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History of the Jewish People in America (Vol.1-7): From the Period of the Discovery of the New World to the 20th Century

History of the Jewish People in America is a thorough historical account of Jewish communities in both South and North America starting from the earliest days of Spanish colonization all the way to the beginning of the 20th century. Contents:The Participation of Jews in the Discovery of the New WorldEarly Jewish Martyrs Under Spanish Rule in the New WorldVictims of the Inquisition in Mexico and in PeruMarranos in the Portuguese ColoniesThe Short-lived Dominion of the Dutch Over BrazilRecife: The First Jewish Community in the New WorldThe Jews in Surinam or Dutch GuianaThe Dutch and English West IndiesNew Amsterdam and New YorkNew England and the Other English ColoniesThe Religious Aspect of the War of IndependenceThe Participation of Jews in the War of the RevolutionThe Decline of Newport; Washington and the JewsOther Communities in the First Periods of IndependenceThe Question of Religious Liberty in Virginia and in North CarolinaThe War of 1812 and the Removal of Jewish Disabilities in MarylandMordecai Manuel Noah and His Territorialist-Zionistic PlansThe First Communities in the Mississippi ValleyNew Settlements in the Middle West and on the Pacific CoastThe Jews in the Early History of TexasConservative Judaism and Its Stand Against ReformThe Discussion About SlaveryLincoln and the JewsParticipation of Jews in the Civil WarImmigration From Russia Prior to 1880Relations With RussiaThe Passport QuestionThe American-Jewish CommitteeThe Jews in the Dominion of CanadaJews in South America, Mexico and Cuba

Making Sense of World History

Making Sense of World History is a comprehensive and accessible textbook that helps students understand the key themes of world history within a chronological framework stretching from ancient times to the present day.To lend coherence to its narrative, the book employs a set of organizing devices that connect times, places, and/or themes. This narrative is supported by:Flowcharts that show how phenomena within diverse broad themes interact in generating key processes and events in world history.A discussion of the common challenges faced by different types of agent, including rulers, merchants, farmers, and parents, and a comparison of how these challenges were addressed in different times and places.An exhaustive and balanced treatment of themes such as culture, politics, and economy, with an emphasis on interaction.Explicit attention to skill acquisition in organizing information, cultural sensitivity, comparison, visual literacy, integration, interrogating primary sources, and critical thinking.A focus on historical “episodes” that are carefully related to each other.Through the use of such devices, the book shows the cumulative effect of thematic interactions through time, communicates the many ways in which societies have influenced each other through history, and allows us to compare and contrast how they have reacted to similar challenges. They also allow the reader to transcend historical controversies and can be used to stimulate class discussions and guide student assignments.With a unified authorial voice and offering a narrative from the ancient to the present, this is the go-to textbook for World History courses and students.The Open Access version of this book has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

Mary and Early Christian Women : Hidden Leadership

This book reveals new early Christian evidence that Mary was remembered as a powerful role model for women leaders--women apostles, baptizers, and presiders at the ritual meal.  Early Christian art portrays Mary and other women clergy serving as deacons, presbyters, priests, and bishops. This book is open access under a CC BY-NC-ND license.

Investigating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: A New Transdisciplinary Approach (Routledge New Critical Thinking in Religion, Theology and Biblical Studies)

This book provides an original and comprehensive assessment of the hypotheses concerning the origin of resurrection Christology. It fills a gap in the literature by addressing these issues using a transdisciplinary approach involving historical-critical study of the New Testament, theology, analytic philosophy, psychology and comparative religion.Using a novel analytic framework, this book demonstrates that a logically exhaustive list of hypotheses concerning the claims of Jesus’ post-mortem appearances and the outcome of Jesus’ body can be formulated. It addresses these hypotheses in detail, including sophisticated combinations of hallucination hypothesis with cognitive dissonance; memory distortion; and confirmation bias. Addressing writings from both within and outside of Christianity, it also demonstrates how a comparative religion approach might further illuminate the origins of Christianity.This is a thorough study of arguably the key event in the formation of the Christian faith. As such, it will be of keen interest to theologians, New Testament scholars, philosophers, and scholars of religious studies.

Abu Zayd al-Balkhia??s Sustenance of the Soul: the Cognitive Behavior Therapy of a Ninth Century Physician

Al-Balki explains symptoms and treatments giving advice on preventive measures and how to return the body and soul to their natural healthy state. In doing so he displays a keen understanding of the human condition and the medical nature of the human emotional state. An astonishing feat given that many of the conditions he discusses were left largely unknown and untreated for centuries before being clinically defined as such, only as relatively recently as the 20th century. A genius, his insights on human psychopathology as well as diagnoses of psychological ailments including stress, depression, fear and anxiety, phobic and obsessive-compulsive disorders, together with their treatment by cognitive behavior therapy, relate to us in every way and are in sync with modern psychology. Importantly, they also incorporate a greater dimension to include the soul and the worship of God.

On the Incarnation: Treatise on the Embodiment of the Word of God

On the Incarnation is one of the early works of Athanasius of Alexandria, Christian theologian and a Church Father. This theological treatise presents teachings on the redemption. Author puts forward the belief that the Son of God, the eternal Word (Logos) through whom God created the world, entered that world in human form to lead men back into the harmony from which they had earlier fallen away.

The Secret Behind the Universe: Cosmology in Vedanta: The Physics Correlation

This is the e-book of the famous work 'The Secret Behind the Universe' by the same author.Exploring the secrets of the Universe as far as physics can go, and even beyond.. Along with its Vedantic integration.This book is divided into two sections. The first section is a work in physics which presents an in-depth exploration of Avyakta - the hidden metaphysical reality behind the apparent universe - through scientific study. A condensed version of this part has been published in the Prespacetime Journal Vol 7 Issue 16 on 08/01/2017, titled "Avyakta - The Fabric of Space" in which this concept is explored to complement the Standard Model and explain gravitation. This section of the book attempts to explore the role of avyakta behind various phenomena like matter waves, energy in the vacuum state, spiral arms of galaxies, dark matter, Higgs boson and virtual particles which pop out of nowhere, big bang and cosmic inflation and the anti-particle.(Prespacetime Journal (ISSN: 2153-8301), QuantumDream, Inc., P.O. Box 267, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0267, USA; is a physics journal which focuses on the origin, nature and mechanism of space-time and its possible connection to a prespacetime; and models and experimental results on elemental particles, fundamental forces including gravity and related topics.)The second section of the book presents in-depth study of cosmology as outlined in ancient Indian Philosophy, researching from the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. The discussions shed light on many previously unknown levels and aspects. Since God cannot be considered in physics due to lack of experimental evidence, this section is provided as a separate part!The first book of its kind, it brings the diverse fields of Science and Philosophy into face-to-face contact. It is a thrilling journey for all types of readers interested in science or Vedanta.

Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs: A Candle and a Promise (Holocaust Survivor Memoirs World War II Book 2)

A teenager living in a Jewish orphanage. Nazis marching into his Polish village in 1939.How will the 14-year-old boy survive the brutalities on his own and keep his humanity?This shocking memoir of Holocaust Survivor Hank Brodt (1925-2020) offers a personal glimpse into the inner world of a boy under the Nazi regime, shedding light on sickening truths in an honest, matter-of-fact way.Hank Brodt lived through one of the darkest periods of human history and survived the devastation of World War II. Born into a poor family in Boryslaw (Poland), he was placed in a Jewish orphanage. Hank’s childhood is shattered when the Nazis brutally enter Poland. Over the next years he waged a daily battle to survive and lost his whole family. Moving from forced labor camps to concentration camps, one of which features in Schindler’s List, his world behind the barbed wire consisted of quiet resistance, invisible tears and silent cries.It is hard to believe that someone who endured such horrific events could go on to live a life of gratitude - to this very day. Through his unwavering compassion towards others, Brodt managed to keep his humanity and find a way to move forward.Hank Brodt’s Holocaust memoirs are a necessary reminder of one of the ugliest times in the history of human civilization.Get this ultimately triumphant memoir of Holocaust Survivor today.

World War II: 1939 (One Hour WW II History Books Book 1)

In this one-hour history book, discover why World War II happened as we uncover the main events that lead to the beginning of the most lethal war of all times.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Probably no historical period has been discussed and dissected as much as World War II. Yet there is always something new to learn upon closer inspection. Events occurred at lightning speed during the war years, and you almost have to take things on a day-by-day basis to take them all in. That is why this book focuses solely on what transpired from 1938 to 1939.You’ll get a front row seat to the Anschluss—the union of Austria to Germany—the Sudeten Crisis, and the invasion of Poland. From the innuendos of the Reich to the intrigues in British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s cabinet, this book gives you the inside scoop on the lead-up to World War II.Did appeasement really cause it? Could it somehow have been prevented? By taking a close look at the pivotal years of 1938 and 1939, this book endeavors to find the best answers to those often-asked questions. If you need a detailed examination of a much-discussed subject, this book is a great source of little-known material about the road that led to World War II.This book is an easy read in less than an hour, you will know everything you need to know about how World War II started and the important event of 1939. Scroll back up and click the buy Now button located on the right side of the page