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Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers

ALWAYS THINK BIG!It is not the job of a parent to pick their child up when they fall, it is their job to teach their child how to get up for themselves. Just as it is not a parent's job to teach their child what to think but rather how to think, how to question the daily interactions and encounters of the life they have ahead of them and how to value the morality within those interactions.This book is my attempt to encourage children towards a lifelong journey of critical thinking and sow the seeds of wider philosophical principals to the next generation of big thinkers. This book deals with the principles of self-esteem self-respect, racial and religious tolerance, success, love, friendship and many more values and virtue that a well rounded forward thinker may wish to consider.We live in a world where we often hold ourselves to other people's standards. Be it beauty, success, happiness or wealth, we tend to look outwardly for confirmation of our achievements and we forget to question why we do things that way at all. It is my hope to illuminate the possibility that perhaps we have what we need to feel successful or beautiful or happy within ourselves already and it is only our perception of those things that we need to change.Keep asking questions,Keep wondering why.And remember to always THINK BIG!This book is intended to introduce children to philosophy and critical thinking as well as to encourage self-confidence and self-love. It also serves as a fun way to begin conversations between children and adults on some of life's bigger questions.I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy the book.From the Back CoverThe brain is a magical, marvelous thing,And though it looks small there is plenty,Of room for a lifetime of wondrous thoughts,So please, don't just leave it half empty.Fill it with puzzling and pondering and pressing,And questions and quandaries and queries.Fill it with laughter and learning and love,Theological thinking and theories.Question your reasons, imagine ideas,Make knowledge your business to know.With every new sort of wondrous thought,Your brains will continue to grow.This book's not instructions on how you should live,Or a rule book of what you must do.It's just a few thoughts for you to explore,To help form your own point of view.So read it with caution, don't take it as fact.Then ask yourself, do I agree?Put it back on your shelf, then decide for yourself,What kind of you, YOU want to be.What people are saying about Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers:"How does someone fit SO much positivity in one book? Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers is a fabulously quirky meander through a broad range of topics, from celebrating difference to learning from our mistakes, casting off our worries and inspiring others with good deeds. Daniel Thompson's whimsically intelligent rhymes are an engaging blend of poetry, mindfulness and life-coaching that will provide any parent with a powerful toolkit to support their Little Thinkers in considering important issues including self worth, the importance of kindness and having control of our emotional response."Thom Craigen, Author "I think this book should be in every child's permanent collection. A book which they can read again and again, to reinforce what is really important in this life. I wish I could have read this to my children when they were little, but I think we can all learn from these lovely little poems whatever age we are.I've been trying the think which poem is my favourite, but I honestly can't choose. Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers and big thinkers alike!Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. I highly recommend!

I fancied you until I saw you yawn

A collection of short, dark and spectacularly funny poetry that explores an alternative view of modern life. From using the cash machine, to sitting on the loo, "I fancied you until I saw you yawn" will take you on a journey you'll never forget.Brace yourself for the ride of your life!

Big Book of Nonsense Part 1

Jam-packed with the very best nonsense rhymes and tricky tongue-twisters, this wonderfully exuberant collection contains quirky, color illustrations from Colin West and lashings of his wildly wacky verse! With sections such as 'Moments with Monsters' and 'Curious Creatures' this brilliant book features poems and wordplay to satisfy nonsense-lovers everywhere!

Excerpts from the book: Lines by Leon Poems, Prose, and Pictures

Selected poems from the book Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures. Poetry that is insightful, reflective, and humorous. Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures is an eclectic mix of poetry, prose, and short stories that address the subjects of loss, struggle, human behavior, and environment in both humorous and thought-provoking ways.

Art For Everyone : Humorous Poems for Adults

Funny, thoughtful, and anarchic. Bert Smith writes about everyday things and bigger societal issues with the same fearless disregard for conventional wisdom.A little gem of a book – Bert's Mum.Great fun, but I've told him to get a proper job – Bert's Dad.★ Interview with the AuthorQ - Do you have any unusual writing habits?A – I write all the time. I could be sat on a train then start writing something off the top of my head, usually in the notes on my phone. I also enjoy writing in the bath.Q – Where do you get your ideas from?A – I wake up in the early hours of the morning with random ideas buzzing around in my head, so, I write them down and come back to them later. I also get ideas from conversations with friends, films, and listening to people speak in the supermarket! This book has poetry about art, poems about brothers, poetry about the sea, a poem about a serial killer's drawers, spray tans, etc… I have lots of weird and wonderful ideas.Q – Why should readers give this book a try?Because it's interesting, funny, and doesn't take itself too seriously.You don't have to be into Da VinciRaphael or Van Goghsunflowers aren't for everyone believe me I knowmaybe you appreciate a poem or verseyou may even appreciate Banksy's mural of a nurseyou can find art anywhere if you look closely enoughin the design of a caran unmade bedor a designer shirtyou could produce a piece of artas individual as your thoughtsput it down on paper or scrawl a wall in chalkan outlet for the mind is good for mental healthit serves as a distraction from the chaos in the worldI wouldn't be surprised if there's a piece of art in youit could be a drawinga sculptureor a collage stuck with glue✓ Give this unique collection of poetry a try today.

Vox Pop

Funniest, most requested poems in this pamphlet from BBC Radio 4 regular poet Kate Fox.From small girlfriends to exercise mockers and the Glastonbury Festival where she's Poet in Residence for their website in 2013, her wordplay, wit and warmth shines through: "Funny, endearing, cynical"- Sunday Telegraph, "Funny and quirky"- Sarah Millican

The Old Spice Guys' Grooming Guidance Guide for Guys with Beards & Other Poems

The Old Spice Guys’ Grooming Guidance Guide for Guys With Beards (TOSGGGGFGWB) is an excellent piece of fan fiction for fans of facial hair and is heralded as a marketing masterpiece by the beard community.In 2018, Old Spice released their beard collection, which includes beard wash, beard conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm. The launch of this beard collection was the inspiration behind each poem and the catalyst for every feeling felt within the digital pages of this book.Each line of every poem takes a deep dive into how it feels to have a clean, soft, nourished, and sculpted beard. While this piece of literature explores the existential nuances of beard grooming, each page also acts as an educational tool to guide men through the basics of beardness.

The Witch with the Wonky Broomstick

This fully illustrated book is a must-read for kids and grown-ups who never really grew up.Be prepared to hold your nose as the Phantom Pumper strikes again. Stare in awe at the giant snail. Feel for Harry the Rat as he desperately tries to find a friend. And dodge the ogres as they attempt to snotify anyone nearby. Some of the characters are nice. Some aren’t. You decide!The Witch With The Wonky Broomstick is a great book to encourage youth to love poetry.

A Book Of Nonsense Verse

"An illustrated treasury of nonsense verse in the spirit of Spike Milligan, exploring subjects as diverse as Martians, hapless animals, unrequited love, Elvis (fat era), fertility and hapless members of the weaker sex." Those people fortunate enough to know Gary Franckeiss, would have undoubtedly had their lives enriched by his witty monologues and wonderful comic timing. For many years, he has privately been writing and secreting away poems of the nonsensical variety, coupled with illustrations, often doodled on scraps of paper. For the very first time, a collection of Gary's work has been compiled for your amusement. Enjoy! Some of the prose in this book is not suitable for minors (and miners). Edited and compiled by James McCarraher. Sarum Publishing, Hayling Island, United Kingdom. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS, THEN CHECK OUT 'A SECOND BOOK OF NONSENSE VERSE' BY GARY, PUBLISHED IN 2013.


Poems about growing older,adjusting to lowered expectations and walking in some of the footsteps of Charles Bukowski.

a??Ca??-OXYMORON (Abstract Fantasies, Adages & Thoughts).

This BOOK is made of:- Poem': a literary composition in verse, especially one expressing deep feeling or noble thought in an imaginative way.Spiritual: of the human spirit or soul, not physical or worldly.Spiritualism: the belief that spirits of the dead can and do communicate with the living.Carnal: Of the body or flesh, not spiritual, e.g. Carnal desires.Psalm: a sacred song, especially one of those in the book of Psalms in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.Anthology: a collection of passages from literature, especially poems.Alliteration: the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of several words in succession, e.g. sing a song of six pence or I love to love those who choose to love.Myth: a traditional story that embodies popular beliefs or explains a practice, belief or natural phenomenon. A parable, allegory. A fictitious person or thing.Metaphor: the application of a word or phrase to something that it does not apply to literally, in order to indicate a comparison with the literal usage, e.g. the evening of one’s life, food for thought, Peter the Rock.Simile: a figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another, e.g. went through it like a hot knife through butter, he is as hard as rock.Oxymoron: putting together words, which seem to contradict one another, e.g. bittersweet?Eulogy: a speech or piece of writing in praise of a person or thing.Dirge: a slow mournful song, a lamentation for the dead.Euphemism: a mild or roundabout expression substituted for one considered improper or too harsh or blunt, ‘pass away’ is a euphemism for ‘die’.Paradox: a statement etc. That seems to contradict itself or to conflict with common sense but which contains a truth, e.g. ‘more haste, less speed’.Pantheism: the belief that God is everything and everything is God.Parable: a story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth.Split infinitive: an infinite with a word or words placed between to and the verb, e.g. to thoroughly understand. Many people dislike this construction and it can usually be avoided e.g. by putting to understand thoroughly.Exaggeration: to making of (a thing or issue) seem larger or more than it really is; with exaggerated courtesy, with excessive courtesy.Evocation: calling up, produce, or inspire (memories, feelings, a response, etc.)Hyperbole: an exaggerated statement that is not meant to be taken literally, e.g. a stack of work a mile high.Fact: something known to have happened or be true or to exist.- Propaganda: publicity intended to spread ideas or information that will persuade or convince people.Fiction: a product of the imagination; an invented story.Onomatopoeia: the formation of words that imitate or suggest what they stand for, e.g. cuckoo, plop, sizzle, chirp, screech, bubble.Omnipotent: having unlimited power or very great power.Omnipresent: present everywhere.Omniscient: knowing everything, having very extensive knowledge.- Om: a mystic syllable considered the most sacred mantra (in Buddhism and Hinduism etc)Chant: a tune to which the words of psalms or other works with irregular rhythm are fitted by singing several syllables or words to the same note; a monotonous song.Verse: a metrical form of composition, as distinct from prose.Prose: written or spoken language not in verse form.Satire: the use of ridicule, irony, or sarcasm in speech or writing.Parody: a comic imitation of a well-known person or literary work or style.Satanism: worship of Satan, using distorted forms of Christian worship.Tautology: saying of the same thing over again in different words.Travesty: an absurd or inferior imitation.Innuendo: an unpleasant insinuation.Craze: a great but often short-lived enthusiasm for something.Dream: a series of pictures or events in a sleeping person’s mind.Vision: the faculty of seeing, sight. Something seen in the imagination or in a dream etc.Visionary: existing only in the imagination...

The Kaleidoscope Syndrome: An Anthology

The Kaleidoscope Syndrome: An Anthology, is a collection of poetry, short stories, and other literary works by Dave Matthes, author of "The Slut Always Rides Shotgun", "The Passive Aggressors", "In This House, We Lived, and We Died", and "Sleepeth Not, the Bastard".Poetic themes Matthes touches upon include prepubescent grit, suicide, existential acceptance, and abstract variances of spiritual reality in which the whole of society feeds upon, drawing inspiration from Jim Morrsion, Bukowski, and life in general. Included are the opening chapters to one of many scrapped attempts at writing a novel, originally titled "The Kaleidoscope Syndrome", for which this anthology is named after. The last section of this anthology includes the first chapter to the upcoming novel, "The Best Summer of Our Lives", which will be completed and released sometime after Matthes' current novel-in-progress.

I Cana??t Raise Myself: Knowledge Is Learned

I can't Raise Myself a poem by Angela M. Smith and illustrated by Kai R. Smith. This is a very powerful message for parents to reflect on. Kai R. Smith takes you thru images in her life as she expresses the words in the poem thru cartoon illustration of herself. Children will enjoy the words and illustration while sending a message of wisdom to parents who work a lot. Knowledge Is Learned Children's Books. Poetry Speaks.