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The Living Part of a Legend, A Village of Masters: The Anthology

Explore the Extraordinary Esoteric Knowledge of Two Ancient Worlds.Many years ago, on an extended trek through a remote area of the majestic wilderness of the Great Range of the Himalaya, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on an unexpected find. In a small, isolated valley entirely surrounded by vast snow fields and looming ice peaks, he encountered a small village. In that beautiful little community, called Siddhalaya by its residents, Hawking had the privilege of meeting a number of truly exceptional men and women. This encounter began a period of sixty-two months Hawking spent in Siddhalaya and other parts of the Himalayas, during which time he kept detailed records of his adventures, experiences, and conversations with those exceptional individuals.Hawking's discovery marked the beginning of an evolution of relationships with the remarkable people he met, the esoteric teachings he received, and an adventurous journey to retrieve a 3300 year-old arcane manuscript thought to have been composed in Egypt under the patronage of the Kings Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten).Journey into a fabled realm deep in the Himalayas, and far back through the ages to the mystic landscapes of Ancient Egypt to explore knowledge, powers and practices that for long millenniums have remained hidden under layers of myth, legend, and the most intense silence.Drawn directly from the archived journals and field notes of explorer M.G. Hawking's five years in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet, this entertaining and richly enlightening anthology is an incomparable read for anyone seeking greater knowledge and personal power.2018 Edition. Includes an extensive anthology of ten (10) M.G. Hawking books from Wisdom Masters Press. Kindle e-reader page count 260 (estimated, actual page count varies depending on the reading device used).Library-Cataloging-Data: ancient mysteries, ancient knowledge, higher knowledge, secret knowledge, Himalayan masters, Himalayan Mountains, masters of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egypt, psychokinesis, psi, adepts, goddess, visionary, esoteric, occult, metaphysical, mysticism, visualization, affirmation

The Reason Revolution: Atheism, Secular Humanism, and the Collapse of Religion

This short book, only 8,000 finely crafted words, is destined to be one of the most cited and influential modern treatises on atheism and secular humanism. It focuses squarely on the inherent irrationality of religion, and reveals its utter irreconcilability with science. Offering several "reconciliation theories" to people of faith, it forces every reader to make a choice.


The Reason Revolution in historical context

Questioning belief

Reasons for skepticism

Secular humanism as an alternative worldview

Political implications of atheism

The collapse of religion

Hopeful predictions

Reconciliation theories

Comments by clergy

Call to action

Rosicrucian Digest Volume 96 Number 1 2018

In this issue of the Rosicrucian Digest, we present Rosicrucian Alchemy.

He Is Risen (The Adventures of Jesus Christ Book 1)

And then the heaven's opened up and said, "The Adventures of Jesus Christ is fun, hilarious, and unlike any Second Coming tale you've ever read before. This story is loaded with foul language and radical thinking that may not be suitable for "real" bible readers but I encourage you to take a leap of faith, open your mind, and let the good times roll."

Lyle looked up to the sky, blinded by the light and said, "No problem. I got it handled." Then reached for the bottle of wine.

"Now listen to me you pagans and "Sunday only" believers, let me tell you about my good friend, Jesus. My new best friend."

Everyone stopped to listen.

Lyle took a swig of wine and cleared his throat. "Jesus' Second Coming is upon us."

Lyle stopped, surprised anyone was even listening to him.

"He's come to save the true believers, but along the way encounters many unexpected obstacles that miracles and divine teachings may not be able to overcome." He stopped once again, still surprised people were listening to him.

He took another gulp of wine and continued. "He'll first be perceived as a man with a mental illness. You will not take the stranger seriously and some will even think of him as no more than a hobo living on the streets. I know, I know. The Son of God, a hobo. But! He is able to recruit one follower, me, Lyle, and together we set off to fulfill God's will."

"But where will you find those who are meant to be saved?" yells one man from the crowd.

Lyle thought about it. He wasn't so sure himself so ignored the question altogether and continued with his speech. "Jesus and me, Lyle, embark on an epic journey that ultimately leads us to sin city--Las Vegas."

The crowd cheers.

"Along the way, we meet Amish, doubters and boxers and encounter magic, death and fanatics between plenty of time to let our hair down by turning water into wine." The crowd cheers again.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now, please." Lyle hushed the crowd. "Let me tell you our story."

From the author: P.S. I must warn you. This series of four soul-saving books may be more entertaining than your Sunday sermon. It may even keep you awake. Though I can't guarantee any of what I say is true.

The Secret of Secrets ( interview with the deadman ) 1 Part

This is the first part of the incredible interview to Uncle Max. Uncle Max was a mysterious, unknown and powerfull western mystic, who died 4 years ago. This first work is part of a project called "The testament of Uncle Max". Nobody has ever been so frank, trustful in the other people's comprehension, and exhaustive in telling the secret, or rather, "the Secret of Secrets", which contains the powers of awareness and opens the magics of the Soul. The true "New Age" has just been born. At last, everyone in the world will be allowed to know and learn the simple and hidden "art of salvation". "Although it seems to be impossible, this is the only natural way to solve definitively every limitation, anxiety or panic

Don't suffer uselessly.

Join my world.

Uncle Max.

Damnation by Probability: 75 Billion in Hell and Counting

With this book, I expand on a unique concept questioning religious exclusionism: Damnation by Probability (DBP). If you are interested in a shorter and updated version, please see Damnation by Bake Sale by the same author. It is over 200 pages shorter and updated for 2016. I have kept both books listed because this one has reviews, quite a large following, and it took about six months before it was noticed. Also I have a bet as to which title is "catchier."

I will continue to update DBP and remove reported redundancies. However, I am still keeping my numerous "Damnation Bys." I do find them amusing and very serious at the same time and there are just so many ways to be damned.

If you have specific feedback please send it to my email address on my website below. I am always improving and updating my Kindle books (over 20). I would hope that you would use the DBP argument the next time you debate someone who believes their faith is the only true faith. Your questions to the faithful would include:

1. How much time have you allocated to determining if another faith could be the one, true faith?

2. How much do you really know about other faiths, not taught to you by your family or clergy?

3. How much do you really know about other denominations, not taught to you by your family or clergy?

In this book we approach damnation by the very highest viewpoint-that of a deity; the statistical level. In all there are dozens of damnations, including damnation by:


2.Being Born


4.Temporal Existence

5.Skeptical Nature

6.Wrong Missionary

7.Mental Illness

8.External Agent (lead, mercury)

9.Megachurch Scandals



12.Bake Sale (my personal favorite)

Whether you're a Secular Humanist, liberal Christian, of another faith, or a hardcore evangelical Christian wanting to prove me wrong-I thank you for buying my book. In addition to having this on your Kindle to read anytime, you can download this E-book to your personal computer, Android phone, or iPad. It has a very long Appendix so you can read the first few chapters to see if the idea interests you or you wish to debate.

I hope you enjoy this E-book and if so, please share it with your friends. You can contact me at my website: www.improbulos.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @improbulos.

I. M. Probulos

The End of Atheism: Probulism

Could Probulism mean the end of Atheism? Will the American Atheists have to change their name to the American Probulists?

Who is I M Probulos?

What is Probulism?

Is it a religion?

It's not like any other religion. You do not worship or pray to Probulos, the God of Probability--you respect it. This would be a religion for skeptics, scientists, free-thinkers, agnostics, secular humanists, and atheists.

Millions of non-believers do not want to call themselves atheists. No one liked the term "The Brights." Why not call yourself a Probulist? Probulism has no no dogma except to respect the laws of probability and strive for positive outcomes. Probulism could help millions identify themselves with something positive rather than simply not believing in a God.

Albert Einstein famously remarked in a 1926 letter to Max Born:

"As I have said so many times, God doesn't play dice with the world."

My theory is that God is the dice. What could exist outside of space, time, energy and matter?

The probability that space, time, energy and matter would come into existence.

Probulos is the origin of every law of mathematics, physics, and nature.

I compare and contrast Probulism with other religions and why I call it a religion. Will you agree, maybe. Will my book make you think absolutely.

I. M. Probulos.

Five Novella's: Collection 1

This is a collection of five original Novellas written by I. M. Probulos over a 30-year period.

1.The Balance of Nature, a Novella (Written as a screenplay, 1986; converted to a Novella in 2013)

2.When All is Lost (Written as an original screenplay in 1996; converted to a Novella in 2013)

3.A Hole in the Sand, a Novella (Written as a two-act play, 2006)

4.Adam and Eve Revisited: A Free Will Story (written in 2012 as part of a Free Will Series)

5.The Other God's Earth: No Sin, No Death, No Evil: Part One: Introduction (written as the first installment of a multi-part book 2013)

Adam and Eve Revisited, The Other God's Earth (TOGE), and A Hole in the Sand have clear theological implications. They challenge the reader and ask fundamental questions concerning free will, the nature of evil, and the nature of God. The Balance of Nature, my first effort, is a supernatural fantasy adventure story; When All is Lost is a fast-paced adventure story that is full of action.

Please give my Novellas a try. Read the first 5-10 pages and let me know if they keep your attention. Each one took about a year to research and complete and represents over a 100 hours of effort. My favorite is my first, The Balance of Nature.

You can reach me at my website: http://www.improbulos.com, my email, [email protected], or Twitter @improbulos.

I. M. Probulos.

Muhammad's ALLAH

Your God is Too Small: 50 Essays On Life, Love & Liberty Without Religion

These articles present the real thoughts and feelings of everyday average atheists. We are friends and family. We are doctors and lawyers. We are pharmacists, biologists, and engineers. We are ordinary people who see a universe that is bigger than any god man has ever imagined. For billions of people around the globe, god and religion are the biggest things in their lives. Even for those not very devout believers, their belief is a part of how they think about themselves and for most of them god is very big. However, for a small minority of people the idea of god is small and pitiful. We look out into the universe and see something so amazing that it could not possibly be the work of these tiny imagined gods of mankind. These gods whom we are given that display such ignoble traits as jealousy and outright hubris. We see the harm that religion brings to humanity. We see the injustice, inequality, and division amongst men that it causes. We see humanity being stifled by these religions and these tiny gods. We at Atheist Republic have a message we have steadily tried to convey. That message is that we as human beings are bigger than these imaginary gods. We believe that humanity is greater than gods and doctrines.

Meeting the Mystery: Exploring the Aware Presence at the Heart of All Life

Meeting the Mystery What is the source of the aliveness and awareness, which are fundamental to all life? What is the nature of desire, and how do our desires relate to suffering? How do we know what is true? What is the nature of belief, and how do our beliefs affect our ability to experience the deeper reality that is always here? And in the midst of these mysteries, how do we live our daily lives in the most satis... Full description


Unitarianism in America

Our Unitarian Gospel

The Devil and Manneken Pis

The Fervent Exchange

Fragen an Gott

Gibt es Gott? Einfache und prazise Fragen konnen bei der Antwortsuche helfen. Dieses Buch ist fur Menschen mit durchschnittlicher Bildung geschrieben, die wenig oder kein Fachwissen der verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen haben.