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A Just Deception: A Romantic Suspense Series (Private Protectors Series Book 4)

Former Navy SEAL Peter Jessup is no hero. Too many friends, his brothers-in-arms, have died on the job, and Peter couldn’t save them. When the emotional fallout interferes with his work, his boss sends him away for company-mandated R&R.Peter knows it’s not a vacation, it’s an order: Go home. Bang a hot girl. Get your head straight. Two of those things should be easy. Until the hot girl becomes his next assignment…Isabelle DeRosa is no damsel in distress.A criminal attorney and Krav Maga expert, she can bring a man to his knees with a glare—or a well-placed kick.It’s Isabelle’s crippling fear of her cousin that sets off warning bells for Peter. When Kendrick is murdered, Isabelle becomes the police’s prime suspect. She turns to Peter for help but finds more than comfort in his arms. Isabelle sparks his protective instincts and fuels his every fantasy.But she’s not the only one with secrets. Their investigation into Kendrick’s killer leads them to a cult-like compound and into dangerous territory.And despite Isabelle’s efforts to push him away, Peter will fight to keep her safe… and make her his.If you like strong protective men, beautiful intense women, and dangerous Romantic Suspense - you will love A Just Deception!Readers are hooked on A Just Deception:Her books are humorous, sexy, yet real and heartwarming at the same time. She plays on all your emotions. I highly recommend this book and her others! - Amy, Goodreads Reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐With the components of depth and complexity in her well crafted stories, I know I will always find myself lost amongst fascinating characters when I dive into one of Adrienne Giordano’s books. - Becky, Goodreads Reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐What an absolutely amazing book so realistic I was sucked in from the beginning, had me hanging onto every word, and completely immersed in all that was happening through the ups and downs, twists and turns. - Pamela, Goodreads Reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐WOW! This book is an action packed read full of suspense and mystery… Found it hard to put this book down, it is a must read. - Linda, Goodreads Reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Beautifully written and full of fast-paced action, as well as characters who will tug at your heart strings, A Just Deception is an incredible second book in the Personal Protectors series. - Misty, Goodreads Reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tempest in the Tea Leaves (A Sunny Meadows Mystery Book 1)

An Agatha and RT Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee!”In the fortune telling business there are a lot of pretenders, but Sunshine Meadows is the real deal—and her predictions can be lethally accurate…Leaving the Big Apple for the quaint town of Divinity, New York, Sunny is determined to make it on her own as a psychic. With an ancient Victorian house as her place of business, Sunny uses various psychic methods to aid the town’s residents. But when she uses tea leaves to give a reading for a frazzled librarian, what she finds at the bottom of the cup is anything but helpful. Sunny informs the police of her deadly vision, but her warning is too late. And with hard-nosed, ruggedly handsome Detective Mitch Stone denying her abilities and naming her prime suspect, the situation is dire. Now Sunny has to use her visions to clear her name, before the killer can put an end to the psychic’s *Nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel*Nominated for an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Amateur Sleuth“A delightful new cozy mystery series...Highly recommended.” —The Mystery Bookshelf“Fun and fortune telling await readers in this first-rate debut mystery featuring a young and feisty psychic...Great pacing, characters, and a surprisingly good conclusion make this new series absolute fun!” —RT Book Reviews“A fine whodunit laced with generous helpings of humor, Tempest in the Tea Leaves marks an entertaining beginning to Townsend’s series. And it wouldn’t be wrong to predict continued success.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch“An entertaining paranormal police procedural in which the cops use Sunny’s talent on their homicide investigation...A wonderful fast-paced crystal ball whodunit.” —The Mystery Gazette“Will delight cozy fans who like a blend of excitement, romance, and a big dash of humor in their reading...I predict that if you like a bit of new age in your mysteries, you’re going to adore Sunny Meadows!” —Feathered Quill Book Reviews“You have to be psychic to guess the identity of the killer in this hit debut novel...Kari Lee Townsend has pulled out all the stops for this fabulous new series! I look forward to plenty more novels by this gifted writer. Tempest in the Tea Leaves is a murder mystery to die for!” —Fresh Fiction

A Perfect Escape

She planned her escape to the last detail--she didn't plan on falling in love.Megan Thomas wants to get lost--preferably in someone else's life. But can she really escape the terror of her past, to grab onto some hope of a future?Leaving Chicago and her mob-connected husband behind, she assumes a new identity. She planned her escape to the last detail--but she didn't plan on Smyth Parker.Smyth Parker is already lost. And he sure as hell doesn't need a complication like Megan Thomas in his life. He wants nothing from no one and expects to live out his life in solitude.But when Megan fears her husband has found her, she runs again, and no detailed plan can save her this time. When she runs blindly into Smyth's arms, he has no choice but to protect her.Can two people running away from life, figure out how to trust each other enough to live?

Most Valuable Playboy (Ballers and Babes Series Book 1)

Faking it never felt so real in this falling-for-his-best-friend's-sister romance...Nothing’s more important than leading my team to victory every week. Except maybe escaping from the team owner’s recently-widowed and handsy-as-hell sister who’s dead set on winning more than a date with me at the charity auction.Enter Violet and a well-placed Hail Mary.She’s my best friend’s sister with a smile as sweet as cherry pie and a mind that runs quicker than the 40-yard-dash. After Violet saves the day with the highest bid, I don’t even give her a two-minute warning before I kiss her in front of the whole crowd and then announce that she’s my girlfriend.Then my agent tells me we have to keep up the act while he's negotiating my contract.What happens next when faking it starts to feel all too real?

Beautiful Enemy (The Enemies Trilogy Book 1)

I sold my soul to a man I hate. Now, he owns me.I had a plan: sign a contract and board a plane to Ibiza. The anonymous deal would salvage the smoldering wreckage of my life.It would not involve billionaire Harrison King, the reason I need saving in the first place.He’s as beautiful as he is cruel. A British business titan who makes a living getting what he wants.The man flies private. Dates supermodels. But the crisp accent and cocky smirk don’t fool me. He’s a gentleman on the outside, a savage beneath. Dangerous, rough and brutal.Because after my attempt to publicly stand up for those who needed it...He destroyed my reputation.Now, he’s come for the rest of me.Except it’s not salvation he’s promising. It’s nights in Ibiza, under his roof, rules, his control.I can’t back out. No matter what he has in store for me.Harrison King knows my secrets...But kings keep secrets too.BEAUTIFUL ENEMY is an enthralling, explosive romance from USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson. You’ll want to binge Harrison and Rae’s entire addictive story. PRAISE FOR THE ENEMIES TRILOGY:★★★★★ “The spice of romance and brute force of a cage fight...a combustible inferno.” -Isha, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “Captivatingly sexy and fresh. It consumed me.” -Beautiful Chaos Reviews★★★★★ “Overflowing with drama and suspense. Rae and Harrison will take you on an emotional roller coaster.” -BP34, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “Leaves you breathless and wanting more.” -Amanda, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “Powerful and full of new obsession.” -Stital, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “WOW! My heart stuttered at the ending! Keeps you gripped.” -Suzanne, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “Loud, gritty, hot and freaking amazing!!! Little Queen and her King will burn up your pages.” -Debbie, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “I want a Harrison, pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top...I was completely blown away by this book.” -Shelly, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “Suspense, romance...Enemies to lovers at its best!” -Anneli, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ “I felt every touch, every emotion through Piper’s writing. I absolutely LOVE books that just transport me away so clearly... 5 outstanding, phenomenal stars.” -Cat, Goodreads reviewer

Tea for Three: A heartwarming story about life, love, and true friendship (A Mulberry Lane Novel Book 1)

Three women. Three cups of tea. Three new beginnings.Sarah Gardner's husband went to sleep one night in November and never woke up. At forty-years-old, the new widow is left to care for their three children, all of whom are under the age of five.Twenty-five-year-old Filipina, Kate Morgan, thought she had met the man of her dreams during what was a perfect summer vacation. Now married to the handsome American who had swept her off her feet, and over 8000 miles away from home, Kate soon realizes that her mother was right: vacations end and people change.Louise Delaney couldn't ask for anything more. At fifty-nine, she had enjoyed almost four decades of blissful marriage to Warren--may his soul rest in peace. But Louise's seemingly perfect world is upended when she gets a visit from a sixteen-year-old who says she is Warren's daughter.Three exceptional women--each of whose hearts are broken into a million pieces--come together in this extraordinary tale of life, love, and true friendship.OTHER BOOKS BY MELISSA CROSBY:Willow Oaks Series - Sweet Romance* Book 1: Love Me True* Book 2: Love Me Maybe* Book 3: Love Me Again* Book 4: Love Me Always* Book 5: Love Me TimelessMulberry Lane Series - Inspirational Women's Fiction* Book 1: Tea for Three* Book 2: Three Wishes* Book 3: In Three YearsCollections:* A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance Collection: Volume 1 - Books 1-3* A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance Collection: Volume 2 - Books 4-5

Ghost Mortem: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romance (Ghost Detective Book 1)

Whoever said that ghosts exist must be out of their mind.Oh, wait. That was me. I said that. If you’d told me yesterday that ghosts were real I would have smiled, nodded, and called a shrink to fix your deluded little mind. Now it’s my turn to question my sanity when the ghost of my best friend turns up in my apartment. Was it the tequila shots the night before causing this apparition? Or one too many bumps to the head — let’s face it, clumsy is my middle name, it really wouldn’t surprise me if I’d done some irreparable damage to my grey matter over the years.Now I have to accept that the paranormal does, in fact, exist. But sadly, my ghost friend is lacking something besides his body. His memory. He doesn’t know how he died but suspects foul play and he wants my help to find his killer. I can’t refuse, I’m a sucker for a good mystery and the chance to bring my friend's killer to justice is too good to pass up.Surprises abound as I discover a secret talent for sleuthing, not to mention an unexpected inheritance of a talking cat among other things. But the biggest problem of all? Captain Cowboy Hot Pants, or as he likes to be called, Detective Kade Galloway of the Firefly Bay PD. He’s one smokin’ cop, but my distrust of the police runs deep and despite his assurances that he’s here to help can I really trust him, or is his offer of assistance designed to keep me from discovering the truth?I guess I’ll find out when death comes knocking on my door.Join Audrey Fitzgerald in the Ghost Detective series, a paranormal cozy mystery featuring a cat, a ghost, and a murder to solve.

Forever Only Once (Promise Me Book 1)

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan comes a sexy new contemporary stand-alone series.Hazel Noble has survived horrors she wouldn’t inflict on her worst enemy. Since then, she’s healed, found herself, and connected with a group of women she’s proud to call her friends. However, when they make a pact to start looking for love, Hazel finds herself not only up first but also forced to face a past she thought she’d escaped.Cross Brady has no need for a relationship. As the oldest of five, he’s always been the one his family can rely on. Now, all he wants is to work in peace and live his life. His priorities shift dramatically, though, when Cross finds himself in Hazel’s path.Though the two initially fight their connection, they soon learn that it’s safer to fall for each other than keep running from what’s holding them back—not to mention, who wants them dead.

Acting out of Love: A Steamy Contemporary Romance (Mountain Valley Romance)

Lights, camera...passion.She has no time for love…Katie Simon, 26, has one goal: to make a success of the small-town bakery she inherited from her grandmother. The combination of a disastrous dating history and endless work hours equal a distinct lack of romance in Katie’s life, and she relies mainly on the company of her two best friends, Tess and Jax. Try as they might to get her to date, Katie’s having none of it.He wasn’t looking for love…Mason Scott, 30, one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, is in Mountain Valley on a two-week location shoot for his latest movie. Early one morning he stumbles into Katie’s bakery, drawn by the familiar scent of his own grandmother’s cinnamon buns. When he meets Katie, it’s clear she has no idea who he is. The attraction is immediate, and he’s so delighted with his newfound anonymity that he finds every excuse to be with her.But sometimes, things are beyond our control.The more time they spend together, the hotter things get. When the truth comes out about Mason’s identity and Katie realizes what’s at stake, she quickly backs away from a life she’d never coveted. But the dual promise of a chance with Mason and the one shot at realizing her life-long dream make her reconsider everything she’s ever believed to be true.Can a small-town girl make it work with Hollywood’s leading man?Acting out of Love is the first installment in the Mountain Valley Romance series.

Highland Refugee (Highland Brides Book 1)

Arya Furlough of Dunrobin has been betrothed to Laird Jared Stewart against her wishes. With her faithful maid and companion she begrudgingly embarks on a voyage to new lands to marry the laird her father has determined will prove a fruitful alliance with her their clan. Alas, the ship she is on does not weather a storm well, leaving her cast upon the sea.Laird Duncan McAbee of Duffus is mourning his father on the shore when he notices a body bobbing among the waves. Little does he know, the body he pulls forth is a raven-haired spitfire of a lass with a steel will of determination not to marry her betrothed. He is caught unawares when she wields a poker and even further caught offguard when she manages to broach his defenses and capture her heart. How is he supposed to recover when she chooses to leave him for Laird Jared Stewart?

The Inn at Willa Bay: A Willa Bay Novel

Saving a rundown seaside resort makes dealing with bridezillas look like a piece of cake.Achieving her dream career as a wedding planner hasn’t been easy, but Zoe’s sacrifices are about to pay off. Unfortunately, her carefully crafted life is knocked off course when her elderly landlord Celia is hospitalized, and Zoe learns that their home, the former Inn at Willa Bay, is in jeopardy.Her friend Meg left a prestigious chef position in the city when she returned home after her mother got sick. Now that her mother is healthy again, is it time for Meg to follow her own dreams?Another friend, Cassie, never expected to be a single mother, but she’s making things work – until an old rival returns to Willa Bay, threatening her much-needed job as a pastry chef at a local lodge.Across the country, Shawn has just finished renovating a turn-of-the-century house when a phone call from a mystery woman brings him back to Washington State.News of Celia’s accident ripples through the community and reveals a long-hidden secret that brings all of them together. In the process of changing the fate of the historic Inn at Willa Bay, they discover the healing power of friendship, family, and love – and a pathway to an exciting new future.Escape to scenic Willa Bay in this heartwarming USA Today Bestseller by the author of the Candle Beach series!Willa Bay SeriesBook 1: The Inn at Willa BayBook 2: The Sea Star BakeryBook 3: A Haven on the BayBook 4: The Sunset CottagesBook 5: ★ TBA

More Than Enough (Sisters of Fire Book 1)

After years of abuse, can she overcome her insecurity and put the past behind her…Trish “Mac” Mackenzie rappels off buildings, saves kids in car accidents and carries victims out of raging fires. But her personal life is a mess. No one else, even the Sisters of Fire, knows the inner Trish, the insecure child and wounded adult, both of them abused.When kindergarten teacher Nathan Mitchell finds himself drawn to Trish, he begins to see the woman behind the mask. And once he sees her, he’s determined to help her transform herself to the woman she was meant to become. The road to this is rocky, even dangerous with Trish’s crazed partner, but Nathan never once wavers.Can Trish fight her way out of abuse and insecurity with the Sisters of Fire, a skilled counselor and good-guy Nathan at her side or will she condemn him and herself to misery and loneliness?Make sure to grab this first novella in the beloved Sisters of Fire Series. As one reviewer said, “Man, this story was emotional…I could totally relate with Mac throughout. Kathryn Shay did a fantastic job at handling this topic with grace & dignity without making it seem unrealistic.” The Power of Three Blog Top 1000 Reviewers

Beauty and the Mustache: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Knitting in the City Book 4)

"Penny Reid infuses new life into romance with a story that's sexy, smart and full of feeling. One of my favorites this year!" -Vilma's Book Blog “I loved this book. It was funny, sweet, romantic, emotional, poetic, and sexy! The whole package.” -Curvy and Nerdy Book Reviews There are three things you need to know about Ashley Winston:1) She has six brothers and they all have beards,2) She is a reader, and3) She knows how to knit.Former beauty queen, Ashley Winston’s preferred coping strategy is escapism. She escaped her Tennessee small town, loathsome father, and six brothers eight years ago. Now she escapes life daily via her one-click addiction. However, when a family tragedy forces her to return home, Ashley can’t escape the notice of Drew Runous—local Game Warden, bear wrestler, philosopher, and everyone’s favorite guy. Drew’s irksome philosophizing in particular makes Ashley want to run for the skyscrapers, especially since he can’t seem to keep his exasperating opinions— or his soulful poetry, steadfast support, and delightful hands— to himself. Pretty soon the girl who wanted nothing more than the escape of the big city finds she’s lost her heart in small town Tennessee. Beauty and the Mustache is book #4 in the Knitting in the City series, and book #0.5 in the Winston Brothers series. Each book is a standalone, full length (110k words), contemporary romantic comedy novel, and follows the misadventures and exploits of seven friends in Chicago, all members of the same knitting group.

Worth Billions (Worth It Series Book 1)

Small towns are for small minds. I left for college and never looked back. Ensconced in my luxurious, and lucrative, vineyard, I barely ever spare a thought for my old life. Until I got word that my self-declared 'godfather' had passed and put me in charge of his estate. Now I've got to go back to the town where the cows outnumber the people to put his affairs in order. I expected to see familiar faces, a little order, a lot worse for wear. What I didn't expect to see is the fresh-faced female who snuck into my bed, and who's trying to sneak into my heart. But can I trust her, or is she after my bank account and not my affection? Warning: This is a steamy romance story that includes adult content suitable for readers 18+WORTH IT SERIES:Worth BillionsWorth Every CentWorth More Than Money Readers who love Billionaire Boss Series, Rags to Riches, and stories where love only comes around once in a lifetime, will enjoy this alpha bad boy story.

Burned (Shenandoah Shadows Book 1)

From USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller comes the first novella in the explosive Shenandoah Shadows series.Strike the match. Light the fuse. Watch Olivia burn.CIA operative Olivia Santos lives on a razor's edge. As a NOC—an agent with non-official cover—she's well aware of the risks: if her cover's blown, there's no diplomatic immunity, and a life sentence in a foreign prison is the best-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is too gruesome to mention. But she never imagined her cover would be compromised from the inside. She has no choice but to go on the run—as luck has it—with her musclebound driving instructor.Once upon a time, Trent Mann thrived on danger. Now the former Navy SEAL's haunted by a costly mistake in his past. He focuses on his work for Potomac Private Services to hold his nightmares at bay. But when he's saddled with a vapid trophy wife as a defensive driving student, it doesn't take long for the fiery blonde with the enormous eyes to land them both in deep trouble.Soon Trent and Olivia are on the run from the government, foreign agents, her husband, and an endless list of shadowy enemies. As the danger reaches a boiling point, Olivia and Trent will have to ignore the fire crackling between them to focus on staying alive.

Lock 'N' Load (Federal K-9 Book 1)

Crack CIA analyst Trista Gold is a whiz with the computer, but not so much with people. She hides behind her job, analyzing Top Secret code and making recommendations on national security. She doesn’t need a man in her life. But she will, very soon... CIA K-9 officer Sgt. Matt Connors suspects that beneath Trista’s uptight appearance, there’s a sexy woman itching to cut loose. But he doesn’t dare act on his attraction. He’s a loner and always will be. Keeping away from Trista is a must-do directive. Until he doesn’t have a choice... During a routine assignment, Trista stumbles across a cryptic exchange. She doesn’t think much of it...until someone tries to murder her—twice. Both times, Matt had been there to save her. But now she has to hide. And her new bodyguard, Matt, and his K-9 are the only hope she has against the powerful forces that want her dead.

Paws off the Boss: A Rescue Dog Romance (A Rescue Dog Romance Series Book 1)

Previously published as Must Love WienersShe’s in the doghouse. He’s in the penthouse. When their worlds collide, can their lonely hearts become one?Aspiring veterinarian Piper Summers has worked herself to the bone to graduate. But after she loses two of her three jobs, Piper worries she and her dachshund will be tossed out on the street. So when a hunky, cash-rich CEO offers her a lucrative gig as his dog walker, she swallows her pride and takes the position.Billionaire Aiden Caldwell buried his fun behind a firm handshake and a sharp suit. But when the fetching woman of his dreams accidentally mauls him, he’s determined to break his leash and retrieve her heart. And after hiring her to walk his rescue hound, he’s willing to jump through every hoop to win her affection.Though Piper is falling head over tail with Aiden, when her precious rescue center is vandalized and the wealthy man offers help, she fears he only sees her as a charity case. And as Aiden tries to prove his intentions are true, he struggles when business and pleasure start to blur into a serious case of puppy love.Can they shed all their doubts and let passion bark up the perfect tree?Paws off the Boss is the hilarious first book in the Rescue Dog Romance comedy series. If you like spirited heroines, wagging good times, and a splash of mystery, then you’ll adore Casey Griffin’s puntastic tale.Buy Paws off the Boss to raise the woof today!

Delivering His Gifts: A Small Town Mountain Man's Baby Christmas Romance (Mountain Men of Liberty Book 10)

Now an Amazon Top 13 Bestseller! Bestseller in Action and Adventure Romance Bestseller in Classic Romance Fiction"What do you mean my babies are coming out early?!?"How did I get myself into this mess?1. A wicked snowstorm.2. Stranded in the middle of the mountains.3. Twin babies that want out NOW.4. Absolutely NO doctor in sight. FML!!Dear Santa, This is NOT what I meant when I prayed for a memorable Christmas!! This is a fully standalone romance from the bestselling Mountain Men of Liberty Series. This is Eli's story and a mountain man's babies, Christmas/holiday romantic suspense. Each book can be read on its own. Transport yourself into the charming and magical town of Liberty, Utah as we follow several rugged mountain men in their quests to find lasting love. For readers looking to binge-read books 1-4 of this series at a discounted rate, it is available as a boxset on my Amazon catalog titled Mountain Men of Liberty Boxset. Enjoy!

Can't Get You Off My Mind: Somewhere, TX Saga (Bad Boys, Billionaires & Bachelors Book 1)

The rule: Get married and have a baby.When Grandpa Stinson dies, he expects nothing more than to keep his grandsons together, running the family's multibillion-dollar business. But he's got just one unfaltering rule: they have to get married and have a baby first. The brothers disagree...wholeheartedly.But it's set in stone. Follow the rule or you're the one grandson out of luck...Stubborn, rugged, but oh-so-sexy, Roark Stinson, the oldest brother, refuses to give in to his grandfather's manipulations. After all, women are the root of all evil, and he's never witnessed a relationship that actually works. Then it hits him; it doesn't have to work.Roark just needs a warm body to agree to the terms...Zoe Morgan never wanted to be anyone's "means to an end," especially not Roark Stinson's. But his proposal is one she's in no position to refuse--can't refuse. When the stakes are this high, a warm body might just be exactly what she needs.Maybe--just maybe--Grandpa Stinson knew exactly what he was doing...

Lingerie Wars: Romantic Comedy (Scottish Highlands Book 1)

Englishman Lake Benson loaned his life savings to his dippy sister so that she could buy a shop. It was a big mistake. His sister has been steadily flushing his money down the drain – and now he wants it back. Years in the special forces taught Lake that if you want a job done, do it yourself. So he steps in to make the shop profitable, sell it and get his money back. The only problem is, the business is an underwear shop. And all Lake knows about underwear can be summed up in how fast he can unsnap a bra. To make matters worse, the tiny highland town already has a lingerie shop. A successful one, run by an ex-lingerie model. A very gorgeous ex-lingerie model, who’s distracting him from his mission more than he’d like to admit. If Lake wants to get his savings back, and get out of Scotland, he only has one option – wipe out the competition. Kirsty Campbell has spent years rebuilding her life after she woke up in hospital in Spain to find her body scarred, and her ex-fiance had run off with all her money. The last thing she needs is a cocky, English soldier-boy trying to ruin all she has left. Her home town is only too happy to help her fight the latest English invasion, although Lake is beginning to sway them with his sex appeal and cut price knickers. With the help of her mother, and the retired ladies of Knit or Die, Kirsty sets about making sure that her shop is the last one standing in Invertary.It’s Scotland versus England as you’ve never seen it before. It’s lingerie war.

Wildfire Griffin (Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew Book 1)

Caught in a wildfire, they can only survive together...Edith has never been able to fit in. Everyone says she’s too different. Too strange. Too autistic.All she wants is to be a firefighter -- but no matter how hard she works, no crew will even give her a chance. Dreams crushed, she's resigned to a solitary life as a fire watcher in the beautiful Montana wilderness. Until a mysterious bolt of lighting brings danger to her door… along with gorgeous, golden-eyed Rory.He’s a hotshot crew leader - an elite firefighter, the best of the best. He could have anyone.And he wants her.Of course, that's just because he doesn't know her. Not the real her. But if she can hide her true self, she can have everything she wants -- or at least, nearly everything. As long as she never lets him get close enough to see the truth...The minute griffin shifter Rory lays eyes on Edith, he knows two things. First, she’s his fated mate. And second, she’s far, far stronger than anyone knows... including herself.But before Rory can trust Edith with his secrets, she has to trust him. How can he reveal his heart, when she won't even look him in the eye? He can't risk scaring her off, no matter how his griffin screams to mate. He needs her too badly, and not just in his bed.With a danger far worse than wildfire closing in… he needs her on his crew.Filled with heartwarming characters, breathtaking action, and a generous helping of humor, this addictive series will keep you turning pages right to the end. Every book features a different couple and has a satisfying romance with a happy ending, while also advancing a deep, intriguing mystery that unfolds across the complete six-book series.What paranormal romance fans are saying about this addictive series:★★★★★ 'Once I started reading I just was unable to put the book down until the very end.'★★★★★ 'The storyline was really interesting and often hilarious. I can't wait for the next book!'★★★★★ 'Fantastic and very unusual...Highly recommended'★★★★★ 'It has everything, mystery, dangerous foe, funny characters that have you laughing out loud.'★★★★★ 'Zoe Chant manages to build this amazing camaraderie that jumps off the page.'★★★★★ 'I just fell in love with the characters'If you love your romance heaped high with humor, magic, and action, prepare to fall in love with a unique crew of shifter firefighters who'll do anything for their mates... and each other.

Cliffhanger Queen

New York Times bestselling author Meghan March did not set out to become the "Queen of Cliffhangers" when she began writing romance, but her readers awarded her the title when she released one jaw-dropping cliffhanger after another. As an homage to her love for her readers and the designation they bestowed upon her, she has created a collection unlike any other in Cliffhanger Queen. For the first time ever, readers can now download all six of the first books of Meghan March's epic trilogies under one cover.Inside Cliffhanger Queen, you will find romance at its finest—six amazing alpha heroes who are brought to their knees by the love of strong women:The Fall of Legend: Club owner Gabriel Legend has been fighting his way out of his rough beginnings on the streets for years, a path he certainly never expected to lead him to the greatest temptation of his life: Scarlett Priest, a society princess holding court on Fifth Avenue. She's so far out of his league that they never should have met… but sometimes fate has other plans. Will Legend survive the fall?Deal with the Devil: A ruthless, modern-day pirate of a CEO, Jericho Forge prefers the deck of his ships to dry land—and he always plays to win, no matter the game. His latest pawn is poker phenom India Baptiste, whose life he takes by storm, talking her into a deal with a devil—trading her freedom for something even more precious. But India doesn’t realize Jericho is holding an unbeatable hand and never shares everything he knows. Forge receives his own surprise as India upends his perfectly ordered billionaire lifestyle and has him throwing all his rules out the window. Only love can triumph in this epic adventure that unfolds across Europe and the high seas.Richer Than Sin: A small town, second chances, and star-crossed lovers collide in this high-stakes family drama where the heir to a billion-dollar timber empire is determined to win the heart of the daughter of his family's sworn enemy. Whitney Gable is the one who got away ten years ago—after Lincoln objected on her wedding day! Sparks fly when she arrives back in town, broke and without a ring on her finger. Can a Riscoff and a Gable ever find true happiness together?Ruthless King: Lachlan Mount is the king of New Orleans' criminal underworld, and as such, the entire city bows to him. The owner of a struggling whiskey distillery has no idea that her dead husband left her indebted to the most terrifying man in town. Mount always gets what he wants... but there is no end to the twists in this dark and gritty show-stopping story. Once and for all, we will finally learn the truth: can ruthless kings have a heart of gold?Savage Prince: A mysterious stranger appears to help Temperance Ransom out of an unthinkable situation, but his identity is even more unthinkable. Twists, turns, and heart-stopping questions will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page!Dirty Billionaire: Creighton Karas, a classic alpha-hole billionaire hero, learns the truth about the price of love when he finally meets the one woman he can't buy. Holly Wix isn't afraid to walk away from everything he brings to the table, until he finally offers up his heart!

For Baby and Me (Welcome to Otter Tail Book 4)

Nick Boone is a brilliant architect, focused completely on his job. In his personal life, he's a serial dater, with no interest in marriage or even a long-term relationship. And fatherhood? Absolutely not. He has no idea what family even means.But even a single-minded boss like Nick can't abandon his employee Sierra Clark on the night her parents are killed. When her deep distress melts his professional distance, long-simmering attraction takes over and he indulges in a night of comfort and connectionHe has no idea how deep that connection is going to run.

The Patron: A Forbidden Billionaire Romance (Broken Slipper Series Book 1)

Ballet takes everything from you.All your sweat, all your tears, all your dedication, all your time.There are no drunken nights, no drugs, no boyfriends, no distractions whatsoever.But even the most focused ballerinas have a dirty little secret...Mine is working as a stripper at Club Ecstasy. That’s where I first meet him.My patron.I dance for him privately, staring into his deep blue eyes. And try desperately to remember rule number one of being an exotic dancer.Don't fall for your customers.The Patron is a contemporary billionaire romance from Wall Street Journal Bestseller Vivian Wood. It's full length and the first of three books in the gritty, raw, passionate Broken Slipper Trilogy.

A Lot Like Home

Destiny isn't a thing in her world. Smooth-talking strangers need not apply...Navy Veteran Caleb Hardy is determined to atone for past mistakes by helping the old woman whose letters got him through his last deployment. When he and his band of brothers drop into her quirky, dying Texas town, only one thing stands in the way of his redemption.Superstition Springs native Havana Nixon is convinced letting a big developer into their tiny Texas oasis is the only way to save the town and she’s not about to let a newcomer—no matter how gorgeous—derail her plans. Especially after her aunt tosses out one of her famous “love predictions” matching her with Caleb, also known as the most disturbing man on the planet.Havana and Caleb can’t even compromise, let alone admit they’re falling for each other…or does one lead to the other?Small town military heroes—all swoon, no steamWelcome to Superstition Springs, the place where destiny is the ultimate matchmaker. All you have to do is believe.

Mafia Heir: Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance (Arranged Marriage Book 1)

Mine to protect. Mine to take. She is MINE!Five brothersOne broken familyA past that will haunt them forever"If you dare leave me for another if you ever look at another man if you ever let anyone else touch you... I’ll not let him live, Beauty. I won’t stop until I’ve ground his face into the dirt, until I’ve pulled out his eyes for looking at you, broken his mouth for daring to speak to you, until I’ve pulled out his guts, and," I glare at her, "smeared his blood on the ground."Her breath hitches and her pupils dilate.My thirst for violence seems to fulfill a need deep inside of her—one she doesn’t bother to hide from me either."You’re not disgusted by my cruelty?" I tilt my head, "My penchant for brutality seems to appeal to you, Bellezza?""And what if it does?" She purses her lips, "What if I it is the savagery at your core that attracts me...?"This is the prequel to Mafia King – Dark Mafia Billionaire Arranged Marriage Romance Series

The Deal (Off-Campus Book 1)

The international bestseller! Get ready for another binge-worthy romance from New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy!She’s about to make a deal with the college bad boy…Hannah Wells has finally found someone who turns her on. But while she might be confident in every other area of her life, she’s carting around a full set of baggage when it comes to sex and seduction. If she wants to get her crush’s attention, she’ll have to step out of her comfort zone and make him take notice…even if it means tutoring the annoying, childish, cocky captain of the hockey team in exchange for a pretend date....and it’s going to be oh so goodAll Garrett Graham has ever wanted is to play professional hockey after graduation, but his plummeting GPA is threatening everything he’s worked so hard for. If helping a sarcastic brunette make another guy jealous will help him secure his position on the team, he’s all for it. But when one unexpected kiss leads to the wildest sex of both their lives, it doesn’t take long for Garrett to realize that pretend isn’t going to cut it. Now he just has to convince Hannah that the man she wants looks a lot like him.

To Follow My Heart (The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time Book 3)

Bestselling author, Sherry Ewing, brings you the next installment of her Knights of Berwyck series, To Follow My Heart. Love is a leap. Sometimes you need to jump…After a gut wrenching break up with her fiancé, Jenna Sinclair heads to the coast to do a little soul searching. To say everything is subject to change is putting it mildly. Her world is not only turned upside down, but pretty much torn asunder when she is pulled through a time gate on the beach beneath the Cliff House and transported more than eight hundred years into the past.Fletcher Monroe, captain of the garrison knights at Berwyck Castle, has wasted too much time pining for a woman who will never be his. When he finally decides to move on with his life and focus on his duties, he is suddenly confronted with a woman who magically appears at his feet. This could either be the best thing that has ever happened to him or another cursed event in a string of many. He soon finds he is wildly attracted to her, but she’s scared to death of him ─ not a very encouraging beginning.From the shores of California to twelfth century England and back again, Jenna and Fletcher must find a way to reconcile their two different worlds before Time forever tears them apart. Although Sherry's novels can be read as standalones, there is a particular order to read them as characters are introduced. They are as follows:Medieval/Time Travels:To Love A Scottish Laird: De Wolfe Pack Connected WorldTo Love an English Knight: De Wolfe Pack Connected WorldIf My Heart Could See You: The MacLarens: A Medieval Romance (Book One)For All of Ever: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book One)Only For You: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book Two)Hearts Across Time (a special edition novel of For All of Ever & Only For You)A Knight To Call My Own: The MacLarens, A Medieval Romance (Book Two)To Follow My Heart: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book Three)The Piper's Lady: The MacLarens, A Medieval Romance (Book Three)Love Will Find You: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book Four)One Last Kiss: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book Five)Regency's:A Kiss For Charity: A De Courtenay Novella (Book One)The Earl Takes A Wife: A De Courtenay Novella (Book Two)Before I Found You: A De Courtenay Novella (Book Three) in Storm & Shelter, A Bluestocking Belles Collection with FriendsNothing But Time: A Family of Worth (Book One)One Moment In Time: A Family of Worth (Book Two)Under the MistletoeA Second Chance at Love: A Frost Fair Regency Romance

Betrothed to the Beast: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Reformed Rogues Book 1)

Awarded a B.R.A.G Medallion for Romance/Historical Fiction. [Re-edited]The Reformed Rogues series follows the lives of three fearsome Highland Warriors who form a bond stronger than any blood tie. It is set in 11th Century Scotland during the reign of ‘The Red King.’ Recommend reading books in series order.Highland Chieftain Beiste MacGregor is a ruthlessly ambitious warrior with the viciousness of a beast. He has little interest in women beyond the bedchamber. On the order of the Red King, he reluctantly travels with his men to the Lowlands to formalize a Betrothal to a woman from clan Dunbar. He is not prepared for the troublesome but striking clan healer he meets on the way, who not only infuriates him but stirs something deep within his soul.Amelia Dunbar is a clan healer and the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Dunbar. When she is not serving as a companion to her half-sister, she is tirelessly attending to the sick in her clan. Amelia has plans to find her mother's people in the Highlands and is about to embark on her journey when she is waylaid by the arrival of fearsome warriors. One warrior, they call ‘the Beast’, rouses her ire and sets her heart racing at the same time.Warning: Brawny alpha males, historical inaccuracies and frivolous entertainment ahead. If you like your fiction to be factual then this book is not for you. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. It contains mature content.

Wait For Me (Swoon Series Book 2)

A swoon-worthy single father, small town romance. One firefighter and the unexpected heroine who rocks his world.He makes an offer I can’t refuse. I never thought I was saving myself for anyone. Until Lucas.LucasMy priorities are my daughter and my job as a first responder. Romance isn’t even on the radar. Until one little package changes everything.In a single mind-blowing hour, I end up with a package meant for Valentina Smith, and I find out she’s innocent. I won’t even mention what’s in that package.Next thing I know, my other brain gets the best of me. Valentina deserves the best, so that brain says, running my mouth like it has no business.I don’t expect to fall for her. So hard it brings me to my knees. Did I mention she’s meant to be worshipped?Wait For Me is perfect for readers who love small town romance, single father romance, smart, sassy & innocent heroines, slow burn, emotional romance with a dash of angst, plenty of swoon, and a deeply protective broody hero.*A full-length, standalone romance.

Teasing The Boss (Billionaires In The City Book 2)

STAND ALONE CONTEMPORARY BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE***For a limited time, you can get a bonus scene from Teaching The Boss FREE & the complete Cross Falls Sage (Part One through Three) FREE - click here to find out more > (just copy and paste into your browser)*** Premier business consultant Simon West wants revenge--revenge against Mark DuFord, the slick and shady investment banker who's corruption led to his best friend's death.  Protected by wealth and political influence, DuFord has become untouchable--or so he thinks. But when DuFord's former girlfriend seeks Simon's help to resuscitate her company from the death of bad publicity, Simon knows that she is just the weapon he needs to finally destroy his enemy completely. All Simon has to do is pretend to love her. . .Grace Bell has worked entirely too hard to become New York City's top-notch event coordinator to let all of her success go down the drain with one misinterpreted photograph.  She knows that Simon has what it takes to get her company the positive exposure it needs. All she has to do is pretend to love him . . .

Flame (Men of Inked: Heatwave Book 1)

"A DELICIOUSLY WILD RIDE!"Gigi Gallo’s childhood was filled with the roar of a motorcycle and the hum of a tattoo gun. Her dream has always been to work at her family’s tattoo shop — Inked. But on her first day of work, she runs into someone from her not-so-innocent past.Pike Moore is a bossy biker with a cocky attitude and an even bigger ego. He came to Inked to start over. New town. New job. New roots. None of that included coming face-to-face with the hot chick who spent a week in his bed before she vanished without a trace.But when they are forced to work together, feelings they thought had been extinguished come roaring back and ignite a spark neither can stop.

Charade: Her Billionaire - Paris

Mark Redmond is a plumbing supplies importer.Or maybe a tax software salesman.Anything that makes him seem harmless when he is actually one of the most dangerous men on the planet.On a business trip to Paris, he encounters beautiful, classy Harper Kendall. After one incendiary night at the Ritz, he's not willing to let her go, even if it means a day of culture at the Louvre. Art isn't his thing, but he is willing to make an exception for Harper.But then danger strikes and that is his thing.He's not going to let anything happen to Harper, not while he is alive.Harper Kendall isn't into bland businessmen, so why is she so taken with Mark Redmond? He is so not her type and yet... it only takes one hot night to convince her that maybe he is. With their lives in danger, Harper discovers what it means to have a highly dangerous man protecting her and loving her.

Definitely Yes

One question from an ex-lover.One text message from a complete stranger.The same answer to both...Yes.Scarlett Bell has found a way to move beyond a dark past that threatened to take her best friend, Kinsley, from her. Now ten years later Scarlett has everything. A multi-billion dollar fashion and beauty empire. A fabulous New York apartment filled with everything a girl could need. And an awesome best friend. What more could she want? Love, marriage, and a baby. Everything her best friend has.One ex-boyfriend could give her everything she thinks she wants. Even if he is a little too nice...One dark stranger could give her everything she never knew she wanted. But he could destroy her life...Two men. Two choices. One answer to both: Definitely Yes.Definitely Series Order: Definitely YesDefinitely NoDefinitely ForeverEnds on a cliffhanger. 

The Tormented Duke and his Widow: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

He is cold, pained and cruel…As the second Duke, Neville Bennet has only time for duty and command. After losing his wife twenty years ago, images of her torment his mind, leaving him a former shell of himself. But now, he cares about one thing and one thing only: his daughter and her future. Until a woman—no, an enchantress, steals his heart…She is kind, understanding and hurt…Julia Smith, an older but still just as beautiful woman, does everything in her power to protect her son from the world’s cruelties. Focused on giving him the childhood she never had—hers was ridden with abuse, after all—her days are spent spoiling him beyond belief. Until the day, a mysterious man shakes her world and awakens the passion she wants—no, needs, to keep hidden.Only together can they heal…Julia and Neville make an unlikely agreement: they will connect their Houses by wedding their children.Until the unforeseen happens: they unexpectedly and shamelessly fall in love with each other.So why, oh why, are they so keen on denying it, despite their secret meetings? And how, oh how, will Julia manage to break Neville’s stone walls?*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then The Tormented Duke and his Widow is the novel for you.This is Olivia's 37th novel, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.Pick up "The Tormented Duke and his Widow" today to discover Olivia's amazing new story!

Bitten & Smitten (Immortality Bites Book 1)

Book #1 in the Immortality Bites series! My name is Sarah Dearly, and I’m having a week from hell—literally. My blind date bit me and made me into a vampire, and now I’m being chased all over the city by vampire hunters who want to introduce me to their wooden stakes.While fleeing for my life on four-inch stilettos, my path crossed with the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met. Thierry de Bennicoeur is a sexy, 600-year-old master vampire with a death wish. And here’s my plan: I’m going to convince him to guide me in my dangerous and unpredictable new vampire life, and in return, I’ll show him that life’s still worth living. To complicate matters, a vampire hunter named Quinn is after me, and he can’t seem to decide if he wants to kill me or kiss me.Being a vampire sucks, but it sure isn’t boring!“Rowen hits the nail (or is it the stake?) on the head with her feisty debut novel…a true modern girl’s guide to (vampire) life.” – Publishers Weekly AUTHOR NOTE: Bitten & Smitten was previously published in 2006 by Grand Central Publishing. This edition has been edited and updated from the original manuscript.

Perfect Stranger (The Millionairea??s Pretty Woman Series Book 1)

In that perfect stranger, I found my fairytale…Olivia Cadwell, brilliant with numbers but still having trouble figuring out where she fits into the world, is on the run from her hometown, courtesy of her mother's boyfriend—who has decided that Olivia is his next target.Leo Folley, head of the multi-billion-dollar company his father started, is minding his own business and carrying on as usual… until his publicist gives him a deadline: Find a girlfriend, play nice with the press, and be a better face for the company, or the board is going to make trouble.When Leo finds Olivia sleeping in her car in the alley outside of his office, he sees the perfect answer to his dilemma: a girl who needs money and a place to stay in exchange for playing his date for the big charity auction. For Olivia, it's the perfect solution: money, a place to stay, and safety from the man she's sure is searching for her. What's not to love?They both believe they can get through the week without taking anything too seriously.They're both wrong.A job is a job, until you're the bosses pretty woman…The Millionaire's Pretty Woman SeriesBook 1 – Perfect StrangerBook 2 – Captive DevotionBook 3 – Sweet Temptations

Lord Liar: Historical Regency Romance (Notoriously Sinful Ladies Book 1)

Which is going to hurt more; telling her the truth or living in a lie?Owen Bradford enjoys his rakish lifestyle. But his life is about to change after his father’s warning. He has just one year to find a wife and spare an heir or his allowance is gone.But who would marry a man with his reputation?Juliana Kent is tired of not getting any gentleman’s attention. In her second Season now, she has to secure a husband the soonest possible. After her brother’s death, her future is unsure.But how to get a suitor if no one ever lays eyes on her?When Owen saves a lady in distress, he is surprised to discover she is his late friend’s sister.Maybe a marriage arrangement could save not only her reputation but his allowance too.But keeping the true reason behind his proposal from Juliana is more difficult than he thought. The closer they get to each other, the worse her disappointment will be if she discovers the truth.With unexpected danger approaching, Owen's motive won't be the only thing threatening Juliana. He may be able to wound her heart but someone else is capable of ending her life…Their passion will kindle, yet the truth can blow out the fire in an instant…*If you like seductive Earls, Dukes, and Barons with a soft heart but a strong will, and romance stories depicting the Regency period, then Lord Liar is the perfect novel for you.Dive into the epic world of the Regency Era Ladies, Governesses, and Bluestockings while Roselyn Francis takes you on a suspenseful journey full of passion and true love!"Lord Liar" is a Historical Regency romance novel of more than 80,000 words (around 400 pages). STANDALONE, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Small Town Perfect Boxed Set 1

Small town romantic women’s fiction with love, hope, second chances, and a happy ending!Note from Mary:I love secondary characters: writing them, reading about them, even watching them on the big screen. Secondary characters support the “stars”; make them more vibrant and compelling. But when the story ends, I’m often left wondering what they’d do if they were in the “spotlight”. That’s why I’ve created special boxed sets that were part of That Second Chance series and the Truth in Lies series. These boxed sets let the reader follow the before and after of select characters as they first appear in That Second Chance series and later in the fictional town of my bestselling Truth in Lies series. Boxed Set One contains Pulling Home and A Family Affair: The Promise. I invite you to follow their journey!Pulling HomeShe'll risk anything to save her child...even the truth.It's taken nine years and a cross-country move, but Audra Valentine Wheyton has kept her secrets safe. She's created the perfect life: a husband who loves her, a daughter she adores, and a position as head writer for an award-winning daytime soap. When her husband dies suddenly, Audra returns to her hometown for the funeral and faces a community that has not forgotten her meager beginnings and the man who has never forgiven her for marrying his brother.Jack Wheyton is a successful pediatric neurosurgeon who is about to become engaged when Audra walks back into his life with her daughter. He forgave his brother long ago for taking something that had been his, something he hadn't even realized he wanted until it was gone. But forgiving Audra is another story...and forgetting her? Near impossible.When a shattering illness strikes Audra's daughter, she turns to Jack to save her child and risks exposing a secret that will change their lives forever.A Family Affair: The PromiseThere’s a new man in Magdalena, one badly in need of a second chance…Grant Richot sprinted through life, a boy wonder with talent, intelligence, confidence, and charm. He never doubted the world awaited him, just as he never doubted the right woman would come into his life—but only when he was ready for her. Anyone before that was simply preparation for the one.How wrong he was.Years and a tragedy later, Grant arrives in Maggie Finnegan’s hometown of Magdalena, New York—broken, uncertain, and searching for that second chance with the woman he cast aside. But Maggie’s no longer naïve and impressionable; she’s a confident, competent widow with a child, who has more at risk than another broken heart…Bree Kinkaid is dealing with heartache and betrayal the only way she can—denial. Her friends can’t help her, she won’t listen to her parents, and she rejects offerings of support and sympathy from the town as she attempts to hold onto that magical life she wanted. But when a stranger shows up at Bree’s doorstep with information about her husband, she can’t pretend any longer...Small Town Perfect Series:Boxed Set 1 includes Pulling Home and A Family Affair: The PromiseBoxed Set 2 includes The Way They Were and A Family Affair: The SecretBoxed Set 3 includes Simple Riches and A Family Affair: WinterBoxed Set 4 includes Paradise Found and A Family Affair: The WishBoxed Set 5 includes Not Your Everyday Housewife and A Family Affair: The GiftBoxed Set 6 includes The Butterfly Garden and A Family Affair: The Return

Capture Me

He's my enemy... and my assignment.One night—that's all it should be. One night of raw, primal passion.When his plane goes down, it should be the end. Instead, it's just the beginning.I betrayed Lucas Kent, and now he'll make me pay.

Falling For Ryan: Part One: A Friends to Lovers Romance

I shouldn’t want her—but damn, I need her.As my best friend, she’s off limits, right?WRONG.After discovering her boyfriend’s cheating, Molly shows up at my doorstep broken and alone. She’s been my rock since my world collapsed, and now the tables are turned, it’s my turn to support her.But something’s changed, and how I’m feeling about her is against all the rules. She needs a shoulder to cry on; not another man to break her heart.Lucky for us, I’m not just a man. I’m HER man. She just doesn’t know it yet...Falling For Ryan is the first part of Tracy Lorraine’s friends to lovers duet and the beginning of her steamy and emotionally charged contemporary romance Falling series. One click and start binge reading this series now!

A Study in Seduction (Daring Hearts Book 1)

The lovely mathematics scholar Lydia Kellaway of London can solve the most complex puzzles. The one problem she can’t figure out? Managing the most infuriating man she’s ever met.Alexander Hall, Viscount Northwood, has purchased a one-of-a-kind locket from a pawnshop, unaware of the priceless sentiment it holds for Lydia. If he were a gentleman, he would simply return it to her. But Alexander is curious to see just how bold this brilliant beauty will be.What began as a playful wager quickly escalates. As their sizzling attraction grows, even Lydia can’t account for the feelings Alexander arouses in her with his smile or the fire he ignites with his touch. But when a dark family secret is suddenly thrown into the equation, it just might divide them forever.*An earlier edition of this book was published under the name Nina Rowan by Grand Central Publishing. Well-suited for steamy Victorian and Regency romance fans of Julia Quinn and the Bridgerton series who love strong heroines, dashing heroes, and scandalous secrets."A rare combination of beautiful writing and hot sensuality." – Eloisa James, New York Times Bestselling author“Perfect blend of wit and intrigue…skillfully weaving mathematics in the most fascinating way.” – Jo, Amazon reviewerThe Daring Hearts Series- A Study in Seduction- A Passion for Pleasure- A Dream of Desire

To Capture a Duke's Heart

Their attraction was immediate and undeniable, but not everyone was pleased with their burgeoning romance. And with one treacherous act…Gabriel Ashcroft, the sixth Duke of Ainsworth and the eldest of the three brothers infamously dubbed "The Ashcroft Angels" by their throng of female admirers, had long been considered one of London’s most eligible bachelors, much to his never-ending consternation. As such, he’d spent years eschewing the pursuits of the ton’s marriage-minded debutantes and eluding their countless attempts to lure him to the altar. Thus, no one was more surprised than him when he found himself utterly entranced by an innocent young beauty on the verge of her debut, one who affected him as no other woman had before. But when the Earl of Beckford’s eighteen-year-old daughter mysteriously turned up in his bed one morning, he realized that the young lady who'd garnered his interest wasn’t nearly as innocent as she appeared.When Lady Penelope Houghton awoke in the Duke of Ainsworth’s bed, she hadn’t the slightest notion as to how she'd gotten there. Unfortunately, however, the man lying next to her, the sinfully handsome lord who’d captivated her with his beguiling charm and mesmerizing smile, was now convinced that she was nothing more than a duplicitous schemer who’d set out to trap him into marriage.Honor-bound to marry the conniving vixen, Gabriel vowed to keep his new bride at arm’s length; but much to his annoyance he soon discovered that some things are easier said than done. Determined to earn her husband’s trust and break through the invisible barrier that he’d erected between them, Penny would risk her heart time and again to prove her innocence as well as her love to the man she adored. But would it be enough…

The Marriage Contract (Marriage by Fairytale Book 1)

On her wedding day, Patricia Cotter, the widowed Lady of Pruett, signed a contract agreeing to the following:1. She would never look at her husband’s face.2. She would never remove the sheets covering the mirrors.3. She would never ask her husband about his past.In return for doing these things, she will have a secure place for her unborn child and her worries will be over. She has nothing to lose by agreeing to her husband’s terms. Yes, she’s heard the rumors about Mr. Stephen Bachman. He was said to have killed his first wife, though there is no proof condemning him of the crime. He is aloof and never leaves his manor. He is practically a prisoner in his own home.But as she gets to know him, she begins to believe her husband isn’t the beast everyone’s made him out to be. There just might be a gentleman worth loving beneath his hard exterior. The questions is, can she get him to let go of the past so he can open himself up to the possibility of a fairytale romance?BOOKS IN THE MARRIAGE BY FAIRYTALE SERIES:Book 1: The Marriage ContractBook 2: One Enchanted EveningMore to come in the future

Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles Book 1)

For college student Mia Stalis, the invaders—the beautiful, mysterious Krinar—are only stories on the news. Rumors about them abound: about their impossible strength and speed, their intentions toward Earth… their vampiric tendencies. None of it concerns her, though—until she catches Korum’s eye.Powerful and terrifyingly seductive, the Krinar leader will stop at nothing to possess her. Helplessly drawn to her magnetic captor, Mia is plunged into the dangerous, secretive world of the Ks and forced to choose between truth and lies, her people and her lover… her freedom and her heart.

Pitch Black: A Romantic Thriller (Blackwood Security Book 1)

What happens when an assassin has a nervous breakdown?After the owner of a security company is murdered, his sharp-edged wife goes on the run. Forced to abandon everything she holds dear - her home, her friends, her job in special ops - she builds a new life for herself in England. As Ashlyn Hale, she meets Luke, a handsome local who makes her realise just how lonely she is.Yet, even in the sleepy village of Lower Foxford, the dark side of life dogs Diamond’s trail when the unthinkable strikes. Forced out of hiding, she races against time to save those she cares about. But is it too little, too late? Please be aware that although one story arc is concluded in this book, Diamond’s full story is told over books 1-3 in the Blackwood Security series.

Conflict of Interest (The Walker Five Book 1)

Elle resigned herself to being the responsible one. She moved her and her recovering dad out of the city to a small town. Her new job keeps his medical bills at bay, and caring for her dad soaks up her free time. But she’s never had a social life anyway. It’s been just the two of them for so long she doesn’t know any different. After returning home from the army, Dillon jumps into business with four of his cousins. He’s the oldest and the unofficial leader of the farm and ranch operation. But it’s lonely at the top. At the end of the day, he comes home to an empty house, memories, and the promise made to his dad before he died.It’s time to follow through on that promise and make an appointment with the new counselor in town.By doing that Dillon ruins his chances with the smartest and most gorgeous woman he’s ever met just by walking into her office. He’d rather get to know her instead of talking about his problems. She’d rather transfer him to a colleague and never see him again. Dillon gave up on therapy, but he’s not giving up on the chemistry he felt for that one hour he had with Elle. Just Elle’s luck. Dillon’s handsome, charming, and persistent. But she’s walked this road with her dependent dad. If Dillon can’t face his demons, not even she can help him, and she won’t stick around to watch.

Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 1)

***USA Today and Amazon Top 20 Bestseller***STONEFIRE DRAGONS BOOK 1In exchange for a vial of dragon’s blood to save her brother’s life, Melanie Hall offers herself up as a sacrifice to one of the British dragon-shifter clans. Being a sacrifice means signing a contract to live with the dragon-shifters for six months to try to conceive a child. Her assigned dragonman, however, is anything but easy. He’s tall, broody, and alpha to the core. There’s only one problem—he hates humans.Due to human dragon hunters killing his mother, Tristan MacLeod despises humans. Unfortunately, his clan is in desperate need of offspring to repopulate their numbers and it’s his turn to service a human female. Despite his plans to sleep with her and walk away, his inner dragon has other ideas. The curvy human female tempts his inner beast like no other.Full-length story of 65,000 words with a happy ending / A BBW and Dragon-Shifter Paranormal RomanceNOTE: This was previously titled, "Sacrificed to the Dragon: Boxed Set (Parts #1-4)." However, it is exactly the same story.

Fire On The Farm (Second Chance Cowboy Romance) (Healed Hearts Romances Book 1)

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Betty Shreffler, comes a passionate and heartbreakingly beautiful, second chance, cowboy romance.Losing the man she loved to a terrible accident, pushes Amy into a life of independence. Her only source of comfort is her work -- a ranch dedicated to the care and training of horses. Until one lonely night leads her into the arms of a cowboy who fulfills her deepest desires and reignites a flame long forgotten.Between the scars of a past betrayal and running his own business, Brock has little time for women, but that doesn't stop him from being open to love. After saving Amy from a canceled date, he's instantly drawn to the beautiful woman hiding secrets beneath her lust-filled baby blues -- secrets he intends to discover.Undeniable attraction pulls them into each other's arms. Hope draws them into each other's lives. For Amy, Brock may be the man to bring love back into her lonely life, if only she can overcome the wounds of her past and face her biggest fear -- risking the pain of another shattered heart..."Holy heartbreaker this book was emotional, HOT, and healing all in one sitting! ...You will feel the emotions...and the love reading this book... " ~ Smashly Bookalicious Reviewing Chicks

Skyborn (Dragons and Druids Book 1)

Alone, on the run, and fighting for her life. Sloane Murphy thought hiking the Grand Canyon alone after graduation would be an awesome adventure. Until she slips and starts to plummet to her death. Then the unthinkable happens. She transforms into… a dragon. After flying to safety and trying to convince herself she isn’t having a mental breakdown, the hunters come for her. She runs, somehow managing to stay one step ahead of them. Until her luck runs out. Now the hunters have her and they intend to kill, not capture. That’s when he comes for her. Logan Sharp is the last dragon shifter alive. Or so he thinks, until he gets word that the druids are hunting a red headed female. His team takes her in, sheltering her because there is a truth she must learn: if the skyborn die out, then so does humanity. But Sloane is hiding a dark secret that she doesn’t even know yet. A secret that could change everything.*Recommended reading age 16+ due to language

The Monk of Mayfair: A Scandalous Season: Book One

A clean and sweet quick-read Regency romance novella!Henrietta Marks is in trouble. Not only is she a woman of formerly modest means now in possession of a large inheritance, but her first entrance into high society was a disaster beyond measure. Instead of being an elegant, witty success, she ends up causing a very public disaster and injuring herself - injuring herself so badly that she ends up having to be transported to the home of the only gentleman in the ton seemed utterly unmarriageable: Oliver Amersham, the Monk of Mayfair. Oliver Amersham is irritated. Used to a life of quiet seclusion, haunted by memories of battlefields in France, the idea of a chaotic young lady in his morning room provokes him more than he thought possible. But as the days pass, he can't seem to stop finding any excuse to be around her - and Henrietta, despite feeling intimidated by the scowling earl, soon finds herself enchanted. Can love blossom in such unusual circumstances? And can Amersham, so withdrawn and wounded, finally open his heart? Lose yourself in this sweet, heartwarming slice of Regency escapism by Ivy Hart, author of clean, quick-read romance novellas. With plucky heroines, gracious heroes and spirited courtships, these brief but beautiful tales will make any spare hour fly by!This book is the first standalone in the Scandalous Season series. If you like comic misadventures, unexpected sentiments and romance that defies all odds, you'll love these quick, charming Regency reads!

Faite Books 1-3 Bundle: Including Ugly Girl, Lost Girl and Rich Girl

Running toward danger is about to become Rosie’s full-time job.When a grizzled stranger crashes into her life and lifts the concealment that has marred her face since childhood, Rosie Avalon leaves everything she knows behind. Pulled into a realm teeming with magical creatures, Rosie must navigate this new, broken world while avoiding capture by the evil queen, who knows there’s more to Rosie than meets the eye.Bastien is an Untouchable, feared and shunned by all but a handful of elite warriors. His realm has been ravaged by the evil queen’s reign, but he will stop at nothing to save the land he loves, even if it means pushing Rosie past her breaking point.Thrust into a quest that threatens to destroy her family, Rosie’s path is clear: she must sacrifice all she holds dear to save a world on the brink of collapse, and hope she doesn’t lose herself along the way.This is books 1-3 in a 14-part fantasy romance series written by USA Today Bestselling Author Mary E. Twomey. Download now to start this heart-pounding adventure!

Hard to Love (Hard to Love series Book 1)

An epic and addictive roller coaster ride of a romance that’s unforgettably heart-wrenching and jaw-dropping, brought to you by Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author, Willow Winters. Our love story isn't a tragedy but it sure as hell started out like one.I grew up in the life, and learned to hate everything in this town. Everything but her. She was my constant through it all.Just a look would tempt and torment.Just a touch would singe and soothe.I only survived because she was by my side.I feared the danger would bleed into what we had.After all, she was too good for this world. But I was too far gone to push her away.I was Laura’s downfall. Problem was, she was mine too.Hard to Love is book 1 of the Hard to Love, romantic suspense, series."This highly addictive read had me glued to its pages, and unable to put it down. This story will have you jaw-dropping, gasping for breath, and begging for more!" Sarah, SWBR Book Blog & Reviews

Four Riding Hard: MMFM Bisexual Reverse Harem Romance (Four at War)

My bosses want to ride me hard.But they'll have to compete against each other to do it.Unless they can learn to share.When I crash my bike in their territory, I think a motorcycle gang is going to kill me. But Cadel, Axel, and Jett aren't just the burley bikers they appear to be. Sure, they're ripped, cocky, clad in leather and own a dive bar. But behind their rough exteriors lie soft hearts, because they take pity on me and offer me a job.Or maybe it was that I made something else of theirs hard. Because soon they're laying their grisly biker charm on thick, and I welcome their advances. I'm even hoping to lose my virginity to one of my rough riding bosses.But as I keep working at the Sugar Skull, it's clear that chemistry isn't the only thing heating up between each of them and me. There's some jealous rising between the three of them, because they all three want me. Or might it be that they each want to share each other, with me in between all of them?As if choosing between my bosses or trying to figure out the complicated feeling hidden behind their tough façade isn't hard enough, a mistake at work makes me the target of a dangerous customer. I've ruined his drug supply and he's demanding a million dollars in compensation, or else he says he's coming after my family and me.My life is in danger and my heart is tangled up with three men. But an upcoming motorcycle race seems to be the answer to all my problems. If I can beat the bad guy, I can clear my name. And my bosses will be riding against each other to see which one wins me as his prize. But what if there's a tie?Does only more drama await me at the finish line?Or are we headed towards a four-way happily ever after?Four Riding Hard is a full length standalone MMFM bisexual reverse harem romance novel. No cheating. No cliffhangers. Just a lot of steamy goodness between three bad boy bikers, one curvy, feisty heroine, and a happily ever after for all.

Nothing to Fear (The Blackbridge Series Book 1)

The gifts were innocent… at first.After a traumatic assault, Hannah Novak returns to her home-town hoping for a fresh start. However, when strange gifts turn up on her doorstep, and a stalker fixates on her, she discovers that Blackbridge isn’t the safe haven it once was. With no family left to turn to, she’s forced to seek help from the broody new cop in town.Ryan Kilpatrick has travelled across the country to create a stable home for his young son, but being a police officer makes that hard. He doesn’t need Hannah’s problems added to his own, yet her courage and vulnerability awakens the protector in him.With time running out, can Hannah learn to trust again before it’s too late?Because this time, there are no second chances.

Morgan's Hunter: Book One In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series

They bring out the worst in each other until they're running for their lives... Morgan Taylor, D.C. socialite and wildlife biologist, leads a charmed life until everything changes with a phone call. Her research team has been found dead—slaughtered—in backcountry Montana.As the case grows cold, Morgan is determined to unravel the mystery behind her friends’ gruesome deaths. Despite the dangers of a murderer still free, nothing will stand in her way, not even the bodyguard her father hires, L.A.’s top Close Protection Agent, Hunter Phillips.Sparks fly from the start when no-nonsense Hunter clashes with Morgan’s strong-willed independence. Their endless search for answers proves hopeless—until Hunter discovers the truth.

Darling Bay Beginnings: Three Heartwarming Beach Reads

Set in Darling Bay, these three heartwarming stories will welcome you to the town and introduce to all the hilarious characters of the small California coastal town.The Darling Songbirds:The saloon had always looked old-fashioned, but now it resembled a set in a ghost town. The boards creaked under Adele Darling’s feet as if they hadn’t been stepped on since women wore hoop skirts. Cobwebs on the porch slung themselves from top beams to bottom ones, and an old wagon wheel leaned against a hitching post in front. It was as if the sidewalk had been poured right around the post, and her Toyota hybrid looked completely wrong parked next to it. It should have been a horse.The building is a ruin, the business is broke and customers are scarce. Add into the mix Nate Houston - the handsome, guitar-playing bartender who had always believed he would be the next owner - and Adele has one potent cocktail on her hands.Can a rundown saloon in a sleepy town finally offer Adele a way into love?Blaze:Grace is doing just fine—she doesn't need help, especially from a man whose very nickname is unhealthy. Tox Ellis is the hazmat expert at the Darling Bay Fire Department, and he knows what compounds to keep apart to prevent explosions. Why, then, can't he seem to stay away from Grace, the woman who seems to think he needs fixing? Is Darling Bay ready for the chemical reaction Grace and Tox generate whenever they're in the same place at the same time? And who will be standing by to put out the flames?On the Market:Liam Ballard is good at buying houses, fixing them up with his brothers, and flipping them for a profit. When Felicia from the network shows up to offer them a reality show (the brothers renovate a house while one of them dates the buyer), the pay is too good to turn down. With it, they'll finally be able to open the after-school program for at-risk youth to honor the man who raised them. But when the very LA-like Felicia decides she'll be the buyer of the property (and his date), Liam wonders for the first time what set of keys he'll want to pass over to her, and will one of them unlock his heart?“Relationships are at the heart of women’s fiction, and Herron could teach a master class on creating them.” Chicklit CentralScroll up to Click Buy!

The Dragon of New Orleans (The Treasure of Paragon Book 1)

A cursed dragon shifter, a terminal cancer patient, and a magical bond that promises to save them both... if they don't kill each other first.2020 RONE award winner BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE LONG2020 Independent Publisher Book Award for BEST ROMANCE E-BOOKNew Orleans: city of intrigue, supernatural secrets, and one enigmatic dragon.A deadly curse...For 300 years, Gabriel Blakemore has survived in New Orleans after a coup in his native realm of Paragon scattered him and his dragon siblings across the globe. Now a jealous suitor's voodoo curse threatens to end his immortal existence. His only hope is to find an antidote, one that may rest in a mortal woman.A lifesaving gift...After five years of unsuccessful treatment for her brain cancer, death is a welcome end for Raven Tanglewood. Her illness has become a prison her adventurous spirit cannot abide. Salvation comes in the form of Gabriel, who uses dragon magic to save her.A harrowing price...To Raven, the bond that results from Gabriel's gift is another kind of captivity. Can Gabriel win Raven's love and trust in time to awaken the life-saving magic within her? Or will his fiery personality and possessive ways drive her from his side and seal his fate?"Fans of paranormal romance will get swept up in this quick, steamy romance and the intriguing mystery wrapped in magic."[Book Life] -Publisher's Weekly"The romance burns slowly, and the suspense will keep you glued to the pages" -Uncaged Reviews

A Maiden and her Music Master: The Unmarriageables: Book Four

It takes courage to navigate the Regency marriage market, but it takes even more courage to refuse it. When five spirited young ladies send a letter to the papers informing the ton of their decision to remain single, there's no small uproar - but Arabella, Grace, Rose, Bertha and Susan are determined to claim independence. Of course, their rejection of marriage feels set in stone at the time... but once the ladies meet their chosen gentlemen, even the strongest principles can waver in the face of true love!Rose Goodyear is exhausted. Publicly declaring a lack of interest in marriage and being sent in disgrace to her aunt and uncle in Whitby was tiring enough, but now she's been a wedding guest three times to see the friends who made her same vow go back on their word. Not only that, but Lady Gaunt's Christmas gathering is approaching - and the piece she has to sing must be absolutely perfect. Sheltering in the abandoned St. Paul's church after an unexpected rain shower, she tries to both collect herself and honour her talents by practicing her notes.Tarquin DeLonge is a monster - or at least he thinks he is. Disfigured from an accident five years ago, he now lives the life of a shy, music-obsessed recluse in a decaying church on a quiet street. But one day a voice brings him out of the darkness... and the woman attached to it not only shares his passion for music, but is in desperate need of instruction.Moonlit lessons begin, the empty church full of song. Passions rise, along with sentiments that Tarquin never thought he could feel again. But Rose wants her music master with her on the night of the grand performance - can Tarquin overcome his terrors, his distrust of people, to aid the woman he loves? Lose yourself in this deliciously sensual slice of Regency escapism by Felicia Greene, the queen of quick-read romance novellas. With tortured dukes, teasing heroines and attraction that defies all decorum, these brief but beautiful tales will make any spare hour fly by!This book is the fourth standalone in the Unmarriageables series, with faces from Books One,Two and Three popping up. If you like misadventures, forbidden attraction and love that defies all odds, you'll love these quick, steamy Regency reads!

The Wolven Mark: A Paranormal Royalty Fae Academy Shifter Rejected Mates Romance (Hidden Legends: University of Sorcery Book 1)

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Megan Linski conjures a fantasy shifter romance where fae bond with fated mates and royals rule a dark kingdom.Thousands of copies sold! Discover why readers are calling this series their next book obsession!Finding your soulmate can be deadly...EmmaI never believed magic was real— until I used it to kill a werewolf.Not long after, a letter arrived from a supernatural school, claiming I was a sorceress. I’m forced into a world where dragons breathe fire, griffins fly, alicorns battle and wolves hunt monsters. At this academy, sorceresses are bound to alpha shifter mates, and pagan rituals are used to connect with the gods.I know my mate is somewhere within the school… along with those who want my blood. A cult of dark magic is following my every move, and I have to master my powers before they come for me…EthanI never meant to kill my own father.What happened led to the loss of my leg, and my reputation as heir to the throne. I found a way to pay for my sins by playing the role of Prince Ethan during the day, and a vigilante hunting cultists by night. Keeping my secret identity hidden has been far more difficult than I imagined.But now my kingdom is at stake. A new leader will be chosen through the King’s Contest, a fatal competition where contestants battle for power and, more often than not, die in the process. Without a mate, I cannot compete for the crown.I formed an unbreakable bond with Emma upon first sight. But I have to keep my love a secret. Emma can’t know she’s my true mate; otherwise, she’ll be in more danger than ever before.But the King’s Contest is rapidly approaching, and if I don’t choose a mate soon, the fate of my country will fall into the wrong hands…***A Court of Thorns and Roses meets The Witcher in this fae academy series that's haunted with sexy shifters and dark deception. Rejected mates and a fight for the crown come together in this supernatural love story of vigilantes, villains, and superheroes. Fall for alpha bad boy kings and find true love in this enchanting royalty romance addition to the Hidden Legends universe."Oh wow, now this is a novel worth waiting for. I honestly haven't read something like this in ages." - Jessica Mitchell, Reviewer ★★★★★"Overall this was just what I wanted, and I have a terrible book hangover I am not sure how to recover from." - Smada's Book Smack ★★★★★"Once I picked up The Wolven Mark I didn’t want to lay it down for a minute. I just wanted to keep on reading." - Nancy Allen, The Avid Reader ★★★★★Scroll up to join the royals today!This series takes place in the Hidden Legends Universe, along with the Academy of Magical Creatures series, the College of Witchcraft series, and the Prison for Supernatural Offenders series. The Hidden Legends universe features college-aged protagonists attending magical academies, dual points-of-view, disabled and diverse main characters, and steamy, empowering romances. Each series stands on its own and can be read in any order.This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 18+

Alpha Turned (Wolf Appeal Book 1)

Not all men are bad…Strong, independent, and happy on her own, Hillary has grown from the naïve person she was four years ago after a brutal rape turned her into a werewolf. The normal life she’s made for herself is only upset once a month when the moon calls to her and she has an uncontrollable urge to turn furry and chase small creatures. And she doesn’t need a man for that. Until she finally meets another werewolf, this one a gorgeous, sexy guy who is determined to change her mind about one furry man in particular–him.No, some men are very, very good…The minute Zach scents Hillary he knows she’s the mate he’s been searching for. Though both the wolf and the man are itching to claim her, first he has to convince her that he’s one of the good guys, and that there are certain benefits to being an alpha werewolf. And there’s no better way of making Hillary see that, than giving her himself—body, mind, and soul.Please note: This book was previously released by another publisher. Only minor editing changes have been made.Alpha Turned can be read by itself. It is not necessary to read the series to enjoy this book.Wolf Appeal Series:Book 1 - Alpha TurnedBook 2 - Challenge AcceptedBook 3 - Going Deeper

Blood Rites: Book 2 of the Grey Wolves Series

Who knew finding your soul mate would be the easy part? With the challenge complete and the corrupt Alpha of Coldspring defeated, Fane is now free to complete the mate bond with Jacque and perform the Blood Rites. Although the immediate threat is neutralized, the effects of Fane's victory are far-reaching. Once it is known that Vasile, one of the strongest Alphas in the world, is in America, another wolf takes notice. And this one happens to share Jacque's DNA. But is this new wolf the one she needs to fear?With her mother and two best friends in tow, Jacque sets off for her happily ever after. But a freak accident sends her plans up in a fiery inferno on the side of the road. Now, she's stuck in the hospital grappling with wounds that go beyond her physical body. The new mates, Fane and Jacque, just want to be together. But how will Fane respond when he finds out the accident was just the beginning of a complex plan to tear Jacque from his grasp forever?Editorial Reviews☆☆☆☆☆ 5.0 out of 5 stars Can't get enough of this series! HOT!! ~Verified Amazon Purchaser☆☆☆☆☆ I've actually read this book about 5 times now and I still haven't got tired of it. ~Verified Amazon Purchaser☆☆☆☆☆ An intense second book! Blood Rites blew me away! I loved it! ~Verified Amazon Purchaser

Sisters of the Coven (Daughters of the Warlock Book 1)

My mother’s death unleashes her biggest secret…a secret that could destroy us all.My father is the most powerful warlock in the universe, and he doesn’t even know I exist. Now, with my jailer of a mother dead, I need to find him. But to do that...I need to lie about who I am. Because the Warlock Council wants me dead.A half mongrel warrior Fae says he will help me, but he’s my father’s bodyguard. And as sexy as he is, he's the last man I should trust. Maybe Mother was right. That I would have been safer in our realm. But now I have a secret of my own I have to protect.Specifically, that I'm not the only illegitimate heir.‘Charmed’ meets ‘Shadow Hunters’ in this fast paced, exciting paranormal fantasy series that will keep you hooked to the very end. Scroll up and one click to start reading Daughters of the Warlock today!

Summer Magic (The Thorne Witches Book 1)

Summer Magic is a paranormal romance with zany characters and hijinks. Due to adult themes, this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Heat level: 3.5Life in a small town can be tough. It can be even tougher when you're a witch whose magic regularly backfires. But Summer Thorne only wants one thing: to create the perfect sanctuary for unwanted animals. Nothing and no one is going to stop her. Not even the sexy sheriff who is determined to shut down her rescue center. And certainly not the laboratory where she illegally obtained her mischievous chimpanzee, Morty.Sheriff Cooper Carlyle has one goal: to keep his town safe. That includes his stubborn neighbor, Summer, whether she wants him to or not. When the animals of Summer's menagerie get loose and create havoc, he decides enough is enough. But things aren't always as they appear, and Coop stumbles upon the secret the Thorne sisters have been hiding.Coop and Summer suspect Morty holds the key to unlock a seventeen-year-old mystery surrounding the death of Summer's mother. Now Coop is faced with breaking the law he is sworn to uphold in order to protect Summer and her beloved pet from a threat more dangerous than any of them imagined.

Jackson: The Sutter Brothers

Annabelle Winters is sick of the big city. She hates her job, hates her boss, and hates her life. And then she receives a letter informing her she’s inherited a slice of land in Apple Pie Creek, Montana. Jack Sutter has just retired from the army and plans to renovate an old grist mill he recently inherited back home in Apple Pie Creek. But when his feisty city-slicker neighbor shows up, everything that can go wrong suddenly does. Is she responsible for all the chaos? Or is it just that he can’t seem to do anything right around her?City girl meets country boy in this sweet and tender love story of two neighbors with no fence between them……oh, and a Moose. A very drunk Moose.Cynthia Dees is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 80 romances. Join her in Apple Pie Creek, Montana where clean and wholesome romance is alive and well. There will be love, laughter, and shenanigans aplenty in this sweet and whimsical series about seven bachelor brothers whose mother who is desperate to get her boys married off so she can start having grandkids."A delightfully light and refreshing read....Ms. Dees never lets me down...What fun. Five stars! Highly recommend..."

VonBrandt Wolf Pack Volume One: Small Town Texas Sexy Werewolf Romances

Enjoy the first three books in the VonBrandt Wolf Pack series in one convenient boxset. A steamy paranormal romance set in the small town of Somewhere, Texas!With 500+ five star reviews, you don’t want to miss this bundle!This collection includes:To Save A Mate: Somewhere, TXWhen an accident threatens Kara’s life, Luke risks everything to save the girl he’s always loved — even if it means revealing his inner wolf…Luke’s wolf insists he find a way to claim her as his own, but Kara’s broken heart will fight him every step of the way.To Love A Mate: Somewhere, TXCan a small-town cowboy win the heart of a woman who doesn’t have one?Surviving charity functions by day and automatic weapons and death threats by night, Emma Carrington learned to be as hard as the men her daddy hired to protect her. Hell, she even carried a military grade stun gun in her Prada bag and could shoot just as well as any of her ex-military bodyguards if the need arose.When a failed kidnapping attempt forces her to hide out in Somewhere, Texas, Emma finds herself stranded, floundering through cow patties, and desperate for a car. Who better to “borrow” from than the sexy naked man she sees turn into a wolf and leave his perfectly good pickup truck available for use, right?When a beautiful blonde woman trespasses on the ranch and sees him transform, Noah knows he only has two choices —claim her or let the pack erase her memories. But even as Noah fights to save her, Emma’s past is hot on her heels and out for more than memories.To Win A Mate: Somewhere, TXJared VonBrandt wasn’t looking for a mate, but when the amber-eyed New Orleans beauty, Elise Blanchard is staring at him from a charity auction block, he can’t deny his wolf’s desire. He’ll win her at any cost.Elise Blanchard has never met another werewolf.She spends her full-moon nights locked in her apartment, hoping the neighbors don’t see her shift.A twist of fate gives her an opportunity she’ll risk everything to claim.

Of Heart and Wings (Dragon King Series Book 1)

Raiden is the firstborn son and heir to the throne. When his father is injured, the weight of the crown is heavier than ever. At seventeen years old, Raiden isn’t sure he can live up to the king’s legacy.Egan is a dragon who appears human. He works for his family as a blacksmith. The secret he must protect keeps him from getting close to anyone.After a chance encounter, Raiden discovers Egan’s secret. They form a friendship forged by trust, it soon blossoms into something neither of them expected. The strength they find in each other may just help them rise up to meet their destinies.

A Cowboy for Alyssa: Burlap and Barbed Wire

Looks can be deceiving, and a cowboy only gets one chance to make a good impression.Alyssa Jefferson is ready to start her veterinary internship at the Rockin' K ranch, in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, where she will be assisting with the births of over three hundred pregnant cows. It’s a dream come true, and she’s so excited the joy is oozing from her. As icing on the cake, it appears the brothers that own the ranch are sexy as can be. A few months with some eye candy, is just what the doctor ordered. Beau Kipling sees the sweet young thing coming for her riding lesson, and feels a kick to his gut. What is this hot young woman doing dating a man old enough to be her father? He’s so ticked off, he can’t stop himself from being an ass to her. He’s never, in his whole life, felt the instant attraction he feels for this female, and she’s some old guys arm candy. When the truth is revealed, that Alyssa is his intern for the spring, and not the sheriff’s new girlfriend, Beau knows he’s blown it. And he can’t even explain why he was so mean. No woman wants to hear a guy thought she was a gold digger. Now they must work together all spring. Can he convince her to give him a second chance?

Shadows: A Bayou Magic Novel

From New York Times Bestselling Author, Kristen Proby, comes an all new paranormal romance set in the mystical city of New Orleans…I am never alone. Not even when I am alone. I see the unquiet dead, the souls that wander through the French Quarter. They can’t move on, and I can’t stop seeing them. I wear malachite for protection, and I control what I let in. It’s the only way to stay sane. Everything changes the day Cassian Winslow joins my ghost walking tour and knocks my world off its axis with green eyes the color of the stone around my neck. An unspeakable evil is loose in New Orleans, taking young women and leaving a bloodbath in his wake. More shadows lurking for me. More unhappy dead. There might be a way to stop it.Open myself up to Cassian. If I do, it could spell his death.But if I don’t, it’s mine.

Sinister Summer: A Ghost Story Romance & Mystery (Wicks Hollow Book 1)

A sexy professor.A logical lawyer.A determined ghost.And a very real killer...Welcome to Wicks Hollow: a cozy town near Lake Michigan filled with quaint houses, eccentric residents, and more than its share of ghosts, murders, and romance.Diana Iverson needs a break--from her stressful job, from her philandering boyfriend, and from the rest of her fast-paced life. When she inherits her eccentric Aunt Jean's home on Wicks Lake, Diana takes a much-needed vacation in the cozy little town.But when the lake house becomes the scene of multiple break-ins and other unsettling events, Diana begins to suspect Aunt Jean’s death was not as innocent as it seems.And then there’s Ethan Murphy, the sexy college professor who lives next door… He appears to know a lot more about Aunt Jean than he should, and Diana doesn’t trust him.But most of all, there's Aunt Jean herself…who seems determined to communicate with Diana—from beyond the grave.A ghost story romance set in a small town, featuring a cozy mystery about a ghost that just won’t rest until justice is served. The perfect blend of romance, suspense, and ghosts."When I want to scratch my paranormal itch, there's nothing better than a book by Colleen Gleason!" — #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr“Like Nancy Drew for grown-ups!” —New York Times bestselling author Mara JacobsEach book in the Wicks Hollow series is a romantic suspense novel with all the quirks of a small town setting—the perfect blend of humorous contemporary romance with cozy mystery and supernatural suspense.Heat Level: SexyMystery: CozyMood: Mildly creepy, Suspenseful, HumorousThe Wicks Hollow series does not have to be read in order. Look for the following titles:Sinister SummerSinister SecretsSinister ShadowsSinister SanctuarySinister Stage (Sept 2020)

The Billionaire's High School Reunion (Small Town Billionaires Book 1)

Friendship turns into young love, a nasty breakup, and maybe a second chance. Can this billionaire make his great life perfect?Blake Murphy wants redemption. More than that, he wants a second chance. He'd been avoiding his home town since the day he left for college. Trista Kennedy would be there and he had no idea how he'd face her after the way he'd treated her. But now he'd find out. His high school reunion was coming up and he'd see her then. Trista had moved on from Blake. Until she saw him when he came home for their high school reunion. He was handsome, rich, and easy going. He'd only been boyishly good looking in high school. So much had happened in a decade.Blake's old flame - the one who'd come after he'd broken Trista's heart - was ready to scoop him up again. Trista couldn't even think about competing with her. She'd never outshine the former cheerleader and constant social butterfly. But she felt something. Yearning. What might have been. Regret. She thought he felt it, too.Is there a chance to mend broken relationships in the heat of a small Arizona town after a decade apart?

Jaxson (Riverwise Private Security 1) - Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

Three brothers. Three Secrets. One hope to save the shifters of Seattle. Former SEAL Jaxson River would give his life for his brothers and his pack, but if he doesn’t claim a mate soon, he’ll be forced to step down as their alpha. There’s only one problem: Jaxson’s dark secret would kill any mate he claimed. With someone kidnapping shifters off the street—and only Jaxson and his brothers, Jace and Jared, to stop them—now is not the time for his secret to come out. Curvy Olivia Lilyfield is a half-witch orphan with a dark secret of her own. She wants to atone for it by doing good in the world, so when she finds a wolf being tortured in an alley, she doesn’t hesitate to help… even though wolves and witches mix like matches and TNT.Olivia’s dangerous magic means she can’t let anyone get too close—but Jaxson can’t keep his hands off her, and his kisses are more than she can resist. As they race to save the disappearing shifters of Seattle, the true danger lies in loving each other. They’re playing with magical fire… and their secrets could end up destroying them both.Jaxson is a complete novel with HEA, the first in the Riverwise Private Security trilogy.

Loving Lauren (The West Series Book 1)

Lauren had been raised to not be afraid of anything, and she lived by that code, that is until her dad died and left everything in her hands. Now she’s not only in charge of her two younger sisters, but she’s running a full-blown Texas ranch. Caring for a thousand‑acre ranch has its ups and downs, physically, mentally, and financially. All she is looking for is a little break. What she doesn't have time for is someone who will only complicate her life further.Chase is back in his hometown. Helping his dad with his veterinary practice is high on his list. So is being with the lovely Lauren West. Years ago, he found a unique way to bind them together. Now all he has to do is prove to her that he’s the right man to spend the rest of her life with.

The Fire Prophecy: A Supernatural Fantasy Romance Series (Hidden Legends: Academy of Magical Creatures Book 1)

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHORS Megan Linski and Alicia Rades create a fantasy paranormal world where magic wages war and romance is deadly.Winner of Best Fantasy Book of the Year 2019 by Once Upon a Book.Fire and Water don’t mix.SophiaI’m Sophia Henley, your typical college freshman. I never expected a lion to be stalking me, nor for fire to come shooting out of my hands to protect my sister. Next thing I know, a drop-dead gorgeous guy shows up on my doorstep to sweep me away to a magical school, where I’ll learn to control my element and bond with a powerful creature called a Familiar.I don’t believe I’m the savior of an ancient tribe, or the missing piece of a prophecy that’s more myth than reality. Worst of all, I’m forced to enter the Elemental Cup, where I’ll either earn my place in this society… or die trying.LiamThe night I met Sophia, I didn’t think we’d form an undeniable connection. But I’m from the Water tribe, and she’s fire. I’m forced to push her away even as I’m falling for her.I lost everything, yet Sophia makes me whole again. Our world is fixed on keeping us apart, but we’re in this tournament together. We have to keep each other alive at any cost— or I’ll give my life for hers. It’s pretty clear.If I continue to play with fire, I’m going to get burned.**Over 20,000 copies sold. The Fire Prophecy is the first book in the incredible and breathtaking Academy of Magical Creatures series. This new adult college fantasy is packed full of laughter, romance, and extraordinary worlds. Experience forbidden love and found families at this supernatural academy for elementals full of dragons, unicorns and other magical creatures. Discover why fans of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games love this book!"The story-line was incredible. I literally couldn't put this book down." -Jenny Bynum, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"I truly recommend this book for anyone looking to get sucked into a world; to lose sleep; become depressed that the world isn't real but also enjoy a delicious read!" -Rebecca M., Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"I have no words for how this book made me feel. There is literally nothing else out there like it at the moment. You so need to read to believe." -Sandra Kaye, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"Best book I've read in a long time! Since Harry Potter and Twilight I've been trying to find something as good and this is it!" -Sarah Cox, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★Now a complete series! Scroll up to start binge-reading today!This series takes place in the Hidden Legends Universe, along with the University of Sorcery series, the College of Witchcraft series, and the Prison for Supernatural Offenders series. The Hidden Legends universe features college-aged protagonists attending magical academies, dual points-of-view, disabled and diverse main characters, and steamy, empowering romances. Each series stands on its own and can be read in any order.This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 18+

Echo in Time: An Egyptian Mythology Time Travel Romance (Echo Trilogy Book 1)

Their love is destined to shatter the boundaries of time…Archaeology grad student Alexandra Larson’s world is turned upside down when her mother shares her deepest, darkest secret—that she doesn’t know the true identity of Lex’s father. The revelation sparks a change within Lex, and her dreams become far too real. She sees things she shouldn’t be able to see…knows things she couldn’t possibly know. Terrifying things. Deadly things.To distract her from the surreal changes taking over her life, Lex leaps at the chance to join an Egyptian excavation run by Oxford’s enigmatic Professor Marcus Bahur. But the distraction might be more than she bargained for. While deciphering the secrets of a mysterious stone tablet, Lex falls headlong into a prophecy created by a dying god over four millennia ago. She must rely on her frightening new psychic powers to dig up the truth. And it doesn’t take long for her visions to convince her that both Professor Bahur and his excavation are much more than they seem…The past clashes with the present in this paranormal saga of ancient prophecies and warring gods. If you like Egyptian mythology, steamy romance, time-bending mysteries, and complex characters, then you’ll love this sprawling time travel adventure.MORE BOOKS IN THE ECHO WORLD:ECHO TRILOGYEcho in TimeResonance (an Echo Trilogy novella)Time AnomalyDissonance (an Echo Trilogy novella)Ricochet Through TimeKAT DUBOIS CHRONICLESInk WitchOutcastUndergroundSoul EaterJudgementAfterlife

MacFarland's Lass (Scottish Lasses Book 1)

"A rich, sensual, pull-at-the-heartstrings romance"–Monica McCarty, NYT bestselling authorFrom USA Today bestselling author Glynnis Campbell...A young jeweler to Queen Mary becomes a fugitive for a crime she didn't commit and must rely on the mercy of a heroic huntsman who steals her heart, but who could betray her at any moment.A woman on the run…a man on the hunt. He has forty days to earn her trust. She has forty days to win his heart. They have forty days to outwit their enemies.When Florie Gilder, the once-respected jeweler to Queen Mary, claims sanctuary in an abandoned church for a crime she didn't commit, huntsman Rane MacFarland, a local hero of the common folk, vows to protect her. But when his overlord charges him with preventing the fugitive lass's escape, Rane finds himself torn between duty and desire when he begins to fall for his spirited captive. And when powerful foes conspire to turn Rane and Florie against each other, they need courage, wits, and, most of all, love, to survive.MacFARLAND'S LASSBook 1 of Scottish LassesMeet the lasses in the world of Mary Queen of Scots...Like the Scottish thistle, they're lovely yet tough, beautiful yet prickly, and only the strongest and wisest heroes are able to elude their thorns to discover the tender blossom within.Length: 90,000 words = 375 pagesRating: R-rated for passionate passagesIn This SeriesScottish Lasses1542 – THE OUTCAST (a novella)1545 – MacFARLAND'S LASS1561 – MacADAM'S LASS1566 – MacKENZIE'S LASSKey Themes: Scottish historical romance, adventure stories, strong women, Scottish brides, Highland romance, Viking hero, archery, huntsman, Tudor books, sanctuary in a church, Mary Queen of Scots, captive, wounded woman, stories with humorMore Historical Romances by Glynnis CampbellThe Warrior Maids of RivenlochTHE SHIPWRECK (a novella)A YULETIDE KISS (a short story)LADY DANGERCAPTIVE HEARTKNIGHT'S PRIZEThe Knights of de WareTHE HANDFASTING (a novella)MY CHAMPIONMY WARRIORMY HEROMedieval OutlawsTHE REIVER (a novella)DANGER'S KISSPASSION'S EXILEDESIRE'S RANSOMScottish LassesTHE OUTCAST (a novella)MacFARLAND'S LASSMacADAM'S LASSMacKENZIE'S LASSCalifornia LegendsNATIVE GOLDNATIVE WOLFNATIVE HAWK

Hannah: a sweet mail-order bride historical western romance (Brides of the Oregon Trail Book 1)

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so when Hannah Granger's little sister takes off for Oregon with a group of mail-order brides to meet her new husband, Hannah has no choice but to follow. She expects her sister to find trouble, and she does. But what Hannah doesn't expect is to fall for the hired gun traveling with the wagon train as they make their way along the treacherous Oregon Trail. The bounty hunter is tall, dark and dangerous, everything she's avoided her entire life. But when she begins to suspect criminals are riding just four wagons back, she'll do just about anything to convince him to listen...and to protect her fragile younger sister from the truth about what this trip is costing them both.The only thing bounty hunter Joe Stanton wants is to avoid trouble. He's tagging along on this trip to the Oregon Territory to put a little extra cash in his pocket and take a break from the hunt. The only woman he ever loved broke his heart and his last bounty cost an innocent man his life. Joe's had enough blood, death and betrayal to last a lifetime. So why, then, does he make Hannah's secrets his own? Why does he lie to protect her? And why does the stubborn woman's dogged attempts to help him track down criminals drive him insane with worry.Maybe because he's falling for the red-headed beauty. Maybe because if he doesn't keep her close, they'll both end up dead.

Ascension (Ascension Series Book 1)

In a world of supernaturals, I am something else.Ascension Day turned Average Joes into spell-casting savants, Plain Janes into glamorous vampires, and the homeless guy at the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica into the alpha werewolf of Los Angeles. Unfortunately for me, my Ascension was… unique. I was struck by lightning and can’t stop throwing sparks. For the last fourteen years, hiding has kept me safe from the government, while my uncle’s magic has kept the public safe from me. Now, just when I’ve found some semblance of control over my power, my world turns upside down again. A terrorist organization has kidnapped my dad, thrusting me to the center of an investigation that quickly reveals my anonymity was only an illusion. Some of the most famous, dangerous supernaturals in the world surround me, and their agendas are as mystifying as my growing powers. My sworn protector is none other than Connor Thorne —  arguably the oldest, most powerful vampire in existence. But even silver linings cast shadows; Connor has more secrets than I do.My name is Fiona Sullivan, and for better or worse, the world is about to find out exactly who I am.Ascension is the first installment of a new Urban Fantasy series packed with action, mystery, and romance. Perfect for fans of Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, and Charlaine Harris.

New Lease Of Love (Rainbow Central Book 1)

It only takes the right person to turn everything around.An evil stepmother drives Quinn away from home and desperate for money, she ends up working in Rainbow Central, a bar on the verge of going bankrupt. The only saving grace? The beautiful owner and divorcée, Olivia White. Despite their age difference, the two women work well together trying to breathe a new lease of life into the bar. But what about a new lease of love?****New Lease Of Love is a May-December lesbian romance in the workplace and was previously titled 'Turning The Tables'.

Hidden by the Convicts: Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance (Prison World Book 1)

How does a woman survive on a prison planet full of men?Teagen escaped the abuse of the guards she’s been given to for ‘recreation.’ But on a planet where the only potable water is in the prison colony, she can’t go far. If the guards catch her, she won’t survive their wrath. She needs to find allies, decent men who will hide and protect her, but will the price they demand be too high?Bowen, Harlis, and Gavin never expected to find a woman on a prison planet. They could turn her over to the guards in exchange for favors or keep her for themselves. It’s been years since any of them has known a woman’s touch, but if the guards discover they’re hiding Teagen, they’ll send Bowen to the one place he fears most while they torture Harlis and Gavin. Is one woman worth the punishment?***Ours to Protect. Ours to Love.Hidden by the Convicts is a steamy reverse harem romance set on a prison planet with a scarred woman, a bossy convict, a fun-loving crass convict, and a gentle convict who thinks he’s too old to love. The series continues with Auctioned to the Convicts.Trigger Warning: There is mention of past physical and emotional abuse.

Kyrix: A Sci-Fi Alien Fated Mates Romance (Bride to an Alien Prince Book 1)

Meredith always dreamed of being whisked off her feet by a prince—she just didn’t realize he’d be a blue-scaled alien warrior.Working a dead-end job in a chocolate shop, Meredith Sinclair has all but buried her dreams of finding happiness.But when a bland-looking man comes into the shop and starts asking her suspicious questions, the most ridiculous thing happens—he turns into a horned, seven-foot tall alien before her very eyes.Sent on an expedition to determine the intelligence of the human species, Lord Kyrix Yio’naeus doesn’t expect his cloaking device to break down on his first mission.When a human sees his true form, he has no choice but to take her back to his ship. But at the touch of her soft skin, his blood ignites like it has with no other female.When the Herkleian government orders Meredith transferred to a lab for study, Kyrix will do anything to save her. Is it possible a human could be the fated mate to an alien royal?And even if she is, will Meredith and Kyrix be able to escape his crew for a future together?Kyrix is a prequel to the Bride to an Alien Prince series. This standalone story has on-the-page heat, a guaranteed happily-ever-after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Bride to an Alien Prince series:KYRIX (Meredith & Lord Kyrix) - Book 0ANAX (Lexi & Prince Anax) - Book 1ERYX (Olivia & Prince Eryx) - Book 2PRAX (Scarlett & Prince Prax) - Book 3RIVIX (Ivy & Prince Rivix) - Book 4

Epsilon Mate: An Omegaverse Sci-Fi Tale (Epsilon Omegaverse Book 1)

She was mine. Mine to take. Mine to control. Mine to command. My omega. And I would make her obey. ...Somehow.Twenty-five years ago, a radiation storm hit my home planet, Epsilon, killing most of the omegas. The only way to protect our babies was to send them away into space. But the mission was sabotaged, the newborn omegas were lost. Alphas have searched across the galaxy for them ever since the storm passed.Now, they are adults. And I will find them. I have narrowed down their destination to a distant planet called Earth. I stop for food and find a lost omega working in a fast-food kitchen. Once I catch her scent, there is no other choice. I claim my virgin omega over and over. I will keep knotting with her until she carries my child. She is my soulmate. With every moment we spend together, our bond deepens.But attempts on her life reveal a traitor on my ship. How can I protect my mate from a dark conspiracy?This story is set in the open-source Omegaverse universe. It features alphas, betas, and omegas, both male and female. Steam, tea, space battles and badass tall alien dudes with tattoos! If that’s your thing this book is for you!

Alien Claimed: Sci Fi Mail Order Bride Steamy Alien Romance (Zyanthan Warriors Book 1)

The blue horned alien says he won’t touch me. What if I want him to?IvyEarth isn’t exactly paradise, not since the Coalition took control, but it was home... until Ivy’s brother shoved her on an alien ship to be a mail-order bride. The truth be told, she is better off without the murderous psycho, but that doesn’t mean she wanted to be thrust into the universe, totally unprepared, and she certainly won’t marry some horned alien. She’ll make her own way back to Earth and stay far away from her brother and his criminal ties. Nothing will change her mind. Not even a tall, sweet, protective warrior who makes human males look like boys and the universe look much more appealing than she ever thought possible.QuinnovQuinnov’s alone in the universe. Except for his planet... war torn, burned out Zyan. No one in his family survived the war, except maybe his older brother Jaizon. Quinnov’s been searching for him since the war ended. But when he crosses paths with his heartmate, his priorities shift. To keep her safe from those hunting her, he may have to return her to her world, even though she makes his heart soar and both of his cocks harden.* * *A Warrior For Every Bride Alien Claimed is a steamy Mail-Order Bride Romance with several twists. Each book in the series ends in a very Happy Ever After.

Alien Lord's Captive (Warriors of the Lathar Book 1)

She’s trained for everything up to and including alien invasion. One problem. No one told her aliens would be so damn sexy.It’s simple. When her base is attacked by aliens, Cat has to fight. Whenever and however possible. But the alien leader, Tarrick, has her in his sights and she has one choice. Come to his bed or things go badly for her friends. Determined to resist, it’s hard to remember what she’s fighting against when her alien captor is built like a god and his touch sets her body on fire. She only has to fool him for a while, just long enough to get the information they need to escape. Long enough to find out her sexy alien isn’t the monster she thought...But when the time comes, will she want to leave?He needs a female, or they all die. His species is dying. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but with no females, their days are numbered. Finding a base full of females is a bounty Tarrick can't ignore. Nor can he ignore the delicate little female who stirs his blood yet dares to defy him at every step.Then a dangerous rival challenges his claim on Terran space and all it’s females. He can’t afford to lose control, or his clan is doomed. When his treasured female is taken, he'll do anything to rescue her. Including starting an intergalactic war...

Given: A Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Star Breed Book 1)

The last thing this warrior needs is a sexy thief - even if her scent drives him to madness.Davien will do whatever it takes to get back into space. The last thing he wants is a smart-mouthed thief - even if her scent drives him wild - and she may have the clue he needs to hunt down whoever destroyed his home. Thief Kara Shimsi has learned three lessons well - keep her head down, her fingers light, and her tithes to the syndicate paid on time.But now a failed heist has earned her a death sentence - a one-way ticket to the toxic Waste outside the dome. Her only chance is a deal with the syndicate's most ruthless enforcer, a wolfish mountain of genetically-modified muscle named Davien.The thought makes her body tingle with dread-or is it heat? Caring is a liability. Desire is a commodity. And love could get you killed.Given is the first science fiction romance novel in the Star Breed series. No cliffhangers, no cheating, HEA guaranteed!

Take a Chance on Me (Misty River Romance)

When baker Penelope Quinn steps in to help her brother’s family through a medical crisis, she’s forced into close proximity with charming Air Force fighter pilot Eli Price.Penelope has one iron-clad dating rule—she does not date airmen. Months ago, she relaxed her rule with Eli and immediately lived to regret it. After a long deployment, he’s now back in Misty River and, to her dismay, she finds him just as tempting as always.Eli’s spent months thinking about funny, feisty, creative Penelope. He once leveraged his focus and drive to become a pilot, his childhood dream. Now he's set on leveraging that same focus and drive in order to convince Penelope to give him one more chance.This romantic prequel novella introduces readers to the quaint mountain town of Misty River and a brand-new series from Christy-winning author Becky Wade!

Guarded by Hellhounds: A Reverse Harem Romance (Hell Baited Wolves)

An exciting introduction to USA Today bestselling author Cali Mann and Freya Black's intriguing world of shifters, werewolves, demons, and romance.Three hot shifters and a runaway wolf collide in this sexy short adventure.I'd marry to save my pack. Any man...but him. So I run.In the midst of a wild storm, three hot men save me. Men with dark secrets and a demonic nature my pack might never accept, but my heart's already claimed them. They're mine.Grab this steamy why choose shifter romance now and enter the world of Hell Baited Wolves, a sexy demon paranormal romance series by Cali Mann and Freya Black.

Outlasting After (Outlasting Series Book 1)

There were no women left. He was sure of it. After the war, Cole Tanner was pretty damn certain they were all dead.Hell, he and his strike team hadn't seen one in years.But then there she was. A woman. All alone, standing in the middle of the road. His road.She looked so haunting. So hungry and dirty, and well... vulnerable. He was going to help her, really he was. And for a split second, he wondered just how she'd survived.Then she leveled the gun at him... and he had his answer. Damsel in distress? Apparently not.But that didn't change things, not how Cole saw it. No, she still needed him, and his team. Same as they needed her. And Cole was nothing if not good at convincing people to follow him. Or at least, he used to be.So he'd try his hand one more time, and hope like hell she didn't pull that trigger.Five Star Praise for Outlasting After:“Could not put this book down… this one has it all… romance and love with steamy scenes, suspense, war & twists and turns… I’ve read the first 3 and they keep getting better… I was ready to purchase the 4th book… but doesn’t come out until April 16th… man... what the heck… don’t know if I can make it till the 16th… its weeks away… Love the way this author writes.”-ASavvyCatt, Amazon Reviewer“All I can say is that if you love books about sexy men and the strong women they fall in love with then you need to read this book.” -Irene Talbert, Amazon Reviewer“This book was like a movie in my mind, the whole time I was reading I could picture everything happening. I loved the moving, loving story of Hannah, Cole and my god Liam. He crushed me. In fact by the end of book 3 I was crying at how she ended their story. So beautiful.” -Sjm, Amazon Reviewer“Everything about this book is captivating and enthralling. Each character is engaging, full of goodness and heart. The storyline is compelling with its suspense and mystery…” -KSD, Vine Voice, Amazon Reviewer

Shades of Treason: A Science Fiction Romance Adventure (An Anomaly Novel Book 1)

He's the instructor she can't forget. She's the cadet he couldn't break.Lieutenant Ramie Ashdyn is an anomaly, a person whose genetics makes her stronger and smarter than the average human. She's pledged her life to protect the Coalition, an alliance of thirteen planetary systems, but when a top secret operation turns bloody, she's charged with treason and the brutal executions of her teammates. The Coalition needs the information Ash's team stole on their last mission, so they send in Commander Rhys "Rest in Peace" Rykus to get it. He's the man who's responsible for turning Ash into an elite soldier... and he's a man who isn't, never was, and never will be in love with the woman he trained. Or so he tells himself. Ash wants nothing more than to clear her name and be the woman her former instructor wants her to be, but the enemy who killed her teammates did more than frame her for treason and murder: they telepathically silenced her mind, preventing her from saying anything that might point to the truth about what happened. Now Ash is trapped and set to be executed, the truth dying with her. Unless she can prove her innocence. But taking that path could destroy the Coalition she's sworn to preserve and protect...

Dark Desires (Dark Gothic Book 1)

Betrayed by those she trusted, penniless and alone, Darcie Finch is forced to accept a position that no one else dares, as assistant to dangerously attractive Dr. Damien Cole. Ignoring the whispered warnings and rumours that he's a man to fear, she takes her position at his eerie estate where she quickly discovers that nothing is at it seems, least of all her handsome and brooding employer. As Darcie struggles with her fierce attraction to Damien, she must also deal with the blood, the disappearances … and the murders.With her options dwindling and time running out, Darcie must rely on her instincts as she confronts the man she is falling in love with. Is he an innocent and misunderstood man … or a remorseless killer who prowls the East End streets?Read all Eve's Historical Romantic Suspense with a Gothic Twist! Each book is a stand-alone and the series can be read in any order.DARK DESIRESHIS DARK KISSDARK PRINCEHIS WICKED SINSSEDUCED BY A STRANGER

Marked by Fire (Sons of Britain Book 1)

When two warriors collide in secret, no legend is set in stone.Eighteen-year-old Arthur burns for two things: a warrior’s ink, and Bedwyr, his older brother’s shieldmate.Though the warlord’s son is beyond his reach, a Saxon incursion finally brings Arthur’s chance at the tattoo that will brand him a fighter.But when he abandons his training in the heat of battle, his reckless ambition costs Bedwyr his sword hand.+Once, Bedwyr trusted in two things: he was a warrior, and the presumed heir of Uthyr.Now, reeling from injury and sent away by his father, he’s lost everything. The last person he wants to see is the cub who ignited his disastrous instinct to protect.Especially when he arrives with Bedwyr’s armor and a dangerously hopeful scheme to restore him to his rightful place.+MARKED BY FIRE is the 1st novel of the SONS OF BRITAIN series.Tropes: forced proximity, hurt/comfort, older brother’s best friend, virgin heroContent Notes: violence, graphic injury/treatment, death (battle context)Edition Note: This title was originally published in 2016 as a novella. The author has significantly expanded the story for republication.SONS OF BRITAIN seriesThey’re a long way from legendary. Amid the volatility of 6th-century Britain, Arthur and Bedwyr are just two young men, born to fight and bound to their warlord by blood and oath. But when fierce hearts collide, loyalties can shift, creating bonds far stronger—and ideas far riskier—than their world may be ready for.

Virgin: Small Town Boy

Carl Tuckerson is a small-town boy and a virgin. His town is so small that he has to travel to another town nearby that's large enough to have a college. He hasn't had any experiences whatsoever but he wants to, he's thinking about it, but he's pretty sure that he's not going to find anyone until he moves to the big city. Then it happens at his first college party, he meets another guy that is looking for the same thing. He's experienced, friendly, easygoing, and patient. He introduces Carl two other things that he's been missing. And then they got caught. And Carl got to learn some new things. For example: older men, dads specifically, aren’t always what or who they seem to be. He also discovers they not only have a lot more experience but are hungry to share that experience with younger men like Carl. Carl is a late bloomer, and has some catching up to do. But now that he's had his first experience he realizes it’ll be easier to do it again.And again.And again.Come and share a young man’s coming of age.He’d love to have you!

Mafia Captive (Mafia MA(C)nage Trilogy Book 1)

Two darkly domineering alpha males.One sets my body on fire.The other makes me tremble.And they swear they won't let me go. My ordinary life as a college sophomore becomes extraordinary when Joseph storms into my world and sweeps me off my feet. Our intense connection seems too impossible to be real, like a wonderful dream. Until it becomes a nightmare. Drugged. Kidnapped. When I wake up, I find myself trapped in the arms of the man who was supposed to be my fierce protector. My sweet first love is a criminal, the son of a powerful mafia boss. And his best friend Marco--the terrifying, heavily-muscled man who abducted me--is a brutal enforcer. They say they can't let me go, or their enemies might hurt me. Despite everything, my heart still belongs to Joseph, and I can't help surrendering to the fiery chemistry between us. Marco's rigid rules infuriate me, but his steady onyx stare and stern orders make something darker than anger burn low in my belly. They swear they've kidnapped me for my own protection, but will staying close to my alluring criminal captors put me in more danger than ever?

A Love Through Time: A MacKendimen Clan Novel

An ancient archway in time. . .A man in search of his future in the past. . .A woman who holds the key. . . Maggie Hobbs has had enough of controlling men in her life. Breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, she heads to Scotland for her summer vacation, hoping to put it all behind her—though she never dreams how far behind her it will go! During a stop at a clan ceilidh, Maggie meets the man who should be heir to the Clan MacKendimen—one whose father turned his back on his heritage for a new life in America. And then Fate steps in to throw her back to a time when men controlled everything! Alex MacKendimen returns to his father’s lands and discovers a life that could have been his. With the emptiness of his life staring back at him, he wished for another chance to find happiness and finds himself catapulted to the past – as he and a beautiful stranger face dangers together in medieval Scotland. Thrown back through time to the medieval village of Dunnedin, the two must find a way to survive and make it back home. Neither one knew that falling in love was part of Fate's plan for them.A LOVE THROUGH TIME is a full-length, time travel romance novel (101K words) and was previously published in print by Berkley in their Jove Time Passages line in 1998.“Alex and Maggie, both exceptionally well-drawn adult characters, make this appealing adventure special.” —Publishers Weekly “Brisbin provides plenty of humor and entertainment in this romp through time, but she sees to it that medieval life is not presented as all fun and games.” —ALA Booklist“ enjoyable read that will sweep readers away to the Scottish moors.” —Romantic Times Magazine

Stranded with A Space Marine (Space Marine Brides Book 1)

Keslid unclicked his straps and stood on the wall, face to face with me. "The shuttle's damaged. Communication with the Mercy will take time to set up, and for now we're moving on emergency power only. We have food, but not much. Gravity's off. Shield's shot. And we're stuck in the orbit of an unfamiliar planet."***When I first woke up the other day locked in a sleek gray cell, reality had turned itself on its head. UFOs were real. Aliens were real. And for some reason, they had an unhealthy fascination with me.Breaking out of that nightmare was only the beginning. It turns out we're too far to turn back. The one man I'm forced to depend on is green-skinned, ambitious, and the sexiest thing I've ever seen. He swears he can get me home without my captors finding me, but sometimes I'm not sure if I even want to go back.

Caged Magic: Paranormal Romance Book (Iron Serpent Chronicles 1)

Healing others is killing her.Kiema Feuer needs to disappear. Trapped by her parents so they can use her healing magic for their own purposes, Kiema is more prisoner than daughter. But when the cost of escape could mean her life, she’s willing to risk everything to gain her freedom. Her one chance at freedom pits her against the sexy as sin Ransom Kolefni, a man with plans—and magic—of his own. With her window of escape quickly closing, she’s caught between following her heart or a slim chance of survival. Will Kiema be able to trust the man who’s brought her to life? Or will she long for the days of imprisonment?Don’t miss Caged Magic, the first of the Iron Serpent Series by Sadie Jacks. If you like sassy, sarcastic females, alpha males with heart, and alternate worlds filled with magic, then this Paranormal Romance will have you turning the pages! Come check it out! **This book leads to a Reverse Harem series**

Miss Phipps and the Cattle Baron

When Priscilla Phipps offers four mail-order brides jobs as a way out of their unwanted marriages she sets up a firestorm in the town, especially when Adam Whittington learns that one of those brides was to be his. The Phipps woman was also stirring up a cauldron of controversy with her rabble-rousing Town Tattler newspaper, even taking on the powerful Wyoming Stock Growers Association of which Adam was a member. But Adam has his own means of handling the troublesome spinster. What he doesn't count on is falling in love with the redheaded firebrand who's dividing the town, alienating every cattleman in the area, and threatening her own life.LEVEL OF SENSUALITY: If you're looking for steamy romances you'll find instead sexy stories in a non-graphic way. My goal is to create romances that feature courageous, self-assured heroes with endearing flaws and the gutsy women who capture their hearts, women, these unsuspecting males would lay down their lives for. AUTHOR'S NOTE: As of 04-11-2014, an epilogue was added to the story to satisfy those readers who felt the story ended too quickly. Prior to adding the epilogue I was following history as it pertained to the controversy surrounding Ella Watson, a woman in the story, but being a fiction writer I took the liberty of re-writing history some in hopes that readers will find a more satisfying ending. My "Author's Note" following the story gives an accurate account of what really happened.

Chosen by the Vampire (Cruel Selection Vampire Series Book 1)

They’re sinful. Beautiful.Deadly. And more dangerous than the wolves who hunt us in the woods.Three Vampires rule our world. And now I find myself in their clutches. Abducted in the dead of night, I’m taken to a market where eleven others like me are paraded in front of the Sinful. The Vampires want the perfect companion. The one mortal who’ll not only sit beside them on the throne...but who’ll occupy their bed.We’re to be judged, challenged...and selected one by one to continue the hunt.They’ll punish us. They’ll seduce us. They’ll take us from the light and leave us craving the dark.Only I came with a secret of my own. They are the monsters I hate...the monsters who killed my family eleven long years go. I came for blood. I came for revenge, only as I’m drawn deeper into their deadly game my body starts to betray me.  I crave surrender. I lust for them.I need to be the last one selected. Can I go through with my plan? Or will I be claimed by the monsters I despise?     The Cruel Selection series is a gothic dark reverse harem romance. Panty-wetting, kinky sex scenes with three deadly Vampires and a mortal woman. If you don’t like heart-pounding excitement and dark romance then this series isn’t for you.

Us, Here, Again: A First Time Lesbian Romance

I never intended to fall in love with my best friend, Megan. It just kind of happened. I blame that stupid kiss at our high school graduation. The kiss was never mentioned, we did not talk about this unspeakable thing she made me feel. Her family left town right after that. And that night, she left me with something I never felt before. The thing kept me wanting, wanting to see her again.After a decade, I have a chance to make everything right again.A reunion party. Will I see Megan again? Well, I hope so.Would everything comes to light, even the truth about our kiss ten years ago.I can't keep my feelings for her a secret anymore.It’s all innocent at first until you’re back in Megan’s hotel room and things start heating up between us both.No more regrets.This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger." Themes includes: Love and attraction, first-time romance, best friend to lovers, lesbian romance.

The Dark Vampire: A Bloodline Vampires Novel

He doesn’t trust humans. Until he meets his fated mate.A lethal vampire warrior, Aaron has never cared for humans. Until now. His fated mate has walked into his life and he’s desperate to own her.But if he wants to keep her close, he’s going to have to tell her what she really is.Aisha is America’s vampire expert, or she would be, if the vamps would let her do her damn job. When an emergency call ends with her deep in the heart of the vampire brotherhood, Aisha starts to wonder if she’s made a dangerous mistake.Until she meets him.Sinfully handsome with a thick aura of power, Aaron is unlike anyone she’s ever met. She’s never felt attraction like this before. His presence drives her senseless with desire. Can she trust it? Can she trust him?A short, slow-burn prequel to the wildly successful Bloodline Vampires series by L.J. Red.

Marek (The Vartik King Chronicles Book 1)

Jazmine Being a thief was never my life’s ambition, but there’s something I need to find, and I’ll go to any length to do it.It’s a matter of life and death. And no one is willing to help.A few mishaps later, I find myself in trouble with the feline king and it’s time to RUN.But I don’t get very far. A handsome humanoid is wanting company for a long trip and he’s offering just the help I need.For a cost…MarekOne year. That’s all I get before I’m to step up as rightful king of my people.A people believed to be extinct by the surrounding worlds.Even though I’m the eldest and most responsible, I’m in need of an adventure and a beautiful woman to help keep my blood warm.Finding a human thief who needed a transport around the galaxy was not part of the plan, but once I laid eyes on her, I knew she was mine.She might plan on ripping me off and not paying up on her half of the bargain, but that’s all right. I don’t only want her body. I want everything she’s got to offer.Forever.The Vartik King Chronicles in planned as a sexy Sci-Fi Standalone series where eight siblings get an adventure and find love in the galaxies beyond home. Come join this new adventure and fall in love with the world I've created. Each book can be read separately and out of order! Enjoy.

Lesbian Only Petals

A romantic and steamy collection of stories about women loving women! With a wide range of genres, there is something for everyone, and all have one central theme – passionate lesbian romance.“Ghostly Love” follows two college friends, Lisa and Amber. A terrible storm causes them to crash, and Lisa is injured in the accident. They have no choice but to hide out in an unsettling mansion to wait out the storm. The mansion holds more than the girls expect when they are forced into a bizarre game. Moreover, Lisa is hiding a secret from Amber that could mean the difference between life and death.In sci-fi adventure “Aileen Lesbian”, Aileen Minoki is on the run from the Intergalactic Armada in her ship, the Titan Cadet, but when she lands on the forest planet, Îlvis, she feels compelled to help a small creature. However, Aileen finds that she’s now the one in trouble! Luckily, she’s saved by the beautiful Îlvis native Torena, but Aileen’s past will catch up with her.In “Let’s Meet After Five”, billionaire heiress and CEO Alexia Deloitte tries to fool her overbearing father – she’s prepared to marry her gay male friend Paul to hide her own sexuality. Alexia has it all figured out until a hot new intern walks into her life. Will Alexia risk it all and dare to tell her father about her love for this special new woman in her life?“Gate of Passion” is a surprising dream vacation! When the two friends go on a cruise to help Whitney get over a terrible ex-boyfriend, they meet Mia, a woman with her own marital problems. Whitney and Mia find comfort in each other, and Shirley can see their attraction. It culminates in one passionate swim that all three of them share together!Grace has a mysterious power and strength, but she is kind-hearted and only uses it to help others. Grace’s favorite spot is near the beautiful river by her home, where she falls for an equally stunning mermaid. The mermaid leaves her home to be with Grace, but Grace’s family has trouble with her non-human lover in “Love For Water”.“You Should Believe Her” tells the story of Amanda who gets more than she bargained for with her new promotion. The Langdon siblings are as different as can be and make Amanda’s life such chaos! Tom is a cruel boss, but his sister Mallory is kind and quickly becomes the love of Amanda’s life. Soon, however, Amanda becomes caught in the middle of the siblings when they battle for ownership of the company!WARNING: This book contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!Standalone short stories all ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

The Stranger: A Legacy of Love Novel

"What a touching, lovely romance! Dobson's compelling, vivid storytelling took me to an unforgettable Amana community that I didn't want to leave. Highly recommended!" Colleen Coble, author of The Lightkeeper's DaughterTimes are hard in 1894. Desperate for work, former banker Jacob Hirsch rides the rails west from Chicago with his four-year-old daughter, Cassie. When a life-threatening illness strands the pair in Homestead, Iowa, the local Amana villagers welcome the father and daughter into their peaceful society. Liesel, a young Amana woman, nurses Cassie back to health, and the Homestead elders offer Jacob work. But Jacob's growing interest in Liesel complicates his position in the Amanas.Will he fight to stay in the only place that feels like home, even if it means giving up the woman he loves? Or will Liesel leave her beloved community to face the outside world with Jacob and Cassie at her side?Legacy of Love is a series of historical romance novels based on the courageous people and significant events that wove together the rich tapestry of America's freedom and faith.This Carol Award-winning book was originally titled Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa.LEGACY OF LOVE NOVELS The Masquerade The Runaway The Imposter The Christmas Bride The Journey The Society The Stranger The Silent Order

Highlander's Bride: Time Travel Romance, Scottish Historical Fantasy (Moment in Time Book 1)

NEW UPDATED VERSION WITH MORE STORY ADDED TO HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE! USA TODAY Bestselling author Lexy Timms, brings you a love story that has no boundaries...One moment in time was all it took…Watch the Trailer: She shouldn’t be here… She can’t even recall how she got here.Except for the dream. Mya Boyle remembers the dream. She knows it’s somehow connected to her past, her present and the future.Mya woke one morning in a field, a stag grazing close by as if it didn’t even notice her. She lay bare, like a babe from the womb, except for a wool blanket wrapped around her tightly. A grown woman with no memory, no family, no money, nothing. Kayden McGregor found her while hunting. He was after the stag and nearly shot her with his arrow instead. Unable to leave her to the wolves of his clan, he took her to his home.He resents her. She can’t bare to look at him. Or stop herself from staring when he doesn’t notice. Trapped, and yet somehow destined to be together.Remember enough of the past… You may be able to control your future.Moment in Time Series:#1 - Highlander's Bride#2 - Victorian Bride#3 - Modern Bride#4 - Royal Bride#5 - Forever the Bride NOTE: This is a series. In order to understand the time travel aspect, you will need to read the series to find out what is going on and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The Cowboy Encounter: a time-travel romance (Witching Well Book 2)

Love beyond time… When Dr. Becca Martin stumbles into the Witching Well, she finds all of her medical training can’t protect her from the dangers of the Wild West and the charms of Clint Warwick. Convinced her excursion into a distant past and place is nothing more than a delusion, she indulges in a fantastical romance, but when hostilities take a deadly turn, Becca fears she’ll lose not only her heart but perhaps a future she could never have imagined. From a modern-day New York City mental hospital to the Rocky Mountains of the Wild West, The Cowboy Encounter is a romantic romp that proves once again love is timeless. Fans of Sariah Wilson’s Once Upon a Time Travel who love clean and wholesome time travel romance will love The Cowboy Encounter. To learn how to turn back time and snag a hunky cowboy, read The Cowboy Encounter today.

Time Ship (Book One): A Time Travel Romantic Adventure

Gripping, Enthralling, Imaginative & Hard to Put Down!If you don't believe time travel is possible, this book will change your mind! The StoryWho are the terrorists that have taken over an exclusive five star holiday resort in the Caribbean and are holding everyone to ransom?What is the dangerous secret that the terrorists carry, and why must their existence be denied and covered up at all costs to protect the future of mankind?And when you discover that the story is based upon a real research project that the United States government conducted, you will want to learn more, and may even ask 'could this really happen?'Download, settle back in a comfortable chair, and enjoy!What People are Saying about "Time Ship""A riveting read that kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing 'till the very end! This book has it all - mystery, romance, the past and the future. With brilliant characters and an attention to detail that paints wonderful pictures in the minds eye. It's funny, exciting and extremely clever. I was not able to put this book down, I was constantly eager to see what was coming next. It's a brilliantly written book that left me feeling like I'd been on an adventure.""I kept wondering how anyone could possibly have thought of this and then woven the story to such an extent that you actually believed that lots of this was fact and not a story at all! The ending was phenomenal and showed a more than fertile imagination. I laughed out loud! The books were read first by my husband who muttered every so often 'This guy is amazing. His writing is so clear, and his imagination is(literally) out of this world.' "" A brilliant concept - science put across in an easily understandable way and a thrilling read. Packed with thrills, spills (literally!), adventure, history, romance, thought provoking scientific possibilities of time travel and epidemiology. This book crosses so many genres yet contains plenty of fun and humour. A must buy! "NOTE: Book One of Two Parts: Please note that Book One continues seamlessly into and is concluded in Book Two. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to this new and exciting author!- If you enjoy Book One, to continue the story you may then choose to download Book Two. Alternatively, readers are always recommended to purchase the full omnibus edition containing both Book One and Book Two.

Alpha Thief: A Regha Horde world story (Horde, #0) (Alpha Horde)

He stole her from the Horde.EronRegha Horde never lingers in one place. They come, they raid, and they leave. I’m counting on that. Because I stole the Omega the Horde raided the house for, and I'm keeping her.KateAbducted, auctioned, then stolen, I will resist for as long as I damn well please...***previously published on my website as a three part Thief serial. Now, packed into a story with HEA featuring a sweet sassy heroine and a male who purrs. This is Omegavarse on training wheels. Safe from cheating. Try one!

Come Home to Me (Second Chances Time Travel Romance Book 1)

Book 1, Second Chances Time Travel Romance SeriesJake Owens is tired of the cowboy life on his parents’ Montana ranch, catering to city folk who want a taste of old-fashioned country living. He enjoys life in the fast lane, with fast cars and even faster women. When he falls in with the wrong crowd and is accused of murder, a stranger’s bizarre offer at a second chance might be his only hope to clear his name.Rachel Parker is highly devoted to her family. A tragedy prompts a daring move to the Oregon Territory for a fresh start in a new land. After meeting the wagon train’s scout, the meaning of a fresh start may be more than she ever imagined. Jake doesn't believe in time travel, or that he’s been sent back in time to act as scout for a wagon train along the Oregon Trail. He's also been given the added burden of keeping one emigrant woman safe during the journey. He and Rachel are confused by their attraction to each other. Jake’s ill-mannered, unconventional ways are overshadowed only by his notorious reputation. Rachel’s traditional values and quiet, responsible character are the complete opposite of what attracts Jake to a woman. When their forbidden attraction turns to love, what will happen at the end of the trail?Other books in the Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series:Come Home to Me (Book 1)Ain't No Angel (Book 2)Diamond in the Dust (Book 3)***Content Warning: This book contains mild language, mild violence, and adult situations including physical intimacy, and is intended for mature readers.

Bastards & Whiskey (Top Shelf Book 1)

I sit amongst the Presidents, Royalty, the Captains of Industry, and the wealthiest men in the world. We own Spiked Roses—an exclusive, membership only establishment in New Orleans where money or lineage is the only way in. It is for the gentlemen who own everything and never hear the word no. Sipping on whiskey, smoking cigars, and conducting multi-million dollar deals in our own personal playground of indulgence, there isn’t anything I can’t have… and that includes HER. I can also have HER if I want. And I want. *BASTARDS & WHISKEY is a dark billionaire romance. If you don’t like a sprinkle of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of dirty, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail.

At First Sight : Dark Mafia Romance Prequel

It was obsession at first sight.The moment I saw her I knew I had to make her mine.Turns out she needed me more than I needed her.**This is a short prequel to the book Vow To Protect and is not a standalone.**

Wicked Torment (Regency Sinners 1)

Wicked Torment is the 1st book in USA Today bestselling author, Carole Mortimer’s, NEW Regency Sinners series.Author’s Note: The stories in the Regency Sinners, Regency Unlaced, Knight Security, and Alpha Series, have stronger sexual content and language than my other books.Eight gentlemen known in Society as The Sinners.Having all returned safely from Waterloo, these gentlemen now find themselves with the more dangerous task of discovering which of the ladies in Society has been acting as a spy for the enemy.Dangerous to their hearts, that is.Darius Strong, the Duke of Wolferton, known to his close friends as Wolf, cares little for what Society or anyone else thinks of him, and lives his life accordingly. Given the task of discovering whether Lady Beatrix Hanwell has been using her position in Society to garner information for the enemy puts him in something of a quandary, however. The two of them have met several times in the past, occasions when that lady had not hesitated to show her disapproval of him. Mainly by ignoring his existence. Which is going to make it difficult for Darius to get close enough to her to seduce her into revealing whether or not she is the guilty lady.Beatrix is puzzled—and more than a little disturbed—when Darius Strong, the exceedingly handsome and scandalous Duke of Wolferton, begins to show her marked attention. As a widow aged seven and twenty, and possessing no great beauty, his interest is mystifying to say the least. Much as she tries to fight her growing attraction to Wolf she is failing miserably, as each meeting between the two of them draws her ever nearer to forgetting all propriety and simply giving in to his seduction.Except her surrender means revealing the secret she has taken such pains to hide.To Darius’s surprise he finds himself becoming intrigued by Beatrix. Not only intrigued but he desires her more deeply than any other woman he has ever met. So much so that he finds himself hoping she is not the lady they are seeking.Is Beatrix guilty of treason, and if not what will her reaction be to Wolf when she discovers the truth behind his single-minded pursuit of her?Books by Carole Mortimer Regency Sinners Series:Wicked Torment (Regency Sinners 1)Wicked Surrender (Regency Sinners 2) Coming very soon. More books to come in this seriesRegency Unlaced Series:The Duke’s Mistress (Regency Unlaced 1)Claimed by the Marquis (Regency Unlaced 2)Taken by the Earl (Regency Unlaced 3)Pursued by the Viscount (Regency Unlaced 4)Desired by a Lord (Regency Unlaced 5)Captured by a Gentleman (Regency Unlaced 6)Pleasured by a Duke (Regency Unlaced 7)Seduced by a Marquis (Regency Unlaced 8)Tamed by the Earl (Regency Unlaced 9)This series is now completeContemporary Knight Security Series – spin-off to Alpha Series:Resisting Alexandre (Knight Security 0.5)Defying Asher (Knight Security 1)Challenging Gabriel (Knight Security 2)Capturing Caleb (Knight Security 3)Tempting Zander (Knight Security 4)Enticing Ian (Knight Security 5) Available for pre-orderEthan (Knight Security 6) Coming soonMore books to come in this series.Contemporary Alpha Series:Christmas Alpha (Alpha 1)Dark Alpha (Alpha 2)Shadow Alpha (Alpha 3) Author’s 200th BookMidnight Alpha (Alpha 4)Renegade Alpha (Alpha 5)Warrior Alpha (Alpha 6)Rogue Alpha (Alpha 7)Savage Alpha (Alpha 8)This series is now complete.Carole Mortimer has written over 220 books, in contemporary and Regency romance, and is the Recipient of the prestigious 2015 Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She is an Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author—ever. 2014 Romantic Times Pioneer of Romance author. She was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, for her “outstanding service to literature”.

Too Wicked to Kiss: Gothic Historical Romance (Gothic Love Stories Book 1)

A darkly romantic gothic mystery with hidden motives and forbidden love from a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author:"Sensual and witty... A delicious, dark Gothic treat!"- Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling authorHIS TOUCH HOLDS HER CAPTIVEFrom the ravens circling its spires to the gargoyles adorning its roof, Blackberry Manor looms ominously over its rambling grounds. And behind its doors, amid the flickering shadows and secret passageways, danger lies in wait… TO HIS EVERY DARK DESIREEvangeline Pemberton has been invited to a party at the sprawling estate of reclusive Gavin Lioncroft, who is rumored to have killed in cold blood. Initially, his towering presence and brusque manner instill fear… until his seductive attentions and unexpected vulnerability conquer her resistance.But when a guest is murdered, Evangeline is torn. Could the man to whom she is so powerfully drawn, also be a ruthless killer?Gothic Love StoriesToo Wicked to KissToo Sinful to DenyToo Tempting to ResistToo Wanton to WedToo Brazen to Bite

Reunion: A Lesbian Love Story

Fifteen years may have passed since graduation, but it has not been enough time for Jessie to get over losing Kiera, her first love. To make matters worse, Kiera had never even known Jessie, her best friend, was in love with her.Now both friends have returned to their home town for a class reunion. Can a late night encounter in a dark hotel room rekindle the flame that was never quite extinguished?

Getting Down To Business: A Lesbian RomCom Novel

From the outside, Amy Barnes has it all. She’s a rising star at her Chicago tech start up. She’s well liked, she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s pretty. But despite all this, for some strange reason, Amy’s had an absolutely awful love life. It couldn’t possibly be Amy’s fault… right?Enter Josephine Taft, rich and successful tech investor, swooping in to save Amy’s company from financial ruin. In addition to being wealthy and accomplished, Josephine is also a total fox and Amy can’t help but swoon over her. No pressure here.As our quirky heroine maneuvers through this stylized romantic comedy, often butting heads with a whimsical cast of characters, she’ll have to look within to both save her company and get the girl. Will Amy be able to rein in her eccentricities and prove to Josephine that she’s worth the investment?

Claimed (Brides of the Kindred book 1) Special 10th Anniversary Edition: (Alien Warrior BBW Science Fiction Paranormal Romance)

The First Book in the Brides of the Kindred seriesA race of Alien Warriors from beyond the stars.Three very different types of Warriorsall focused on one thing…claiming their bridesIn all their years of travel the Kindred have come across only three worlds withspecies close enough to their own to initiate a trade.Earth is the fourth.Olivia Waterhouse is about to be Claimed.A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick! Olivia Waterhouse has just graduated from nursing school and has her whole life ahead of her—until she gets drafted. Problem is, she isn’t being forced into the Army, she’s been chosen as a Kindred bride.The Kindred are huge alien warriors—a race of genetic traders whose population is ninety-five percent male. After saving Earth from the threat of invasion they demand a reward—the right to find brides among the population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery—guess it’s just Liv’s lucky day.Baird is a Beast Kindred who recently escaped imprisonment and torture at the hands of the malevolent Scourge. Through the torment and pain only one thing kept him sane—the thought of finding and claiming his bride—Olivia. His need to possess her is a burning intensity that threatens to consume them both.Angry at having her future and her family taken away from her, Liv vows to fight back the only way she can—by resisting. She has one month on the Kindred Mother Ship with Baird—their claiming period. If she can keep from having bonding sex with him during that time, she can go home and get on with her life on Earth. But Baird isn’t going to make it easy for her. Every week he is allowed to touch Liv more and more intimately and according to the contract she signed, she has to let him. She’s determined to resist him but his touch sets her on fire. And just as she thinks she knows what she wants, a twist of fate and an attack by the faceless Scourge AllFather changes everything…More about the Brides of the Kindred series:Beast Kindred—Savage in battle these dark, brooding warriors from Rageron bring their passion and intensity to the bedroom. They possess a very special endowment that ensures every intimate encounter lasts and lasts.Blood Kindred—Cold as ice to their enemies, these tall, blond warriors from Tranq Prime warm up when they find the right woman. But be careful…they bite.Twin Kindred—Muscular and rugged, these warriors from Twin Moons always come in pairs and cannot be separated. They experience physical pain when parted from each other…or the one woman they both choose to love.And then there is the enemy…The Scourge—A genetic trade gone wrong, these menacing outsiders have a strange and twisted prophesy that they must fulfill…or die trying.Nigh Owl Reviews--Enjoy the beginning adventures of what look to be some great characters in this new series. I've been sinking my teeth into them and loving every minute of it. BoyzClub Reviews--definitely hooked!The Sweet & Sinful Book Nerd--Talk about out of this world! KimberlyReads--I started the series with the first book free on amazon, not half way through I knew I wanted to read more. I am now a confirmed Kindred junkie. Love the characters and descriptions, totally draws you into the story and the family.Hugh Harrison-- An emotional journey with strong characters and fantastic world building

Pinkie: A Lesbian Romance Novella

Pinkie is the kind of hot punk rocker chick Quinn has always wanted, but could never make a move on. Determined to have a summer of fun before she leaves for med school, however, Quinn is itching to be bad and eager to say yes, just to see where it takes her.But saying yes to Pinkie leads Quinn down an unexpected path of lust, submission, and doubt. And this affair is further tangled by Pinkie’s anime-obsessed recluse roommate Mimi, a geeky girl who takes a shine to Quinn.Torn between two different women, both with their own motives, Quinn discovers that casual romance isn’t without its consequences. Will she continue to allow herself to be dominated by her desires?

Eadan's Vow: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 1)

Stranded in time, she finds herself bonded to a handsome highlander...After traveling to Scotland for a solo artist's retreat, Fiona Stewart finds herself mysteriously transported to the fourteenth century. But as she attempts to get back to her own time, complications ensue when she meets a handsome highlander who sets her heart aflame...Forced into an engagement with the daughter of a rival clan leader, Eadan Macleay struggles to fulfill his promise to his dying father.When he comes across a strange lass claiming to be from the future, he strikes a deal with her. If she poses as his bride to end his betrothal, he will help her return to her own time.Amid their growing attraction and increasing danger from the rival clan, Eadan and Fiona must choose between love, duty, and the hands of fate...Millions of pages read. Hundreds of five-star reviews across the series. Perfect for fans of time travel, dashing Highlanders, steamy romance, and thrilling adventure.Start reading now!

Felony Ever After

***13 Authors put their brains together to write ONE story***Verity Michaels is new to New York City, but even she knows riding in a stolen cab is not a normal way to meet someone. Damn it if that tattoo-covered would-be felon isn’t everywhere now, and lighting everything on fire under her skirt.His name is Hudson Fenn, and he’s frustratingly impossible to pin down. He works as a bike messenger, but has the manners of a prince—along with a strange tendency toward breaking and entering. As much as Verity knows he’s not her type, and likely to land her in jail, she can’t help but find her truest self when they’re together.Can she be brave enough to give Hudson a real chance? Will he be bold enough to reveal the man beneath the ink, or will his secrecy doom their connection? Also, WTF is the deal with Verity’s boss? No less than thirteen of your favorite romance writers have teamed up to tell this sexy, wacky, snort-inducing tale. With them you’ll visit the world’s most irritating office, a VIP room of questionable cleanliness, and the fanciest apartment a bike messenger has ever inhabited, but you’ll still never see this ending coming. REVIEWS"Original. Fresh. Hilarious. Pure Genius. Can 13 authors pull off one seamless and epic love story? With no script or outline? The answer is confidently YES! ‪#‎PoundHudson‬ ‪#‎BestHashtagsever‬" The Rock Stars of Romance "Felony Ever After was a hell on wheels taxi ride with lots of hot sex, some crazy funny tweets, a hero to swoon over, some mystery and a bit of ridiculousness. There was a bit of everything in this light-hearted, steamy funny romp that took us in some very whacky directions! We really enjoyed this crazy-arsed ride!" Totally Booked Blog"I was impressed with this book. Each author paid meticulous attention to the characters personalities as they developed. They added multiple layers to each character that stayed in sync with the other authors contributions. As for what each author added in their chapters kept the story moving, taking surprising turns, yet stayed cohesive to the over all theme in the book." Smut Book Junkie"Felony Ever After is like the Ocean`s Eleven of the books! 13 amazing authors joined forces to write one helluva book! FEA is funny, sexy and drama free. Don’t be mistaken thinking this novel is an anthology, it is one only story written by all these incredibly talented authors. Even though I could notice the difference between their writing styles, there was fluidity in the story. The plot always made sense and every author added their own touch to the story that made it more and more interesting within every new chapter! It was really awesome!" Collector of Book Boyfriends"This book is a true caper that will have you laughing until you cry. I totally loved what each author brought to the story and these characters. Felony Ever After is never for a single second predictable – you are on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. Don’t even think twice – one-click this book and savor every word like the best piece of chocolate." Literary Gossip

The Interstellar Jewel Heist (Space Colony Journals Book 4)

"An Interstellar Cozy Mystery"When she finds the body of a retired shopkeeper on the beach, a series of mysterious events draws Lady Jayla into a web of passion, terror, and murder;If she wants to stay alive, she must figure out who the killer is before she becomes the next target. She needs to find a way to stop the interplanetary jewel thieves who keep breaking into her shop looking for their missing loot. While dealing with this crisis, she faces a slew of other problems: When she bought her shop, she inherited one dysfunctional house-bot who thinks he's a sex-bot and a sales bot who cleans her front window display naked. Then there is her nosy boyfriend Jake and her overprotective family… To make matters worse, the local and interplanetary detectives investigating the theft and murder think either she stole the jewels, or she makes excellent bait for the real thieves. Take your pick.

The Duke's Mistress (Regency Unlaced 1)

The Duke’s Mistress is the first story in Carole Mortimer’s Regency Unlaced series. Hot and steamy tales of Regency heroes and heroines, with a dangerous dash of romantic suspense, as only Carole can write them!Carole has written over 200 books, in contemporary romance and Regency. She is the Recipient of the 2015 Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. She is a USA Today Bestselling author. Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author. 2014 Romantic Times Pioneer of Romance. Was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, for her “outstanding service to literature”.Author's Note: Please be aware that the stories in the Regency Unlaced Series are more explicit in language and sexual content than my other books. The young widow Lady Dorothea Fitzroy is bored with her life. Most especially so with her role as mistress of her brother’s household, and the endless round of society engagements this forces her to endure.What Thea so badly needs is a secret and passionate lover, to become mistress of another kind entirely, and so add excitement and spice into her humdrum life. But where is she to find this handsome and inexhaustible gentleman? Julian Remington, the arrogant and haughty 17th Duke of Blackmoor has no interest in finding a mistress for his bedroom or his home. He’s jaded, cynical, and distrustful when it comes to women. One woman, a woman from his past, has caused too much grief in his life for him to ever trust another. Thea and Julian are about to be caught up in a passion for each other that blazes so fiercely, and so out of control, it is beyond the power of either of them to resist.The Duke’s Mistress is the story of an arrogant duke and an adventurous young widow, caught up in their insatiable desire for each other, the vengeful woman who would like nothing better than to see Blackmoor suffer as she has suffered, and believes Thea Fitzroy to be the means by which she will achieve it.Other books by Carole MortimerContemporary Alpha Series:Christmas Alpha (Alpha 1)Dark Alpha (Alpha 2)Shadow (Alpha 3) Author’s 200th BookMidnight Alpha (Alpha 4)Renegade Alpha (Alpha 5)Warrior Alpha (Alpha 6)Rogue Alpha (Alpha 7)Savage Alpha (Alpha 8)Regency Unlaced Series:The Duke’s Mistress (Regency Unlaced 1)Claimed by the Marquis (Regency Unlaced 2)Taken by the Earl (Regency Unlaced 3)Pursued by the Viscount (Regency Unlaced 4)Desired by a Lord (Regency Unlaced 5)Captured by a Gentleman (Regency Unlaced 6)Contemporary Knight Security Series:Alexandre (Knight Security 0.5)Defying Asher (Knight Security 1)Challenging Gabriel (Knight Security 2)

Saved By Her Velvet Thong (Billionaire Lesbian Romance Series Book 1)

Like most of her contemporaries Barbara Anderson (the heiress) was young, gothic and a party animal. As the only child of the Andersons, one of America's oldest and richest families, she was in line to inherit the over 100 billion fortune from the oil, and gas and real estate family business. The heiress. That was the name the press had called her, the name the paparazzi always slammed on their front pages. To curb her excesses and to stabilize their failing empire, her billionaire parents married her off to a billionaire playboy to seal off the company merger; once enemies they eventually fell in love; but on the wedding night she catches her husband having sex with another woman. As if this wasn’t enough, Barbara has so many surprises on her way. Will this marriage lasts or will it burn down like ash? Or is there a twist to the story?SCROLL UP AND GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Yellowstone Heart Song (Yellowstone Romance Book 1)

Book 1 in the Yellowstone Romance Series "I am not good with words, but you make my heart sing, Aimee..."Nurse and avid backpacker Aimee Donovan is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. She encounters a patient who tells her he is a time traveler and can send her two hundred years into the past to spend three months in the rugged Yellowstone wilderness at the dawn of the mountain man era. The only requirement: she cannot tell anyone that she’s from the future. How did a white woman suddenly appear in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness? Trapper Daniel Osborne’s first instinct is to protect this mysterious and unconventional woman from the harsh realities of his mountains. While he fights his growing attraction to her, he is left frustrated by her lies and secrecy. Daniel shows Aimee a side of Yellowstone she’s never experienced. She is torn between her feelings for him, and exposing a secret that will destroy everything he holds as truth. As her three months come to an end, she is faced with a dilemma: return to her own time, or stay with the man who opened her eyes to a whole new world. When the decision is made for her, both their lives will be changed forever.***Content Warning: This story contains mild violence, mild profanity, and adult situations including physical intimacy, and is intended for mature readers.Other titles in the Yellowstone Romance Series, in recommended reading order:Yellowstone Heart SongReturn To YellowstoneYellowstone ChristmasYellowstone RedemptionYellowstone ReflectionsYellowstone Love Notes (short story)Yellowstone Season of Giving (short story)Yellowstone HomecomingYellowstone AwakeningYellowstone DawnYellowstone DeceptionYellowstone PromiseYellowstone OriginsYellowstone LegacyYellowstone LegendsRelated/Spin-off Series:Teton Romance SeriesWilderness Brides SeriesWild Mountain Hearts Series

Forgotten Time : (Ravenhurst Series, Book 1) New Adult Time Travel Romance

#1 Bestselling Time Travel Series “If you have ever wanted to take an adventure through time, this would be the one to take! Loved every single moment of these books and did not want them to end!” Bewitch Me RomanceA once forgotten legend... Katherine Nicole Jamison never imagined when she took a job at a prestigious auction house for the summer, that one moment of impulsiveness could change her life forever. When she "borrows" an ancient amulet, she inadvertently sets in motion a series of events, which results in her waking up in 18th century England, betrothed to an arrogant, self-centered Earl. Sebastian de Winter ~ The Earl of Ravenhurst, is a renowned womanizer who always prided himself as being a ladies man, until he is left standing at the altar. His betrothed Marguerite vanishes and as if by magic reappears months later. But is she his betrothed? Ravenhurst ~ locked somewhere within the gloomy confines of this ancient edifice is the key that will unlock the door of time itself. *This book is 646 pages long and is 113,309 wordsOrder of books and other titles by Lorraine BeaumontRavenhurst Series#1 Bestselling Time Travel RomanceForgotten TimeShadows of YesterdayTime to RememberDreams of TomorrowNow and ForeverA Victorian ChristmasLucian MerlinA Modern-Day Christmas♦Ravenhurst Special Edition TrilogyRavenhurst, Vol IRavenhurst, Vol IIRavenhurst, Vol III♦Lost in the Highland Series#1 Bestselling Scottish Time Travel RomanceLost in the Highlands, Vol. ILost in the Highlands, Vol. IILost in the Highlands, Vol. III♦Briarcliff SeriesYoung Adult Paranormal Dark UrbanFantasy Written for AdultsBriarcliff, Volume One (Elyograg)Briarcliff, Volume Two (Gargoyle)Briarcliff, Volume Three (Degare)Briarcliff Box Set♦Edenbrooke Hollow SeriesParanormal Time Travel RomanceThe Witches of Edenbrooke♦New Series in the Works

Wine Glasses on the Nightstand

With divorce still fresh in her heart, Aly finds solace in the one thing she knows will comfort her. Her best friend Debra. After a drunken night, one thing leads to another and now Aly must decide what path to take. Will she chose the one she loves? Or will she chose the one she wishes she could love?

Steamy lesbian : 03 sex short stories

“These was truly a love story. Enjoyed it immensely. The characters were believable and I could tell that they truly loved each other. As others have mentioned, we definitely need to read more about these two!Thanks for the great story!”- Love2019“in the first story , Wonderful !The character buildup and tension is amazing but I feel like it needs more closure than just them being together. The family situation needs to be touched at again to see what eventually happens with Andy and her family. Otherwise I completely adore the characters.” – QueenT“in the second storyI must have read this story a half dozen times now, but I keep coming back to it, because I love it so much! Thank you for sharing it with us! – QueenT“Ref hiddenSame here, don't have to read once again because I remember every single detail, yet I don't mind reading it again. Such a lovely story, that you can read it again and again but you will never get board. I specially loved the character of Sonja, don't know why but I find it too attractive.”- Deceptivedomain“you nailed it!Enjoyed the story very much. It really defines what Valentine's Day was meant to be. And I had the right mix of pain, sorrow, joy, passion, and above all love!”- roverone“So,true ...... Even starting talking so to your beloved onesLike the remake from frankie goes to Hollywood ..... War, huh, yeah What is it good for? Nothing ..... And a "war" can begin with just one bad spelling even in a family ..... So yeah watch out what you saying ..... Great story” – IMZADI22

Mom's Secret Lover (Her First Time)

Becca Davis thought she would never love again but then she meets personal trainer Lia Greene who sweeps her off her feet.When Lia pressures Becca to come out, Becca is terrified at the consequences. She especially fears her daughter's reaction. Meanwhile, Becca's daughter has secrets of her own. One of them is named Sarah Walters, an aspiring young poet who helps her enter the Spoken Word world.Her First Time is a series of standalone steamy romances about women having their first lesbian experience. 

Cat's Meow (Broken Protocols Book 1)

Book 1 of the Broken Protocols SeriesAfter a year of hell, Lani Summerland’s life is just getting better when she’s tossed unceremoniously a few hundred years into the future with her orange Persian cat, Charming Marvin, in her arms. With no way to fight it, no way to go back, things are only looking to get worse fast.Breaking protocol is cause for severe consequences in the time and world Liev Blackburn lives. But, after a year of government regulation, the crackdown is easing up and he begins to relax. Everything he’s worked for is hinged on keeping his reckless brother in check. But, while he’s been protecting Milo from falling under the government’s ever-vigilant radar, his brother has been working on a surprise present for him, one that’s the cat’s meow… Lani is that gift–a woman from the past that Liev has been fixated on.Milo never anticipated having his brother’s dream girl come to their time with a snarky cat that can not only talk but doesn’t have a clue how or when to shut up!

A Spirited Manor (O'Hare House Mysteries Book 1)

A grieving widow. A house with secrets. And an invitation to a seance...When Clara O'Hare's husband passed away, she felt her life was over. But when she moves into a new home to escape the memories, she discovers she may not be alone...Desperate to find answers, she joins a séance in a remote country home. But the group's fascination with the spirit world has called up something sinister. It will be up to her and the dashing young medium, Wesley Lowenherz, to solve a murder most foul and find out what the spirits of the manor are dying to tell them.Laced with gothic tension, romance, and mystery, this deliciously twisted penny-dreadful will delight readers with its unexpected turns and thrilling conclusion.

A Witch in Time (Cat's Paw Cove Book 1)

Welcome to Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida—an enchanting seaside town and favorite tourist destination. But there’s something unusual about the locals, both human and feline. The popular Shipwreck Museum might just take you back in time, and the historic Sherwood House holds secrets, old and new.Adopt a furever friend at the Cove Cat Café, treat yourself to a psychic reading at Eye of Newt metaphysical shop, pick up a special trinket from Black Cat Antiquities. And don’t be surprised if you find your heart in the magic of Cat’s Paw Cove.In a violent storm in 1645, Colin Wilshire’s Barbados-bound ship is swept off course. He’s sure he and his pregnant bride are fated to drown when he’s tossed into the sea. He wakes in a strange land and is saved by a blue-haired angel.Twenty-first-century witch and cat rescuer Luna Halpern has fallen for more than her share of unsuitable guys—including one with a long-distance fiancé, and another who was more interested in other dudes than in Luna. Finally, a safe, drama-free guy is interested in her, and she’s confident that she’ll muster up an attraction to him. When she stumbles upon a handsome, mysterious man who speaks oddly, seems not to know where he is, or even what century it is, her first instinct is to help him.Certain he’s either stuck in a crazy dream or in limbo between life and death, Colin stays close to Luna. As his feelings for her grow, he’s forced to choose between his obligations in the past and his hopes for the future.Cat's Paw Cove Book Order:#1 - A WITCH IN TIME by Wynter Daniels and Catherine Kean - ASIN: B07T3RD4ZG#2 - HER HOMERUN HOTTIE by Wynter Daniels - ASIN: B07TJ9D4ZB#3 - GAMBLING ON THE ARTIST by Wynter Daniels - ASIN: B07VGKMHN4#4 - MEOWS AND MISTLETOE - A Cat's Paw Cove Holiday Anthology by 8 Guest Authors - ASIN: B07WZM613F#5 - HOT MAGIC by Catherine Kean - ASIN: B07YR1RG74#6 - REIMAGINING MR. RIGHT by Wynter Daniels - ASIN: B07YSQ6J3X#7 - FAMILIAR BLESSINGS by Candace Colt - ASIN: B083YT3PM5#8 - MAGICAL BLESSINGS by Candace Colt - ASIN: B081S7GLPQ#9 - CHRISTMAS AT MOON MIST MANOR by Kerry Evelyn - ASIN: B083ST42B7#10 - LOVE OVERRULES THE LAWYER by Kerry Evelyn - ASIN: B083ST42B7#11 - FATED KISS by Darcy Devlon - ASIN: B085N8XC3J#12 - CHARLOTTE REDBIRD, GHOST COACH by Sharon Buchbinder - ASIN: B085MLMNT2#13 - TAKEN BY THE IMP by Sharon Buchbinder - ASIN: B085ML9RFX#14 - THE BEACHCOMBER'S BUCCANEER BOUNTY by Kerry Evelyn - ASIN: B085RFZ4PG#15 - ROMANCE, MAGIC, AND CATS by Wynter Daniels – ASIN: B086MZK93S#16 – NEW YEAR’S KISS by Darcy Devlon - ASIN: B0883DV28K#17 – TIDES & TREASURES by Lynda Haviland - ASIN: B08B5LCGCJ#18 – CHARMING THE SKEPTIC by Wynter Daniels - ASIN: B08FMJ2T79#19 – FESTIVITIES & FELINES – A Cat’s Paw Cove Holiday Anthology by 3 Guest Authors – ASIN: B08GKC98W6#20 – HEALED WITH A KISS by Sharon Buchbinder – ASIN: B08SW4XM25#21 – MULTIPLE BLESSINGS by Candace Colt – ASIN: B097NKJ3FJ#22 – A FAE’S WISHMAS by Kira Nyte – ASIN: B09DGSR6CB#23 – CHRISTMAS MAGIC by Catherine Kean – ASIN: B09GGCVMXH#24 – A BEE IN HER BONNET by Sharon Buchbinder – ASIN:

Try Me Again: A Second-Chance Lockdown Novella

What if lockdown means your ex moving back in? Dot is still bristling over Caitlin leaving when she turns up at her door, asking to stay.It's just until Caitlin can get a flight to New York, to the glittering new life she dumped them for.But when the job falls through, Caitlin has to confront some home truths.Now she knows what she really wants, can she convince Dot to try her again?

Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus: (Annotated With Details Summary & Analysis)

In This Book I did summaries Every Single Chapter Analysis Every Single ChapterImportant Quotes Explained Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, is a novel written by Mary Shelley about a creature produced by an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was nineteen, and the novel was published when she was twenty-one. The first edition was published anonymously in London in 1818. Shelley's name appears on the second edition, published in France in 1823. Shelley had travelled in the region of Geneva, where much of the story takes place, and the topics of galvanism and other similar occult ideas were themes of conversation among her companions, particularly her future husband, Percy Shelley. The storyline emerged from a dream. Mary, Percy, Lord Byron, and John Polidori decided to have a competition to see who could write the best horror story. After thinking for weeks about what her possible storyline could be, Shelley dreamt about a scientist who created life and was horrified by what he had made. She then wrote Frankenstein."

House of Shadows (The Victorian Gothic Collection Book 1)

House of Shadows is Part One of a three part series. Both Veil of Shadows, Part Two and Passage of Shadows, Part Three, are avalable on Amazon, as well. After losing her father and nearly losing her life when their ship sank off the coast of Cornwall, Adelaide Hampton Parke is faced with a terrible dilemma. Her stepmother has demanded that they immediately set sail for New York but the very idea of stepping foot on board another ship and facing the uncertainty of a Transatlantic crossing leaves her paralyzed with fear. Not to mention that her relationship with her stepmother is contentious at best and she's been given only six months to return to New York and find herself a husband or be put out of the family's Park Avenue home to make her own way in the world. Salvation comes, unexpectedly, in the form of a telegram from Eldren Llewellyn a Welsh lord and the sole owner of a mining empire. He'd partnered with her father in multiple business ventures, and upon the man's death, proposed to Adelaide in order to spare her the ordeal of returning home in her stepmother's less than tender care. But as she travels to his remote estate in Snowdonia, Adelaide comes to realize that his ancestral home, Cysgod Lys, literally the Shadow Hall, is filled with secrets and dark things she cannot name. Fear is her constant companion and she begins to wonder if her new husband is her savior... or her doom.**** Please note that this is a true trilogy. It isn't three interconnected stories, but one story told over the span of three books. Each book can be read as a complete story on its own, though it will help to read them in order. They will be published in fairly quick succession at about eight weeks apart. The standard length for a novel is 45,000 words to 90,000 words. This series, when complete, will be 150,000 words in total. That was simply too much for one book and that is why it is being told in parts. Thank you. ****

Addison Falls in Love: A Short Romance Story (The Love Series Book 1)

Addison Falls in Love A Short Romance StoryBook 1 in the Love SeriesAddison has been in a romance slump. Ever since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, she has retreated from the dating world. Her friend Clara thinks that it is time for her to get back out there and meet new people and she has a certain handsome young man in mind.**How does Clara persuade Addison to get dressed up and go out to a bar with her?**How does Clara engineer a meeting between Addison and the handsome Michael?**How does Addison find herself going on an unplanned date?Discover how Clara uses her matchmaking skills on the unsuspecting Addison with delightful results.Addison Falls in Love is a 5,000 word short romance story with a happy ever after ending. It is the just the thing if you are looking for a pocket-size story to read during your lunch break or while waiting for an appointment. Enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast Part 1: A Dark Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

★ Amazon top 30 bestseller in Gothic Romance ★ I was a monster, and she was too innocent for my world. Part 1 of a trilogy.Discounted boxset of complete series is also available on Author Profile if you don't want to buy the books individually. Beauty and the Beast.Everyone knows how that fairytale goes, right?How an egotistical motherfucker gets trapped into a spell by a wicked witch, because he looked down upon her, judging her by how she looked before even knowing her. Then having to break that spell, by having a woman fall in love with him in his monster form.Except, I’m no fairytale prince.We all know that all the happily ever after’s from the movies are bullshit.Happily ever after’s don’t exist.Especially for a motherfucker like me.A man who’s done so much wrong, seen things he shouldn’t have seen. Watched men and women get tortured, murdered, be ripped away from their goddamn families.My name is Luca Costello. I grew up in the toughest streets of South Manchester, you know, the area stretching from Hulme to Moss Side up until Longsight.I know there’s that fucking cliché that everybody spits out from around here. “I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me.” “Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.”Except, I didn’t choose this life.Growing up, I was forced into this way of living. Postcode wars, Turf wars, competing for territory, gunning down any bastard who got in the way of business…It was all I knew.And it was all I was ever going to know. You can’t just leave the streets behind. Once you’re in, there’s no way out. Your past follows you wherever you fucking go. You don’t know how many enemies you’ve made. You don’t know whether the person staring at you from across the street is a stranger, or someone connected to somebody that you’ve crossed in the past.I wanted better for myself. Heck, I needed better.And I knew from the minute I met Zara Amelle, my life was going to turn upside down.She was sexy, bold, confident. A woman who knew what she fucking wanted.Too innocent for my world.But that didn’t stop me. I should have left her alone.I should have left her to live her life.Live her life without me.But she was like a fucking drug. Once I got one taste of her, I kept going back for more.Even if it killed us.They say if you keep dancing with the devil you’ll get burned.I’d been destined for hell my whole damn life. Living a life of sin, hurting so many people who didn’t deserve to be hurt. Except she was the opposite of me. She was like an angel.Who was going to save her from me? This is my story.She was the Beauty…And I was the Beast. Not standalone. Ends in a cliffhanger.

Vanlife: A Lesbian Romance Novel

Julia Marks isn't one to stick around very long. She's blissfully living the vanlife, crossing the country as she pleases, working odd jobs to fund her lifestyle, treading lightly, and leaving no trace behind her. But despite the immense freedom she has as a bohemian nomad, she can't help but feel that something's missing.A quick trip through Madison turns far more interesting for Julia when she meets Robin Hyland. Robin is searching for answers, and a chance encounter between the two women opens up a brand new adventure that neither expected. While Julia didn't anticipate having a passenger in her van, it's hard to say no to a pretty redhead who's looking to find herself.Now these two women must navigate the difficult route ahead of them together. Can love prevail over the challenges of life on the road?Originally published as Love & Wanderlust.

Dear Maude (The Dear Maude Trilogy Book 1)

Emily thought her college scholarship was a step forward...But it turned out to be a step backward... IN TIMEDear Maude is a multi-genre novel that blends time travel romance, mystery and intrigue, set in different time periods, with enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. It's the multi-award winning story of a naive college graduate, whose first job is anything but conventional. Go on an unforgettable, romantic, Time Travel Adventure2017 Readers’ Favorite Awards Bronze Medal Winner, Fiction-Tall Tale Category 2018 New Apple Summer eBook Awards, Official Selection"Beautifully written, this story brings time travel to life!" Upstate New York, 2012. Emily Stanton, a sociology major, graduates from college and is obligated to work for the mysterious company that funded her education. But a job with Evergreen Research Corporation is not what she expects. From fancy balls and operas to corsets and kid gloves, Emily learns to be a specialist in 1910 society. In the process, she finds herself fully immersed in the lives of wealthy aristocrats and industry leaders, whose thirst for power leads them to manipulate everything, including time. Thrust into this strange and dangerous world, Emily becomes their most important asset. Unable to trust her coworkers or her surroundings, however, Emily finds herself alone--with her very survival in the hands of a handsome stranger, Wendell Beringer. Unfortunately, Emily soon discovers that he has a few secrets of his own. Can she trust this man or the feelings she develops for him? Only time will tell. Follow Emily's unexpected journey, where journal entries to her deceased aunt and the powerful secrets they contain, become her only link to the life she once knew and the future she must choose to follow. Get a copy and go on an adventure you will never forget!Other Books by Denise Liebig:The Dear Maude Trilogy CollectionSophiaRemembering SkyeFor the Love of MaudeForever MaudeVisit the author's

Meet The Baumgartners

TOP 100 BAUMGARTNER SERIES - Meet the Baumgartners - THEY WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD!---------FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING & AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITT---------Steve “Doc” Baumgartner--alone, naked, face flushed with pleasure.Carrie spies him indulging in a sexy, private moment. Though she’s sworn to herself she's through with guys, and her roommate-turned-lover Maureen is more than enough to satisfy her, Carrie can't stop fantasizing about Doc.Then Carrie gets her chance. A summer getaway to Key West, the threat of Maureen’s zealot boyfriend, and Doc’s hunger for pleasure prove to be the perfect cocktail to lower Carrie’s inhibitions.Smell the ocean air, pour yourself a drink, prepare for a summer to remember. It’s time to Meet the Baumgartners!**If you've read one of the books in the Baumgartners series, you'll love this prequel to the series. If you've never read any of them--Meet the Baumgartners! Your life will never be the same again!**IF YOU LIKED THIS BOOKyou may want to have more fun with this family!Listed in Chronological Order!*FREE* Meet the Baumgartners Baumgartner Christmas the Baumgartners Baumgartners Plus One to the Baumgartners About the Baumgartners Baumgartner Reunion Generations: Janie Generations: Henry Baumgartner Valentine*NEW* Baumgartners Empty Nest Baumgartner Dirty Show

Covet: Free Paranormal Romance (Deadly Sins Book 1)

An angel wants her heart.A Demon wants her body.Hell wants her soul.Joey Benton is the mortal child of an angel; a title that sits heavy on her shoulders. She has no interest in serving Heaven until a handsome stranger forces her to question the world around her. Ursus, an Archangel, doesn't want another charge--especially one so defiant as Joey. Protecting her from Hell might very well be the biggest challenge of his immortal life. But when his feelings for Joey get in the way of his duty, it's a challenge he refuses to lose.Amazon has the order of the series incorrect. The correct order is:1. Covet2. Wrath3. Greed4. Lust5. Glutton6. Envy7. Pride

Belmary House Book One

Tilly Jacobs thinks spending a month in London helping her history buff cousin catalog antiques in a possibly haunted mansion that’s slated to be torn down will be the perfect thing to help her get over being fired from her job. Possibly proving the existence of ghosts will just be icing on the cake. When her ghost turns out to be a living, breathing, Regency era earl who mistakenly drags her into his century, she thinks she’s in for the best vacation of her life. All she has to do is enjoy the scenery, which includes the hunky Lord Ashford, until he can get her back to her own time.She doesn’t count on getting caught up in finding his missing sister, or on a murderer being after them, or the fact that if the house gets destroyed, so do her chances of ever getting home.Least of all, she doesn’t count on the undeniable attraction she feels to the mysterious and brooding Lord Ashford, or the fact that his life involves things far more difficult to believe than she ever thought imaginable.

The Bride Price (Civil War Brides Book 1)

The Bride Price18+ for language and sexual situations…Is love timeless? Does only one true love exist for each person? Can the course of history be changed in order to save a future generation? Sophie Ford, awaiting a heart transplant, thought she was sleeping in the arms of her beloved husband, Jamie. However, she has woken to find herself in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1863, without explanation as to how she got there, or where her husband is. Taking refuge with a doctor and his family, she finds herself in a volatile relationship with their neighbor, Richard Madden. His expectations and desires become difficult to ignore, and Sophie must find a way to hold off his pursuit. She rejoices when a soldier, looking identical to Jamie, arrives. Although he claims he doesn't know her, she's convinced he's her husband and sets out to make him remember. Sophie races against time as she faces increasing pressure from Richard, who threatens their chance to reunite. Can she break through Jamie's barriers and bring his memory back? And once found, can their love survive living in a different century?

Timelines: Two First-In-Series Novels (Out of Time & Jacks Are Wild)

This set contains two first-in-series full length novels: Out of Time (Book #1) and Jacks Are Wild (Book #1)Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery (Out of Time, Book 1)Mystery, romance and adventure...Professor Simon Cross has spent his life searching for evidence of vampires and avoiding emotional entanglements. When a mysterious accident transports Simon and his assistant, Elizabeth West, back in time, Simon finally finds both the proof that he's been looking for, and the romance that he hasn't.Simon and Elizabeth's developing relationship is tested by demons real and imagined. In 1920s Manhattan, there are more than mobsters vying for power in the city's speakeasies. When the local kingpin with a dark secret sets his sights on Elizabeth, day to day struggles become a fight for their very lives.Jacks Are Wild: An Out of Time Novel (Saving Time, Book 1)From the world of Out of Time series comes a new series starring Jack Wells!Former OSS officer Jack Wells’s first assignment for the Council for Temporal Studies sounds deceptively simple—stop a murder before it happens. But as Jack soon finds out, there’s nothing simple about 1960 Las Vegas, especially when the woman you’re sent to save is a mobster’s wife.Jack is joined by Simon and Elizabeth Cross as he struggles to stay alive long enough to stop Susan’s murder and protect a very fragile timeline.

Once Upon a Christmas: A Wynter Family Saga

“Four sparkling, sensual, emotion-packed stories from four distinctive talents—it’s like diving into a box of Christmas candy.” - Julie Anne Long, USA Today bestselling authorThe holidays are a time for family, celebration—and the Dukes of Ravenglass to fall in love. Spend the Christmas season with the Wynter family, as the Dukes of Ravenglass find their happily-ever-afters in this delightful, heartfelt collection that spans from the Regency era to the present day. In A Price Above Rubies by Maggie Robinson, set in the Regency era, paid companion Helen Lowe doesn’t know the man she shares her first-ever dance—and first-ever kiss—is Gabriel Wynter, a reclusive, notorious duke. When Helen flees after being exposed, she leaves behind something of far greater value than a glass slipper. Can Gabriel find her, return it, and finally open his heart?In the Victorian-era set, Never Have I Ever Fallen in Love with a Duke by Tiffany Clare, Alexander Wynter has a problem—his best friend’s younger sister grew up. When he agreed to help Emily MacCallon make her debut, he didn’t expect the beautiful, alluring woman before him—or for her to lead him on such a merry chase. Alexander knows one thing: the only man she’ll be kissing forever and ever is him.In the World War II-set, Loving Lord Spy by J.K. Coi, Winnie Jenkins, a combat nurse, and Lord David Wynter, an injured British spy, fall in love at the worst possible time. Each of them owes a duty to their country and must go their separate ways. They promise that when the war is finally over, they’ll meet in Hyde Park on Christmas morning . . . but agree that if one of them doesn't make it, the other won't seek out the reason why. Can they keep their appointment? Or will secrets, lies, and the perils of war keep them apart?A missed connection gets a second chance in the present-day contemporary romance, Saved by the Belle by Elyssa Patrick. Seven years ago, Kit Wynter met the woman of his dreams. Even after all this time, he’s never been able to forget the American girl who captured his heart. When Belle Sweeney answers his ad—for she, too, never forgot him—it feels like there’s something still there. Spending the holiday at Ravenglass Abbey is the perfect opportunity to figure out if this is love.

The Pirate's Yuletide Treasure

It's a dark and snowy Christmas Eve, and the roads are almost impassable. Canterbury's inns are full, but the local brothel's door stands open, and Frau Klaus welcomes all who come seeking shelter. Gather with stranded travelers around her Tannenbaum as secrets, holiday tales, and a story of love, like this one, are shared. Cassia Beaugre Ransome has taken refuge at Klaus Haus to celebrate the season as she does every year on the anniversary of being rescued from customs officials. As a way of saying thank you, she and her husband, Ansell, deliver smuggled supplies to Frau Klaus and her staff. While Cassia awaits Ansell's arrival, and fearing his capture, she tells a yarn about three ships and yuletide miracles while longing for one of her own.The Pirate's Yuletide Treasure is a short story inspired by The Canterbury Tales and the Great London Fog and Frost of 1813. Heavy snowfall blankets Canterbury, forcing travelers paying their respects to Archbishop Thomas Becket indoors on Christmas Eve. It's the snowiest winter recorded in the last three hundred years, a storm considered by newspapers to be the worst to hit the British Isles since 1795, cutting the city off for at least six days and forcing holidaymakers to beg for lodging.

Billionaire Love: First in a Series Anthology

BILLIONAIRE LOVE7 'first in a series' romance bundle Romance Boxed Set: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, New Adult Romance, and Romantic Comedy. 18+. MOGULBillionaire tech mogul Nate meets his wonder woman, Diana Prince. Diana’s life is in shambles after she’s fired for selling insider secrets to his company. Diana falls for Nate but has no clue that he is the Mogul.DESTINYDo you find it? Or does it find you?Waitress Korinna Scharpova meets her match in enigmatic John MacBeth. The two connect instantly and their attraction heats faster than either can control. DESIREJules was Jaime’s first love. Would she be able to take the challenge of a 'friends with benefits' relationship? Here was the opportunity she longed for. Was she courageous enough to take it?HUNTERRealtor Audra Weston turns down billionaire Hunter Wallace’s business. The rejection piques Hunter’s curiosity and arouses his inner Dominant, making him determined to meet her. Lies and secrets stand in their way…SAVEDAllison James came to Chicago to start a new life but her former life still haunts her. She meets a handsome CEO Jackson Harter in a wild bathroom encounter. Will Jackson be able to save Allie from her past? STARSTRUCKRachel and her best friend Fiona are stuck in their small hometown until the hottest movie star in Hollywood comes to town and turns their world upside down. PASSIONAlena Roberts is the woman who dances her way into billionaire Devon Forrester’s heart and mind.BILLIONAIRE LOVEThese are 7 first in a series romance stories. Readers should be 18 years and above due to adult content.Scroll up and grab a copy today

Baby Wanted: (BWWM Interracial Romance) (A Bundle of Joy Book 1)

Her biological clock is ticking...Heather Lovey’s almost thirty-five, and she wants a baby. Badly. With no prospects in sight, she turns to Sean Johnson, her BFF.His feelings for her are enduring…Sean has been in love with Heather since forever, but she's always kept him at arm's length. When she proposes he father her child, he jumps at the chance, hoping a baby will lead to lasting romance. He demands one favor in return: that they have a baby as a married couple. She's free to divorce him after a year. The time they have together is fleeting…Marriage is the last thing on Heather’s mind. She only wants the unconditional love a child can give, something she lacked during her years in foster homes. She agrees to give Sean a year in this sham-marriage, never thinking it could turn into something so much more.Is one year enough time for Sean to change Heather’s way of thinking and make their marriage the kind that will last?

Try Me (and other romantic short stories): Daily Della

Daily Della is a series of short fiction anthologies for all Kindle enabled reading devices. Five stories in each issue, ideal for your daily coffee break.This issue of ‘Daily Della’ is a special cut-down, cut-price version, designed to give you a taster.In this issue:The Naked TruthWhen Emma and Jilly see an advert for NUDE male cleaners they wonder whether it's genuine. Emma decides there's only one way to find out - she has visions of naked men ironing her clothes - and despite Jilly's protestations, she rings the number.On One ConditionThe last place Karen expects to find herself on her thirtieth birthday is stuck up a tree, but thanks to her niece and nephew, ten year old twins, Conrad and Sarah that's exactly what happens. They tell her not to worry, Tom will get her down and they disappear to find him. Then to make matters worse it starts to rain and Karen's left worrying about the identity of the mysterious Tom.Saint Or SinnerDebs and her friend go to see a Welsh male voice choir and Debs falls in love with a gorgeous tenor, third row, fifth from the left. When they play her favourite hymn, 'When the Saints Go Marching In' she begins to feel like a sinner herself. Especially as she's married to Andrew who's waiting patiently for her back home.

The Day We Met: Four short meet cute love stories (Random Romance Book 21)

Four free, deliciously romantic short stories.WHEN JACK MET EVIE he found his usual movie star charm wasn't enough to catch her attention. In fact, she seemed to be actively avoiding him . . . He's heard Evie has a fatal fear of paparazzi, but that doesn't mean he should ignore his heart, does it?WHEN HARRY MET BETH he was tongue-tied for weeks. How was it possible this goddess of a woman now worked at their local hardware store in McLaren Vale? And how on earth will this farmer's son get up the courage to win her love?WHEN HENRY MET GINA he instantly knew two things. One, that she was a changer like he was. And two, that his dad was right about the way their kind fell in love - instantly, irrevocably. But has Gina felt it too?WHEN ELOISE MET ZACH she sensed something strangely distinguished about the masked intruder holding her captive outside her own ball. Lady Eloise Blakely has always longed for a world less ordinary, but is she ready to give her heart to an outlaw? RANDOM ROMANCE

The Night We First Met: a heart-warming short story about second chances (The Highland Books)

A summer night, a chance encounter...A woman and her child walk into a lonely man's life and change it forever. Ranald McLatchie has battled loneliness and depression all his life. When his sister bullies him into attending a party, he's a reluctant attendee. But the party holds promise in the form of an unintended guest… The Night We First Met is a short story and an exploration of what happens when you take a chance on someone. The story is a prequel to Highland Fling, out now, and it also contains the first chapter of Highland Fling.

Romeo and Julian - Free Fall: Historical Gay Romance

Two men – two secrets – one war. In the middle of Italy in 1943… Romeo, a young Italian undercover informant for the communist party, is the only local witness of a historical event. But for him meeting the German paratrooper Julian is more important than that. Julian had to live by the strict rules of his country for many years, hide away what he feels. One tragedy after the other undermined his will to live and he is ready to give up. His final jump changes everything.

Love Bites (Random Romance Book 13)

Five bewitching tales of love from the winners of the Power Play Romance Writer's Competition.From a moment of reflection to a moment of passion, these short stories explore the ways in which love and lust shape our lives. Writers Elizabeth McLennan, Hazel McLoughlin, Jessica Towicz, Saman Shad and overall winner Anna McHugh take us from the hustle and glamour of New York to the serenity of rural life in this enchanting and affecting collection.

Devilish Debutantes Part One: Three Book Bundle: Hell Hath No Fury, Hell in a Handbasket, Hell Hath Frozen Over (Devilish Debutantes Bundled Collection 1)

Hell Hath No Fury:Cecily made a huge mistake! She married an earl who, the day after the wedding, admitted to only wanting her for her dowry.Hell In A Handbasket:Sophia realizes that perhaps there is something missing between Lord Harold and herself… passion… sizzle… well… everything.Hell Hath Frozen Over:The Duchess of Prescott (Loretta), now a widow, fears she’s experienced all life has to offer. Thomas Findlay, a wealthy industrialist, knows she has not.