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The Merry Wives of Windsor

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In the Spring of 1945

In the Spring of 1945The sky was clear and the sun was burning on Jaakov's face as he ran.

But the beauty of the sky did not change the fact that there was a war and he just had to watch the soldiers with the ugly crosses on the uniform shoot his parents and siblings.


And Elisa did not get out of hiding for four days, fearing that the men in the uniforms would find her and do terrible things to her.

Refusing to Repent: New Edited Edition

NOW NEWLY EDITED !!! Read it again for the first time.

Small town life isn't all it's cracked up to be and no one knows that better than Becki Holbrook. Growing up in Somerset Falls as the town outcast had been bad enough. Now that she's a single mother she just wants things to stay quiet and ... normal. The arrival of Max James is sure to put the town gossips' undies in a bunch.

Five years after skipping town without a word, Max James, her sexy ex-best friend is standing at her front door with his senile, disheveled mother in tow asking for her help. Really? Is it possible for a human being to be that clueless? All right, so it is late at night and he has no one and nowhere else to turn.

Maybe she could take them in for just one night...

Saturday Date (A Short Story)

Mary roams the Goan and Anglo-Indian neighborhoods of Bombay, singing for money so she can feed herself and the child who accompanies her. A night watchman befriends her and offers a chance to get off the streets. Mary seeks guidance from the mysterious visions that haunt her, but she alone must decide her fate.

Up to the heaven and back

Questioning is part of the life. A person often questions a lot when being in love. Personal introspection is often done when a loved one comes in our live! But, what is love? What is the definition of love? Are we doing it right? It is often a lifetime personal search the finding of our great love and the right person. What makes a person be the right for us? Why do we love that one particular person and not someone else?

The aim of this book isn't the story, nor does it give the answer to these questions and many more the reader would find inside the written text. Many could also appear between the lines while reading it. But it does not hold any answers; it only prompts the reader to find his own truth.

If you have at least once in your life felt or thought that you are doing something wrong in your love relationships, give it a try! Ask yourself all the questions placed inside the chapters. Review all statements that describe and partly define love, and give your own opinion on all of them. Do you love in the right way? What is the truth about love relationships?

This is not a love story, but a story about love.

The History of Tom Jones (Everyman's Library Classics)

The novel takes its wide-eyed hero from innocence to experience through inns and bedrooms from Somerset to London and back, while at the same time continuing a farcical debate about the true nature of the novelist's art.

There & Back


Wild Pitch