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Sex, Drugs and Salsa: Three Wild Years in Colombia

Colombia isn't only known for its drugs, but also for its sensual and attractive women. In this fascinating book, Stian N. Jones takes you on a wild journey that starts with swinger parties in Bogota and ends with him getting death threats from a jealous Medellin-man. Prepare to be shocked!

The chapters include:

1. Swinging in Bogota

2. How I Ended Up Here

3. The Green-Eyed Hooker

4. Extreme (Tran)Sport

5. Lobster for Mom

6. Safe and Sound in "the World's Most Dangerous Country"

7. Dating, Colombian Style

8. Foreigners With a Future

9. The Child Bride

10. Skiing in a Sauna

11. Buying a Girlfriend

12. The Wonderful World of Corruption

13. The Thousand-Dollar Question

14. Medellin Sex Zombies

15. Asinine Directions Disorder (ADD)

16. Luna La Loca

17. Bad Neighbors

18. Not Worthy of Risotto

19. The Mysterious Case of the Dead Doctor

20. A Country in Bloom

21. A Not So Nice Surprise

22. Extreme Banking

23. A Close Call

24. The Breast Investment

25. Change Your Life While You Can!

25. Light in the End of the Tunnel

Stair-Rods & Stars: A Cycling Perambulation

Three fine days then a soaking; a typical summer weather cycle the author endures whilst demonstrating his unconventional style of camping in rural England, close to a network of cycle paths and drovers' ways.

The author says, "This tome, written in a very positive frame of mind, covers everything from removing bird's mess from the handlebars to a requiem for world peace. And that's just the first chapter!"

Includes Grand Union, Kennet and Avon, River Thames, The Ridgeway, Bath and Bristol Rail Trail, South Downs Way and much more.

The Gambia Diaries - June 2016

The Gambia Diaries - short essays on life in The Gambia, West Africa, from the perspective of British ex-pat Mark Williams, international bestselling author writing beneath (mostly) picture-postcard blue skies in his personal paradise.

The Citro├źn and the Pomegranate: A Short Story about Synchronicity

Truth is stranger than fiction. A pomegranate. A Citroen. A Croatian island. What did they have in common? After traveling to six countries over three months, Matthew was shocked when the answer was handed to him. (2,525 words)

"A wonderful, inspiring short story that totally articulates how 'it's all connected'."

- Amazon reviewer

Khaki Pants - A Vacation Story


Ever have one of those vacations where you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, and then it did? Told with wit & humor, Khaki Pants - A Vacation Story makes you thankful for all those vacations where only a little bit went wrong! With everything from car troubles to bedbugs, snakes to blizzards, and soooo much more, you can't help but laugh along with the Stralyn family as they do their best to survive a real life National Lampoon Vacation!

This is a reprint of the original story that started author Chris Stralyn on the path to success & includes a Bonus Excerpt from her top rated thriller This Time You Lose.

Buddha On The Bus

Nate Damm shares a short travel story that takes place on a bus ride from Denver, Colorado to northern Idaho. When various complications arise during the journey, Nate finds himself focusing closely on the characters around him for a bit of entertainment, but ends up getting more than he bargained for. The focal point of the story is Nate's seat-mate, a young man named Bud, whose extremely odd behavior catches the attention of everyone on the bus.

Why I Love New Orleans: A Collection of Blogs

New York Times Bestselling Author, Heather Graham has had a long standing love for New Orleans, Louisiana. She has used the city as a setting for many of her novels and there are many reasons why. On her blog in 2013 she spent 30 days sharing what she loved about New Orleans. From favorite restaurants, to museums she loves to her most loved ghost stories, she shared what made New Orleans one of her favorite cities in the United States. Now she has compiled these blogs into this ebook that she wants to share with those who are going to New Orleans, those who have dreamed of the city and want to learn more, and those who might want to debate her choices. Why I Love New Orleans is a love story, it's the story of Heather's love for this magical city.

Seeing the Universe From Here: Field Notes from My Smithsonian Travels

As the Smithsonian Institution's twelfth Secretary, Dr. G. Wayne Clough traveled extensively to connect with researchers and gain a better understanding of the scope of the Institution's work. While the Smithsonian is comprised of nineteen museums and galleries, a National Zoological Park, and nine research facilities, it also has a research presence in more than one hundred countries.

During his six years as secretary, Dr. Clough kept a detailed journal of his experiences and discoveries while on his travels, ranging from anthropology in Antarctica to pre-Columbian history in Peru from astrophysics in the Andes and the mountains of Hawaii to coral reef ecosystems off the coast of Belize, and from climate change in Wyoming to preserving endangered species in Kenya and Panama. Seeing the Universe From Here offers a firsthand perspective of the Smithsonian's global relevance in these progressive fields.

Saigon For 91 Days: Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide

Michael and Jurgen spent 91 days living in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), learning about the history, cuisine, and culture of this major Southeast Asian metropolis. For three months, they explored all of Saigon's major sights, and plenty of hidden gems. They sampled every type of street food they could get their hands on, familiarized themselves with the city's insane traffic, and took a lot of trips throughout Southern Vietnam. Phu Quoc, Can Tho, Sadec, Chau Doc, and Dalat were just some of the places they visited, and all of their trips and experiences are detailed in this book. Packed full of anecdotes and honest, practical advice, as well as over 280 beautiful full-color photographs, For 91 Days in Saigon is a must for anyone traveling to this amazing city.

An Overland Journey from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur - Karst Rock Formations & the Mekong River: Pt.2 - Hanoi to Sapa, Lai Chau & the road to Dien Bien Phu (Let Loose Again Book 20)

A pictorial account of an overland journey from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur, made in 2018. Featuring the Karst Limestone Mountains of Sapa, Lai Chau & the road to Dien Bien Phu