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When Murder Comes Home (Aileen and Callan Murder Mysteries Book 1)

Ten guests, two murders, one inn. Who is responsible? 
Aileen Mackinnon ditched spreadsheets and a steady salary for the adventurous shores of Loch Fuar in the Scottish Highlands.
Now she's an amateur innkeeper to ten guests. But when one is murdered in his bed and an heirloom goes missing, can Aileen save the inn?
DI Callan Cameron won't have her nosing about, but with another body he has little choice in the matter.
Tension sizzles as Aileen and Callan step into a world of murders, deceit and heists. They might not always see eye to eye, but can they agree whodunnit?JD Robb meets Agatha Christie in this page-turning murder mystery with a dash of romance.Grab your copy now!Best enjoyed in order: 1. When Murder Comes Home2. When Eyes Don’t Lie3. When Birds Fall Silent

The Man by the Sea: a gripping British mystery with a stunning twist (The Slim Hardy Mystery Book 1)

"An absolute feast for noir and paranormal thriller fans alike. Highly recommended." ~~ bestthrillers.comJohn "Slim" Hardy, heavy drinker and disgraced soldier turned bumbling private detective, is hired to investigate Ted Douglas, an investment banker who slips out of work every Friday to visit a desolate cove on the Lancashire coast. There, he walks to the shore, opens an old book, and begins to read aloud.His wife thinks he's having an affair.Slim thinks he's insane.The truth is more incredible than either could imagine.The Man by the Sea is the sensational debut novel by Jack Benton, a classic story of love, betrayal, murder, and intrigue.

Long Gone: A Detective Paul Cullen Mystery (DCI Paul Cullen Mysteries Book 1)

The gripping detective mystery series from the author of the millon-downloaded Emma Holden Trilogy and Kindle Number One Someone to Save You...A missing girl...Natalie Long is missing. About to board a high speed train from London’s Paddington station, she has vanished without a trace. Just two days earlier, things were so different. One of eight candidates staying at an exclusive West London property, Natalie was competing for the chance of a lifetime - a career at one of the world’s most dynamic and mysterious companies, Brand New.A determined detective...For Detective Chief Inspector Paul Cullen of the British Transport Police, the case is personal. Natalie is good friends with his daughter, Amy, who is certain Natalie is in great danger.A life on the line...Something terrible did happen that weekend. And the time for answers is running out. But can DCI Cullen uncover the truth, before it is too late?Praise for Paul's other novels:“Pilkington is on top form with this fast-paced thriller...he has delivered a master class in suspense.” — LJ Ross, bestselling author of the DCI Ryan Mysteries.It's rare to find a thriller writer who can simultaneous propel us readers forward at a breakneck pace and yet engage our minds as we unravel puzzles brilliantly seeded through the story. Pilkington does just this. The One You Love will captivate and keep you up nights - Jeffery Deaver, internationally bestselling author.

The Death Of Me: A Split Second Decision. A Lifetime Of Regret

He watched. He studied. He planned.Every detail meticulously organised. Every detail perfect. The basement was ready, now all he needed was the girl.Grace Dalton was just fourteen years old when she was snatched from Greenwich Park on her way back from school. A beautiful, shy, but socially awkward girl, she would do anything to stay out of trouble and away from her bullies. Pressed for time and her tormentors blocking her usual route home, she makes a split second decision with catastrophic consequences.After facing public humiliation from a previous investigation, Detective Constable Philip Harris once again finds himself under savage media scrutiny when he's assigned to Grace's case. Determined to find her and solve the case to gain back his credibility, his frustrations mount when he repeatedly finds himself hampered at every turn. With no other suspects and the case rapidly becoming cold, the finger of blame points to Tom, Grace's father. Struggling to keep his personal resentment towards Tom away from the case and the press, DC Harris embarks on his own investigations to find who the real kidnapper is against the instructions from his superior officers. But when his digging leads him to a mysterious concealed road protected by impenetrable iron gates he soon realises his investigations have not only endangered himself, but also his family. Pitched alone against a highly organised crime syndicate and not knowing which side his colleagues are on, he's faced with some tough decisions. Either drop Grace's case, declaring it cold and allowing Tom to take the fall, or embark on a highly dangerous quest for her safe return. Time's running out, which will he choose?The Death Of Me is the latest book from Natalie Hames, author of the East End Noir series featuring DS Matthew Connolly.What readers say."I really enjoyed the story lines and got with the characters!! Good job Natalie ,and I look forward to your next offerings !!" ~ Ken Birkett"After the first couple of chapters I was hooked, it is so well written and in such a way that you are easily drawn into the story." ~ LeMilliere"Could not put it down so I read it it in a few hours and wished it could have been a lot longer." ~ Amazon Customer"Right from the start you were gripped with the story. It was so well written you felt you were living it while reading." ~ Amazon Customer"If you enjoy Martina Cole you'll love this." ~ EJ Lee

The Hogarth Mysteries - Two Gripping Crime Mysteries - DI Hogarth Double Bill Set 1: DI Hogarth's The Darkest Lies and The Secret Fear

TWO GRIPPING DETECTIVE MYSTERIES BROUGHT TOGETHER IN ONE KILLER SET…BOOK 1: The Darkest LiesDETECTIVE JOE HOGARTH IS CALLED TO A MURDER AT A SEASIDE NIGHTCLUB. HE SOON UNCOVERS A SINISTER SECRET... BUT HOGARTH HAS A SECRET OF HIS OWN - AND THE PRESSURE IS STARTING TO SHOW...No one saw the killer strike, but a young man was seen leaving the club moments before the attack. The young man has no clear motive but Hogarth can’t let go of his suspicions. He decides to track down the youth… and discovers the motive for murder is far older, and far darker than he imagined.A dead man reappears as the darkest lies of two generations are exposed. One cop takes justice into her hands but another may pay the ultimate price.BOOK 2: The Secret FearDETECTIVE JOE HOGARTH IS CALLED TO A BRUTAL MURDER AT A TURKISH TAKEAWAY. THE TELL-TALE MARK OF A ONCE NOTORIOUS LONDON CRIME FAMILY IS FOUND ON THE VICTIM’S BODY. HOGARTH FEARS THE NEW CASE COULD OPEN A PANDORA'S BOX.  BUT HE HAS NO CHOICE.HOGARTH MUST FIND THE KILLER AND TAKE ON THE DEADLIEST RISKS…Murdered kebab shop owner Baba Sen was beloved by his clientele. Sen gave alms to charity, food to the poor and a smile to all of his customers. It seems no one had reason to kill him, yet his murder was brutal and relentless. Hogarth finds elaborate clues and deceptions all around. The motive for Sen’s murder could be the feud between rival Turkish families. But Hogarth senses a greater threat… and when the name of Atacan appears, his worst fears are realised.The Atacans were notorious criminals, leading a crime syndicate which dominated nineties London, but they were eventually destroyed by the gangs who replaced them. Yet now the Atacan name returns to Hogarth’s life – in the shape of an ex-girlfriend and in the signature found at Baba Sen’s murder. The Atacans were supposed to be dead and buried - but not anymore. Now Hogarth must hope he is the only one caught in the crosshairs…Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Ian Rankin, Val McDermid and Ruth Rendell, Helen Durrant, Joy Ellis and LJ Ross. If you love to read gripping detective thrillers with flawed characters and police procedurals with shocking twists and a noir flavour, then the DI Hogarth series is for you.Readers have described the Hogarth series as pefect for fans of British crime thrillers, Female detective novels, British crime mysteries, Police Procedurals, Heist thrillers and Noir Thrillers..The Setting:Southend-on-sea, Just over an hour from London. A tough and densely packed suburban town sandwiched between the sparkling Thames Estuary and a semi-rural hinterland of fields and marshes. A place where wealth and glamour sit cheek-by-jowl with addiction, poverty and crime. When he transferred to the Essex coast, ex-Met Detective Joe Hogarth might have imagined he was signing up for sun, sea and semi-retirement. But the merry hell of Southend might just have him beat. It’s a good thing this DI doesn’t know when to quit…THE DI HOGARTH SERIESTHE DARKEST LIESTHE DARKEST GRAVETHE DARKEST DEEDTHE DARKEST TRUTHTHE DI HOGARTH SECRET FEAR SERIESTHE SECRET FEARTHE SECRET DAWNTHE SECRET SINSThe DI HOGARTH POISON PATH SERIESTHE POISON PATHTHE HUNTER’S PATHTHE CINDER PATHAND NEW FOR 2021 - THE DEADLY KISSALSO BY SOLOMON CARTERLONG TIME DYING 1-13LUCK AND JUDGMENTLONDON CALLINGTHE FINAL TRICKAND MUCH MORE...

Death on the Marais (Inspector Lucas Rocco Book 1)

FULLY REVISED NEW EDITIONDanger and intrigue follow him wherever he goes.France, 1963. It's a time of great change, not least for Inspector Lucas Rocco. As part of a nationwide initiative to broaden police operations, he finds himself moved from the Paris metropolis to a small village.His new patch might be rural, but it's certainly not uneventful: on his first day, he finds a murdered woman wearing a Gestapo uniform, lying in a British military cemetery.When the body is removed by order of a magistrate from the police mortuary before Rocco can finish his investigation, he realises he's up against a formidable enemy. An enemy who will go to any lengths – even murder – to stop his investigation.A pulse-pounding historical crime thriller, perfect for fans of Martin Walker, Maigret and Mark Billingham.

A Study in Stone: A British Mystery (The Devonshire Mysteries Book 1)

Dan Corrigan wants to disappear.Burnt out by the pressures of corporate life, he escapes to the countryside. But when he least expects it, a chance discovery draws him into a compelling mystery.An ancient legend, a coded message on a stone slab, and a secret concealed in a country manor house: these are the clues that take Dan on a journey into the past, delving deeper into a hidden history.But reputations are on the line, and there are those who want the mystery to remain unsolved.Uncovering the truth might give Dan the confidence to rebuild his life, but if he fails, there’s no going back.Can you solve this very British mystery?Find out when you join Dan as he chases down the clues in A Study in Stone.The Devonshire Mysteries are traditional British mysteries in a modern-day setting.These are cosy mysteries (or ‘cozy mysteries’ for Dan Corrigan’s trans-Atlantic fans). There’s a touch of dry humour and the stories pay homage to the legacies of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle. You’ll always find a mixed bag of suspects, plenty of clues and a few red herrings, so that you could have solved the mystery if only you’d put two and two together.Amateur Sleuth Dan Corrigan is quick-witted, driven and far too clever for his own good. Fortunately, his friend and neighbour, Alan Hargreaves, is the perfect foil for Dan's intellect. Loyal, dependable and with a knack for detailed research, Alan keeps Dan on track, and together, they make an effective team.Recommended Reading OrderA Study in StoneValley of LiesMystery at The HallMurder Between the TidesMystery in May.Praise for A Study in Stone (All from Amazon reviewers):A tightly written, fascinating mystery. The protagonists are mysterious in their own ways. Their interactions are interesting and realistic. It held my interest and I look forward to more in this series. How refreshing to find! What’s not to love? The pace is faster; the male sleuths are quick-witted, modern, and multidimensional. The setting is English. More please.It's the characters that really made it work. Dan and Alan are an unlikely pair, having very different personalities, but a shared inability to leave a puzzle unsolved sparks a friendship. I liked their refusal to give up until the mystery was solved.This was just fun to read from start to finish! I had no idea where it was going, didn't guess the end either. A quick and light story just right for my mood. I hope for more! The interaction between Dan and Alan reminded me of the Odd Couple. Their relationship may seem to grate on each other, but they learn that they do indeed make a good detective team! For this alone, I loved the book!This was a very different story, and well worth reading.

Cold Press: A Gripping British Mystery Thriller - Anna Burgin Book 1

A fashion photographer. A cub reporter. The missing persons story of a lifetime…London, 1993. Trainee investigative journalist Danny Churchill would do anything for his boss. And teaming up with her on what she promises will be the ultimate exposé has Danny’s pulse racing. But his excitement turns to dread when she vanishes and the detectives suspect murder.Fashion photographer Anna Burgin has a secret crush on her flatmate, Danny. So when she feels his pain over his missing mentor, the feisty woman leaps in with both feet to help Danny crack the case. But she’s soon risking more than her heart when a hunt for clues plunges them both headfirst into danger.Criss-crossing the country in search of his idol, Danny and Anna uncover a sinister trail of revenge. And just when they think they know which of her criminal enemies may be responsible, they find themselves targeted by corrupt police officials.Can Danny and Anna break the story of the century before they end up in the obituaries?Cold Press is the gripping first book in the Anna Burgin mystery-thriller series. If you like intriguing characters, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and surprise twists, then you’ll love David Bradwell’s spellbinding novel.Buy Cold Press to put a killer on the front page today!Cold Press is the gripping debut thriller by British writer David Bradwell - former winner of the PPA British Magazine Writer of the Year Award and writer for for publications as diverse as Smash Hits and the Sunday Times. It's book one in the Anna Burgin mystery series. Read the reviews on Amazon:"I loved this book right from the very first chapter. The style of writing gets you involved very quickly and draws you in, so much so that you feel the excitement, the tense tingling sensation of mystery and the shock at 'I didn't see that coming'. A great read and one I would highly recommend.""A very good read, many twists, both leading and misleading - but the surprise ending is a masterpiece."More below...

Shadow, the Mysterious Detective: Murder Mystery Classic

Police Captain Howard was on a duty on a dark and stormy night when he and his fellow policeman heard fighting noises and cries for help. As they reached the crime scene it was too late, a man's body was lying on the street and a murderer has already escaped. Facing the dead end in the lack of evidence, Police Captain Howard includes in the investigation Shadow, a mysterious person who claims to be a private investigator fighting crime. The Shadow is asked to help solving this unusual case, but as the things begin to unravel, it turns out that the Shadow is more mysterious than the case.

Death by Peanuts (DI Parlour Book 1)

Acne-ridden Christian detective, Mark 'Pizza' Parlour, must find the killer among his own congregation when an ex-serviceman slumps head-first into a plate of chocolate eclairs at the Church Council meeting. But the murderer appears to have ascended into thin air. This is the first in the DI 'Pizza' Parlour series.

The Murder at Sissingham Hall (An Angela Marchmont Mystery Book 1)

On his return from South Africa, Charles Knox is invited to spend the weekend at the country home of Sir Neville Strickland, whose beautiful wife Rosamund was once Knox's fiancée. But in the dead of night Sir Neville is murdered. Who did it? As suspicion falls on each of the house guests in turn, Knox finds himself faced with deception and betrayal on all sides, and only the enigmatic Angela Marchmont seems to offer a solution to the mystery. This 1920s whodunit will delight all fans of traditional country house murder stories.

In the Dead of Night (Vol. 1-3): Mystery Novel

Lionel Dering and Percy Osmond were in for a long night of drinking and playing billiard at the old Park Newton estate with their mutual friend Kester St. George keeping the score and entertaining them. In the heat of the moment Lionel and Percy went into a fight which was stopped by Kester. All three went to bed and when Lionel woke up in the middle of the night he found out that Percy was murdered in his room.

The Summer of 66 (John Gallagher Book 1)

The prequel to the Leveller Trilogy. Seconded to a Home Office Statistical Unit, for what he considers a minor violation of trust, Detective Constable John Gallagher is not well pleased. He knows nothing of statistics but the summer of 1966 reveals he doesn't have to.

The Ice Maiden: Gripping crime thriller - British detective mysteries (DI Jack Gilbert Series)

With ice in their veins they are frozen in timeIf you like Inspector Morse – you'll love DI Jack Gilbert - a hard nosed traditional British copper with old fashioned principles and a personal life about to become a nightmare. It's the swinging sixties. The new regional Mid-Anglia Constabulary is being formed and Detective Inspector Gilbert has been appointed to head up a new team. In his last case before the move Jack hunts a cold-hearted killer who is prowling the streets of Peterborough at night. The murderer is addicted to a special kind of pleasure. Young women are disappearing, their bodies frozen. This exciting prequel to the best selling DI Jack Gilbert series of British detective mysteries is by Amazon author Michael Saunders, an exciting new voice in sixties crime fiction. THE ICE MAIDEN is perfect for fans of Colin Dexter, L.J. Ross, Ian Rankin, and Stuart Macbride. Grab your FREE copy today and discover the icy truth.