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The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State

True Haunted House story - 2012 Keith Linder after successfully obtaining a management position at a prestigious healthcare company decides the time is right for him and his girlfriend to move in together. That's putting things lightly. Weird things begin to happen within days of moving into the modern suburban home. The horrors Keith and his girlfriend witnessed and desperately tried to fight off would end up putting them at odds with members of the paranormal community and themselves. This griping story, told from the house occupant point of view not only lists tales, but also includes pictures, video reenactments, commentary, and audio of the events being reported. Keith Linder does not ask that you believe him. He only asks that you listen. The Bothell Hell House has finally arrived ladies and gentlemen. The house that Zak Bagans and his team came to investigate (albeit for a short time) only to leave empty handed has come full circle. The house occupant tells his story. The complete story which includes why Zak and crew left empty handed. Spontaneous fire outbreaks and inexplicable wall writings are not the most horrific things that happened here. Something more sinister lurks. Robb Tilley of the Australian Institute of Parapsychology Research says "This case is right up there with the most frightening of poltergeist cases: the Enfield Poltergeist, the South Shields Poltergeist, the Bridgeport Connecticut case, and the Matthew Manning case; all well-researched and detailed in various books and documentaries over the years. The Bothell Hell House is a major work, a turning point in poltergeistresearch—Well done. "

Ascension : Hubble space telescope confirms the ascension of Christ, Mohammad, and an unknown prophet. You can ascend also.

Hubble space telescope confirms theascension of Jesus Christ, prophetMohammad, and an unknown prophet.You can ascend also.

101 Curious and Bizarre Meditation Experiences

Meditation on the Breath Produces Curious States of MindOne hundred and one experiences that are possible in your simple meditation practice. Some experiences are to be expected, but most have some component of the bizarre.Some of the Interesting Meditation Experiences:9 - Dog Barking is YOU!10 - Something Crawling Out of Your Chest18 - Disappearing Body Parts26 - Pendulum Bum30 - The Fatness Feeling37 - Expanse in Mind Opens39 - Head Disappears49 - Seamlessness54 - Two Heads Talking62 - Cone Head64-71 Jhanas74-79 Abhinnas84 - Three Dimensions to Two Dimensions91 - Reality Tilts100 - Total Control Over Anger, Sadness, FearMany meditation teachers will tell you to ignore the mind-blowing states in your head as you meditate. Who is going to ignore any of the above? It just isn't reasonable. It just isn't human to ignore some of the fantastical states of mind that are produced during basic meditation on the breath.Instead, we suggest you pay attention to them. Not just for face value, some of them are great fun to experience. Pay attention to the experiences because they are strong motivational tools to keep you practicing meditation when it gets boring.Guess what?It can get REAL boring!If you are able to enjoy the meditation experience, you're much more likely to continue along the path. Yes, you need to be able to let go of desiring to repeat the states so you can progress in your practice.In this book, you'll learn exactly how to do that AND which experiences are fine to experience, and which you should just ignore in favor of refocusing on the breath.All questions answered when you contact the author at the address given in the book.Oh, and we included some lovely art from a Thai watercolor artist that we think you'll enjoy!Read the sample and see what you think!With Metta,VJL

Spirits & Spells True Paranormal Anthology

Spirits & Spells is a podcast by USA Today bestselling authors Heather Marie Adkins & Alex Owens, both of whom are obsessed with things they can't explain - especially the weird, the witchy, and the woefully spectral.Step beyond the veil with twenty-one spooky tales of TRUE supernatural encounters by some of today's hottest paranormal authors. Between these pages, you'll witness a pair of disembodied legs cross the street and wake up beside ghostly felines; you'll experience visits from deceased family members and be haunted by terrifying shadow people. But be forewarned: these strange tales will send shivers down your spine and make you certain you're not alone, even when you are.The old saying is true: real life is stranger (and scarier!) than fiction.Stories included:Heather Marie Adkins - Residual DarknessAlex Owens - Nobody Puts Baby in a CornerRick Gualtieri - A Ghost Cat, Broken Crystal, and No Body in SightKarin Cox - Paws For ThoughtJennifer Rainey - Up Close and Personal: A Visit to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic AsylumCandace Osmond - NightmaresLily Luchesi - The Man in the Black HatAlyssa Breck - Wicked GameMichelle Hughes - A Haunting on North StreetKim Cleary - Uplifting Real Life ParanormalLindsey R. Loucks - Just CuriousAnn Gimpel - The Benson Hut GhostShannon McRoberts - PrecognitionCaia Daniels - We See Dead PeopleTanya Dawson - My Paranormal ExperiencesBrea Viragh - Poppy's ComingDebra Kristi - A Ghostly Research TripLA Kirk - Gravity in ReverseSelene Kallan - The ChaseBria Lexor - Encounter with the Devil in MexicoS K Gregory - A Ghostly Encounterand a bonus novella from Caroline Peckham - A Game of Vampires (A Vampire Games Prequel Novella)


When the lights go out and you pull the covers up to your neck, do you lie there listening to something that sounds like footsteps in the hall? Do you glimpse a mist out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head to look, nothing is there? Are those strange noises you hear, the knocks and bangs, just the house settling, or is it something more sinister?Some might say you're crazy, but many of us believe.Within these pages are true ghost stories. Many of the circumstance were experienced by the author and several were relayed to her by close friends. Have you ever witnessed paranormal events? Do you believe in ghosts?

THE GHOST SIGNAL: New Paranormal Research in recently deceased ghosts, entities, new theories, new Techniques, new enhancements and the afterworld revealed.

New Paranormal Research in recently deceased ghosts, entities, new Theories, new Techniques, new enhancements and the afterworld revealed.Two ghost trials revealed the best and worst methods of detecting ghosts.Enhanced methods or ways of enhancing ghost detection revealed.Through several months of research and observation, new theories of ghost abilities emerged.Communication and visitation by ghosts turned into visitation only and the reasons unfolded twice.Ghost TV shows learned secret techniques not fully mentioned to become a successful ghost hunter of your own.Jimmy Ghinis has a Master of Science Degree from the University of Liverpool. His first thesis written was Data Mining Techniques for evaluating Cost Per Click Website Advertising. Google Adword and Yahoo Overture was evaluated in his action research and there he achieved his MSC degree.

The Hauntings Of Bishop Auckland (Spectre Detectors)

Spectre Detectors have been investigating the paranormal since 2011, visiting some of England and Scotland's most haunted locations. the author Elaine has been featured many times on paranormal radio shows, the national press and paranormal magazines. This book is solely about the evidence that the group caught at various locations around Bishop Auckland, County Durham. It includes numerous historic buildings including The Merry Monk which has been there since the 17th Century and The Hippodrome which was a former theatre. Stan Laurel of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy lived in the town during his childhood and his parents owned the now demolished Eden Theatre in the town.

Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I (Ghost Hunting Diaries Book 1)

Scared of the dark? T. M. Simmons doesn't find ghosts only at night. She and her Aunt Belle prowl haunted places and graveyards in dark and full moon, as well as daylight hours. Time after time, they interact with another dimension, where lost souls linger and search for peace. Ghost Hunting Diary, Volume I, is a collection of some of the adventures T. M. Simmons has had during her twenty-five-years-plus in the paranormal world. Up until now, she has only shared the diaries with a few friends and relatives. Encouraged by their interest, and the awe and sometimes apprehension on their faces, she is rewriting some of the dozens upon dozens of diaries in her files to share with her readers. Volume I contains Down the Ghost Trail, which chronicles the beginning of Simmons’ ghost hunting career at the haunted Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Crossing Over explains how she learned to help lost souls cross into The Light. In Midnight Ferry, a late-night phone call sends her into a confrontation with a nasty ghost-witch who meant horrific harm. The other three stories are ones she chose as some of her favorites. She has also included a few definitions of her beliefs, as well as the rules by which anyone she allows to share her adventures must abide. These stories are true, and Volumes II through V are also now available, with Volume VI on the agenda.

PATHWAY: The Channelled Love and Wisdom from the Trans-LeA?tions of the Two Sisters Star Group

Do you believe in Aliens? Are we alone in the Universe?David Knight —author of 8 ‘self-help/transformation’ books— has channelled spirit guides and entities for over 25 years. As a guest speaker, he has also shared his enlightened experiences to promote 'oneness' and self-realization at various Mind, Body, and Spirit engagements in the UK. Let him show you truth of Alien worlds and ‘life’ beyond your imagination.Learn that his communications with NBE’s (Non-Biological Entities) will unmask the mysteries regarding Aliens, their visitations upon the Earth, and their true purpose within the Universe.In this book you will discover:The hidden, overlooked, and buried history of mankind.Despite Government (MIB) cover ups – there’s no need to fear abduction.How to bear witness to forms of extra-terrestrial life without the need for telescopes or ‘science’.The origin of the ‘Greys’ … exactly who and what they are, the technologies they use, and why truly compelling photographic evidence of the phenomena known as UFO’s will never be captured.Why you will turn from being a sceptic to a true believer.Through the Divine source of energy that flows throughout Creation (our God ‘connection’) you should never feel alone or lonely ever again.Allow Pathway: The Channelled Love and Wisdom from the Trans-leátions of the Two Sisters Star Group to help you decide whether they are benevolent guardian Angels —who love, protect, and guide humanity— or if they will eventually reign fire like the Hollywood blockbuster, Independence Day. This is all the proof you need!End the Speculation That We Are Not Alone by Scrolling Up and Clicking the “Buy now with 1-Click” Button to Get Your Book Instantly.

The Top 5 Most Haunted Places in America

Could One of These Places Be Near You?If you're using an iPhone and not able to buy the Kindle version of this book, copy & paste the following link into Safari: https://amzn.to/2kH7egTIn this short special report, author John Morrison takes you across America, showing you the top 5 places which are haunting the country. Have an interest in ghosts and the supernatural? This will be an exciting, quick read for you.As a FREE bonus, you'll also receive John's special report titled The Top 5 World Mysteries. This special report is not available to the general public, or anywhere else. It exists solely as a "thank you" to buyers of this book.Learn the top 5 places haunting America! Click the "Buy Now" button at the top of the page!

UFOs & Aliens: UFO Secrets - Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & New World Order (Extraterrestrial, Alien Abduction, Conspiracy Theories, ... Alien Technology, Alien Races Book 1)

Read THIS book for FREE with Kindle UnlimitedRevised 4th Edition published in May 2017Including updated, NEW and expanded material!Explore the Fascinating Universe of Aliens and UFOs!Are you fascinated by the unknown? Have you seen a UFO? Do you want to know the truth about alien encounters?With this Special Fourth Edition of UFOs and Aliens: UFO Secrets (& Conspiracies) – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & the New World Order (Conspiracy), you'll learn what aliens are, what the Roswell UFO incident was, and how the UFO controversy began. You’ll also discover what Area 51 is — and why “ufologists” are so fascinated with this secretive facility.You’ll also learn about the portrayal of aliens in pop culture, the ancient spiritual connections between religion and aliens, and the answers to many unanswered questions about alien hieroglyphics on Mars!In this vast, new 4th Edition, you’ll learn so much more about the mysteries of the universe:The Origin of J-Rod, the famous Grey AlienDangerous and Toxic Alien Life FormsThe Extremely Secretive S4 Section of Area 51The 1993 International UFO ConventionMore Alien Species, Like the Nordics, Pleadians, and LyriansInterdimensional and Time-Traveling AliensThe Doraty Family, Gundiah, and Hudson Valley AbductionsAliens Posing as Powerful Political LeadersThe Story of the Majestic 12 – including names and headshots!The Real Stories Behind Intelligent Design and ScientologyThe WOW Radio Signaland Alien Languages and UFO Fun FactsAlso, you’ll discover fresh New Order secrets and the latest Alien and UFO News!With its Special “Textbook” Formatting and Exercises, UFOs and Aliens Ensures You Understand Every Piece of This Essential Knowledge! In this intriguing guide, you’ll find out about alien encounters, abductions, and UFO Sightings. This book also describes crop circles and other unexplained phenomena that may be evidence of visitors from other worlds! You’ll discover what the New World Order is, whether alien civilizations are good or bad, and whether an alien invasion is imminent!UFOs and Aliens even explains how “ancient aliens” may have facilitated or accelerated human development!Hurry! Read this Expanded Fourth Edition of UFOs and Aliens: UFO Secrets (& Conspiracies) – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & the New World Order (Conspiracy) right away!You're worth it!You’ll be so glad you discovered this secret, world-changing information!ACCESS TO FREE BONUS inside book - act now before gone!Scroll to top of page, click the orange Buy Now Button

God Speaks...a true story

When God does something miraculous, sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. I can truthfully say, that I have seen a miracle. I never expected it to happen. The circumstances surrounding it didn’t make much sense to me at the time, because my daughter was dying. My daughter…a child whose biography is full of challenges. But God had a special purpose for her life. Now I can understand why He chose her. She was a perfect candidate for God to work through—in ways that most of us can’t even imagine. Something supernatural happened to my daughter. God worked in her life in such a way that revealed a unique revelation of His presence. It was a never to be forgotten experience, creating a phenomena, which is now burned into many people’s memories. One author said it this way…God is speaking, always speaking; not through channels you might have expected. But He is always speaking. My daughter’s life and her death would make that statement ring true in a way that no one could have predicted. Her legacy would live on long after she was gone.You probably have no idea who Tara Nicole Brown is, but what a story it tells; her story.If you have ever wondered…is God really involved in my life? or…is there really life after death?, then this story is for you. It’s an exceptional story. Piecing it together has been my labor of love these past four years. I think it’s important to share how we’ve survived times of adversity and tragedy, so that we don’t lose heart; which is part of the reason I wrote this book. All of us go through dark times in our lives. When life seems dark and hard to understand, many times we doubt God’s presence. But we are not alone. God is with us. As you dig a little deeper in this story, you will discover, He is with us...even in the valley of the shadow of death.My daughter’s life was a great testimony of God’s presence, His love, and true purpose. Now her memory lives on in the hearts of those who knew her, and even in those who didn’t. She had a rare occurrence take place in her life, a gift I can’t explain any other way than by saying that she was a child of God, and He came to her in a special way. It was a real miracle. But it takes knowing about her life before that divine encounter for the miracle to be understood.So, I’ll just start right here and tell you the rest of the story...

Contact, Three True Encounters: Transcribed from the Himalayan Field Notes of Explorer M.G. Hawking

While in a remote region of the Himalayas, explorer M.G. Hawking and his companions experience three encounters with individuals they believe to be the true “celestials” of ancient legends. Explore these extraordinary encounters and the profound knowledge they reveal.The encounters revealed in this book, insofar as extensive research indicates, have no counterpart in available world literature. The underlying concepts are present in a few profound literatures, but no detailed description of a true encounter with the Ri-iha-mo, the legendary Himalayan celestial goddesses, or “mountain goddesses,” as the Tibetan term translates. Such accounts may exist, but have apparently remained sealed.Who—or what—are the Ri-iha-mo? Throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and the Himalayan regions of India, there has endured an extraordinary ancient legend of “celestial” beings, the Ri-iha-mo, who, having arrived in an antediluvian era of prehistory, still dwell in a concealed inner region of the vast frozen fortress of the Himalayas. The earliest known reference to the celestials appears in extant fragments of the scriptures of the 4000 year-old pre-Tibetan Zhang Zhung culture of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, yet those texts refer in turn to writings several thousand years older than themselves, and additional references can be found in a number of ancient writings, and in the wisdom traditions of cultures throughout Asia.The creation stories of cultures worldwide relate that their progenitors came from the sky, the stars, or the heavens. Ancient Egyptian texts speak of their “bringers of knowledge” coming from Orion and Sirius. Native Americans recount that their antecedents were the “Sky People” or “Star People.” Throughout South America there exists a richly analogous storehouse of legends describing the arrival of “Star Beings.”The builders of Teotihuacan describe their gods as having descended from the heavens. The pre-Tibetan culture, the Mayan, the pre-Incan, the Sumerian, and so many others, all express the same story in diverse symbolic languages—their “gods” came from the stars, bringing advanced knowledge and the gift of civilization. Many of these cultures were greatly separated both geographically and chronologically, yet their creation stories are strikingly similar and, in some cases, essentially identical.The B’on theogony of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau's ancient Zhang Zhung culture relates that their “king of the gods” arrived from the emptiness of space in a “resplendent jeweled egg” of “lha of bright light,” at which time “in the sky there appeared dazzling lights, melodious sounds in space, and many other wonderful occurrences.”Are these ubiquitous traditions merely myths? Are they simply embellished legends passed down through generations beyond count? Or are they representative of some vaguely remembered and carefully preserved reality? Absent an ember, there can be no smoke; there is a kernel of truth in all such enduring creation stories and, especially in light of today’s astronomical knowledge, they cannot be easily, or wisely, dismissed.Transcribed from the field notes of Hawking’s sixty-two months in the Himalayas, this book contains detailed narratives of the experiences he and his companions had with the actual Ri-iha-mo, revealing profound revelations about our Universe, our history, and our true nature, knowledge that can greatly assist in understanding ourselves, our world, and our role and power in creating precisely the life we desire.2020 Edition, Kindle e-reader page count 300 (actual count varies with the reading device). For more information, please see the ‘Look Inside’ feature on this page.Library-Data: extraterrestrials, ancient mysteries, star people, star beings, esoteric, metaphysical, occult, secret knowledge, ancient legends

The Apocalyptic Spiritual War: A True Story of Demonic Warfare & Victory

The Author was thrown into the midst of a seven year long battle with Fallen Angels and the Devil only to be taught wisdom and truth. After being strangled, punched, bloodied, slashed and demonically assaulted over and over, she has now stepped out of the fire, compelled and driven to write and share her true story and Testimony of her encounters with Heaven and Hell. This is a spiritually profound story of the Devil's attempted annihilation, God's revelations and the Author's preparations to ready herself and others for this Apocalyptic Spiritual War. This book is a 274 page documented story of the truth of the existence of the Devil and demons, while teaching the readers spiritual warfare using these true life supernatural events. Though this book's disclosures of demonic, supernatural events may be frightening to some of the readers, it is far better to be armed with wisdom and understanding than to be unarmed spiritually when this army of fallen angels arrive! This is a warning to everyone in the world to prepare and to slam their doors to their spiritual houses NOW!

Aliens Exists - Deal With It: A Logical Approach To An Advanced Civilization (and Extra-Terrestrials)

Many of us have wondered whether there’s extra-terrestrials, aliens or an advanced civilizations out there and whether they have visited earth, leading us to one of humanity's biggest unanswered questions.At first glance it seems unlikely that we're the only intelligent life that exists across trillions and trillions of miles of universe, but with possible government cover-ups, skeptics, and millions of people claiming aliens don’t exist, it’s time to dive deep into the UFO files and explore the existence of intelligent life outside of earth.After spending years researching UFO sightings, lights in the sky, videos, reports, abductions, well-known stories, events you probably didn't even know happened, and visiting Roswell twice, I feel it is time to share the answers I have found, the connections to the cases and my logical to approach to answer the question of all questions... ''Are we alone in the universe?''I’m going to share all of it in this book, to offer, what I believe is, the most conclusive book on the existence of life beyond earth.

The Secret Path To Supernatural: Fabricate your own reality

Can you convince yourself into believing that everything you ever wished for in your life, is sitting next door waiting for you to claim it?Every desire that has spurred in the soil of your mind has already bore its fruit. You just have to see it. Why is it that we tend to fail in some turns of our lives? Why sometimes it feels like an opposing force is trying to snatch our manifestations away from us? Why do some things spontaneously manifest yet some don't? Truly, things are not the way they seem and once you actualize this statement you start seeing miracles happen everywhere you go. When you sit still in the garden and gaze at a flower, how do you feel? We try to manifest one thousand things yet our vibrations remain dull at all times. There are so many memories trapped within the deep core of our being waiting to find expression. All of the neglect, guilt, shame, fears, greif and illusions tend to get buried deep inside the core of our being and find expressions by manifesting obstacles in our lives. The book helps you discover and remove these deep memories. The book explores a visualization technique that can raise your vibrations to levels beyond the realm of all material success. And the moment you lose track of your desires just because you found something so beautiful deep inside your heart, every little thing you ever desired for in your life starts manifesting like magic. The knowledge and techniques employed in the book are backed by mordern psychology, quantum mechanics and ancient eastern mysticism.About the book:◆ A read/follow-along exercise that you can practice daily to manifest a life your choice.◆ This book will raise your vibrations, become your best friend and be with you in every walk of life.◆ Discover the mechanical dimensions of life, so that you can creatively invent your own ways to manifest things that you desired.◆ Explore higher, subtler planes of existence that you can explore.◆ Discover the nature of god/universe and the law of attraction.◆ A fun technique to remove negating manifestations effortlessly and joyfully.◆ Open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities using occult. (A.k.a. application of "The Law of Attraction")The only limits in life are those we impose on ourselves. ~Bob ProctorNo matter who you are, what you've been through, The secret path to supernatural will change your life. You are a creator. The time is now for you to open your eyes. See the unseen, hear the unheard and become the master of your destiny.