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Fashion Trends in Apartment Design: Repair and innovation in the home

Fashion Trends in Apartment Design

Repair and innovation in the home

This book is devoted to modern design. In it you will get acquainted with the main tendencies and fashion trends in the design of premises. Also you will learn the opinions of leading designers on how to properly decorate houses and apartments in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

Trends in interior design are a fragile and unstable substance, because they change every season. Some colors, textures and materials lose appeal; others look in a new way.

On the trends you can think long, but you can see once and immediately understand how to successfully use them in the transformation of housing.

The trends in design for 2018 are special. They did not arise spontaneously, out of nothing. They have a lot of philosophy, and their principles are backed up and explained. New trends are associated with environmental protection and arise from the desire of man to restore nature, content with a minimum in his own housing. After all, our most important house is the Earth, which must be protected.


Fashion Trends in Apartment Design

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DIY Projects: 25 Interesting And Low Budget Ideas On Recycling For Your Home

DIY Projects: 25 Interesting And Low Budget Ideas On Recycling For Your Home

If you are someone that is serious about trying to find ways to recycle, reuse or renew items inside and outside of your home then this book can offer you some great suggestions and tips to help you achieve your goals! If you are looking for ways to turn unwanted items in to things that are useful once again then you will enjoy the suggestions in this book that cover different materials: metal, paper, glass, furniture, plastic and old clothing items.

Why You Should Download this Book?

Why put yourself into further debt if you do not have to just by reusing items. You will be given suggestions on how to reuse, recycle, or renew certain materials that you will have around your house. Imagine how good you will feel in knowing that you are doing your part to keep your contributions to the landfills down.

You Will Learn How to Recycle, Reuse, and Renew:

metal items

paper items

glass items


plastic items




You can certainly set a good example by showing others a good environmentally friendly way to make use of items by either choosing to recycle, reuse, or renew them. The suggestions that you learn in this book you can then spread to others--spreading the green way of living is something we all need to get on board with to help conserve planet earth.

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