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Five Knives: A Will Finch Mystery Thriller (Will Finch Mystery Thriller Series)

One Reporter.Three Dead.Five Knives.FIVE KNIVES welds the intensity of Jack Bauer’s “24” to the scorching heat of THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST.“The author is a great talent.” — Aaron C. Brown, Amazon Top 1000 ReviewerWhen a man plummets to his death from an apartment tower, Will Finch’s shock soon becomes a nightmare. As he studies the open windows above the corpse, Finch notices a lamp blinking erratically behind a drawn curtain on the eleventh floor. When he investigates the distress signal, Finch discovers a woman handcuffed to a bedpost. Over the following week, he uncovers a conspiracy that ties the murder to a series of bombshells. The victim’s bankruptcy. A global stock fraud. A murder spree that began in Baghdad and is now haunting the citizens of San Francisco. Is this the work of a serial killer, a copycat — or both?But before he can file his report for The San Francisco Post, Finch’s leads evaporate. Within days, three victims are dead. Does a pattern of five knife wounds provide a clue? Can he unravel the mystery before he — and his fiancée — are caught up in the web of murder?Five Knives is the prequel thriller in the Will Finch crime series — a novel that opens on the first day of Will Finch’s journalism career. Everything that Finch learns about crime reporting begins with Five Knives.*** Dear Reader, If you're like me, then you love reading novels by Michael Connelly, David Baldacci, Nora Roberts, Jeffery Deaver, John Sandford, Philip Kerr, Martin Cruz Smith, Patricia Highsmith, Stieg Larsson, Elmore Leonard and Jo Nesbo. Among many others. And if you like those writers, then I invite you to have a look at my crime series. You can buy them all on Amazon, or pick up a free / discounted novel at my website, Writing crime fiction isn't always easy, but it's always a thrill. When you read my novels I hope you'll share the buzz, the excitement and the adrenaline rush with me. Like all writers, I love readers who enjoy my books, especially those who are kind enough to leave a review. Hopefully, you will, too. Happy reading, D. F. (Don) Bailey

The Cavendish & Walker Series: Books 4-6

Books four to six in the gripping, fast-paced, crime fiction series featuring DCI Whitney Walker and forensic psychologist Dr Georgina Cavendish‘So much action and suspense, twists and turns you don't know what is going to happen next.’ Goodreads 5 star‘Sally has a knack for pointing the finger at many suspects without giving anything away.’ Goodreads 5 star ‘Sally Rigby astounds me! How can a person consistently write such twisty, page turning, edge of your seat books?’ Goodreads 5 StarLETHAL SECRETSomeone has a secret. A secret worth killing for....When a series of suicides, linked to the Wellness Spirit Centre, turn out to be murder, it brings together DCI Whitney Walker and forensic psychologist Dr Georgina Cavendish for another investigation. But as they delve deeper, they come across a tangle of secrets and the very real risk that the killer will strike again.As the clock ticks down, the only way forward is to infiltrate the centre. But the outcome is disastrous, in more ways than one.LAST BREATHHas the Lenchester Strangler returned?When a murderer leaves a familiar pink scarf as his calling card, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker is forced to dig into a cold case, not sure if she's looking for a killer or a copycat. With a growing pile of bodies, and no clues, she turns to forensic psychologist, Dr Georgina Cavendish, despite their relationship being at an all-time low.Can they overcome the bad blood between them to solve the unsolvable?FINAL VERDICTThe judge has spoken……everyone must die.When a killer starts murdering lawyers in a prestigious law firm, and every lead takes them to a dead end, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself grappling for a motive.  What links these deaths, and why use a lethal injection?Alongside forensic psychologist, Dr Georgina Cavendish, they close in on the killer, while all the time trying to not let their personal lives get in the way of the investigation.

Waist Deep (Stefan Kopriva Mystery Series Book 1)

When disgraced former cop Stefan Kopriva is asked by an old high school classmate to find a runaway sixteen year old girl, he reluctantly accepts. Driven by guilt over a terrible mistake that drove him from the force more than ten years earlier, Kopriva battles old injuries, old demons and long ago memories as he unravels the mystery of the missing Kris Sinderling...and seeks his own redemption.

Hush Now Baby (Sloane Monroe Book 6)

USA Today Best Selling Book"This book had me turning pages way past my bedtime." - Sharyn Bradford Lunn, bestselling fiction authorOn a crisp, fall night, Serena Westwood wakes to the faint stirs of her crying baby.Bottle in hand, she tiptoes to the other side of the house, sneaks up to the crib, looks in. A wave of panic grips her as her real nightmare begins. Inside the crib, there is no baby.If you're a fan of Sue Grafton and Mary Higgins Clark, you'll love these suspenseful mysteries.A New York Times bestselling mystery series and a USA Today bestselling novel.Praise for Hush Now Baby:"Each book shows her talent as an author. Highly recommend. - L. Smith, Amazon Top Contributor"Bradshaw is a great storyteller.""Believable characters and an entertaining dialogue with several twists." - Bookzilla, Top 1,000 Reviewer"The suspense is consuming!""Very good book!" Warren A. Lewis, Top Fiction Contributor"A fantastic, fast-paced detective novel.""Of all the books in this series, this one is my favorite." - Rose, Top 500 Reviewer

The Perfect Murder: Spine-chilling short stories for long summer nights

Spine-chilling short stories for long summer nights…Featuring short stories from e-book bestsellers Paul Finch, Jacqui Rose and Mark Sennen and highly anticipated stories from Luca Veste and Michael Russell, this short story collection will have you up all night.Each short story is followed up by exclusive extracts of each of the authors’ upcoming titles.Before Noon by Jacqui Rose: A nail-biting story that focuses on the events prior to a safe deposit robbery.Time’s Up by Luca Veste: Set in Liverpool a grisly tale of being lost and seeking redemption.Him! by Paul Finch: The darkest things happen at night… A thriller sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from the #1 bestseller Paul Finch.Wunderland by Mark Sennen: A chilling story based at a writer’s retreat in the middle of nowhere.The Puzzle Behind The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan: A feature that looks at Laurence’s fascination with conspiracy theories.An Act Of Contrition by Michael Russell: when Donal Kerrigan is found dead and the man who shot him has admitted the murder, it seems likes a closed case. Yet, all is not as it first appears as Inspector David Gillespie soon discovers.

The Reluctant Coroner (Fenway Stevenson Mysteries Book 1)

Blood is thicker than oil--until murder is involved. Fenway Stevenson doesn't want to return to the coastal town where her estranged father is practically king. But the death of her mother draws her back home--and the murder of the county coroner draws her into a deepening conspiracy. As the body count rises and all signs seem to point toward her father's oil company, will Fenway uncover the truth before family bonds become deadly?

Crime Fiction: Private Eye Thriller (mystery, suspense series of mystery, thriller, suspense Thriller Mystery, crime and murder)

(8 RED HOT MYSTERIES STORIES + 3 BONUS MYSTERIES = 11 or 601 words over 430 pages Limited Time TAKE ‘EM NOW!) Make way for 8 IRRESISTIBLE, Private Eye Thrillers… This 8 BOOK Randall Stone Bundle brings you plenty of murders, robbery, kidnapping and everything in between!The perfect boxed set for anyone who enjoys crime thrillers, mystery books and, of course, murder mysteriesKill Me Again Lee Coleman's a low life and a piece of dirty, but when his bodyguard shows up at Stone's office his cold blue eyes peering down a nickel plated 38 revolve Stone's drag into another case. When he finds, Coleman's dead he may be pursuing the wrong suspect. Shallow Grave When Stone is hired to pick up a jar of face cream from a Frenchman named Lorenzo Carlos, he thinks it's going to be a quick one thousand bucks, but faith has its own plans. Stone's life is threatened by a cosmetic company owner that has a soft voice but an itchy trigger finger, leading to an explosion that rocks the foundation of the case. All this for a jar of face cream? There's something wrong in Central City, and it's Stone’s job to find out the truth. Wishful Thinking When a carnival employee hires Randall Stone to investigate his girlfriend, a girl is murdered in a fire accidentally blowing a secret wide open. Cold Fury When Stone meets a beautiful woman in the Lake View Bar, she shows him a clipping out of the Personal columns of the newspaper. An attorney wanted to know the whereabouts of Mary Patton, wife of the late, Ben Patton, who died seven years ago in the Philippine Islands. Mr. Patton left a legacy of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for his wife. She hired Stone to claim her inheritance and he meet a man with his code of vigilante justice and Randall Stone’s on the top of his list.Die to Be Rich When Stone's hired to pick up an envelope for Mellissa, it's supposed to be a simple case, but nothing is as it seems when you’re a private eye. On the way back from the pickup, Stone is covered by two thugs that use him as a punching bag. Now Stone carries out his own brand of justice on the streets of Central City. You’re Going to Die Mr. Stone When a Puerto Rican man walks into Stone’s office and tells him; he’s going to die Stone’s asked to deliver a letter to the man who’s trying to kill the Puerto Rican. A guy just released from prison named Tony Ramirez. And when two men are murdered, Stone tries to find the link between the dead men and lottery racket in the Northpark area. It’s Called Murder Scott Braga has one wish, to talk to his son before he leaves Central City and has 12 hours before he goes. He hires Randall Stone to find his son on Fifth Street one of the most dangerous areas in town. When a murder happens, Stone tries to identify the real culprit. Sweet Letters of Death When a man hoping to find a companion or even a soul mate gets taken for a considerable amount of money through a mail order bride he hires Randall Stone to get his money back. Stone races to expose them before it happens to someone else. Tales of: Detective, Police Detective, Police, Murder, Investigation, Death, Violence, Blood, Shootout, Police Officer, Shot to Death, Corpse, Revenge, Fight, Gun, Murder Investigation, Gunfight, Husband Wife Relationship, Fistfight Neo Noir, Interrogation, Police Investigation, Deception Blood Splatter, Gangster, Beating, Murderer, Punched In the Face, Car Chase, Hostage, Arrest, Policeman, Kidnapping, Shot In The Back, Shot In The Head, Crime Investigation, Police Shootout, Murder Suspect, Police Officer Killed, Surveillance, Suspense, Police Chase, Crime Scene, Robbery Brutality, Psychopath, Serial Killer

Shadow Of Temptation: A Prequel To Margot Harris Mystery Series (Margot Harris Mysteries One - Shadow)

When two kids stumble on a dead body in a storage shed the case hits close to home for young rising police officer Margot Harris. Killers are looking for them. Margot and homicide detective Mal Flynn know they need to find the kids and find them fast. Will they succeed in keeping the kids safe, in spite of a heartless betrayal?

Loss of the Decade: A gripping psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming

ALSO ADAPTED FOR SCREEN. A FORMER FINALIST FOR BEST SCREENPLAY AT LA CINEFEST FILM FESTIVAL.A page-turner debut in tradition of Dennis Lehane's Gone Baby Gone and Chevy Stevens' Still Missing, Loss of the Decade is a heartbreaking thriller with crime elements that differ from most. The mystery is earthshaking and the stakes are as high as it gets.A parent should never have to experience losing a child. Private investigator Tom Bennett's daughter was kidnapped ten years ago. As he attempts to find solace, a series of unexpected phone calls lead him down a dark and desperate path.Against the better judgment of his partner, therapist, and ex-wife, he digs into past suspects that he had previously given up on. Vengeful parents? Ruthless drug syndicate he had stripped apart and put behind bars? Or an entirely new suspect he’d missed? One new question, one new answer. Pull the thread and follow Tom on his journey of heartache as he stops at nothing to get his daughter back.

On the Street Where You Die (Stanley Bentworth mysteries Book 1)

Stanley Bentworth is not all that tough. Previously a homicide cop, he drank his way out of a job and now runs a one-man private eye agency. When a wealthy financier needs an anonymous blackmailer found in a life and death situation, Stanley seizes the chance to earn a fee. If he fails, the blackmailer outs his client to the mob, giving the client a one-way ticket to the landfill with Stanley an unwilling passenger on that ride. He knows he must not fail, no small feat given that Stanley Bentworth is not all that tough.

Fighting Dirty: A Jack Lisbon Crime Thriller (The Fighting Detective)

It took just one bad decision to put his whole life in jeopardyTough-talking London Detective Inspector Jack Lisbon now faces a life-changing choice – seek justice or exact vengeanceAfter a young fighter takes a beating for throwing a bout, DI Lisbon makes a decision that will come back to haunt him – he accepts a bribe to look the other way. With everything poised to go pear-shaped, the embattled cop embarks on a path that could destroy his career, or save him from destruction. One thing you can be sure of, ex-boxer Lisbon never backs down from a fight!The twist at the end will leave you breathless!⭐ A story of evil and redemption⭐ The characters leap off the page⭐ Jack Lisbon is a kick-ass investigator who packs a punch⭐ An action-packed page-turnerFollow Jack Lisbon's journey in the upcoming series: "The Fighting Detective"

The Fast Train to the Grave: A page-turning laugh-out-loud noir mystery set in the golden age of crime (Rusty Macduff Book 0)

There's a corpse on his train - and a killer still on board...Rusty Macduff is a private eye with a niche: he only takes on the cases every other detective in the golden age of crime turns down. But this time he hasn't got a choice. The only other passenger in his railway compartment has just been murdered in front of him without a sound or sign of struggle, and there's no other detective on his train.There's less than an hour till the train arrives at its final stop. Somewhere an ingenious killer must still be on board. Somehow Rusty has to find and stop him -- before he can escape forever.The Rusty Macduff mysteries are addictive laugh-out-loud golden age detective thrillers for those who like their crime quirky - loved by fans of Edmund Crispin and P. G. Wodehouse.+ + +THE FAST TRAIN TO THE GRAVE is a novella-length Rusty Macduff mystery. For the first full-length novel in the Rusty Macduff series, be sure to check out THE GIRL FOR THE GOLD ("Joyous, amusing and highly entertaining. There are too many funny lines to mention." --E. V. Seymour, bestselling novelist).

The Notting Hill Mystery

Source documents compiled by insurance investigator Ralph Henderson are used to build a case against Baron "R___", who is suspected of murdering his wife. The baron's wife died from drinking a bottle of acid, apparently while sleepwalking in her husband's private laboratory. Henderson's suspicions are raised when he learns that the baron recently had purchased five life insurance policies for his wife. As Henderson investigates the case, he discovers not one but three murders. Although the baron's guilt is clear to the reader even from the outset, how he did it remains a mystery. Eventually this is revealed, but how to catch him becomes the final challenge; he seems to have committed the perfect crime.

Holy Smoke: a noir heist mystery (Puffs of Smoke Book 1)

Can past wrongs ruin the perfect heist?1935, New YorkThe job simply fell into my lap. A chance meeting. An old flame. A slip of the tongue. Insider information spilling out. It all added up to a once in a lifetime opportunity—a safe packed with diamonds. But a dark secret from my past threatens everything. Could it jeopardize the perfect heist?Holy Smoke, a noir heist short story.

Keeping Secrets in St. Louis: A Frank Dodge Mystery (Frank Dodge Mysteries)

A stolen treasure. A scandalous affair. This was not the assignment he signed up for.Plagued by self-doubt, novice freelance writer Frank Dodge is determined to prove he made the right choice to start a new career. Excited about an assignment to write a profile of a St. Louis institution, his mood is deflated when he finds the museum staff in chaos over the theft of their most valuable item: the original score for Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer.The museum director, worried about news of the theft leaking out, asks Dodge to help find the missing document. With his assignment busted, he agrees. Maybe the anonymous philanthropist who donated the valuable piece of ragtime history isn’t as charitable as she seems. Or maybe the smug head of the museum’s governing board has a hidden agenda. As Dodge zeroes in on a suspect, a suspicious death and a secretive affair threaten to derail his investigation.Will Dodge find the missing score or will the museum’s cagey staff derail Dodge’s writing career before it starts?Keeping Secrets in St. Louis is the first story in the Frank Dodge mystery series. If you like complex characters, atmospheric settings, and a dose of snarky humor, then you’ll love Dean Klinkenberg’s engaging page-turner.Get Keeping Secrets in St. Louis to unmask the truth today!

Sacrifice (Karre & Viktoria Crime Novels Book 1)

A hidden scheme. Suspiciously pat answers. Can one untested leader navigate the thin line between professional and personal justice?Essen, Germany. Chief Inspector “Karre” Karrenberg has no appetite for overseeing a homicide squad. Still grieving over his ex-wife’s fatal car crash that left his daughter in a coma, the veteran detective’s gut tells him to ignore all the evidence that it was an accident. But he’s forced to put his own needs aside when a poor young woman’s lakeside adventure transforms her into an unidentified body. Willing to make risky trades for more information, Karre discovers the mysterious female was a high-class escort. But his attempts to find the dead girl’s client are stonewalled by tight-lipped suspects, iron-clad alibis… and a growing number of bodies.Will Karre’s private tragedies blind him to clues that could prevent another murder?Sacrifice is the tense first book in the Karre & Viktoria Crime Novels series. If you like complex puzzles, dark conspiracies, and thrilling twists, then you’ll love Tim Svart’s intricate story.Buy Sacrifice to destroy a web of deception today!★★★★★ Books in the Karre & Viktoria Crime Series ★★★★★SACRIFICE – Karre & Viktoria book 1DECEPTION – Karre & Viktoria book 2BETRAYAL – Karre & Viktoria book 3REVENGE – COMING SOONEbook collection: Karre & Viktoria (books 1–3)