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A Quote A Day for Writers: January: Getting Started

A QUOTE A DAY FOR WRITERS: JANUARY - GETTING STARTEDA daily shot of writing inspiration, a glimpse into the lives of the authors behind the words, and an introduction to their most famous works - all in one place! Writers benefit from a daily infusion of inspiration, affirmation and wisdom to keep them on course. Where better to find such than from the lips, pens and keyboards of those who have walked the writing path successfully? These collections of the best quotations on writing contain the distilled wisdom of writers throughout the ages on the subject of writing—writers from Epictetus to Maya Angelou, Mark Twain to Bono, Anton Chekhov to Agatha Christie.Here you'll find: ● Inspirational writing quotes, one for each day of the month, to keep you motivated.● A thumbnail biography after each quotation. Where a writer appears more than once, different facets of his or her biography are presented for each entry. ● A sample listing of important books from each writer's bibliography to facilitate further reading.● Focus on a specific theme of interest to writers.● Index of authors appearing in the volume with the date(s) on which each appears.Writers—and readers—are richer for the words of those who have gone before. We encourage anyone who enjoys the quotations in these volumes to find out more about the authors and explore their works.Happy writing!AVAILABLE NOW:A Quote A Day for Writers: 365 Quotations on the Art, Craft, Humor, Heartbreak, Joys & Magic of WritingCOMING SOON:A Quote A Day for WOMEN Writers