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The Journey in Between: Thru-Hiking El Camino de Santiago (Thru-Hiking Adventures Book 1)

A man at a crossroads. A thousand-mile hike. A life forever changed.Keith Foskett was the definition of restless. Drifting aimlessly, he knew a piece was missing from his life. But when a stranger in a Greek bar tells him about a world-famous pilgrim's trail, the chance encounter sets Foskett's life in a new 1,000-mile direction.On El Camino de Santiago, the hiker copes with extreme temperatures, fake faith healers, and kleptomaniacs. Threatened with arrest for 'not sleeping' and suffering with excruciating blisters, Foskett pushes himself to new limits. Can he find what he's looking for and reach the finish in Santiago de Compostela?Keith Foskett's memoirs have been shortlisted for Outdoor Book of the Year multiple times by The Great Outdoors magazine. Awash with vivid descriptions and a cast of engaging real-life characters, the author delivers an amusing and enthralling tale of adventure and metamorphosis.The Journey in Between is a daring travel memoir. If you like indulging your inner adventurer, taking the less popular fork in the road, and visiting other countries, then you'll love this transformative tale. Editorial reviews:'A thoroughly entertaining modern take on a well-worn Spanish Trail.'- Spencer Vignes (The Observer).'Not only does he have astute observations about the people, places and scenery around him, he is adept at translating those observations into words, often making me laugh or nod in understanding. This is a rare talent. Few authors can bring you to this level of understanding of life on the trail.'- Teresa Dicentra Black (Author - One Pan Wonders)'An engaging, vivid and very personal account by a likeable author of a journey and an achievement that readers will find both enviable and inspiring.'- Ingrid Cranfield (Author - At Last Michael Reeves)What Amazon readers are saying:★★★★★ 'He brings fellow hikers into the book, a trait that he maintains throughout his writing, which makes you feel part of the experience. A thoroughly enjoyable read, that has left me compelled to read his latest book.'★★★★★ 'I'll probably re-read all his books again. Can't recommend them highly enough. Pleeease, hurry up and write another!★★★★★ 'Having read a number of memoirs on El Camino de Santiago, and enjoyed the movie 'The Way', I am getting more discerning about the books I read on the topic. Keith Foskett's 'The Journey in Between' is among my prized reads thus far.'★★★★★ 'If you have any interest at all in the Camino, I'd suggest you read this book. He is a captivating author!'★★★★★ 'He provides beautiful descriptions of the sights along the trail and his funny encounters with the locals or fellow pilgrims, but the best sections are when he pauses to just enjoy the view. That is when I appreciated this book the most.'★★★★★ 'One of the best in this genre!'Hundreds more five-star reviews. Thousands of copies sold. Find out why readers fall for Keith Foskett's adventure memoirs.

John Hudson's How to Survive a Pandemic: Life Lessons for Coping with Covid-19

Life-changing moments can happen at any time and anywhere – not just in the extreme world. But life-changing moments can also happen more gradually and, as we’ve seen with the current pandemic, it can be no less of a shock when the realization comes. Accepting this and taking responsibility increases your ability to tolerate hardship and to restart your perseverance engine. This is the key to your survival mindset and one of the greatest skills to develop in life.In How to Survive a Pandemic, acclaimed author and the UK Military's Chief Survival Instructor, John Hudson provides the key elements needed for us to cope with a pandemic - how to prepare rather than panic. From understanding that mindset is key and staying informed and make the right decisions, to practical advice on how to know your enemy, and defend your vulnerabilities, this free eBook is the perfect guide for coping with the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently facing, and how to come out of self-isolation stronger and wiser.This is a free eBook and will appear as an appendix to How to Survive: Lessons for Everyday Life from the Extreme World, published in paperback on 28th May, 2020.

Smoke it: Barbecue Cookbook: Mouth Watering Barbecue Sauces Rubs And Marinades

We have collected the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world. Enjoy!Are you sick of making the same meat and BBQ dishes on your grill?Do you want to surprise family and friends with some new delicious barbecue meals?Or if the idea of having a collection of proven popular BBQ recipes that are ready-to-go when you need them sounds appealing to you...Do you want to be able to cook perfect barbecue, every single time you light the charcoal?We reveal the essential Pitmasters recipes and techniques most used by both backyarders and competition teams. This is more than just a cook book. Sometimes the secret is more in the technique than the ingredients. Many of us just throw items onto a grill and hope for the best. With one click you’ll have easy to read, step by step, tricks in time to grill tonight, with this amazing barbecue cookbook.Where can you find the secrets of successful barbecuing?Inside of this book you will learn how to make your own barbecue recipes that you can serve to your friends and family during your next family cookout.

The Happy Running Habit: A simple guide to running with more joy, more often

In The Happy Running Habit, you’ll discover a step by step guide to embracing the dirt, sunshine, and smiles in every mile.Shift your mindset.If you’re a running veteran who just isn’t having fun anymore, you might be interested in starting with Part II: Philosophies for more fun, with strategies for turning your run into a source of joy. From finding green trails, to cloud gazing, to gamifying your runs, prioritizing these activities and concepts will help running feel intrinsically rewarding, and keep you coming back for more.Build your tools.If you’re new to running and are itching to know everything you need to get started, Part II: The Runner’s Toolkit provides some beginner’s advice, as well as unconventional tools that can help you stay positive and motivated at any experience level. Including mantras, visualization, and even meditation, these tools are all about dialing in on perspective, and redirecting negative thoughts into positive ones.Dream big.Or, maybe you’re interested in tackling a big, exciting (maybe even a little intimidating?) goal. Part IV: Your Happy Running Goal has everything you’ll need to create a plan and work towards it through journaling. With scientifically-proven goal setting practices, we’ll think about why you want to run, what you’d like to achieve, and how you’ll get there. I’ll even include a printable journal to guide you in reflecting on your runs and tracking your progress.Grab a friend. Find a trail. See where it takes you. Running is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. There is glory in the dirt, and miles of sweaty conversations ahead. Whether this is your first pair of training shoes or your 100th, it’s about time for a little bit of sunshine.

Barbecue Cookbook: Delicious Barbecue Recipes, Sauces, Bastes And Marinades

Barbecue is a pillar of American cookery, steeped in rich tradition and regional variety. And when it comes to celebrating America’s best barbecue, not just any ordinary cookbook will do.So put some barbecue on the menu, you have all the summer which invites you and your family to the table. Open the door, turn on the grill, and treat yourself by turning some of our fantastic barbecue recipes into the reality.Easy and simple this cookbook is for everyone. It doesn’t miss some delicious alternatives for vegetarians and doesn’t let us forget kids as well. With this recipes success is guaranteed!Impress your guests with these easy to make & delicious recipes!Some of the awesome recipes which you'll find are:Cute Garlic & Herb MarinadeMystical Marinade (Fajita)Supreme Steak MarinadeAwesome MarinadeCute Marinade BBQ ChickenLegendary Grilling Marinade and much more...Scroll up to the top of the page & Get once in a lifetime opportunity to try these incredible recipesNow, you’re probably wondering…Why you need this book? These recipes will give you:Good time with family & friendsMore flavor, smell, and, yes, the compliments.Country’s best barbecueGo ahead and grab the book at once

Groups and teamwork

This 20-hour free course looked at the dynamics of working in a group. It showed how to build relationships, manage a project and lead effectively.

Wooden Lure Making 101: Make Your First Handmade Lures Deadly Effective!

Essential Reading For Anyone Taking Up Wooden Lure Making: Even A Novice With Minimal Tools Can Turn A Lump Of Wood Into A Highly Effective Fishing Lure!What usually follows is a rapid improvement in the size and number of fish caught as he develops an intimate understanding of lures and simultaneously creates a box full of deadly baits. In this eBook internationally renowned wooden lure making authority Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall takes the mystery out of custom wooden lure making. In a simple, matter of fact way, the Doc breaks down the complex task of designing and making your own lures into basics that anyone can follow.Written for those who are new to the craft of lure making, this ebook will get you started on the path to success no matter what style of lure you plan to makeFrom choosing the right wood and basic components to hand shaping, assembling and custom painting lures, you'll find a surprising wealth of information packed into this title. It's all the important stuff and none of the fluff!Why waste precious fishing time and money on trial and error? One read of this ebook will have you knocking out killer lures from your first attempts!

Stress Management for Preppers: Be Ready!

Chuck Anderson interviewed David Hyner, an expert on stress prevention, to help preppers everywhere to prepare for, and understand how they can manage and even prevent stress and anxiety enabling us to be better prepared, have more energy, and make better decisions when all around us are losing the plot.Superb content around the causes and consequences of stress are supported with loads of great, easy to apply methods and techniques to manage, and even prevent stress.We all know how quickly our energy and emotions can get in our way when times are tense. This hugely important book for preppers could be more significant to the long term effectiveness of the post disaster prepper than any other skill set.

Does prison work?

This 1-hour free course discussed the question ‘Does prison work?’ and the purpose, efficacy and regulation of prisons.

Understanding the environment: Flows and feedback

There is increasing recognition that the reductionist mindset that is currently dominating society, rooted in unlimited economic growth unperceptive to its social and environmental impact, cannot resolve the converging environmental, social and economic crises we now face. The primary aim of this free course, Understanding the environment: Flows and feedback, is to encourage the shift away from reductionist and human centred thinking towards a holistic and ecological worldview.

Hunting with the Bow & Arrow

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Wild Beasts and Their Ways, Reminiscences of Europe, Asia, Africa and America a?? Volume 1

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Reading the River

We, as anglers, just want to get out on the water, catch fish, and take pleasure in what nature provides us. I have compiled this book from a range of resources, including my research and personal experience, the experience of multiple fly anglers, and fly fishing-guides. I have filtered the most important and essential elements of getting on fish, and sifted out the clutter of information that might be interesting but not essential. My aim is to save you time, so you can go out on the water and put these points into practice. This book gives you, the fly angler, the essential knowledge that most miss when they are on the water. Hours of research, hours of practical hands-on experience of multiple fly anglers, and a number of fly-fishing guides are all compressed into this book for you.This book is great fun to read.This book will give you the upper hand. This book will teach you how to read the river like a pro. This book will help you locate fish faster.