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Primary Target: The Forging of Luke Stonea??Book #1 (an Action Thriller)

“One of the best thrillers I have read this year.”--Books and Movie Reviews (re Any Means Necessary)In the much-anticipated debut of a new series by #1 bestseller Jack Mars, when elite Delta Force soldier Luke Stone, 29, joins a secretive government agency, he is dispatched on the mission of a lifetime: a whirlwind race across Europe and the Mid-East to save the President’s daughter before she is beheaded by terrorists.In PRIMARY TARGET (Book #1), we see the forging of one of the world’s toughest—and most lethal—soldiers: Luke Stone. A 29 year old veteran who has seen enough battle to last a lifetime, Luke is tapped by the Special Response Team, a secretive new FBI agency (led by his mentor Don Morris) to tackle the most high-stake terrorism operations in the world.Luke, still haunted by his wartime past and newly married to an expecting Becca, is dispatched on a mission to Iraq, with his new partner Ed Newsam, to bring in a rogue American contractor. But what begins as a routine mission mushrooms into something much, much bigger.When the President’s teenage daughter, kidnapped in Europe, is ransomed by terrorists, Luke may be the only one in the world who can save her before it is too late.PRIMARY TARGET is an un-putdownable military thriller, a wild action ride that will leave you turning pages late into the night. It marks the long-anticipated debut of a riveting new series by #1 bestseller Jack Mars, dubbed “one of the best thriller authors” out there.“Thriller writing at its best.”--Midwest Book Review (re Any Means Necessary)Books #2-#6 are also available!Also available is Jack Mars’ #1 bestselling LUKE STONE THRILLER series (7 books), which begins with Any Means Necessary (Book #1), a free download with over 800 five star reviews!

Shanghai Star: An alternative history techno thriller

‘Lovejoy has proven himself a master storyteller.’ - Clive Cussler It is the world's sleeping giant, a closed society bound by the iron rule of the Chinese Communist party...From the ruthless power centres of Beijing to China's remote, dust-choked cities...from a stunning act of sabotage within the Defence Ministry to the chilling agenda of a lone killer...the dream of a new century has become a sizzling fuse--in a nation ready to explode.Until, that is, an American company called Megatronics, headed by maverick entrepreneur and Gulf War hero Douglas Grant, launches a high-stakes game of capitalist daring that could unite - or divide -East and West forever.William H Lovejoy has publications in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Japanese. He is the author of twenty-five thriller, suspense, and mystery novels, including Delta Blue, Delta Green, Alpha Kat, Phantom Strike and Ultra Deep. A Vietnam veteran, he resides in Colorado and is Vice Chancellor Emeritus from Mohave Community College.

The Shadow Priest

"This is a great beach read." –USA TODAY Network.In the remote Four Corners region of Colorado, Special Agent Nathaniel Arkin, a disgraced former intelligence officer, investigates the killing of a bigoted, vitriolic preacher who was about to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. In processing the murder scene, Arkin thinks he recognizes the modus operandi of a shadowy group he pursued and was on the verge of exposing years earlier, just before his abrupt fall from grace and exile from Washington, D.C. Rumored to be run by a self-righteous, lapsed Jesuit priest, it was a group Arkin long suspected of orchestrating an international assassination campaign targeting charismatic, fledgling fanatics—future Hitlers and bin Ladens—just as they emerged from obscurity, before they were capable of instigating mass murder. Reluctant, but aching for redemption, Arkin resumes the chase, setting in motion a chain of events that could lead to his salvation—or his doom. Along the way, he confronts a question that has troubled him for many years: What creates murderous fundamentalists and fanatics like Hitler and bin Laden in the first place?This is the first of a two-book series.

Retribution: An Alivia Morgan Thriller

“Fast-paced action that never slows down until the end sentence.” - Amazon ReviewerThe Rally for US was meant to be a day of celebration. Instead, that crisp October morning turned into the bloodiest terror attack to strike the city of Boston in more than a decade. And the terrorists are just getting started.To hunt down the insurgents, the New England Special Terrorist Division—NEST—turn to their most senior and capable agent, Alivia Morgan. Ripped from her home and family to join the battle, she had no idea just how deeply personal the fight would become. Captured, alone, and armed only with her years of training and experience in Special Ops and the elite Army Rangers, Alivia realizes she’s in a race against time. Can she escape with her life and stop the impending attacks before the clock runs out?What Amazon Reviewers are saying:★★★★★ ‘David Antocci has written a thrilling first book to what looks to be a fantastic new series.’★★★★★ ‘This is a riveting action-packed thriller that I could not put down.’ ★★★★★ ‘Great characters, fast action and a female hero! What more could you possibly want?’★★★★★ ‘Want a fast-paced action novel to read? This is it.’

Falling Fast (A McGregor and Drummond thriller Book 1)

Some secrets will plunge you into the abyssWhen a woman plummets to her death from the top of Edinburgh’s Scott Monument, crime reporter Doug McGregor is tasked with getting the story behind the headlines. But Doug is already working on a story of his own – tracking down a notorious rapist who has just been outed in Fife and thought to be heading for his parents’ home in East Lothian.Tapping his contact and sometime drinking pal DS Susie Drummond, Doug discovers that the woman who fell from the Scott Monument was the daughter of a high-profile MSP. Digging deeper, he and Susie are dragged into a story darker than they could ever have imagined – one that certain people would go to any lengths to keep hidden.

Any Means Necessary (a Luke Stone Thrillera??Book #1)

“Thriller writing at its best. Thriller enthusiasts who relish the precise execution of an international thriller, but who seek the psychological depth and believability of a protagonist who simultaneously fields professional and personal life challenges, will find this a gripping story that's hard to put down.”--Midwest Book Review, Diane Donovan (regarding Any Means Necessary)“One of the best thrillers I have read this year. The plot is intelligent and will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author did a superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. I can hardly wait for the sequel.”--Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Any Means Necessary)When nuclear waste is stolen by jihadists in the middle of the night from an unguarded New York City hospital, the police, in a frantic race against time, call in the FBI. Luke Stone, head of an elite, secretive, department within the FBI, is the only man they can turn to. Luke realizes right away that the terrorists’ aim is to create a dirty bomb, that they seek a high-value target, and that they will hit it within 48 hours.A cat and mouse chase follows, pitting the world’s most savvy government agents versus its most sophisticated terrorists. As Agent Stone peels back layer after layer, he soon realizes he is up against a vast conspiracy, and that the target is even more high value than he could have imagined—leading all the way to the President of the United States. With Luke framed for the crime, his team threatened and his own family in danger, the stakes could not be higher. But as a former special forces commando, Luke has been in tough positions before, and he will not give up until he finds a way to stop them—using any means necessary.Twist follows twist as one man finds himself up against an army of obstacles and conspiracies, pushing even the limits of what he can handle, and culminating in a shocking climax.A political thriller with heart-pounding action, dramatic international settings, and non-stop suspense, ANY MEANS NECESSARY marks the debut of an explosive new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.Book #2 in the Luke Stone series is also now available!

The Patriot Paradox (Kurt Vetter Book 1)

Ex-CIA analyst Kurt Vetter is no stranger to tragedy and loss.  Swearing off any connections to a life he once lead, he retreats to South America--on a self-imposed exile.  But when he receives a mysterious package of encrypted files from his dead brother, he's drawn back into a dangerous world of treason and espionage--a world he swore he'd left behind for good.  It's up to Kurt to uncover the message that his brother was desperate to convey--a message that could be the difference between life and death.  When the files lead him across the world, he encounters Amanda Carter, an enigmatic woman linked directly to his brother, who just might have the information he needs to decipher what's hidden inside the files.  Together, they uncover a plot far bigger than anything he ever anticipated--a rogue CIA mission to detonate a nuclear bomb. But with time running out and his brother's assassins closing in, Amanda and Kurt must face this alone. With millions of innocent lives at stake, they race against the clock to stop the attack.  If they fail, the results could be explosive.Series Details:Book 1 - The Patriot Paradox Book 2 - Pressed Book 3 - Blood in the Streets or get all three titles in one combined edition with The Kurt Vetter Trilogy

The Fixer, Season 1: Complete: (A JC Bannister Action Thriller)

Contracted for a high-profile assassination...Now double-crossed and on the run.Can JC Bannister make it out alive?Or will the Secret Service and the FBI get their man?Explosive action. - Margaret A. ToddA roller coaster of action from beginning to end. - Amazon CustomerJack Bauer on steroids. - D. TaylorAWESOME. - Arklady9.JC Bannister is a killer. He's killed for his country, he's killed for money. But now he's being asked to cross lines he never imagined - killing a friend, a powerful US Senator, for money. A lot of money.Before he can fulfill the contract his way, Bannister and his team are double-crossed and forced on the run. JC needs to figure out what the right thing is and get it done.If he gets it wrong, he and his team could wind up in jail permanently or cut down by their unseen enemy.Or, worse yet?Branded as traitors and pursued by the FBI, the Secret Service and virtually every law enforcement agency in the United States of America.The Fixer, Season 1: Complete is the explosive first book in the JC Bannister Action Thriller series.If you like page-turning, unputdownable action thrillers, crime thrillers or political thrillers with lots of twists and turns and a bit of humor, you're going to love this series of books. Hitman for hire, assassination, vengeance - it's all in there and waiting for you.Fans of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne, Lee Child's Jack Reacher, L.T. Ryan's Jack Noble, Mark Dawson's John Milton, David Baldacci and Brad Thor will feel right at home reading The Fixer.The Fixer series is currently seven books deep (nine including The Fixer Origins series). 2021 will bring Books 8 and 9 at least, along with Joan's first standalone non-origin book.

The Alexandria Project: A Tale of Treachery and Technology (Frank Adversego Thrillers Book 1)

Cybersecurity super-sleuth Frank Adversego finds himself trapped in a power play between the FBI and the CIA as hackers try to destroy the USA. Only by defeating the Alexandria Project can he clear himself. Data is disappearing from computers everywhere. As the nation nears collapse, Frank Adversego, a brilliant but conflicted cyber security expert, finds himself trapped in a power play between the FBI and the CIA. Only by uncovering the Alexandria Project can he clear himself. What follows is a fast-paced, satirical tale of cyber sleuthing, international espionage, and nuclear brinksmanship that accurately portrays our increasing vulnerability to cyberattack.THE ALEXANDRIA PROJECT is fiction that cuts close to the bone. But where George Orwell envisioned 1984 from the safety of thirty-five years out, the future that Updegrove describes may already be upon us. That's what makes it dangerous, and that's what makes THE ALEXANDRIA PROJECT an important as well as riveting read.- Dan Geer, CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER, In-Q-Tel Andrew Updegrove brings a rare combination of drama, satire and technical accuracy to his writing. The result is a book you can't put down that tells you things you might wish you didn't know. - Admiral James G. Stavridis, retired Commander, U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and current Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and DiplomacyAndy Updegrove's Frank Adversego thrillers are realistic page-turners, making it clear that if you're not worried about cybersecurity you're not paying attention. – Bruce Schneier, of Schneier on Security

Minute Zero: An Apocalyptic EMP Romantic Thriller (Stronghold Book 1)

When the world ends in a heartbeat, suddenly old secrets don’t matter anymore.  But new ones still do, and protecting the ones you love is the only thing that still remains.Two sisters, one a trendy caterer on the run from a vicious killer, the other a country midwife.Because of a simple mistake, Lori Dovner must flee from the vicious mafioso Raoul Saldata, and her life goes from routine day to terrifying journey in a single moment. On the road with her two children, her only goal is to get to her sister’s Montana farm alive.  But both Lori and Louise have been hiding a devastating secret for years.Two brothers, one a Navy Seal on leave, the other a good man who wants to do right by his family.Captain Deacon Hale is taking two weeks to help his brother Roger and his wife Louise on their remote Montana farm.  He loved Lori once, but has finally put her behind him.  Roger Hale just wants to give his pregnant wife and two young children a good life.  He has no idea about the betrayals that have been hidden from him. Dangerous identity.Angela Jones is an FBI agent with a terrible debt that she knows she will someday have to pay.  And when Raoul Saldata calls in that marker she has no choice but to comply.Evil incarnate.Raoul Saldata as a child in Albania, would pretend he was a dhampir, the offspring resulting from the mating between a human female and a vampire.  A myth of course, but the evil Saldata practices is anything but.  And when he finds Lori Dovner, he intends to do a lot more than just kill her.“Minute Zero” Stronghold: Book One is an apocalyptic EMP thriller (with a touch of romance) about an ordinary family struggling to stay safe and find each other in the face of insurmountable odds, an abysmal loss of life and the dawn of a new, post-apocalyptic dark age.      

Concrete Evidence (Evidence Series Book 1)

She wants revenge. He wants her.Blackballed from underwater archaeology after accusations of artifact trafficking, Erica Kesling has a new job and a new life on the other side of the country and is working to clear her name. She's closing in on her goal when she's distracted by a sexy, charismatic intern who makes her want something other than revenge. But Lee Scott is no intern. He's looking for the lead conspirator in an international artifact smuggling scheme, and Erica is his prime suspect. He'll do whatever it takes to win her trust and get her to reveal her secrets, even seduce her.★★★★★ "A first rate romantic suspense debut that combines pulse pounding action with...pulse pounding romance!" - Manda Collins, author of the Studies in Scandal series."Full of secrets, deadly intrigue and steamy romance. A MUST read." - Elisabeth Naughton, New York Times Bestselling Author

Cause for Lament (The Souter Civil War Saga Book 3)

‘Excellent plot, loved how it bought the Civil War to life. Particularly liked the historical detail’ – Marion Waters on Man of BloodEngland. 1650s. As the strife of the English Civil War subsides, Oliver Cromwell is now Lord Protector. But the Royalists are not finished yet …After the shock of civil war, life seems to be getting back to normal for the simple folk of the beautiful Suffolk village of Monks Soham, until suddenly they find themselves faced again with dreadful choices and divided loyalties. The revelation that there is a plot to kill Oliver Cromwell somehow comes as no surprise to Josiah Souter, a former Ironsides officer. He is, however, horrified that the threat comes from Cromwell’s erstwhile friends. Why then does Josiah’s old cavalry corporal Isaiah Yates come knocking on his door one night, begging for a hiding place? What is the secret that Isaiah shares with Lady Anne, wife of Royalist sympathiser Sir Roger Harrington? Why does Noel Kimber, a deserter from the Army of Parliament, also seek refuge on the Souter farm? What of the future freedoms of the people if Cromwell were to die?These are questions that need urgent answers in Oliver Woodman’s latest English Civil War saga, Cause for Lament. Woodman has again produced a fast-paced and engaging story that gives readers a fascinating insight into a pivotal moment in British history.Oliver Woodman’s working life gave him a wonderful training in the written and spoken word. But history was always a great love, as was communicating its fascination. Immersion in the seventeenth century began with childhood lectures over Sunday lunch from his father. Apart from recreating a luxuriant historical texture, Oliver Woodman’s main achievement is to look at choices from different points of view and provide an insight into how attitudes and beliefs reflect the worlds into which we are born and live. Other historical fiction by Oliver Woodman includes Cruel Necessity and Man of Blood.

Honorable Deeds: A Declan McIver Novella (Black Shuck Thriller Book 1)

"... a non-stop action ride that grabs the reader, not letting go. Declan McIver is up there with Gabriel Allon and Mitch Rapp as a prime example of the political thriller genre! ~ Tammy @ RabidReaders.comYears after having been trained by elite Russian Special Forces, former IRA assassin Declan McIver has finally escaped Northern Ireland and reached the United States. But life in America as an illegal immigrant isn't easy and McIver's only option for employment is aboard a smuggler's boat. It's a simple life, he's paid in cash, and he doesn't have to kill anyone, but when his employer branches out into a new line of work, assassination for hire, Declan is forced to choose between his new life and old debts. "Ian Graham writes the kind of stories I want to read. Full on, action-packed, adrenaline-fueled. Keep your eye on this author, he's going to be a big name in thrillers before long." - Matt Hilton (author of the Joe Hunter thriller series)

Remembrance (The Descendants #1)

I was three when I watched my mother die.Now I'm back in Muckle Cove digging into her murder.They say coming home is never easy, but what I'm finding goes so much deeper than anyone could have imagined. Ancient magic, modern politics, and my mother's ghost all point to some truth in the past that could change my present forever. If it doesn't kill me first...

Deadly Sins: Greed (Sloane Monroe Stories Book 4)

It was just another day for mob boss Giovanni Luciana until he took his car for a drive.On a calm summer evening, Giovanni takes his young son Luca for drive. A car pulls alongside, and when the window comes down, the driver is holding a gun. He aims, showering Daniela's car with gunfire. Who is this man? Why has he taken Giovanni? And will Luca survive?Praise for the Deadly Sins series:"You feel like you are watching the events unfold.""Grips you from first paragraph. I wasn't able to guess the murderer until the end.""If you are not familiar with the series, or this author, this is a good introduction." -Marsha Jo, Amazon Vine Voice--> New to Sloane Monroe? There are two book collections in the Sloane Monroe series. The first is a novel series with 8 titles (as of 2019). The second is this short story spinoff series, featuring the same characters from the main series. For information on the order of these two series, be sure to check out the "From the Author" section on this page below.

When Totems Fall (Zeb Dalton Book 1)

"A page-turning political/military thriller with dueling protagonists and a tech quotient high enough to satisfy fans of even the hardest science fiction." - Independent Book Review 10/13/20He believed his breakthrough AI might someday change the world.It finally has.And now 50,000 Chinese soldiers stand guard over American soil.Seattle. Terror Wars Vet Zeb Dalton's bargain with the US military was more than repaid in a decade of sand, blood, and religious extremism. Finally home but not at peace, Dalton awakes to the horrors of a Chinese invasion of the western third of Washington State, made possible by next generation tech completely sidelining US nuclear forces. As Beijing takes control of its newest province, the retired signal corpsman finds the code all too familiar. And more dangerous than he'd ever envisioned.Beijing. Rising star businessman Junjie Zang silenced his fears. Now he fears what his silence has forced upon humanity. Seeking a reversal of his country's aggressions, Zang is on the run and reaching out for help. But hope is fading quickly in the wake of coworker's mysterious deaths and the realization that his name is next on the list.One man must trust his enemy. The other must destroy what he has trusted in.As a completely reset world stage hangs in the balance.As Book 1 in the Zeb Dalton Thrillers, Totems satisfies readers with breakneck pacing, action, and intrigue. Buy now and get started on the series hailed as "Yes... just, yes."***Publisher's note: When Totems Fall is currently available in its second edition (2020) with original and revised content resulting from reader and reviewer input.