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The Pizza: Crash Course

The Pizza Crash Course is a valuable book to make standard original tasty pizza at home ,This book contains more than 100 delightful recipes .All the recipes mentioned in this book are compiled by the help of the best chefs in the world.this book contains

the most favorite pizza styles in the world,deep dish,wood fired,Mexican,new heaven and cal zone,by using this book you can mastering the pizza,this book unlock the secret of world class pies at your home kitchen,inside this book you will find pizza dough recipes,pizza sauce recipes and delicious wood fired pizza

Diamonds United: Chefs N' Fitness trainers War on abuse with good food.

Our war on child abuse mixed with great food is a great conversation stater. Everyone loves good food & to make a great impact in their community. So we give you both. Supporting a great cause thats dear to 1 out of 5 families have been touched by this plague. If you are a parent-grand parent or anyone that has family , friends they care about, this is a must have booked. This book will give you more knowledge joined with strong facts of "What is abuse".

If you are a parent, caregiver or teacher etc or Anyone that is responsible for children, you need this information... No matter what your situation, knowledge is power. I was a young teenage mom, came from an abusive home. So with this information is at your fingertips, it's a must have. Plus you are helping get the word out to help others. We as the authors of this book did this for " PRICELESS DIAMONDS INC." Non-Profit to raise more awareness to the SAD subject.

Priceless Diamonds reaches many platforms for this cause ,from Media, Radio, TV, Social media also help with mentoring opportunities.