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Collaboration in Designing a Pedagogical Approach in Information Literacy (Springer Texts in Education)

​This Open Access book combines expertise in information literacy with expertise in education and teaching to share tips and tricks for the development of good information literacy teaching and training in universities and libraries. It draws on research, knowledge and pedagogical practice from academia, to teach students how to sift through information to be able to distinguish the important and correct from the unusable. It discusses basic concepts and models of information literacy, as well as strategies for accessing, locating and retrieving information and methods suitable for the assessment and management of information. The book explains many concepts connected to information literacy and discusses pedagogical issues with a view to supporting the practitioner. Each chapter examines one aspect of information literacy, discusses the pedagogical challenges involved and provides suggestions for best practice.

A Treatise on Education Public, Private, and Homeschooling

A Treatise on Education Public, Private, and Homeschooling is a collection of my writings related to education of children in the various ways families choose to do so. Heavy on my heart, as I put this collection together, is the recent school shooting of the Connecticut elementary school, where 20 children and several adults were murdered in cold blood by a ruthless young man gone mad. I cannot fathom one of my own eight children being put in that situation, which is partly why I am choosing to home school my two youngest children at this time. I find it strange though that I just recently had my daughter read the diary and story, Rachel’s Tears, of a young girl, Rachel Joy Scott, who was killed at Columbine, one of the first tragic school shootings, for a home school assignment this year, and then another tragic school shooting occurs. Rachel virtually prophesied of the massacre to take place before it happened in her diary. Her father’s testimony is a very moving account of the circumstances surrounding her last year or so of life. In such a world as this, where mentally ill people are left to wander our streets, even when known to be dangerous, and where schools have little or no security means, and have all been deemed “gun free zones,” where only the criminals have guns, I wonder how we can protect our children from tragedies like these. Education is and should be one of our highest priorities for our children, but what is education without emotional and physical safety, not to mention spiritual heritage? Child sexual abuse is another tragedy that regularly occurs in many school systems and many teachers have abused their students in unfathomable ways during the school day. Many have been caught and stopped, but how many others have yet to answer for their crimes against our children? I once made a presentation in my college days where I addressed this very subject to a group of young teachers going into the field. I was severely berated and asked to leave the education program because my adjunct college professor took it personally. One of her teachers at her school had just been arrested for having sex with a student. I didn’t know that it was one of her teachers that had been arrested. The case remains that teachers do sometimes abuse their students in sexual ways and this is certainly relevant to warn new teachers entering the field. I’m certainly no expert on education but this collection of writings are just some of the thoughts and ideas that I have had on the subject of education. I took a few education classes in college and taught briefly at a private Christian school, and then began home schooling my two youngest children. All of my older children were publicly educated. So I have seen and learned a few things about the different ways of educating children and I hope my thoughts on the subject might just interest a few people, whether they are teachers or parents, public, private, or home school educators. Education of children is the combined responsibility of us all, and we need to consider how we might educate them best, while keeping them safe from harm, whether by bullets, knives, or sexual predators. It doesn’t take a gun to harm children. It only takes one crazy person with a weapon of any kind or one pedophile with a sick mind to destroy our children’s lives. So I would ask, What are we going to do about it?

Compendium for Early Career Researchers in Mathematics Education (ICME-13 Monographs)

The purpose of this Open Access compendium, written by experienced researchers in mathematics education, is to serve as a resource for early career researchers in furthering their knowledge of the state of the field and disseminating their research through publishing. To accomplish this, the book is split into four sections: Empirical Methods, Important Mathematics Education Themes, Academic Writing and Academic Publishing, and a section Looking Ahead.The chapters are based on workshops that were presented in the Early Career Researcher Day at the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13). The combination of presentations on methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives shaping the field in mathematics education research, as well as the strong emphasis on academic writing and publishing, offered strong insight into the theoretical and empirical bases of research in mathematics education for early career researchers in this field. Based on these presentations, the book provides a state-of-the-art overview of important theories from mathematics education and the broad variety of empirical approaches currently widely used in mathematics education research. This compendium supports early career researchers in selecting adequate theoretical approaches and adopting the most appropriate methodological approaches for their own research. Furthermore, it helps early career researchers in mathematics education to avoid common pitfalls and problems while writing up their research and it provides them with an overview of the most important journals for research in mathematics education, helping them to select the right venue for publishing and disseminating their work.

Values and Valuing in Mathematics Education: Scanning and Scoping the Territory (ICME-13 Monographs)

This engaging open access book discusses how a values and valuing perspective can facilitate a more effective mathematics pedagogical experience, and allows readers to explore multiple applications of the values perspective across different education systems. It also clearly shows that teaching mathematics involves not only reasoning and feelings, but also students’ interactions with their cultural setting and each other.The book brings together the work of world leaders and new thinkers in mathematics educational research to improve the learning and teaching of mathematics. Addressing themes such as discovering hidden cultural values, a multicultural society and methodological issues in the investigation of values in mathematics, it stimulates readers to consider these topics in cross-cultural ways, and offers suggestions for research and classroom practice.It is a valuable resource for scholars of mathematics education, from early childhood through to higher education and an inspiring read for all mathematics teachers.

Enhancing Future Skills and Entrepreneurship: 3rd Indo-German Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and Management)

This open access book presents the proceedings of the 3rd Indo-German Conference on Sustainability in Engineering held at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, on September 16–17, 2019. Intended to foster the synergies between research and education, the conference is one of the joint activities of the BITS Pilani and TU Braunschweig conducted under the auspices of Indo-German Center for Sustainable Manufacturing, established in 2009. The book is divided into three sections: engineering, education and entrepreneurship, covering a range of topics, such as renewable energy forecasting, design & simulation, Industry 4.0, and soft & intelligent sensors for energy efficiency. It also includes case studies on lean and green manufacturing, and life cycle analysis of ceramic products, as well as papers on teaching/learning methods based on the use of learning factories to improve students’problem-solving and personal skills. Moreover, the book discusses high-tech ideas to help the large number of unemployed engineering graduates looking for jobs become tech entrepreneurs. Given its broad scope, it will appeal to academics and industry professionals alike.

Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Skills and Jobs: Key Issues, Concerns, and Prospects (Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects Book 55)

This open access book analyzes the main drivers that are influencing the dramatic evolution of work in Asia and the Pacific and identifies the implications for education and training in the region. It also assesses how education and training philosophies, curricula, and pedagogy can be reshaped to produce workers with the skills required to meet the emerging demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.The book’s 40 articles cover a wide range of topics and reflect the diverse perspectives of the eminent policy makers, practitioners, and researchers who authored them. To maximize its potential impact, this Springer-Asian Development Bank co-publication has been made available as open access.

The Pyggy Bank : If I had a Dollar.

With everyone wanting a get rich quick way to reach, I have used as I learned to reach a better quality of financial wellbeing. in this book you will find a different view of the stock market, and how it could be of benefit to you, A simple stress free way of budgeting,a way to make those pesky bills we all fall behind to create an asset out of them,. In this book is loaded with information from Warren Buffett, Robert Kiyosaki, Charlie Munger and Donald Trump. Since I started this book, developing a system that has worked for me and wanted to share those things a bit refined from the start of this venture 20 some odd years ago. thanks to the internet that opened my eyes to ways to advance in such a short time with greater results these other people and their wealth they passed on. most of this book was comprised by opinion and can be entertaining at times, informative, and educational. I hope you will enjoy this book at the very least and can use the information to your advantage to secure a better quality of your financial life style my number one saying is understanding comes in time and education is our number one tool, learn to live and live to learn. we all have one road and many exits choose a path that is both healthy, and wise. As theodore Roosevelt once said “I am only an average man, but by George, I work harder at it than the average man.”You don't know success until you fallen a few times and the path you choose can influence an outcome, the best way is to remain positive and to learn, adapt and grow. Live well and Prosper... Marc Dalanni.