how-to guide for authors explains how to reach more readers, make more money, and avoid the costly mistakes that most new (and seasoned) authors make when they publish a book. It's written specifically for new and aspiring non-fiction authors who want to leverage a book to build their platform, practice, and/or business and can be read in under an hour.Professional publishing coach and #1 bestselling author Geoff Affleck offers five insights for first-time non-fiction authors.You will learn how to:Decide on the topic that will attract the most readersBuild your email list by leveraging your bookCreate your book so it sells itselfPublish your first bookBuild a profitable business from your bookYou'll learn five ways to build your audience while you’re writing your book and the seven factors that you can control that will make your book successful:Craft a Catchy TitleCreate an Eye Candy CoverYour Book Description Is a Sales PageDo Your Keywords ResearchGet Your First 10 ReviewsChoose Your Categories CarefullySet Your Price StrategicallyDownload this quick and practical eBook today and take the next step to becoming a successful bestselling author.Publishing and marketing a book has a lot of moving parts that are unfamiliar to most authors—and that's where costly mistakes are made. Just reading the section on navigating Amazon's cavernous category system will make reading it worthwhile!Avoid the pitfalls that most new authors make and set your book up for the success you deserve. Download your copy today.

Quantum Computing for the Quantum Curious

This open access book makes quantum computing more accessible than ever before. A fast-growing field at the intersection of physics and computer science, quantum computing promises to have revolutionary capabilities far surpassing “classical” computation. Getting a grip on the science behind the hype can be tough: at its heart lies quantum mechanics, whose enigmatic concepts can be imposing for the novice. This classroom-tested textbook uses simple language, minimal math, and plenty of examples to explain the three key principles behind quantum computers: superposition, quantum measurement, and entanglement. It then goes on to explain how this quantum world opens up a whole new paradigm of computing. The book bridges the gap between popular science articles and advanced textbooks by making key ideas accessible with just high school physics as a prerequisite. Each unit is broken down into sections labelled by difficulty level, allowing the course to be tailored to the student’s experience of math and abstract reasoning. Problem sets and simulation-based labs of various levels reinforce the concepts described in the text and give the reader hands-on experience running quantum programs. This book can thus be used at the high school level after the AP or IB exams, in an extracurricular club, or as an independent project resource to give students a taste of what quantum computing is really about. At the college level, it can be used as a supplementary text to enhance a variety of courses in science and computing, or as a self-study guide for students who want to get ahead. Additionally, readers in business, finance, or industry will find it a quick and useful primer on the science behind computing’s future. 

English grammar in context

What are the differences between spoken and written English? Is use of grammar more or less complex than it appears? This free course, English grammar in context, looks at the way grammar can be used as a tool for adapting our communications (both written and spoken). This OpenLearn course will help you to see how language is intertwined with both describing a view of the world and interacting with others in that world.

Programming for Computations - Python: A Gentle Introduction to Numerical Simulations with Python 3.6 (Texts in Computational Science and Engineering Book 15)

This book is published open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book presents computer programming as a key method for solving mathematical problems. This second edition of the well-received book has been extensively revised: All code is now written in Python version 3.6 (no longer version 2.7). In addition, the two first chapters of the previous edition have been extended and split up into five new chapters, thus expanding the introduction to programming from 50 to 150 pages. Throughout the book, the explanations provided are now more detailed, previous examples have been modified, and new sections, examples and exercises have been added. Also, a number of small errors have been corrected. The book was inspired by the Springer book TCSE 6: A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python (by Langtangen), but the style employed is more accessible and concise, in keeping with the needs of engineering students. The book outlines the shortest possible path from no previous experience with programming to a set of skills that allows students to write simple programs for solving common mathematical problems with numerical methods in the context of engineering and science courses. The emphasis is on generic algorithms, clean program design, the use of functions, and automatic tests for verification.

Algebra - The Very Basics

If you're looking for a gentle introduction to basic mathematics, look no further. This book picks you up at the very beginning and guides you through the foundations of algebra using lots of examples and no-nonsense explanations. Each chapter contains well-chosen exercises as well as all the solutions. No prior knowledge is required.Topics include: Exponents, Brackets, Linear Equations and Quadratic Equations. For a more detailed table of contents, use the "Look Inside" feature. From the author of "Great Formulas Explained" and "Physics! In Quantities and Examples".Those interested in delving into the exciting field of calculus and mathematical physics after attaining the very basics of algebra are invited to continue their journey with the "Math Shorts" series, starting with "Math Shorts - Exponential and Trigonometric Functions" and the free e-book "Math Shorts - Derivatives". Readers who prefer learning the basics of probability calculations can move on to the introductory text "Statistical Snacks".

Budding Reader Book Set 1: Cat and Rat

”This book series is invaluable for struggling readers. It provides needed repetition of beginning words, colorful illustrations, and the opportunity to practice writing skills.”-Kathy Slater, Special Education TeacherBuild confidence in beginning readers—especially reluctant ones—with award-winning Budding Reader eBooks.Arguably the easiest learn-to-read book series on the market, this phonics series uses an innovative, research-based format to ease children into reading. Previewing a book dramatically improves reading comprehension, so Book 1 is a wordless picture book. Repetition aids brain development, so Books 2-10 retell the story with a gradually expanding vocabulary.The first set in the Budding Reader series, Cat and Rat, introduces the short “a” vowel sound and 11 simple words (and, at, can, cat, look, rat, see, stop, that, the, you) over the course of 10 books. In total, the series introduces more than 60 simple words including dozens of common sight words.Bonus Freebies: Learning is reinforced with companion writing worksheets while the Budding Reader parent guide provides tips and tricks for making reading easier and more fun for new readers.Budding Reader eBooks were developed in consultation with Cecilia Minden, Ph.D., the former Director of Language and Literacy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They were illustrated by artist, Doug Oglesby, winner of one Emmy, five Emmy nominations, and three international awards from the Broadcast Designers Association.Series: •Set 1: Cat and Rat (Short a; 11 words) •Set 2: Wit and Kit (Short i; 17 words) •Set 3: Bugs (Short u; 18 words) •Set 4: Hop! (Short o; 18 words) •Set 5: Hens (Short e; 22 words) For every eBook set sold, Budding Reader donates one to a child in need. One for You. One for the World. A Better World with Every Purchase. Gold Mom’s Choice Award Winner: The Mom’s Choice Awards has named Cat and Rat among the very best in family-friendly media, products and services. This content is optimized for tablets.

Franklin Roosevelt: A Captivating Guide to the Life of FDR (Captivating History)

Explore How FDR Went from Almost Dying at Birth to leading the United States through the Great Depression and World War IIFree History BONUS Inside!As the thirty-second president of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a common household name in both his home country and the world. Known as the man who led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II, Roosevelt was a leader and a statesman, a scholar, and a politician. Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only president to have served for three consecutive terms and voted in for a fourth, a fact that allows him to stand out among the long list of American presidents. Outside of his role as president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt lived a full life. He was a father and a son, a husband and a career man. He was a bank officer and attended prestigious universities—Harvard University and Columbia University Law School—before practicing law. Additionally, he served as vice president for the Fidelity and Deposit Company. Perhaps most famously, Roosevelt served as governor of New York and president of the United States while he suffered from polio. Instead of allowing the disease to keep him from living a full life, he went above and beyond, training himself to walk without the power of his legs so that his voters would not know that he suffered in any capacity. What this book aims to do is determine who Franklin D. Roosevelt was as a person outside of the spotlight. This book wants to answer questions about this man. How did he interact with his wife and family? What were his exploits and his vices? His favored hobbies? Franklin Roosevelt: A Captivating Guide to the Life of FDR is an outline of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s life that not only gives a brief overview of his best-known feats but also provides a glimpse into who he was as a person.Some of the topics covered in this book include:FDR's Childhood and EducationHis Personal LifeEarly Political CareerPolio and Governing of New York1932 Presidential ElectionFirst Term in PresidencySecond Term in PresidencyThird Term in PresidencyRelations with Foreign LeadershipAnd much more!Scroll to the top and select the "BUY NOW" button for instant download

Hormones, Metabolism and the Benefits of Exercise (Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions)

The world is faced with an epidemic of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. This is due to changes in dietary habits and the decrease in physical activity. Exercise is usually part of the prescription, the first line of defense, to prevent or treat metabolic disorders. However, we are still learning how and why exercise provides metabolic benefits in human health. This open access volume focuses on the cellular and molecular pathways that link exercise, muscle biology, hormones and metabolism. This will include novel “myokines” that might act as new therapeutic agents in the future.


Find yourself in a better place at work – with the help of simple messages that help you deal with complex problems.Within our pages you'll meet the Frilled-neck lizard, a cute little Aussie with a whole lot of attitude, who will show you how fear-driven reactions are messing with your head and those of your colleagues.And once you understand your Lizard Brain and how it leaps to false conclusions, you’ll realise that whatever’s going wrong is probably not your fault.We invite you to embrace the Frilly Analogy to find out how to get back on track and restore your Wellness at Work.Packed with real-life case studies and sound advice to overcome “Frilly Behaviour”, this is a book you’ll find yourself using time and again – and will want to share with others doing it tough at work.

The Plot Dot: An eight-step visual guide to plotting unforgettable fiction and writing a book readers love. (Self-Publishing Basics 1)

Writing a book doesn’t have to be so hard.A plotting guide for fiction authors who hate outlining.If you’ve read dozens of books on writing but still struggle with finishing or polishing your story, get stuck in the soggy middle, lose motivation to fix your book after the first draft is done, or can’t get readers to stick with your story, this book is for you.After early criticism made me give up writing for nearly a decade, I spent years studying the craft of fiction and boiled everything into a simple, eight-step framework authors can use to improve their writing. Then I added a unique visual framework for creating powerful scenes that readers will love.This book will help you: ✓ Organize your story so you can finish a great book, faster✓ Unlock hidden potential in your scenes that you didn’t know was there✓ Hook readers faster so they don’t quit too earlyWhether you’re a panster or a plotter, the guided exercises in this book will help you gain greater visual clarity, plot and outline your novel, edit and revise your first draft, and renew your enthusiasm for writing fiction.The Plot Dot makes an excellent workbook for writing retreats, is simple enough for children to use (it’s never too early to write your first novel), and introduces a new and useful way to organize your book, improve your writing, and create unforgettable scenes that will make a deep and lasting impact.

Informationa??Consciousnessa??Reality: How a New Understanding of the Universe Can Help Answer Age-Old Questions of Existence (The Frontiers Collection)

This open access book chronicles the rise of a new scientific paradigm offering novel insights into the age-old enigmas of existence. Over 300 years ago, the human mind discovered the machine code of reality: mathematics. By utilizing abstract thought systems, humans began to decode the workings of the cosmos. From this understanding, the current scientific paradigm emerged, ultimately discovering the gift of technology. Today, however, our island of knowledge is surrounded by ever longer shores of ignorance. Science appears to have hit a dead end when confronted with the nature of reality and consciousness. In this fascinating and accessible volume, James Glattfelder explores a radical paradigm shift uncovering the ontology of reality. It is found to be information-theoretic and participatory, yielding a computational and programmable universe.

Python Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of Python Programming (Python Crash Course, Programming for Dummies)

Programming Doesn't Have To Be Difficult. If You Want To Get Started With Python Programming, Read On..How many times have you thought about learning how to code but got discouraged because you had no technical background, didn’t have the time to learn, or you just didn’t think you were smart enough?Would you like to learn the basics of python programming even if you are a complete novice? If so, this book can help you.Technology Entrepreneur, James Tudor, provides a concise, step-by-step guide to Python programming for beginners. A lot of examples, illustrations, end of chapter summary and practice exercises (with solutions) are provided to help the reader learn faster, remember longer and develop a thorough understanding of key concepts.  In This Book, you'll discover:A concise. Simple. Newby friendly style of teaching that lends itself well to beginnersChapters that have been sliced into bite-size chunks to give you the information you need (at that point in time) so you're not overwhelmed.Lots of simple, step-by-step examples and illustrations are used to emphasis key conceptsand help improve your understandingEach practice exercise builds on concepts discussed in previous chapters so your learning is reinforced as you progress.Topics are carefully selected to give you a broad exposure to Python, while not overwhelming you with too much (potentially unnecessary) information.An end of chapter summary is presented to give you key take aways that help you solidify your understandingSome of the topics covered include:How to get started - what you need and where to get it (Chapter 1)How a computer functions and what a computer program is (Chapter 2)Simple data types that are available to you and how to manipulate them (Chapter 3)…and much, much more!Please be aware, this book is only an extended preview of the paid version Python For Beginners: Learn Python In 5 Days With Step-by-Step Guidance And Hands-On Exercises. The intention with this free version is to give you the opportunity to see the authors teaching style and the quality of the material covered. Should you wish to upgrade to the paid version, five more in-depth chapters on conditions and loops, functions and modules etc are covered. In addition, a solution booklet (for the chapter exercises) is provided. 

The Psychology of Fake News: Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation

This volume examines the phenomenon of fake news by bringing together leading experts from different fields within psychology and related areas, and explores what has become a prominent feature of public discourse since the first Brexit referendum and the 2016 US election campaign. Dealing with misinformation is important in many areas of daily life, including politics, the marketplace, health communication, journalism, education, and science. In a general climate where facts and misinformation blur, and are intentionally blurred, this book asks what determines whether people accept and share (mis)information, and what can be done to counter misinformation? All three of these aspects need to be understood in the context of online social networks, which have fundamentally changed the way information is produced, consumed, and transmitted. The contributions within this volume summarize the most up-to-date empirical findings, theories, and applications and discuss cutting-edge ideas and future directions of interventions to counter fake news.Also providing guidance on how to handle misinformation in an age of “alternative facts”, this is a fascinating and vital reading for students and academics in psychology, communication, and political science and for professionals including policy makers and journalists.  

Algebra and Trigonometry

Algebra and Trigonometry provides a comprehensive exploration of algebraic principles and meets scope and sequence requirements for a typical introductory algebra and trigonometry course. The modular approach and the richness of content ensures that the book meets the needs of a variety of courses. Algebra and Trigonometry offers a wealth of examples with detailed, conceptual explanations, building a strong foundation in the material before asking students to apply what they’ve learned.

Mastering Book Hooks for Authors: How to Capture Reader Attention and Book Sales in 30 Words or Less

Authors, what if one sentence is all it takes to grab a reader’s interest?Would you want to know the secret? Of course, every author desires to sell more books. That's the power of a hook. And, it just worked on you.A book hook is a statement or question designed to generate immediate curiosity and entice readers to want more.Why is a hook important? Language is the power of the book sale. As an author, you don’t sell books to machines. You sell books to human beings. A book hook uses powerful language that naturally piques a person’s interest.Book marketing expert, Rob Eagar, has coached over 800 authors and helped both fiction and nonfiction books hit The New York Times bestseller list. In this concise guide, he skillfully explains:•How to create a book hook•The difference between fiction and non-fiction hooks•Where to use a book hook to maximize salesMastering Book Hooks for Authors will teach you how to create attention-grabbing language for your book, regardless of the genre. Capture more reader interest for free by using the power of a hook.Also includes free access to “The Ultimate Book Marketing Plan Template for Authors” by Rob Eagar that takes the guesswork out of launching your new book.Do you have every book in The Author's Guide Series from Rob Eagar? It's the most comprehensive collection of marketing instruction for writers. Other books include:The Author's Guide to Email MarketingThe Author's Guide to Marketing Books on AmazonThe Author's Guide to Write Text That Sells Books

Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics follows scope and sequence requirements of a one-semester introduction to statistics course and is geared toward students majoring in fields other than math or engineering. The text assumes some knowledge of intermediate algebra and focuses on statistics application over theory. Introductory Statistics includes innovative practical applications that make the text relevant and accessible, as well as collaborative exercises, technology integration problems, and statistics labs.

Terrorism, Criminal Law and Politics: The Decline of the Political Offence Exception to Extradition (Transnational Criminal Justice)

Recent atrocities have ensured that terrorism and how to deal with terrorists legally and politically has been the subject of much discussion and debate on the international stage. This book presents a study of changes in the legal treatment of those perpetrating crimes of a political character over several decades. It most centrally deals with the political offence exception and how it has changed. The book looks at this change from an international perspective with a particular focus on the United States. Interdisciplinary in approach, it examines the fields of terrorism and political crime from legal, political science and criminological perspectives. It will be of interest to a broad range of academics and researchers, as well as to policymakers involved in creating new anti-terrorist policies.

Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python (Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing Book 6)

This open access book offers an initial introduction to programming for scientific and computational applications using the Python programming language. The presentation style is compact and example-based, making it suitable for students and researchers with little or no prior experience in programming. The book uses relevant examples from mathematics and the natural sciences to present programming as a practical toolbox that can quickly enable readers to write their own programs for data processing and mathematical modeling. These tools include file reading, plotting, simple text analysis, and using NumPy for numerical computations, which are fundamental building blocks of all programs in data science and computational science. At the same time, readers are introduced to the fundamental concepts of programming, including variables, functions, loops, classes, and object-oriented programming. Accordingly, the book provides a sound basis for further computer science and programming studies.   

Interpreting Greek Tragedy: Myth, Poetry, Text

This generous selection of published essays by the distinguished classicist Charles Segal represents over twenty years of critical inquiry into the questions of what Greek tragedy is and what it means for modern-day readers. Taken together, the essays reflect profound changes in the study of Greek tragedy in the United States during this period-in particular, the increasing emphasis on myth, psychoanalytic interpretation, structuralism, and semiotics.

JUBILEE RECIPES COOKBOOK: Ultimate Guide to Walkthrough Cooking Two Centuries African American Dishes

Jubilee Recipes from two centuries of african american cooking Kerry Andy, food activist has collected a gorgeous, complex, and pioneering book that explores Black foodways in America and around the world.Kerry Andy captures the diverse and divergent voices of the African Diaspora via the prism of food in this beautiful and very heartfelt tribute to Black culinary genius. The book progresses through chapters addressing facets of the Black experience, from Homeland to Migration, Spirituality to Black Future, delivering delectable recipes, compelling thoughts, and captivating pictures, with contributions from several Black cultural heavyweights from around the world.

Understanding Statistics and Experimental Design: How to Not Lie with Statistics (Learning Materials in Biosciences)

This open access textbook provides the background needed to correctly use, interpret and understand statistics and statistical data in diverse settings.  Part I makes key concepts in statistics readily clear. Parts I and II give an overview of the most common tests (t-test, ANOVA, correlations) and work out their statistical principles. Part III provides insight into meta-statistics (statistics of statistics) and demonstrates why experiments often do not replicate. Finally, the textbook shows how complex statistics can be avoided by using clever experimental design.  Both non-scientists and students in Biology, Biomedicine and Engineering will benefit from the book by learning the statistical basis of scientific claims and by discovering ways to evaluate the quality of scientific reports in academic journals and news outlets.

Ten Wild Herbs For Ten Modern Problems: Facing Today's Health Challenges With Holistic Herbal Remedies

Do you suffer from Asthma, Type 2 Diabetes, Eczema, Heart Disease, Herpes Simplex, Depression, Toxic Overload, Eye Strain, Hormonal Imbalance or Inflammation?Check out these ten wild, medicinal herbs and discover natural remedies using a little WELLNESS FROM THE WILDIn my latest book: Ten Wild Herbs For Ten Modern Problems,Learn about powerful, medicinal herbs from the wild that can be used to treat ten of the most common diseases in modern times.Today we face the challenges presented by the lifestyles we have chosen. Our fast paced, ever changing society creates health problems that are not just common, but rampant. Pollution, poor eating habits, excessive work hours, stress and many other modern factors prevalent in western society are continually taking their toll. Foraging for wild plants and medicinal herbs offers a holistic approach to today’s symptoms of a world that is out of balance. Herbs from the wild can help relieve ailments, yes, but they also are part of a getting back to nature approach to living in harmony with the earth and our own bodies. In this book I have outlined some of the problems facing my own readers and thousands of others with similar issues. I think people are ready to embrace wild plants not only for their medicinal actions, which are largely devoid of harmful side effects, but also for their nutritional value and the lifestyle changes that develop as you learn to take part in the ancient art of wildcrafting herbs.Download your FREE copy today on Kindle Unlimited!

The Archaeology of Human Ancestry: Power, Sex and Tradition (Theoretical Archaeology Group (Tag))

Human social life is constrained and defined by our cognitive and emotional dispositions, which are the legacy of our foraging ancestors. But how difficult is it to reconstruct the social systems and cultural traditions of those ancestors? The Archaeology of Human Ancestry provides a stimulating and provocative answer, in which archaeologists and biological anthropologists set out and demonstrate their reconstructive methods. Contributors use observations of primates and modern hunter-gatherers to illuminate the fossil and artefactual records. Thematic treatment covers the evolution of group size; group composition and the emotional structure of social bonds; sexual dimorphism and the sexual division of labour; and the origins of human cultural traditions. The Archaeology of Human Ancestry is an essential introduction to the subject for advanced undergraduates and researchers in archaeology and biological anthropology. It will also be used by workers in psychology, sociology and feminist studies as a resource for understanding human social origins.

University Physics Volume 1

University Physics is a three-volume collection that meets the scope and sequence requirements for two- and three-semester calculus-based physics courses. Volume 1 covers mechanics, sound, oscillations, and waves. Volume 2 covers thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and Volume 3 covers optics and modern physics. This textbook emphasizes connections between theory and application, making physics concepts interesting and accessible to students while maintaining the mathematical rigor inherent in the subject. Frequent, strong examples focus on how to approach a problem, how to work with the equations, and how to check and generalize the result.

Elements of Robotics

This open access book bridges the gap between playing with robots in school and studying robotics at the upper undergraduate and graduate levels to prepare for careers in industry and research. Robotic algorithms are presented formally, but using only mathematics known by high-school and first-year college students, such as calculus, matrices and probability. Concepts and algorithms are explained through detailed diagrams and calculations.Elements of Robotics presents an overview of different types of robots and the components used to build robots, but focuses on robotic algorithms: simple algorithms like odometry and feedback control, as well as algorithms for advanced topics like localization, mapping, image processing, machine learning and swarm robotics. These algorithms are demonstrated in simplified contexts that enable detailed computations to be performed and feasible activities to be posed. Students who study these simplified demonstrations will be well prepared for advanced study of robotics.The algorithms are presented at a relatively abstract level, not tied to any specific robot. Instead a generic robot is defined that uses elements common to most educational robots: differential drive with two motors, proximity sensors and some method of displaying output to the user.The theory is supplemented with over 100 activities, most of which can be successfully implemented using inexpensive educational robots. Activities that require more computation can be programmed on a computer. Archives are available with suggested implementations for the Thymio robot and standalone programs in Python.

Outdoor Learning and Play: Pedagogical Practices and Children's Cultural Formation (International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Development Book 34)

This Open Access book examines children’s participation in dialectical reciprocity with place-based institutional practices by presenting empirical research from Australia, Brazil, China, Poland, Norway and Wales. Underpinned by cultural-historical theory, the analysis reveals how outdoors and nature form unique conditions for children's play, formal and informal learning and cultural formation. The analysis also surfaces how inequalities exist in societies and communities, which often limit and constrain families' and children's access to and participation in outdoor spaces and nature. The findings highlight how institutional practices are shaped by pedagogical content, teachers' training, institutional regulations and societal perceptions of nature, children and suitable, sustainable education for young children. Due to crises, such as climate change and the recent pandemic, specific focus on the outdoors and nature in cultural formation is timely for the cultural-historical theoretical tradition. In doing so, the book provides empirical and theoretical support for policy makers, researchers, educators and families to enhance, increase and sustain outdoor and nature education.

University Physics Volume 3

University Physics is a three-volume collection that meets the scope and sequence requirements for two- and three-semester calculus-based physics courses. Volume 1 covers mechanics, sound, oscillations, and waves. Volume 2 covers thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism, and Volume 3 covers optics and modern physics. This textbook emphasizes connections between theory and application, making physics concepts interesting and accessible to students while maintaining the mathematical rigor inherent in the subject. Frequent, strong examples focus on how to approach a problem, how to work with the equations, and how to check and generalize the result.

University Physics Volume 2

University Physics is a three-volume collection that meets the scope and sequence requirements for two- and three-semester calculus-based physics courses. Volume 1 covers mechanics, sound, oscillations, and waves. Volume 2 covers thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and Volume 3 covers optics and modern physics. This textbook emphasizes connections between theory and application, making physics concepts interesting and accessible to students while maintaining the mathematical rigor inherent in the subject. Frequent, strong examples focus on how to approach a problem, how to work with the equations, and how to check and generalize the result.

Automated Machine Learning: Methods, Systems, Challenges (The Springer Series on Challenges in Machine Learning)

This open access book presents the first comprehensive overview of general methods in Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), collects descriptions of existing systems based on these methods, and discusses the first series of international challenges of AutoML systems. The recent success of commercial ML applications and the rapid growth of the field has created a high demand for off-the-shelf ML methods that can be used easily and without expert knowledge. However, many of the recent machine learning successes crucially rely on human experts, who manually select appropriate ML architectures (deep learning architectures or more traditional ML workflows) and their hyperparameters. To overcome this problem, the field of AutoML targets a progressive automation of machine learning, based on principles from optimization and machine learning itself. This book serves as a point of entry into this quickly-developing field for researchers and advanced students alike, as well as providing a reference for practitioners aiming to use AutoML in their work. 

Fast Facts: Type 2 Diabetes: Identify early, intervene effectively, make every contact count

Fast Facts: Type 2 Diabetes provides a practical overview of this increasingly common health condition. Written by and for health professionals working in primary care, this colourful and accessible handbook highlights important practice points that cover: • identifying and managing those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes • multifactorial interventions to prevent and treat complications • monitoring recommendations An indispensable read for anyone wanting to get up to speed with best practice in primary care. Table of Contents: • Epidemiology • Prevention strategies • Diagnosis • Self-management • Lowering blood glucose • Hypertension and dyslipidemia • Monitoring and microvascular complications • Macrovascular complications • Special populations

Bread and Circuses: Theories of Mass Culture As Social Decay

Lively and well written, Bread and Circuses analyzes theories that have treated mass culture as either a symptom or a cause of social decadence. Discussing many of the most influential and representative theories of mass culture, it ranges widely from Greek and Roman origins, through Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Ortega y Gasset, T. S. Eliot, and the theorists of the Frankfurt Institute, down to Marshall McLuhan and Daniel Bell, Brantlinger considers the many versions of negative classicism and shows how the belief in the historical inevitability of social decay—a belief today perpetuated by the mass media themselves—has become the dominant view of mass culture in our time. While not defending mass culture in its present form, Brantlinger argues that the view of culture implicit in negative classicism obscures the question of how the media can best be used to help achieve freedom and enlightenment on a truly democratic basis.

Secrets, Stories and Scandals of Ten Welsh Follies.

Secrets,Stories and Scandals of Ten Welsh Follies contains the stories behind ten weird and wonderful Welsh buildings.If you enjoy unusual tales, quirky human history and delight in the ridiculous and the vain you will enjoy this book. Discover why...The undefeated American Boxing Champion Rocky Marciano lived in a Welsh Folly in Swansea.6ft 3 inch Mr. Jones slept in a strange house in Conwy with his feet hanging out of the window.A pipe smoking shipping magnate upset his wife and built a folly complete with battlements.What possessed William Jones to build the strange folly that is Clytha Castle.Why Lord Mostyn built a track through a house with a road underneath. His strange folly is still inhabited today.These are just a few of the entertaining Welsh Follies in this book. Discover why...A deserted lighthouse on a golden sandy beach has a strange moaning statue at its top.A future king turned his nose up when offered a stately folly castle.There is a bizarre folly clock tower that looks like a lighthouse standing in the middle a boating lake in Cardiff.A magnificent folly tower on Anglesey records the exploits of a one legged man.Bodysgallen Obelisk has upset the neighbours.Discover who erected these strange buildings and why, what secrets lay hidden in their pasts and how they have been treated over the years. Folly hunters have researched odd and strange buildings but never before have the secrets of Welsh follies been told so entertainingly. Every folly has a tale to tell about the special people who built them as if the follies themselves are a window into another age or world, one which is fun and well worth exploring.Scroll up, download this free eBook today and give your chuckle muscles some exercise.

Concepts in Action: Representation, Learning, and Application (Language, Cognition, and Mind Book 9)

This open access book is a timely contribution in presenting recent issues, approaches, and results that are not only central to the highly interdisciplinary field of concept research but also particularly important to newly emergent paradigms and challenges. The contributors present a unique, holistic picture for the understanding and use of concepts from a wide range of fields including cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, and computer science. The chapters focus on three distinct points of view that lie at the core of concept research: representation, learning, and application. The contributions present a combination of theoretical, experimental, computational, and applied methods that appeal to students and researchers working in these fields.

Early Readers - First Learn to Read Book - Kindergarten and Preschool: 5 Super Easy Stories for Beginner Readers (Rabbit Readers 1)

The Early Readers Program teaches young children to read. This is the introductory book in the Early Readers series, perfect for a First Reader for Kindergarten and Preschool-aged children.The stories include: At the Zoo, I Can Count (Numbers to 10), Rocket Count Down, How Do You Feel and I Like. These contain simple words that are supported by pictures to give young children who are learning to read the confidence they need to predict words and to read by themselves.For more great Level 1 Beginner Readers, see Early Readers - Book 1 and Book 2. Type Katrina Kahler into the search bar to see all her other Early Reading Books, Sight Word Books and Phonic Books.

Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering (ICUME 2021), June 7a??8, 2021 (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering)

This open access book reports on methods and technologies to describe, evaluate and control uncertainty in mechanical engineering applications. It brings together contributions by engineers, mathematicians and legal experts, offering a multidisciplinary perspective on the main issues affecting uncertainty throughout the complete system lifetime, which includes process and product planning, development, production and usage. The book is based on the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering (ICUME 2021), organized by the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 805 of the TU Darmstadt, and held online on June 7–8, 2021. All in all, it offers a timely resource for researchers, graduate students and practitioners in the field of mechanical engineering, production engineering and engineering optimization. 


This books explains basis concept of JAVASCRIPT programming. This book only for beginners.TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction to JavascriptJavascript: Hello world programJavascript: VariablesJavascript: StatementsJavascript: commentsJavaScript: TypesJavascript: operatorsJavascript: Arithmetic OperatorsJavascript: Increment/decrement: ++, -- operatorsJavascript: Bitwise operatorsJavaScript: Logical operatorsJavaScript: Assignment operatorsJavaScript: Compound Assignment operatorJavascript: Ternary operatorJavaScript: Working with boolean valuesJavaScript: Decision Making: if, if-thenJavascript: if-else-if-else ladderJavaScript: Decision making using switch statementJavaScript: loopsJavaScript: do-while loopJavaScript: for loopJavaScript: break statementJavaScript: continue statementJavaScript: break in label formJavaScript: for in loopJavaScript: for-of loopJavaScript: get the type of variableJavaScript: Working with stringsJavaScript: Represent multi line stringsStrings and comparison operatorsJavaScript: Working with numbersJavaScript: Working with InfinityJavaScript: NaN: Not a NumberJavaScript: parseInt: Convert string to integerJavaScript: parseFloat: Convert string to floatJavaScript: Rounding float valuesJavaScript: ObjectsJavaScript: Nested objectsJavaScript: Iterating over all properties of objectJavaScript: null Vs undefinedJavaScript: functionsJavaScript: Function expressionsJavaScript: Nested functionsJavaScript: Function ArgumentsJavaScript: Recursion

Solar Energy: The physics and engineering of photovoltaic conversion, technologies and systems

This book uniquely covers both the physics of photovoltaic (PV) cells and the design of PV systems for real-life applications. From the fundamental principles of semiconductor solar cells; through PV technology (crystalline silicon solar cells; thin-film cells; PV modules); to components, design, deployment and performance of PV systems in use. The book is an invaluable reference for researchers, industrial engineers and designers working in solar energy generation. The book is also ideal for university and third-level physics or engineering courses on solar photovoltaics, with exercises to check students’ understanding and reinforce learning. It is the perfect companion to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Solar Energy (DelftX, ET.3034TU) presented by co-author Arno Smets. The course is available in English on the nonprofit open source platform, and in Arabic on Over 100,000 students have already registered for these MOOCs.

Climate-Smart Food

This open access book asks just how climate-smart our food really is. It follows an average day's worth of food and drink to see where it comes from, how far it travels, and the carbon price we all pay for it. From our breakfast tea and toast, through breaktime chocolate bar, to take-away supper, Dave Reay explores the weather extremes the world’s farmers are already dealing with, and what new threats climate change will bring. Readers will encounter heat waves and hurricanes, wildfires and deadly toxins, as well as some truly climate-smart solutions. In every case there are responses that could cut emissions while boosting resilience and livelihoods. Ultimately we are all in this together, our decisions on what food we buy and how we consume it send life-changing ripples right through the global web that is our food supply. As we face a future of 10 billion mouths to feed in a rapidly changing climate, it’s time to get to know our farmers and herders, our vintners and fisherfolk, a whole lot better. 

Meaning and Interpretation: Wittgenstein, Henry James, and Literary Knowledge

'What is the meaning of a word?' In this thought-provoking book, Hagberg demonstrates how this question—which initiated Wittgenstein's later work in the philosophy of language—is significant for our understanding not only of linguistic meaning but of the meaning of works of art and literature as well.

The New Common: How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Transforming Society

This open access book presents the scientific views of some fifty experts on how they believe the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting society, and how it will continue to do so in the years to come. Using the concept of a “common” (in the sense of common values, common places, common goods, and common sense), they elaborate on the transition from an Old Common to a New Common. In carefully crafted chapters, the authors address expected shifts in major fields like health, education, finance, business, work, and citizenship, applying concepts from law, psychology, economics, sociology, religious studies, and computer science to do so. Many of the authors anticipate an acceleration of the digital transformation in the forthcoming years, but at the same time, they argue that a successful shift to a new common can only be achieved by re-evaluating life on our planet, strengthening resilience at an individual level, and assuming more responsibility at a societal level.

Four Seasons of Creative Writing: 1,000 Prompts to Stop Writer's Block (Story Prompts for Journaling, Blogging and Beating Writer's Block Book 1)

Have You Ever Had Writer's Block?Do You Want a Book That Could Keep It Away for Good?Writing prompts are questions and hypothetical situations that are able to cure writer's block instantly. This book gives you exactly one thousand idea-generating prompts that focus on the coldest, warmest, toughest and funniest days of the four seasons. These 1,000 story prompts work for blogs, scripts, stories, poems, essays, journaling, songs and anything else that requires you to stare down writer's block and start writing!This book covers many different aspects of the seasons including: HolidaysFestivalsThe Five SensesEntertainmentand many more! ˃˃˃ You Should Buy This Book Because...1. Author Bryan Cohen is an Amazon #1 best-selling author for the Writing Skills category.2. His first book of 1,000 creative writing prompts has 23 five-star reviews. 3. This book contains 1,000 new prompts that can take your writing to a new level.These prompts help you to write from the heart so that you can relate to your audience. If you're looking to learn some writing basics, this is one of the nonfiction writing books you need for your shelf.It's time to end writer's block. Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Franz Kafka: The Necessity of Form

In Stanley Corngold’s view, the themes and strategies of Kafka’s fiction are generated by a tension between his concern for writing and his growing sense of its arbitrary character. Analyzing Kafka’s work in light of "the necessity of form," which is also a merely formal necessity, Corngold uncovers the fundamental paradox of Kafka’s art and life. The first section of the book shows how Kafka’s rhetoric may be understood as the daring project of a man compelled to live his life as literature. In the central part of the book, Corngold reflects on the place of Kafka within the modern tradition, discussing such influential precursors of Cervantes, Flaubert, and Nietzsche, whose works display a comparable narrative disruption. Kafka’s distinctive narrative strategies, Corngold points out, demand interpretation at the same time they resist it. Critics of Kafka, he says, must be aware that their approaches are guided by the principles that Kafka’s fiction identifies, dramatizes, and rejects.

The New Law of Attraction: How to Practice the Law of Attraction and Transform Your Dreams into Concrete and Realizable Goals

"The N.1 Law-of-Attraction Amazon Bestseller" ★★★★★"The Best Law-of-Attraction Book in Italy and USA" ★★★★★The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has sold millions of copies and has spread the concept of “law of attraction” all over the world. This idea states that if you strongly desire something, this will almost magically become true. But what about practise it?THE LIMITS OF "THE SECRET": FROM THE LAW OF THE ATTRACTION TO THE NEW ATTRACTION LAWHow to plan a dream well, turning it into an objective and making it happen.Learn to know the main differences between the law of attraction and the New Law of Attraction.How to apply and make the most of the rule of success to really get it.HOW TO PUT IN YOUR PRACTICE AND PLAN YOUR DESIRED STATEHow to understand and enter the mechanism of the desired state to be able to plan it.How to take the first step towards achieving your goal.The importance of looking at the past as a source of resources and not in a limiting way.HOW TO MAKE YOUR OBJECTIVES WITH THE ATTRACTION LAWHow you should formulate and express your goal to make it achievable.How to find yourself in a position to make the realization of a goal depend only on you.How important is the vocal adaptation for the effectiveness of your voice and to get in tune.HOW TO MAKE SURE TO SUCCEED TO SUCCESSHow to be able to continue over time to influence success without the help of the trainer.How your psyche and your brain live reality and visualization.How to reach the anchor even with only one particularly intense emotional peak.TECHNIQUES FOR SUCCESSFUL TO SATISFY YOUR NEEDSThe importance of analyzing your behavior in cases where you have been successful in understanding the mechanisms.Which need reflects the need for security and how you can satisfy it.How the need for variety becomes a necessity for satisfying the Law of Attraction satisfactorily.HOW TO BE ABLE TO INCREASE YOUR BELIEFSHow to obtain a strengthening resource through the lived moments of the past.How to succeed in what you do and change, thus, the perception you have of the situation that you do not like.How the belief of being what you are affects your behavior by making it effective or not.HOW TO REALIZE STEP BY STEP YOUR CHANGEHow to work on the physical image of your belief, on the outside world and on yourself.How to know the causes that can push you to change a motivation.How to start implementing change and how to move the first step.

Smart Technologies for Precision Assembly: 9th IFIP WG 5.5 International Precision Assembly Seminar, IPAS 2020, Virtual Event, December 14a??15, 2020, Revised ... and Communication Technology Book 620

This open access book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the 9th IFIP WG 5.5 International Precision Assembly Seminar, IPAS 2020, held virtually in December 2020.The 16 revised full papers and 10 revised short papers presented together with 1 keynote paper were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers address topics such as assembly design and planning; assembly operations; assembly cells and systems; human centred assembly; and assistance methods in assembly.

Tech Giants, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Journalism (Routledge Research in Journalism Book 26)

This book examines the impact of the "Big Five" technology companies – Apple, Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft – on journalism and the media industries. It looks at the current role of algorithms and artificial intelligence in curating how we consume media and their increasing influence on the production of the news. Exploring the changes that the technology industry and automation have made in the past decade to the production, distribution and consumption of news globally, the book considers what happens to journalism once it is produced and enters the media ecosystems of the internet tech giants – and the impact of social media and AI on such things as fake news in the post-truth age.The audience for this book are students and researchers working in the field of digital media, and journalism studies or media studies more generally. It will also be useful to those who are looking for extended case studies of the role taken by tech giants such as Facebook and Google in the fake news scandal, or the role of Jeff Bezos in transforming The Washington Post.The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

The Politics of Diversity in Music Education (Landscapes: the Arts, Aesthetics, and Education Book 29)

This open access book examines the political structures and processes that frame and produce understandings of diversity in and through music education. Recent surges in nationalist, fundamentalist, protectionist and separatist tendencies highlight the imperative for music education to extend beyond nominal policy agendas or wholly celebratory diversity discourses. Bringing together high-level theorisation of the ways in which music education upholds or unsettles understandings of society and empirical analyses of the complex situations that arise when negotiating diversity in practice, the chapters in this volume explore the politics of inquiry in research; examine music teachers’ navigations of the shifting political landscapes of society and state; extend conceptualisations of diversity in music education beyond familiar boundaries; and critically consider the implications of diversity for music education leadership. Diversity is thus not approached as a label applied to certain individuals or musical repertoires, but as socially organized difference, produced and manifest in various ways as part of everyday relations and interactions. This compelling collection serves as an invitation to ongoing reflexive inquiry; to deliberate the politics of diversity in a fast-changing and pluralist world; and together work towards more informed and ethically sound understandings of how diversity in music education policy, practice, and research is framed and conditioned both locally and globally.

Proceedings of the 2021 DigitalFUTURES: The 3rd International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2021)

This open access book is a compilation of selected papers from 2021 DigitalFUTURES—The 3rd International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2021). The work focuses on novel techniques for computational design and robotic fabrication. The contents make valuable contributions to academic researchers, designers, and engineers in the industry. As well, readers encounter new ideas about understanding material intelligence in architecture.

Defending Women's Rights in Europe: Gender Equality and EU Enlargement

Between 2004 and 2007, ten post-communist Eastern European states became members of the European Union (EU). To do so, these nations had to meet certain EU accession requirements, including antidiscrimination reforms. While attaining EU membership was an incredible achievement, many scholars and experts doubted the sustainability of accession-linked reforms. Would these nations comply with EU directives on gender equality? To explore this question, Defending Women's Rights in Europe presents a unique analysis of detailed original comparative data on state compliance with EU gender equality requirements. It features a comprehensive quantitative analysis combined with rigorous insightful case studies of reforms in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. Olga A. Avdeyeva reveals that policy and institutional reforms developed furthest in those states where women's advocacy NGOs managed to form coalitions with governing political parties. After becoming members of the EU, the governments did not abolish these policies and institutions despite the costs and lack of popular support. Reputational concerns prevented state elites from policy dismantling, but gender equality policies and institutions became marginalized on the state agenda after accession.This book is freely available in an open access edition thanks to Knowledge Unlatched—an initiative that provides libraries and institutions with a centralized platform to support OA collections and from leading publishing houses and OA initiatives. Learn more at the Knowledge Unlatched website at:, and access the book online at the SUNY Open Access Repository at

Dignity in the 21st Century: Middle East and West (SpringerBriefs in Philosophy)

This book is open access under a CC BY license.This book offers a unique and insightful analysis of Western and Middle Eastern concepts of dignity and illustrates them with examples of everyday life.Dignity in the 21st Century - Middle East and West is unique and insightful for a range of reasons. First, the book is co-authored by scholars from two different cultures (Middle East and West). As a result, the interpretations of dignity covered are broader than those in most Western publications. Second, the ambition of the book is to use examples from everyday life and fiction to debate a range of dignity interpretations supplemented by philosophical and theological theories. Thus, the book is designed to be accessible to a general readership, which is further facilitated because it is published with full open access. Third, the book does not defend one superior theory of dignity, but instead presents six Western approaches and one based on the Koran and then asks whether a common essence can be detected. The answer to the question whether a common essence can be detected between the Koranic interpretation of dignity and the main Western theories (virtue, Kant) is YES. The essence can be seen in dignity as a sense of self-worth, which persons have a duty to develop and respect in themselves and a duty to protect in others. The book ends with two recommendations. First, given the 7 concepts of dignity introduced in the book, meaningful dialogue can only be achieved if conversation partners clarify which variation they are using. Second, future collaborations between philosophers and psychologists might be helpful in moving theoretical knowledge on dignity as a sense of self-worth into practical action. The “scourges” of a sense of self-worth and dignity are identified by psychologists as violence, humiliation, disregard and embarrassment. To know more about how these can be avoided from psychologists, is helpful when protecting a sense of self-worth in others.

Proceedings of the 2020 DigitalFUTURES: The 2nd International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2020)

This open access book is a compilation of selected papers from 2020 DigitalFUTURES—The 2nd International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2020). The book focuses on novel techniques for computational design and robotic fabrication. The contents make valuable contributions to academic researchers, designers, and engineers in the industry. As well, readers will encounter new ideas about understanding intelligence in architecture.

Law as Reproduction and Revolution: An Interconnected History

A free open access ebook is available upon publication. Learn more at This sweeping book details the extent to which the legal revolution emanating from the US has transformed legal hierarchies of power across the globe, while also analyzing the conjoined global histories of law and social change from the Middle Ages to today. It examines the global proliferation of large corporate law firms—a US invention—along with US legal education approaches geared toward those corporate law firms. This neoliberal-inspired revolution attacks complacent legal oligarchies in the name of America-inspired modernism. Drawing on the combined histories of the legal profession, imperial transformations, and the enduring and conservative role of cosmopolitan elites at the top of legal hierarchies, the book details case studies in India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and China to explain how interconnected legal histories are stories of both revolution and reproduction. Theoretically and methodologically ambitious, it offers a wholly new approach to studying interrelated fields across time and geographies.

Robotics, AI, and Humanity: Science, Ethics, and Policy

This open access book examines recent advances in how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have elicited widespread debate over their benefits and drawbacks for humanity. The emergent technologies have for instance implications within medicine and health care, employment, transport, manufacturing, agriculture, and armed conflict. While there has been considerable attention devoted to robotics/AI applications in each of these domains, a fuller picture of their connections and the possible consequences for our shared humanity seems needed. This volume covers multidisciplinary research, examines current research frontiers in AI/robotics and likely impacts on societal well-being, human – robot relationships, as well as the opportunities and risks for sustainable development and peace. The attendant ethical and religious dimensions of these technologies are addressed and implications for regulatory policies on the use and future development of AI/robotics technologies are elaborated.

Bioeconomy and Global Inequalities: Socio-Ecological Perspectives on Biomass Sourcing and Production

This open access book focuses on the meanings, agendas, as well as the local and global implications of bioeconomy and bioenergy policies in and across South America, Asia and Europe. It explores how a transition away from a fossil and towards a bio-based economic order alters, reinforces and challenges socio-ecological inequalities. The volume presents a historically informed and empirically rich discussion of bioeconomy developments with a particular focus on bio-based energy. A series of conceptual discussions and case studies with a multidisciplinary background in the social sciences illuminate how the deployment of biomass sources from the agricultural and forestry sectors affect societal changes concerning knowledge production, land and labour relations, political participation and international trade. How can a global perspective on socio-ecological inequalities contribute to a complex and critical understanding of bioeconomy? Who participates in the negotiation of specific bioeconomy policies and who does not? Who determines the agenda? To what extent does the bioeconomy affect existing socio-ecological inequalities in rural areas? What are the implications of the bioeconomy for existing relations of extraction and inequalities across regions? The volume is an invitation to reflect upon these questions and more, at a time when the need for an ecological and socially just transition away from a carbon intensive economy is becoming increasingly pressing.

100+ Professional Development Tips for Post-CELTA Teachers: Ideas to help you hit the ground running

This book is aimed at new teachers such as those who have recently completed a CELTA or Cert TESOL course. It offers a range of development tips and ideas to help teachers gain confidence in various areas of their practice. These areas include lesson planning, reviewing vocabulary, teaching pronunciation, classroom organization, and getting teens to talk.100+ Professional Development Tips for Post-CELTA Teachers is written by Pete Clements, an award-winning TEFL blogger and published author. After achieving a CELTA Pass A, Pete went on to complete the Trinity DipTESOL with Distinction. He shares tips for developing teachers at - a site that has welcomed nearly two million visitors.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Mortality and its Timings: When is Death? (Palgrave Historical Studies in the Criminal Corpse and its Afterlife)

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.This volume provides a series of illuminating perspectives on the timings of death, through in-depth studies of Shakespearean tragedy, criminal execution, embalming practices, fears of premature burial, rumours of Adolf Hitler’s survival, and the legal concept of brain death. In doing so, it explores a number of questions, including: how do we know if someone is dead or not? What do people experience at the moment when they die? Is death simply a biological event that comes about in temporal stages of decomposition, or is it a social event defined through cultures, practices, and commemorations? In other words, when exactly is death? Taken together, these contributions explore how death emerges in a series of stages that are uncertain, paradoxical, and socially contested.   

Decision Science for Future Earth: Theory and Practice

This open access book provides a theoretical framework and case studies on decision science for regional sustainability by integrating the natural and social sciences. The cases discussed include solution-oriented transdisciplinary studies on the environment, disasters, health, governance and human cooperation. Based on these case studies and comprehensive reviews of relevant works, including lessons learned from past failures for predictable surprises and successes in adaptive co-management, the book provides the reader with new perspectives on how we can co-design collaborative projects with various conflicts of interest and how we can transform our society for a sustainable future. The book makes a valuable contribution to the global research initiative Future Earth, promoting transdisciplinary studies to bridge the gap between science and society in knowledge generation processes and supporting efforts to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Compared to other publications on transdisciplinary studies, this book is unique in that evolutionary biology is used as an integrator for various areas related to human decision-making, and approaches social changes as processes of adaptive learning and evolution. Given its scope, the book is highly recommended to all readers seeking an integrated overview of human decision-making in the context of social transformation. 

Punishment and Political Order (Law, Meaning, And Violence)

Most of us think of punishment as an ugly display of power. But punishment also tells us something about the ideals and aspirations of a people and their government. How a state punishes reveals whether or not it is confident in its own legitimacy and sovereignty. Punishment and Political Order examines the questions raised by the state’ s exercise of punitive power— from what it is about human psychology that desires sanction and order to how the state can administer pain while calling for justice. Keally McBride's book demonstrates punishment's place at the core of political administration and the stated ideals of the polity. "From start to finish this is a terrific, engaging book. McBride offers a fascinating perspective on punishment, calling attention to its utility in understanding political regimes and their ideals. She succeeds in reminding us of the centrality of punishment in political theory and, at the same time, in providing a framework for understanding contemporary events. I know of no other book that does as much to make the subject of punishment so compelling."— Austin Sarat, Amherst College "Punishment and Political Order will be welcome reading for anyone interested in understanding law in society, punishment and political spectacle, or governing through crime control. This is a clear, accessible, and persuasive examination of punishment— as rhetoric and reality. Arguing that punishment is a complex product of the social contract, this book demonstrates the ways in which understanding the symbolic power and violence of the law provides analytical tools for examining the ideological function of prison labor today, as well as the crosscutting and contingent connections between language and identity, legitimation and violence, sovereignty and agency more generally."— Bill Lyons, Director, Center for Conflict Management, University of Akron "Philosophical explorations of punishment have often stopped with a theory of responsibility. McBride's book moves well beyond this. It shows that the problem of punishment is a central issue for any coherent theory of the state, and thus that punishment is at the heart of political theory. This is a stunning achievement."— Malcolm M. Feeley, University of California at Berkeley Keally McBride is Assistant Professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco.

By Honor Bound: State and Society in Early Modern Russia

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Russians from all ranks of society were bound together by a culture of honor. Here one of the foremost scholars of early modern Russia explores the intricate and highly stylized codes that made up this culture. Nancy Shields Kollmann describes how these codes were manipulated to construct identity and enforce social norms—and also to defend against insults, to pursue vendettas, and to unsettle communities. She offers evidence for a new view of the relationship of state and society in the Russian empire, and her richly comparative approach enhances knowledge of statebuilding in premodern Europe. By presenting Muscovite state and society in the context of medieval and early modern Europe, she exposes similarities that blur long-standing distinctions between Russian and European history.Through the prism of honor, Kollmann examines the interaction of the Russian state and its people in regulating social relations and defining an individual's rank. She finds vital information in a collection of transcripts of legal suits brought by elites and peasants alike to avenge insult to honor. The cases make clear the conservative role honor played in society as well as the ability of men and women to employ this body of ideas to address their relations with one another and with the state. Kollmann demonstrates that the grand princes—and later the tsars—tolerated a surprising degree of local autonomy throughout their rapidly expanding realm. Her work marks a stark contrast with traditional Russian historiography, which exaggerates the power of the state and downplays the volition of society.

Saving Justice

A heartrendingly passionate, unique, often amusing yet clinical dissection of a justice system as seen through the eyes of as disparate a group of people as you could imagine. From legal professionals to prisoners behind bars. Media figures, political activists and tech-savvy hackers, to a 12-year-old girl. Through a wide range of personal accounts, Saving Justice chronicles the recent “reform” of what was once a world leading criminal justice system by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. It includes many of the well-known social, legal and economic events of the time and informed (and not so informed!) opinion on many celebrity trials and scandals. A story of hope and of what happens when a group of people hold a torch to the dark a government creates when it prepares to sell the soul of its people to the highest bidder.The book is media rich, containing many relevant documents, submissions, articles, letters, video and audio recordings, key events, speeches and protests. Depending on your device, you also have numerous search options eg by person, event, blog name and by particular dates. It provides the only complete - as far as it is possible to be complete - account of the Save UK Justice campaign and the events that led to the formation of the Justice Alliance.Many of the contributions can still be found in their original form on the web and you are very much encouraged to pursue your own interest in them and show some support for the individual contributors! Each contribution links to the original web page or, where it no longer exists, the ‘about’ or ‘home’ page of the contributor’s site. An easy access hyperlinked reference list is also provided in the Credits and contributors section. This book is for everyone. Especially those concerned about the effects of economic austerity and cuts in services on real people. Or, those who just like reading something built of grit and fighting spirit!

The Ethical Spirit of EU Law

This open access book seeks to identify the ethical spirit of European Union (EU) law, a context in which we can observe a trend towards increasing references to the terms ‘ethics’ and ‘morality’. This aspect is all the more important because EU law is now affecting more and more areas of national law, including such sensitive ones as the patentability of human life. Especially when unethical behaviour produces legal consequences, the frequent lack of clearly defined concepts remains a challenge, particularly against the background of the principle of legal certainty. This raises the question to which extent the content of these references is determined and whether it is possible to identify an ethical spirit of EU law. Answering that question, in turn, entails addressing the following questions: In references to ethics concerning EU law, can we identify references to a particular theory of practical philosophy at all; and, if so, to one or more normative ethical theories (deontology, consequentialism, or virtue ethics)? Further, should these non-legal concepts be imported in an unaltered way (“absolute approach”), or be adapted to the legal context (“relative approach”)? This book explores the different layers of EU law (primary law, agreements, secondary law, and tertiary law), including the role of ethics in EU lawmaking and in EU case law, as well as the implementation of relevant EU directives in selected Member States. In addition to the above-mentioned normative philosophical lens, the book also analyzes the findings from the legal lens of EU integration, i.e., especially EU values, human rights and the cornerstone of human dignity.

Socialism and Legal History: The Histories and Historians of Law in Socialist East Central Europe (Routledge Research in Legal History)

This book focuses on the way in which legal historians and legal scientists used the past to legitimize, challenge, explain and familiarize the socialist legal orders, which were backed by dictatorial governments. The volume studies legal historians and legal histories written in Eastern European countries during the socialist era after the Second World War. The book investigates whether there was a unified form of socialist legal historiography, and if so, what can be said of its common features. The individual chapters of this volume concentrate on the regimes that situate between the Russian, and later Soviet, legal culture and the area covered by the German Civil Code. Hence, the geographical focus of the book is on East Germany, Russia, the Baltic states, Poland and Hungary. The approach is transnational, focusing on the interaction and intertwinement of the then hegemonic communist ideology and the ideas of law and justice, as they appeared in the writings of legal historians of the socialist legal orders. Such an angle enables concentration on the dynamics between politics and law as well as identities and legal history. Studying the socialist interpretations of legal history reveals the ways in which the 20th century legal scholars, situated between legal renewal and political guidance gave legitimacy to, struggled to come to terms with, and sketched the future of the socialist legal orders.The book will be a valuable resource for academics and researchers working in the areas of Legal History, Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law and European Studies.The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.”

Coming to Terms with Superdiversity: The Case of Rotterdam (IMISCOE Research Series)

This open access book discusses Rotterdam as clear example of a superdiverse city that is only reluctantly coming to terms with this new reality. Rotterdam, as is true for many post-industrial cities, has seen a considerable backlash against migration and diversity: the populist party Leefbaar Rotterdam of the late Pim Fortuyn is already for many years the largest party in the city. At the same time Rotterdam has become a majority minority city where the people of Dutch descent have become a numerical minority themselves. The book explores how Rotterdam is coming to terms with superdiversity, by an analysis of its migration history of the city, the composition of the migrant population and the Dutch working class population, local politics and by a comparison with Amsterdam and other cities. As such it contributes to a better understanding not just of how and why super-diverse cities emerge but also how and why the reaction to a super-diverse reality can be so different.By focusing on different aspects of superdiversity, coming from different angles and various disciplinary backgrounds, this book will be of interest to students and scholars in migration, policy sciences, urban studies and urban sociology, as well as policymakers and the broader public.

History and Power in the Study of Law: New Directions in Legal Anthropology (The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues)

Building on earlier work in the anthropology of law and taking a critical stance toward it, June Starr and Jane F. Collier ask, "Should social anthropologists continue to isolate the ‘legal’ as a separate field of study?" To answer this question, they confront critics of legal anthropology who suggest that the subfield is dying and advocate a reintegration of legal anthropology into a renewed general anthropology. Chapters by anthropologists, sociologists, and law professors, using anthropological rather than legal methodologies, provide original analyses of particular legal developments. Some contributors adopt an interpretative approach, focusing on law as a system of meaning; others adopt a materialistic approach, analyzing the economic and political forces that historically shaped relations between social groups. Contributors include Said Armir Arjomand, Anton Blok, Bernard Cohn, George Collier, Carol Greenhouse, Sally Falk Moore, Laura Nader, June Nash, Lawrence Rosen, June Starr, and Joan Vincent.

Police Matters: The Everyday State and Caste Politics in South India, 1900a??1975

Police Matters moves beyond the city to examine the intertwined nature of police and caste in the Tamil countryside. Radha Kumar argues that the colonial police deployed rigid notions of caste in their everyday tasks, refashioning rural identities in a process that has cast long postcolonial shadows.Kumar draws on previously unexplored police archives to enter the dusty streets and market squares where local constables walked, following their gaze and observing their actions towards potential subversives. Station records present a textured view of ordinary interactions between police and society, showing that state coercion was not only exceptional and spectacular; it was also subtle and continuous, woven into everyday life. The colonial police categorized Indian subjects based on caste to ensure the security of agriculture and trade, and thus the smooth running of the economy. Among policemen and among the objects of their coercive gaze, caste became a particularly salient form of identity in the politics of public spaces. Police Matters demonstrates that, without doubt, modern caste politics have both been shaped by, and shaped, state policing.Thanks to generous funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, through The Sustainable History Monograph Pilot, the ebook editions of this book are available as Open Access volumes from Cornell Open ( and other repositories.

Madame Bovary on Trial

In 1857, following the publication of Madame Bovary, Flaubert was charged with having committed an "outrage to public morality and religion." Dominick LaCapra, an intellectual historian with wide-ranging literary interests, here examines this remarkable trial. LaCapra draws on material from Flaubert’s correspondence, the work of literary critics, and Jean-Paul Sartre’s analysis of Flaubert. LaCapra maintains that Madame Bovary is at the intersection of the traditional and the modern novel, simultaneously invoking conventional expectations and subverting them.

Studies in Global Animal Law (BeitrA?ge zum auslA?ndischen A?ffentlichen Recht und VA?lkerrecht Book 290)

This open access book contains 13 contributions on global animal law, preceded by an introduction which explains key concepts and methods. Global Animal Law refers to the sum of legal rules and principles (both state-made and non-state-made) governing the interaction between humans and other animals, on a domestic, local, regional, and international level. Global animal law is the response to the mismatch between almost exclusively national animal-related legislation on the one hand, and the global dimension of the animal issue on the other hand. The chapters lay some historical foundations in the ius naturae et gentium, examine various aspects of how national and international law traditionally deals with animals as commodity; and finally suggest new legal concepts and protective strategies. The book shows numerous entry points for animal issues in international law and at the same time shifts the focus and scope of inquiry.

Los Angeles and the Summer Olympic Games: Planning Legacies (SpringerBriefs in Geography)

This open access book describes the three planning approaches and legacy impacts for the Olympic Games in one locale: the city of Los Angeles, USA. The author critically compares the similarities and differences of the LA Olympics by reviewing  the 1932 and 1984 Olympics and by analyzing the concurrent planning process for the 2028 Olympics. The author unravels the conditions that make (or do not make) LA28’s argument “we have staged the Games before, we can do it again” compelling. Setting the bid’s promises into the contemporary local and global mega-event contexts, the author analyzes why LA won the bids, how those wins allowed LA to negotiate concessions with the IOC and NOC, and how legacies were planned, executed, and ultimately evolved. The author concludes with a prediction which 2028 legacy promises might and might not be fulfilled given the local and international Olympic contexts.

Basic science: understanding experiments

This 24-hour free course introduced science-based skills through simple and exciting physics, chemistry and biology experiments.

Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar: Principles and Application (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing Book 25)

This open access book focuses on the practical application of electromagnetic polarimetry principles in Earth remote sensing with an educational purpose. In the last decade, the operations from fully polarimetric synthetic aperture radar such as  the Japanese ALOS/PalSAR, the Canadian Radarsat-2 and the German TerraSAR-X  and their easy data access for scientific use have developed further the research and data applications at L,C and X band. As a consequence, the wider distribution of polarimetric data sets across the remote sensing community boosted activity and development in polarimetric SAR applications, also in view of future missions. Numerous experiments with real data from spaceborne platforms are shown, with the aim of giving an up-to-date and complete treatment of the unique benefits of fully polarimetric synthetic aperture radar data in five different domains: forest, agriculture, cryosphere, urban and oceans.

Video Marketing For Beginners: Market Your Business With Video

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