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The Rational Bible: Genesis - SAMPLE

A FREE SAMPLE from Chapter 6 of Dennis Prager's The Rational BIble: Genesis! Why do so many people think the Bible, the most influential book in world history, is outdated? Why do our friends and neighbors – and sometimes we ourselves – dismiss the Bible as irrelevant, irrational, immoral, or all of these things? This explanation of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, will demonstrate that the Bible is not only powerfully relevant to today’s issues, but completely consistent with rational thought.

Hebrew Heroes A Tale Founded on Jewish History

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

A Bible Study of Proverbs Chapter 19--Book 1

The righteous of the Lord our God who are poor but who walk in integrity are better than fools who speak evil and perverse things with their lips.A look at the warning that he that does not have knowledge is not good and that it is sin to haste to do something that God does not approve of.And more... Julia Carrington shares real life stories to illustrate the importance of these verses in this Bible study. Highly recommended! Get the book now! This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for family and friends now! "Julia Carrington draws from the depth of her relationship with God to connect her readers to His heart and His voice. She knows the language of God and writes encouraging her readers to know His voice and follow Him."--T.C. "Thanks be to God. I read one of her books, which was very good. She is a Christian first and foremost, and an awesome writer. If you have never read one of her books, let me encourage you to do so. Amen."--R.C. We are so pleased to have writing for us our lovely author Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a best-selling international Christian author of many Christian books and Christian novels that are sold around the world. And we believe that this book and all her books are sure to bless, challenge, inspire, entertain and bring Christian value and Biblical truth. Julia specializes in Christian fiction, personal growth, kindle books, books, Christian suspense, Christian inspirational, romance, and a wide variety of books and topics. It is Julia's desire to glorify God in all things.--God's Glory Publishing

Christ in the Psalms: 30 Daily Devotions from the Hebrew Hymnal

The Book of Psalms is known as the Bible’s songbook or the Hebrew hymnal. Jesus knew all 150 psalms intimately because they spoke of Him, as all the Scriptures speak of Him. Jesus said, “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me” (John 5:39).Jon J. Cardwell has been writing daily devotional thoughts for years, first for his own understanding and blessing, and later, offering them to the congregations he served as pastor.If you have not yet cultivated a daily devotional life, this book is a simple way to get started. If you already spend time in prayerful meditation upon the Scriptures, these 30 devotional thoughts from select psalms will be a blessing to you in exalting the Lord Jesus Christ from the psalms. They will bring you a new level of intimacy with Christ, and help you unleash a new passion for who Christ is in your life because of what He has done.Grab your copy today!

Kabbalah: Rosicrucian Digest (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

This issue of the Rosicrucian Digest presents a compendium of materials that provide a solid introduction to the most important aspects of Kabbalah.

The Rational Bible: Exodus SAMPLE

Enjoy a FREE SAMPLE of the new book The Rational Bible: Exodus by Dennis Prager!Why do so many people think the Bible, the most influential book in world history, is outdated? Why do our friends and neighbors – and sometimes we ourselves – dismiss the Bible as irrelevant, irrational, immoral, or all of these things? This explanation of the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Bible, will demonstrate that the Bible is not only powerfully relevant to today’s issues, but completely consistent with rational thought.Do you think the Bible permitted the trans-Atlantic slave trade? You won’t after reading this book.Do you struggle to love your parents? If you do, you need this book.Do you doubt the existence of God because belief in God is “irrational?” This book will give you reason after reason to rethink your doubts.The title of this commentary is, “The Rational Bible” because its approach is entirely reason-based. The reader is never asked to accept anything on faith alone. As Prager says, “If something I write does not make rational sense, I have not done my job.”The Rational Bible is the fruit of Dennis Prager’s forty years of teaching the Bible to people of every faith, and no faith. On virtually every page, you will discover how the text relates to the contemporary world and to your life.

Fear and Loathing in the North: Jews and Muslims in Medieval Scandinavia and the Baltic Region

Due to the scarcity of sources regarding actual Jewish and Muslim communities and settlements, there has until now been little work on either the perception of or encounters with Muslims and Jews in medieval Scandinavia and the Baltic Region. The volume provides the reader with the possibility to appreciate and understand the complexity of Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations in the North.

Job, Boethius, and Epic Truth

Calling into question the common assumption that the Middle Ages produced no secondary epics, Ann W. Astell here revises a key chapter in literary history. She examines the connections between the Book of Job and Boethius' s Consolation of Philosophy—texts closely associated with each other in the minds of medieval readers and writers—and demonstrates that these two works served as a conduit for the tradition of heroic poetry from antiquity through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance. As she traces the complex influences of classical and biblical texts on vernacular literature, Astell offers provocative readings of works by Dante, Chaucer, Spenser, Malory, Milton, and many others.Astell looks at the relationship between the historical reception of the epic and successive imitative forms, showing how Boethius's Consolation and Johan biblical commentaries echo the allegorical treatment of" epic truth" in the poems of Homer and Virgil, and how in turn many works classified as "romance" take Job and Boethius as their models. She considers the influences of Job and Boethius on hagiographic romance, as exemplified by the stories of Eustace, Custance, and Griselda; on the amatory romances of Abelard and Heloise, Dante and Beatrice, and Troilus and Criseyde; and on the chivalric romances of Martin of Tours, Galahad, Lancelot, and Redcrosse. Finally, she explores an encyclopedic array of interpretations of Job and Boethius in Milton's Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, and Samson Agonistes.