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ORGANIZATION: Declutter & Organize Your Home (In 7 Days!) The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning, Decluttering & Organizing Your Life! 2nd Edition (Organization, Cleaning & Declutter Guide Book 1)

Do you ever feel like you would be so much more productive if your life was a little less cluttered and a little more organized?With this book you will discover the amazing benefits of decluttering and organizing your home and schedule, so that you can live a healthy, happy, stress free and more productive life.On top of all of this, this guide will teach you exactly how to do this in just 7 days. Which means in 7 days from now, your home can become your sanctuary, your office your field of dreams and your family a breeze!No longer will you have to worry about missed deadlines, appointments or tripping over a stray shoe on your way in the door after a long day. This book will give you everything you need to make sure your down time is just that.Enjoyable, Quality, Family Time.Ease your stress and live a healthier life by following this guide and improve your living and working space in just 7 Days!Learn How To:De-clutter Your HomeUtilize Cleaning Systems to Organize Your HouseDeclutter Your Office or WorkspaceGet More DoneOrganize Your Family LifeOvercome ObstaclesCreate a Hardcopy PlanAchieve All of This in Just 7 Days!>> Download This Book Today <<Kindle Unlimited Subscribers can Read this book for FREE!New Longer 2nd Edition

Natural Anti-Aging Wisdom: Secrets to Look Younger, Live Longer, and Feel Healthy Without a Doctors Prescription (How I Look Younger) (Foods, Diet, Sex, Fitness, and Mental Health) (2020 Update)

Do You Want To Look & Feel Younger Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars?Inside this anti-aging guide from reverse aging expert, John Gianetti, you'll discover:Ways To Make Your Skin Feel Healthy And Look Even More BeautifulFoods That Can Actually Slow Down The Aging ProcessStrategies To Naturally Increase Your EnergyWays To Keep Your Mind Healthy And Alert50 Tips To Lose Weight FastAnd Much, Much More!Imagine how you will feel once you know the secrets to looking and feeling young for the rest of your life...Bonus:If you purchase this today, you'll get limited-time access to our list of 31 things you can do to be happy everyday, as well as our special link to bestselling books ABSOLUTELY free!What Readers are Saying:“This book is super handy and really practical. I like the approach of ageing with beauty and I like how the author has described each suggestion with research. The three quick tips to feel fresh and young, are spot on, and they are natural, healthy and do-able. The information about preventing wrinkles is amazing! I didn't know artificial light has such a impact on our skin. This is a great, informative read. I highly recommend it.”To Read Immediately, Scroll Up To The Top-Right & Click The Orange "Buy now with 1-Click" Button.

How to Make Soap: A Guide to Making Perfect Homemade Soap from Scratch

How to Make Soap **FREE BONUS INSIDE**Soaps, we need them in our lives to keep clean, wash clothes and dishes and for other people, as a decoration in their homes. In the hotel, on the other hand, you are provided for free, which we often if not always, take home with us.Making soap for some of us is not something we think about, it is a process we never thought we will be able to do at home. The pains, time, equipment and ingredients might not be there to tackle this challenge, but here we are, we can make soap on our own! Most of us love the smell of soap after we have a bath or wash our hands, but if the smell overpowers your senses, then you are likely to not want to use that soap again. The smell of soap might be too harsh or just not your type; the way the soap makes your hands feel after washing them is not just right and you don’t know what to do next. But, here is a solution, try making your own soap with this book! With easy steps to follow instructions, the book How to Make Soap has recipes on how to make soap using various processes. The book is one of a kind, containing both cold and hot processes (if you know what that is and if you don’t, why not open the book to find out more about them) of making soap. The processes are quite different and with the right material and equipment, you will be able to have your soap in no time at all. We take you through the process of making soap for yourself, family and pets too. Who wouldn’t want their beloved and cherished pets to smell heavenly? I wouldn’t mind, not one bit. We get to teach you on how to make transparent soap, liquid soap. Though you will get it wrong the first few times, hey it is a learning process for all of us, even experts at times make some mistakes, not always but at times. Take heart, do not give up but take a new batch of ingredients again and get working on your soap, another round. Like in any making process, like baking, tailoring, you are required to have certain attire to protect you from harming yourself, this is included in the book. There are plenty of things needed for this but do not worry, you will have it all in detail over here! The book is a beginner’s guide, you get to learn as a newbie what equipment and ingredients you use during your journey with soap. This book is a handy manual that will teach you:New recipes that have been tried and proven for youHow to make soap in small and large batchesHow to package them and decorate your soapThe right essential oils to useHow to make soap using lye and without lye as wellEasy process of making soap using a microwaveThe mistakes to avoid when making soapThe pains that come with making soapAnd more…So what are you waiting for? Take action, not now, but right now, and grab your copy, today!

Simplify Your Lifestyle: Seven Steps To A Clutter Free Home and Happy Living With Less

Have you ever felt like stop buying unnecessary things, clutter free your house and spend more quality life with your family? Have you been trying hard to organize your living and working space and live with less? Simplify Your lifestyle is a solution you are looking for.The most important thing you can take away from this book is that you deserve to live a lifestyle where you are happy with how your home and workplace is organized.This book will not just give you directions how to throw old newspapers. Here you will learn how stay happy with less.Inside, you’ll learn:Why do we stash objectsBenefits of simplifying your lifestyleHow to organize a kitchenOrganizing the living spacesVarying Degrees of SimplifyingAnd much, much more…If you are ready to take control and see changes for better, simply scroll up and grab a copy of Simplify Your Lifestyle today.

Epsom Salt: Natural Remedies for Health, Beauty and Home

Epsom salts have a multitude of uses to make out life easier!Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Epsom Salt has been the talk of the town for some time. Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow attributed their flat stomachs to it! Contestants of “Dancing with the Stars” confessed to using Epsom salt to relieve pain, erase bruises, and recondition their bodies for the next highly-taxing dance round.For some, Epsom Salt may just be something one would group together with baking soda and borax, possibly. Maybe it would be something between a cleaning agent and a folk remedy. Perhaps it was just Grandma who knew about it but couldn’t convince you to try it. But now, you hear about it in news headlines, mom blogs, fashion and beauty magazines, celebrity gossip, and websites on alternative medicine, medical articles, and testimonies from athletes – you name it. Epsom Salt is definitely making a splash. Many swear by its myriad of benefits. It is said to be effective for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, speeding recovery, fighting off the cold and flu, beautifying skin and hair, cleansing, detoxifying, regulating blood pressure, and so much more. Not only does it heal and beautify, it is also has wonderful uses in gardening, pet care, and even in making crafts.And, to top this all – it’s cheap!This book gives a bit of history and an explanation of the principle behind the use and the beneficial effects of Epsom salt. Here you will find recipes for health, beauty, home, garden, pets, and more. The recipes’ uses are written in bold letters above each one. You will find most of the recipes simple and easy to follow. Epsom salt is actually not a new fad. It has been recognized for its many uses for several centuries. As you turn the pages of this book, you will find many ways to use Epsom salt to heal, perhaps not only the body, but the soul as well. You’ll experience firsthand what everyone’s raving about!Inside you’ll find:•What is Epsom salt and a short history of this amazing natural remedy•The numerous benefits of Epsom salt•The countless uses for Epsom Salt•Lots of recipes including: Epsom salt recipes for health like the Shoulder Pain Remedy, the Cold Cure or the Epsom Salt FootbathEpsom salt recipes for beauty such as the Foot Scrubs, the Hair Volumizer or the Lip SmootherEpsom salt recipes for the home like the Cookware Cleaner or the Laundry DetergentEpsom salt recipes for the garden like the Lawn FertilizerEpsom salt recipes for your pets like the Itch Reliever for DogsRead on your favorite devices such as Kindle, IPhone, IPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App.Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!