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Ruth's First Christmas Tree: A Dr Ruth Galloway Short Mystery

It is three days before Christmas and a bitter wind is blowing across Norfolk.Until her daughter was born, forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway didn't do Christmas, but now that Kate is a year old, she wants it to be special. She must get a tree, shop for food, clean the house, buy presents, including one for her new boyfriend - who she isn't even sure is her boyfriend - and remember to get the turkey out of the freezer.But time is rushing by and the best-laid plans don't always work out...

Deatha??s Door: A gripping, free short story for crime thriller fans from the Sunday Times bestseller

A new short story from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Stalkers, with an exclusive first look at the newest book, Kiss of Death!Obsession makes the heart grow fonder . . .When a stalking case lands on DS ‘Heck’ Heckenburg’s desk it seems pretty straightforward.But when Heck discovers that the victim lives in the same house that a young woman was brutally murdered in six years earlier, instinct tells him that it’s not so simple after all.Before long Heck is entangled in something far more dangerous than he had expected. In a race against the clock, can Heck and Gemma stop history from repeating itself – or will they end up getting caught in the crossfire?The Sunday Times bestseller returns with a heart pounding short story that fans of M.J. Arlidge and Stuart MacBride won’t be able to put down.

6 Degrees Harder: A Crime Thriller Anthology

6 unique voices in Crime Fiction join forces to deliver 6 edge of the seat thrillers, guaranteed to keep you guessing till the end.Even Money—by Trudey Martin
. This is a stand-alone Verity Spencer short story set a few weeks after the events of No Deadly Medicine, the first full-length book in the series.
Can you ever really bury a secret...?
 A random act of kindness plunged Verity Spencer into a world of criminality and cover-ups. After discovering and exposing a web of murder, deceit, and corruption in No Deadly Medicine, her life will never be the same again.
Unwilling to return to her boring job as a college lecturer, and still mourning her husband, she's filling her time chasing errant husbands and wives for money. She needs to decide what to do next. Susanna Means approaches Verity believing that her partner is being unfaithful...but as Verity looks into his life she realises that he may be holding a much darker secret...
 But has he buried it deep enough…?
 This story is 12.5k words long
Identity–by Kenneth James Allen
. Are you completely satisfied with your life? Do you want more from it? These are the questions the enigmatic Xavier Titan Cane asks stationery salesman Scott Harris after a chance meeting in an airport bathroom. Xavier tells Scott he can change his life, help him become who he is meant to be. All Scott needs to do is access Identity, an application that has been mysteriously installed on his phone.
 Xavier is hiding secrets.
 And life just got a little more complicated for Scott.
 Would you give up your life if you could live your fantasy?
 This story is 14k words long
The Pusher’s List–by Michael Angel. 
Supermarket cart pusher Colin Webb’s day goes from bad to terrifying the day he comes across a note scrawled in a child’s hand: Pleze Help Us We R Kidnaped. 
Colin’s co-workers dismiss the note as a joke. Colin’s boss threatens to fire him if he takes any action. 
But Colin knows, deep down, that unless he can figure out who the kidnapper is, any chance of rescuing the victims will vanish without a trace.
 This story is 6k words long
Intruder–by Eoghan Egan
. A father’s biggest fear. 
A mother’s greatest dread.
 A family’s worst nightmare. 
This story is 2.5k words long
.Defector–by Peter Kozmar
. Moscow 1993 and CIA agent Andy Flint lands an important mission, secure the immediate defection of a high value asset. Flint soon finds himself facing a ruthless opponent, Oleg Malchik, a dynamic FSB agent who’s closing down Western intelligence networks one after another.
 With Malchik closing in, Flint has his own problems with the local Mafia. But things turn for the worse when Malchik wants Flint dead. With the FSB and the Mafia in hot pursuit, Flint believes there’s a mole helping Malchik.
 Who can Flint trust? Can he complete his mission? Who will get to him first, the Mafia or Malchik?
 This story is 28k words long
A Random Act–by MJ Newman. 
She needs urgent help, but is the 'Good Samaritan' everything he seems?
 'It was the eyes. I saw something in them. A memory, a vulnerability, hidden behind the glazed mask. A different life, one I’d long forgotten. I didn’t need to get involved. A violation of my parole. The fact that I’d stopped, lingered a moment longer than everyone else on the sidewalk, that in itself was enough to put me back inside.'
 This story is 1.2k words long

Leona's Last Resort (Tawnee Mountain Mysteries Book 1)

A small-town mystery novella with a dash of romance and a few ghosts.When Max Elliot invites Izzy Grant to a fancy Ivy League alumni reception at the Tawnee Mountain Resort, the ghost hunters anticipate a romantic weekend getaway at the premier ski and golf destination. But when wealthy hotelier Leona Hutton is murdered, and her ghost asks Izzy to find her killer, she and Max decide to investigate. Will Izzy and Max solve the case before more alumni end up dead, or the killer turns the tables and decides to hunt the ghost hunters? Leona's Last Resort is a part of the Tawnee Mountain Mysteries series, a collection of seven brand new mysteries, from seven award-winning and bestselling authors, taking place at the same final destination, the Tawnee Mountain Resort. Leona's Last Resort features ghost hunters, Izzy Grant and Max Elliot, from the Izzy & Max Paranormal Mystery series. Each book in this multi-author series is a standalone novella, and the series can be read in any order. The Tawnee Mountain Mysteries series includes:Leona's Last Resort by Karen M. BrysonDark Side of the Mountain by R.J. RosatteDeadly Reception by Karen RandauBlack Diamond Graves by Wendy FallonDeadly Misfire by Laurie FagenCassidy's Deadly Exit by Marla J. HayesThe Quinnipiac Disappearance by Lee Tidball

Silent Murder (The Kenzie Marsh Chronicles)

A gritty short story introducing the gripping thriller series featuring rogue British Intelligence Agent Kenzie Marsh, from Amazon #1 bestselling author Roy Robson.MURDERKenzie Marsh has a safe and stable existence. But the shocking death of her son shatters her world. CHAOS Amid the chaos, Kenzie tries to put her life back together. REVENGEA chance meeting leads her to her son's killer. As she struggles with her conscience, will her need for retribution take her on a path from which she may never escape?

Past Crimes: A Compendium of Historical Mysteries

Step into the past through three historical mysteries that reach from Imperial Rome to Victorian London.Blood Debts(Leonidas the Gladiator Mysteries)Leonidas, freedman, once the most popular gladiator in Rome and champion of the games, now must fight for his life outside the arena. A man who owed him money was murdered, and Leonidas is a prime suspect. With the assistance of Cassia, daughter of a Greek scribe who has been bestowed upon him as his slave, Leonidas fights for justice in the back lanes of Imperial Rome.A Soupçon of Poison(Kat Holloway Victorian Mysteries)Kat Holloway, a young cook who is highly sought after by the wealthy of Victorian London, becomes embroiled in murder and must clear her name. Only the mysterious Daniel McAdam, who is much more than he seems, can come to her aid.The Necklace Affair(Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries)Captain Lacey agrees to help a society matron discover what has become of her cherished diamond necklace and to clear her maid, who has been arrested for its theft. Lacey quickly becomes enmeshed in scandal and past secrets, and finds himself competing with the underworld criminal, James Denis, for the necklace's retrieval.This collection includes three novellas of 25,000-30,000 words each.

The Murder Files - 8 Stories of Murder, Lies and Mystery: (A thriller and suspense short story collection)

8 powerful, bone-chilling, speed-of-light thrillers that will leave you begging for more. Fans of James Patterson, Harlan Coben, John Grisham, David Baldacci, Lydia Davis and Stephen King will love this collection of exclusive short stories that will be sure to leave you breathless.  The award-winning and best-selling authors in this collection turn up the heat - it's pedal to the metal break-neck action from start to finish! The short story is back with a vengeance! Murder, mystery, suspense, chills, thrills and kills this collection has it all!  About the Stories What Money Can’t Buy – by Paul Casselle Are you a bad person trying to be good or a good person that sometimes does bad? It’s a difficult question to answer, but that doesn’t stop life asking regularly! The Butcher – by Will Patching Not all of us are ‘normal’. Some of us are stone cold killers… Collin O’Connor by Ernest Dempsey In a world where terrorist attacks seem to cover the front page of every news outlet, the people of Earth need a new kind of hero. The planet needs someone who isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to bring justice to those who would harm the innocent. We need Collin O’Connor. A Love Affair by Leah Monroe Have you ever asked yourself, "What am I here for?" Is it wealth? To leave a legacy? Or perhaps you're playing with the cards life deals you. One man comes face-to-face with this age old question and his decision will leave you speechless. Downside Up by Jane Thornley She climbs roofs at night but how could she know how far she’ll have to fall to find the truth? The Son-in-Law by Craig Hart Can you go straight by committing murder? One man is about to find out-if he lives long enough. Linking Arms with the Devil by Michael Maxwell They tell us, “You can’t take it with you”. Maybe you can if you link arms with the devil. Red Eyes – by Terry Keys A small town middle-school teacher suddenly vanishes and returns six months, six days, and six hours after he disappeared. But now he is hiding a terrible secret, and only the next victim can see the . . . Red Eyes.

Where Angels Fall: The Noir Collective

Welcome to The Noir Collective: Where Angels Fall; inside you'll find three dark, gritty tales. Twist Of The Blade - MJ NewmanA standalone self contained short story set within the world of The Crime Syndicate series.After fleeing south of the border from Glasgow, Malkie Thompson and his crew have established a base in the Midlands. Business is good, but this ain’t the time to get complacent. Malkie’s gotta cover all the bases.The year is 1994, location HMP Winson Green, Birmingham UK.Ronnie’s a natural born survivor. Got the knack of seeing into the future. Moment he clapped eyes on the new firm—knew his days were numbered. Always an advocate for self preservation, he did the smart thing, he reached out.Little did he know the price he’d pay.He took the fall. Kept his mouth shut all this time. 10 months to the out. A chance to start over. Trouble is, Malkie Thompson’s got other ideas.Spitting Feathers - John BowieWeston-super-Nightmare Prequel.It was a wild drunken city, full of modern-day pirates, gangsters, strippers and hellbent riff raff—it was 1990s Bristol.A hard life’s graft put calluses on Jimi’s fingers. Now he wanted them from guitar strings.He had a retirement place in mind. A real shit-hole spit ‘n’ sawdust of a bar in Weston-super-Mare: The Hell’s Belles, and he could see his name above the door.First, he needed to do a little time on account of the gangsters, hussies, strumpets, exstrippers…and one loud mouthed bastard of a parrot he drank with in his local. All master puppeteers of the city—especially that damn parrot!Video Nasty - Paul HeatleyDanielle is owed money. She's taken part in some illicit under the counter movies, and the director is yet to cough up the cash. Her boyfriend, Mitch, isn't going to stand for this, and Mitch is a dangerous man with a short temper. They want her money, and they'll take blood to get it.

As The World Turns

Times Square. New York City. December 31st, 2012. The world was counting down the moments before the turn of the calendar. But unbeknownst to them, a secret mission was being done to help save the area from being a target from catastrophe. Agent John Blake and his team are in a race against time to stop the threat that is targeting the festivities. The world is watching, as the team fights in secret to save the day.

Raina Sun Mystery Box Set Vol 1 (Books 1-3): A Chinese Cozy Mystery (Raina Sun Mystery All Boxed Up)

This set includes the first 3 books in the Raina Sun Mystery Series. For readers who like cozy mysteries, quirky characters, a dash of humor, and Chinese-American culture.Raining Men and CorpsesGraduate student Raina Sun is on a quest to collect an outstanding loan from her college advisor. When she stumbles on his dead body, she becomes the prime suspect. And the only man she ever loved reappears as the lead detective and wants to reignite their passion (or at least he's sending out smoke signals). She must summon her sleuthing skills to find this cunning killer before she becomes the next victim. There's no place for an amateur when it comes to murder...Gusty Lovers and CadaversGraduate student Raina Sun thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she volunteered to take the new foreign exchange student shopping on the last weekend before Christmas. But between a riot for the last hot toy, an abandoned baby, and a dead body, the holiday turns into a season for mayhem. She must summon her sleuthing skills to protect this baby and track down a hidden killer before she becomes the victim. There's no place for an amateur when it comes to murder...Breezy Friends and BodiesRaina Sun is cleaning her grandma's house in San Francisco in preparation for Chinese New Year when she finds her deceased grandfather's secret journal. When she loses it in a mugging incident and her grandfather's BFF dies under mysterious circumstances, she is drawn into another murder investigation. She must summon her sleuthing skills to find this skulking killer before she becomes the next victim.There's no place for an amateur when it comes to murder...Also in the Raina Sun Mystery series:Balmy Darlings and Deaths (Raina Sun #4)Sunny Mates and Murders (Raina Sun $5), available December 2016.

The Teacher: Penny Green Short Mystery 1 (Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series)

A short murder mystery. Enjoy this read in thirty minutes.London 1881. A young teacher dies at a school just weeks after her sister. A tragic coincidence or something more sinister?Fleet Street reporter Penny Green is suspicious but nothing suggests the sisters have been murdered. The police are disinterested and the school wants to move on from the tragedy. How can Penny persuade someone to listen to her?Penny risks taking matters into her own hands. But the risk might be a step too far.What readers say about Penny Green:★★★★★ “A Victorian Delight!”★★★★★ “Good clean mystery in an enjoyable historical setting”★★★★★ “If you are unfamiliar with the Penny Green Series, acquaint yourselves immediately!”★★★★★ “Interesting, complex, believable characters”★★★★★ “I found myself enthralled by Penny Green”★★★★★ “An outstanding female lead character”★★★★★ “I was engrossed from beginning to end”★★★★★ “If you like Agatha Christie books you are going to like this one”★★★★★ “I have found Ms. Organ's story telling to be flawlessly entertaining!”★★★★★ “Very strong mystery set in a very interesting time and place”★★★★★ “Ms. Organ draws you into Penny's world with her delicious descriptions and masterful story telling”★★★★★ “I am very pleased with how this series is becoming one of my favorites!”★★★★★ “Read the books in this series.... guarantee you won’t be disappointed!”★★★★★ “A great read with a real twist at the end. Emily just gets better and better with this series.”The Penny Green Mystery Series is set in 1880s London. The Teacher accompanies the series and the books can be read in any order:Book 1 - LimelightBook 2 - The RookeryBook 3 - The Maid's SecretBook 4 - The InventorBook 5 - Curse of the PoppyBook 6 - The Bermondsey PoisonerBook 7 - An Unwelcome GuestBook 8 - Death at the WorkhouseBook 9 - The Gang of St Bride'sAlso available:The Penny Green Series: Books 1-3 (The Penny Green Series Boxset Book 1)The Penny Green Series: Books 4-6 (The Penny Green Series Boxset Book 2)

The Wife a?? Part One: A gripping psychological thriller full of twists and lies (The Wife series)

If you can’t stop watching Doctor Foster and The Affair, you won’t be able to put down this chilling new four-part series.‘I was hooked from the moment I started reading’ USA TODAY bestseller Sue FortinMichael and Ellie are that couple.The ones who have it all.Success, charm, trust…but no relationship is perfect and the events of the past cast a shadow over their charmed life together.When lecturer Michael starts to mentor a new student, Ellie fears that history is repeating itself. As paranoia takes its ugly hold, it’s clear some things just can’t be forgotten…or forgiven.

Where There's Smoke: Judge Charlie Walden's First Case (Walden of Bermondsey)

Meet Judge Charlie Walden in the first case of six from the novel, Walden of BermondseyIf you like Rumpole of the Bailey, you'll love Walden of BermondseyWhen Charlie Walden took on the job of Resident Judge of the Bermondsey Crown Court, he was hoping for a quiet life. But he soon finds himself struggling to keep the peace between three feisty fellow judges who have very different views about how to do their job, and about how Charlie should do his.And as if that’s not enough, there’s the endless battle against the ‘Grey Smoothies’, the humourless grey-suited civil servants who seem determined to drown Charlie in paperwork and strip the court of its last vestiges of civilisation.No hope of a quiet life then for Charlie, and there are times when his real job – trying the challenging criminal cases that come before him – actually seems like light relief.Praise for Walden of Bermondsey'No one writes with more wit, warmth and insight about the law and its practitioners than Peter Murphy. He has no equal since the great John 'Rumpole' Mortimer' - David Ambrose'Though his exasperation is sometimes palpable, what triumphs over everything is his sense of humour. And it is the humour that makes Walden of Bermondsey such a delightful read. Think of him as what Rumpole would be like if he ever became a judge, and you get some idea of his self-deprecating wit and indomitable stoicism. Add a dash of Henry Cecil for his situation and AP Herbert for the fun he has with the law, and you get a sense of Peter's literary precedents' - Paul Magrath