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Pride and Prejudice (AmazonClassics Edition)

Love is in the air when five sisters discover that a wealthy and eligible bachelor is suddenly within reach. But it is his friend, the haughty Mr. Darcy, who becomes smitten. Unfortunately for him, the object of his affection is not so easily swayed.

One of the most popular characters in English literature, Elizabeth Bennet is intelligent, witty, well-spoken and ahead of her time. If the terrible rumors about Mr. Darcy are true, he doesn't stand a chance. Yet not all gossip is to be believed when marriage, money, and reputations are on the line. Will Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy circumvent her haste, his ego, and society's expectations to find love?

Written more than two centuries ago, Jane Austen's enduring story of manners, family, and love continues to delight new generations of readers.

AmazonClassics brings you timeless works from the masters of storytelling. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or rediscover an old favorite, these new editions open the door to literature's most unforgettable characters and beloved worlds.

Revised edition: Previously published as Pride and Prejudice, this edition of Pride and Prejudice (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Power of Love (The Armstrongs Book 1)

They didn't believe in love anymore, until they met each other.

Handsome and successful divorce lawyer Trevor Armstrong doesn't believe in love anymore. Every day he sees marriage after marriage fail. When he wins another prestigious case he just wants to wind down and forget the harsh reality of life, a woman is not on his mind - until Nicole Kendrick enters the bar. She changes everything he thought to know about women.

Nicole Kendrick needs Trevor Armstrong - as an interview guest for her radio show. Not more. Not less. Definitely not for love. She's been burnt before and has vowed to never again let a man control her. She needs to guard her heart and protect herself from men. Especially from Trevor, who's a lot more attractive than she's willing to admit.

This is the first book in the Armstrong series. Every book in this 6-book big family contemporary romance series contains a complete love story without cliffhangers and can be read as stand-alone.

Follow each sibling on his or her path to a happily ever after, and meet again characters from previous stories in each new book.

All my books contain steamy scenes, deep emotions, humor and adventure.


Power of Love (Trevor and Nicole)

Forever my Love (Ryan and Kendra)

Daring to Love (Evan and Charlene)

Surprised by Love (Douglas and Antonia)

Travel, Live, Love (Patrick and Angela)

Explosion of Love (Samantha and Craig)

The Complete Works of Herman Melville (A to Z Classics)

Content :

ypee: A Romance of the South Seas. (1846)

Omoo: Adventures in the South Seas. (1847)

Mardi: and A Voyage Thither. (1849)

Redburn: His First Voyage. (1849)

White-Jacket: or, The World in a Man-of-War. (1850)

Moby-Dick: or, The Whale. (1851)

Pierre: or, The Ambiguities. (1852)

Israel Potter: His Fifty Years of Exile. (1855)

The Piazza Tales (1856): The Piazza, Bartleby, Benito Cereno, The Lightning-Rod Man, The Encantadas; or, Enchanted Isles, The Bell-Tower

The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade. (1857)

Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War. (1866)

Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land. (1876)

John Marr and Other Sailors with Some Sea Pieces. (1888)

Timoleon and Other Ventures in Verse. (1891)

The Apple-Tree Table, and Other Sketches (1922): The Apple-Tree Table, Jimmy Rose, I and my Chimney, The Paradise of Bachelors and The Tartarus of Maids, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!, The Fiddler, Poor Man's Pudding and Rich Man's Crumbs, The Happy Failure, The 'Gees.

Essays: Fragments from a Writing Desk No. 1 & 2, Etchings of a Whaling Cruise, Authentic Anecdotes of "Old Zack," Mr Parkman's Tour, Cooper's New Novel, A Thought on Book-Binding, Hawthorne and His Mosses.

Uncollected Poems: Marquis de Grandvin at the Hostelry, Naples in the Time of Bomba, Immolated, Madam Mirror, The Wise Virgins to Madam Mirror, The New Ancient of Days, The Rusty Man, Thy Aim, Thy Aim?, The Old Shipmaster and his Crazy Barn, Camoens, Camoens in the Hospital, Montaigne and his Kitten, Falstaffs Lament over Prince Hal, Shadow at the Feast, Merry Ditty of the Sad Man, Honor, Fruit and Flower Painter, The Medallion, Time's Long Ago!, In the Hall of Marbles, Gold in the Mountain...

The Perfect Treat: Heart-warming Short Stories for Winter Nights

Heart-warming short stories for cold winter nights...

Featuring short stories from Sunday Times bestselling authors Miranda Dickinson and Claudia Carroll and highly anticipated debuts from Mhairi McFarlane and Liz Trenow, this collection is the ultimate treat.

Each short story is followed up by exclusive extracts of each of the authors upcoming titles.

Love, Loss and Coffee Cake: Through tears, heartbreak and the undying hope of love, a tale of a pair of star-crossed lovers.

It's A Wonderful Life: A comedy that proves you should be very careful what you wish for.

Driving Home For Christmas: A touching tale about a newlyweds desperate to spend their first Christmas alone.

Breaking The Spell: A moving story about the power of hope and love.

The Twelve Lies of Christmas: A hilarious feature that offers up the truth about the festive season.

Romance: Woodhavens Folly: A contemporary romance novel (The Alpha Billionaire Contemporary Romance Collection Book 1)

Read this Hot & Steamy, Billionaire Romance!WARNING... This book contains hot and steamy adult situations. 18+ readers only!

FREE BOOKS INSIDEBook One + Book Two (FREE Inside!)

Claire Tandy is returning to her childhood hometown to bury her beloved mother. She gets more than she bargains for when she enters her childhood home and is transported back to memories of her mother vibrant and young and before her father abandoned them.

Claire is finding she's got a lot of issues she pushed deep down when she left all those years ago and the biggest one is guilt. She really wants to get in and out taking her grandmother with her and leaving behind her hateful sister and painful memories of Woodhaven.

Life has other plans for her in the way of an ex-boyfriend who comes back into her life and wants to make things work again. He's a billionaire now and could give Claire everything she is looking for. He could be worth giving up her big city job and her single ways, but it's hard to justify it when he broke her heart so many years ago. Whether he's sorry and trying to make amends it can't erase the hurt he's caused her in the past. His persistence is wearing her down but the knowledge she's still leaving isn't going to let her fall.

Ryan has remained humble and sweet as pie despite being the richest man in town. It's not lost on her that he's a catch, but between learning her mother had a lot of secrets, meeting a man she didn't know existed, and trying to uproot her grandmother she has her hands full.


Dare: Not Until You, Part 1 (Loving on the Edge Series)

Part 1 of 8 of an intensely erotic serial in the Loving on the Edge series. Perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey.

On the night of her graduation, innocent veterinary student Cela decides to play a game of 'Never Have I Ever' with the two hot neighbours she's been harbouring a secret crush on. Cela thinks she's earned a wild night before she has to move back home under the watchful gaze of her family. But what starts out as a simple game is about to take a very sensual turn.

Ian Foster is tired of playing games. With his membership to The Ranch, an exclusive BDSM resort, Foster has a life most guys would kill for. But lately, his need for dominance is no longer satisfied via one-night stands. He craves the full surrender of a woman - a submissive of his own.

But when his quiet, sweet-as-sugar neighbour shows up at their door with a bottle of tequila and an invitation, Foster decides he and Pike may have time for one more fling...

Introducing public health

This 6-hour freecourse, Introducing public health, presents some key elements of public health and health promotion. It considers the scope and focus of public health and how it is subject to change and located within the wider global context.

Mental health practice: Bonnyrigg

This 10-hour free course explored issues relating to mental health practice, including the difference between mental health and mental illness.

Boxed Set: A Possessive Billionaire - Vol. 1-3: His, Body and Soul (A Possessive Billionaire Box set)

Emma Maugham moves to Paris to study...At least, that's what she thinks when she moves into the little attic apartment in a building owned by the mysterious multimillionaire Charles Delmonte.

Like a magnet, subjected to an uncontrollable attraction and then a sudden separation, Emma discovers the sensuality of an sensual relationship in the arms of the young and handsome Charles...but where is this going to lead?

A Possessive Billionaire is the most sensational sensual novel to have been released since Fifty Shades of Grey.

What is language?: an applied linguistic perspective

This 6-hour free course explored what is meant by 'language', its main characteristics, and how it differs from communication between other animals.

Love in the Cards

A mysterious invitation...

Dacre House. A decadent Garden District mansion on Halloween night. Some are here to work, some to play, but all are here for a reason. Will old lovers reunite? Ancient conflicts be forgiven? Can strangers enter the house alone and leave as mates? How valuable is a friendship? What would they do to keep--or lose--a job? The answers are in the cards.

Love in the Cards. Ten naughty stories of love and lust from the ladies of Love, Lust, and Laptops.

The Jo Fletcher Books Anthology

Whatever you fancy - enthralling epic fantasy or spine-tingling ghost-story, mythical thriller or riveting alternate history - Jo Fletcher Books has it all.

Here at Jo Fletcher Books we pride ourselves on publishing high quality fantasy, science fiction and horror, of all types (we don't like to be bored). To demonstrate this, we've put together an anthology featuring a collection of short stories written by our wonderful authors.

The Jo Fletcher Books Anthology includes stories from award-winning and bestselling writers including Lisa Tuttle, Alison Littlewood and Christopher Golden as well as many others: a showcase of the fantastic talent contained within this small but perfectly formed Imprint. Whatever your taste, there is something in here for everyone

Playing The Billionaire: A Steamy Billionaire Alpha Romance (Lust Desire Secrets Obsession Book 1)

"Hi. I'm Alicia Mellor. I'm twenty-two, and I live in Sydney. This is my story of how I met a billionaire. It's not your usual rags-to-riches tale. For one, if you're expecting a wallflower, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. I'm a girl who's been around the block. I know what I like, and I don't take crap from anyone. Hawk Kinsey, eldest son of Australia's richest billionaire, might just be a typical alpha , but that's only if I can be sure who he really is. Join me won't you? I'm going to play this rich guy for all he's worth."

- - - - -

Meet Alicia, she's 22, sexy, sassy and she lives in Sydney, Australia.

She's also loaded.

At least, that's what she tells the rich boys she dates. But Alicia has a secret, one that she keeps all to herself; she's not really a millionaire with dead parents and money tied up in Swiss bank accounts. She's really a poor girl from the outer suburbs of Sydney, and she uses her con to bleed rich men of their money.

Everything is going well until Alicia gets an unexpected invite to the party of Hawk Kinsey, the newly-returned eldest son of Australia's wealthiest billionaire tycoon . If Alicia can land Hawk, she'll never have to pull another con again. Problem is, Hawk's identity is secret, and no one knows who he is, or what he looks like.

Can Alicia discover the secret Hawk, and seduce him, all in one night?

Set in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia, this novelette is the first part of a hot, new steamy romance series.

This book contains very, very steamy scenes, including m/f, m/f/f, f/f, voyeurism and public displays . It uses very strong language and imagery suitable for mature audiences.

If you're tired of wilting violets and first-timers who are putty in the billionaire's hands, you'll find this book a refreshing take, blending mystery and romance. Alicia is street-smart and knows what she likes; she's just the kind of girl who can stand up to an arrogant billionaire!


'Let's have a drink.' He goes over to one of the cupboards and opens it, and there is a fully stocked bar. 'I'm having scotch. What would you like?'

'Vodka. And juice.' If I'm drinking, I might as well do it properly.

I hear the chink of ice, and the pour of the spirits. He comes over with the glasses and hands me mine. I take a sip. He's made it strong, but the ice takes away the sting.

Before I can lower my glass, he lunges, finding my chin with his hand, and pulling it up to his waiting mouth.

His kiss is soft and warm, and tastes of the scotch he has just consumed, making my lips tingle with warmth. Our mouths sink against one another as though they were made for each other. The kiss stretches on and on, neither of us wanting to end it. I open my mouth a little, and his tongue darts in, exploring.

He moves closer, until his chest presses against mine. I can feel the strength of his body beneath his suit. I run a hand up his front. His abs are like steel, and his chest is hard and defined.

His hands slide down my body too, cupping my ass in firm hands. He pulls back suddenly. 'I don't know your name.'

'Alicia,' I say.

'Alicia,' he whispers.

I am about to ask him his name when his mouth reclaims mine, and the kiss is so passionate it drives all rational thought from my head. The alcohol fills my being, making the world soft and fuzzy, letting me give in to the base need my body so desires. 'I want you,' I whisper. 'I want you now.'

'I want you too,' he replies. He smells like the sea. His mouth continues to explore mine, as he reaches down and begins to gather up the fabric of my dress, lifting it up and over my hips. He slides his hands along the insides of my thighs, touching the silky material of my panties with a light pressure.

His fingers brush my --- and I groan against his mouth.

The Key: Part One

This book has been serialized into 4 parts - this is PART 1 OF 4. TRY THIS BESTSELLING THRILLER FOR A SPECIAL PRICE. Conspiracy thrillers don't come bigger or better than THE KEY - from the author of the bestselling thriller debut of 2011, SANCTUS.

Please note that the map in this ebook is best displayed on tablet devices

Page extent: 50 pages


In the historic Turkish city of Ruin, American journalist Liv Adamsen wakes up in an isolation ward. She knows she entered Ruin's forbidden ancient Citadel, but remembers only darkness.

A strange whisper within says she is `the key': but to what?

For the desperate fanatics inside the Citadel, only her return can secure their survival. Charity worker Gabriel Mann, meanwhile, believes Liv could unlock mankind's most profound mystery.

And for a powerful global faction, Liv's silence - at any cost - is all that matters. Hunted across continents, Gabriel and Liv approach an explosive discovery - one that will tear them apart and change the world forever...

Oakshot Complete Works of D.H Lawrence. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes) (Classics Book 16)

Ebook comes with main table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents. Each chapter is clearly marked so user knows which book within the boxset is being read. This collection also contains the paintings of DH Lawrence.

The Novels.

oThe White Peacock.

oThe Trespasser.

oSons And Lovers.

oThe Rainbow.

oWomen In Love.

oThe Lost Girl.

oMr Noon.

oAaron's Rod.


oThe Boy In The Bush.

oThe Plumed Serpent.

oLady Chatterley's Lover.

The Novellas.

oThe Ladybird.

oThe Fox.

oThe Captain's Doll.

oSt. Mawr.

oThe Escaped Cock.

oThe Virgin And The Gipsy.

The Complete Short Stories.

The Plays.

oThe Married Man.

oThe Fight For Barbara.

oThe Daughter-In-Law.

oThe Widowing Of Mrs Holroyd.

oTouch And Go.


oA Collier's Friday Night.

oThe Merry-Go-Round.

The Travel Writing.

oTwilight In Italy.

oSea And Sardinia. (Illustrated)

oMornings In Mexico.

oSketches Of Etruscan Places. (Illustrated)

The Poetry Collections.

oLove Poems And Others.

oImagist Poetry.


oLook! We Have Come Through!

oNew Poems.

oBay A Book of Poems.


oBirds Beasts And Flowers.



oLast Poems.

oMore Pansies.

The Non Fiction.

oA Study of Thomas Hardy.

oMovements In European History.

oPsychoanalysis And The Unconscious.

oFantasia of The Unconscious.

oStudies In Classic American Literature.

oReflections on The Death of A Porcupine And Other Essays.

oA Propos of Lady Chatterley's Lover.

oApocalypse And The Writings on Revelation.

oPhoenix The Posthumous Papers of D. H. Lawrence. (Inline footnotes)

The Biographies.

oNot I, But The Wind. By Frieda Lawrence.

The Paintings of DH Lawrence.

Adult Romance - Best of 2015

A collection of best-sellers from Addictive Publishing! Our authors, Emma M. Green, Lisa Swann, Phoebe P. Campbell and Eva M. Bennett are ready to share their enchanting and passionate love stories, just for you to enjoy!

This box set contains the first volumes of four series:

-Friends with benefits by Eva M. Bennett

-Rocked by a billionaire by Lisa Swann

-Dominated by a billionaire by Emma M. Green

-The Billionaire's Power by Phoebe P. Campbell

The books in this box set can be read as individual stories.

This is a complete, uncensored version: no scenes have been cut.

Tiny Bites: A Multi-Genre Collection

A lost love. An impossible decision. A second chance.

Multiple genres collide in a compilation featuring a dozen short stories from USA Today bestselling author Stacy Claflin!

The Gone Series. The Transformed Series. The Seaside Hunter Series. Author Stacy Claflin has entertained readers in a variety of genres, from suspense to paranormal to sweet romance. For the first time ever, you can get a taste of Claflin's multi-genre talent all in one collection: Tiny Bites.

Tiny Bites is a compilation of short stories that can stand alone from their individual series. If you like vivid imagination, powerful heroines, and page-turning pace, then you'll love Stacy Claflin's multi-genre collection.

The collection is over 75,000 words - the length of a good-sized novel. It includes:

-3 new Transformed short stories: The Volunteer, Eaten by Wolves, Returned

-3 new Seaside Hunters shorts: Seaside Beginnings, Seaside Memories, and Seaside Treasures

-3 new shorts from the Gone series: Research, Desperate, and A Very Dysfunctional Christmas

-1 new standalone short story: Monsters

-5 previously-published stories

-Bonus Content: Character interviews, Deleted Scenes, "Best of" excerpts, and more!

Read Tiny Bites to start your snack-sized stories today!

Hidden Depths: Free Short Stories

Hidden Depths is a collection of short stories produced by an online workshopping group formed by the Australian Writer's Centre. The stories span different genres; from domestic noir to eco-fiction, YA sweet romance, dark fantasy and more. Some provide light entertainment, others follow a darker journey exploring the hidden depths of characters and themes.

Fatal Words - Louise Guy

Teresa's fourteen-year-old son, Dominic, is different. He is intelligent and quirky yet for the most part misunderstood. There is, however, no misunderstanding, or avoiding, the ill feelings and cruel words other parents direct his way. Cruel words that cause the most damage when they come back to bite.

Just Another Statistic - Linda Joannides

Nathanial and Lorelai Lowe are beautiful, successful people, or so it seems. Behind the facade is a reality of a different kind. A life dominated by cruelty, manipulation and abuse. A life of domestic violence. When Lorelai discovers she's pregnant, she knows she must escape, but how? Is death the only answer?

Skel Corpus - Robyn H Butler

Starved by her mother for many months, today Tuaka will walk The Hove. Afterwards? A better life for her and her family. But what lies beyond the gates of the Walled City? And what is Saiyah, another Skel Corpus, so afraid of?

The Old Man and The Boy - Laila Miller

The old man and the boy go fishing every morning. Villagers watch from the beach, not understanding. There are no fish. A stranger plans a massive engineering project with the village chief, but the project seems doomed when the chief disappears - until the stranger meets the old man.

Wrong Side of the Tracks - Sueanne Gregg

Belinda is from the wrong side of the tracks; drugs, bad men and booze dominate her life. Suddenly she is thrust into a situation she never dreamed possible, faced with a choice she never thought she'd have to make. Will she find out what she's capable of? Or will she walk away?

The Bell of Warning - Claire McLennan

For June ringing the bell and telling the truth was the only way. But sometimes the truth can lead to the unexpected. Will June's actions save those she loves or put them in mortal danger?

High Tide - A Tempest Bay Short Story - Tracy Brenton

Lilly has one wish for her sixteenth birthday - for Liam to see her as more than just a friend. But when a beach adventure goes horribly wrong, her priorities change from romance to survival. Will she get her heart's desire?

Broken Song - Mark J. Keenan

Melody is a successful woman. She is professional, well educated, with a great career. But she has a secret, a drinking problem that she's been hiding from everyone since she was a teenager. Now she's becoming a different person, the mask is slipping, and she finds that she needs to do something.

Lightning Speed - Amanda-Lee Charman

Our hopes, our dreams, our lives . . . all can change, for better or worse, in an instant. For Emily, this is all too true.

Building Bridges - Suzanne S-Smith

Jaded talkback shock jock, Gerry Spongle, has spent his career pandering to petty outrages, and overlooking blatant bigotry in a grab for ratings glory. On the eve of the 2016 US election, Gerry is forced to examine his role in shaping the society he lives in. Will Gerry repair the damage he's done before it's too late?


This 5-hour free course explored the concepts of angles, shapes, symmetry, area and volume through interactive activities.

Radclyffe Hall: The Complete Novels

This ebook compiles Radclyffe Hall's complete novels, including "The Well of Loneliness", "Adam's Breed", "The Master of the House" and "The Unlit Lamp".

Radclyffe Hall was an English writer whose novel "The Well of Loneliness" created a scandal and was banned for a time in Britain for its treatment of lesbianism.

This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you'll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.

Working on your own mathematics

This 4-hour free course focused on your initial encounters with research and how perceptions of mathematics have influenced you.

French: Ouverture

This 20-hour free course explored beginners' French language skills, as well as providing insights into French society and culture.

Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors

This anthology aims to be a showcase of recent indie writing.

Hugh Howey launched the idea on Kboards, a forum for Kindle readers, but also the meeting place of an active community of indie writers.

The result is this anthology of 101 very short stories by 101 authors.

To make it more attractive for you, the reader, we set ourselves a limit of a thousand words. You should be able to read each story in under five minutes -- on your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet at home or in the office, but also on your smartphone, on the go, while you are commuting or waiting at a coffee shop for your significant other to arrive.

We included as many genres as we could. We hope that maybe, with only five minutes of your time on the line that would otherwise be wasted anyway, you'll be tempted to venture outside your comfort zone and try out some new genres and new authors.

Unknown Reasons (10,000 Reasons)

Book 1 in the 10,000 Reasons Serial

No little girl grows up thinking she's going to become an escort, call girl, prostitute--or whatever other kinder names one would call it. That was not on my radar--ever! When my roommate begged me to help her out one evening, I didn't think a simple, "OK" and a huge misunderstanding would change my life...but it did.


Every boy grows up thinking he's going to become the master of the universe. I was no different. I knew I'd succeed in every facet of life and I had no qualms about crushing anyone who got in my way. I was successful, rich, handsome, and mysterious--or at least that's what the women I bedded told me. When I went to meet a client at a high-end society club one evening, I didn't think my life would change...but it did.

Xander Blane.

Jenna Ashe.

The battle for each other's heart, mind and soul begins in this first of a four-part, 10,000 Reasons serial, to be published weekly. These stories are not stand-alone books and should be read in order.

Comparing stars

This 16-hour free course provided an introduction to the comparative study of stars and the tools most commonly employed for the purpose.

Christmas in Love: A Flash Fiction Anthology (Flash Flood Book 3)

From an unexpected twist on a classic Christmas tale and a soldier returning home from war to a pair of girls waiting for an unlikely Christmas wish to come true and a creepy evening in a museum, fill your briefest moments with this collection of 18 flash fiction stories.

Commuting to work? Grabbing a quick coffee? Each story tells a complete tale in but a few short minutes with the added promise of a lifelong introduction to new indie writers.

You never know, you might just find your next favorite author.

Christmas in Love, the third anthology in the Flash Flood series, is a hand-picked selection of master works in romance, science fiction and fantasy themed for Christmas and guaranteed to keep you engaged.

Boxed Set: At the Billionaire’s Command – Vol. 1-3 (At the Billionaire's Command Box Set)

*** WARNING: Not suitable for readers below 18yo ***

Young, pretty Julia is spending six months in New York. Working as a receptionist in a luxury hotel, she's found the perfect way to improve her English. But just before she's due to go home, she unexpectedly meets the multi-millionaire Daniel Wietermann, aka Mr Fire, heir to a large jewellery label. She's captivated, submitting to his wildest fantasies and in the process discovering her own desires... How far will she go to satisfy the whims of this unfathomable man?

Discover the new saga by Lucy Jones, the most sensuous series since His, Body and Soul!

Boxed Set: Under the Billionaire’s Control Part 1-3: Falling for a Billionaire (Under the Billionaire Control Boxset)

***Due to strong language, violence, and sexual situations, this series is not intended for readers under the age of 18***

Adam Ritcher is young, handsome, and wealthy. He is a billionaire with the world at his feet. Elea Haydensen, meanwhile, is young, pretty, and gifted. Paranoid about her curves, but unaware of her talent, Elea never imagines that she might stand a chance with Adam. And yet... an insatiable desire throws these two young people together. Will their passionate relationship survive the traps set by those determined to come between the dashing Adam and the beautiful Elea?

How arguments are constructed and used in the Social Sciences

Using extracts from a Radio 4 broadcast, this 1-hour free course explored how arguments are constructed and used in the Social Sciences.

A question of ethics: right or wrong?

This 7-hour free course explored ethical principles in sport and fitness settings, in particular the relationship between instructor and participants.

Visualisation: Visual representations of data and information

This 8-hour free course demonstrated how to use visual representation to interpret the daily bombardment of information to which we're all subjected.

Oakshot Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes) (Classics Book 22)

Ebook comes with main table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents. Each chapter is clearly marked so user knows which book within the boxset is being read.

The Novels.

oTreasure Island. (Illustrated)

oThe Black Arrow. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

oPrince Otto.

oThe Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. (Illustrated)

oKidnapped. (1894) (Illustrated)

oThe Master of Ballantrae - A Winters Tale. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

oThe Wrong Box.

oThe Wrecker.

oCatriona. (Inline footnotes)

oWeir Of Hermiston.

oThe Ebb-Tide - A Trio Quartette. (Inline Footnotes)

oSt. Ives - Being The Adventures of a French Prisoner In England.


oThe Great North Road.

oThe Young Chevalier.

The Short Story Collections.

oNew Arabian Nights.

oMore New Arabian Nights - The Dynamiter.

oThe Merry Men And Other Tales And Fables.

oIsland Nights Entertainments.


oTales And Fantasies.

The Short Stories.

oThe Plague-Cellar.

oWhen The Devil Was Well.

oEdifying Letters Of The Rutherford Family.

oAn Old Song.


oThe Enchantress.

oThe Waif Woman.

The Plays.

oThe Charity Bazaar.

oDeacon Brodie.

oBeau Austin.

oAdmiral Guinea.

oMacaire - A Melodramatic Farce In Three Acts.

The Poetry Collections.

oA Child's Garden Of Verses. (Illustrated)



oSongs of Travel And Other Verses.

oNew Poems And Variant Readings.

The Complete Poetry.

The Travel Writing.

oEssays of Travel. (Inline Footnotes)

oAn Inland Voyage.

oTravels With A Donkey In The Cevennes.

oEdinburgh: Picturesque Notes. (Illustrated)

oAcross The Plains.

oThe Silverado Squatters.

oThe Old And New Pacific Capitals.

The Non Fiction.

oVirginibus Puerisque And Other Papers.

oFamiliar Studies of Men And Books. (Inline Footnotes)

oMemories And Portraits. (Inline Footnotes)

oAdditional Memories And Portraits.

oMemoir of Fleeming Jenkin. (Inline Footnotes)

oRecords of a Family of Engineers. (Inline Footnotes)

oLater Essays. (Inline Footnotes)

oLay Morals And Other Papers. (Inline Footnotes)

oPrayers Written For Family Use At Vailima.

oA Footnote To History - Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa.

oIn The South Seas. (Inline Footnotes)

oJuvenilia And Other Papers. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

The Letters.

oThe Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson. Vol I and II.

oVailima Letters.

oLetters From Samoa 1891-1895. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

oLetters To The "Times," "Pall Mall Gazette," Etc.

oLetters To Young People. (Inline Footnotes)

The Biographies.

oRobert Louis Stevenson by Margaret Moyes Black. (Inline Footnotes)

oThe Life of Robert Louis Stevenson by Sir Graham Balfour. (Inline Footnotes)

oRobert Louis Stevenson by Alexander H. Japp.

oRobert Louis Stevenson by Walter Raleigh.

oThe Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson by Nellie Van de Grift Sanchez. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

Make the Yuletide Gay

Sleigh bells ring--are you listening?

It's that time of year again, and we have the perfect way to get you in the mood: A free anthology! Five holiday stories that are guaranteed to warm your heart, heat up your cold nights, and most importantly: Make your yuletide gay.

A Christmas Party to Remember by Nicky Spencer

Last Christmas, Cory and Wes made a connection that left them both thanking Santa. But when Cory doesn't show up for their first date, Wes swears he won't make that mistake again. This year, can Santa's magic find a way to bring them back together?

Let's Not Go Crazy by Stephen Hoppa

The holidays are stressful enough without Ethan's boyfriend Nate trying to kill him with Christmas cheer. But Nate's found a whole new way to torture Ethan when he reveals that he wants kids. Will their conflicting desires tear their relationship apart, or will they find a way to ring in the new year stronger than ever?

Captain Jack and the Snack Attack by Addison Albright

Two men determined to win the same treasure at a charity silent auction, a wayward kitten, grumbling tummies, and a dilemma: what's the correct gift-giving etiquette for a first date that's mere days before Christmas, and what could possibly go awry with this merry combination?

The Christmas Day Date by Nell Iris

One rainbow Christmas tree in harm's way and an afternoon spent eating far too many cookies, equals two men with changed holiday plans. But how does that translate into a date?

The Year of the Monkey by Amy Tasukada

The last thing Aoi wants to do for New Year's is spend it with his boyfriend's parents. They were far from thrilled when their son came out. Can Aoi warm their hearts making traditional mochi or will they end up in an even stickier situation?

Bite-Sized Stories: A Multi-Genre Flash Fiction Anthology (Flash Flood Book 1)

33 Flash Fiction Stories for Life's Stolen Moments

From a creepypasta horror farm to a bullish love tale and from the bloody metal deck of the ESS Arclight to superhero octopus food trucks, you can transform your shortest stolen moments into utter delights with this diverse collection of 33 flash fiction stories.

Commuting to work? Grabbing a quick coffee? Each story tells a complete tale in but a few short minutes with the added promise of a lifelong introduction to new indie writers.

You never know, you might just find your next favorite author.

This collection, the first in the Flash Flood series, is a special selection of master works with a variety of genres and voices guaranteed to keep you engaged. Sign up now (see inside the book) for future flash fiction anthologies themed for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, May the 4th and Independence Day.

The Eclective: The Apocalypse Collection

It's the end of the world as we know it, and the Eclective feels fine.

The Shifting Sands by Tara West: When a jealous goddess threatens to destroy all of humanity, a young woman and her family must overcome impossible odds to survive.

Light by Emma Jameson: In the zombie apocalypse, the hope for humanity's survival is pinned on Daniel. Unfortunately, Daniel is an android. And humanity may be past all hope...

Alien Butt Plugs by PJ Jones: The aliens are coming! And Jeb's first line of defense may be worse than the anal probe he fears.

Seeds by M. Edward McNally: For Meats and his fellow Guns, life was simple. Keep your respirator clear, your weapon ready, and an eye on your neighbors. Until one day Meats found some seeds, and everything got complicated.

Cleavers by Heather Marie Adkins: Creatures such as the Cleavers should never exist. But in Tora's world, they're real, and death is more likely than survival.

The Last Christmas by Alan Nayes: On the verge of the Apocalypse, a young couple wish to spend one last Christmas together.

Combustion by RG Porter: Kate wakes to find her world scorched and survivors in short supply. She needs to unravel the cause before time runs out.

Tiny Treats 2: a St. Patrick's Day Collection

Tiny Treats is a multi-author collection of micro stories, tales that can be read in their entirety in only a handful of minutes. The stories in this anthology are set during St. Patrick's Day in the world of each author's respective books.

The collection includes:

Love and Corned Beef by Heather McGovern

Haint and Begorrah by Maureen Hardegree

The High King's Cauldron by Joan Kayse

Probability of Love by D.B. Sieders

Getting Lucky by Jenna Bennett

Her Pot of Gold by Lindsey Brookes

To Love a Leprechaun by Sophia Henry

Springs Love by Sydney Carroll

Pinch for Good Luck by Lori Waters

Lucky Enough by Natalie J. Damschroder

A Perfect Lucky Charm by Anna Sugden

His Good Luck Charm by Janice Lynn

Green Beer by Nancy Northcott

Blueberry Delight by Monica McCabe

Date at McCabe's by Jody Wallace

Lucky in Love by Tanya Michaels

One Magic Kiss by Jeanne Adams

Green Beer and Shenanigans by Sally Kilpatrick

The Ides by Nicki Salcedo

A Gift from County Cork by Michelle Monkou

Lucky Day by Trish Milburn

Learning a second language

This 4-hour free course explored the way in which students learn how to make meaning through learning additional languages.

First Kisses: a Book+Main Bites anthology


Embark on thirty-nine scenes of first kisses from favorite romance authors in a multitude of genres.

From Dukes to Highlanders, Shifters to Vampires and a variety of genres in between, binge on these unforgettable first kiss moments, and experience the euphoria that only that first touch of the lips can bring.

Read a Bite from your tried and true favorites, or delve into a new author's world and become hooked.

This Book+Main Bites anthology is meant to introduce readers to new authors through their words.

**Contributing authors**Ally Summers? B. Cranford? Becky McGraw? Brinda Berry? Candace Sams

Cara McKinnon? Carrie Ann Ryan? Carrie Pulkinen? Cate Dean? Chelle Bliss

Christa Paige? Collette Cameron? D.D. Miers? Dylan Allen? Elle Christensen

Felicity Brandon? Graceley Knox? H.Q. Frost? Jacki Delecki? Joanne Wadsworth Juliette Cross? Kate Canterbary? KC Lynn? Kristen Proby (Featuring an excerpt from the 1001 Dark Nights collection)? Lauren Rowe? Lee Savino & Renee Rose? M. Piper Marie Force? MC D'Alton & Melanie Page? Monica Burns? Nadine Mutas

Pandora Spocks? Patricia Rasey? Rosanna Leo? Sawyer Bennett? Sorcha Mowbray

Tia Louise? Tish Thawer? Willow Winters


Tales From Dark Places: The Halloween Collection: Volume 1 (The Indie Collaboration Presents)

A selection of chilling stories from some of the best Indie authors on the market. We dare you to venture into these pages of spine chilling tales and stories of ghosts and goblins. Freely donated by the authors themselves, these dark passages are a great example of their various, unique styles and imaginations. This is the first of a series of topical collections brought to you by The Indie Collaboration.

Lust for Blood

'The Lust for Blood' is a collection of thirteen grisly short stories written by the author Charmain Marie Mitchell. The stories range in size from 1,400 words to 9,800 and focuses on the complexities of the human mind (with a couple of supernatural tales thrown in for good measure). There is nothing so complicated as a human being and sometimes nothing so horrific! Contents: A Passion for Death - Never published before. A new twist on an old tale. Beecham Manor - Never published before. A ghostly tale from Cornwall. Sometimes Sacrifices need to be made - Previously published story Review: By Diogenes This is a very short tale, but nicely put together. It shows how the craving for fame can unbalance the impressionable mind. The Stalker - Previously published story. Review: By Angel Marie Jobe I really liked it the way the drama and suspense keep going and going it was one of the coolest books I've read in a long time By Karen Massari This piece did not come across as a short story, it was more like a bold painting. My heart is still racing from reading it. Punishment Time - Previously published story. Review: By Ethel Barkley Courious insight into the mind ! Abuse at any level can have deep seated and lasting consequeses. Punishment Time delves into the hatred that can result from such action. All should read as I did after downloading from to my Kindle Fire Scorned - Never published before. A tale about when love goes wrong. The Vampire Requiem - Previously published story. Review: By Robin E Liston When 252 year old Edward Manning falls in love with Maria, a beautiful young lady, he decides that he can't live without her, and plans to tell her that he's a vampire. If his love is rejected, Edward will end his long, lonely life. How will she react? Will she choose to spend an eternity with him, or reject him? But, as fate would have it, their lives are intertwined in an unexpected way. This short story by Charmain, allows us a brief look into the life of

Countdown To A Kiss (A New Year's Eve Anthology)

Colleen Gleason (Author) Mara Jacobs (Author) Holli Bertram (Author) Liz Kelly (Author) Four stories by four fateful New Year's Eve Four kisses at midnight... Three different sisters... Two old flames... One bet that drives it all! The Devine sisters return to their hometown for New Year's Eve each year to attend the annual ball. Part of the tradition is their decade-old bet: whoever has no date at midnight has to kiss their nerdy neighbor Lewis Kampmueller. Tess--burned by love, the glamorous Broadway star isn't interested in a repeat performance...until she encounters an old flame. Annabelle--when the local etiquette expert gets caught breaking the law, her heart might have to pay the price. Grace--the tough FBI agent has an easy time being one of guys, but is she woman enough to keep a man? Lewis--the shy nerd has made millions over the years...but is he smart enough to catch the woman of his dreams? Who will lose the bet but win out in love? Four charming stories written by four different authors about one fateful New Year's Eve. The champagne is poured. The clock is ticking. Join the countdown!

Saving Forever Boxset, Books 1-3

Charity Thompson wants to save the world, one hospital at a time. Instead of finishing med school to become a doctor, she chooses a different path and raises money for hospitals - new wings, equipment, whatever they need. Except there is one hospital she would be happy to never set foot in again - her father's. So of course he hires her to create a gala for his 65th birthday. Charity can't say no. Now she is working in the one place she doesn't want to be. Except she's attracted to Dr. Elijah Bennet, the handsome playboy chief.

Will she ever prove to her father that's she's more than a med school dropout? Or will her attraction to Elijah keep her from repairing the one thing she desperately wants to fix?

Her Savior: A Dark Romance (Beauty and the Captor Book 2)

He's her master, her obsession, and her light in the dark.

Dark, intense, emotionally harrowing, and unlike anything you've seen before... This is the story of Scar & Derek.


Danger. Darkness. Depravity.

That was all I knew.

Until her light became my salvation.

Scarlett is finally mine, and I'm never letting anyone take her away from me.

I need to find her a place.

A place for her to be safe. A place for her to start over.

When my past threatens to take her from me, revenge burns hot through me.

If he finds her, he'll destroy her.

Unless I kill him first.


Desperate. Damaged. Disoriented.

There are creatures more terrifying than him crawling through the shadows of our lives.

When they come knocking, my captor may be my only savior.

I hope Derek will forgive me for what I've done.

I just can't let those monsters ruin me.

Derek, wherever you are, please know that I will love you forever...

WARNING: Dark, filthy, twisted, and hot as hell. This is a dark romance and is intended for mature audiences only. Contains scenes some may find disturbing.

**This is Part Two of the BEAUTY AND THE CAPTOR Trilogy. It does end on a light cliffhanger but I promise it is so worth it!

** The third part, Her Dom, will be released on May 17.

Reading Order:

Her Beast (Beauty and the Captor Book 1)

Her Savior (Beauty and the Captor book 2)

Her Dom (Beauty and the Captor book 3)

Bonus content included for your reading pleasure!