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Blood of a Gladiator (Leonidas the Gladiator Mysteries Book 1)

Leonidas, champion gladiator of Rome, is set free from the games by a mysterious benefactor who grants him freedom, a place to live, and a servant—Cassia, a scribe—to look after him.But the benefactor is only so generous—Leonidas must pay his own way and Cassia’s, which means hiring himself out. The sharp-witted Cassia quickly lands him a post as a bodyguard, escorting a retired senator to Ostia.The trip soon turns deadly, as Leonidas and Cassia find themselves squarely in the middle of intrigue that reaches from the slums of the Subura to the Palatine Hill and the emperor Nero himself.Book 1 of the Leonidas the Gladiator Mysteries. Events in this book take place before the novella, Blood Debts.

An Oxford Murder: A Golden Age Mystery (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries Book 1)

". . . characters are colorful, their world engaging, and Dr. Harry is especially charming. Details of food and fashion give a lush touch to the well-painted period settings--Oxford is evoked especially well--and the portrayal of factions, competition, and power plays within the scholarly world lend amusement and intrigue. Ongoing references to poetic theory, the Bloomsbury group, and the dark shadow of Hitler add to the textured sense of place. Those who aren't yet fans of Vandagriff will be hooked." --Historical Novel Review“. . . the well-educated, literary characters . . . are enjoyable, and the plot is nicely balanced between tense action and the love triangle. . . an entertaining historical mystery." --Kirkus Reviews Fans of Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane will love this tale! A stylish mystery is set in Oxford in the 1930's with loveable characters and a cast of eccentric suspects.After Miss Catherine Tregowyn, poet, and Dr. Harry Bascombe, her bête noire, discover a body in the Somerville College chapel, they are declared suspects in a murder inquiry. How can they prove their innocence? The pair decide they must launch their own investigation into the strangling of Oxford don, Agatha Chenowith. But working as a team will not be easy. Their relations are anything but cordial.It is not long before they uncover motives aplenty. Apparently, Dr. Chenowith was not at all what she seemed. As the surprises about the victim’s secret life multiply, they are awash in a sea of suspects.Into this scenario sails the former love of Catherine’s life as he returns from Kenya. Is she going to give Rafe another chance to break her heart? He convinces her to give him a six-month trial, and eager to show his worth, he joins in the investigation. Rafe offers to fly Catherine and Harry in his de Havilland six-seater to the Isle of Man where they must pursue a lead. Inevitably, Rafe and Harry square off in a battle for Catherine’s affections.Meanwhile, playing detectives proves to be a dangerous pursuit. Catherine and Harry shortly embroil themselves in a plot much larger than mere murder. No one wants to hear their theory, however. It contains truths too painful to contemplate. And it makes Catherine and Harry’s lives expendable.

The House of Closed Doors

Heedless. Stubborn. Disgraced. Small town Illinois, 1870: "My stepfather was not particularly fond of me to begin with, and now that he'd found out about the baby, he was foaming at the mouth"Desperate to avoid marriage, Nell Lillington refuses to divulge the name of her child's father and accepts her stepfather's decision that the baby be born at a Poor Farm and discreetly adopted.Until an unused padded cell is opened and two small bodies fall out.Nell is the only resident of the Poor Farm who is convinced the unwed mother and her baby were murdered, and rethinks her decision to abandon her own child to fate. But even if she manages to escape the Poor Farm with her baby she may have no safe place to run to.

Manners and Monsters

A lady never reveals the true extent of her decay...Hannah Miles lives a quiet existence, helping her parents conduct research into a most terrible affliction - until a gruesome murder during her best friend's engagement party pulls her from the shadows. With her specialist's knowledge and demure disposition, Hannah is requested to aid the investigation.Except Hannah discovers her role is to apologise in the wake of the rude and disgraced man tasked with finding the murderer. The obnoxious Viscount Wycliff thinks to employ Hannah purely as a front to satisfy Whitehall, but she'll have none of that.The two must work together to find the murderer before the season is ruined. But the viscount is about to meet his greatest challenge, and it's not a member of the ton with a hankering for brains.

A Code of Love (The Code Breakers Series Book 1)

Enter the emotional, suspenseful Regency world of USA Today bestselling author Jacki Delecki’s Code Breakers spy series. Undaunted by danger or scandal, these intrepid lords and ladies discover true love as they risk it all to save England from Napoleon’s treacherous designs.Threatened by French spies, assassins, and calculating suitors, can Lady Henrietta Harcourt trust the infamous rake, Lord Cordelier Rathbourne, with her carefully guarded family secrets?Cord’s passionate attraction for the indomitable Henrietta hasn't diminished in his four years abroad, but neither has Henrietta’s memory of his libertine past.As England’s new Director of Intelligence, Cord faces more peril protecting the Harcourt family of brilliant code breakers than he did as an undercover spy in Napoleonic France. Henrietta's brother, on a clandestine assignment in Paris, has vanished.In pursuit of the missing brother, Henrietta and Cord become entangled in a web of international intrigue, danger, and white hot passion.THE CODE BREAKERS SERIESMen and women from the class of privilege and rank risk their lives to defend England against the treacherous designs of Napoleon. They confront disaster, scandal, and passion as they pursue their code of honor and love. Read the entire series or enjoy as standalone reads in this best-selling Regency romantic fiction series from USA Today bestselling author Jacki Delecki.A Code of LoveA Christmas CodeA Code of the HeartA Cantata of LoveA Wedding CodeA Code of HonorA Holiday Code for LoveA May Day Code for Love“A Code of Love was like a breath of fresh air in the Historical Fiction category. Not only is the story based on code breaking, a fascinating subject, but the romance that Delecki writes is full of forbidden moments and proprietal slippings that make this genre so fun to read.” —Kimmy’s Korner, Amazon“It was quite a romp between the two as Henrietta had known Richard years before as a dissolute rake and was a very independent female…and the overbearing Richard now had to conduct his dangerous spy business while trying to dispel his bad reputation and woo Henrietta at the same time. An exciting time was had by all as they solved mysteries and wound their way to a happy ending!” —Janie, Amazon“I loved this book. I loved the intrigue and mystery. I loved the history behind these code breakers and spies. I even loved the proper language the author used representing the times in England and France.” —H. Sanders, Amazon

Not the Faintest Trace: The Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries: # 1

A soldier who's seen more death than he cares to remember. A young Scandinavian woman who's seeking a different life. Two missing Scandinavian settlers. A killer hiding in the dense New Zealand bush. This is the first book in an atmospheric and adventurous mystery series.  When ex-soldier Sergeant Frank Hardy is asked to find two missing settlers, he doesn't expect to recapture the excitement of battle. But when luck is all that comes between him and death by tomahawk, he begins to wonder if he's being targeted. Can he save himself and the young woman he's vowed to protect?Live for a while in the wild New Zealand settlements of nineteenth century New Zealand.WHAT READERS ARE SAYING"I'm loving Frank and Mette""I read the whole thing in one sitting""Great adventure story about New Zealand.""The characters are strong, compelling and interesting. I loved it."" Superb debut book!" Amazon Top 500 Reviewer"My forebears lived in the wider area throughout the period covered in the book (and one was killed in the NZ Wars) - so I could have been a very hard-sell, but instead I loved the whole exciting story. I'm very happy to recommend this book and the second in the series, and roll on the publication of the next one." Val Burr, Local Historian, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

The Watchmaker's Daughter (Glass and Steele Book 1)

USA Today bestselling series.India Steele is desperate. Her father is dead, her fiancé took her inheritance, and no one will employ her, despite years working for her watchmaker father. Indeed, the other London watchmakers seem frightened of her. Alone, poor, and at the end of her tether, India takes employment with the only person who'll accept her - an enigmatic and mysterious man from America. A man who possesses a strange watch that rejuvenates him when he's ill.Matthew Glass must find a particular watchmaker, but he won't tell India why any old one won't do. Nor will he tell her what he does back home, and how he can afford to stay in a house in one of London's best streets. So when she reads about an American outlaw known as the Dark Rider arriving in England, she suspects Mr. Glass is the fugitive. When danger comes to their door, she's certain of it. But if she notifies the authorities, she'll find herself unemployed and homeless again - and she will have betrayed the man who saved her life.With a cast of quirky characters, an intriguing mystery, and a dash of romance, THE WATCHMAKER'S DAUGHTER is the start of a thrilling new historical fantasy series from the author of the bestselling Ministry of Curiosities, Freak House, and Emily Chambers Spirit Medium books.

Makepeace and Grimes: The Curse of Three: A Gaslamp Gothic Mystery of Victorian England. (Makepeace & Grimes Book 1)

Who would you choose to investigate the disappearance of three children? A man and a vampire. Of courseIt's 1872.Ichabod Grimes, mysterious defender of humanity, and his vampire friend Valentina, travel to a quiet village in Essex to find the missing children.They uncover a sinister three hundred year plot that will see the return of a long forgotten evil. Who is Ichabod Grimes? Find out now.

Shunned No More (A Lady Forsaken Book 1)

A Lady Shunned by All...Lady Viola Oberbrook only wanted to forget the ill-fated early morning duel that took the lives of two young, wealthy, promising men of the ton and sent her fleeing for her father's country estate. Eight years later, she has her life in order: a fulfilling business, a few trusted friends, and no plans to return to London society. What she doesn't expect is to come face to face with her past.A Lord Betrayed by One...Brock Spencer, Earl of Haversham, only wants vengeance. Recently returned from his military service to the King, his plans include repairing his family estate, finding a bride, and destroying the girl responsible for the untimely death of his twin brothers. What he doesn't anticipate is falling in love with the only woman who should never be part of his future.An Impossible Match, Destined to Be...

A Case of Blackmail in Belgravia (A Freddy Pilkington-Soames Adventure Book 1)

It's 1929, and Ticky Maltravers is the toast of London high society, adored by everyone—or so it seems, until somebody poisons him over dinner. Now it turns out that numerous people with secrets to hide had every reason to wish him dead. But which of them murdered him? For Freddy Pilkington-Soames, newspaper reporter and man-about-town, the question hits a little too close to home, thanks to an unfortunate drunken encounter with Ticky's corpse which he'd much rather the police didn't find out about—and thanks also to his exasperating mother Cynthia's seeming determination to get herself arrested by tampering with the evidence. But a pretty girl with big blue eyes is demanding his help in solving the mystery, so what can he do but agree? Now all he has to do is hide the wrong clues, find the right ones, and unmask the murderer before the police discover what's really been going on. That ought to be easy enough. If only people didn't keep getting killed...

Betrayal: An Ann's War Mystery (The Ann's War Mystery Series Book 1)

About the SeriesThe Ann's War Mystery Series is a series of five novellas set in 1944-5. Each story contains approximately 15,000 words and a complete mystery. The stories are: BETRAYAL, INVASION, BLACKMAIL, ESCAPE and VICTORY. The stories are set four months apart and will be published four months apart, so you can read them in 'real time', if you wish. However, you may prefer to read the books 'as one' after the publication of VICTORY. Please make your choice based on your reading preference. Kindly note that each mystery is resolved within one story, and that Ann's story arc will be resolved over the five books.About BETRAYALWith her husband away on a top secret mission, Ann Morgan prepares for another secretarial day at Trevor Bowman's detective agency. However, this day will be unlike any other. Over twenty-four hours, Ann will find her life turned upside-down as she discovers a murder, meets a handsome widower, Detective Inspector Max Deveraux, and confronts the murderer in a tale of temptation and duplicity.

The Sign of The Blood (A Dangerous Emperor Book 1)

The first Christian emperor faces ruthless enemies on his journey to power."Exciting and original" - SJA Turney, author of Praetorian.Cool mist settles over the legion advancing toward the Persian army. Constantine, the son of an emperor, the Roman officer leading the attack, tells his men to halt - something is wrong.Before long, the battle rages. He frees a slave named Juliana. She is half Persian and half Roman. As they are pursued to Britannia over land and sea, he learns that she can see the future - his future.It is 306A.D., long before Constantine the Great converted to Christianity and became the first Christian emperor.To ensure he survives, he must eliminate his enemies. But who must die first? The priestess, Sybellina, who joined them in Rome and practices dark and seductive magic? Or the brutal legion commanders who surround his father? Or, as Juliana suspects, are those who want him dead even closer?A gripping historical novel about Constantine’s bloody rise to power, the woman who helped him, and the real reason he supported a persecuted Christian minority, a decision which changed the world into the one we know.Reader’s reviews:“★★★★★ I absolutely loved Julianna. I couldn't wait for the story to swing back to her each time!” – Vine Voice, Verified Amazon Reviewer.“★★★★★ This is without doubt one of the best historical novels I have read (and I read a lot !) Excellent characterisation, gripping story, very well written.“ - Verified Amazon Reviewer.“★★★★★ Characters are well drawn and realistic in not being “perfection personified” story keeps moving at appropriate pace, landscapes well described” - A. Morgan, Verified Amazon Reviewer.“★★★★★ I would recommend this book to anyone who has a liking for stories of the Roman Empire” - D. Ballantyne, Verified Amazon Reviewer.“★★★★★ Author Laurence O’Bryan paints scenes with highly descriptive writing that puts you in the scene, making you feel you are right there witnessing the action.” - Robert Lalonde, Verified Amazon Reviewer.“★★★★★ Brilliant book, that pulled me right in from the start. The characters are wonderful, full of life. I was swept up in this tale about Constantine.” Verified Amazon Reviewer.“★★★★★ I have read many books and studied history for decades. This historical novel is comparable to the best such as Dear and a Glorious Physician by Taylor Caldwell.” – Augustine Redux, Amazon Reviewer.

A Brazen Curiosity: A Regency Cozy (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries Book 1)

“A feisty heroine hiding behind a mousy facade…”England 1816 Twenty-six-year-old Beatrice Hyde-Clare is far too shy to investigate the suspicious death of a fellow guest in the Lake District. A spinster who lives on the sufferance of her relatives, she would certainly not presume to search the rooms of her host's son and his friend looking for evidence. Reared in the twin virtues of deference and docility, she would absolutely never think to question the imperious Duke of Kesgrave about anything, let alone how he chose to represent the incident to the local constable. And yet when she stumbles upon the bludgeoned corpse of poor Mr. Otley in the deserted library of the Skeffingtons' country house, that's exactly what she does.Praise for A Brazen Curiosity:“Sparkling with wit and brimming with mystery”“Jane Austen meets Agatha Christie”“Amazingly charming, entertaining & just delightful”“Intriguing, fast-paced and funny”“Adorable cozy mystery & witty Regency”

The Travels of Sherlock Holmes (A Sherlock Mystery Book 1)

In a confrontation with his nemesis at the Reichenbach Falls, Britain’s master detective, Sherlock Holmes, seems to fall to his death.While mourning and memorialising Sherlock, the best and the wisest man he has ever known, Watson suffers an additional bereavement - the death of his wife. Alone in the world, Watson’s only choice is to move forwards with his life and also move out of London, a place where he knows the past will haunt him.While working in a convalescent hospital in Surrey, Watson meets a patient who claims to know the truth and can answer his painstaking questions. The patient, delirious with pain, says he witnessed Sherlock in Tibet, Persia and other exotic locations.Thus begins Watson's hunt for the truth which leads him from the darkest alleys of London all the way to the upper echelons of the British Empire.The Travels of Sherlock Holmes is the First of John Hall's Sherlockian pastiches and a brilliant addition to the Holmes and Watson casebooks.John Hall spent many years in the civil service before becoming a professional writer specialising in crime fiction. His book Death of a Collector won the Sherlock Magazine’s competition for the best new fictional detective. He is also the author of several other Sherlock mysteries.

A Murder of No Consequence (An Inspector Ruiz Mystery Book 1)

What could be deadlier than war?On the eve of the Spanish Civil War murder on the streets of Madrid has become so commonplace that it passes largely unnoticed. For Inspector Paco Ruiz the death of a young woman in Retiro Park has a significance that even he does not fully understand. Battling against official hostility, and attempts on his own life, Ruiz finds himself being pulled deeper and deeper into a dark web of lies and treachery.As well as providing a thrilling and intriguing mystery, A Murder of No Consequence paints a vivid picture of a society – and a way of life – on the verge of collapse.James Garcia Woods was educated at the universities of Wales, Manchester and Oxford. Before becoming a full-time writer, he taught in England, Iran and Spain. He has lived with his wife in Madrid since 1979.