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Who Stole My Life? : A Gripping Psychological Thriller

A fast-paced, absolutely gripping page-turner for those who like psychological thrillers - such as those by Mark Edwards, Rachel Abbott, K.L. Slater, William Rose - but who are now looking for something fresh and new, with a thrilling twist.[Please note: this book was originally published in two parts of a popular series called 'London 2012 What If?' This free book contains that whole series, now rebranded with a fresh new look!]The story: When James Quinn arrives at work one morning, he finds that his entire office building, all his work colleagues and the company where he worked for many years… do not exist.When the phone in his pocket rings, he answers it, and he’s instructed to take a taxi to a strange meeting in the centre of the city.Confused, scared, and feeling very alone, he agrees, and so starts a mind-bending journey into a different world that compels James to act out everything that’s expected of him by those who demand it.But where is his wife? And who has his daughters?Who are the people now living in his house and occupying his home?And who is the man pretending to be his father, now alive, but who James buried several years before?Is this real? Has James gone mad? ...Or is something even stranger happening?For James Quinn, every day becomes an adventure into a new world, a world which until now was only in his dreams. But which is now real.How can he make it stop, and find his family?Who has stolen his life? And why?PLEASE NOTE: This book is written in a fresh and exciting style which makes it easy to read, and which, for some reason now being investigated, makes the book easy to read by those who have dyslexia. If you know someone or have a family member who has dyslexia, after you have read and enjoyed the story, you may wish to recommend it to them too! It may be the first book they have ever read and you will have gifted that pleasure to them!

When You're Gone (This Dark Town Book 1)

***** "A disturbing, gripping page-turner, it pulled me in further and further until I realised I was going to read it in one sitting.There’s a sense of menace throughout and the narrative is addictive. FIVE STARS***** "There's no messing around with this book, it jumps straight into the action and keeps that pace up throughout. I love that it's set in my favourite parts of North London and there are some truly dark edges to the book."The first book from 'This Dark Town' mystery thriller trilogy.Eighteen-year-old Lydia Stone wakes up one morning in the north London gothic mansion she shares with her family, to find that her twin sister Kate has disappeared off the face of the earth.CCTV footage shows Kate entering a night club in south London on the night she went missing, but there is no evidence that she ever came out of the club, and police are considering the idea that she was sex-trafficked.In the days and weeks that follow, Lydia takes a closer look at her twin sister's life; her modelling career, penchant for fetish clubs, and interesting array of older friends. It seems like Kate was definitely hiding something. But she isn't the only one...

A Life for a Life: A domestic thriller novella - one of them has to go...

Would you choose your marriage or your mother?Shaun has spent years stuck in the middle of his wife and his mother. Usually he can keep them apart, but when circumstances conspire to put them indefinitely under the same roof, he's discovers the depth of ill feeling between them.This is a situation that can only have one outcome. One of them has to go...

A Killer's Reflection

Imagine meeting the perfect man online…charming, tall, handsome, doting, charismatic.You're friends and family love him...BUT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS EMERGES A MONSTER LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.The birth of a serial killer emerges in the projects of New York in A Killer's Reflection. Raised in the midst of chaos, drugs, alcohol, and sexual abuse, Douglass Randall Coleman Jr. didn't have a fighting chance. He learned early on how to use his good looks and sexuality to charm others into getting what he wanted.Even his therapist could not figure him out. Was he a narcissist, sociopath, or both? He was her 'special' case study that would make her famous. Crossing the line between doctor-patient privilege, and preventing future murders would plague Dr. Olivia Reed for months.But there was someone smarter than all of them; despite being driven by jealousy and spite, he was determined to take Douglass down for all the crimes he has ever committed.Meanwhile, the detectives working the case wonder HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE before they had enough evidence to trap him in his own web of lies.

The Text: A short story

**A new short story from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Local Girl Missing and Last Seen Alive. Her newest novel, Do Not Disturb, is out now!**A single text changed her life. Did it end his?Emily Latimer is furious. Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable, as always. She fires off a text to her boyfriend, only in her haste she sends it to her whole office group. In it she says Andrew's being difficult about letting her have time off work. That she is angry. That she hopes he dies. The next day her face burns in the office. No one believes her when she says it was a typo, she meant to say does. She hopes he does. It's a nightmare. But it gets worse - Andrew doesn't turn up for work. And then the police come knocking. Because Andrew Burton has been murdered . . .Praise For Last Seen Alive'Thrillingly tense and twisty, a great read' B A Paris, the bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors'I loved the sense of lurking dread that pervades it all . . . I was absolutely gripped and intrigued' Emma Curtis, the bestselling author of One Little Mistake'Fast-paced and chock-full of twists, Last Seen Alive is both absorbing and gripping. After reading it you'll never dream of a house swap again' Paula Daly, author of The Mistake I Made'Brilliant. Twisty, exciting yet so very real' Gillian McAllister, the bestselling author of Everything But the Truth'Thrilling . . . superb plotting. I could hardly catch my breath between twists!' Jenny Blackhurst, the bestselling author of Before I Let You In'I love stories when you're not quite sure who is telling the truth! This one kept me guessing' Jane Corry, the bestselling author of My Husband's Wife

The Killing Type: A short story from the bestselling author of My Husbanda??s Wife

ATWISTED TALE FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF MY HUSBAND'S WIFE AND BLOOD SISTERS - THE PERFECT TRAIN-RIDE READSusie and her sister have never been close. These days they barely speak. So when Danielle messages her out of the blue and begs to meet, Susie knows something must be wrong. But what Danielle tells her seems crazy. Her husband, Simon, may be a bully, but surely he wouldn't hurt her?Then the accident happens. And Susie is forced to rethink everything. Who is lying?Who is telling the truth?And who, really, is the killing type?JANE CORRY - THE QUEEN OF THE TWISTY READ:'A dark, complex and compelling thriller that kept me turning the pages until the end' B A Paris'Jane Corry is a true master of psychological suspense' Kathryn Croft'The perfect summer read!' L J Ross'Jane Corry hooks us from page one' Jane Holland'Jane Corry is the new queen of the psychological thriller. Don't miss this' Kate Furnivall'Fans of psychological thrillers will be hooked after the first page' Closer'Jane Corry weaves a morally complex, twisty tale' Kate Hamer'A rollercoaster of dramatic twists' Elizabeth Haynes

MULTIPLE MOTIVES: A Kate Huntington Mystery (The Kate Huntington mystery series Book 1)

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington helps other people cope with the horrible things that have happened to them, but she herself has led a charmed life... until now. When a series of what seem like random events—a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time—takes a sinister twist, it becomes apparent that she and her lawyer friend, Rob Franklin, have a common enemy. But the lead police detective has a different theory. He’s convinced Kate and Rob are lovers attempting to eliminate their spouses. And he seems determined to build a case against them.As the attacks escalate, Kate and Rob are forced to investigate on their own. Who hates them enough to want them both dead? And doesn’t seem to mind if others get caught in the crossfire!(All of the books in this series are designed to be read and enjoyed as stand-alones as well; no cliffhangers.)


For fans of Val McDermid, Elly Griffiths and Peter May, prepare to delve into the dark world of The Craftsman with Alive, the ghostly short story thriller by Sunday Times bestseller Sharon Bolton.A dark moon is rising. A perfect black circle, barely visible in the night sky, the dark moon casts its void over the wind-scorched moor, over the soaring mass of a great limestone hill, and over the town that cowers in its shadow. The dark moon is the absence of moon before the slender silver crescent of the new moon appears again and people can breath a little easier.The month is March and the night is clear and cold, black as pitch. The full moon in March is known as the Worm Moon, welcome despite its ominous name, marking as it does the end of winter and the emergence of earthworms from the thawing ground. Dark moons have never been named, although they are sometimes called the dead moons. The dark moons reign over nights when people stoke up their fires, draw their curtains tighter and try to think happy thoughts. In the town of Sabden at the foot of Pendle Hill in Lancashire they usually fail.In Sabden's soot-blackened terraced houses, the sleepers' dreams darken when the moon leaves the sky. Infants wake up cold, mothers tremble with elusive fears for their children and old folks slip a little closer to death. Only the Craftsman welcomes the dark moon. Alone in the town, he is awake, and ready to start work.Alive is a nail-biting, heart-racing, page-turning thriller that will have you up all night and includes an extract of Sharon's upcoming novel The Craftsman. Alive is the perfect appetiser to wet your appetite for Sharon's crime-fiction reads - a gripping tale that will leave you terrified to turn the lights off!

Controlled Explosions (A Paula Maguire Short Story): A compelling crime novella of violence and intrigue

Paula Maguire, forensic psychologist on the Irish border, returns as a teenager in this exclusive digital short story from Claire McGowan. If you love the Paula Maguire series, or are yet to meet the infamous psychologist, you'll be gripped...1998 and future forensic psychologist Paula Maguire is still in school, being taunted by bullies. In particular one girl, whose family has paramilitary links, is calling her a rat. Even though Paula might not know why her mother went missing five years before, she's sure she's no traitor's daughter.But words are nothing compared to what her policeman father, PJ, is dealing with. The hot summer is simmering with violence and the entire force is focused on finding a bomber leaving devices on the routes of Orange parades.When PJ is injured at the scene of a crime, Paula is shocked to find herself next in the perpetrator's crosshairs. The threats at school don't feel so empty now, but what connection could there be? As the possibility of first love appears, will Paula be able to find out in time to save herself and follow her heart?What readers are saying about Controlled Explosions:'A beautifully rendered novella set way before the series began. I was completely hooked' 'Fast-paced and exciting''A great peek into the history of Paula - our favourite psychologist! All very fascinating - I just love the setting'

A Fatal Affair

“Crane delivers a taut literary thriller short story that fans of Jeffery Deaver will devour. If you love dark, brooding characters and domestic drama turned murder, you’ll love A Fatal Affair.” – reader reviewA husband in love with his wife. A wife willing to do anything to escape him. An affair turned deadly.From USA Today best-selling author Pamela Crane comes a domestic noir short story about a deadly obsession. The pregnancy test he found in the garbage confirmed it: Fatherhood at last. But when his wife announces her desire for divorce—and a majority of their assets—Hollywood icon Allen Michaels loses not only his wife, but his sanity. As Allen reveals the gory secrets of his mysterious past, with love leaving him battered and broke, how far is too far to avenge the promise of “til death do us part”? Unleash Allen’s hidden demons in this darkly riveting novella as he takes justice into his own demented hands…A companion novella to Pamela Crane’s best-selling psychological thriller The Admirer’s Secret. “Mesmeric … chilling … Pamela Crane is a new thriller author to watch.” – reader review Perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni's Third Watch and Dean Koontz's The Neighbor.

The Rich Housewife (A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist) (Domestic Psychological Thriller Series Book 1)

Some people will stop at nothing to get what they want…Formerly homeless hustler Bianca Thomson-Wingarden had it all planned out. She found a rich man to get her pregnant and marry so she could give her child a lavish life of financial security she’d carefully prepared for.She and her new husband Elvin Wingarden III, heir to the Wingarden billion-dollar dynasty, have the perfect life. They split their time between their upscale condo in the city and their lavish 17-bedroom mansion in the country. They drive the latest luxury vehicles. They don’t have to worry about money and she can shower their daughter Evie, their little dog, and their friends with everything they desire. The trouble is, their perfect life is about to fall apart. Elvin is no longer the charming man she married. And when Elvin’s mother decides to hire the mysterious Penny as a live-in nanny to help take care of little Evie, everything starts going wrong in Bianca’s life. She gets a terrible suspicion that the new nanny is there to replace her. And why does that nanny look so familiar?A thrilling suspense filled with dark family secrets, popularity contests, and deception.

The Doll Maker (Jack Slater Book 1)

After six months out of work after the death of his wife, Jack Slater is back and newly promoted to the role of detective. His first case, The Dollmaker, a serial killer hunting the streets of Auckland killing his victims and removing parts from their bodies. Can Jack track him down before he strikes again?

Killing Me Softly (Previously published as Live and Let Die)

"Best book I've read in a LONG time!" - Adam Croft, bestselling author of "Her Last Tomorrow." A shocking murder. A web of deceit. A twist even Hitchcock wouldn't see coming.It starts with a phone call - Sondra Ellis' beautiful baby sister, Tracy, has disappeared during a jog along Chicago's snowy lakefront.She's even more devastated when Tracy's mangled body is found days later, the victim of a mugging gone wrong.A year later, Sondra continues to struggle with Tracy's death. Her trauma deepens when she discovers series of odd and unsettling cracks in her sister's seemingly perfect life: puzzling messages, inexplicable meetings, and secrets and lies at every turn.As Sondra continues to dig into the mystery of what happened to her sister, she has no idea she's on her own collision course with life and death. For fans of Patricia Highsmith, Mary Higgins Clark, and Alfred Hitchcock, Killing Me Softly is a page-turning psychological thriller that will keep you up long past your bedtime. Download Killing Me Softly today!

An Imperfect Death: Domestic | Thriller | Mystery | Suspense

The police confirm it was a natural death.Megan believes it was murder.There is another truth…★★★★★ A wonderful thriller that grabs you from start to finish (★★★★★ An excellent read. A must read from a new author (★★★★★ Did not expect the ending. One of the best psychological thriller I have read so far (★★★★★ This novel is an unexpected page-turning thriller ( Evans is not happy. Premature menopause and an absent husband merge with a tedious life. With a suitcase in her hand, ready for a job interview and determined to start a new life, she receives a fateful piece of news that triggers an unexpected turn in her life. Her Uncle Paddy has been found dead in his car.Megan races against the clock to protect the memory of her family and discover the truth of her uncle’s death – a truth that will challenge her beliefs and endanger her own life.Will she be the next victim, or is it all a product of her imagination?ABOUT THE AUTHOR:J. J. Fernández is a Spanish writer who has spent more than half his life living abroad. He gained an MA from the University of Copenhagen and lived in that city for ten years. He then moved to the United Kingdom, where he continued his work as a language teacher in a secondary school in London. He is a lover of Danish crime series, cafés and sushi.