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Retail Stole My Life: How to Survive Working in Retail

If you work in retail, then you need this book. Think of it as the REAL staff handbook that management doesn't want you to read. Written by a former retail worker, Retail Stole My Life is an honest account of what it's really like to work in retail, with a heavy dose of dark humour thrown in for good measure.

Only Forty More Years

This intellectually funny, and easy to relate to, fictional work with dramatic undertones is a first-person story that centers around the humorously skeptical recent college graduate, Sean Bronson, as he lands his first "real" job and learns to navigate the treacherous waters of corporate America - beginning to realize that incompetence and underhandedness abound in every corner and that office life can often be anything but professional. The story is set in the headquarters of a multi-billion dollar home furnishing company located in the modern day suburban landscape of Long Island, New York.

The story begins as the sarcastically precocious, yet introspective, Sean is waiting his last table at a depressing, dream-graveyard type of a restaurant and decides that he needs to move out of his parent's house and in order to do that he needs to search for a career. We follow him as he engages himself in his first career oriented interview with the profit-hungry home retail giant known as "Cool Collectibles." We meet a wide cast of characters in the workplace that show Sean that people who have a profession are not always behaviorally professional. We also encounter Karen and Bessie, two love interests of Sean's who each represent, in different ways, the hardships of establishing that highly coveted ideal of a work-life balance. The tone of the book starts off as being humorous but then transitions into a more grave matters such as workplace romances (and failures) as well as employee resignations and tumultuous performance reviews. His dream of moving into a place of his own is also stymied when he quickly realizes that "rookie-pay" does not go very far in New York.

This book artfully infuses comedy and interpersonal drama into the highly relatable "chore" of embarking on a new career.

A must-read for anyone who works in an office, or is planning to, as it will make you feel much better about your life.

April Fools Pranks: 31 Pranks for the Office

31 April Fools Day Pranks you can play at the office. Rock solid full of good clean fun that should be ok for most office settings. If you have ever wanted to play a good April Fools Day Joke on someone and didn't know what to do, this little joke book has 31 good choices.

There are even good suggestions for what you can do even if you aren't good at playing practical jokes on your co-workers. Very little preparation or cost involved. Most of the 31 April Fools practical jokes cost nothing.

April 1st is coming and if you don't have this little April Fool prank book - you can be assured someone in your office does. Be warned!

Work Wife Balance

'This is well-written, very funny and I raced through it, occasionally squealing in horror at the antics of Kate's colleagues. It's also a joy to read about a strong woman with a big job and fiery opinions, a nice antidote to the sugary sweet sort of chick lit.' DAILY MAIL. Kate King is furiously flailing to keep afloat. As her team bicker, finger-point and cheat their way through rumours of sackings and site closures, her ill-tempered husband is becoming increasingly embittered and secretive. Kate knows she must address his petulant question: "Surely there's more to life than this?" but all her energies are required to dodge the corporate bullets constantly fired in her direction. Under pressure from an attractive, younger colleague, Kate is also concerned by her sudden invisibility to the opposite sex and the alarming appearance of back fat. Disturbingly, beige knitwear has started to call to her from the shelves of M&S. Growing more and more suspicious of her husband's activities, pressure builds on Kate both at work and at home until her turbulent year reaches its climactic end. Can she continue to balance precariously between work and marriage, or is one end of the scales going to hit the ground with a resounding thud?

Foggy's Blog

A Very Foggy Christmas

I am Morten Astley Fogarty - insurance complaint handler, part-time barista and all-round entertainer. My career at the Perypils call centre has really taken off since my colleagues all voted for me to leave the team and transfer to complaints; I was chuffed to bits at being chosen! I love helping our customers resolve their concerns and as I've only received three death threats so far, I'm clearly doing something right. On Sundays, I work with an extremely talented Chef, Joe, who trained under the calming influence of Gordon Ramsay. Joe's party-trick is to hurl his bread knife through the kitchen hatch towards my head. He always deliberately misses, of course; we do have such fun! My girlfriend, Myra, is a wonderful actress and our director has tried her in lots of different positions. I know Myra is desperate to secure a leading part in our Christmas production, The Wizard of Oz and she has been scouring eBay for ruby slippers, size 9. Let's hope she can continue to satisfy the director!

The Corporate Kingdom: A Pseudo-Scientific Report on the Ecosystem, Habitat and Conservation Status of Select Employee Species with a Special Focus on the Critically Endangered ‘Model Employee’

You have heard of animal and plant kingdoms. Some of you (I am looking at you, biology nerds!) have even heard of the other three kingdoms.

To these existing ones, I would like to humbly add another: the corporate kingdom.

Now, what is this corporate kingdom? And what kind of creatures inhabit it?

Well, for starters, it includes all corporate sector employees and their benevolent overlords. In this book, you will be introduced to various species of employees, their work 'ethic' and unique survival-cum-advancement strategies.

Tag along for a humorous, snarky look at the corporate world. It will change your life!! (Okay, it won't but tag along anyway?)