Horror Books

The Venue: A wedding novel

"Rollicking dark, twisted fun!"Welcome to THE VENUEWhere the super rich can get away from it all. ...and get away with anything they want.You're invited to Caleb Hunt's wedding! Sure, you haven't spoken since you two had a falling out in high school, but Caleb has gotten over that. He's a forgiving person. It was all a misunderstanding. He credits you with turning him into the man he is today. He wants to repay you and everyone else from his life with an invitation to his destination wedding. An all-expense paid trip to a luxurious resort. High up in the Alps. Secluded and private. Please RSVP. It's sure to be a killer party.The newest gleefully violent release from the writer of INTERCEPTS and IN MY FATHER'S BASEMENT.REVIEWS:"TJ Payne delivers and is an author to watch." -- The Haunted Reading Room Reviews"It's Battle Royale at a wedding. If that summary appeals to you, then you will lose your mind over TJ Payne's The Venue." "Wow! Absolutely speechless! My heart is still racing!""A wild, twisted, wicked ride that I want to go on again!""If you enjoy books that are thrilling, interesting, unputdownable and that explore human nature ... then you HAVE GOT TO READ THIS!!"

Witches of Half Moon Bay Series Box Set: Books 1-3 (A Witch's Call, A Witch's Destiny, A Witch's Fate) (Witches of Half Moon Box Set Book 1)

This bundle includes the first 3 books in the bestselling Witches of Half Moon Bay series. An action-packed urban fantasy with a heavy dose of paranormal romance. Witches, werewolves, & WTF?!I’m what you call normal by day, and woo woo by night. As a college student, I spend my days in class and my evenings selling sage to PTA moms who do moon rituals to manifest better parking spaces. It doesn’t help that my best friend is a cat who likes pizza, and a “night out” includes hand delivering mysterious packages to the local “coven” of small business owners that repeatedly invite me to their meetings—clothing optional.My life is weird. But it’s not magic. Magic isn’t real.At least, that’s what I believe–right up until the moment he walks into my store.Alex Channing is rude, brutish, and a constant pain in my ass. He’s also the hottest specimen I’ve ever seen. When he miraculously saves me from certain death, at the hand of a monster whose very existence shouldn’t even be possible, the reality of who—and what—Alex really is can’t be ignored. Neither can the existence of the monsters who hunt me. Because it turns out, magic is real. And the only thing I’m more in danger of losing than my life—is my heart.

Angel Eyes: The Haunting of January House (Penny Wright Book 2)

Medium Penny Wright returns in a new paranormal mystery filled with shocking twists and turns.These walls conceal a terrifying secret.Everyone in Ashton, Colorado, knows that January House is haunted. Tucked away on an isolated hillside, it's been the site of grisly murders and unsolved disappearances. An artists’ commune took up residence there in the 1970s, creating a controversy that still divides the town. Now, a reclusive painter has died in the crumbling house. The police say it’s natural causes. But they don’t know why she fired a gun before she collapsed. Or why she called Bryce Wright, a man she hardly knew, and left a voicemail filled with her screams.Bryce convinces his sister, Penny Wright, to investigate. Penny has seen ghosts all her life. But the walls of January House conceal a horrifying, decades-old secret. Its dead are growing restless. Penny must go to lengths she's never imagined to solve January House's mysteries. And this time, it's the living who could pose the greatest threat.Note to readers: This book is part of a series, but can be read out of order as a standalone mystery.Angel Eyes is a ghost story, a murder mystery, and a supernatural thriller wrapped into one genre-bending page-turner! An original read you won't be able to put down."Suspenseful, emotional (I was crying during the last few chapters) and filled with detailed descriptions, this is a fast paced ride that I was more than willing to take." Katy, Goodreads ★★★★★"Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start." Billie, Goodreads ★★★★★"Penny Wright is back on a new haunting, this time far more dangerous! It's full of love, friendship, dangerous and sinister things." Juliana, Goodreads ★★★★★

Green Lake

The suicide of Madeleine Heron’s husband leaves her at her sister’s lake house for the summer, until she can ‘sort things out’ for herself and find a new direction, but life in the lake community is anything but conducive to calm. Right away a three year old girl goes missing from the dam, Madeleine is nearly assaulted when her truck breaks down, and she discovers her neighbors have an affinity for digging holes and burying things in their yard, usually things they find floating in the lake, like a hand, or an arm… Native American conservation officer Eris Renard appears to be the only sane person around, and without warning Madeleine finds herself falling for him, but he’s an adopted Indian who’s just found his birth mother, a famous artist who hates Madeleine.(Warning: graphic material may be disturbing.)

The Haunting of Sunshine House (Ghosts of Los Angeles Book 1)

Is the evil lurking in Sunshine House human or something much worse?Once an exclusive Hollywood hotel catering to the likes of Rudolf Valentino and other great stars of the Silent Film Era, the Bockerman Hotel now is the Sunshine House, an assisted living home for seniors.   And its residents are dying…in droves.Sara Caine, paranormal investigator, couldn’t believe she got an invitation to hunt for ghosts in the most haunted building in all of Los Angeles, The Sunshine House. Her excitement turns to horror as the mysteries of Sunshine House reveal themselves to be more terrifying then she could have ever imagined.  The Haunting of Sunshine House is the first book in a creepy new Supernatural Suspense series that will have your spine tingling. If you like Darcy Coates, Amy Cross or Bill Thompson, then you’ll love The Haunting of Sunshine House by Dominika Best.Buy yourself a copy, grab a hot cocoa and turn down the lights. You’re in for a thrilling ride with Sara Caine in The Haunting of Sunshine House. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.AUTHOR INTERVIEW:Where did your interest in ghost stories come from?When I was young and living in Poland, I lived next door to an old cemetery. It had been a Jewish Cemetery before World War II, and had been gated since 1945. No one had been inside in all those years, my child brain imagined. Our apartment was on the eleventh floor and I could see through the dense trees down to the half buried tombstones. I convinced myself I had seen several ghosts wandering there at night. My fascination with all things supernatural grew from there. Is that the reason history plays such an important part in this series as well?Yes, absolutely. The ghosts of World War II were everywhere in Poland. You couldn’t escape that dark history. I’ve had a life-long fascination with that time period especially since the tendrils of the horrors still penetrate our modern times. Los Angeles also features prominently in this series. It is called Ghosts of Los Angeles after all. One of the reasons, I loved setting these books in Los Angeles is because of how steeped in history this city is. A different type of history, of course, but one that is stamped on the facades of the city. It’s wild to watch an old silent film and see the downtown streets and buildings prominently featured from that era. The ghosts of all the celluloid stars wander the streets here. On Rudolf Valentino’s birthday, the Hollywood Forever cemetery hosted a live viewing of one of his films on the side of his mausoleum. They had asked the last living organist from that time period to come and accompany that film. Only in Los Angeles. What made you choose a psychic to be the main character in this series?As I was researching this book, I came across stories of Bess Houdini. She held seances on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel on every Halloween night for 10 years, trying to contact her husband Harry Houdini. I loved that intersection of the supernatural and the famous. I also met some psychics here that were the coolest ladies. They gave me some help in correctly writing about their world. Who would like this novel?Anyone who loves a good mystery, wrapped in a creepy ghost story. Some good scares, and some familiar names making cameos. It's a book to get cozy with. 

The House on Moon Creek Avenue: A Novel

Cindy Flores is a twenty-one-year-old single mother, retail worker, and college student who inherits her grandmother’s home on Moon Creek Avenue. Cindy’s father offers to pay the utilities until she graduates from college, doing whatever he can so that she doesn’t return to her abusive boyfriend.At first, the home is comfortable - nostalgic of Cindy’s childhood, and her daughter enjoys the house, too. But soon, ghosts randomly appear day and night. Doors open and close, a streak of bad luck begins, Cindy and her daughter have unsettling nightmares, and Cindy’s mental state is pushed to the edge.When Cindy’s video recording of paranormal activity goes viral on social media, she gets the attention of famous ghost hunters. Without anywhere else to turn, Cindy confides in their help to find out why she’s being haunted. A terrifying investigation leads to revelation and surprise.Will she find the root of the evil being caused at her home on Moon Creek Avenue?


When the remains of Jack the Ripper’s first five victims are discovered in present day Louisiana, an English detective and a local sheriff form an unlikely alliance to unravel the mystery…and find themselves caught up in a modern-day conspiracy.

Surviving the Evacuation: Outback Outbreak: Surviving the Evacuation (Life Goes On Book 1)

The outbreak changed everything, but there are some bonds even the undead can’t break.It’s been six years since Pete Guinn last saw his sister, Corrie. He always hoped to see her again, but feared she was dead. When an elusive billionaire reveals Corrie is living under an assumed name in the Australian outback, Pete unquestioningly jumps at the chance of a reunion. But you can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket, and billionaires don’t do favours for free. Corrie is in hiding from her old employer, and from the Rosewood Cartel. Now that they’ve both found her, only a miracle can save the two siblings, and what happens in Manhattan can’t be described as miraculous.What begins as a viral outbreak soon turns into an impossible horror. People are infected and die, only to rise up and continue transmitting the infection. Even as the army is mobilised, the virus spreads beyond the borders of the United States. Nowhere is safe from the living dead.As Australia is quarantined, the mining town of Broken Hill becomes a transit hub for the relief effort. Tourists are evacuated while civilians are conscripted, Pete and Corrie among them. Together with a bush pilot, a flying doctor, and an outback cop, the struggle to maintain civilisation begins. Supplies run low. Looting is rampant. Laws are forgotten, especially by the cartel who haven’t abandoned their search for Corrie and their quest for revenge.Set in Broken Hill and beyond as the Australian quarantine begins.As this book returns to the beginning of the outbreak, it can be considered a good entry point for readers new to the series.

The Halloween Grindhouse: Stories

From the author of Devil's Hill and The House on Moon Creek Avenue comes a new anthology of grindhouse horror in The Halloween Grindhouse.On Halloween night, four friends use a new app that takes users to random locations that are considered weird, creepy, and haunted. The location generated for them is an abandoned house in a sketchy neighborhood.Upon entering the empty home, they find a room containing an old television set, a VCR, and a set of videotapes. What is on the tapes will bring them instant regret, fear, and a new threat that awaits them under the full October moon.Includes the short story "Mischief" and four new original tales of Halloween horror and suspense.

Broken Witch: The Bloodfire Chronicles: Book 1

Five years ago, he stole my memories and my magic. Now he’s back to kill me.No past meant no baggage. I had no idea where I’d come from, and no dreams for where I might go, but life was simple, uncomplicated. Then the old lady found me and told me about my past. And my magic.Sounds crazy, right? I thought so, too. Turns out I had a lot more baggage than I ever dreamed ofNow I own a condo with a secret in the basement, and I have a hot firefighter for a tenant who is not what he seems to be, Vampire pledges and demon half-bloods are hunting me down. And my magic? It’s started to leak out and I don’t know how to control it.I have to settle this, before I kill someone I care about, or one of his thugs kills me. I don’t know his name, but I know where to find him. And when I do…Well, they say payback’s a Witch.‘Broken Witch’ is the gripping first book of the Bloodfire Chronicles. Urban Fantasy author Robin Marr brings us a new kick-ass character following in the footsteps of Dresden, Kate Daniels, and Carrow. With her mysterious past and unknown magic, it’s time to meet Jane Doe.Get yours now. Before you forget.(Previously Published as 'Finding Jane')

Murder Any Witch Way: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (Brimstone Bay Book 1)

When a haunted house reveals more than just ghosts... ...the sleepy town of Brimstone Bay finally wakes up.When young witch River Halloway moves to Brimstone Bay for her very first journalist job, she doesn’t expect to cover anything ground-breaking. That is, until a paranormal festival comes to town and a body is found on opening night. Now, with all evidence pointing towards a witch, River must find the true killer before she becomes the prime suspect.Or worse, the next murder victim.Murder Any Witch Way is the first book in N.M. Howell’s Brimstone Bay Mysteries paranormal cozy mystery series. If you're a fan of Amanda M. Lee, Annabel Chase, Elle Adams, and Kristen Painter, then be sure to get your fill of magic, mystery, and murder with these fun small town light-read mystery books filled with cats, ghosts, and a sinister amount of trouble.BRIMSTONE BAYMurder Any Witch WayWitch Way to Hallows' BayBewitch You a Merry ChristmasWitch Souls to Save

The Harvest: Scary Supernatural Horror with Monsters (The Bell Witch Series Book 1)

Amid the sweet sounds of a music box, their darkest fears will haunt them…In Black River, Tennessee, everyone knows the legend of the Bell Witch… and the alleged curse that hangs like a dark shroud over the town. To some, it is just a local tall tale. But to others, it is terrifyingly real.For centuries, four families have been forced into the ritualistic tradition of sacrifice and terror. Every year, a member of each family stumbles upon an antique music box they need to lock before the time is up. And a horrible fate awaits them once the boxes open.Trapped in the witch’s sadistic game, the families’ young offspring are forced to journey into the dark and twisted woods of Black River in search for the keys to their salvation. But as they search for a way to end the curse, a haunting melody echoes through the trees. And each lost soul must wonder…Will they survive the night? Or will the Bell Witch’s bloody harvest claim more victims?

Christmas at Ruby's (The Ruby's Place Christmas Collection Book 1)

~Christmas at Ruby's is a novella that inspired an ongoing holiday series.~ Welcome to Ruby’s, where the Christmas spirit is alive and well.Ruby’s Place (the classy family-friendly nightspot that once lit the night sky in the tiny fictional town of Sullivan, Missouri) is no more—closed for decades—but that doesn’t keep those who once shared an eggnog or plate of homemade marshmallows from remembering the tinsel-wrapped moments Ruby’s supplied come Christmas.On a snowy holiday evening, feeling a bit down on her luck, a middle-aged Angela finds herself back at Ruby’s, staring through its foggy, grimy window to remember the Christmases she spent there with her favorite aunt as a child. Could the best Christmas present of all simply be spending one last moment with that special loved one, in a place where memories were born?At Ruby’s, it seems, the “spirits” are not confined to just the dusty liquors behind the bar, and such a Christmas wish might not be made in vain.The Ruby's Place Christmas Collection books in order:Christmas at Ruby'sI Remember YouSentimental JourneyThe Gift That Is Ruby's Place

The Shaman

In the novel that Billie Dean Shoemate III calls his personal best, he brings you the story of Nick Stanley, a special child that believes he has touched the other side...communing with an ancient Native American spirit.As Nick grows up, he comes to a profound realization. The spirit that visited him as a child left something in him....a mark on his soul. It follows him through life, beckoning his heart into a journey that will re-define the world.Based on true events, The Shaman is an often frightening, yet uplifting, beautiful and intriguing tale of love beyond the grave itself.

The Decagon Key

It's just an ordinary day in the life of the Grim Reaper until his slippery, boney fingers drop The Decagon Key down the sink while rinsing a teacup.  The Night Foundry's first anthology follows The Decagon Key as it passes through 11 stories based on each author's universe. What destruction does The Decagon Key wish to unleash in each world? This is entirely dependent upon the finder of The Key.