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Accelerated Learning Techniques: Effective and unknown methods to improve memory, learn faster and develop critical thinking in 4 weeks or less

Scientific and proven ways to accelerate your learning capacity and memory.Frustration & struggleAre you frustrated and tired of constantly forgetting important information that you wish you were able to remember?Maybe you are someone who has always struggled with their memory, and you are looking into ways to train your brain to get rid of this issue in the future.Perhaps forgetfulness has not been a major issue for you until recently, but a change in circumstances at home or at work has meant that you now need to improve this skill or risk being left behind.Maybe being forgetful is not something that impacts your day to day life, but you are still keen to improve your memory and take your skills to the next level.Whatever your reasoning, Accelerated Learning  is the perfect book for you to learn tips and strategies that will help improve your memory, take your brain power to all new heights, and make you prouder than you have ever been of your accomplishments and approach to learning.Whats holding you back?So many people are held back by their forgetfulness, poor strategies and approach, and yet it is rarely talked about as something that you can work on to improve.Not only does this book offer you all of the tools to improve your memory going forward but it also offers you an edge on people you compete with.After reading this book from cover to cover, you will successfully improve your critical thinking skills, memory skills and approach to learning; all vital life skills to help you take your personal and professional life to the next level.So, if you are keen to take your focus and attention to detail to new heights, no longer shackled by a limited memory and forgetful traits, then this is not a book you want to miss out on reading!Key strategies that will break down your barriers:Learn what mindset and meta-learning is and how it can benefit youDevelop the mental models that are the foundations of learningLearn the mindset and the different types of thinking that you can use to improve your memoryLearn the Feynman technique and how you can implement it to benefit youLearn how to use mind maps to better your memoryDevelop ways to learn visually and verbally and working out which one is the right approach for youUnderstand how to successfully speed read and ways to take in information while scanningThis eBook also include several underused learning techniques that could help you improve your memory even furtherTake a chanceTake a chance with this eBook today and learn the scientific and proven ways to accelerate your learning prowess and memoryIf you choose not to purchase this book, you will sadly be missing out on proven techniques that will greatly improve your memory, mindset and approach. The worst you can do is to remain static and do nothing and leave on the table proven methods that will get you past your frustration and struggles.Other books in the series include:Improve Reading Comprehension: The 10 step program to improve and accelerate reading comprehensionSpeed Reading Techniques: The 10 Step Programe that Develops Unbreakable Reading Concentration & Quadruples Your Reading Speed. Mind Mapping: 15 Minute Advanced Techniques that Improve Your Memory and Learning EfficiencyLearning: How To Learn And Master Tough Subject Areas In Weeks Or Even Days<b

How To Build Your Successful Online Teaching Business (Online Entrepreneurship Book 1)

IMPORTANT! Inside this eBook, you will find special links (Up To 95% OFF) to my best-selling courses. You will be able to save over $1000 on courses that will teach you the skills you need to success in online teaching!Do you want to monetize your knowledge? Chances are, you have knowledge in your head that’s worth tens of thousands of dollars.Do you want to turn your passion into passive income streams?Do you want to build an online teaching business with little to no investment up front?Do you want to become an entrepreneur?Do you want to work from home?If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions then reading this eBook may turn out to be the best decision you’ve made this year!The ultimate purpose of this training (eBook + Webinar Training) is to teach you how to start your online teaching business!Howdy,My name is Vladimir Raykov.I’m a best-selling online instructor teaching over 50000 students and 10 online courses. I’m also the creator of the Marketing Psychology Masterclass premium program.During the last year, I’ve been gathering the best techniques for creating and selling online courses and I’ve put them into this free training that is intended especially for beginners.I will completely reveal the exact 3-Step System for producing high-quality courses that I used to reach 6 figures for my online teaching business, doing it part-time and without spending money on advertising.HERE IS JUST A FRACTION OF WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM MY EBOOK AND FREE VIDEO TRAINING• Top 7 reasons why you should create an online course that generates income.• Top 7 (costly) mistakes beginner online instructors make and how to avoid them.• The 3-Step System for producing online courses with the velocity of light.• The top 4 mega-niches which are responsible for over 80% of the revenue generated by online instructors.• How to structure and organize your course. More specifically, how to make an outline for your course and the most effective internal structure of ALL your lectures.• All the tools (software) you will need to create products for your online teaching business of an utmost quality.• 6 Steps of a lecture creation.• The exact technical specifications for your video lectures.• The microphone I use to record crystal clear audio files.• How to get a professionally designed thumbnail for your course for free.• How to write a winning title for your course – basic copywriting skills part 1.• How to write a winning description for your course – basic copywriting skills part 2.• The best platforms to launch your course as a self-published instructor and their business models.• And much, much more!THE BEST PART• You don’t need to have a website.• You don’t have to pay for advertising.• You don’t have to FILM yourself.• You don’t have to be a technical savvy.• You don’t have to worry about video hosting.• You don’t have to have a higher academic degree.ENOUGH TALKING, LET’S TAKE ACTION NOWIf you want to build an online teaching business, pass on your expertise to thousands of students and making thousands of dollars online in an absolutely legit and honest way, then click the orange “Buy now with 1-Click” button and get started today!-Vladimir RaykovStay Purposeful

Easily Understand Islam (Abridged Version)

(Note: This book is an ABRIDGED VERSION of the original book. It contains six chapters from the original 23.)About the book :Islam is one of the world’s major religions. An estimated 1.59 billion people spread throughout the world's nations are Muslim. Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world today. Yet Islam is one of the most misunderstood. Learn Muslim beliefs and why they believe in them, as explained from Muslim perspectives, in a simple, engaging manner in this award winning book. A wide range of topics about Islam is covered in this collection of articles including:Why is there evil and suffering in this world?Top misconceptions about IslamWhy believe in God? What Islam is really aboutIslam Beliefs: The five pillars of IslamSometimes the best way to understand something is to look at it from different perspectives.

Easy Spanish Stories For Beginners: 5 Spanish Short Stories For Beginners (With Audio) (Learn Spanish With Stories) (Spanish Edition)

Have you been searching for an effective Spanish language-learning method that can provide you better results than previous strategies?Are the traditional methods of learning Spanish just not cutting it, and you feel that you need more efficient alternatives that you can use on the go?If you feel like answering “Yes” to any of the previous questions, then you will be amazed to know more about this book that we’ve created for you – based on a highly-recommended language-learning method!It has finally arrived. Through Reading while Listening (or RwL), we have changed the way students experience new languages and their learning, providing them with an improved strategy that increases the immersion and enables them to simultaneously develop their reading and listening comprehension while on the go.This book makes effective use of this method to allow readers to read incredible Spanish stories while listening to the audio (you will find the links to the audio within); furthermore, any student - from children to adults - can expect wonderful results with just 20 minutes of daily practice!But how exactly can Easy Spanish Stories for Beginners help you learn Spanish?In this book, you will find the following:A powerful introduction that explains exactly just what you can expect to find within, as well as detailing what the RwL method is about and how to use it5 Amazing Spanish stories that will entertain you while educating you through the Reading while Listening method, boosting your Spanish comprehensionAll stories come with free audio accessA summary of each story – in English and Spanish – so that you can fully understand what you just readA vocabulary list, because we know how hard it can be to understand certain terms and phrasesFinally, a Q&A section so you can test how observant you were and practice your Spanish!So, what are you waiting for, grab a copy of Easy Spanish Stories for Beginners to begin unlocking your language-learning potential to its fullest!

Your Attitude of Gratitude: Develop Simple Gratitude Skills for Better Living (Sensei Self Development Series)

Gratitude can be used as emotional medicine by everyone. Get simple and effective science-based strategies to destroy pessimism and start seeing the world and your life as the beautiful gift it really is! Allow this book to inspire you to find more peace and wisdom without awkwardly having to work at it. Learn to 'flip the script' on pessimism with reasoning and facts that make sense. This practical book offers simple ways of using gratitude for people curious enough to learn and experience effective habits designed to serve in ways that focus the mind, improve your mood, and strengthen your relationship with yourself as well as with others for life! 'Your Attitude of Gratitude' is aimed at helping overcome times of uncertainty with exercises based on science. The approach is to connect simple insights and practices with long-term emotional benefits for better living. A perfect book for adults (both young and wise) ages 13 and up. Enjoy! Get your copy today by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button. Also Included is a FREE Collection of over 25 Guided Meditations for Adults & Kids (Avg. 4.8 Stars & over 25K Listens Worldwide). Join Our Publishing Journey! Sensei Publishing provides high-quality, transformative self-development books and guided meditations for people of all ages at any stage in life. The ability to spark change in an individual depends on the quality of information available to him or her. Sensei Publishing is committed to providing quality and research-based content that will add value to people’s lives by improving their experience as they journey towards becoming the best version of themselves. - It's a great day to be alive!Get your copy of 'Your Attitude Of Gratitude' today by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button now!Join Our Publishing Journey!Everyone’s invited to:- Get to know us better- Take a look behind the scenes and experience our creative process- Learn about the new books we’re working on by joining our newsletterVisit: www.senseipublishing.com & fill out the pop-up form.Follow/Like/Subscribe/Share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeSearch: #senseipublishing #senseiselfdevelopment

How To Achieve A Flow State: Work Distraction Free With High Productivity (Lean Productivity Books)

Flow is a state where you’re completely engrossed in a task with your entire mental or physical energy. You’re so invigorated by the activity that you even lose track of time.You've heard successful people mention how they're in a state of flow when they work on their core tasks. But, is the flow state only limited to the champions and the experts? Not at all.You can achieve a flow state in your daily routine and this 20-page short book will guide you on that. By reading this book, you'll:Develop a deeper understanding of the flow stateThe conditions that lead to a flow stateExamples from day to day lifeTactics to achieve a flow state in your daily work schedule

How To Plan A Productive Day: Organize your day, prioritize, become productive and get things done (Lean Productivity Books)

How productive is each day in your life? Do you struggle to make your day count? Does your day go by like any other day with little to no productive work done?These problems are more common than you think. Some have challenges with getting things done, while others do not prioritize the right things.So, how can you make every day of your life productive? It is simpler than it appears.This short 15-paged book teaches you the techniques to make productivity a lifestyle, instead of a set of tips to follow.

Linda's Closet

What would you do if everything you knew and loved turned against you?How can you face something that you never believed in?He loves meHe loves me notHe wants me…………Dead?Welcome to the world of Linda Chambers!On one quiet Sunday morning, she gave up. But, little did she know it wasn’t her game to end. Now, she will truly understand the meaning of life and death, even her own.

FRENCH: ONE WEEK FRENCH MASTERY: The Complete Beginnera??s Guide to Learning French in just 1 Week! Detailed Step by Step Process to Understand the Basics. ... Learn French) (LANGUAGE MASTERY Book 3)

Discover How to Learn French in Just One Week with This Easy to Learn Method **** This is a Proven Step by Step Method to Learning French as an English Speaker - +1000 Common Phrases Included ****As an educator for more than 20 years, I’m a fan of teaching others. And there is no greater challenge than to learn a language. Learning French is such a challenge, but enriching on so many levels. It’s not only an intellectual challenge, but imagine transforming your travel experiences, allowing you to connect with new and interesting people, or even live or study in places like Paris, Nice or Lyon! In essence, it’s a journey to become more open minded about the world, discovering amazing new people in the process. Learning is not the obsessive command of structures and vocabulary, but the willingness to overcome our most basic fears and insecurities. Over the course of this book, I will convey enough knowledge of French so that you will be able to read, listen, and interact with people in this new language with the knowledge that will inspire confidence. In learning French , you will be facing 5 basic but important challenges; grammar, vocabulary, slang and colloquialism, pronunciation and variations of the language. In this book, I will lay out the fundamentals of each of these stepping stones in an easy to understand method.Imagine reading Balzac, Flaubert, Voltaire and Dumas in its original form! Imagine heading out to Paris of Nantes fully equipped to interact with the locals! I invite you to read on and begin a fascinating learning experience. Here is a preview of what you will learn…Basic grammar and pronunciation, so you will feel comfortable talking in FrenchThe fundamental vocabulary that will get you off your feetbasic slang and other tips to interact better with the locals!Phrases to use when traveling to ItalyOther resources to continue learning and improving your mastery of the languageDownload your copy today!