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Carried Away (Devils and Dames Book 1)

Nobody writes a love story quite like Jill Barnett, whose romantic tales are "as magical and unique as any you ever had the joy to read" (Romantic Times). Now she spirits us away to a misty, secluded island off the central coast of Maine, where a pair of Scots brothers clash with two independent women…The proud descendants of a Highland clan, Calum and Eachann MacLaughlan live in seclusion on a Maine island. The brothers are as different in spirits as they are in looks. Though one is dark and levelheaded, the other fair and adventurous, they have one thing in common: they want brides. When Eachann's two unruly children are expelled from school, he is even more determined to wed. Following an old Scottish tradition, Eachann decides to solve the problem for both himself and his brother....Spying on a fancy society party, Eachann sees a solution before him. The always capable debutante Georgina Bayard is basking in the light of her own ball. Meanwhile, outside, Amy Emerson is valiantly struggling to conceal her first broken heart. Swept away by this young Scotsman, both young women become captives. Kidnapped and furious, with only each other for support, Amy and Georgina have a choice: fight for the life they'd previously known...or let their hearts get carried away....

A Porcelain Viscountess: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

“Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear”Phoebe Colborne, the Viscountess of Ridlington, is in turmoil. Her husband is a terrible man, who never misses a chance to embarrass, and terrify her. Desperate for a way out, she accepts her friend’s offer for help, no matter the cost...Francis Gibbs, the Duke of Hayward, has sworn to never marry. Uninterested in any of the Ton’s happenings, he visits London after years of absence to see his beloved sister. When she asks a favor of him, though, he fears he might be going too far. For she’s asking him to shelter a married woman from her own husband...Just as life starts to seem hopeful again for Phoebe, her old nightmares surface again. The demons of her past will not accept her happiness, and will do anything to grab her back in their claws. Francis must make an impossible decision soon: how far is he willing to go to protect the woman his heart is beating for, even if she isn’t his to begin with?*If you like powerful Dukes, loving Duchesses and a marvelous depiction of the majestic Regency and Victorian era, then A Porcelain Viscountess is the novel for you.This is Hazel Linwood's 18th novel, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.Pick up "A Porcelain Viscountess" today to discover Hazel's captivating story!

Hellion at Heart (League of Unweddable Gentlemen Book 2)

Sifting through the sands in the Middle East while learning of ancient cultures and buried civilizations is all Miss Hallie Evans dreams about. But when an impending scandal forces her back to England, her hopes and dreams are destroyed. Now, as a hired archaeologist for the rich, Hallie explores and studies the ancient ruins excavated on their properties.The Viscount of Duncannon, Arthur Howard, was beguiled after a chance encounter with Miss Hallie Evans several years ago. She left an impression on him that never faded. But when their paths cross again, Arthur is determined to win Hallie's heart this time around--at all costs.But as Hallie's buried secrets begin to surface, neither can stop society from unearthing the truth. Now, Arthur must choose between love and family duty. Can Hallie cease those who threaten her livelihood for a real chance at true love?

In Love's Territory: A Western Historical Romance

Torn from the big city. Thrust onto the frontier. Forced to choose between two men.As the only daughter in a wealthy Boston family, Katie Taylor has a comfortable home, good friends and servants to attend to her every whim. But when her father uproots her family and moves them to a farm in the Territories, her former life disappears forever. Soon she finds herself caught between the desires of two men: Edward, the wealthy businessman who has taken an interest in her, and Sam, the half-Sioux farmhand who has also kindled a passion within her. Now, when she least expected it, she finds herself without a guide in a brand-new land: the territory of love.In Love's Territory is a western historical romance set in the 1850s.Mild language and mildly suggestive situations. All of the Love's Territory novels are available bundled together in the Love's Territory Box Set to save you money!

Unmasking Miss Appleby (Baleful Godmother Historical Romance Series Book 1)

"Sexy, unusual, and vastly entertaining. The best historical romance I've read this year."~ Anna Campbell, author of the Dashing Widows series"A ridiculously wonderful story!"~ NetGalley reviewerOn her 25th birthday, Charlotte Appleby receives an unusual gift: the ability to change shape. Penniless and orphaned, she sets off for London to make her fortune as a man. But a position as secretary to Lord Cosgrove proves unexpectedly challenging. Someone is trying to destroy Cosgrove and his life is increasingly in jeopardy.As Charlotte plunges into London’s backstreets at Cosgrove’s side, hunting his persecutor, she finds herself fighting for her life—and falling in love…"The best historical romance I have read all year."~ Rachel @ Heroes & Heartbreakers"This is so fun. I want to grab people on the street and make them read it!"~ Goodreads reviewerLength: Full-length novel of 94,000 wordsSensuality level: A hot Regency romance with steamy love scenes Q & A with the authorHow would you describe this series?It's Regency England with a dash of magic. I hope to take readers on a journey from the glittering ballrooms of the aristocracy to the dark underbelly of Regency England – with passion, danger, adventure, romance, and a little magic thrown into the mix. Why did you write this series?I wanted to get my well-bred heroines out of the drawing rooms and put them in the way of adventure and romance. But I didn’t want to write a series where magic is common; I wanted to write a series where only a few characters have magic, and it’s a deep, dark secret, and no one else knows.How would you describe your writing?Several reviewers have likened my writing to Georgette Heyer, which is the hugest compliment ever. I adore Georgette Heyer! She’s why I write historical romance, and I reread her books over and over. (If you’ve not read The Grand Sophy, please do so!) I’ve also had readers compare my writing to Courtney Milan and Mary Balogh, which are also massive compliments.Who would like this series?This series will appeal to readers who enjoy the historical backdrop of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, the emotion of Mary Balogh and Courtney Milan, and the magic of Patricia Rice and Mary Robinette Kowal. Quite a broad range, really!What order should I read the series in?Each book, whether a novel or novella, can be read as a standalone, but many readers prefer to read them in order. And although the series is set in Regency England, a quartet of medieval novellas form the prequel.The ideal reading order would be:The Fey Quartet (series prequel)Maythorn’s Wish Hazel’s PromiseIvy’s ChoiceLarkspur’s QuestThe Baleful Godmother seriesUnmasking Miss ApplebyResisting Miss MerryweatherTrusting Miss TrenthamClaiming Mister KempRuining Miss WrothamDiscovering Miss DalrymplePlus more interlinked Baleful Godmother series to come.Happy reading!