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The Love That Kills (Nate Rosen Mystery Book 1)

The case seems open-and-shut. A Vietnamese prostitute has been murdered. The gun of a militant racist is found at the scene. The cops nab him. And prosecuting attorney Jimmy Wilkes has the dead-easy job of convicting him in court.But in the town of Musket Shoals, Virginia, nothing is as it seems. Northern civil rights lawyer Nate Rosen discovers that when he comes to defend a man who hates him. Wilkes soon finds out as well. A defender who knows too much about the world and a prosecutor who knows too little find themselves on the same side following a messy trail of drugs, beatings, homicide, arson, and sex. Odds are, it's the losing side. . . .Praise for Ron Levitsky"If you like courtroom dramas and well-peopled books, you will enjoy this one." Mystery News"First-rate... extremely exciting... unique and unforgettable." Mostly MurderRon Levitsky is the author of the Nate Rosen Mystery series. He is a teacher, and lives with his wife and daughter in Northbrook, Illinois.