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Rough Edge: (The Edge #1)

He's her husband, but he's not the man she married.Caden and Greyson come home from deployment to build a life together. Everything is perfect, until Caden starts changing into a different man---one with a savage edge that's as dangerous as it is sexy.Who is her husband?What has he become?And why?Caden's roughness hits new heights, and so does Greyson's pleasure. She's falling in love with a man she never married---a man whose very existence is a mystery, and one she's hell-bent on destroying.With time running out and forces bigger than their marriage working against them, Greyson needs to put together the pieces before Caden takes it all too far…----------The Edge SeriesRough EdgeOn the EdgeBroken EdgeOver the Edge

The Third Magpie: A gripping, psychological page-turner about love, power and survival

A tender-hearted hero struggles against oppression and betrayal as the tension steadily builds in this captivating and thought-provoking story.“It’s a page turner with heart and brains and although there is beautiful language and at times real romance, the author does not pull her punches when it comes to the shattering climax. This story stayed with me long after I read it.“ – Joanna Barnard (Best selling novelist and inaugural winner of the Bath Novel Award)"The book is incredible. It’s hard to categorise; a thriller, a mystery… The ending had me in tears." [TOP 1000 REVIEWER] [VINE VOICE]                                        A loving coupleCosy cottageIdyllic gardenLiving life on a knife edgeTogether, Finn and Sophie defend their ‘Little Eden’ from the corrosive ideas and divisive society beyond their garden wall.For Catherine, the 17 year old daughter of a local dignitary, English lessons with her tutor Finn, are a chance to rebel against her pre-ordained future.But neither Finn nor Sophie anticipate the impact the manipulative teenager will have on their lives.Catherine’s abusive mind games may have devastating consequences.                                        " as chilling a young woman as I've seen in a book in a long time, she wields her power like an AK47." - Neema Shah (Author of 'Kololo Hill')Reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads are saying:"An absolutely gripping read, I literally could not put it down. Terrifying, powerful, and stunningly told, this is a story that needs to be read. Highly highly recommend.""With revelation after revelation, the tension mounts through to a brilliant finale. It’s hard to read it without reflecting on our own times and, ultimately, upon ourselves." [VINE VOICE]"...conjure a feeling of creeping dread that makes it impossible to put down even though you know the worst is coming. Wonderfully written, the beauty of the prose only seems to make the horror of its message all the more stark.""...a fascinating, twisty tale which feels uncomfortably close to our own troubled times."" addictively readable page-turner and with a vulnerable, tender-hearted hero the reader can’t help but root for. A highly original and thought-provoking debut.""A book for our times, it’s a must read...The characters are so real, it’s impossible to not become invested in their fates.""I always see things coming, and rare are authors that can successfully deliver a final twist I can't foresee! And yet MS Clements superbly succeeded: I'm still recovering!""I really found myself rooting for the protagonists and was moved to tears by the conclusions. An excellent book."

Ring Around the Rosie (An Olivia Thompson Mystery Book 1)

Rosie Thompson is an eighteen-year-old girl with her whole life ahead of her. The Homecoming Dance is just one night away and she can already feel the weight of the crown upon her head. But when she leaves her home that Friday night, it’s for the very last time. When her body is found in a park the next morning, a whole town is turned upside down and a family is torn apart.Fifteen years later, Olivia still hasn’t moved on from her sister’s murder. Not only does she still see the ghost of her dead sister, she is pursuing a career studying the very monsters that destroyed Rosie and hundreds of other helpless victims. Olivia is desperate to find closure, but a new murder with connections to her past has reopened old wounds.Nate Tucker is a successful Chicago detective. He also happens to be Olivia’s best friend. Nate has been fascinated by the Thompson case since the first time Olivia mentioned her dead sister to him. When a dead girl shows up in the city under circumstances eerily similar to Rosie’s murder, he is quick to make the connection. Now, with stale evidence and fifteen-year-old memories to guide him, Nate has the chance to solve the current murder case, as well as the death of the Homecoming Queen that refuses to stop haunting the people she left behind.Dark and haunting, Ring Around the Rosie is utterly suspenseful and surprising to the end.

The Brothers Karamazov

Dostoyevsky's last and greatest novel, The Karamazov Brothers (1880) is both a brilliantly told crime story and a passionate philosophical debate. The dissolute landowner Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov is murdered; his sons - the atheist intellectual Ivan, the hot-blooded Dmitry, and the saintly novice Alyosha - are all at some level involved.Bound up with this intense family drama is Dostoyevsky's exploration of many deeply felt ideas about the existence of God, the question of human freedom, the collective nature of guilt, the disatrous consequences of rationalism. The novel is also richly comic: the Russian Orthodox Church, the legal system, and even the authors most cherished causes and beliefs are presented with a note of irreverence, so that orthodoxy, and radicalism, sanity and madness, love and hatred, right and wrong are no longer mutually exclusive. Rebecca West considered it "the allegory for the world's maturity", but with children to the fore.

Desecration (Brooke and Daniel Book 1)

A killer with a fetish for body parts stalks London.As Detective Sergeant Jamie Brooke copes with the daily pain of watching her daughter suffer through her last days, she is assigned to a macabre murder case. The mutilated body of a young heiress is found within the London Royal College of Surgeons surrounded by medical specimen jars.An antique Anatomical Venus figurine is discovered beside the body and Jamie enlists the help of British Museum researcher, Blake Daniel, to look into its past.When personal tragedy strikes, Jamie has nothing left to lose and she must race against time to stop the mysterious Lyceum before they claim another victim.As Jamie and Blake delve into a macabre world of grave robbery, body modification, and the genetic engineering of monsters, they must fight to keep their sanity — and their lives.A story of vengeance and a passion for justice, a psychological thriller with an edge of the supernatural.The Brooke and Daniel Psychological Thrillers:Desecration #1Delirium #2Deviance #3Readers on Desecration: “Not for the squeamish or faint of heart … It freaked me out and I loved it!” Gillian“When Penn's not plucking the reader's heart strings like a mandolin, she's grossing us out with medical/surgical gore, white-knuckling suspense, and intense psychological stress. In other words, Desecration is a great read!” Patrick“This story eviscerates its readers. It had me hunched over the screen in horror and sitting back in tears within the first two chapters. By the end of the book I was a mess, but what a ride! A meticulously researched and emotionally gripping story created by an author at the height of her powers.” Spineless Reviews“I enjoyed this book very much. I love books that combine gore and the dark past, murder and detective work from a REAL, and emotional, person. Add an element of the supernatural... and that's me in my element for a few hours!” Kay“It's a combination of a police procedural thriller, a historical tour of anatomy and teratology, and has a dash of the supernatural thrown in for good mix” Andy


In the past, Ulysses has been labeled dirty, blasphemous, and even unreadable. None of these adjectives, however, do the slightest justice to the novel. To this day it remains the modernist masterpiece, in which the author takes both Celtic lyricism and vulgarity to splendid extremes. It is funny, sorrowful, and even (in a close-focus sort of way) suspenseful. And despite the exegetical industry that has sprung up in the last 75 years, Ulysses is also a compulsively readable book.William Blake saw the universe in a grain of sand. Joyce saw it in Dublin, Ireland, on June 16, 1904, a day distinguished by its utter normality. Two characters, Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom, go about their separate business, crossing paths with a gallery of indelible Dubliners. We watch them teach, eat, stroll the streets, argue, and (in Bloom’s case) masturbate. And thanks to the book’s stream-of-consciousness technique — which suggests no mere stream but an impossibly deep, swift-running river — we’re privy to their thoughts, emotions, and memories. The result? Almost every variety of human experience is crammed into the accordian folds of a single day, which makes Ulysses not just an experimental work but the very last word in realism.I hold this book to be the most important expression which the present age has found; it is a book to which we are all indebted, and from which none of us can escape. —T. S. EliotWhat is so staggering about “Ulysses” is the fact that behind a thousand veils nothing lies hidden; that it turns neither toward the mind nor toward the world, but, as cold as the moon looking on from cosmic space, allows the drama of growth, being, and decay to pursue its course. —Carl JungThe greatest novel of the 20th century. —Anthony Burgess“Ulysses” is extraordinarily interesting to those who have patience (and they need it). —John Middleton MurryIt is difficult not to acclaim a masterpiece. —Virginia Woolf

All About You (Love & Hate series #1)

All About You (Love & Hate Series #1)I start hating Oliver just after his older brother Christian’s death. I drag him down a road of humiliation and pain to try to cope with what his brother did to me.A few months after Christian’s passing, Oliver leaves town, and for the next two years, he is absent from my life. The demons claw their way back in, and I must learn to live with the secret that has destroyed me.Now I’m starting a new life, away from Gargle and away from my past, but everything crashes when I see Oliver the first day at university. It’s clear that many things have changed since we’ve been apart. Now he is captain of the rugby team and the most popular bloke on campus.Then he makes a bet and gives me an ultimatum: I leave Braxton forever and start somewhere else, or I stay and play his game… because he’s never forgotten that it was me who ruined his life two years ago.romantic suspense new adultdark romance new adultsports romancebad boy college romance

Watching (PAVAD: FBI Romantic Suspense Book 1)

★ ★ ★ PREDATORS DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED. ★ ★ ★ FBI Agent Georgia Dennis has dedicated her life to stopping those that prey on the vulnerable, using her profiling skills to get ahead of those that hurt others.Her final case with the Complex Crimes Unit will be no different—even if the dead women and girls bear a striking resemblance to Georgia. To the victim she had once been.The last thing she needs is her jerk of a boss, Michael “Hell” Hellbrook, second-guessing her as the case brings her own past boiling to the surface.★ HE WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT HER. ★Hell had always taken the safety of his team very seriously. Especially Georgia’s—she's the only agent on his team who has an actual family waiting for her at home. The only way to keep her safe as the killer draws closer is to keep her at his side—even if the flames that have always burned between them erupt and threaten to scorch them both.But as Hell and Georgia dig deeper into a killer’s secrets, someone else is watching. Someone whose descent into madness threatens everyone around them. Everyone Georgia loves.Now Georgia and Hell have to answer the question—is this watcher their killer, or someone much, much closer?◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆Don't miss other PAVAD titles: Beginning, Waiting, Watching, Wanting, Second Chances, Hunting, Redeeming, Running, Revealing, Stalking, Ghosting, Burning, Gathering, Falling, Hiding & Seeking. ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Preludes: A Story of Child Sexual Abuse from a Childa??s Perspective in a Middle Class American Family

Illuminating the horrors of child sexual abuse from a child’s perspective, “Preludes” is a novella-length story chronicling the experiences of a nine-year-old boy as he struggles to survive sexual abuse by his father in a middle class American family in the 1960s. “Preludes” is based in significant part on the experiences of its author, a child sexual abuse survivor. * * *When a nine-year-old boy in a "respectable," middle class family is raped, then repeatedly molested by his father, how does the boy experience the abuse and how does he manage to survive?“Preludes” examines these questions. The boy wakes in the middle of the night to find his father sitting on the edge of his bed, gently shaking him from his sleep. Though confused by his father's unexpected presence, for a few brief moments he suspects nothing unusual. His father then accuses him of having misbehaved without saying how, and tells him he'll have to be punished. The boy initially protests, but then, sensing the futility of resistance, grudgingly prepares himself for what his father tells him will be a spanking, all the while thinking, "Gee, this is ridiculous—I haven't done anything wrong." His father then proceeds to rape him, and, the rape completed, threatens to murder him if he tells anyone, including his mother.Thus begins the boy's struggle for survival in the face of his father's nightly onslaughts—a struggle that stretches the boy's physical, psychological, and emotional resources to their limits and beyond.Adding to his struggle's immensity is the story’s milieu: a "Pleasantville" middle class neighborhood in a mid-sized American city in the early 1960s—an environment that gives no indication, on its surface, that dysfunction of such proportions could occur within its hermetic confines. The boy's family enjoys a high status—the father is a professor at a prestigious university, and the family belongs to a Presbyterian church that counts among its members some of the city's most prominent citizens. It is an environment in which acknowledgement of even the merest possibility of child sexual abuse within a family as respectable as that of the boy's is as taboo as the abuse itself. Sensing these constrictions, the boy feels his isolation in his suffering increase exponentially.The prime importance placed by the community on maintaining a semblance of normalcy, no matter the cost to the truth, extends to the day-to-day life of the boy's home. The family's nightly meals together, at a table set with engraved silverware and an "everyday" china of the most tasteful design, and the "Smile Club" photos the boy's mother hangs in the downstairs hallway—family photos, taken regularly, for which the fundamental requisite is that everyone in them be wearing a pleasant smile—help form the bulwark of the mother's determined effort to put the best possible face on things. To survive, the boy attempts to hide the truth as much as possible, even from himself, with his mind employing, as its chief means to this end, a total forgetting of the abuse when it's not actually happening—a strategy his mind has utilized on previous occasions of his father's abuse.But survival, though laudable, comes at an enormous price—a price exacted, among other ways, in the warped perception the boy forms of what it means to "be a man." A price, the story suggests, the boy will have to pay going forward, into adulthood, until he reaches a point of substantial healing.


University of Pittsburgh law student, Maggie Hovis, battles an enemy she cannot escape—her own brain. Her family calls her a drama queen. Her fiancé, Sam, moves out after she throws a shoe at his head. Maggie knows there is only one way to get him back—control her moods. So she takes the step most of her family is against: therapy.After a diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder, Maggie begins to investigate her family tree—which is plagued by mental illness and hidden relatives—and develops empathy for her deceased Great Aunt Ella, who lived her life in a mental institution. But Maggie’s journey leads her into fear and insecurity, afraid she’ll end up like Ella and never get Sam back. But what about Nick, her super-sexy old flame, who wants to reignite their passion? And does it even matter, anyway? Won’t mental illness stop any man from loving her?

The Dark Evoke Series: The Complete Series

Seeking Nirvana:Contains an element of physical and psychological abuse and is therefore only recommended to listeners over the age of 18.They say that old habits die hard, and 27-year-old, Kady Jenson, is about to discover how very true that statement is.Waking up in the hospital with a complete stranger at her bedside should have caused panic and confusion, but for some unknown reason to her, Kady finds the company of the rugged and devastatingly handsome man simply irresistible. And that Irish brogue. Oh, my word!It's only when she discovers that she has just awoken from a four-day coma, with a three-year void in her memory, that brings on her panic and confusion.Kady soon comes to realize that things change with time, not only appearances. And if that wasn't enough, the sexual chemistry she once shared with her boyfriend is now so long ago. As she begins to fall back into buried habits unconsciously each day, the growing sense of foreboding becomes increasingly harder to ignore. When Kady is left on her own when her boyfriend goes on a business trip, she takes it upon herself to find her Irish Stranger, which sends them on a quest, in a race against time, to piece the puzzle back together.Eluding Nirvana:Contains elements of physical and psychological abuse, and is therefore only recommended to listeners over the age of 18Three years lost; a body marred and a mission complete.Waking after a four-day coma, Kady Jenson felt her life crashing down around her. Three years of her memory were missing, and the compelling man at her side was not her years-long partner, but a stranger - a stranger who promised to help her recover what she had lost.But how did Kady come to such a place? What dark, mysterious events had stolen her past and threatened her future? How did her lover become a stranger, and this stranger become so terribly important? What happened to turn Kady's orderly life into a terrifying nightmare which would leave her permanently marked, body and soul?Transcending Nirvana:*Contains elements of physical and psychological abuse, and is therefore only recommended to listeners over the age of 18*Con·trol:tr.v. con·trolled, con·trol·ling, con·trolsNoun1. The power to influence or direct people's behaviour or the course of events.2. To hold in restraint. Survivor:sur·vivev. sur·vived, sur·viv·ing, sur·vivesv.intr.1. To remain alive or in existence.2. To carry on despite hardships or trauma. Kady Jenson was a fighter. For four days, she fought through the darkness of her unconscious, and for weeks afterward she fought for answers as to why her long-term boyfriend was more of a stranger, while she felt so connected to the Irish stranger now at her hospital bedside. The apprehension, fear, anxiety, scars that she had no memories of gaining, and an unfamiliar passion which spawned each time she was in close proximity to the stranger provided a wake-up call.Receiving something she secretly craved helped regain the memories of the three years she had lost...but nothing could prepare her for the gut-wrenching truth. Kady discovered she had gone from fighter to victim at the hands of and from the manipulation of the one person she truly loved - the one person who was supposed to love and cherish her. Beatings, emotional cruelty, and mental torture had been an everyday occurrence. This was her life....Now, she's back and so are her memories. With Irish steadfast at her side to protect her and maintain any residual fight she has left, can she finally break free of Liam's hold? What remained of the fighter, fought to discover how she, at the lowest point of her life, was a victim.

The Two Faces of David Blake: Confessions of a Sociopath

David is a womaniser, he is handsome, arrogant and self-serving. He views women as entertainment and cares not for their suffering, when he reels them in but fails to reciprocate their feelings. All of this changes when he meets a pretty teacher, single mum, Jane, on a dating app, to whom he quickly develops an obsession. David lavishes her with gifts, his time and adoration, yet gradually his mask slips and a more sinister, self-serving character emerges. Jane who is falling deeply in love with David, is determined to discover who he really is. She embarks on a journey which she may well just wish, she had never started. Meanwhile, David's best friend, Lucy, who idealises David and has devoted herself to caring for him in the wake of a family tragedy, plots to capture David's love with devastating consequences. Will Jane discover the truth about David? What lengths will David go to, to keep Jane and conceal his past from her and his true self?This romantic thriller aims to decode the predatory personality of a sociopath and reveal the manipulation and extraordinary lengths that they will go to, to win.

The Idiot

The 26-year-old Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin returns to Russia after spending several years at a Swiss sanatorium. Scorned by the society of Saint Petersburg for his trusting nature and naiveté, he finds himself at the center of a struggle between a beautiful kept woman and a virtuous and pretty young girl, both of whom win his affection. Unfortunately, Myshkin's very goodness precipitates disaster, leaving the impression that, in a world obsessed with money, power, and sexual conquest, a sanatorium may be the only place for a saint.