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1945: The World We Fought For (The Second World War Book 2)

1945, the year in which the Second World War ended, was also the year in which our modern world began to take shape.But as the year opened, nothing was clear except that men were still fighting, on both sides, for what they thought was worth fighting for. Informed opinion in Washington thought it might take two or three years to defeat Japan. Hundreds of civilians were still being killed by V-bombs every month in Britain.By telling the story of the year as it unfolded, from contemporary newspapers and broadcasts, Robert Kee has given back to the historic events of that year the intensity, excitement and anxiety with which they were viewed at the time, while illuminating their interest for us today. Born in 1919, Robert Kee has a history degree from Oxford and has been writing ever since he left the RAF, in which he was a bomber pilot, in 1946. He has worked for Picture Post, the Observer and the Sunday Times, and has been a literary editor of the Spectator. He has also worked with the BBC and ITV on current affairs programmes and documentaries, and is well known for the award-winning BBC series Ireland: A Television History. 1945: The World We Fought For, his ninth book, is the sequel to 1939: The World We Left Behind.

The Holocaust

This 12-hour free course examined the Holocaust, historical arguments surrounding it, whether it is unique and why it happened as and when it did.

Prepared: The 8 Secret Skills of an Ex-IDF Special Forces Operator That Will Keep You Safe - Basic Guide

Learn the 8 secret skills of an Ex-IDF Special Forces operator that will keep you safe and prepare you for any situation - from a street mugging all the way to a full blown global catastrophe! “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” Joseph Heller, Catch-22 This is a great start to becoming more prepared for any situation. Our world is truly strange that so many good and helpful people find themselves preyed upon by the criminal elements. In case of an emergency or a catastrophe those odds may become even worst. My name is Roy Shepard and I’m a former IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Special Forces Operator. During my military service, I took part in countless missions behind enemy lines and later trained young cadets as a Master Sergeant. I specialize in weapons training, stealth and camouflage, and Krav-Maga. I’ve been in active reserve duty for the past 20 years and spent much of that time formulating and implementing defense strategies and drills in military bases all over Israel. Highly trained in martial arts, I specialize in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Russian Systema—with both hand-to-hand combat and melee weapon handling. I am also an expert marksman with both close-quarters and long-range weapons. The IDF is one of the most effective militaries in the world with proven strategies and tactics that have kept Israel safe for the last 70 years. The harsh reality is that Israel is a small country surrounded by hostile nations that have been intent on destroying it since it was formed in 1948. The IDF has defended Israel in eight full-out wars and fended off many incursions and terrorist attacks. The skills that I’m about to share with you are the same ones used by the IDF Special Forces Operators to stay safe in hostile situations and will allow you to do so as well. Be it fending off a mugger in a dark parking lot or surviving a post-catastrophe scenario. The reality is that we are always only moments away from danger and knowing the exact step-by-step response can be the difference between life, injury, or even death. Using the knowledge in this book you will learn how to avoid, escape, or survive numerous dangerous situations using minimal effort. The number one thing you must remember is that being efficient can save your life. If you don’t take steps to conserve your energy, you will get tired very quickly and may lose the battle. Professional fighters can hold a full combat event for a few seconds and after that they rely solely on technique to survive and accomplish the mission. This book will teach you eight of the most effective techniques to stay safe: 1. Situational awareness 2. Tactical relocation 3. Planning for emergencies 4. Survival self-defense 5. Team roles 6. Communications 7. Fitness 8. Survival tools I look forward to seeing you as part of our community at Prepper Legend and hope you enjoy this book at least as much as I enjoyed writing it. And above all else stay safe! Your friend always, Roy Shepard

The Second World War, Vol. 3: The War at Sea (Essential Histories Book 1)

This volume provides a comprehensive guide to three major theaters of combat: the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean. The war at sea was a critical contest, as sea-lanes provided the logistical arteries for British and subsequent Allied armies fighting on the three continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Land forces ultimately won World War II, but the battles at sea fundamentally altered the balance of military power on the ground.

War Letters 1914a??1918, Vol. 1: From a Young British Officer at the Western Front during the First World War

Wilbert Spencer was 17 years old when the First World War began. With one year still to complete at school, he decided to join the British army instead. Within four months he was leading 200 men to the front; within eight months he was dead.Published for the first time in their entirety, Wilbert’s letters paint a deeply moving portrait of a remarkable young man. Bright, optimistic and exuberant, his gentle character shines through ever word.Along with an introduction to Wilbert's life, the letters are accompanied by extensive, meticulously researched notes which are just a simple click away. They are there to add detail, context and colour for the reader who wants to understand more about particular aspects of the war. They include not just comments on military matters, but on a wide range other issues that together help paint a richer portrait of Wilbert and the times in which he was were living. In almost all cases, the notes provide direct links to resources that are freely available online. The links don't include Wikipedia (which can be easily accessed using the search facility in the Kindle), but they do include battalion diaries, recordings of old songs, war memoirs, military training manuals, official histories, trench maps, recordings of old war songs and much, much more. They enable every reader to embark on their own journey of historical discovery and exploration.

One Young Man The simple and true story of a clerk who enlisted in 1914, who fought on the western front for nearly two years, was severely wounded at ... and is now on his way back to his desk.

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Epic Book Of World War II Heroes: 27 Fearless Men That Changed the War

In the heat of battle, you see it…...two grenades landing at the feet of your fellow Marines.There’s no time to think.In a blink, you’re on top of both of them to save others.Your time on earth is surely over…...or is it?This is just a snapshot of the many heroes whose stories are collected in this book.Men who go above and beyond the call of duty and somehow manage the impossible.In this book you will discover:One soldier who exchanged his rifle for a shovel to save his comradesA man, against all odds, who went head to head against three tanksA young lad who lied his way into the corps just to see battleA dentist who did more for his country than pull teethSoldiers who fought two fronts during the war (an aggressive enemy on the battle and racial discrimination everywhere else)A cook who single-handedly defended a town against a hoard of enemy troops and tanks.Interesting facts about each hero and their lives.And much more.Each hero is vividly depicted to truly bring their stories to life, whether they fought during Pearl Harbor, in the European Theatre, or the Pacific Campaign.Also included in the book are interesting facts about the war including:An iconic company that literally set up shop overseas to get their beloved products into the hands of the soldiers fighting on the front lineA special weapon made by the Japanese that actually managed to strike American soil well after the attack on Pearl Harbor (which hardly anyone knows about).The famous American whose picture was framed on Hitler’s deskThe secret spy ring that was headquartered way too close to homeAnd plenty more.You will discover how some of these heroes pulled off the impossible, accomplished more than entire squadrons could manage, and others who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the men they served.All the stories are small, bite-sized chapters that you can dive into and finish in no time.You will walk away inspired, amazed, and in awe of the greatest generation only after struggling to put down the book.Buy your copy now.

World War 1: A History From Beginning to End

World War IWorld War One was one of the bloodiest wars in modern history. At its end, it had claimed over seventeen million lives. It led to the collapse of nations, the abdication of monarchies and ended empires. Entire divisions of men perished in the pursuit of mere miles of uninhabitable wasteland––towns were pulverized and millions displaced. It became a horrendous war of attrition, each side competing to kill as many of their foe as possible. Inside you will read about...✓ 1914 - Blood Is Spilled✓ 1915 - The Dawn Of The Industrialized War✓ 1916 - Unrelenting Bloodshed✓ 1917 - Revolution, Revelation and Catastrophe✓ 1918 - The Great War At An EndIt became the first industrialized war in history and introduced revolutionary technology into the fray. The Airplane, the Tank and the Machine Gun first saw action collectively during the conflict. It was also the first war in which poison gas was used to choke young men out of their trenches. This book is a timeline account of the important events that shaped the First World War. It details the events and causes that led the world to war. This book covers the milestone moments, important battles, and how the outcome changed the world forever.