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Fluid Balance, Hydration, and Athletic Performance

Athletes and nonathletes frequently consume too little water or fluids, affecting exercise performance as well as overall health. This book comprehensively reviews the aspects relating to body fluid balance, rehydration, and physical exercise. It provides background on body water balance and turnover, topics related to electrolyte balance, and sweating as the basis for thermoregulatory and fluid homeostasis during exercise. In addition, chapters cover body water balance evaluation and regulation; cardiovascular and metabolic responses to fluid imbalance; effects of dehydration on aerobic power, muscle strength, and cognitive function; fluid intake timing; and optimal beverage selection.

26 Reasons to Run: Inspirational Running Stories from Women Like You

I wouldn't go to my husband's Christmas party because I had nothing to wear that fitted me and refused to buy anything. I vowed that night that I would shift the excess weight. It was shortly after this that I read Run Fat B!tch Run - and it has changed my life around completely. Now five-and-a-half stone lighter I am now training to compete in The Dublin Marathon in October of this year. Are you suffering from Motivation Meltdown? Have your well-worn-in trainers lain dormant for a few months, or are you simply looking for that first push to get up, lace up and RUN?Then look no further, for here are the stories from 26 women who have been exactly where you are (on the sofa, right?) and fought back . . . with a little help from The Grit Doctor. Their stories are all here to give you a Motivation Marathon every time you're tempted to give up and give in to the takeaway menu. Funny, moving and incredibly inspiring, each of these women found their own reasons to get running and beat the bulge and so can you.

Dark Psychology and Manipulation: Use the Ultimate Guide to Learn NLP to Analyze and Manipulate People, Mind Control, Emotional Influence and Persuasion

The Ultimate Guide To Dark Psychology & Manipulation: Learn How To Resist Manipulation And Get Inside Other People’s Heads!Would you like to learn more about all the different types of manipulation and dark psychology? Learn how to become resistant to manipulators but also make others do what you want them to!This book will teach you all the necessary skills you need and obtain the tools to grow from a beginner to an expert in manipulation, persuasion, and mind control! In addition, with the help of this guide you will be able to take your emotional intelligence to the next level and use it to your advantage.The worst part of being manipulated is that most of the time, you don’t even know it’s happening. Manipulators will twist your thoughts, your actions, your every desire into something that suits them better. They will submit you to their will without you even realizing it. You will find yourself doing their bidding even if it’s harmful to you.As you read this book, you will gain deep insight into understanding what emotional manipulation is, how to break free from manipulators, and where to look for help. But, it doesn’t stop there!Once you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge on how to defend yourself from manipulating predators, the book will teach you how to use your new skills to get into other people’s heads.But, be careful! You should only use your new power to advance in your workplace and personal life. This way, you will achieve greater happiness and success without doing any harm to others.Scroll up, click on “Add to Cart”, and Get Your Copy Now!

The Unforgettable World Cup: 31 Days of Triumph and Heartbreak in Brazil

The 2014 World Cup brought with it excitement, drama, artistry and disappointment -- both on and off the field. This e-book from The Wall Street Journal collects dispatches from our coverage of the sights, sounds and culture of the world's favorite sport as seen in Brazil, its spiritual home. We’ve collected highlights from The Journal's coverage of the tournament, added an introductory essay from WSJ Sports Columnist Jason Gay and more to bring you the most interesting, unexpected and insightful reporting from the Journal's correspondents in Brazil and around the world. It looks at everything from the sport itself to the people, places and culture that make the World Cup one of the most engaging sporting events on the planet.

An Introduction to Cycling Climbs

Simon Warren's bestselling guides to hillclimbing have inspired cyclists to share his passion of searching out and climbing the steepest and longest hills. An Introduction to Cycling Climbs is a free digital taster of Simon's 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, Hellingen - A Road Cyclist's Guide to Belgium's Greatest Cycling Climbs and the 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs of the Tour de France guidebooks. Exclusive - This free sampler includes descriptions and profiles of the Hautacam, the mountain climb that features in the 2014 Etape, and the mythical Mont Ventoux.