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Conquer Basic Spanish: A Short Introduction To Beginners Spanish, Including Spanish Grammar, Verbs and Vocabulary (Learn Spanish Book 4)

A Short, Simple Book To Get You Started On Learning Spanish

Are you a complete beginner in learning Spanish? Then this book is designed for you.

It covers the very basics of the Spanish language in simple, easy-to-understand terms, providing you with a sound and solid grounding, on which you can then build.

It covers:



Definite and Indefinite Articles

Cardinal Numbers

Rules of Stress

Personal Pronouns

Present Tense of Regular Verbs

Common, Everyday Words and Verbs

So, use Amazon's Look Inside feature, browse the book's Table of Contents, and see if this book is for you. I'm sure it will be ...

Learn Amazon Ads: Use AMS to Find More Readers and Sell More Books

Want to learn how to use Amazon ads to find readers and sell more books?

There are plenty of advertising options for savvy authors who want to build their publishing careers. Amazon Marketing Services ads might have the most potential. They enable authors to reach readers looking to buy books on the world's biggest online retailer. And, unlike other platforms, those readers are already looking to buy and can do so with just one click.

This book, written by two leaders in the field of book marketing - Mark Dawson and Joseph Alexander - sets out precisely how Amazon ads can work for you.

Also includes a free instructional video masterclass written and presented by Mark Dawson, the founder of the Self Publishing Formula.

10 steps to write a Pride and Prejudice variation

This book explains how to write a variation for the novel Pride and Prejudice

Launch Your English: Dramatically improve your spoken and written English so you can become more articulate using simple tried and trusted techniques

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

Do you wish you could speak English with more creativity, clarity, articulation and confidence? Would you like to dramatically enhance your English speaking with some simple, easy-to-follow techniques?

Then you are in the right place!

As a teacher for more than 10 years, I have learned the best methods for quickly improving your English ability. Whether you are a native speaker who wants to sharpen their verbal toolkit, or a non-native speaker who wants to learn how to navigate the English language maze, this book will provide you with information and techniques for instant improvement and lifelong learning.

Maybe you want to improve your presentation skills. Perhaps you want to tel more interesting and engaging stories. Or maybe you simply want to become more articulate in your day-to-day use of English.

Whatever your needs, your goal is to improve your English, and Launch Your English can guide you to do just that.

In this book you'll learn how to:

o become more creative and descriptive in your English usage

o capture people's attention with your vivid and enhanced expressions

o break English down into building blocks for easy improvement

o select the right word and expression to articulate your thoughts exactly

Free resources for students of English ->

Deborah Coonts Official Reading List

This is the official reading order of The Lucky O'Toole Vegas Adventure series and complete list of standalone novels by Deborah Coonts. Use it to track your reading and keep up to date on the latest releases from Deborah Coonts. This list includes all releases as of August 2018!

Wacky Words: Vocabulary Cartoons

Wacky Words is a fun cartoon romp of interesting vocabulary words. Clever and funny cartoons makes learning new words fun and entertaining.

Direct Sales Unleashed: Why your fans want to buy direct and how to it

Are you an author wondering how to sell more books?

You confused and concerned about going wide or being exclusive? Have you wondered if you could just sell direct?

This book is the first part in comprehensive research to build a customer focused marketing system. See the research and results of 100s of hours of experimentation on ways to turn a prospective reader into a fan that advocates to others about your books.

Why is this book so important for the indie publisher?

You see it has never been about the channel. Channels are just ways to access readers.

It's about the reader...

and the composition of your readership.

An author with 90% of her income from Kindle Unlimited can't go to market the same as author with 40% revenues coming from Kindle Unlimited.

In both cases selling direct has a place.

I'm Joe Solari the author of The Business Owner's Compendium. I work with authors to build wealth building strategies and systems to get the most out of what you create. I have spent the last year testing and analyzing strategies to capture the largest possible fan base. Two fundamentals support the strategies I outline;

The reader-writer relationship is the basis of all publishing economics.The more you "own" the direct customer relationship, the stronger your business will be.

"Direct Sales Unleashed" is your guide to how to sell books direct. It is the first book in a two-book series to help authors to develop a customer nurturing engine.

Why start with a book on direct sales?

Your fans want to buy from you.

In this book you will learn:

Why sell direct?

Where to start?

The ways to market for direct sales.

The pros and cons of direct sales.

Technical requirements for direct sales.

Several ways to start selling direct today to your existing clients today, with nothing more than a PayPal button.

Right now, you could have hundreds of fans on your mailing list ready to buy direct. Those sales are more profitable and get paid faster (days not months). Why are you leaving that money on the table?

Unleash the full potential of your fan base by downloading this book now!

Article Writing Master Class: Start Making Money Writing Articles: All You Need to Know to Succeed as Freelance Writer

If you want to master the process of writing articles (and selling them), this is where you will learn all the skills you need to become a successful article writer.

As you are about to discover, writing articles is not as simple as starting at the beginning and writing a few hundred words on a single subject. No, there is much more to it than that - and you'll get all the details in this course.

There are plenty of people around today who want to make money writing articles. Even though magazine markets are drying up compared to how they stood many years ago, there are more markets available for articles now than ever. The dawn of the internet has meant you can find many websites and online publications that are begging for well written articles they can publish.

This means there are many opportunities for you to make good money from article writing. However, you need to be able to think of engaging ideas and see them through to completion by writing them for the intended market. If this is the part where you struggle, this course will help.

The journey you will take in this course will be an eye opening one. If you have never written an article before, this course will reveal everything you need to know to become an excellent article writer. If you've already tried writing articles and you haven't achieved the level of success you'd like, the reasons why could

well be within these pages.

In short, if you want to write better articles and sell them on a consistent basis, this course will help. Here are just some of the sections included:

Inspiration and Positive Thinking

Information on research and resources

Market information

Tricks of the trade


Writing the article

There is much to learn from every section here, so work through them all in turn and make sure you extract the most benefit from them. The course is designed to be dipped into quite easily as well, so you can always refer back to it even when you get the hang of writing concise, easy to read and successful articles.

If you write articles already but you're not achieving the kind of success you'd like, you'll soon start noticing a change in your success rate. The trick is merely to read and digest the huge amount of information and advice this course contains. Everything is covered here, from positive thinking (a necessary skill when getting started) to sales strategies. Whatever youwant to improve on when it comes to writing articles, you'll find the advice you need to help you do just that right here.

Of course, it could be you've yet to write a single article. In this case you can expect to get the help and support you need to ensure you start selling articles as quickly and efficiently as possible. The sooner you start doing that, the sooner you can make good money from your article writing skills. You'll also find they will always be in demand.

We recommend you start at the beginning and work your way through the course section by section. Some areas have been put in certain places for a reason; for example, a good article always starts with market research, which is why the market research section appears before the tricks of the trade section. Once you've gone through the entire course, you can go back and delve into whichever section you feel you need most at any particular time.

So, with that in mind, make sure you are ready to embark on a journey that will move you towards attaining the skills you need to sell articles on a consistent basis. Once you've mastered these skills you will be able to sell articles to a wide variety of publications and websites, and once you can do that, you can look forward to a good income too.

Insider Editing tips for Self-Publishers: Avoiding Embarrassing Typos and Grammatical Errors

You have something important to say, and you're looking for a platform that allows your voice to reach the broadest audience possible. The chances of finding a traditional publisher for your masterpiece are slim to none, and so you have decided to explore the world of self-publishing.

Katherine Walden created this encouraging short read as a gift to her fellow self-publishing writers who have limited resources at their disposal. If you can't afford to hire an editor, then read this free book to find out the whys and wherefores of self-editing.

Do grammar and spelling make that big of a difference to a reader? Yes, they do! The most brilliant of thoughts will make little impact on your audience if your audience can't follow your logic due to weak and sloppy sentence structure.

Discover the essential software tools you will need to edit your work successfully. Learn about free resources on the internet that will help you become a better writer.

Bouquet of Idioms

It's an assorted collection of Idioms. The idioms got their origin from the Bible, from popular culture, from philosophy, from literature and of course inspiration.

The Death Of Poetry Will Be The Death Of Me

This collection of poetry is another golden chapter in this indie author's book of life, never before has a poet written something so horrific and so truthful. Just by reading the titles of his poems you know what to expect, deeply driven verses with sentimental opinion, the words come at you like snowflakes in a blizzard, hard hitting but completely true and mesmerizing, once you start to read this collection it will be difficult to stop until you have digested every last word. This is food for thought and this sums up the world we live in today.

A Maverick's Crystal Ball

It's an assorted mix of Essays which are Philosophical, Literary, Aesthetic and Biographical. I have taken the cue from Roland Barthes that with the advent of writing: The Author is Dead, and thus Writing begins as a new pen. My writing is interpretative, analytical and confessional.

The Past Perfect Simple and The Past Perfect Continuous

English Grammar is the seventh part of a series that deals with the main aspects of the English grammar. It offers a thorough and detailed explanation of the formation and uses of the past perfect and the past perfect continuous tenses. They are usually considered difficult and need a deep understanding in order to be used correctly. In this book you will find out how to form and when to use them. You will learn the main difference between the past perfect simple and the past perfect continuous, as well as how to avoid some common mistakes. An abundance of exercises provide some further practice after which you feel more confident in your oral and written communication skills.

Learn Italian with crosswords 1: first part (Italian word games)

Il pentagono ne ha cinque ma la geometria non c'entra, e sovente senza neve ma non e un luogo caldo, e sorridente ma non sorride.

The pentagon has got five of them but geometry has got nothing to do with it, it's often without snow but it isn't a warm place, he is smiling but he doesn't smile.

Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences: English Sentence Forms

Sentence forms in English language - simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, compound-complex sentence phrases and clauses independent or principal clause (main clause), dependent or subordinate clause list of important coordinators for compound sentences list of important subordinators for complex sentences double and multiple sentences definition and examples of simple, compound and complex sentences

Global Library and Information Science: A Textbook for Students and Educators. With Contributions from Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, ... East, and North America (IFLA Publications)

This book presents international librarianship and library science through insightful and well written chapters contributed by experts and scholars from six regions of the world. The role of public, academic, special, school libraries, as well as library and information science education are presented from the early development to the present time. Its lively, readable approach will help the reader to understand librarianship in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and North America. Edited by Ismail Abdullahi, Professor of Global Library and Information Science, this book is a must-read by library science students and teachers, librarians, and anyone interested in Global Librarianship.

Kids and Credibility: An Empirical Examination of Youth, Digital Media Use, and Information Credibility (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning)

Kids and Credibility Findings from a survey of youthful Internet users that was designed to assess kids' beliefs about the credibility of online information. Full description

Essential Speech and Language Technology for Dutch: Results by the STEVIN-programme (Theory and Applications of Natural Language Processing)

The book provides an overview of more than a decade of joint R&D efforts in the Low Countries on HLT for Dutch. It not only presents a state of the art of HLT for Dutch in the areas covered, but, even more importantly, an account of the concrete results (resources and tools for Dutch) achieved that have now become available for both academia and industry worldwide. The contributions cover many areas of human language technology (for Dutch): corpus collection (including IPR issues) and building (in particular one corpus aiming at a collection of 500M words) lexicology, anaphora resolution, a semantic network, parsing technology, speech recognition, machine translation, text (summaries) generation, web mining, information extraction, and text to speech to name the most important ones. The book also shows how a medium-sized language (spanning two territories) can create a digital language infrastructure (resources, tools, etc.) as a basis for subsequent R&D. At the same time, it bundles contributions of almost all the HLT research groups in Flanders and the Netherlands, hence offering a view of their recent research activities. Targeted readers are mainly researchers in human language technology, in particular those focusing on Dutch. It concerns researchers active in larger networks such as CLARIN, META-net, FlareNet and who participate in conferences such as ACL, EACL, NAACL, COLING, RANLP, CICling, LREC, CLIN, DIR (both in the Low Countries), InterSpeech, ASRU, ICASSP, ISCA, EUSIPCO, CLEF, TREC, etc. In addition, some chapters are interesting for human language technology or policy makers and even for science policy makers in general.

Impact of Information Society Research in the Global South

The second volume in the SIRCA book series investigates the impact of information society initiatives by extending the boundaries of academic research into the realm of practice. Global in scope, it includes contributions and research projects from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The international scholarly community has taken a variety of approaches to question the impact of information society initiatives on populations in the Global South. This book addresses two aspects- Impact of research: How is the research on ICTs in the Global South playing a role in creating an information society? (e.g. policy formulation, media coverage, implementation in practice) and Research on impact: What is the evidence for the impact of ICTs on society? (i.e. the objectives of socio-economic development). This volume brings together a multiplicity of voices and approaches from social scientific research to produce an engaging volume for a variety of stakeholders including academics, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and those in the business and civil sectors of society.