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French Travel Memoirs - More Than A Year In Provence - Endless Tour de France Travel: Paris,French Riviera,Cote d'Azur,Bordeaux,Burgundy,French Cuisine

Praise for More Than A Year In Provence “I wish you tremendous success” Guy Kawasaki Author of APE, Enchantment, What The Plus.“Christopher's truly unique adventures cycling the backroads of France are a must read for anyone who's ever dreamed of a French country life. I just hope his sequel will reveal where his paradise village is!” Robert Reid Reid on Travel, Lonley Planet, New York Times“If it's true that travel broadens, this book will give you a 360° view of authentic French Country Life.” Jeff Steiner Americans in France,Live in FranceFRANCE TRAVELPeter Mayle started it all with "A Year in Provence." Inspiring Rick Steves, the Lonely Planet crew and all the France Travel Guidebook creators that were to follow.One guy who was not influenced by these fine folks, was the Author of this book. Simply because, at that time, he didn't know they existed!But not to worry. San Francisco Film Maker Christopher Strong had his own "Tour de France" dream. To spontaneously cycle the French Country backroads. With no fixed itinerary. Tasting the land and the people as well as the food and wine.FRANCE FOR DUMMIES And so finally, after a week of irregular and informal French Lessons from a Dutch friend, with no regard for the niceties of French Grammar, Christopher's French Vocabulary was limited to five words: "hello", "goodbye", "please", "thank you", and the essential "where's the toilet?"FRENCH KISSIn spite of, or perhaps because of his lack of French Language smarts, with no butt saving French Phrasebook, Christopher's first "Tour de France" was a resounding personal success. Even on the French Riviera!FRANCE TRAVEL GUIDE - MORE THAN A YEAR IN PROVENCEInspired by the overwhelming hospitality lavished upon him, Christopher decided to return and film his next adventure. He did. And he continued, year after year. Until finally he had an up close and personal lifestyle/adventure series - "Bicycle Gourmet's Treasures of France." An authentic view of France Today.FRENCH HISTORY After seeing the first results of Christopher's "Tour de France" filming, his friends, not suprisingly, suggested he write a book. Not a book on French Cooking or (shudder) French Diet mind you, but a "behind the scenes" account of his filming adventures. And his many encounters with French Wine.More Than A Year In that book.

Return to Kenya

A mini safari, an uneatable cucumber, a tear an unvitation and the sheer joy of travelling. All the more delicious for being a surprise invitation to Susie's favourite country in the world: her beloved Kenya.International book tours are an unheard-of dream for most authors. But after the ecstatic reception of her safari memoir Safari Ants, Baggy Pants & Elephants, Susie is over the moon to find herself returning to her beloved Kenya to launch the African edition in Africa's largest chain of bookshops, Text Book Centre, Nairobi.Although her surprise trip is a huge success, this is Susie Kelly, and her magical week in Kenya isn't without mishap, even if she does remember her bras this time. 'It does something to you, this infinite space, so tranquil on the surface, yet so teeming with life. You feel at once insignificant and amazing, just for being here. I wanted to hold out my arms and gather it all in, hold it pressed to my heart, never let it go. I wanted to lay it softly between sheets of tissue and put it in a drawer to be brought out and stroked every day. I wanted to bottle it in a crystal jar and place it on a sunny windowsill to be forever in my sight. This magnificent, beautiful country, birthplace of mankind, owner of my heart...'Praise for Susie Kelly's Safari Ants, Baggy Pants & Elephants'I’ve just been on a wonderful safari trip to Kenya! At least that’s how it felt.' Mrs Bloggs Books'One of the best travel books I have read to date. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every drop of it.' – Vine Voice Reviewer'There are a handful of authors who achieve that elusive trick of making you laugh out loud. For me it’s James Herriot, Bill Bryson and Susie Kelly.' – French Entrée Magazine'Susie is a great ambassador for Kenya. The best safari experience you are likely to get, without going on safari!' French Village Diaries'No bras and makeup! I adore reading Susie's books, so full of humour and everyday hiccups!' Goodreads

Embarrassing True Stories

Have you ever had one of those moments, when something so horribly awkward and embarrassing happens, you just want to crawl in a hole and die?Well, you're not alone.This book is full of those moments. And as terrible as they may be when they happen to you, they're pretty funny when they happen to someone else.

Travels From Heart and Home: Welcome to a travel writer's world

Veteran travel writer Jules Brown – author of numerous Rough Guides – welcomes you to his world in this snapshot sample of a travel writer's life. From Africa to Australia, via Canada, Italy, Iceland and more, Jules embarks on a search for heart and home that's at once adventurous, hilarious and heartwarming. In nine beautifully written tales he sets off on his first ever Rough Guides trip to Scandinavia, goes husky-sledding in Canada and seeks out his namesake Julius Caesar in Rome. On the way he follows in the footsteps of his one-of-a-kind father – oh, and he also eats a puffin and crash-lands in Iran. Join the journey and enjoy the trip of a travel writer's lifetime.

The Bin and the Bomb: A Humorous Travel Story about an Apartment in Paris

Excerpted from a story included in the new collection, Porcelain Travels. Matthew's minuscule seventh-floor apartment has a top-to-bottom view of the Eiffel Tower. But it's what the little studio lacks that sets it apart. Bathing. Using the toilet. Avoiding hypothermia. Matthew quickly finds that daily living poses highly unusual challenges—not the least of which being the constant threat of an explosion. A living situation that tested Matthew's resolve and made him question his sanity, it's also one he'll never forget.

From the Bottom Drawer of: Alan Zweibel: The Prize, The Ride Home, Sexting with Alan Dershowitz

Alan Zweibel dusts off some hilarious material written years ago that stand the test of time. An original Saturday Night Live writer, award winning author and playwright, Zweibel releases three never before published short stories: “The Prize”, “The Ride Home”, and “Sexting with Alan Dershowitz” pulled from Alan’s Bottom Drawer delivered directly to your eReader. You’ll be laughing within seconds...Okay, minutes...Okay, the next day. But that's still good, right?“One of the best comedy writers around, Alan Zweibel is my bounce guy. We’ve been friends for so long we have our own comedic shorthand. We totally get each other’s sense of humor.”– Larry David“He’s wonderfully funny and very smart and he’s a big guy, but very sensitive.” – Billy Crystal“Alan Zweibel is the funniest writer in the world.” – Dave Barry“Read Alan Zweibel and you’ll be reminded of the likes of Robert Benchley and S.J. Perelman. You can’t help but be moved by his warmth and insight even as you laugh your ass off.” – David SteinbergABOUT THE AUTHORAn original Saturday Night Live writer who the New York Times said has “earned a place in the pantheon of American pop culture,” Alan Zweibel has won multiple Emmy, Writers Guild, and TV Critics awards for his work in television which also includes "It’s Garry Shandling’s Show", "Monk", PBS’s "Great Performances", and "Curb Your Enthusiasm".A frequent guest on talk shows such as "The Late Show with David Letterman", Alan’s many theatrical contributions include the Tony Award winning play "700 Sundays" which he collaborated on with Billy Crystal, Martin Short’s Broadway hit "Fame Becomes Me", and the off-Broadway play "Bunny Bunny – Gilda Radner: A Sort of Romantic Comedy" which he adapted from his best-selling book. Alan has written the 2006 Thurber Prize winning novel "The Other Shulman", the popular children’s book "Our Tree Named Steve", and a collection of short stories and essays titled "Clothing Optional". His humor has also appeared in such diverse publications as Esquire, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Op-Ed page, The Huffington Post, and MAD Magazine. The co-writer of the screenplays for the films "Dragnet", "North", and "The Story of Us", Alan recently received an honorary PhD. from the State University of New York and in 2010 the Writers Guild, East gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award.Alan is currently working with Billy Crystal on the feature film version of "700 Sundays" to be directed by Barry Levinson, executive producing a documentary mini-series for Showtime with Steve Carell and David Steinberg and writing a novel titled "Lunatics" with Dave Barry which Putnam is publishing in January. And on the TV screen he will be appearing as a new character in the upcoming season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and in a short film for "Funny or Die".But the production that Alan is most proud of is the family he’s co-produced with his wife Robin, their children Lindsay, Sari, and Adam, Adam’s wife Cori, and grandchildren Zachary and Alexis.

Do Not Wash Hands In Plates: Elephant frenzy, parathas, temples, palaces, monkeys...and the kindness of Indian strangers

Once upon the Land Before Time (or at least before mobile phones), my two best friends and I decided to leave the US from separate locations and meet up in Europe. To everyone's shock, Janine, Jaya and I pulled it off—mostly because we went to Luxembourg, a country so small the odds in favor of chance street encounters were almost 100%, but also because Jaya was carrying the BS, a blue suitcase so enormous it took up approximately a third of the country's square footage and was visible on satellite images. We couldn't possibly miss. It took over thirty-five years before—in a combination of optimism and failing memories— we recklessly decided to repeat this feat. Hey, we reasoned, now we've got smartphones, better credit ratings, wheeled suitcases, medical insurance, and the ability to drink legally. Just to make it more interesting, this time we chose to meet in India, where the odds against the three of us actually linking up were approximately a bazillion to bupkis.Despite blizzards, canceled flights, de-icing delays, and an adjacent passenger who had made unfortunate food choices resulting in alarming gastrointestinal events, I arrived in India. The theory was that I would fly in from my home in Scotland, Janine would come from Washington DC, and Jaya would meet up with us at the airport. Nobody who knows any of us thought for a second that this could really occur. Actual conversation at Passport Control, Mumbai: Janine: “Well no, I don't have my friend's address or phone number. But she's going to pick me up at the airport. She lives in Gujarat. That's in India.” Passport Control: [SO not impressed] I arrived before Janine. As far as I could tell, the Ahmedabad Airport was staffed by the entire Indian army, each soldier carrying a honking huge gun. I grabbed my suitcase and exited baggage control into India. Noise. Chaos. People, dogs, honking horns, more people. More soldiers. More guns. Dozens of sincere men who called me “Sister” and suggested they could take me anywhere on the planet I might want to go. No Janine. No Jaya. And, apparently, no way to get back into the airport. After several failed attempts at international texts, I realized I could (at heart-stopping expense) send email to Jaya, who soon confirmed that she was on her way and that it was 3:00AM so I should go back inside. Except there were signs everywhere saying you couldn't go back in. “No problem.” Jaya explained that rules in India were more like guidelines. “People in India are very kind. Just ask.” I’ve been living in the UK where rules are inviolate and graven in stone, so I didn't believe a word of it. But the soldier at the door listened to my plea and waved his AK-Humongo to usher me back inside. There I found Janine attempting to send email or text. I reminded her neither option was likely for two technologically-challenged, jet-lagged, middle-aged ladies in a foreign country at 3:00AM. In the end, we wandered over to the door and to our mutual amazement found Jaya waiting for us along with her husband, a hired driver, and a van. Apparently lightning does strike again, because just like thirty-five years earlier, the three of us actually managed to meet up in another continent. This is the story of three women eating our way across India in search of adventure, elephants, temples, palaces, western toilets, monkeys, the perfect paratha...and the kindness of Indian strangers.

Vegetarian Cook-SHUT UP And Eat It! (FVP Book 1)

Are you the only vegetarian in your circle of friends? Have you ever wanted to share something really good but no one will eat it because of veggie prejudice? That's right, veggie prejudice. It's an epidemic. You know, the guy who hears "vegetarian" and automatically thinks its disgusting. Sometimes I wonder, is it because of something he ate or is it the social stigma? I don't know but the next time you're faced with overt veggie prejudice present a plate of vegetable tofu Pad Thai and tell 'em to shut up and eat it! Help the fight against veggie prejudice and tofurkey shaming.

Five Paperbacks in One Day

Leonard has written only one book about sex. And it definitely was NOT intended to be read by his relatives! (Humor/619 Words)

Parents: They Can Drive You Nuts

Of course they can. It's their job. (Humor/Nostalgia/405 Words)

Shopping For an Air Mattress

Leonard could have gone happily through his entire life without ever having to shop for an air mattress. But, alas, he didn't. (Humor/780 Words)

American Study Abroad Diary: When a dream comes true, even tears don't flow

This time in the United States, I'm in agony!Get rid of Chunibyo! !!The author, who has experience with the Ground Self-Defense Force and the French Foreign Legion, next aimed at the United States! ??The twists and turns of the career-destroying demon finally descend to the United States! !!Introducing the easy-to-read "Nonfiction Light Novel"!This book is translating from Japanese to English using Google TranslateWhat should I do to study in the United States?What the hell is going on in America! ??Can you answer such a question or not?No, you can't!The definitive edition that describes the daily life of studying in the United States that the author himself experienced!"Content"How to study in the United StatesPreparing to study in the United StatesWhere on earth will you stayWhat is the content of the language school class?What do you do on holidays?etc.There is no doubt that both those who study abroad and those who do not read it.Best essay!

American Wandering Diary: Do sleepwalkers dream of the future?

A great adventure revived in the present age !!A rare journey that I experienced while wandering around the United States!Suddenly there was a lot of talk about "interesting" from various places! !!Expand the stage from the popular "Diary of Japanese Army 911"This time it's America! !!Practice your search and go to America!What can I do?What on earth do you want to be in the future?You have been worried about! You there!Wander America!Those who are about to wander,A person who quit trying to wander.Anyone can read it easily and easilyIntroducing the non-fiction light novel library!Familiar adventures are back now!The opening of an interesting life experience!