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Billionaire Love: First in a Series Anthology


7 'first in a series' romance bundle Romance Boxed Set: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, New Adult Romance, and Romantic Comedy. 18+.

MOGULBillionaire tech mogul Nate meets his wonder woman, Diana Prince. Diana's life is in shambles after she's fired for selling insider secrets to his company. Diana falls for Nate but has no clue that he is the Mogul.

DESTINYDo you find it? Or does it find you?

Waitress Korinna Scharpova meets her match in enigmatic John MacBeth. The two connect instantly and their attraction heats faster than either can control.

DESIREJules was Jaime's first love. Would she be able to take the challenge of a 'friends with benefits' relationship? Here was the opportunity she longed for. Was she courageous enough to take it?


Realtor Audra Weston turns down billionaire Hunter Wallace's business. The rejection piques Hunter's curiosity and arouses his inner Dominant, making him determined to meet her. Lies and secrets stand in their way...


Allison James came to Chicago to start a new life but her former life still haunts her. She meets a handsome CEO Jackson Harter in a wild bathroom encounter. Will Jackson be able to save Allie from her past?


Rachel and her best friend Fiona are stuck in their small hometown until the hottest movie star in Hollywood comes to town and turns their world upside down.


Alena Roberts is the woman who dances her way into billionaire Devon Forrester's heart and mind.

BILLIONAIRE LOVEThese are 7 first in a series romance stories. Readers should be 18 years and above due to adult content.

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The Day We Met: Four short meet cute love stories (Random Romance)

Four free, deliciously romantic short stories.

WHEN JACK MET EVIE he found his usual movie star charm wasn't enough to catch her attention. In fact, she seemed to be actively avoiding him . . . He's heard Evie has a fatal fear of paparazzi, but that doesn't mean he should ignore his heart, does it?

WHEN HARRY MET BETH he was tongue-tied for weeks. How was it possible this goddess of a woman now worked at their local hardware store in McLaren Vale? And how on earth will this farmer's son get up the courage to win her love?

WHEN HENRY MET GINA he instantly knew two things. One, that she was a changer like he was. And two, that his dad was right about the way their kind fell in love - instantly, irrevocably. But has Gina felt it too?

WHEN ELOISE MET ZACH she sensed something strangely distinguished about the masked intruder holding her captive outside her own ball. Lady Eloise Blakely has always longed for a world less ordinary, but is she ready to give her heart to an outlaw?


Romeo and Julian - Free Fall: Historical Gay Romance

Two men - two secrets - one war.

In the middle of Italy in 1943...

Romeo, a young Italian undercover informant for the communist party, is the only local witness of a historical event. But for him meeting the German paratrooper Julian is more important than that.

Julian had to live by the strict rules of his country for many years, hide away what he feels. One tragedy after the other undermined his will to live and he is ready to give up.

His final jump changes everything.

Billionaire Romance: Love Moments Box Set

Desire. Passion. Lust.

Ten Alpha Billionaire Romance Stories. Free with Kindle Unlimited

Moments Series

He is successful, handsome and rich, so rich he is beyond the simple millionaire and is a billionaire. She is brilliant, beautiful and the kind of woman who is not intimidated by the man's wealth or power. Put these two people together and you get sizzling hot romance that is both modern and feminist as well as being oh so very romantic.Can the two lovers rise above this cross-cultural divide? How does a young black woman from the Bronx who has beaten all odds to be a partner in one of the most prestigious law firms in San Francisco find her true love in a billionaire playboy with a criminal background?

Love Series

Lyla is heartbroken after her boyfriend leaves her for a wealthier woman. She decides not to trust any man and only to focus on her career. She is trying to move on from her ex who cheated on her with another woman. She is hurt and not ready for a new relationship but everything changes when she meets Clyde, a billionaire who is a womanizer. She falls in love with Clyde. Her ex is back in town to claim a ring that he gave Alison. Erick will not stop at anything until she gets the ring back. She is forced to change her opinion and the way she sees men after a one-night stand that will change her life completely.

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Inappropriate Thoughts (Victoria Wilde Book 1)

With the seventh book just released now is the time to start the hilarious and sexy Victoria Wilde series. For a limited time books one and two are available at a special price!

Jillian Grayson is a disillusioned divorcee and best-selling romance novelist who suddenly can't write a chapter without her hunky male heartthrob suffering ED, an STD, or even worse. Brian Nash is a tennis-obsessed college senior who's unlucky in love and the roommate and best friend of Jillian's son, Rob. When Rob brings Brian home for Spring Break, and Brian meets the surprisingly young and tennis passionate Jillian, their shared interest quickly develops into an intense mutual attraction. After nearly giving in to their feelings, they hatch a plan, while under the influence (of something more than just the perfect Miami night), to be Friends With Partial Benefits, complete with rules to define the boundaries. Will the lonely pair continue with this distinctive relationship, actually explore their desires, or discover all of it is a really bad idea?

Inappropriate Thoughts is an expanded version of Luke Young's Friends With Partial Benefits. It is approximately ten percent longer and contains expanded and more explicit scenes.


This story contains content some readers may find objectionable, including explicit sex and language.

Coffee and a Beagle: Sweetlin Bakery Series Vol 1 Christian boxed set (Sweetlin Bakery Boxset)

Sweetlin Bakery Series One is a sweet Christian novella collection containing three complete stories. Each story revolves around Sweetlin Bakery, the heart of the Sweetlin family. There are plenty of temptations for both the appetite and the heart as each story unfolds. And each character is drawn into God's perfect design for their lives.

"Sweet Beginnings" is where it all starts with Mona and Emmett. Mona comes from a wealthy controlling family. She's never had to make a decision for herself and she's always been a dutiful daughter - until she's forced into an engagement she doesn't want. To avoid marriage she defies her parents and runs away to Arizona where she meets Emmett Sweetlin. Emmett is a kind hearted, God fearing man who has a dream of opening his own bakery. It doesn't take long for him to fall in love with Mona. Mona's dream of freedom is at her fingertips, yet she's afraid her father will find her and destroy her new life. Emmett is worth fighting for but can she stand up to her father for the first time in her life?

"Coffee and a Beagle": Everything in Jayna's life is perfectly ordered from color-coding her closet, to her five year plan. She's even selected marriage candidates and is trying to determine who will be the perfect husband. There isn't room for distractions or messes. It's her theory that God doesn't create chaos and neither should His people. Then Trent Moore crashes into her world. He's goofy and spontaneous, and he challenges all of Jayna's carefully laid plans. She finds him irritating and irresistible. Yet he isn't even close to what she wanted in a man, which leaves her with a choice to make: will she continue to play it safe and follow her plan? Or will she take a chance with Trent who might not be everything he appears to be?

"Sugar, Spice, and Other Sassy Things": Mila has a habit of sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, and that's exactly how she meets Austin Lang. He's an injured ex-pro basketball player who growls and snarls with every breath. For some reason he's decided to push everyone out of his life - and that includes the nosy stranger who shows up on his doorstep. Despite his anger and insistence to leave him alone, Mila has made it her personal mission to win him over. She offers cinnamon rolls, friendship, and love, but she's not sure that's enough to turn this beast into a thing of beauty. With God's help she tries to break down the walls around his heart, but will something from his past show up and ruin everything?

Books in the Sweetlin Bakery Series:

Coffee and a Beagle


A Piece of Humble Pie


Love in Bloom (A Collection of Short Romantic Fiction)


A Collection of Short Romantic Fiction

A collection of seventeen poignant and romantic short stories guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and remember your first love.

Fans of short romantic fiction will enjoy these 800 to 1200 word heart warmers. Many first appeared in Woman's World Magazine.

Summer Passions (Seasons of Love Book 1)

Three Delicious Regency Short Stories

"A lady should enjoy those hot summer nights..."

For three lovely ladies in Regency England, the long, hot summer holds the opportunity for decadent pleasures, wicked pursuits, and forbidden passion.


The Marquess of St. Clair has long been a thorn in Daphne Summerville's side. But when she is forced to act as his nursemaid after a bizarre accident, Daphne discovers that the Notorious Marquess has sensual talents she never knew existed.


Lady Ashton's friends finally convince her to take a lover for the summer. At a wicked masquerade ball, she meets a mysterious man who fires her passions and turns her world completely upside down, threatening all she holds dear.


Jilted by her intended, Lady Althea Ramsay calls in a favor from her brother's friend, the Duke of Wakefield. He will pose as her fiance at a society wedding which the odious man will be attending. But Althea soon discovers that playing a part can set real desires burning in the human heart.

Also includes an excerpt from the Regency Historical Romance, SEDUCING THE BRIDE, by Michelle McMaster, COMING SOON to Amazon Kindlestore!

With a foreword by USA Today Bestselling Author JULIANNE MACLEAN

Moments Of Chemistry: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Moments Series Book 1)

From best selling author Melanie Brandon...

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Some would say that Brock Sanderson has it all. He lives in a famous

mansion in the Hollywood Hills, owns and runs the most successful record

label in the business and has other companies that make his record business

look like small potatoes.

He would tell you a woman is the last thing he needs in his life. But when

he meets Janie everything changes. Is a smart woman, especially a journalist,

even a good idea for a billionaire with a secret? He isn't so sure, but she is

impossible to resist.

Jasmine Black is an in demand journalist who knows how to get to the bottom

of a story fast. When she meets Brock through her roommate Jasmine she knows

she shouldn't get involved.

The man is rich, beyond gorgeous and makes her heart

do backflips every time he is near her. She knows he is hiding something and she is determined to find out what. The question is; can her heart be given to a man with a secret?

** This is a hot and steamy romance series, ideal for fans of Sarah J. Brooks, Ellie Danes, J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, Hannah Ford, and Kelly Favor**

Try Me (and other romantic short stories): Daily Della

Daily Della is a series of short fiction anthologies for all Kindle enabled reading devices. Five stories in each issue, ideal for your daily coffee break.

This issue of 'Daily Della' is a special cut-down, cut-price version, designed to give you a taster.

In this issue:

The Naked Truth

When Emma and Jilly see an advert for NUDE male cleaners they wonder whether it's genuine. Emma decides there's only one way to find out - she has visions of naked men ironing her clothes - and despite Jilly's protestations, she rings the number.

On One Condition

The last place Karen expects to find herself on her thirtieth birthday is stuck up a tree, but thanks to her niece and nephew, ten year old twins, Conrad and Sarah that's exactly what happens. They tell her not to worry, Tom will get her down and they disappear to find him. Then to make matters worse it starts to rain and Karen's left worrying about the identity of the mysterious Tom.

Saint Or Sinner

Debs and her friend go to see a Welsh male voice choir and Debs falls in love with a gorgeous tenor, third row, fifth from the left. When they play her favourite hymn, 'When the Saints Go Marching In' she begins to feel like a sinner herself. Especially as she's married to Andrew who's waiting patiently for her back home.

Treasured Love

Heart-stirring romantic reads about new and life-long love!

Bestselling author, Vanda Vadas delivers five engaging short stories. Love is not limited to age. It is timeless and for the young and mature at heart. Be it that sizzling, first, meet cute romance or time-tested relationships, this collection of touching tales demonstrates themes of love, loss and marriage.


Grace is a croupier at a casino, the consummate professional with unwavering concentration. She is caught off-guard when a stranger with piercing blue eyes takes a seat at her table. Blackjack is not the only hand he sets out to win.


Cherry Tree Lodge in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, is no ordinary Bed and Breakfast. It harbours a secret, one that is connected to a Bohemian brooch, a photograph and a child's wisdom. Truths are revealed in the indelible footprints of a passionate love.


Josh works nights as a barman at an exclusive hotel. By day, he's a student at the local university. When a woman his age enters the bar in search of employment, Josh has good reason to stare. She's dressed like a cowgirl ready to rope a calf in a counry rodeo. What could she possibly know about champagne, swizzle sticks and cocktails?


Finding your soul mate is one thing, marrying her and never letting go is another. Cedric succeeded on all counts. No regrets. Even though he now fights a losing battle, nothing can sever the ties with his one true love.


Compromise is a two-way street. Not so for Connor and Kate. Consequent to personal sacrifice and broken promises, their marriage is on a downward spiral. Salvation is at hand if only fears are faced.

Moments Of Devotion: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Moments Series, Book 2)

Discover NOW The An Alpha Billionaire Romance Series by Bestselling Author Melanie Brandon!

An Alpha Billionaire Romance Part 2

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In Moments of Chemistry we met Jasmine and Janie. They share a cute

bungalow in Los Angeles, a devotion to each other from years of friendship

and now even more. When Jasmine introduced Janie to her boss Brock,

sparks flew and now they seem inseparable.

Jasmine is brilliant when it comes to running Brock's Principle Records and

with her California Girl looks she has to work hard at keeping the panting rock

and rollers at bay. Antonio Stavros is Brocks best friend, and the kind of business

tycoon most people prefer not to cross in the boardroom or elsewhere.

When they finally meet after months of communications, more than just sparks fly.

Her recent dates with Antonio might have begun acting as "arm candy" for his many highly visible appearances, but they were leading to more.

The burning kisses that Antonio and Jasmine had shared hold a promise.

He knows he wants it to go further and she has certainly let him know she is ready.

But suddenly everything changed with a mysterious message that Jasmine left for Janie. It seems that a group of desperate hackers have lured her back to his home country of Greece and for Antonio the question is why.

He not only needs to get her back safely but he needs to find out if the passion he is feeling for her is real. He may be used to getting what he wants, but Jasmine has always been the director of her fate. Could their fate be together?

** This is a hot and steamy romance series, ideal for fans of Ellie Danes, J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, Hannah Ford, and Kelly Favor**

Heat Wave Volume One

*This is a stand-alone erotic romance novella.*

She's all about business.He's all about pleasure.

She likes to play it safe. He lives life on the edge.

When a breathtaking man steps into her view, Jamie Robertson discovers a side of herself she never knew existed.

Even behind a thick pane of glass, the man's harmless flirtation leads to full on seduction.

Amidst an already unbearable heat wave, things are about to get a whole lot hotter.

Warning- Contains adult content. Intended for audiences 18+ only.

Other books in the series:

Heat Wave Vol One:

Heat Wave Vol Two:

Heat Wave Vol Three:

A Present for Christmas

Faced with a choice, David has to decide what matters the most. Home...or the heart. After completing an assignment in Alaska, he's about to head home, but he realizes he might be leaving behind his heart--Cris, the woman he fell in love with. Now he has to make a choice. Return home to everything he knows, or take a chance on love.

**This work is available for free on a number of platforms.

Lucky's Charms

Anything could happen at Lucky's Bar and Strip Club. Underneath the neon lights, the loud music, and the tear-away costumes, new lovers meet for the first time and old flames ignite anew. Shifters claim their mates, and leprechauns pay unusual gambling debts. Undercover operative solving crime? Advertising executive seducing the boss?

All business as usual at Lucky O'Reilly's.

It Happened at Cafe Nix

Fourteen authors, one contemporary romance, fifteen happy endings.

Long distance relationships don't work

Nix Sutherland is at a crossroads. She loves running the family business, the famous Sydney Harbour-side Cafe Nix, and she also loves Linc, whose vet practice is in Melbourne.

After months of jumping on planes and swapping cities, both of them too stressed and tired to enjoy being together, it's all come to a head. In the middle of a typically busy day at the cafe that includes everything from broken hearts to breaking waters, cops to canoodling couples, Nix realises that loving the cafe means giving up Linc.

Meet Nix and characters from the novels of favourite Escape Publishing authors in fresh original shorts, and experience a day in the life of Cafe Nix.

Authors in order of appearance:

Elizabeth Dunk

Juanita Kees

Sandra Antonelli

Jane O'Reilly

Nicole Flockton

Cate Ellink

Ros Baxter

Jenny Schwartz

Ainslie Paton

Jennie Jones

Lee Christine

Lily Malone

Rhian Cahill

Amy Andrews

Paranormal Romance Starter Pack

Paranormal Romance Stater Pack contains the first volume from three different paranormal romance series by author Mindy Wilde. Links are provided at the end of each story if you would like to continue the series.

Thank you for exploring this sample pack and enjoy the book!

***Obviously this title contains explicit sexual content and is meant for adventurous ADULT EYES ONLY!***

Titles include:

Virgin Blood (Erotic Vampire Tales Vol. 1) Paranormal Pleasure (A Vampire's Tale Vol. 1) Lust (Immortal Desires Vol. 1)

Holiday Kisses

A collection of short stories with a holiday setting by various Beachwalk Press authors.


Positively Holly by Pepper Anthony

Hometown Miracles by Patricia Bates

Believe in Me by Aimee Duffy

His Holiday Lifesaver by Hazel Gower

Drawn To You by Tara Mills

Reunion by Ashlynn Monroe

Winter Break by Kaylie Newell

Mistletoe & Holly by Tamaria Soana

Katrina's Christmas by Sidda Lee Tate

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Todd by Elise Whyles

The Gift Beneath the Tree by Lacey Wolfe

Content Warning: some stories contain explicit sex

Love Bites (Random Romance)

Five bewitching tales of love from the winners of the Power Play Romance Writer's Competition.

From a moment of reflection to a moment of passion, these short stories explore the ways in which love and lust shape our lives.

Writers Elizabeth McLennan, Hazel McLoughlin, Jessica Towicz, Saman Shad and overall winner Anna McHugh take us from the hustle and glamour of New York to the serenity of rural life in this enchanting and affecting collection.

How He Kisses BOOK 1: Alpha Male Romance Series (Contract with a Billionaire)

Chloe Madison has three rules:

Never kiss a clientNever sleep with a clientNever fall for a clientAs long as alpha billionaire, Jake Sutherland, abides by these boundaries, things will be fine. After all, she has a sick dad, has hospital bills to pay and the money has to come from somewhere.

She promises her father to quit, but after a final encounter, she is given a proposition that could solve at least some of her problems. Will she give in and place her own goals and dreams on the shelf, or will she remain true to her hard, fast rules?

This short romance story is hot, steamy, and perfect for fans of J.S. Scott, Kelly Favor and Fifty Shades of Grey. For adults only. There are 12 books in the series.

***Book 1 in the Contract with a Billionaire Series!***

Felicity Falls in Love: A Short Romance Story (The Love Series Book 6)

Felicity Falls in Love

A Short Romance Story

Book 6 in The Love Series - Volume 2

Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

Felicity Porter and Simon Carter meet at a mutual friend's wedding. There is an instant attraction but neither party acts on their feelings. A few months later, their friend and bride, Sarah, decides to do a little match making at her Christmas dinner party.

How will Felicity and Simon react to seeing each other again?

Is there that same attraction that was evident at the wedding?

Will they share a romantic kiss before the evening ends?

Discover how a gathering of friends at Christmas time can help to bring romance to two deserving people.

Felicity Falls in Love is a 5,000 word short romance story with a happy ever after ending. It is the just the thing if you are looking for a pocket-size story to read during your lunch break or while waiting for an appointment. Enjoy.

True Love Is Constant (Stories of Life, Stories of Love Book 2)

I just had to make my heroine a librarian. My previous story, Spring Has Sprung, had at its centre two retired spinster librarians. Here, Eva is younger, divorced, and looking for love (with just a little help from her sister Babs).

The Businessman's Tie: Volume 1 (The Power to Please)

"Who knows where one night of passion might lead?" Nonnie Crawford's disastrous marriage is over. The divorce papers are signed and she's ready to begin a new life. Out celebrating with friends, she attracts the notice of a dark-eyed stranger. His smile is an invitation, a dare. She yields to her desire and when he seduces her in a back hallway of the bar, she experiences the most sensual moment of her life. She craves more of him, but he leaves without telling her his name. "Our kind will always find one another," is all he says before claiming one last kiss. Disturbed by her unexpected submission to his demands, Nonnie tries to forget the man she dubs The Businessman. Her memories prove difficult to shake and she wonders what he meant when he said "our kind." She decides to seek him out. Her search eventually takes her to a BDSM club. Nervous in the unfamiliar scene, she meets Michael Weston, a sexy charmer who is keen to sooth her apprehensions ... and to seize the reins left dangling by the absent Businessman. Nonnie wanted her life to change, and now it is changing in ways she could never have imagined. *Warning: adult material. Only purchase if it is legal for you to do so. This book contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature, including exhibitionism, S&M by secondary characters, and consensual domination and submission, which some readers may find objectionable.* The Businessman's Tie is book one of The Power to Please, a BDSM erotic romance. It is approximately 42,000 words, 150 print pages. ____________________________________ "The Power to Please," is a four-part series of novels chronicling Nonnie Crawford's journey into the alluring but sometimes dangerous realm of BDSM. After ending her disastrous ten-year marriage, Nonnie finds herself irresistibly drawn by desire. She yearns to submit herself, sexually, to a powerful and dominant male. Two Doms vie for Nonnie's submission, the enigmatic Businessman and the charming Playboy. B

Dragon's Gap: Love's Catalyst: A Novella

Love Series Book Collection: Alpha Male Billionaire Romance Collection

Desire. Passion. Lust.

Six Alpha Billionaire Romance Stories. Free with Kindle Unlimited

Moments Series:

He is successful, handsome and rich, so rich he is beyond the simple millionaire and is a billionaire. She is brilliant, beautiful and the kind of woman who is not intimidated by the man's wealth or power. Put these two people together and you get sizzling hot romance that is both modern and feminist as well as being oh so very romantic.Can the two lovers rise above this cross-cultural divide? How does a young black woman from the Bronx who has beaten all odds to be a partner in one of the most prestigious law firms in San Francisco find her true love in a billionaire playboy with a criminal background?

Love Series:

Lyla is heartbroken after her boyfriend leaves her for a wealthier woman. She decides not to trust any man and only to focus on her career. She is trying to move on from her ex who cheated on her with another woman. She is hurt and not ready for a new relationship but everything changes when she meets Clyde, a billionaire who is a womanizer. She falls in love with Clyde. Her ex is back in town to claim a ring that he gave Alison. Erick will not stop at anything until she gets the ring back. She is forced to change her opinion and the way she sees men after a one-night stand that will change her life completely.

Alpha Bad Boy Billionaire:

Kris is an average girl with a rough past. After the tragic death of her parents she never really recovered and ended up spending her childhood bouncing around from place to place. Desperate to find somewhere she belongs; she agrees to join up with a man named Ricky. He promises her community and most of all, cash. She's desperate to get out of her situation and when a handsome bad boy covered in tattoos comes into the club with a contract, she can't help but be interested. The only problem is that he wants her to be is submissive. She will be expected to cater to his every whim, no matter what it entails. He offers her a trial period to test out this new relationship. When she realizes it's the only choice she has, she signs on the dotted line and makes her way to New Orleans. Her billionaire dominant will provide her with everything she needs but can he learn to love her?

The Bad Boy Meeting:

Rebecca has been bound by the chains of her own fear and anxiety her entire life. When her mother died her entire world was turned upside down and she became a fearful mess of anxiety.

She wants to break free from these feelings, but a recent divorce leaves her questioning where she belongs and how she's going to pull herself from this fear. When her friend suggest she visits an adult store to get the deal back in her life, Rebecca is hesitant but agrees to go anyway. She couldn't even begin to imagine where her life would end up when she and a stranger collide on the doorstep of Mystique. This fateful meeting will prove to Rebecca that she deserves to be happy and that she can be free of all her worries and fears. This handsome stranger isn't the only person with his eye on Rebecca, however. When Rebecca's ex-husband comes back into the mix, things get a little tense.

Alpha Bad Boy Deal:

Hannah was always raised to believe in Justice. She believed in karma, but when that belief is shattered by the death of her grandparents and her abusive boyfriend, Hannah isn't sure what to believe in anymore. Her life will be changed forever when she visits Mystique, a club and adult store.The only catch is that he needs to be married before his father will sign the company over to him. When he sees Hannah he knows she's the perfect woman to play the part, but Hannah thinks the offer is too good to be true. What will she choose?

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