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Quinceys Quirky Quiz Books Photo Dingbats Volume One: Photo Puzzles Volume 1

If you like to watch Catchphrase, then take a look at this book of Photo Dingbats that I have created.

These puzzles are known by various names such as Rebuses, Pictograms and Dingbats. They consist of a picture that represents a well known saying or word or phrase.

Keep your brain active with this volume of fifty puzzles.

PAY BACK ZIN JUDGES WHO FAVOR TEQUILA MIX: 91 Novel Pangrams (Illustrated)

PANGRAM: a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet at least once; usually minimal duplicate letters are allowed only as necessary.

Examples: "We have liquor and expect goofy zombie jokes." and "Cheap men gazed above exquisite fake jewelry."

91 novel pangrams are included in this book although some were included in an earlier offering by these authors a few years ago. Many of the pangrams have simple clip-art illustrations that accompany them, and five attempts at PERFECT PANGRAMS are also included (A perfect pangram has each letter occurring just once).

Most of the pangrams here use each consonant only once and have repeat usage of vowels. Enjoy.