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Nevada Noir: A Trilogy of Short Stories

*Top 10 Crime Reads of 2020 - Murder, Mayhem & More**Top 10 Books of 2020 - Bedside Book Review**Recommended by Number 10 Bookshop - one of the UK's only specialist crime fiction book stores*In these three dark and brooding short stories, set in and around the US state of Nevada, a cast of disparate characters struggle with greed and temptation, and the cursed lure of easy money... an old man goes in search of his son in the aftermath of a terrible storm, a couple down on their luck make a life-changing discovery and an ex-cop has one last impossible decision to make...In the world of Nevada Noir, no one gets out clean...Are you brave enough to take a trip to the badlands today?

Stranger in Town (Sloane Monroe Book 4)

A Shamus Award finalist for best PI novel.  "A twisted mystery with surprising twists and a fascinating premise." -Sheila Deeth, Vine Voice  A frantic mother runs up and down the aisles of Maybelle's Market, desperately searching for her missing daughter.  But she's far too late. Six-year-old Olivia is already gone, already in the arms of a stranger. Will private investigator Sloane Monroe find her before it's too late?  Like stories that keep you guessing? You'll be up all night with this New York Times and USA Today best selling mystery series.  Readers are saying:  "Page-turning from the first chapter to the last, Stranger in Town brings fiction to the edge of reality." -Chris Blewitt, Bestselling Author of The Lost Journal  "Great story. Bradshaw has put together a first-class tale." - Warren A. Lewis, Top Fiction Contributor  "Hard to put down from the intriguing first chapter to the spine-tingling conclusion." - Laurie Hanan, Amazon Top Contributor "A female PI that's real, interesting, and individual." - Gerry McCullough, #1 Bestselling Author of Belfast Girls

Famished: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 1)

A macabre poem scrawled in blood. A girl with a secret. And a ruthless killer who'll stop at nothing to find her. "Thrilling, emotional, and depraved, with twists and turns you don't see coming." ~Kristen Mae, bestselling author of Red Water"Fearless, smart writing and a plot that will stick with you." ~Beth Teliho, award-winning author of Order of SevenSTARVATION TAKES MANY FORMSAsh Park, a run-down suburb of Detroit, might not be the most idyllic place to live, but for Hannah Montgomery, it's safe. At least, it feels that way until a serial killer starts dicing up women from the shelter where she volunteers. Hannah manages to convince herself the killings have nothing to do with her brutal past—but then her boyfriend is murdered in the same ruthless manner as the others. And the police think she may have had something to do with it.The cops are right about one thing: Hannah is responsible. Because she knows who the killer is. Now she must face the fact that she brought a monster with her to Ash Park—and his appetite for blood is insatiable.Everyone's hungry for something. Some are more famished than others.Dark, gritty, and raw, Famished is an emotional roller coaster and an electrifying debut from bestselling author Meghan O'Flynn. If you like Chelsea Cain, James Patterson, or Caroline Kepnes, you'll LOVE Famished, the first book in the Ash Park series.

The Girl for the Gold: An unputdownable laugh-out-loud noir mystery set in the golden age of crime (Rusty Macduff Book 1)

First they took the girl – now someone has stolen the ransom…In the golden age of crime, Rusty Macduff is a private investigator with a difference. Faced with an oversupply of great detectives, he only takes on the cases everyone else turns down. His speciality is the shameful, the disgusting and the peculiar – and he doesn’t just mean his discounts.Now Rusty’s in a wild corner of Sussex, helping a family buy back their daughter from her kidnappers. But first he has to find out who just stole her ransom.That’s easier said than done when the English countryside is swarming with thieves, kidnappers and killers. Not to mention rival detectives changing their mind and looking to get in on the case… The Rusty Macduff mysteries are addictive laugh-out-loud golden age detective thrillers for those who like their crime quirky – loved by fans of Malcolm Pryce, Rex Stout, Lawrence Block, Edmund Crispin and P. G. Wodehouse.Here's what readers are saying about THE GIRL FOR THE GOLD:"Joyous, amusing and highly entertaining. There are too many funny lines to mention.” – E. V. Seymour, bestselling novelist“Excellently crafted novel riddled with laughs” – Colin Taylor, Goodreads“Such a brilliant book! Loved every minute of reading it” – Karen, an Amazon customer"The writing style is deliciously laconic as is the dialogue and the characters are well drawn.” – Amazon customer

The Perfect Murder: Spine-chilling short stories for long summer nights

Spine-chilling short stories for long summer nights…Featuring short stories from e-book bestsellers Paul Finch, Jacqui Rose and Mark Sennen and highly anticipated stories from Luca Veste and Michael Russell, this short story collection will have you up all night.Each short story is followed up by exclusive extracts of each of the authors’ upcoming titles.Before Noon by Jacqui Rose: A nail-biting story that focuses on the events prior to a safe deposit robbery.Time’s Up by Luca Veste: Set in Liverpool a grisly tale of being lost and seeking redemption.Him! by Paul Finch: The darkest things happen at night… A thriller sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from the #1 bestseller Paul Finch.Wunderland by Mark Sennen: A chilling story based at a writer’s retreat in the middle of nowhere.The Puzzle Behind The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan: A feature that looks at Laurence’s fascination with conspiracy theories.An Act Of Contrition by Michael Russell: when Donal Kerrigan is found dead and the man who shot him has admitted the murder, it seems likes a closed case. Yet, all is not as it first appears as Inspector David Gillespie soon discovers.

The Reluctant Coroner (Fenway Stevenson Mysteries Book 1)

Blood is thicker than oil--until murder is involved. Fenway Stevenson doesn't want to return to the coastal town where her estranged father is practically king. But the death of her mother draws her back home--and the murder of the county coroner draws her into a deepening conspiracy. As the body count rises and all signs seem to point toward her father's oil company, will Fenway uncover the truth before family bonds become deadly?

Crime Fiction: Private Eye Thriller (mystery, suspense series of mystery, thriller, suspense Thriller Mystery, crime and murder)

(8 RED HOT MYSTERIES STORIES + 3 BONUS MYSTERIES = 11 or 601 words over 430 pages Limited Time TAKE ‘EM NOW!) Make way for 8 IRRESISTIBLE, Private Eye Thrillers… This 8 BOOK Randall Stone Bundle brings you plenty of murders, robbery, kidnapping and everything in between!The perfect boxed set for anyone who enjoys crime thrillers, mystery books and, of course, murder mysteriesKill Me Again Lee Coleman's a low life and a piece of dirty, but when his bodyguard shows up at Stone's office his cold blue eyes peering down a nickel plated 38 revolve Stone's drag into another case. When he finds, Coleman's dead he may be pursuing the wrong suspect. Shallow Grave When Stone is hired to pick up a jar of face cream from a Frenchman named Lorenzo Carlos, he thinks it's going to be a quick one thousand bucks, but faith has its own plans. Stone's life is threatened by a cosmetic company owner that has a soft voice but an itchy trigger finger, leading to an explosion that rocks the foundation of the case. All this for a jar of face cream? There's something wrong in Central City, and it's Stone’s job to find out the truth. Wishful Thinking When a carnival employee hires Randall Stone to investigate his girlfriend, a girl is murdered in a fire accidentally blowing a secret wide open. Cold Fury When Stone meets a beautiful woman in the Lake View Bar, she shows him a clipping out of the Personal columns of the newspaper. An attorney wanted to know the whereabouts of Mary Patton, wife of the late, Ben Patton, who died seven years ago in the Philippine Islands. Mr. Patton left a legacy of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for his wife. She hired Stone to claim her inheritance and he meet a man with his code of vigilante justice and Randall Stone’s on the top of his list.Die to Be Rich When Stone's hired to pick up an envelope for Mellissa, it's supposed to be a simple case, but nothing is as it seems when you’re a private eye. On the way back from the pickup, Stone is covered by two thugs that use him as a punching bag. Now Stone carries out his own brand of justice on the streets of Central City. You’re Going to Die Mr. Stone When a Puerto Rican man walks into Stone’s office and tells him; he’s going to die Stone’s asked to deliver a letter to the man who’s trying to kill the Puerto Rican. A guy just released from prison named Tony Ramirez. And when two men are murdered, Stone tries to find the link between the dead men and lottery racket in the Northpark area. It’s Called Murder Scott Braga has one wish, to talk to his son before he leaves Central City and has 12 hours before he goes. He hires Randall Stone to find his son on Fifth Street one of the most dangerous areas in town. When a murder happens, Stone tries to identify the real culprit. Sweet Letters of Death When a man hoping to find a companion or even a soul mate gets taken for a considerable amount of money through a mail order bride he hires Randall Stone to get his money back. Stone races to expose them before it happens to someone else. Tales of: Detective, Police Detective, Police, Murder, Investigation, Death, Violence, Blood, Shootout, Police Officer, Shot to Death, Corpse, Revenge, Fight, Gun, Murder Investigation, Gunfight, Husband Wife Relationship, Fistfight Neo Noir, Interrogation, Police Investigation, Deception Blood Splatter, Gangster, Beating, Murderer, Punched In the Face, Car Chase, Hostage, Arrest, Policeman, Kidnapping, Shot In The Back, Shot In The Head, Crime Investigation, Police Shootout, Murder Suspect, Police Officer Killed, Surveillance, Suspense, Police Chase, Crime Scene, Robbery Brutality, Psychopath, Serial Killer

Eyes of the Predator: A Hard-Boiled Crime Thriller (The Hunters Book 1)

There was terror in her eyes ... He smiled.He could be anyone. He looks like everyone. He looks like ... us.Within hours a backwater south Georgia county will be rocked by two seemingly unrelated murders that signal the arrival of a serial killer in the rural Southland. Hunting the killer and preventing the next brutal murder falls to a plainspoken country deputy and two agents of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).˃˃˃ It's A Race Against TimeGBI agents Bob Shaklee and Sharon Price know that Deputy George Mackey is a natural hunter and if anyone can find the sadistic killer, Mackey can. But Mackey, haunted by his own demons can only wonder if he will be late again. It is his greatest fear.˃˃˃ Written By International Bestselling Author, Glenn Trust!Fans of Law and Order, CSI and House of Cards will love this gripping mystery crime thriller!Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy of Eyes of the Predator Today!

Fighting Dirty: A Jack Lisbon Crime Thriller (The Fighting Detective)

It took just one bad decision to put his whole life in jeopardyTough-talking London Detective Inspector Jack Lisbon now faces a life-changing choice – seek justice or exact vengeanceAfter a young fighter takes a beating for throwing a bout, DI Lisbon makes a decision that will come back to haunt him – he accepts a bribe to look the other way. With everything poised to go pear-shaped, the embattled cop embarks on a path that could destroy his career, or save him from destruction. One thing you can be sure of, ex-boxer Lisbon never backs down from a fight!The twist at the end will leave you breathless!⭐ A story of evil and redemption⭐ The characters leap off the page⭐ Jack Lisbon is a kick-ass investigator who packs a punch⭐ An action-packed page-turnerFollow Jack Lisbon's journey in the upcoming series: "The Fighting Detective"

The Avenged: A Detective Series of Crime and Suspense Thrillers (The Jacob Hayden Series Book 1)

**RE-EDITED VERSION AS OF 12/11/13**Alex Cross isn’t the only detective in D.C.When a calculating sniper opens fire into Dupont Circle's crowded park, Detective Jacob Hayden leads an intense manhunt for the kind of killer that he's never faced before.Meanwhile, prominent D.C. Superior Court Judge, Frank Peters, comes under investigation when an associate is murdered. Judge Peters is known to be a hot head, and the last thing you want is to be on his bad side.Follow the investigations and see how the sniper and the judge lead Jacob to a path that ends either with justice or revenge.The suspense is nail biting.

Quinn Checks In (Liam Quinn Mysteries Book 1)

Ex-con Liam Quinn is up against the ropes. He walked away from a career as a fighter to become an artist, then crashed and burned with a forgery scheme. He has a chance to make amends after four years in prison. But his new gig as a Philadelphia private eye is about to land him in deadly trouble. A shotgun art heist leads to murder, and soon Quinn's on the run from mobsters and the police. Amazon best-selling author Ian Loome brings us stories about a good man who has vowed to make up for his bad choices ... even if it kills him."Wit, action and backstory... what more could you want?" -- J. Michael Orenduff, author of "The Pot Thief" mysteries.His family might disown him, the woman he loves treats him like a brother ... and the brother he loves treats him like an outcast. But if he can recover a missing Dutch master, Quinn can still turn it all around...More than a half-million readers have discovered the Liam Quinn private detective thriller series!(Originally published under the penname LH Thomson)

The Apology

It was just supposed to be an opportunity to make amends. Jesse simply wanted to find the awkward, overweight girl he’d betrayed in high school, apologize and move on with his life. It should have been a 15 minute stop in Miami. Instead, it turns into a weekend of running from thugs, stealing exotic animals, dealing with a seriously unbalanced criminal mastermind, and stumbling on a diamond smuggling operation. Gabrielle is no longer the overweight, awkward girl she was in high school. She’s left high school behind entirely and is living the high life as a trophy wife to an incredibly powerful man. That is, until she learns about her husband’s criminal connections and realizes he might have every reason to silence her for good. So when fate intervenes, and some random guy shows up on her doorstep, begging for forgiveness, she is quick to play along and hitch a ride out of town. Does it really matter that she has no idea who he is? Unfortunately, fate has other ideas in mind. Soon, Gabby and Jesse are running for their lives, hiding from Gabby’s obsessed husband and partnering up with a completely unbalanced criminal who has her own agenda. But neither Jesse nor Gabrielle is prepared for the biggest complication of all. Love. ***The Apology is a romantic suspense comedy novella of approx. 28,000 words***

Sin, Repent, Repeat: TO KILL IS TO BE ABSOLVED (Ironash - Detective Inspector Shona Williams Book 1)

Revenge is best served cold.When Shona Williams returns to her hometown, Ironash, as an experienced DI, she has scores to settle. Justice will be delivered. What they did to her was evil.Trouble is, she's been thrown into the middle of a serial killer's spree. Barely catching a breath between murders, he's rampant, merciless, twisted, and preys on the weak.Will her new partner, Earle Montague, be a hindrance or a help? Will she have time to work on her very personal case? And will the murderer slip up so they can swoop in?Only God knows.*Ironash is a thrilling detective series following DI Shona Williams as she fights crime and seeks her own justice - best read in order.