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LOOSE ENDS (A Jason Ross Mystery Book 4)

Mae Ling, a Chinese national, working at Toronto City Hall, is brutally assaulted in her apartment. Newly promoted Detective Dianne Prentice is assigned to the case. She quickly identifies a prime suspect and a link to a string of unsolved murders. Deputy Police Chief Bob Bentley tells her to talk to Jason Ross. Prentice doesn't see the connection. The Deputy Chief does.

Meanwhile, Jason's wife, Shelley McCloud and her adopted daughter, Rebecca Kerzan, travel to Europe. It's been twenty years since Rebecca's parents were killed in a plane crash and questions remain. Her hopes for closure are dashed when she finds out there's no record of the crash or her father's existence.

When Jason receives an anonymous email outlining Mae Ling's research into Integrated Global, a New York based multi-billion-dollar corporation, with a dubious business record, events merge. Shelley and Rebecca are threatened by former members of the East German Security Service, Rebecca is implicated in the assault on Mae Ling, and Jason becomes a pawn in a game between the Chinese and the Chairman of Integrated Global who is trying to tie off loose ends.

Flood Country: When a Drought Hits, the Water Wars Begin

Jack Miller, former Sydney Morning Herald journalist, follows his instincts to rural Dawson to do a followup piece on a headline that read 'Angry farmer accuses bureaucrat of corruption'.

Little did he know what he was about to unleash as he set about helping the feisty old cattle farmer to expose corruption in the water industry--blatant water theft at the height of a ten year drought crippling the Australian farming landscape.

As Jack and his friends slowly unravel the web of deceit and corruption, which extends through the bureaucracy and into the corridors of political power and big business, they are confronted by an increasingly desperate enemy willing to do anything to stay above the law.

Dirty Business (The Acer Sansom Novels Book 1)

Acer Sansom, a British soldier believed long dead, resurfaces, shot in the guts in the home of a still-warm dead man.

With the help of a high-profile British politician, Acer becomes embroiled in a mission for retribution and justice for the loved ones and the life he has lost.

Acer's search takes him from the south of England to the teeming metropolis of Istanbul and beyond where the action twists and turns as the story builds to an explosive climax.


The Acer Sansom novels now number three (nearly four). They don't have to be read in order; they do all work as stand-alone novels. However, to get the most out of each it is recommended that they are read in the order in which they were written

#1 Dirty Business

#2 Loose Ends

#3 Smoke and Mirrors

#4 Deep State (In production).


STOP AT NOTHING: Introducing America's No.1 Covert Agent - Mark Cole

Mark Cole is a deniable operative for the US government, a patriot who is always willing to give his life for his country. Living in the Caymans with his wife and two children, he is no longer fully active, but due to his unique abilities he is called upon to perform a difficult assassination. The target is the Director of the CIA's National Clandestine Service; but after the mission, Cole becomes a target himself. And as the forces against him mount up relentlessly, he realises that greed and hunger for power at the highest levels means that he can trust nobody. Cole discovers that not only are thousands of lives at risk, but his own wife and children are threatened. Pushed into deciding whether to protect global security or to save his family, Cole vows that he will stop at nothing to do both - whatever the cost.

INCEPTION: A Black Flagged Prequel (The Black Flagged Series)

"...explosive thriller in the tradition of Flynn, Thor, Clancy..." - Amazon Reviewer

Daniel Petrovich, the most lethal operative created by the Department of Defense's Black Flagged Program, represents a new breed of covert operative.

He wasn't recruited from Special Forces, law enforcement or any of the alphabet agencies--and he isn't motivated by a sense of undying patriotism or bitter revenge. Petrovich is none of those things, which makes him all the more dangerous. Unlike most "heroes," there's no obvious black and white in Petrovich's world. He sees everything in gray--an uncompromising trait that will keep him alive long enough to pull off one of the biggest coups in covert military history.

INCEPTION is Daniel Petrovich's origin story. The perfect place for a new reader to start the BLACK FLAGGED series.

"Black Flagged lays the foundation for a gritty, high-octane series exploring the serpentine link between covert operations and government agency politics." - Amazon reviewer

Stealth: Book 2 in the intriguing, action-packed Tom Wilder private investigator and international espionage thriller series. (Second edition) (Tom Wilder Thriller Series)

A new technology threatens the world order and rogue Russian Oligarch Victor Zorin has a stolen copy of it ! Can Tom Wilder stop him using it to bring a catastrophe to New York worse than 9/11?

Wilder and his small team have to race against time to track Zorin down - to stop him from using it to blackmail the West. But Zorin doesn't like being chased - he kidnaps Wilder's teenage daughter in a threat to stop Wilder's interfering. Can Wilder get his daughter back and counter Zorin in time to stop disaster striking New Yorkers?

>If you enjoy the way Jack Reacher, Harry Bosch or John Puller tackle crises, you'll love Tom Wilder. So why not meet Tom Wilder today?

Interview with the Author.

Q. Why did you choose a character like Tom Wilder as the main character for your thriller series?

A.Because many authors who write in my chosen thriller genre like Lee Child, David Baldacci, or Michael Connelly have great heroes similar to Wilder. Heroes like these give us writers a chance to weave action-packed stories of conspiracies, assassinations and general mayhem to which our hero characters can respond. However tough the opposition these heroes meet or the situations in which they find themselves, they are the kinds of people with the skills necessary to deal with whatever is thrown at them and they also have that crucial will to win. My books give readers a welcome escape from daily life.

Q. I see you've you picked a background of cyber-warfare? Isn't that something that people read about in the newspapers but aren't really bothered about personally?

A.Yes, maybe, but not for long. Not only is cyber-warfare's potential for huge damage to an enemy now clearly understood, many states are pumping increasing resources and development money into combating it - and Organised Crime Syndicates are doing the same. I realise that my readers may not yet have been affected by cyber-warfare and so may be less interested in it - but they will be. The authorities don't tell them the whole truth about what's really going on right now. Banks, for example, don't talk much about cyber-attacks for fear of panicking their customers. But when quantum computers arrive - as they do in my books - readers should know that there will be no more secrets on the internet; quantum technology can read straight through any of today's encryption technology. But all of that aside, the quantum computer is only there in the background of my books to give the story a plausible way of raising the stakes. And in real life, before too long a weapon such as the Gemini will exist and its ability to bring a country to its knees will be every bit as terrifying as the threat of a nuclear missile attack. And, of course, in cyber-warfare, an enemy's strike can come with no warning - no missiles appearing on radar screens, just sudden power blackouts or worse.

Q.And you've more books coming out shortly I believe?

A.Yes, in the Spring of 2018 and another in the Summer.

First Heist (An Omar Zagouri Thriller)

**Top 5 Amazon Bestseller in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense**

An Omar Zagouri Short Story: FIRST HEIST by USA Today Bestselling author H.B. Moore

Mia Golding, an undercover agent is about to make a handoff to co-agent, Omar Zagouri. But before she can complete her assignment, her cover is blown, and she finds herself escaping with Omar. The only problem is, her boss warned her about Omar and his sketchy history of landing himself in the middle of danger. After losing her mother in an attack planned for Mia, pulling off any heist with a man like Omar is the last thing she needs for her career . . . or her life.

Full-length novels in the Omar Zagouri Thriller Series:

Finding Sheba

Lost King

Slave Queen

Blind Scorpion, Book 1: Iran's Nuclear Sting (Blind Scorpion Series)

(Note: This book was previously published as Mushroom in the Sand, by Farsheed Ferdowsi. Please do not purchase this title if you have already read that book).

Readers of Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Stephen Hunter, John Le Carre will enjoy this fast-paced, international spy thriller.

5 STARS! "Fast paced and suspenseful, it features a surprising range of highly likable characters...a thoroughly well-researched book by a person in the know." - Claude Forthomme, former United Nations worker

5 STARS! "Suspense, intrigue, and betrayal - the game of spy versus spy where corruption, espionage and the quest for the ultimate power rule, governments have their ways, and Iran is no exception." - Dii, Amazon Top 500 Super Reviewer

5 Starts! "I found it impossible to put down. Thrilling, suspenseful as it dove into the world of espionage among world powers. Fast paced and based loosely on world events of WMD's." - Jeff Mattice, Book Reviewer

5 STARS! "Masterpiece! Timely, fast paced and hard to put down. Would make a helluva movie!" - Fred Bowditch, Book Reviewer

5 STARS! "What interests me more is the depth of his knowledge (clearly the author has a passion for it) about nuclear technology and how people can use it to destroy things. In addition to that, we have many big players in the book: MOIS, Mossad, US and Russia, all in it for various reasons." - Ailyn Koay, Book Reviewer


The BLIND SCORPION is a Top Secret computer program for simulating nuclear weapons explosions and the catastrophic havoc they wreak. Dr. Ross Shaheen, the developer of the software, is living the American dream. Between his internationally-recognized nuclear weapons research career at the prestigious Berkeley Lab and his picture-perfect family in the San Francisco suburbs, it's a good life that can only get better...until he is lured into lecturing before an elite group of scientists in the country of his birth: Iran.

The seven thousand mile trip takes Shaheen back to the land of the lion and the sun, yet it also delivers to Iran's very doorstep an important American citizen with a Top Secret security clearance. It soon becomes clear what the Iranians are really after: the BLIND SCORPION. The coveted software is the key to advancing their clandestine nuclear weapons program without the rest of the world being able to prove its existence. Shaheen becomes entangled in a twisted web of espionage, corruption and survival, putting to the test not only his secret knowledge but also the very core of his allegiance to the land he now calls home.

If he lives, Ross Shaheen could walk away a hero.

The question is, for which country?

The Raft (The Barefoot Detective Book 1)

Anything goes aboard the Raft.

The ramshackled, mosquito fleet has no law or authority. The Raft's ships clog the waterways of the Puget Sound, exploiting a loophole in the tax code to thumb their noses at the Government.

But even aboard the Raft, the murder of a young girl cannot go unpunished. It must fall on someone's shoulders to find justice, and that someone, it seems, is Maggie.

Maggie Straight is a Magistrate, a judge for hire, a private policewoman and nanny to the ragtag band of criminals, hippies and burnouts that populate the Raft. She's the only authority the Raft respects. But when Maggie's phone rings one rainy, Northwest morning, it's no Rafter on the other end of the line, but the voice of her ex-girlfriend, Rachael.

In a whirlwind, Maggie finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation, juggling her long-suppressed feelings for Rachael, while attempting to thwart the mainland police's hopes of using the girl's murder as an excuse to expand their authority over the Raft.

When a conservative Senator, with plans to pass a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, is implicated in the young girl's death, the situation escalates rapidly towards an all-out shooting war.

Maggie must hurry to find the girl's killer, defuse the standoff with the authorities and make peace with how an old love affair ended, all before the Raft destroys itself a hopeless bid for independence.

No Harm Can Come to a Good Man: free sampler

A free sample of James Smythe's thought-provoking thriller about the terrifying breakdown of a family in a world that won't stop moving.

ClearVista is used by everyone to forecast their futures.

Laurence Walker wants to be the next President of the United States. ClearVista will predict his chances.

It will predict whether he's the right man for the job.

It will predict that his son can survive for less than two minutes underwater.

It will predict that Laurence's life is about to collapse in the most unimaginable way.

Discover the eerily-believable world of James Smythe perfect for fans of Dave Eggers, Nick Harkaway and Black Mirror.

The Vince Flynn Encyclopedia

Everything you need to know about Vince Flynn's #1 New York Times bestselling Mitch Rapp series!

Hailed as "the king of high-concept political intrigue" (Dan Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code), Vince Flynn's covert agent Mitch Rapp took the world by storm in his bestselling series, fighting terrorism and treason both at home and abroad, and captivating the minds of readers all across the world. This comprehensive compilation of characters is the ultimate guidebook to the thrilling and dangerous world of Mitch Rapp. Featuring summaries, memorable quotes, and other fascinating trivia, The Vince Flynn Encyclopedia will tell you everything you need to know about all the characters you love, and the ones you love to hate.

Epilogue II: A Bonus Chapter to Hidden Order (Scot Harvath)

If you read and loved the #1 New York Times bestseller Hidden Order, enjoy this free bonus chapter.

Memory of the Color Yellow 1-5: Volume 1

Warning, not a stand alone! This is Volume 1-5 in a continuing series of SHORT STORIES. In a world ruled with military precision, a misspoken word has the power to generate enough rage to turn life upside down in the story of a post apocalyptic world on the brink. Steve Manos and his family live in Europe Town, a segregated area where people of European descent live in the Coalition; formerly the United States. The necessities of life are minimally met by the government and everyone works for the good of the leadership. Life for the people is almost intolerable, but that is when change happens. The stories are not stand alones. This series is available free on the author's website. Volume 6-10 is offered now for signing on her email list.

The Milieu Principle

Mike Daniels cared little for close human relations. He cared even less about the environment.

Why should he? His world already provided him with all the things that mattered in life. Things were about to change.

An unmarked memory stick arrived in the post. He hadn't been expecting anything so paid the object little attention. Mike wasn't to know it held details of a plan to resolve global overpopulation by decimating human numbers on the planet. He soon discovers, however, that the owners of the memory stick want it back, and no loose ends. Now his very existence is at risk and he must run.

Using a false identity, Matt Durham, he finds sanctuary in Canada. In this new life he learns about friendship, comes to appreciate the environment all around. He even believes he finds love. So Matt Durham chooses to close his mind to what brought him to this safe haven.

But, when he is found, Matt Durham is faced with a stark choice. Does he run again, or fight back against his enemies? In truth, he has only one option. Matt realises his only salvation lies in taking on the overwhelming odds ranged against him. To do this he must cross the globe undetected, suffering loss and betrayal along the way. He would also have to learn how to kill.

He had to, because he wanted to live. And the lives of billions of other people depended upon his survival.


Diamonds are a Warlord's Best Friend - Oleg Medvedkov, author Let's Conquer Paris

There are going to be diamonds covered in blood as long as these glittering gems fund wars in lands rich with them.

Slave labor has always been used to mine those diamonds for those unlucky enough to live in these lands. Far from being a blessing , they are a curse.

Colette is a successful New York writer whose husband Basil Mortimer is a British Banker. Jealous and possessive, he is bent on revenge when she leaves him.

When a new man Emile, comes into her life, Basil unravels at warp speed and her life is in danger.

Gradually she becomes aware that Basil belongs to a Cabal whose vast wealth comes from this lucrative trade and Arms trafficking. They will stop at nothing to prevent her from exposing their illicit dealings.

The story takes the reader from New York to Tel Aviv and Africa, highlighting the enormous contrast between those who exist in untold misery to provide these brilliant stones for those who adorn themselves with them

Blood Diamonds Conspiracy is definitely for fans of Matthew Reilly and Barry Eisler.

Trust But Verify SAMPLE

A FREE chapter from the newest thriller by Karna Small Bodman!

"Bodman's hard-won information and sheer storytelling talent make this a book to remember." --LEE CHILD, #1 worldwide bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series.

"Karna Bodman's TRUST BUT VERIFY is a riveting page-turner you won't want to put down!" - CARLA NEGGERS, bestselling author of Imposter's Lure.

"The reason Trust but Verify feels like it was written by someone "in the room," is that Karna Bodman was "in the room." All too real and bursting with authenticity." - ANDREW GROSS, New York Times bestselling author of The Blue Zone, Don't Look Twice, and The Dark Tide.

"Bodman's insider knowledge lends her books a realism rare in the genre. Trust but Verify is a compulsive tale about a new threat from an age-old enemy." --KYLE MILLS, New York Times bestselling author of the Vince Flynn Mitch Rapp series.

Samantha Reid, a beautiful and brilliant director of the White House Office of Homeland Security, is enjoying a rare evening away from the White House at a Florida charity ball when a timed bomb mistriggers, sending the ball's well-heeled patrons stampeding for the exits. Reid's investigation into the bombing leads her to team up with an FBI special agent in a race to unravel an explosive plot that threatens the lives of international financial leaders and would sink stock markets worldwide.

The Girl who Cried Wolf (The Inspector Morose Trilogy Book 3)

For four years, Uncle Kenny has held power as Prime Minister and a new election is looming. Morose is still enjoying his Nordic retirement with the delectable Icelandic detective, Dora. Blaze has become President of the Sisters of Misery (South) after Ms. Salamander was elected the MP for Workington and later appointed Minister for Social Services. With Britain's withdrawal from Europe complete, Kenny is determined to protect the UK's new-found independence from his allies across the Atlantic who would prefer a tame lapdog to a proud British bulldog.

Meanwhile, Julian St. James, the owner of, has leaked top secret documents highlighting US military atrocities and is accused of raping a Swedish student. As Kenny refuses to cooperate with extradition and rendition, the US Ambassador warns of a rogue batch of drone missiles which suffer from a software malfunction and could end up hitting any target, not just Pakistan.

To defuse this Croydon missile crisis, Morose is recalled from exile, Dora is seconded to the UK police and Eddie, the owner of Manchester's No. 1 Transsexuals' Detective Agency, is recruited. As well, Morose has to solve the curious incident of the wolf which did not howl in the night.

This is the final part of The Inspector Morose Trilogy and returns to the wide-ranging political thriller style of the first book after the exotic interlude of the second volume.

Sayonara Pixie

Helen is being chased... by who?

Concrete Evidence: Volume 1 (Evidence Series)

"Full of secrets, deadly intrigue and steamy romance. A MUST read." - Elisabeth Naughton, "New York Times" Bestselling Author "A year ago she lost everything. Now she wants revenge..." Accused of stealingartifacts from a five-hundred-year-old shipwreck, underwater archaeologistErica Kesling is determined to clear her name. She's concealed her pastand taken a job certain togive her access to the buyer of the missing antiquities. She'sfinally closing in onher goalwhen she's distracted by a sexy, charismatic intern who makes her want something other thanrevenge. ButLee Scott is nointern. He's looking for theleadconspirator in an internationalartifactsmuggling scheme, and Erica is his prime suspect.He'll do whatever it takes to win her trust and get her torevealher secrets, even seduce her. As Erica and Leestruggle to conceal their real agendas, theone thing they can't hide is the attraction that burns hot between them. When Erica's quest puts her life in jeopardy, Lee must choose between old loyalties and a woman he never expected to fall for.

Closure: Jack Randall #1: Volume 1

When a prominent lawyer is shot while waiting at a suburban stop sign it sets off a nation-wide manhunt for an elusive killer. Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI finds himself appointed to track down and stop the shooter. Not by his superiors, but by the killer himself. As more bodies fall the shooter takes his message to the press, earning the support of the public with his choice of targets and confounding the FBI at every turn. From the desert of Nevada to the urban jungle of New York City, Jack and his team follow the trail of bodies and haunting messages left behind by the killer. With the pressure to find him mounting on Jack, the assassin's crimes grow bolder, and his message more sinister and closer to home. It becomes clear to Jack that in order to find the shooter, he may have to look inside his own past, and become the man he was years ago.

Any Means Necessary (a Luke Stone Thriller-Book #1)

When nuclear waste is stolen by jihadists in the middle of the night from an unguarded New York City hospital, the police, in a frantic race against time, call in the FBI. Luke Stone, head of an elite, secretive, department within the FBI, is the only man they can turn to. Luke realizes right away that the terrorists' aim is to create a dirty bomb, that they seek a high-value target, and that they will hit it within 48 hours. A cat and mouse chase follows, pitting the world's most savvy government agents versus its most sophisticated terrorists. As Agent Stone peels back layer after layer, he soon realizes he is up against a vast conspiracy, and that the target is even more high value than he could have imagined-leading all the way to the President of the United States. With Luke framed for the crime, his team threatened and his own family in danger, the stakes could not be higher. But as a former special forces commando, Luke has been in tough positions before, and he will not give up until he finds a way to stop them-using any means necessary. Twist follows twist as one man finds himself up against an army of obstacles and conspiracies, pushing even the limits of what he can handle, and culminating in a shocking climax. A political thriller with heart-pounding action, dramatic international settings, and non-stop suspense, ANY MEANS NECESSARY marks the debut of an explosive new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night. Book #2 in the Luke Stone series will be available soon.

Times of Turmoil

In this first novel in the Christian fiction series, The End Times Saga, we follow how the Evans family gained their riches and eventually their power to influence events in the United States. We see important events that the Evans family gets themselves involved in: such as the return of the Israelites to Israel, the assassination of President Kennedy, the terrorism of 9/11, and other events that eventually lead to government tyranny in the United States.

Devolution: A Special Agent Samantha Jameson spy thriller: Volume 1 (Samantha (Sam) Jameson)

When an elderly priest suspected of espionage is found murdered, a brilliant, brash, ballsy, and beautiful spy catcher named Samantha Jameson joins the investigation. Her world quickly spins out of control when a shadowy organization kidnaps her lover. Sam's frantic efforts to save him plunge her into a tangled web of dark secrets, double agents, and a shady US senator on the run for his life. Desperate to rescue the love of her life, Sam finds herself in the crosshairs of the world's most formidable secret organization, and smack in the middle of an economic terror group's plot to cripple the American financial system. Can she save her lover? Can she save herself? She's used to fighting dirty, but this time, as an army of spies prepares to deliver a crushing blow to the global economy, Sam may be in over her head. With vivid characters and nonstop intrigue, DEVOLUTION is a wild ride full of tradecraft, suspense, steamy sex, and spine-tingling action.

The Savannah Project

Hard to Find book

Life of Secrets

Alyssa Chambers is rich and privileged by birth, but a criminal by choice. She steals secrets from the powerful and influential, and sells them to whoever pays - and they pay very well. But when someone assassinates a Presidential candidate in an office Alyssa just robbed, she's framed for the murder and her whole life goes up in smoke. Now she's running for her life, hunted and alone. The last man she can trust is the one she can't stop betraying. To survive, clear her name, and uncover the assassin, she must face the truth about her past, the truth about her family, and the truth about her Life of Secrets.

The Last Romanian

Free Fall: A Prelude to Hidden Order

A prelude to Hidden Order, Brad Thor's most recent pulse-pounding Scot Harvath thriller.