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One Last Chance: A Workplace Romance (Finding Love in Scotland Book 1)

There’s only one thing harder than sharing office space with Finn Anderson: keeping my mind off him.Weeks ago, he kissed me senseless and walked away. But my best friend’s cousin is back – and worse? He’s one of the only people I know in Edinburgh.With his seductive Scottish accent and alluring blue eyes, one look from Finn sets my heart racing. Exchanging playful quips at office happy hours and smoldering glances through conference room doors proves that our chemistry is undeniable. Our connection, irrefutable. But I can’t fall for Finn. Even though I’m halfway there. He doesn’t do commitment or relationships. Last month, I thought we were done. Over. Turns out we’re just getting started. Genre: Contemporary Romance-Tropes: Office Romance, Second Chance Romance, Travel Romance, Multicultural Romance-His/Her Dual POV-Meet Daisy and Finn from the beginning in My Christmas Wish – a FREE holiday prequel now available-A Spin-off of The Kane Brothers Series: Rescuing Broken (Jax & Evie), Recovering Beauty (Carter & Taylor), Reclaiming Brave (Denver & Sierra)Reviews:“But wowza, the chemistry between Finn and Daisy is hotter than Hades! You can feel the heat coming off the pages and I like the fact that they were friends and colleagues first… Every book that Gina writes is even better than the last and One Last Chance is just proof of the epic writing talent that is Gina Azzi!” – Chloe, Bibliophile Chloe“And the chemistry between Daisy and Finn is HOT! It just jumps out of the page! Again another great read by Gina Azzi who has quickly become a one click author for me!” – Alexis B., A Booknerd, a Bookseller, and a Bibliophile Blog“I loved their connection. The fun, flirtatious duo will keep you smiling!” – Danielle S., Goodreads Reviewer"I loved this book, both the Kane family and the Anderson family consisted of fantastic characters, who were easy to love. I really loved Daisy's Year of No Fear and her spunky approach to life and Finn was the perfect challenge for her. One Last Chance had tons of heart and great chemistry!" - Dimple, Goodreads ReviewerAuthor Biography Gina Azzi writes Contemporary Romance (new adult, military, second chance, sports) with relatable, genuine characters experiencing real life love, friendships, and obstacles. She is the author of The Kane Brothers Series, The College Pact Series (relaunching Summer 2019) and Corner of Ocean and Bay. All of her books can be read as stand-alones. A Jersey girl at heart, Gina has spent her twenties traveling the world, living and working abroad, before settling down in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children. She's a voracious reader, daydreamer, and coffee enthusiast who loves meeting new people. Connect with her on social media or through

Broken Love: A Second Chance Contemporary Romance (Crawford Brothers Book 2)

As a teen, Cade Crawford crushed on Palmer Montlake. Hard. But Palmer was his best friend's little sister. And she was definitely off-limits. As an adult, he was still in love with her. But he couldn't act on it. Not only because of his best friend, but because he now represented her. He was her talent agent. And Cade didn't mix business with pleasure.But Palmer was always good at breaking the rules. At least, Cade's rules. When they finally got together, Palmer made him promise to keep their relationship a secret. He knew they shouldn't lie to their family and friends, but what could he do? He was in love. Like I want to marry this girl love. But their bliss was short-lived. During a heated argument over her next movie contract, they broke up. Palmer's brother found out. And Cade's face took a beating because of it. Not only did Cade lose the love of his life that day, but he lost his best friend too. And he only had himself to blame. Six years later, they all still hate each other. And Cade has done a good job of avoiding both his hurt feelings and Palmer over the years. Until recently. The universe keeps throwing them together, and Palmer seems to be everywhere. When Cade catches the garter and Palmer catches the bouquet at a wedding, sparks fly between them. Sparks that shouldn't be there but definitely are. Is this Cade and Palmer's second chance at love? Or are they going to repeat the past, leaving them both with broken hearts and a broken love?

No Home Like Nantucket (A Sweet Island Inn Book 1)

Nantucket was her paradise—until reality came barging in.Mae Benson was happy—a beloved wife, beloved mother, beloved neighbor. But even she wasn’t ready for the tragedy looming around the corner.The accident that claims her husband’s life rocks the whole family. And it’s not the only thing stirring up trouble.Mae’s oldest, Eliza, is facing an unexpected pregnancy with a fiancé she no longer wants to be with.Her daughter Holly is caught in a marriage on the rocks.Headstrong daughter Sara is reeling in the throes of a forbidden workplace romance.And her youngest son, Brent, is drowning in sorrow and guilt after his father’s passing.Take a trip to Nantucket’s Sweet Island Inn and follow along as Mae Benson and her children face the hardest summer of their lives.Love, loss, heartbreak, hope—it’s all here and more. Can Mae find a way to bring herself and her family to the light at the end of the tunnel? Or will her grief be too much to overcome?Find out in NO HOME LIKE NANTUCKET.

Finding You (The Holt Family Book 1)

Finding You is a heart-wrenching, suspenseful story about one woman and her faith in true love. Due to adult themes, this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.Heat level: 3.5Tissue consumption level: 1 boxShe didn’t see this one coming.Samantha Holt had the perfect relationship—until one day, she didn’t. For a woman with psychic abilities, she definitely missed the important signs leading to her boyfriend’s tragic accident. One moment she’s blissfully happy; the next, her world is turned upside down.It takes Samantha two interminable years to rebuild her life, and despite a new love interest, she can’t rest until she learns the truth. Her persistent inner voice won’t stop until she takes a trip to the city where all her romantic dreams were so ruthlessly crushed.A stranger could be the key to discovering the answers she needs.A chance encounter makes Samantha question what really happened that day so long ago. Forced to delve into the mystery of her soulmate's disappearance or accept the new love that life has offered her, Samantha faces a difficult decision.

Sadie, Doctor Accident: (Book 1, Iron Badges)

Broken Heart Learns to Love AgainI’m no damsel in distress.As a motorcycle deputy, I’ve seen it all, not to mention I’ve faced my own fears.I’m not looking for a hero; I’m used to saving myself.But, when a set of piercing blue eyes lock on mine, I stumble.When strong arms wrap around me, I fall.Now Ryan Montgomery has me questioning everything I thought I wanted.He’s a single dad, a widower, and a successful doctor.When Ryan realizes the dangers of my job, it has him pulling back into the world of grief he barely survived the first time.Can I prove to him that love is a chance worth taking?

Montana Homecoming

With four Wilde babies already due in the coming weeks, the last thing Cord expects when he returns home is to discover one more is on the way . . . his.His hometown of Birch Bay isn’t the respite Cord Wilde envisions when forced to take a mandatory vacation. Instead, he finds that thanks to one memorable weekend back in the spring, he now faces the same situation as his siblings, expecting a “bundle of joy.” But accidental pregnancy or not, that doesn’t mean Cord has to be a hands-on dad. He can uphold his responsibilities without upending his life. Plus, his narcissistic mother once taught him a very valuable lesson: never get mixed up with a woman who can take control of your emotions. And no one has ever threatened his legendary control quite like Maggie.Sweet and sassy schoolteacher Maggie Crowder has made one big oops in her life, but she isn’t letting that bring her down. She just has to show hunky long-time crush Cord Wilde that their weekend together was more than a good time and an unexpected pregnancy. After all, she couldn’t be the only one who’d felt a connection, right? Only, Cord has a pretty big wall around his heart, and he isn’t letting anyone through. Will the lure of unconditional love, as well as the draw of finally returning home to Birch Bay, be enough to break through his last ounce of resistance?Return to Wilde Orchard one final time and fall in love with the Wilde family all over again.