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Lesbian novels: Emotional bonding (lesbian hot sex)

The reader's remarks when the manuscript of the book is posted on several forums:

"So wonderful!

Beautifully written! I hope you'll come back and finish this amazing story! Thank you!" - Lcnmd

"I love the story it's extremely well written and probably the first time I've gotten to read a vampire tale with any legit sex it's interesting esp the bonded twist it reminds me of Vampire Academy except different circumstances definetly write another part to the story" - Mermaid2189

"Oh wow!

So well written, so many themes, so many wrongs righted, so much intense sex, and so much delicious love is contained in this very well written story, that it is almost too much to read. I hope you can tell that I loved it. Thanks." - chrissycamore


I have read all of your stories, saving this one for my final one. My husband is very much into vampire lore and I was hesitant at first to read it for fear of my expectations. But wow, I'm glad I read it. You write beautifully and I am a definite fan!!! I hope you begin posting more stories, or at the very least a continuance to this one. Very well done, I look forward to reading more from you. In the meantime I shall re-read your other stories!" - ButtonFlower55


That was one of the most incredible stories I have ever read on here. Please continue the saga between Niki and Gabriella. You are an amazing writer and would love to read more of your writing. There's not a story posted here that I have not read of yours and would so welcome more to read. Please give us more!!!" - sweetentity

Lesbian schoolgirl: 2 personality (Lesbian sex)

Feel the life, love, love and sex of the lesbian couple in this story.

Gretel: A Fairytale Retold [Novella]: A Lesbian Romance

Once in a while love gives us a fairy tale...

"a truly imaginative, inventive, and ingenious re-telling of such a beloved classic." - ?????

"it's a beautiful variation on the timeless fairy tale" - ?????

"Beautifully imagined" - ?????

Tormented by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves, Hans and his sister Gretel, run for their lives.

Desperation leads them into the comforting arms of a beautiful woman who asks for nothing in return for her kindness. While Gretel finds herself drawn to the seductress, Hans grows suspicious of her motives. Torn between a brother she adores and a woman she can't help but admire, Gretel is forced to make a choice.

Will sibling bonds override the lure of a newfound love?

Find out in this exciting adult fairy tale full of action, adventure, and romance.

'Gretel: A Fairytale Retold' is a thrilling adaptation of a classic fairytale for fans of Angela Carter's 'Bloody Chamber' and Malinda Lo's modern classic, 'Ash'. It is a six-chapter short story of just over 12,400 words and contains some explicit passages.

This book is for anyone who loves:

Lesbian Fairy Tales

Lesbian RomanceYoung Adult and New Adult FictionAction Adventure StoriesExciting stories with Strong Female Lead CharactersHistorical Fiction

Fantasy Fiction

Rollicking Adventures with Sapphic Romance

Lesbian Romance: The Daughter of The CEO

Bridgeport Marketing's CEO is a difficult man to work for, but Carmen, his Executive Assistant has convinced herself that she can handle it. Things get more complicated when the CEO's daughter, Bonnie, comes home and visit her dad often at the office. Bonnie is like a ray of sunshine in her father's eyes and soon becomes one for Carmen, too.

Romance: After Work (Lesbian Medical Doctor Nurse Taboo Seduction Forbidden Romance) (First Time Bisexual Inspirational FF Short Stories)

Saint Dionysus hospital is where two women named Alison and Kim need human companionship to balance their stressful and often traumatic working lives. Alison's working in a busy ER hospital department, notices Kim, an ER nurse, she strikes up a friendship that leads to a better understanding of each other and romance ensues. That was how they met. It's been two years since then. It was nothing but a friendship at first, that's all it was meant to be but life rarely goes the way people plan.


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This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger.

This book contains mature themes and language. It is intended for 18+readers only.

The Intros (DykeLove Quickies prequel): A Taste of Kinky Lesbian Romance

"She's gotta be a dyke!"

You've asked for it. You've got it! From the DykeLove Quickies series of shorts that feature the first meetings of strong minds, strong passions, and strong urges are the women that bring those stories to life.

YES! This edition of DykeLove Quickies brings several of these couples together for exclusive FAQs, a couple of never-before-published vignettes, and first chapters from existing works about women-loving women. Take a peek, if you dare.

THE INTROS is a glimpse into the erotic heartbeat and sensibilities of kinky lesbian romance written by Jacintha Topaz.

The first edition of this book includes the following couples:

Kaylee Hall and Dr. Monica Halverson (The Interview, Book 1)

Amber Hawkins and Elise Yarwood (The Interrogation, Book 2)

Taylor Sachs and Qianna Reeves (The Inquiry, Book 3)

The current edition of this book now includes:

Erin MacManus and LeeAnne Song (The Investigation, Book 4)

Roxanne Evers and Mercedes Samford (The Inspection, Book 5)

July Greenfield and Thalia Akasidou (The Inquisition, Book 6)

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Straight Expectations: A Short Story

Having heard rumors of a commune of polyamorous people living in her small town and finding the prospect personally intriguing, Agatha decides to interview the owner of the house for a school project to try and sate her curiosity. If she was expecting one man with many wives however, she's definitely in for a surprise.

She Marched: a romantic short story

Janette is ready to march on Washington with thousands of other women to protest the new administration. The last thing she expects is to find love in the crowd--until she meets Serena.

The Sitar

From the bowels of middle-class England, bona fide Brit Muslim lesbian Jaya Chakarbatti belies her mild-mannerisms and leads her group of Lassi Lesbians from their urban Midland terraced houses, to the smelly back alleys of London's gay Soho, to seek out other Gaysians. Through the jungle of Bollywood drag queens, unrequited clumsy love, and stark choices between the Quran or The Pink Paper, the group of girls take a snap shot of modern, urban Britain amidst riots, religious tensions, and social discontent, before ending up somehow in the heat of sweaty, uncomfortably straight but shamelessly camp Bangladesh.

Ms. Allure : Lesbian Romance

Lesbian Romance

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Lillian Davis has spent most of her life feeling dissatisfied. Stuck in a dead-end job as a high school teacher, Lillian knows that if she doesn't take control of her life that this is as good as it'll get.

In a sudden rush of spontaneity, Lillian quits her job to look for a new life and career. Despite her family's protests, she finds herself in New York City where she lands herself a job with one of the most successful fashion companies today, Pierce Allure.

Upon meeting CEO and founder, Irina Pierce, Lillian discovers she's everything she finds unpleasant in a person. But no matter how hard she may try, she can't deny the attraction she feels for her new boss.

It seems; however, that there may be more to how Irina really achieved her company's success, but despite all that, Lillian can't seem to resist Ms. Pierce's allure.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Hostel Fantasies 2: Silhouette Seduction (Addictive Lesbian Novelettes)

In the thick of her first semester, Sonia copes well with the demanding academic schedule. From getting into intellectual arguments to coming up with naughty ideas like 'Smartphone Party', she quickly becomes the darling of her classmates.

If not for that internet video, she wouldn't have suddenly turned into a serious and frightened girl.

So, what happened that night when Sonia switched on her laptop? What did she see? And why did her apartment mates find her next morning in a well of tears, ranting in her sleep? Finally, how did her friends counsel her out of her misery?

Join the action as Sonia returns to normality, Mary turns DJ, and the friendly Russian girls drop into the apartment! Unbelievable comedy takes place at the apartment party that will keep you laughing as read through the story! You may even like to try out these pranks when you party the next time! Comedy gets laced with engaging thoughts as the story ends in a sensational act involving Mary and Sonia.

Psst, at the end of it all, where did the bunny pinch Sonia, and what was the silhouette on her window?

Lesbian: She Loved Me