Fiction Gay & Lesbian Books

Dancing with the Lion: Becoming: The story of Alexander the Great, before his rise.

Two boys, one heroic bond, and the molding of Greece’s greatest son.Before he became known as Alexander the Great, he was Alexandros, the teenage son of the king of Makedon. Rather than living a life of luxury, as prince he has to be better and learn faster than his peers, tackling problems without any help. One such problem involves his increasingly complicated feelings for his new companion, Hephaistion. When Alexandros and Hephaistion go to study under the philosopher Aristoteles, their evolving relationship becomes even harder to navigate. Strength, competition, and status define one’s fate in their world—a world that seems to have little room for the tenderness growing between them. Alexandros is expected to command, not to crave the warmth of friendship with an equal. In a kingdom where his shrewd mother and sister are deemed inferior for their sex, and his love for Hephaistion could be seen as submission to an older boy, Alexandros longs to be a human being when everyone but Hephaistion just wants him to be a king.Word count: 92,000; page count: 282

The Foxhole Court (All for the Game Book 1)

Neil Josten is the newest addition to the Palmetto State University Exy team. He's short, he's fast, he's got a ton of potential—and he's the runaway son of the murderous crime lord known as The Butcher.Signing a contract with the PSU Foxes is the last thing a guy like Neil should do. The team is high profile and he doesn't need sports crews broadcasting pictures of his face around the nation. His lies will hold up only so long under this kind of scrutiny and the truth will get him killed.But Neil's not the only one with secrets on the team. One of Neil's new teammates is a friend from his old life, and Neil can't walk away from him a second time. Neil has survived the last eight years by running. Maybe he's finally found someone and something worth fighting for.

Foundations of Love: A Hart's Square, Portland Business Park Prequel

After being shuffled around Portland’s foster care system until he was six years old, Keelan was finally adopted into a family that taught him that above all else, tradition was the foundation for a good life. Once you had that, you could pursue your dreams. And he’s doing that, building a new business park with his long-time friend Layte. Peter Larkins, who grew up without a mother and a father who taught him to take whatever he wanted and then move on to the next opportunity, arrived in Portland, ready for his next project, and maybe have a little fun along the way.So when Keelan’s friend hires Peter as the project for their new venture, tensions grow. Will these two very different people butt heads? Or will they find commonality and be able to move forward, building a new foundation of love?Foundations of Love is a prequel to Walter Hopgood and Lisa Witte’s Hart’s Square series, a Portland Business Park romance series of books.

Friends in Low Places: The Hunter and the Spider #2

No one ever said being a Hunter would be easy, but Jasper Craig is finding it much more difficult these days. Following the events of an eye-opening summer spent in the field, Jasper is back within the walls of St. James Academy - New York City’s world-renowned Hunting agency and training school. And he’s hating every minute of it. Unfortunately, the only way out is through, and so, with all eyes on him, Jasper once again rejoins the ranks of Hunters keeping the city “safe” from demonic threat. But St. James’ dogma has lost its luster for Jasper. Not every demon deserves to die due to their inhumanity. Jasper’s (ex?) boyfriend, Crimson Apocalypse, taught him that. Speaking of Crimson, when a series of mutilated corpses bearing Jasper’s name begin showing up around town, the Hunters suspect the three-thousand-year-old werespider may be to blame. Even worse, there’s plenty of evidence to support the claim. Only Jasper, who knows the man within the monster, believes otherwise. But can he slip through St. James’ iron-clad grip and catch the real culprit before it’s too late?

Commitment Issues: A Modern Romance

"First dates are not meant to end like this." When Evan's blind date with Scott ends in a marriage proposal he can't believe the 'yes' that pops out of his mouth. Is it really possible to fast track a relationship to the commitment stage? Avoid all the drama of dating? There's only one way to find out. And what will their friends and family think of this instant romance? Mel, the happy matchmaker with a marriage gone stale? Sally, Evan's younger sister, whose long engagement shows no signs of ending? Will Evan and Scott live happily ever after, or is love at first sight only a fairy tale...

Learning to Feel

Resigned to living a sexless, loveless life, Doctor Nathan Tierney knows something is missing. In a rash decision, he leaves his life-consuming job at Mass General Hospital, Boston, to be the small-town doctor in Belfast, Maine.With the job comes a house, and with the house comes a handyman-painter. Trent Jamieson, a nomadic artist, and his dog Bentley, are offered free accommodation for the few weeks he fixes up the hospital-owned house. Nathan is transfixed by this free-spirited, undeniably gorgeous man. Confused but amazed to feel any kind of attraction - much less to a man - Nathan convinces himself to put aside any preconceived ideas, and allows himself to just feel.As their attraction for each other grows, one man learns to live, the other learns to love. But just who is teaching who?** Second Edition. First Edition released in 2012. No additional content has been added. This book has not been professionally edited**

My Alpha is a Werewolf! Book 3: An M/M Mpreg Omegaverse Shifter Romance Serial

This is Book 3 in an all-new M/M Mpreg Omegaverse Romance Serial. Each new episode will release weekly. 4 to 5 books are planned.An alpha werewolf and an omega wolf shifter – It’s a forbidden love…The town of Hailey Lake pursues the trail for ones responsible for the slaughter of animals in the nearby wilderness, and it’s led them to James Bridger. They know what he’s done, but they don’t know what he is. Inside him the spirit of the werewolf slumbers, waiting for the next full moon, in two days’ time.Meanwhile, Michael Carson must find a way to save his lover from the angry townsfolk. But he carries a secret of his own, one which may very well shake the belief of Hailey Lake to its foundation.My Alpha is a Werewolf! Is a new gay Omegaverse Serial, featuring male pregnancy, with each episode around 10,000 words or about 60 to 90 minutes of reading pleasure. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger.


Tiana is your typical pampered young blonde with a love for expensive shoes, hot guys, and murder.After Tiana is cut off from her family’s riches, she takes advantage of her talents and becomes a killer for hire. It’s a lucrative business in her country, where a call to the police can amount to a lifetime of debt. Her first client: Julia, a lower-class IT genius, lesbian, and devout Catholic. When the orphanage Julia volunteers at is targeted by the infamous brothel-owner Bobby Nails, Tiana is excited to take the job. But when she discovers Bobby Nails has a full army of mercenaries at his disposal, Tiana wonders if she may be in over her head.Tiana and Julia face an unexpected adventure as they seek vengeance against the elusive Nails. Along the way they are joined by Ruby, a pyromaniac ex-prostitute who catches Julia’s eye, and William, a mysterious acrobatic fugitive searching for his daughter.In the end, will they be enough to stop Nails and the chaos he has created?

Us, Here, Again: A First Time Lesbian Romance

I never intended to fall in love with my best friend, Megan. It just kind of happened. I blame that stupid kiss at our high school graduation. The kiss was never mentioned, we did not talk about this unspeakable thing she made me feel. Her family left town right after that. And that night, she left me with something I never felt before. The thing kept me wanting, wanting to see her again.After a decade, I have a chance to make everything right again.A reunion party. Will I see Megan again? Well, I hope so.Would everything comes to light, even the truth about our kiss ten years ago.I can't keep my feelings for her a secret anymore.It’s all innocent at first until you’re back in Megan’s hotel room and things start heating up between us both.No more regrets.This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger." Themes includes: Love and attraction, first-time romance, best friend to lovers, lesbian romance.

The Serpent's Oath: (M/M Tudor Romance of The Eunuch Arthamaeus and Thomas Cromwell)

Before Thomas More is sent to the Tower by the will of King Henry VIII, he entrusts his illegitimate son, Arthamaeus into the guardianship of Thomas Cromwell as the means to expel his guilt. Already a young man, Arthamaeus is restless to depart from the abbey where he has spent his formative years, a recluse tolerated for his unnamed father's beneficence. Yet the journey which he embarks upon is one which neither he nor Cromwell had anticipated -- taken away aboard a slave ship and sold to an eccentric nobleman who holds court in the fashion of King Darius, inspired by similar enigmas as the likes of Ludwig II of Bavaria in building his grand palace in ruinous opulence and grandeur. Arthamaeus is chosen as one of the eunuchs who adorn these marble halls, waiting at table and at bedchamber, while passing the time between court ceremonies in writing the memoirs of his strange life for one he hardly knows -- his remaining tie to his father and England: the pragmatic statesman who takes the role of conscience and advisor. Since their first encounter, Cromwell is deeply struck by the man's resemblance to More, the imperious friend he had admired in his youth, a friendship scorned by difference in rank, existing only in the periphery of his mind, the hidden daydreams of a blacksmith's son. Cromwell struggles to subdue these phantasms which threaten his position at a precarious time of royal upheavals and court intrigues -- yet he cannot fully sever the tie that binds him to this fatal attachment, an obsession which grows with absence.

The Distance Between

Michael Adams, a lawyer in his late twenties, has everything a guy could wish for. He’s smart, rich, good-looking and has a degree from an Ivy-League university. There is only one thing he cannot have; his stepbrother David. He’s struggled with his feelings for years and even traveled great distances to be away from David. Michael has tried to build a new life for himself in Paris where he is dating a handsome French guy, Remi. All the ingredients for a happy, successful life are there but Michael can’t get over his feelings for his stepbrother. After all this time David is still the man of his dreams. David has felt the same way about his stepbrother for a long time; he loves Michael more than anything. But Michael has been too afraid of their families’ reaction to let David into his life. He pushes his stepbrother away constantly and David throws himself into the arms of a series of wrong men. When Michael returns to the US, the two stepbrothers have to work together daily, at their dad’s law firm. Things get very complicated soon enough, and Michel will have to make a difficult choice between keeping his feelings a secret and losing the guy he loves or finally admitting his love for his stepbrother at the risk of breaking-up their family.This novel contains mature themes. Not intended for readers under 16.To improve readability this book was edited. An updated version is available from 06/09/2013.