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Up from Slavery by Booker T Washington illustrated edition

Up from Slavery is the 1901 autobiography of Booker T. Washington detailing his personal experiences in working to rise from the position of a slave child during the Civil War, to the difficulties and obstacles he overcame to get an education at the new Hampton University, to his work establishing vocational schools—most notably the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama—to help black people and other disadvantaged minorities learn useful, marketable skills and work to pull themselves, as a race, up by the bootstraps. He reflects on the generosity of both teachers and philanthropists who helped in educating blacks and native Americans. He describes his efforts to instill manners, breeding, health and a feeling of dignity to students. His educational philosophy stresses combining academic subjects with learning a trade (something which is reminiscent of the educational theories of John Ruskin)

Cracked Open (The Dragon Born Academy Book 1)

Dragons, bonded mates, and irreversible decisions.After a car accident left my only parent – my father in the hospital, I was swept away to the Dragon Born Academy by my estranged grandmother.If I had to be there, I’d be an observer of this place with its rituals and superstitions… After all, everyone’s made it clear I don’t belong.But then it happened…and Ashe Carrick – my impossibly irresistible bond-mate happened.Being Cracked Open changed everything… Who I thought I was, WHAT I thought I was…DRAGON BORN.The words alone bring to mind monsters and princesses in castles.I am the princess and the monster they locked away. However, my story has no damsels in distress, waiting to be rescued.It’s self-rescue time, and I’m done playing nice.★★★★★ “the chemistry, the romance, the anger, the betrayal just wow!... in my top 5 reads!!”⁠– Goodreads reviewer⁠ ★★★★★“Wonderfully written… impossible to put down.”⁠– Goodreads reviewer⁠ ★★★★★“Wow! Absolutely loved this book, cannot wait for the next in the series.”⁠– Goodreads reviewer⁠The Dragon Born Academy⁠Cracked OpenOver EasyHard BoiledFrying NightThen check out the spinoff series:DragonbornCourt of Fire and AshesCourt of Stone and Dust

Northern Lights Shifters: Books 1 - 2

The first two STAND ALONE paranormal romance novels in the bestselling series Northern Lights Shifters from Vivian Arend. Box Set Includes: Wolf SignsRobyn’s deafness doesn’t stop her from taking the backcountry trip she’s been craving. Meeting Keil, a ripped hunk-of-male at the Yukon cabin starts cravings of a different kind. And raises questions about wolves, mates, and duels to the death. Wolf FlightTad’s workaholism keeps his bush-pilot company in the air, and his inner werewolf in check. Letting it loose would mean compromising his human principles. Then Missy re-enters his life, and their chemistry is off the charts, pushing him closer to the step he’s not sure it’s safe to take.

The Phoenix Whisperer (Academy In Flames Book 1)

“All my life I wanted to be a respected dragon rider. That is, until I met my phoenix.”Ana de Navalles has almost nothing, aside from her friends. Having always been a child of the slums, her fortunes change when she’s admitted to Galfour’s Point, the prestigious and almost-mythical academy, and the only place in the world where you can train to become a dragon rider.Just before she is set to leave, her friend Cien is murdered before her by a mob-affiliated criminal with surprising strength. But Ana does not cower. With dark magic seemingly on the rise, her hunger to make something of herself – and thirst for revenge – is revived.After mere days at the academy, Ana is beginning to feel like the odd one out. A poor slum-dweller in a school of snobbish rich kids, all eyes are on her, and if she can’t pass her entrance exams, she’ll be kicked out without so much of a glance at a dragon.So when she discovers a young phoenix, newly hatched, and quickly establishes a bond with the precocious and unpredictable creature, Ana’s suddenly the talk of the academy. If, that is, she can convince the school authorities to let them stay.As Ana and her friends – some new and some old – prepare to investigate Cien’s murder, nefarious forces within the academy, and outside in the wider world conspire against them. Can Ana and Fyrenza – her newly named phoenix - rise from the ashes, and shine bright upon a cruel world?This novel contains violence. This is a young adult fantasy novel. If you love epic phoenix-tamer fantasy, life-risking adventure, and loyal friendships, Phoenix Whisperer is for you.

Ink Witch: An Egyptian Mythology Urban Fantasy (Kat Dubois Chronicles Book 1)

The gods are gone. Her brother is missing. One retired assassin must confront her past to save his future…Immortal Kat Dubois has traded in her sword for a flask. Hard drinking helps ease the grisly memories of her former trade: an assassin of immortals. She’s perfectly content to spend eternity in her Seattle tattoo parlor…until the mysterious disappearance of her brother finally brings her out of retirement.With a charmed deck of tarot cards and her trusty sword, Kat sets off to track down her brother and save his soul. A wicked corporation and a laundry list of old rivals stand in the way of her quest. For someone with an eternity to live, Kat's chances of unraveling the mystery become less likely with each passing second…Ink Witch is the first book in a tough-girl urban fantasy series set in Seattle, WA. If you like intense action, gritty characters, unconventional magic, and Egyptian mythology, then you'll love this unique, fast-paced adventure. Perfect for fans of Kim Harrison, Karen Marie Moning, and Nalini Singh!MORE BOOKS IN THE ECHO WORLD:KAT DUBOIS CHRONICLESInk WitchOutcastUndergroundSoul EaterJudgementAfterlifeECHO TRILOGYEcho in TimeResonance (only available to newsletter subscribers)Time AnomalyDissonanceRicochet Through Time

The Magical Wish Tree: Bedtime stories for kids Teaching Children How to Be Caring, Polite, And Kind (Bedtime for Kids Book 1)

Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early listeners, and is jam-packed with bedtime unicorn stories? This children's storybook has it all!This is an excellent listen for beginning and early listeners. Each story is easy to enjoy and listen to!This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and listening at home.Free Gift inside bookcute bedtime stories for kidsExcellent for beginning and early listenersCute short stories that are great for quick bedtime storiesPixy is an ordinary unicorn with ordinary looks wishes to become beautiful as others, with silky body, a shiny mane and sparkling thorn. She one day sneaked through the woods, wandering to let go of her sadness. She then came across an Old Tree that looked quite different from other trees. Its branches were long and it had a big door through which sparkling rays sieved. Pixy wished to become beautiful but she did not. The golden words of the old magical tree changed the way Pixy thought after that. To find out the Golden Words, head out to read the magical story. Scroll up and download this eBook to spend some quality time with your child!

The Dragon Question: Standalone Dragon Fantasy novel (Solstice Dragon World Book 1)

The Dragon King is dying, all for want of an answer.For centuries, the Dragon King has ruled over High Cadore and hoarded a library that is the envy of neighboring kingdoms.Researcher Shennon Trelor, intent on hunting out the reasons for a long-standing war, never expected to be dragged in front of the terrifying king to answer the question that might save him.But the Dragon King doesn't know what question to ask, any more than Shennon knows how to answer.What draws her to the dragon? What drives him to keep demanding her attendance?Is there more between them than the mystery?Buried deep within High Cadore's libraries and archives are the answers they both seek, and Shennon will have to use all her skills to discover them.Enjoy this standalone novel in the Solstice Dragon World, a Beauty and the Beast story with a dragony twist because time is running out for the Dragon King.

Return: Hansel and Gretel Retold (Romance a Medieval Fairytale)

An unlikely duo. A wicked witch. Whatever it takes to find their way home.Once upon a time...Rhona is certain her stepmother wants to kill her and her sisters, and she'll stop at nothing to do it. Leaving them in the woods alone, drugging their food and nothing safe?Bitter at his brother's betrothal, Grieve is banished to Rum Island as a squire to Rhona's father. Grieve thought he had enough trouble with Rhona's stepmother and the threat of war with Alba, until a witch takes Grieve and Rhona prisoner.Can Rhona and Grieve survive long enough to find their happily ever after?Romance a Medieval Fairytale series:Each book is a standalone, so they can be read in any order:Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold Dance: Cinderella RetoldFly: Goose Girl RetoldRevel: Twelve Dancing Princesses RetoldSilence: Little Mermaid Retold Awaken: Sleeping Beauty Retold Embellish: Brave Little Tailor Retold Appease: Princess and the Pea Retold Blow: Three Little Pigs RetoldReturn: Hansel and Gretel RetoldWish: Aladdin Retold Melt: Snow Queen RetoldSpin: Rumpelstiltskin RetoldKiss: Frog Prince RetoldHunt: Red Riding Hood RetoldReflect: Snow White RetoldRoar: Goldilocks RetoldCobble: Elves and the Shoemaker RetoldFloat: Enchanted Horse RetoldSteal: Forty Thieves RetoldCall: Pied Piper Retold

The 2020 CHRISTMAS ANNUAL for Children and Young People - 15 FREE Christmas Stories: A Free EBook

In this most unusual Christmas Season of 2020, a time when the world has been ravaged by the Corona Virus and people have been, at best, furloughed, or at worst, lost their jobs, here are 15 FREE Christmas stories from the 19th & 20Th C. which will hopefully be a pick-me-up at the end of this most difficult year.In this FREE eBook are 15 Christmas stories from greats like Dickens and Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) as well as stories translated French, Spanish and other European Christmas tales.The ebook is also littered with Christmas images by the late, great Arthur Rackham whose attention to detail as an illustrator continues to astound the world, even today.The Stories in this bumper Christmas annual are:Christmas  At The Big HouseThe  First  Christmas TreeThe Man In The MoonThe Poor Relation’s Story  [1852]A Fortune  In An Empty WalletThe Child’s Story  [1852]The Christmas CuckooThe Schoolboy’s Story  [1853]A Christmas  In The ForestNobody’s StoryThe Princess  And The RagamuffinA Christmas Turkey, And How It Came.Solange,  The Wolf-GirlA Christmas Dream, And How It Came TrueA Bird In The SnowAs this is a FREE ebook please do give it away to friends and family who have children, or are expecting children. Also give it to teachers, those who like reading and those who like children’s stories.For more free folklore, fairytale and children’s stories from times past, please visit and page back, right to the beginning as there are literally hundreds to choose from.==============Keywords/Tags: Free eBook, Folklore, fairytales, myths, legends, fables, children’s stories, mothers with children, expectant mothers, Parents with young children, Christmas Stories, Christmas  At The Big House, First  Christmas Tree, Man In The Moon, Poor Relation’s Story, Fortune, Empty Wallet, Child’s Story,  Christmas Cuckoo, Schoolboy’s Story, Christmas  In The Forest, Nobody’s Story, Princess, Ragamuffin, Christmas Turkey, Solange,  Wolf Girl, Christmas Dream, Come True,  Bird In The Snow, Pass it on, give it away,

The Immortals: A fantasy romance (The Immortals Series Book 1)

When demons refuse to play by the rules, all Hell will break loose.Colin and Anna are sent to Baton Rouge by the Angel with only one directive: keep their past a secret, including their relationship. Believing their new mission would be short-lived, Colin agrees, but as the months pass and the demons they’ve grown accustomed to fighting defy every rule of war between Heaven and Hell, it seems more and more likely that the city has nothing to do with the unusual behavior of these demons and everything to do with this couple.Connected by a gift from the Angel, Colin and Anna have long shared a bond she promised was unbreakable, but when Anna disappears from him, Colin will discover that the demons he’d agreed to fight on behalf of Heaven are far from the most terrifying creatures to walk the Earth.