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Pilates for Beginners

Pilates exercises selected for beginners to practice in your own home without machines. They will enable you to sculpt your body while improving your flexibility and sense of well-being. The results are visible after only a few sessions.

Happiness Step By Step: The most practical how-to guide to more happiness in your everyday life, anda?? the most unusual easy running guide

Claim your bonuses including audio version of the book narrated by a professional voice artist. Check for a link inside the book.The recipe you will read about in “Happiness Step By Step: the most practical how-to guide to more happiness in your everyday life, and... the most unusual easy running guide” book works.The book is written for “general public” – as in: most people would be able to use it right away.What I am sharing with you in this book – helps. It will help you to find happiness in your life, to become even happier if you are happy already. It’s a relatively short book. – I am a very pragmatic and practical person. I devoted most of my life to science (doctor, professor, even one of the leaders of a discovery that received a Nobel Prize). So, I will do my best to be to the point, to be practical, and to be as much of use to you as I possibly can.From reviews:• Read this book and recommend it to your friends. It is free and packed with advice.• I truly enjoyed the chapter on the correlation between inner peace, happiness and jogging. Information on burning calories, weight management included. Highly recommend.• I found this book full of great advice and very helpful.• It is just amazing how a book like this, short and sweet, is able to make an impact.

Faster Kid: How Sports Parents Can Help Their Kids Run Faster Now

Does your kid need to run faster for sports? Are you tired of watching them struggle because they need more speed?From track runners to soccer players and football players to baseball players—all athletes need speed. Speed determines key outcomes of a game or meet, like: who controls the ball; who scores; and ultimately who wins. More importantly, speed supercharges self-confidence and personal bests. Don’t worry about genetics. Whether you passed along your fast genes or your not so fast genes, there are still things you can do to help your child run faster. In this right-to-the-point, action-oriented book, Coach Martise tells you exactly what you can do to immediately boost your kid’s speed no matter what sport they play or their natural abilities.As a four-time state hurdle champion and former USC scholar-athlete, Coach Martise has helped countless athletes fast track their sports growth journeys. Now she is sharing some of the exact techniques she uses to get fast results.In Faster Kid, you will learn:•How to tweak your kid’s running form for more speed•Simple exercises that wake up fast-twitch muscle fibers•Effective ways to increase your athlete’s range of motionNo matter your sports background or your kid’s athletic level or ability—know that by following the tips in Faster Kid, you can successfully help your athlete run faster. You will also get access to a bonus video training, How to Help Your Sports Kid Grow Mentally Stronger. For more sports parenting support, go to: