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The Little Girl's Saving: Bedtime Stories for Kids

Bedtime Stories for Kids was written to allow kids to read a variety of interesting yet educational stories. Filled with pictures and easy to read writing, each story also has a specific lesson at the end to be learnt.

Storytelling in the Digital Age: People, Communities and Stories

This book is about how and who is telling stories in the digital age. It's an educational resource and a brief introduction into various topics. The focus is on creative online communities (YouTube, Vine and Tumblr) and their storytellers. The first couple of chapters deal with some of the history and the reasoning behind mankind's hunger for stories. The next three chapters discuss online communities and storytellers (podcasters, YouTubers, Viners and writers). The book finishes off with a couple chapters on memes, storytelling techniques, transmedia storytelling and ways to monetize content online.

Saving Justice

A heartrendingly passionate, unique, often amusing yet clinical dissection of a justice system as seen through the eyes of as disparate a group of people as you could imagine. From legal professionals to prisoners behind bars. Media figures, political activists and tech-savvy hackers, to a 12-year-old girl.

Through a wide range of personal accounts, Saving Justice chronicles the recent "reform" of what was once a world leading criminal justice system by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. It includes many of the well-known social, legal and economic events of the time and informed (and not so informed!) opinion on many celebrity trials and scandals.

A story of hope and of what happens when a group of people hold a torch to the dark a government creates when it prepares to sell the soul of its people to the highest bidder.

The book is media rich, containing many relevant documents, submissions, articles, letters, video and audio recordings, key events, speeches and protests. Depending on your device, you also have numerous search options eg by person, event, blog name and by particular dates. It provides the only complete - as far as it is possible to be complete - account of the Save UK Justice campaign and the events that led to the formation of the Justice Alliance.

Many of the contributions can still be found in their original form on the web and you are very much encouraged to pursue your own interest in them and show some support for the individual contributors! Each contribution links to the original web page or, where it no longer exists, the 'about' or 'home' page of the contributor's site. An easy access hyperlinked reference list is also provided in the Credits and contributors section.

This book is for everyone. Especially those concerned about the effects of economic austerity and cuts in services on real people. Or, those who just like reading something built of grit and fighting spirit!

Statistics for Absolute Beginners