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The color of happiness.

In this brief reflection, I question myself about the concept of happiness. What is it? What it looks like? And if it is real and achievable, what should be the way forward...?

Timmy the kitten's bed stays dry (Smart Stories Book 3)

Timmy is very sad. He also wants to sleep over at Corry's house but he still wets his bed!

This story helps children to solve the problem of bed wetting by assisting the child to subconsciously accept behavioural change as he or she listens to a story.

Children learn through stories and easily associate with the characters in stories. This natural tendency provides a parent a wonderful opportunity to guide his or her child's behaviour and feelings and teach them understandings with which to improve their EQ.

In the ebook, notes are provided which teach parents, educators and play therapists the valuable skills of story telling. The notes are interspersed in the story and explain why certain words and ideas are offered in the story.

Mr. Snow

It is a brief story that shows with humor any day in the life of a girl with mental problems.

Being human – Meaning and suffering + Humanism, humanity and faith (Special edition)

Human beings and humanity? Meaning in a world of suffering

by Hearts and Minds Media

Human beings and humanity? Meaning in a world of suffering

The Oxford dictionary defines humanity as "the quality of being humane,

benevolent". And it defines human being as " A man, woman, or child of the

species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental

development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance." Being human is given,

we all are born the same but keeping our humanity is a choice. At one hand we see

mankind being the biggest enemy to mankind whereas on the other hand we see

man not always living up to humanity but at least coming closer to it by trying.

The recognition of one's humanity can be an uncomfortable pill to swallow. Life's

fragility, life's impermanence, life's intertwinement with imperfection and

disappointment--bitter medicines are easier to accept. The Romantic poets called it

"the burden of full consciousness." To look closely at humanity can indeed be a

realization of dread and despair.

To begin I believe we need to determine what constitutes the nature of a human

being as a species. Its distinguishing characteristics--including ways

of thinking, feeling, and acting--which humans tend to have or follow to function


I am Enough: Journal Affirmations for Girls

An affirmation on its own is a powerful thing. However, flexing the muscle of an affirmation with the conscious expression of your own words, thoughts and experiences is a transformative thing. Use this affirmational journal to not only absorb the powerful messages in each affirmation, but to accentuate them tenfold by the expressions of your own creation. There can be not the slightest shred of doubt that you are enough as you are. This book of empowering affirmations for girls makes this point absolutely clear. Use the notes pages to journal your thoughts as you affirm this truth. You are Enough.

Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves

Title: Seeing Ourselves Through Technology( How We Use Selfies Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves) Binding: Hardcover Author: illWalkerRettberg, Publisher: PalgravePivot

Life is EASY, Life is Fun

Aftershock: The Blast That Shook Psycho Platoon

Five soldiers injured in the same 2009 bomb blast are a case study in a new epidemic among America's troops, who are grappling with a combination of concussion and post-traumatic stress disorder.