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Zombie School: a deaducation

A deaducation in the school of the dammed -

Deepest, darkest December. A high school next to a military base. It's more than the end of the school day, it's shaping up to be the end of the world. Students are trapped across the school and must work together to fight their way out. They are an unlikely group: the popular, the geeky, the heroic and then the dealer. The good, the bad and the ugly. Led by teacher Betsy and kick-ass student Midge, they must battle their way through the hordes of the undead, and with each other, to survive.

Beware the student body.

Warning: contains violence, drugs, swearing, demonic glee clubs, bad musical theatre, teenage tantrums, lust, bloodthirsty principals, pervy PE teachers, grammar fails, partial nudity and scenes of a sexual nature.

"Then she froze. Beyond the closed glass doors the open space was teeming with zombies, swaying slightly but, for the most part, in stasis. Being this close was very unsettling...She could feel, and hear, the others jostling behind her, trying to see.

'What's it like, Midge?' This was Ellie, so close she could feel the breath on her cheek.

'Like? It's like Primani on a Saturday afternoon.'"

Odd Bodies

Cincinnati becomes a slaughter zone moments after self-help book editor Evan Moorehouse gets dumped by his girlfriend. Trapped in a city teeming with unknown creatures resembling sickening collages of the human anatomy, Evan hunkers down for safety at a local bar with a private investigator named Lance Canard.

Together, self-help writer and private dick must scour the city for survivors, attempt to understand why the monsters are here, and ultimately, uncover how to dispose of the beasts that are turning their victims into morbid pieces of gory art.

Read Odd Bodies, a novel that plunges both hands into the grotesque and goes deeper than any novel has spiritually dared. Warning: not for the squeamish.

It's the Apocalypse, Dave: Try to Have Fun

Dave's a bit of a loser. Even he'd admit that was true. He's no good at relationships, he's a terrible employee, and he's got no clue what to do with his life. Quite frankly, the world doesn't seem to have a place for him. But that's okay, because the world's just about to end.

An experiment thousands of miles away is about to initiate a world-wide apocalypse that's going to change everything. The world as Dave knew it is over, and he's going to find that the apocalypse has it in for him. While people all around him become infected by nightmarish creatures, Dave discovers he's got some friends left alive who need his help. Together, they're going to have to do battle with parasitic squid creatures out for blood, and find a way to survive an apocalypse designed to eliminate all human life.

An Alternative Christmas Carol

When Charles Dickens wrote his morality tale, A Christmas Carol, he couldn't know about the banking crisis, fat cat bankers with six figure bonuses or the selling off of state owned assets at knock down prices, so I've had to take his story of misanthropy and redemption and update it a little bit.

Ebenezer Smooge is a banker who worships money and luxuriates in the possessions that his wealth brings. He corrupts all he touches and will never do a good deed if a bad deed can be done. His hapless clerk Scratchit ekes out a living working long hours for poor while his wife Elisa makes end meet by supplementing her income with a bit of "curtain making" on the side, just so her twelve children will be fed.

As in the original, on Christmas Eve Ebenezer is visited first by the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Harley, and then by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Heeding the messages of these three shades Smooge wakes up on Christmas morning and sets out to enjoy the day along with everyone else.

Does Smooge change his ways? Can a leopard change its spots? Read An Alternative Christmas Carol to find out.

A Meditation on Strangeness

Bart the Freak is an odd character who has even odder things happen to him.

The Royal Wedding from Hell

Relive the Royal Wedding of Kate and Wills, but this time, with demons, swordfights and car chases. All of the romance, all of the pageantry, all of the flesh hungry beasts of the abyss. Join Kate, Wills, Harry and Pippa as they take on ancient forces of darkness, hordes of monsters and a plethora of possessed celebrities. It's the Royal Wedding from Hell!

Celebrity Dinner: A Short Story

A macabre tale of how the celebrity lifestyle can go wrong.

"Under all the piercings he had a handsome face and it was evident he looked after himself. The baggy pink shirt he was wearing, failed to conceal a toned and muscled body. Even at sixty five she still noticed these things."

A Little Creepy

Lolita is not your regular type of gal. No, she's always been a little bit strange.

Death in a Northern Town 3: Dead Man Walking

My name is John Diant. Tortured father to a missing teenage girl, friend to a retro 1980s music obsessed Scouse smart arse and brother to Runcorn's answer to Chuck Norris, only with less hair and a shitter beard. It has been several days since the zombie apocalypse came to Runcorn and now my home town, is nothing more than a dead town. This is my journal... The comedy horror trilogy continues with Death in a Northern Town 3: Dead Man Walking. Follow John, 80s Dave, Butty and Emily on their journey through zombie infested Runcorn, trying their best to survive against both the dead and the living.

The Mattress Turner of Twigmere


Some creative Manthan (Churning of thoughts and turning them into short stories),linked to latest issues in India and life of Indians out there...Some shayari is added for that little fragrance in the end :-)