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Make Your Book Work Harder: How To Make Use Of Multiple Platforms To Make More Money

HOW TO SELL MORE COPIES OF YOUR BOOK: FICTION OR NON-FICTIONWhile you may think that the entire world is on a single book-buying platform, nothing could be further from the truth.As eReaders and eReading Apps proliferate, so do book-selling services and sites. If you're selling your book on a single platform you're missing at least 40% of the digital reading audience. This book was written for authors of fiction and non-fiction who want to expand their reach and increase their income.Created by two experienced authors, Make Your Book Work Harder walks readers through the maze of book-selling platforms, including some that are well-known and others that may never even be on your radar. The other platforms are becoming increasingly important. Apple report more downloads of iBooks app than the Kindle app. The iBookstore is now the second biggest seller of eBooks, right behind Amazon. If you get your book into Smashwords you can have them release it to the iBookstore - plus many others, such as Kobo, Nook, etc.And don't stop there! Think about whether your book might make a good audio book. All those truckers and people plugged into their smartphones and tablets love audio books. HOW MAKE YOUR BOOK WORK HARDER CAN HELP YOU INCREASE BOOK SALESstep-by-step how-to for using multiple platforms how to maximize your promotional time how to minimize your promotional dollars where to find little-known publishing alternatives free sources for promoting your book time-saving social media services how to amp up your income by creating a book-related course our personal preferred vendors for outsourcing formatting and social media exposure how to increase your name recognition and much, much moreYOU'VE WORKED HARD . . . NOW MAKE YOUR BOOK DO SOME OF THE HEAVY LIFTING!We all know the time and energy involved in writing a book. That's why we feel that only selling on a single platform isn't leveraging the power of your book or the power of alternative publishing platforms. This book