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Calm Down!: Step-by-Step to a Calm, Relaxed, and Brilliant Family Dog (Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog Book 1)

Is your dog driving you mad? Learn how to     • find your dog’s off-switch     • enjoy a calm visit to a cafe or pub     • reach your dog’s mind without losing yours     • enjoy your dog again!Instead of saying “This is what you do,” then leaving you to it, Beverley takes you by the hand and troubleshoots all the games so that you can get them absolutely right. And the joy is that this is all achieved without shouting, force, or intimidation. Just pure undiluted fun!There’s no strange jargon, no “Thou shalt not’s”, and every time you get stuck, another solution pops up. Her years of experience in face-to-face classes as well as her online programs shine through. Having taught thousands of new owners how to work with their puppies and dogs - entirely without force - Beverley knows just what you’re up against!Get Book 1 in the series of Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog and learn how to get what you want from your dog, as it sends him off to sleep for you - zzzzzz!

Understanding Dog Language - 50 Points

Dogs are constantly communicating with their masters and fellow creatures. A look, a pose, a movement of the ears or tail: their entire beings express their feelings. Get to know your dog better through 50 detailed poses. They will be useful to you on a daily basis but also when training your dog.

Dog Training: Strategic Dog Training Tips For A Well-Trained, Obedient, and Happy Dog (Dog Training Books Book 1)

What Would It Mean To You To Have An Obedient, Well-Behaved Dog?Your canine friend deserves the best. Why not make sure you give him/her the best possible life through the incredible gift of proper training and discipline. Imagine how proud you will feel when guests arrive at your house and tell you, "I've never seen a dog that was so well-behaved".Have the best possible relationship with your dog by properly training your dog. The key to any great and fulfilling relationship is respect and communication. With proper dog obedience training your dog will know what is expected of them and learn to act accordingly. By understanding your dog's behavior you will better understand what your dog expects from you. This shared understanding, respect, and communication will form an amazing bond that will last a lifetime.This book was designed as a collection of dog training tips as a brief introduction to dog training for beginners. If you are already experienced in training dogs then you are already applying the tips and techniques in this book. If on the other hand, you are new to training your dog, then the tips in this book will serve you well. If you are interested in more in-depth coverage of dog training and dog care, please check out my other more advanced books in my Dog Training Books series.Here is just a sampling of the useful information you will learn in this book:Controlling Your Dog's Aggression - Learn what triggers your dog's aggressive behavior and use that knowledge to control your dog's aggression.How To Stop Destructive Chewing - Save your sanity as well as your shoes, couch, pillows, etc. by learning how to stop your dog's destructive chewing habits.Clicker Training Basics - Find out why clicker training is so effective and learn the basics of clicker training.Control Your Dog's Destructive Digging - Learn why your dog digs up your yard and how to control it..... And much more.You Can Read this book on your PC, Mac, Kindle device, Tablet, and even your SmartPhone!Download this Kindle book and train your dog to be the obedient, well-behaved dog you've always dreamed of!

Dog Training: 10 Steps To A Perfect Dog

Own a dog or new puppy and looking for a quick and easy to read dog training guide? Learn 10 easy steps to training the perfect dog now! Training your dog doesn’t have to be a pain. Inside we guide you through some of the best training tips and exercises to make your pup that much more amazing! These training tips and instruction were written by an actual professional dog trainer so get started training your dog today. Here’s What You Will Learn Inside: • Stopping Your Dog From Chewing • House Training • Stopping The Dog From Pulling On The Leash • Fun Dog Tricks • Stopping Barking • Dealing With Over Excitement • Behaving At The Vet • Car Manners • And Much More! Click 'Add to Cart' now!

The Cat Rescue Diaries: 56 True Life Stories of Cats Who Found Their Forever Homes, and the People Who Saved Them

Thousands of years ago, a cat purred, and humans listened. We were fascinated. Today, we're still fascinated by the purr, but in many cases, we've let our feline companions down. There are millions of homeless and hungry cats. These are but a few of the stories of the lucky ones, rescued from bad situations and given a place on easy street.You'll be inspired, you'll be awed, and you'll say "awww" over stories about cats like these:Ms. Sammy, the cat delivered to her "furever" home by the coroner.Lima, the kitty with a horribly infected tail, but who never stopped purring in appreciation of her human's efforts to help her get well.Hanuko, the rescue with two human mommies.From tales of cats rescued from a warehouse, a barn, and even a coffee can, to heartwarming stories of feline determination and human compassion, every story in The Cat Rescue Diaries is evidence of what happens when good people seek out the purr and find their "purrfect" feline match.

The Lost Lamb on Honeysuckle Lane: a free eBook short story and part of the Animal Ark Revisited series

**Summer Days at Sunrise Farm, the new book in the Animal Ark revisited series, is currently available for pre-order!**It's summertime in the little village of Welford. The sun beams down on the rolling green Yorkshire hills, and the scent of freshly cut grass is in the air. Local vet Mandy Hope and her boyfriend Jimmy Marsh are happily setting up their new home, and life at animal rescue centre Hope Meadows is as busy as ever. When the Welford Garden Committee announces a Midsummer Fair, Mandy is thrilled to be invited to judge the animal-themed fancy dress competition. The whole of Welford turns out for the fair, and the fancy dress competition is a roaring success. Three-year-old Herbie and eighteen-month-old Kiran come as Bo Beep and her lost sheep and Mandy can't help but melt. Maybe having children of her own isn't such a ridiculous idea after all? But in the euphoric mayhem of the day, little Kiran goes missing and a frantic search ensures. When the lost lamb is rumoured to have been seen on nearby Honeysuckle Lane, it's all hands on deck to solve the mystery and restore him to his rightful home. Based on the bestselling Animal Ark series, this is the perfect read for fans of Lily Graham, Heidi Swain and Holly Martin. Why readers are falling in love with the Animal Ark Revisited series:'A stunning, emotional, beautiful tale of friendship, love, and the importance of being who you need to be' Books of All Kinds 'A wonderful, heart-warming story... I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough!' With Love For Books'Such a wonderfully warm and cosy read - you can curl up and lose yourself in a gorgeous story full of animals in a lovely village.' Bookworms and Shutterbugs'I was enchanted... a wonderful story; one that I completely loved' Rachel's Random Reads'A gorgeous book to curl up with' Shaz's Book Blog'I LOVED this book! I couldn't give it anything less than a 5-star review' Netgalley, 5 stars

How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide: Hand-on tips and advice from 24 dog trainers (Puppy Training: The New Method Book 1)

I'll tell you what to do in my four puppy training books and what to expect when you have a puppy. In this 1st book, How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide, I will teach you how to potty train your puppy the fastest way. Important: If you buy this ebook now you will also get access to the audiobook of How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide for free (temporary free promotion).If you want to have your puppy potty trained the fastest way ... then keep reading ...The biggest problem in puppy training is everybody keeps telling you different things. In the end, you just don't know what to do.Your neighbor claims he got his puppy house-trained in three days.You just read an internet article that states you can get your puppy house-trained in less than two weeks.And this book will probably tell you something else in turn…So what advice should you follow — and why?Well, this book is written in cooperation with 24 professional dog trainers.This book is translated into English because of its popularity and amazing customer reviews in The Netherlands.In this book, you will discover:The 11 factors that influence the pace at which your pup will become house-trained.What you definitely shouldn’t do when your puppy pees or poops insideWhether or not you should close the dog crate the first nightWhat you should do when you puppy squeals and barks in the dog crateWhat you should do when you puppy wets its blanket in the dog crateHow you can prevent your puppy peeing indoors right after returning home from a walkWhat you should do when your puppy pees or poops insideWhether you should feed your puppy before or after a walk and why this is extremely important for health issuesHow you can potty train your puppy in an apartmentWhether or not you should use newspapers and puppy pads and whyI also give you our popular feeding, walking and resting schedule for your puppy where I will tell you what to do and what to expect from 07:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.And much more ...Is this book right for me?Even if you don't like reading books (like me) then this is still a good read for you. This book is only 15.000 words which means you can finish it within 90 minutes. Furthermore, it contains many beautiful images what will enhance the usability of reading the book.Even if you have had dogs your entire life it is still good to read up to date puppy training books because techniques are changing fast. Please don't use tactics from 10-20 years ago.This book is not a good fit for you if:If you want to learn how to teach your dogs tricks like sit or down this is not the book for you as you will learn this at a puppy training class (very important)Lastly if you're still not convinced about reading my book, How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide, one of the biggest advantages of choosing this book is you get direct access to my, the author of this book. You can email me whenever you want with your questions. I will answer each and every one of them. You will find my email address in the book.If you want to potty train your puppy the fastest way with our new puppy training method, then scroll up and click the Buy now with 1-click button to get your book instantly. If you buy this ebook now you will also get access to the audiobook of How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide for free.

365 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Your Cat (Fascinating Cat Facts Book 1)

Do you want to know more about your cat?If yes is the answer......then you need the facts presented in this book.But what can you discover here?With the material presented here, you will find your questions answered in quick bites of cat info. With a little pussyfooting, you too can find out what it means to be a cat - or as close as a human can get. So the question remains, do you want to know more? If so, read ahead. In this book, you will explore:The world’s oldest cat and other stunning records.Weird and wonderful feline myths and superstitions.Strange kitty behavior.Why cats groom so much - many reasons here.How some felines can fall from great heights and survive.Can cats really see in total darkness?The first domesticated cats.Kitty love and cats mating.Do cats have a sixth sense? If so, what is it?What kitties are made of - it’s more than you think.How cats affect us - lots of positives here.Fighting felines and how it all goes down.And much more!Take a look inside.Then click the “Buy now” button and start reading all about cats today!What are you waiting for?

Two Legs, Three Legs, Four Legs: Adventures from Duncan the Canine Tripod and His Friends (The Rescue Dogs Book 2)

Would you like to meet them?All rescue dogs, all with different backgrounds and personalities, but together they made up my Gang of Four and were a part of my life for many years.Seamus - 'Head Boy' - once tied to a hedge and abandoned.Shannon - The Beauty - previously owned by a child abuser.Minnie - The Maiden Aunt - condemned as being 'unhomable'.And Duncan - The Canine Tripod - who came to live with me at eight months old, three days after he had a leg amputated.'Two Legs, Three Legs, Four Legs' is a short collection of stories to introduce you to my lovely adopted Boys and Girls, and particularly Duncan, the eternal puppy.It's only a short book, but I hope you enjoy it enough to want to know more.All the Best,Katie

Dog Training For Beginners: Your Final Guide on How to Raise A Well-Behaved and Skilled Puppy. Essential Strategies For Beginners and First Time Dog Owners

What Every New Dog Owner Ought to Know About Dog Training?Discover A Surprisingly Simple Way to Raise Disciplined and Well-Behaved Dog!Are you a first-time dog owner who is looking for proven training advice to training all by yourself?Would you like to train your dog's behavior manners, how to bring you things, and how to follow commands you give him?Or maybe you even want to take your coaching to the next level and teach tricks that are cool and valuable in life?If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, please read on…Dog training doesn't have to be difficult.And for sure, you don't need to hire an expensive trainer to teach your dog commands and tricks that are crucial and valuable.It's a process you and your puppy have to go through together, have a great time and feel each other's emotions, and build a strong relationship with each other.Is that what you are looking for?Take a look at what's inside:• Arrival day advice – where to start? (crucial chapter for first-time dog owners and complete beginners to dog training)• What are dog training's proven benefits, and why you must train your dog from a young age?• How to interact with your puppy and develop that mental connection you are looking for?• How does your puppy think? (understand the psychology behind his behavior and the easiest way to influence it)• 5 important basic commands you must teach your dog and proven step-by-step strategies on how to do it• How to teach your puppy routines like house rules, potty routine, eating routine, and others? (this is how you raise a disciplined and well-behaved dog)• How to correct bad behavior? (practical advice and step-by-step training on how to correct bad dog behavior pattern or stop it from developing)• Much much more…And keep in mind that this book is perfect for complete beginners as well as more advanced dog trainers who want to renew their skills or just brought home a new puppy!So don't wait, scroll up, click on "Buy Now," and Enjoy Your First Dog Training Journey!

Animal Afterlife: In Their Own Words

“Afterlife IS life. Period.” --Bishop, American Bulldog-- Is it possible for an animal to be one’s soulmate? “It is not only possible. It simply IS!” --Hamilton, Shar Pei-- Leta’s gifts and teachings have shown me that the pain we experience in life through extreme loss can be just the beginning of an even greater awakening that replaces our pain with peace and a higher understanding. --K. Ivens-- I contacted Leta soon after my fur baby Sandy Girl’s passing, and she assisted in helping with her transition. Our communications with Sandy assured me that she was healthy, happy and always with me. Thanks for your many talents Leta. --C. Johnson-- “It is, really and truly, 'Heavenly' to be in this state, have one’s eyes opened again, see life for what it is, not be worrying about managing a body. It is so beautiful!” --Conan, German Shepherd-- After almost 20 years of animal communication work and spiritual exploration, the author found herself suddenly and inexplicably inundated with requests to communicate with animals who were either in the throes of death and dying or who had already passed over. This sea change in Leta’s practice became the framework for helping clients devastated by the loss of a special animal better understand life after death and find peace and solace. Listen to the animals while they share with us how we do not cease to exist when we cross the Rainbow Bridge, and how we can never really be separated from those we love.

Rose: An Avery Barks Dog Mystery (Avery Barks Cozy Dog Mysteries Book 9)

Search and Rescue training can be murder...Avery Barks, a volunteer search and rescue dog trainer, is ready for another fun filled summer. With her fun-loving golden retriever Chevy by her side, all seems to be coming together nicely for Avery – lots of flowers to plant at the cabin, a potential new SAR team member, and a good looking boyfriend that's easy to get along with.She soon discovers that she should be careful who she allows to team practices. Before the training is over, a stranger's secrets have everyone up in arms.As her boyfriend hides secrets of his own, she and Chevy find themselves at the center of a potentially dangerous mystery. ROSE is a standalone story in Mary Hiker's laugh-out-loud Avery Barks series. With fun characters, lots of twists and turns, and lovable dogs, it's easy to see why people enjoy these books. Amazon Reviews About Mary Hiker"Always enjoy a Mary Hiker story.""I am a huge dog lover and Mary Hiker's books were fun to read.""I will be buying more from this author!"

Toby's Tails (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 1)

Now with full colour photographs. Set in the French countryside, Toby's Tails relates the first year in the life of the author's Border Collie, starting with his earliest recollections on the farm where he was born. His life changes when Susan Keefe adopts Toby and he bonds with his new human family, their goat, Molly, and Lucky, the old Golden Retriever who becomes Toby's mentor. Toby's lessons about the world around him include the changing of the seasons, his interaction with other animals, and what he learns from them about birth, death and other inevitable life events. "Based on her experiences as an animal lover and smallholder, and featuring her own animals, the author has created in 'Toby's Tails' an enchanting book to educate children about the needs of animals and the importance of kindness to all living creatures. In this delightful story, Toby the lovable Border Collie relates in a lighthearted manner the adventures of his animal companions, both domestic and wild, and touches sensitively and gently on the occasional inevitable small tragedies that are a part of their life cycle. I believe this is a perfect book to inform and entertain younger readers about the wonders of the animal kingdom." - Susie Kelly, Author

Toby's Tails - Still Wagging (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 4)

Still Wagging continues Toby the Border Collie’s adventures at Fantasy Farm, the smallholding where he grew up.In this, the enchanting follow up to the popular Toby’s Tails, the reader, young or old can enjoy meeting again all Toby’s original farm and wild animal friends from the first book, and be introduced to many more. It’s fun to read, yet educational too, so why not take up this invitation to join Toby and his human mum, the author as they discovers many new things about the natural world, and introduce more animals and birds to the growing menagerie at Fantasy Farm.

Wisdom From Wilbur: How My DOG Has Brought Me Closer to GOD

Wisdom From Wilbur is a 2018 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner--Christian Nonfiction category More than two-thirds of American homes have a pet as a member of the family, and in over half these homes, at least one of those pets is a dog. The old saying, “a dog is a man’s best friend,” has never been more true. Many hearts and souls are warmed by the unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship of dogs. Mandy’s dachshund, Wilbur, has brought much love and joy into her life, and he has managed to teach her some valuable lessons as well. Mandy’s relationship with Wilbur has given her deeper insight into her relationship with God, and she has drawn many interesting parallels between the two. These insightful analogies have strengthened Mandy’s faith, and her walk with Christ has grown deeper as a result. Since the tragic loss of her 11-year-old cousin and godchild, Mandy’s faith has been more important to her than ever before. She hopes her message will comfort those who have experienced similar losses and encourage readers in their spiritual journeys."The stories and biblical insights within this book will have you looking at your relationship with God from a surprisingly new point of view. Find a comfortable chair and invite a furry friend to join you as Mandy shares what her relationship with Wilbur has taught her about God’s amazing love for us!"