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Dog Training: 10 Steps To A Perfect Dog

Own a dog or new puppy and looking for a quick and easy to read dog training guide? Learn 10 easy steps to training the perfect dog now! Training your dog doesn’t have to be a pain. Inside we guide you through some of the best training tips and exercises to make your pup that much more amazing! These training tips and instruction were written by an actual professional dog trainer so get started training your dog today. Here’s What You Will Learn Inside: • Stopping Your Dog From Chewing • House Training • Stopping The Dog From Pulling On The Leash • Fun Dog Tricks • Stopping Barking • Dealing With Over Excitement • Behaving At The Vet • Car Manners • And Much More! Click 'Add to Cart' now!

Easy Knitted Bears: Knitting patterns for bears and outfits

Learn to knit your own gorgeous bears with these easy-to-follow knitting patterns from bestselling knitting writer Fiona Goble. The patterns are suitable for almost everyone, whether adventurous beginner or expert. You can create a single-colour bear, a two-tone bear, a striped bear and even a panda – all from one basic pattern. There are also instructions to create a host of clothes, including bride & groom outfits, a graduation outfit, a Santa costume, a ballet outfit, and a sports outfit. If you’re after a cute dress, nightshirt, coat, hat, sweater or dungarees – you’ll find patterns for these, too. The designs can be personalized and you can ‘mix and match’ items to create the perfect gift, not just for new babies and children, but for all bear lovers and almost any occasion! The teddy bears and outfits are all knitted using light worsted/double knitting/8-ply yarn and size US3 (3.25mm) straight knitting needles. The bears are about 7in/18cm tall. The patterns include both US and UK knitting terms.INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHORWHEN DID YOU LEARN TO KNIT?More years’ ago than I now care to remember! My Mum’s twin sister Sheelagh taught me when I was about seven years old, just before she emigrated from the UK to Canada.HOW DO YOU GET YOUR IDEAS?Partly from the toys and dolls I loved when I was little, but I’m also as addicted to online browsing all the beautiful creative websites out there as anyone else.WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT KNITTING?With toys and dolls, which are my knitting of choice, it’s about seeing the little creatures develop their own personality when you sew them together and embroider the features. I’m always amazed that you can create something so cute from just some oddments of yarn and a pair of needles. There’s a bit of effort needed too… but really, not that much.WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE YOU COULD GIVE TO BEGINNER KNITTERS?Like any skill, knitting takes a bit of patience. So start with something small. Think baby hats, fingerless mitts or a knitted lavender bag… definitely not a scarf. They’re simple but they take too long for beginners. And choose some lovely yarn. If you’re putting in all that effort, you’ll appreciate it!WHICH OF YOUR KNITTING BOOKS ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF?Well it has to be my Knit Your Own Royal Wedding back in 2011 when William and Kate tied the knot. Suddenly I found myself being interviewed by newspapers and magazines across the world… I still find it hard to believe. And frankly, it's going to be hard for me to top that!WHAT WAS THE FIRST PATTERN YOU EVER DESIGNED?Apart from some pretty dodgy dolls’ clothes when I was about eight, it was a pink and blue striped owl. I still have it perched on a shelf in my little work room upstairs. The first knitting book I designed was called Knitivity which was a knitted nativity.WHAT NOTIONS CAN'T YOU MANAGE WITHOUT?I’m actually quite a good improviser but I was quite annoyed recently when I lost one of my favourite very short knitting needles which are ideal for knitting small items. Thankfully my son eventually found it by accident, behind my row of knitting reference books.WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KNITTING STITCHES?I love simple combinations of stitches like wide ribbing stitch and waffle stitch. They’ve got enough interest to keep you alert but are still simple enough to keep mistakes and unravelling to a minimum.WHAT'S THE MOST IRRITATING THING THAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE KNITTING?Well there’s the obvious one of knots in a ball of yarn that you don’t see till you’re mid-row. But I also don’t much like super-shaggy yarns because you can’t usually see where you’ve made a mistake and they’re impossible to unravel!

Before the Garden on Holly Street: Valentine's Day

Get a taste of the coming series about how 'family' can come from the most unlikely of places from debut talent, Megan Attley. It's Valentine's Day and Abby is ready to celebrate with her long-term partner, Gavin - the music is on, the wine is breathing and Abby is wearing some (uncharacteristically) sexy underwear. There's only one problem - Gavin isn't home yet. But Abby has a very good idea where he is . . . Find out where the journeys in The Garden on Holly Street started in this free prequel to the series, before the heartwarming Part One: Spring Seedlings comes out in March.

Granny Square Crochet for Beginners UK Version

If you've always wanted to try crochet, this beginners guide is for you. Even if you have never picked up a hook and yarn before, the step by step instructions and pictures will have you crocheting Granny Squares in no time. The e-book also contains useful information such as what to do with the loose ends, how to change colours, making your work look the best it can and has links to ways to join the squares. Everything you need to know to is included. This is the UK version which is what you'll typically use in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. If you are in other places of the world, then the US Version is more applicable.

Crochet Patterns for Beginners: The Newest Book With 40 Gorgeous Crochet Projects And Illustrations To Learn The Art Of Crochet In A Quick And Easy Way

Have you recently come across an intriguing crochet stitch pattern that you would love to learn everything about but you are unable to because you don’t have a guide that would walk you through the different types of stitch patterns available and steps to do them? And are you desperately looking for a simple but detailed guide that will catapult your knowledge and innovativeness in making different unique scarves and other crochet projects that will inspire you to make professional patterns without the worry of producing amateur work?If you’ve answered YES, then keep reading…You Are About To Discover Exactly How To Get Started In Making Out Of This World Crochet Patterns!There is no denying that crocheted items look amazing. So whether you put on the items as pieces of clothing, like scarves, use them to decorate spaces or even give unique, custom gifts, you can be sure that you can never go wrong with crocheted items.The fact that you are reading this means you’ve already seen enough crocheted items and are sold to the idea of crocheting your own pieces but have lots of questions going through your mind...Where do you start?What do you need?How do you even understand the lingo as a complete beginner?What projects can you start with?How do you make outstanding stitches and patterns?If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading...More precisely, you will learn:What crocheting entailsCrochet supplies availableAbbreviations and terms used in crochetingCrocheting patterns for baskets and bagsHow to crochet scarves and cowl patternsHow to crochet bracelets and other jewelryAnd much more….Even if you are a complete beginner to crocheting and are afraid that you might not be cut out for such a skill but are truly passionate about it, you will be amazed at just how this book can turn your dreams into reality! All you need to do is to read and put what you learn into action!Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

How to Crochet: 16 Quick and Easy Granny Square Patterns

When you're short on time and yarn, crochet granny square patterns are just the way to go! With this eBook you'll learn how to crochet granny squares that are as unique as they are easy. Featuring a range of pattern styles and crochet stitches, you'll be able to create quick and easy granny squares in no time. This eBook will help you with: •Step-by-step tutorials•Detailed materials lists•Clear, large photos•Easy-to-understand instructions

How To Crochet - A Guide For Newbies (Crafty Creations Book 1)

NEW: Updated in October 2014I am very pleased to release this newly updated version of my best-selling book. I read all of the customer reviews on my books and appreciate everyone who takes the time to give their feedback; your comments have helped me to see where improvements and clarifications needed to be made, and I am very thankful for your input.This book shows you how to do all of the basic crochet stitches with detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations. You will easily progress from complete beginner to being able to crochet any of the projects in this book, and beyond!This latest edition includes the instructions for four of my best-selling crochet patterns:-Boot CuffsSlouchy HatHouse SlippersCloche Hatin addition to the quick and easy original patterns for a spa-style wash cloth, mesh scarf, Kindle cover, flower head band, and a basic granny square motif which can be used as a basis for many other projects such as afghans, cot covers, cushion covers........the possibilities are endless! This is the ONLY beginner's book you will need.Scroll up to the top and click on the link to "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your Kindle or other reading device, and make a start on this wonderful craft TODAY.

CRICUT MAKER: 3 BOOKS IN 1: CRICUT FOR BEGINNERS, CRICUT PROJECT IDEAS, CRICUT DESIGN SPACE: The Complete Guide to Mastering Your Cricut Machine Quickly and Easily, With Examples and Pictures

The incredible machine for creating unique and beautiful objects makes hundreds of people happy (even financially)! Discover the secrets of Cricut, the trendiest DIY hobby of the moment and one that will grow more and more, revealed quickly and easily.Would you like to make beautiful creations that amaze your friends and make it a great business opportunity? In the pages of this step-by-step guide, you will be revealed in simple words how to do it.Finally, the complete book, suitable even for beginners!Learning well and thoroughly understanding, quickly and easily, how to use a Cricut machine will allow you to make incredible DIY creations and could become, for you, the beginning of a profitable business.No special skills or knowledge are needed. Everyone can approach this wonderful hobby that can become a satisfying home business! All you need to do is cut out the space that a simple printer would occupy.Read on to learn more about this innovative machine that allows you to create projects and build exciting objects that will amaze and delight your friends and acquaintances.Besides, the book's business section will show you how to start your business smoothly and quickly. Enjoy your passion for arts and crafts!With Cricut Maker, master a Cricut machine and receive many varied ideas for creating exciting objects from scratch. All in this book is intended t enhance your creativity. And the best part is that everything that comes out will be completely accurate and consistent: from vinyl craft to 3-D home décor, woodworking, jewelry, t-shirts, pillow covers, mugs, plates, jars, doormats,  hammocks, and many more.                          There are so many projects that you can spend hours working on happily!In Cricut Maker, you will find:•  What a Cricut machine is and what you can do with it•  The various types of machinery, from the first to the latest generation•  How to set up and use a Cricut machine•  What are the best materials to use, and what can be achieved with them•  How to install your Apps and how to calibrate the machine•  Hack that every beginner should know•  How to solve any problems with the machine•  What are the best projects to make: many ideas with descriptions, photos, and illustrations.•  How to use its tools•  Why should you invest in a Cricut machine?•  Do your business with Cricut. Projects to get you started with your Cricut businessand...A BONUS section with:•  Tips and tricks•  Hacks•  An exhaustive FAQ sectionWhile writing Cricut Maker, care has been taken to ensure that each element of the project ideas and the Design Space App is described so that the reader can have a complete and comprehensive understanding of its use. And remember: a great business can come from it!Start right now, and have fun creating the projects you've always wanted. Scroll up, click the Buy Now button, and have hours and hours of family fun with your Cricut machine!

12 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

What’s the best way to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy? Make crochet baby blankets, of course! There are so many options when it comes to simple crochet baby blanket patterns and you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed and in need of guidance.

Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-free and Decluttered Life

This book will provide you with a brief history of minimalism and its origins. It covers how the minimalist movement evolved over time, what modern day minimalism looks like, and its benefits. It will also provide you with strategies and techniques to declutter, to get more organized, and to be able to live in a stress-free and minimalist home. It will also show you what a minimalist lifestyle could look like - it covers a wide range of topics including minimalism in money, health, relationships, and much more. The only goal of this book is to empower you to find joy in simplifying and to find happiness in fewer things that truly matter. You'll get a "Minimalism Toolkit" for free with this book. Enjoy!

A to Z Gardening for Beginners

Gardening might seem like an easy thing to do. Buy a plant, dig a hole in the ground, drop the plant in it, and cover it up waiting for blooms to suddenly appear. If only it were that simple. The overall idea of gardening is basic, but gardening is very intricate. It’s not as simple as just buying a plant and planting it. Gardening involves pest control, weeding, knowing the needs of each plant, soil types, etc. But if you’ve just started to become interested in gardening, there’s a lot to know. It can be easy to get excited and buy everything you see garden related, but take it slow. This guide will help you know all the basics of gardening. Everything from types of gardens, how much sunlight plants need, companion planting, essential gardening tools to have, and much more. When you’re done reading, you’ll be fully prepared to create your garden and make it one of the best. The Benefits of GardeningSo, you decided to give gardening a try. That’s great! Gardening has many benefits for your health. It can not only help to improve it, but it has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety and works to keep your mind active. It also good to help relax. Relax? Yes, gardening can lead to relaxation in many ways. One is that you’re outside and in nature. It’s been scientifically proven that being outside can help give you daily doses of Vitamin D, help improve your mood, and give you a better night’s sleep. The other way of relaxation is just that, sleep. Working in a garden can help give you a better’s night sleep. So, before you decide to take other means to fall asleep, try spending a day gardening instead. These benefits are just a sample of the happiness and fulfillment that gardening will give you.

Welcome to Our Home - Knit and Crochet Ideas from Red Heart

Transform your home decor with beautiful knit and crochet patterns from Red Heart Yarn. From stunning and colorful afghans to fun home accessories, the patterns in Welcome to Our Home: Knit and Crochet Ideas from Red Heart are sure to help you transform your home into a cozy and comfortable oasis for you and your family. This free eBook is filled with 15 beautiful afghans, pillows, wreaths, rugs, coasters, and more...and there are plenty of patterns for both knitting and crochet fans alike. Bring colorful accents to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom with the fun and easy patterns you'll find in this free printable collection from Red Heart Yarn.

Lion Brand's New Fall Collection: 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns, and More

There's no better way to welcome fall than with a beautiful collection of free crochet patterns. Celebrate the new season with Lion Brand's New Fall Collection: 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns, and More. Each one of these beautiful crochet designs have been hand-picked by the Lion Brand; these must-make patterns for fall range in skill level from beginner to advanced and include a variety of patterns such as crochet scarves, crochet baby booties, crochet shawl patterns, and more.

13 Free Baby Crochet Patterns

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs out there, but it's also one of the most rewarding. Not only are memories being made every day, but the times spent together are priceless. You'll find a fabulous variety of free crochet baby patterns in our latest eBook, 13 Free Baby Crochet Patterns: Crochet Baby Hats, Crochet Booties & More. Nothing makes life more precious than working up a handmade crochet design for your little one.

Container Gardening Month by Month: A Monthly Listing of Tips and Ideas for Creating a Professional Container Garden (The Weekend Gardener Book 1)

Successfully maintain your container gardens using professional landscapers secret methodsDo you love container gardening, but have a difficult time keeping everything looking great?Do you often wonder what you should be doing when, so that everything is on schedule and all parts are working together to create a beautiful picture?Do you envy people in your neighborhood that always seem to have their garden containers looking their professional best?Then this is the book for you. Container gardening is gardening at its most versatile. One of its main advantages is its mobility. Plants not doing well? Maybe they prefer shade. Having a party? Move some garden containers onto the patio or deck for instant color. Tired of the view and want a change? Move your garden containers around to provide a fresh new look to your outdoor living area.Whether you are growing plants in hanging baskets, tubs, window boxes or other containers this hobby is immensely gratifying. If you are new to container gardening and buy your containers pre-planted, you get a sense of instant gratification and fulfillment. It won't be long however, before you are hit with the gardening virus and you'll find yourself expanding to one more pot and then again, one more container. Before you know it, the urge to plant and nurture will take over. At this point, you need a garden plan for your container garden.Use this monthly container gardening checklist to keep your containers at peak performance.When do I plant spring bulbs in containers?When do I perk up my annual plantings with some new varieties?What do I do with container plants I want to save over winter?These and many other questions are answered in this container gardening book. At the beginning of the month, check out the tasks and tips on the schedule. You may find items you never thought of and may also learn techniques used by professional gardeners and landscapers that will make your container gardens the envy of the neighborhood.Scroll up and pick up this book today and give your patio, pool, and porch just the pizzazz it needs to perk up your landscaping plans. Be sure to pick up your free thank you gift also. Please note: This is a revised edition of "Container Gardening Season by Season"

16 Angel Crafts to Make: Homemade Christmas Ornaments & Decorations

When decorating your home, you can't go wrong with a beautiful angel craft. Whether you are decorating for the holidays or creating permanent fixtures for various rooms, this collection of angel craft projects will help you choose a lovely little angel. You;ll find...Angel Craft PatternsWire Angel CraftsKitchen Angel CraftsChristmas Angel Crafts...and much more!

Garden Design and Landscaping - The Beginner's Guide to the Processes Involved with Successfully Landscaping a Garden (an overview) ('How to Plan a Garden' Series Book 7)

Are you just starting out with landscaping your garden? If you are wondering if you should hire a professional landscaper or DIY design it, but aren't sure which option is best, this book will help you.This book will give you an overview of the landscaping processes, from what you need to learn in order to successfully DIY design your garden, to what to look for when hiring professional landscapers and designers to help you. Please note: This book is an overview of the processes involved with successfully landscaping a garden, not a step-by-step 'how-to' guide (see Rachel's other books for that).The book covers how to choose and work with landscaping professionals, tips on how to DIY design your garden, how to learn about landscape design. This book also answers the following questions: what's the difference between a gardener, a landscaper and a garden designer? Is garden design software worth using? How do I choose a landscaper to work with? How do you tell if a landscaper is a good one?This short book will save you a great deal of time, money and aggravation when it comes to creating your dream garden. You will get a great overview of precisely what is involved with creating a fantastic garden, so that you can spend your time, money and energy effectively and get the results you want with your landscape design.It can feel quite daunting tackling a garden, either on your own or hiring landscape professionals to help. You may not even know where to start; if you should DIY or hire someone. So, this book will explain what each stage of the landscape process involves, from the landscape design concept to creation, so you can decide which bits you do yourself. In this book, professional, international garden designer, Rachel Mathews, from Successful Garden Design, will share over twenty year's experience as a designer and landscaping contracts manager. She will give you the low down on the main things you need to know BEFORE you landscape your garden.This new 2.0 version contains many more images and Rachel address the feedback left by reviewers.

Knitting in the Round: 10 Knit Sock Patterns and Knitted Slipper Patterns

Knitting in the Round 10 Knit Sock Patterns and Knitted Slipper Patterns gives you everything that you need to make some of the cutest socks and slippers around. The patterns collected in this awesome, free eBook are sure to delight you and anyone you decide to make them for since these knitting in the round patterns make awesome gifts. They are also perfect patterns for keeping your toes warm. Knit any of these great sock and slipper patterns no matter the season. These are perfect for lounging around the house in, even in the summer.

Calm Down!: Step-by-Step to a Calm, Relaxed, and Brilliant Family Dog (Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog Book 1)

Is your dog driving you mad? Learn how to     • find your dog’s off-switch     • enjoy a calm visit to a cafe or pub     • reach your dog’s mind without losing yours     • enjoy your dog again!Instead of saying “This is what you do,” then leaving you to it, Beverley takes you by the hand and troubleshoots all the games so that you can get them absolutely right. And the joy is that this is all achieved without shouting, force, or intimidation. Just pure undiluted fun!There’s no strange jargon, no “Thou shalt not’s”, and every time you get stuck, another solution pops up. Her years of experience in face-to-face classes as well as her online programs shine through. Having taught thousands of new owners how to work with their puppies and dogs - entirely without force - Beverley knows just what you’re up against!Get Book 1 in the series of Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog and learn how to get what you want from your dog, as it sends him off to sleep for you - zzzzzz!

Easy Container Gardening: 5 Steps to Grow Fresh Organic Vegetables in Small Urban Spaces: Beginners guide to patio gardening (Easy gardening essentials Book 1)

Easy Container Gardening for Growing Fresh Organic Vegetables Do you yearn to grow fresh organic vegetables but don’t have space for a garden? Now you can have fresh healthy vegetables at your fingertips, and save money from buying expensive imports. An expert gardener and “accidental farmer” reveals her easy tips for vegetables that practically grow themselves. Discover: 10 Beautiful benefits of container gardeningShould you buy organic seeds? Find out here (the answer will surprise you)Which kind of seeds you MUST avoid if you want to be healthyWhy clay pots are not all they are cracked up to beThe #1 thing to consider when you choose a containerThe dirt on dirt, and how to create the best environment for your plants#1 Mistake most novice gardeners make (and how to avoid killing your plants)Why ugly veggies are better for you than perfect specimensWhy you have to be cruel to be kind in the garden5 Easy vegetables that practically grow themselves3 Natural solutions to keeping bugs out of your plantsHow to make “Manure Tea” (don’t ask, just check this out!)A resource to get organic, heirloom, Non-GMO seeds for freeA quick checklist to jumpstart your plantingA complete resource guide for getting seeds and seedlings at low cost or no costBeautiful images to delight your sensesScroll up and grab your copy now!

How To Conquer Clutter And Organize Your Home: A Room-By-Room Blueprint For Stress-Free Organization

Download How To Conquer Clutter And Organize Your Home and start your journey towards an organized home today!Kick your clutter to the curb with this easy-to-follow guide by clearing out the unwanted stuff in your house... and freeing up space to enjoy what you have. How to Conquer Clutter and Organize Your Home takes you room-by-room through your home with simple and encouraging instructions on how to organize your:Living RoomMaster BedroomDining RoomBathroomsLaundry RoomLinen ClosetOfficeGarageAnd much more!You'll also learn how to ​keep ​your newly-organized home clean, so you can keep enjoying the time-savings and reduced stress that an organized home brings.Stop letting your home remain disorganized and download How To Conquer Clutter And Organize Your Home today!

New Favorites from Lion Brand: 15 Free Knitting Patterns for Scarves, Afghans and More

Lion Brand teamed up with us at AllFreeKnitting to create a special eBook that caters to every aspect of your life, from your closet to your living room. No matter if you're knitting for yourself, your family, your home, or for a friend, AllFreeKnitting's latest eBook has ideas to keep you inspired all season long. Inside New Favorites from Lion Brand: 15 Free Knitting Patterns for Scarves, Afghans and More free eBook, you'll discover only the best patterns that Lion Brand has to offer.

A Little Bit of Everything For Dummies

Welcome to a special e-book from a very special series celebrating a very special anniversary! Twenty-five years, ago the very first For Dummies book, DOS For Dummies, was published in the United States. From that first printing of that first book came a series unlike anything in the publishing world, one that’s global in both geography — we’ve been published worldwide in more than 30 languages — and in coverage. Go to any section of any bookstore and you’ll see the familiar yellow-and-black covers, or go online and find an array of electronic products that the series has spawned. All promise an easy-to-understand approach to help you get where you want to go. That’s who the For Dummies series is all about, really — you. Whether you want to learn about computers, accounting, science, sports, art, or even wine, For Dummies is there for you, making good on our promise of Learning Made Easy! So when it came time to decide whom to invite to our 25th birthday party, the answer was easy: We’re inviting you.No single volume can hope to summarize what thousands of titles have meant to millions of readers over the years, and we don’t make any claim to do that in this e-book. Rather, this e-book celebrates the breadth and depth of the For Dummies series, offering 20 chapters from a list of books compiled by our global colleagues at John Wiley & Sons.Includes chapters from these Dummies titles:Eating Clean, Meditation, Compassion Focused Therapy, Nutrition, Windows 10, Coding, iPhone for Seniors, GoPro Cameras, Business Plans Kit, Office 2016, Small Business Marketing Strategies, Investing, Blogging, Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Guitar, Bridge, Chess and Digital Photography.

Declutter your Home & Make Money!: How to Turn Your Old & Unwanted Stuff into Cash Fast!

You are sitting on a goldmine and don’t even know it!Could you use some extra cash? Did you know that if you have something to sell, there’s a buyer for it right around the corner? Everything from baby clothes to junk cars can be sold for that much-needed money.Declutter Your Home and Sell Your Stuff for Extra MoneyApart from the financial aspect of getting rid of stuff, you can benefit emotionally from decluttering your house, too. Minimizing your possessions is freeing and satisfying and brings more meaning to your life.You can be happier with fewer things. You can be happier with a clean home. You can be happier with more cash in your pocket for emergencies and take care of your family. You can be happier – my book will show you how!Decluttering means deciding what truly makes you content in lifeI know that I could use some more money. I am going through this decluttering journey as my grandmother left me an entire full-size RV packed with her worldly possessions. I am sifting through piles of vintage clothing and pots and pans dating from the 50s. I am having to decide what brings me joy. I have to sort through this massive accumulation of stuff (and most of it is just stuff), and I have to figure out if the item benefits me.I am on this same path along with you, and I will guide youDecluttering can be overwhelming, but there is a method to the madness. I will take you through the steps that you will need to follow to make a significant change in how you look at accumulating items in your life.You will learn all about:Decluttering for Peace and ClarityDownsizing for SustainabilityGoing from Materialistic to MinimalisticReorganizing for EfficiencyCreating an Emergency Fund – Creating and Maintaining a Cash StashDiscerning a Need Versus Want – Learning to Let it GoHow to Let Go of Things By Disassociating Yourself From the Memory Associated With the ItemsHow to Stop Emotional Shopping and SpendingItems to Let Go: What You Should Sell and How to Sell Them for Best ReturnHow to Throw a Great Garage SaleAnd the best part? I will guide you through the ins and outs of specifically what items to look for when cleaning your home.You will want to click BUY NOW to add this book to your collection. It is required reading for anyone who needs some extra money (and that person is you!).

Knitting Patterns For Beginners: A Knitting Patterns Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners With 25 Different Beautiful & Interesting Knitting Patterns Included

Do you want to try knitting cute, interesting & useful patterns that you can use in your daily life?Knitting Patterns For Beginners will have 25 knitting patterns for beginners and advanced knitters to try out! A beginners knitting book pattern guide with step by step instructions are provided with a huge variety of different knitting patterns from scarfs, sweaters, household items and amigurumi/knitted toys! Knitting Patterns For Beginners will include:Step-By-Step Guide: A knitting for beginners book pattern guide with clear & precise instructions so you can knit at your own pace without feeling lost between steps20 Knitting For Beginners Patterns: Different variety of knitting patterns from household items, scarfs, blankets to knitted toys and many more so you will not get bored5 Knitting Patterns For Advanced Knitters : More advanced knitting patterns are also included so you can test your knitting techniques and skillsExclusive Seasonal Knitting Patterns: Get exclusive seasonal knitting patterns for different kinds of occasions so you can celebrate the next holidays in a special way!FREE bonus course provided at the end of the book as well! More tips, hacks and patterns provided! Beginner knitting can be made even more fun & interesting with the right patterns to try out! Special, cute & interesting knitting books and patterns for beginners & advanced knitters will elevate your knitting experience to another level. Simply download your copy above now to get started!

Understanding Dog Language - 50 Points

Dogs are constantly communicating with their masters and fellow creatures. A look, a pose, a movement of the ears or tail: their entire beings express their feelings. Get to know your dog better through 50 detailed poses. They will be useful to you on a daily basis but also when training your dog.

BONSAI - Grow Your Own Little Japanese Zen Garden : A Beginnera??s Guide On How To Cultivate And Care For Your Bonsai Trees

Obtaining satisfactory results in the art of bonsai is much less arduous than one might think:It is enough to learn some basic rules that explain how to behave in different situations, arm yourself with patience and passion and start.  In this manual:★ The steps necessary to obtain a bonsai of good value.  ★ You will find advice on how to search for the suitable plant, indications on the various styles of bonsai, up to the description of the real care that our miniature tree needs, such as pruning, binding, repotting, etc.  ★ A large section is dedicated to the description of the characteristics of the most common plants, to offer a quick and safe reference in each phase of the work.   ★ A long list of the main characteristics of 52 types of bonsai plants, indispensable for taking care of all the processing phases during the various seasons.What are you waiting for to start your new hobby? Keep Calm and Grow Bonsai◆ Ready to get started? Scroll to the top "Add to Cart" and click “Buy Now” ◆

Understanding Cat Language - 50 Points

Cats communicate with those around them every day. A look, a tap of the paw, a pose, a movement of the ears: their entire bodies express their emotions and feelings. Get to know your cat better through 50 detailed poses. They will help you understand your cat, but also to establish basic rules in order to live in harmony with him.

Cannabis & Cannabis Cookbook: A Complete Guide on How to Grow Marijuana Indoors, Make Delicious CBD and THC Sweet Edibles and Cannabis Edible Entrees to Heal Everything from Anxiety to Chronic Pain

Discover How to Grow Your Own Healthy, Potent Cannabis Plants And Whip up Mind-Blowing Cannabis Edibles Right in Your Kitchen With the Definitive Guide to Growing and Cooking With CannabisAre you interested in learning how to grow your own cannabis, but don't know how to get started? Do you want to skip having to guess the right amount of cannabis you should use for each edible and make edibles that taste like something you’ll enjoy eating while reaping the beneficial and pleasurable effects of cannabis?If any of the above questions sound like what you need help with, then this cookbook is for you!In this comprehensive bundle, you’re going to master everything you need to know about growing potent cannabis. That's not all, you'll also uncover a treasure trove of incredibly tasty and unique cannabis recipes that goes beyond the usual brownies into sophisticated edibles designed to heighten your culinary experience.This special bundle contains all the practical knowledge you need to grow and cook with cannabis. It has the following books:Growing CannabisCannabis CookbookHere's what you're going to discover inside the pages of Growing Cannabis:Everything you need to know about cannabis, its varieties, and how to choose the strain best suited for your unique needsThe pros and cons of indoors vs outdoors cultivation of marijuana and how to choose the one suitable for youHow to figure out the best time of the year to grow your cannabis plant using the cannabis growing calendarSurefire ways to pick healthy and vibrant seeds that guarantee a bountiful yield during harvestFoolproof steps to help you choose or grow your own healthy mother plant from healthy seedsA crash guide to cloning new cannabis plants for your mother plant...and much more!Take a sneak peek at what you’re going to find inside Cannabis Cookbook:11 life-changing benefits you can enjoy once you integrate cannabis into your diet7 important tips to help you avoid laced marijuana buy cannabis quickly, safely, and legally (ignore these at your own risk!)How to work out just the right amount of dosage that works best for your own body constitution and prevents overdoseA foolproof method to decarb your cannabis in just 2 minutes and get the most out of your budsOver 120 of the very best cannabis-infused recipes that will literally blow your mind and your taste-buds to smithereens…and tons more!From effective cannabis growing technique to making Weed Crepes and Cannabis-infused chicken, everything you need to make potent weed and cook highly delicious meals with marijuana is in this special bundle, even if you’ve never grown marijuana or experimented with cannabis as a cooking ingredient!Ready to master the art of growing potent cannabis plants and elevate your dining experience? Scroll to the top of the page and click the “Buy Now with 1-Click” to get started TODAY!

Cleaning Hacks & Secrets: House Cleaning Made Easy

House cleaning made simpleHave you always wanted to keep a spin-and-span home but do not know where to start? Well then, this book will be your guide!A clean home will provide you with a host of benefits. You can enjoy peace and relaxation, neatness and organization. But most of all, it will allow you to stay healthy. This book will give you steps on how to solve house cleaning problems by making the steps a lot easier.In this book you will find the following hacks and secrets:How to make the habit of house cleaning easier to learnJump-start your cleaning project by tackling the basic tasks firstUse extremely cheap everyday products you can find in the kitchen to clean your homeClean your ceilings, windows, and walls with easeProperly clean and buff tile and hardwood floorsClean out your refrigerator and microwave efficientlyDisinfect and clean your stove and ovenProperly clean and treat different types of counter-tops and kitchen cabinetsQuickly and effectively clean your bathroomThe right way to wash and clean pillows, mattresses, bedding, and other bedroom essentials, and lots more!Once you have read this book, you will realize how easy it actually is to clean and disinfect your home. You do not even have to spend a lot of money just to do it.The best part is that the cleaning materials suggested in this book are all environment-friendly and easy to use. You do not have to scrub your hands raw and expose yourself and your family to harsh chemicals just to enjoy a clean home. By using safe products, you will also feel less guilty cleaning your home more regularly.Imagine yourself living in a home that is free from dust, dirt, and strange odors. A home which you look forward home to. A place where you can proudly entertain your guests in and spend quality time with your family members.You can have these and more, once you turn your chores into a new form of workout routine and enjoy the benefits of a home that is fresh, neat, and squeaky clean!Download the book and solve house cleaning problems with easy hacks.

Precision Agriculture for Sustainability and Environmental Protection (Earthscan Food and Agriculture)

Precision agriculture (PA) involves the application of technologies and agronomic principles to manage spatial and temporal variation associated with all aspects of agricultural production in order to improve crop performance and environmental quality. The focus of this book is to introduce a non-specialist audience to the the role of PA in food security, environmental protection, and sustainable use of natural resources, as well as its economic benefits.  The technologies covered include yield monitors and remote sensing, and the key agronomic principles addressed are the optimal delivery of fertilizers, water and pesticides to crops only when and where these are required. As a result, it is shown that both food production and resource efficiency can be maximized, without waste or damage to the environment, such as can occur from excessive fertilizer or pesticide applications. The authors of necessity describe some technicalities about PA, but the overall aim is to introduce readers who are unfamiliar with PA to this very broad subject and to demonstrate the potential impact of PA on the environment and economy.  Chapter 3 of this book is freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license. 

Science of Societal Safety: Living at Times of Risks and Disasters (Trust Book 2)

This open access book covers comprehensive but fundamental principles and concepts of disaster and accident prevention and mitigation, countermeasures, and recovery from disasters or accidents including treatment and care of the victims. Safety and security problems in our society involve not only engineering but also social, legal, economic, cultural, and psychological issues. The enhancement needed for societal safety includes comprehensive activities of all aspects from precaution to recovery, not only of people but also of governments. In this context, the authors, members of the Faculty of Societal Safety Science, Kansai University, conducted many discussions and concluded that the major strategy is consistent independently of the type and magnitude of disaster or accident, being also the principle of the foundation of our faculty.The topics treated in this book are rather widely distributed but are well organized sequentially to provide a clear understanding of the principles of societal safety. In the first part the fundamental concepts of safety are discussed. The second part deals with risks in the societal and natural environment. Then follows, in the third part, a description of the quantitative estimation of risk and its assessment and management. The fourth part is devoted to disaster prevention, mitigation, and recovery systems. The final, fifth part presents a future perspective of societal safety science.Thorough reading of this introductory volume of societal safety science provides a clear image of the issues. This is largely because the Japanese have suffered often from natural disasters and not only have gained much valuable information about disasters but also have accumulated a store of experience. We are still in the process of reconstruction from the Great East Japan earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. This book is especially valuable therefore in studying the safety and security of people and their societies.

MARIJUANA GROWING SECRETS: The Ultimate Beginnera??s Guide to Personal and Medical Marijuana Cultivation Indoors and Outdoors. Discover How to Grow Top Quality Weed and Advanced Cannabis Growing Tips

The Ultimate Blueprint For Growing Your Own Marijuana (Even If You've Never Grown A Plant Before)Do you have a health condition like chronic pain or a mental health issue where medical cannabis would help?Or are you simply interested in growing weed for recreational purposes but don't know where to start?Either way, this is the only cannabis growing book you'll ever need.This marijuana growing guide is aimed at beginners like you - people who have a good reason to use cannabis but are fed up with buying overpriced marijuana from shady dealers. Why pay for something you can grow yourself - even in the tiniest apartment?Cannabis plants might be easy to grow and relatively hard to kill, but getting impressive yields and high-quality weed takes more than just planting some seedlings and watering them whenever they look sad. You need to carefully plan your grow space, make sure the lighting is perfect, keep your plants pest-free without using toxic chemicals (unless you want to smoke pesticides) and pay attention to many other details. But don't worry, this book makes growing top-quality cannabis as easy as following a simple step-by-step instruction!Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:What sellers won't tell you about the different strains of cannabis, their effects and their cultivationThe differences between indoor and outdoor weed growing methods - and how to set up your grow space without overpayingA complete step-by-step guide that will take you from taking care of your seedlings to enjoying your very first harvestTypical beginner pitfalls to watch out for - don't lose your plants because of a silly mistake that could have been prevented easily!And much more!But what if you've never grown a houseplant in your life (plastic ones don't count)? Don't worry - this complete cannabis growing guide takes all the guesswork and intuition out of growing the best weed you've ever tried.Scroll up, click on "Buy now with 1-Click" and Start Growing!

How To Install Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

This is a basic installation guide on how to install a room with hardwood or laminate flooring. Designed to help any DO IT YOURSELF person. This book has many pictures to help you through the process.

Solar Power Demystified: The Beginners Guide To Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills

The book 'Solar Power Demystified: The Beginners Guide To Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills’ introduces you to the world of solar electric panels and systems. It reveals you the reasons why photovoltaic solar panels are continuing to gain worldwide popularity and are becoming more important as a source of renewable energy.You can see the question “To go or not to go solar?” discussed in its practical aspects.Furthermore you are advised what kind of solar electric system you need and how to evaluate whether your home is ‘solar-ready’ or not.You are also introduced to the basics of photovoltaics and to the main types of solar electric systems and their components.The book is intended to provide basic information to everyone who makes first steps in the world of photovoltaics and needs the matter explained in an easy-to-understand and straightforward way.The book is targeted to those who want to build solar power system for their home, cabin, RV, camper, boat or business.The book exposes:Photovoltaics in the world of renewable energyAdvantages of photovoltaics in a summaryWhy are photovoltaics continuing to gain worldwide popularity?Why is the cost of photovoltaics decreasing?Drawbacks of photovoltaicsWhat are the main applications of solar electric systems?To go or not to go solar – that is the question!Some issues to consider before going solar Why would you need a solar electric system?Don’t go solar before reading this!What kind of solar electric system do you need?How big solar electric system do you need?How to finance the cost of your solar electric system?Financial incentivesIs your building solar-ready?How to assess your location for solar resource?Why the condition of your roof does matterFree solar panels Solar power for business ownersEnergy efficiency above all How to improve the energy efficiency of your buildingThe basics of solar powerSolar electric systemsGrid-connected solar electric systemsStand-alone (off-grid) solar electric systemsAdvantages and drawbacks of stand-alone systems Why are off-grid systems attractive?Main applications of stand-alone solar electric systemsSelecting your solar vendorWhat to be careful about Grab the book and get started saving money on electricity and becoming energy independent now!

The Lost Lamb on Honeysuckle Lane: a free eBook short story and part of the Animal Ark Revisited series

**Summer Days at Sunrise Farm, the new book in the Animal Ark revisited series, is currently available for pre-order!**It's summertime in the little village of Welford. The sun beams down on the rolling green Yorkshire hills, and the scent of freshly cut grass is in the air. Local vet Mandy Hope and her boyfriend Jimmy Marsh are happily setting up their new home, and life at animal rescue centre Hope Meadows is as busy as ever. When the Welford Garden Committee announces a Midsummer Fair, Mandy is thrilled to be invited to judge the animal-themed fancy dress competition. The whole of Welford turns out for the fair, and the fancy dress competition is a roaring success. Three-year-old Herbie and eighteen-month-old Kiran come as Bo Beep and her lost sheep and Mandy can't help but melt. Maybe having children of her own isn't such a ridiculous idea after all? But in the euphoric mayhem of the day, little Kiran goes missing and a frantic search ensures. When the lost lamb is rumoured to have been seen on nearby Honeysuckle Lane, it's all hands on deck to solve the mystery and restore him to his rightful home. Based on the bestselling Animal Ark series, this is the perfect read for fans of Lily Graham, Heidi Swain and Holly Martin. Why readers are falling in love with the Animal Ark Revisited series:'A stunning, emotional, beautiful tale of friendship, love, and the importance of being who you need to be' Books of All Kinds 'A wonderful, heart-warming story... I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough!' With Love For Books'Such a wonderfully warm and cosy read - you can curl up and lose yourself in a gorgeous story full of animals in a lovely village.' Bookworms and Shutterbugs'I was enchanted... a wonderful story; one that I completely loved' Rachel's Random Reads'A gorgeous book to curl up with' Shaz's Book Blog'I LOVED this book! I couldn't give it anything less than a 5-star review' Netgalley, 5 stars

Dog Training: Strategic Dog Training Tips For A Well-Trained, Obedient, and Happy Dog (Dog Training Books Book 1)

What Would It Mean To You To Have An Obedient, Well-Behaved Dog?Your canine friend deserves the best. Why not make sure you give him/her the best possible life through the incredible gift of proper training and discipline. Imagine how proud you will feel when guests arrive at your house and tell you, "I've never seen a dog that was so well-behaved".Have the best possible relationship with your dog by properly training your dog. The key to any great and fulfilling relationship is respect and communication. With proper dog obedience training your dog will know what is expected of them and learn to act accordingly. By understanding your dog's behavior you will better understand what your dog expects from you. This shared understanding, respect, and communication will form an amazing bond that will last a lifetime.This book was designed as a collection of dog training tips as a brief introduction to dog training for beginners. If you are already experienced in training dogs then you are already applying the tips and techniques in this book. If on the other hand, you are new to training your dog, then the tips in this book will serve you well. If you are interested in more in-depth coverage of dog training and dog care, please check out my other more advanced books in my Dog Training Books series.Here is just a sampling of the useful information you will learn in this book:Controlling Your Dog's Aggression - Learn what triggers your dog's aggressive behavior and use that knowledge to control your dog's aggression.How To Stop Destructive Chewing - Save your sanity as well as your shoes, couch, pillows, etc. by learning how to stop your dog's destructive chewing habits.Clicker Training Basics - Find out why clicker training is so effective and learn the basics of clicker training.Control Your Dog's Destructive Digging - Learn why your dog digs up your yard and how to control it..... And much more.You Can Read this book on your PC, Mac, Kindle device, Tablet, and even your SmartPhone!Download this Kindle book and train your dog to be the obedient, well-behaved dog you've always dreamed of!

A Beginnera??s Guide to Cacti - How to Make a Cactus Garden (The Gardening Series Book 2)

A Beginner’s Guide to Cacti - How to Make a Cactus GardenTable of ContentsIntroductionCactus SpinesChoosing Your CactiGrowing Your CactiPreparing Soil for CactusSuitable Soil for CactusPreparing Leaf MoldPotting Your Cactus PlantWatering Your CactusWatering MethodsLight spray During SummerCactus Decaying?SunlightHibernation for CactusProtecting Your Cactus in the WinterPlanting Your Cactus OffsetsHow to grow Cacti from CuttingsCactus as FoodDiseases and pestsAppendixCactus clubsAuthor Bio IntroductionFor all those people who have confronted a prickly pear, at least once in their lives, cacti are boring spiny plants. Also, cactus plants have long been the subject of a superstition that any house, which has cactus growing in it is going to be filled up with strife and trouble and arguments. That is because of the spines of the cactus which are known as spikes promote ill feeling.There is something so odd about a cactus plant that it is often difficult until you grow them yourself to believe that these really belong to the plant kingdom. Historically, how many pioneer explorers of the desert areas in America saw them in the twilight and thought stories of monsters with their arms outstretched, and no heads, who turned into plants in the desert in the morning. No wonder, these giants which can grow up to 63 feet have always been the subject for legends.Even today, most of us are told tales about the cactus, which many of us half believe. Some of us have heard that cacti are poisonous. Other people are going to tell us that cacti flower only once in 100 years, and only when the area is subjected to rain. The first tale is totally and true. The second tale is also untrue because certain species of cacti will flower, almost every year, if given proper cultivation and care.Cactuses, also known as cacti belong to the family Opuntiaceae. Many of these plant varieties have lost true leaves, but they still have fluted and ribbed stems. The stems store water, and many of the desert varieties have very short growing time periods. Their periods of dormancy may be long, because many times, they have to go without water and rainfall for years, especially when they are growing in the Atacama Desert.Cactus originally are natives of the Americas, except for some species, which grow in Africa.

How to live a happy life with the FIRE movement (Financial independence, retire early). Become rich and happy! : A guide to save money, invest and build a passive income for your life's dream

The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) motion has seen exponential growth in reputation in the latest years. Today, it has grown to be an extensively discussed topic inside the on-line community, in particular amongst millennials and private finance fans globally.While retirement organizing isn't always commonly a not unusual topic amongst youthful ages, FIRE affords a thrilling shift within the hobby of accomplishing a supportable early retirement.What is the FIRE movement?At its center, FIRE is a beefed-up rendition of retirement. The predominant aim of FIRE is to accomplish money related freedom at a significantly prior stage contrasted with the ordinary retirement age, hence, allowing one to resign early.

Sharing Home (Return to Summit Falls Book 5)

Sharing Home is the fifth book in the ongoing saga of the Return to Summit Falls.Summit Falls is a small town in the middle of nowhere that could be anywhere. It’s small enough that even though you might not know everyone…you know who everyone is. And they know you. Years ago four young men left their hometown of Summit Falls. Each of them ready to take on whatever the world had to throw at them. Now, years later, two of them, Jonah Sutherland, and Adam Dane have returned to Summit Falls to make it their home. Another has it very much in mind.Nicolas Franklin has finally decided it’s time to go home to Summit Falls. But first he needs to finish the commitment he made to his constituents years before when he was first elected. To do so he enlists the help of his former college roommate who is also seeking a change. Like Nicolas, John Odlem has decided to leave the profession he’s excelled at and by many accounts reached the pinnacle of success in. But after his last job he knows it’s time for something different. With John’s help Nicolas begins to make the plans that will enable him to return home at the end of his term. But even as he puts all that in motion he finds there are other things…and people he must bid farewell to.Sharing Home is the fifth in the Return to Summit Falls series that also includes Going Home, Home Again, Coming Home, and Finding Home. It is the story of four men who learned from childhood that not all family ties are those we are born to. Sharing Home is about how life, family, and the things most important to us can change in a single day, a single moment…and how family makes the difference in what is yet to come.Return to Summit Falls is a series that includes books classified by Amazon as Short Reads and some that are a bit longer. The books in this series fall in the two hours and more reading time. If you love sitting down with a novella style book you’ll enjoy the Return to Summit Falls series.

Keto Bread: Bakers for Low-Carb Recipes, Gluten-free and Ketogenic Baking & Paleo Diets. Healthy and Delicious Recipes Loaves for Weight Loss (Low carb keto snacks, Keto Buns, and Keto Muffins)

Keto Bread Cookbook You'll Always Need!Impress your friends, family and guest with amazing quick and delicious Keto bread recipes.Healthy Low Carb Bread. The secret step in this recipe that takes this carb-free bread from good to great is the separation of the eggs. This will add some volume to the otherwise dense keto bread. Beating the egg whites is the answer to the denseness that comes with making almond flour bread.A good number of homemade bread either have an eggs aftertaste or crumble very easily. With carefully balanced and measured ingredients, I have developed recipes with none of that. I have also offered a few tips. As you will see, to ensure that the bread is soft, fluffy and has a moist texture.Overall, there are universally available ingredients that you will find in these recipes: Almond flour or coconut flour if you are allergic to almonds.Melted butter.Almond milk or coconut milk in cartons. The reason why you shouldn’t use canned milk is that of the low-fat content.Baking powder.SaltEggs as the binding agent.YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE THESE RECIPES and they will make you feel healthier and better than you have in years. Keto bread recipes included in this book will trigger rapid weight loss, boost energy, and optimal health.What are you waiting for? Get your copy now! And enjoy hassle-free cooking with your Keto Bread.

Vertical Gardening:The Beginner's Guide To Organic & Sustainable Produce Production Without A Backyard (vertical gardening, urban gardening, urban homestead, Container Gardening Book 1)

Produce Massive Yields with Your Vertical Garden!Would you like to feel:Confident and Self-Sufficient?Healthy and Natural?Engaged with Your Body?One with Nature?and Abundant?If so, Olivia Abby’s Vertical Gardening: The Beginner's Guide To Organic & Sustainable Produce Production Without A Backyard is the book you’ve been searching for! Inside, you’ll find out how to join this growing movement and sow healthy seeds for tomorrow’s generations. You’ll learn how vertical gardening works, how to prepare for sowing your garden, and how to care for your beloved plants!Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!With the right tools, tips, and techniques, you can grow delicious and nutritious vegetables, the natural way. You’ll learn why compost is the only fertilizer you’ll ever need, how to identity and control garden pests, and which plants keep the bugs away!You’ll even find out how to make your own organic pesticide!Remember – You don’t need a Kindle device to read this book – Just download a FREE Kindle Reader for your computer, smartphone, or tablet!Don’t wait another minute – Download Vertical Gardening: The Beginner's Guide To Organic & Sustainable Produce Production Without A Backyardright away and enjoy this lifestyle today!You’ll be so glad you did!

365 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Your Cat (Fascinating Cat Facts Book 1)

Do you want to know more about your cat?If yes is the answer......then you need the facts presented in this book.But what can you discover here?With the material presented here, you will find your questions answered in quick bites of cat info. With a little pussyfooting, you too can find out what it means to be a cat - or as close as a human can get. So the question remains, do you want to know more? If so, read ahead. In this book, you will explore:The world’s oldest cat and other stunning records.Weird and wonderful feline myths and superstitions.Strange kitty behavior.Why cats groom so much - many reasons here.How some felines can fall from great heights and survive.Can cats really see in total darkness?The first domesticated cats.Kitty love and cats mating.Do cats have a sixth sense? If so, what is it?What kitties are made of - it’s more than you think.How cats affect us - lots of positives here.Fighting felines and how it all goes down.And much more!Take a look inside.Then click the “Buy now” button and start reading all about cats today!What are you waiting for?

Woodworking: Woodworking Guide for Beginner's With Step-by-Step Instructions : Woodworking (Crafts and Hobbies, Woodworking Projects, Wood Toys, Furniture How to and Home Improvement, Carpentry)

Woodworking Guide for Beginner'sComplete Woodworking Guide for Beginner's With Step-by-Step Instructions (BONUS - 16,000 Woodworking Plans and Projects)I found my way into fine woodworking shortly after graduating college, in 2003. I took a 2 week introduction to the fundamentals of fine woodworking at Boston’s North Bennet Street School. From there, I spent 3 years working at woodworking specialty retail stores, went to North Bennet full time for 2 more years, and set up shop as a custom furniture maker, which lasted for just over 7 years.Woodworking, on many levels, is an ongoing process of reduction and refinement: Big trees into big boards, into smaller boards, into smaller pieces. Grinding cutting tools, and then honing, and polishing the edges. Rough shaping, scraping and filing of wood, followed by coarse sanding, and on into finer grits. And, the progression of learning the rough basics, and the ongoing refining what you know, and what you can do. The purpose of this book is to provide a coarse introduction to getting into the hobby. I assume that you’ll seek out other sources of information as the need arises. Woodworking as a craft spans thousands of years, and I couldn’t hope to cover all that ground. Books have been published on the topic for centuries. Taunton Press started printing Fine Wood Working 40 years ago, and many other magazines have since come and gone, or showed up and stayed. And the internet, bless its tainted soul, has been ranting and raving at an exponential rate about just about anything for over 20 years. Information overload is a real risk, especially on the internet, and I can’t stress enough that it’s something to be careful of. But in the end, any real learning that occurs will happen at the bench, as you feel for yourself how your tools are working. You’ll understand more as you see how the project comes together. You’ll get better at visualizing objects, and processes, in three dimensions, as you make the things with your own hands. The printed word can only convey so much, and it doesn’t hold a candle to what your own two hands will tell you. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Tools and Getting Set UpMaterialsWorking With WoodSanding and FinishingHand Held Power ToolsJoineryDesignSuggested First ProjectsBONUS OFFER 16,000 Plans and ProjectsMuch, much more!Take Action and Download Your Copy Today!ACCESS the #1 Woodworking Resource Online With PurchaseArchive of 16,000 Woodworking Plans and Projects With Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Clean your own Carpets a Quick Start Guide: Why Pay Someone Else To Scrub Your Rug? (Carpet Cleaning 101 Book 1)

Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning the basics carpet cleaning yourself is covered here Bradley Paul lays down what you need to scrub your own floors instead of shelling out mega bucks to someone who may or may not care and in the end you will have a feeling of self pride as you have cleaned your own rug.

How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide: Hand-on tips and advice from 24 dog trainers (Puppy Training: The New Method Book 1)

I'll tell you what to do in my four puppy training books and what to expect when you have a puppy. In this 1st book, How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide, I will teach you how to potty train your puppy the fastest way. Important: If you buy this ebook now you will also get access to the audiobook of How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide for free (temporary free promotion).If you want to have your puppy potty trained the fastest way ... then keep reading ...The biggest problem in puppy training is everybody keeps telling you different things. In the end, you just don't know what to do.Your neighbor claims he got his puppy house-trained in three days.You just read an internet article that states you can get your puppy house-trained in less than two weeks.And this book will probably tell you something else in turn…So what advice should you follow — and why?Well, this book is written in cooperation with 24 professional dog trainers.This book is translated into English because of its popularity and amazing customer reviews in The Netherlands.In this book, you will discover:The 11 factors that influence the pace at which your pup will become house-trained.What you definitely shouldn’t do when your puppy pees or poops insideWhether or not you should close the dog crate the first nightWhat you should do when you puppy squeals and barks in the dog crateWhat you should do when you puppy wets its blanket in the dog crateHow you can prevent your puppy peeing indoors right after returning home from a walkWhat you should do when your puppy pees or poops insideWhether you should feed your puppy before or after a walk and why this is extremely important for health issuesHow you can potty train your puppy in an apartmentWhether or not you should use newspapers and puppy pads and whyI also give you our popular feeding, walking and resting schedule for your puppy where I will tell you what to do and what to expect from 07:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.And much more ...Is this book right for me?Even if you don't like reading books (like me) then this is still a good read for you. This book is only 15.000 words which means you can finish it within 90 minutes. Furthermore, it contains many beautiful images what will enhance the usability of reading the book.Even if you have had dogs your entire life it is still good to read up to date puppy training books because techniques are changing fast. Please don't use tactics from 10-20 years ago.This book is not a good fit for you if:If you want to learn how to teach your dogs tricks like sit or down this is not the book for you as you will learn this at a puppy training class (very important)Lastly if you're still not convinced about reading my book, How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide, one of the biggest advantages of choosing this book is you get direct access to my, the author of this book. You can email me whenever you want with your questions. I will answer each and every one of them. You will find my email address in the book.If you want to potty train your puppy the fastest way with our new puppy training method, then scroll up and click the Buy now with 1-click button to get your book instantly. If you buy this ebook now you will also get access to the audiobook of How to House-Train a Puppy: The Ultimate Guide for free.

Beyond Safety Training: Embedding Safety in Professional Skills (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology)

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.This book investigates why, despite more and more resources devoted to safety training, expectations are not entirely met, particularly in the industrial sectors that have already achieved a high safety level. It not only reflects the most precious viewpoints of experts from different disciplines, different countries, with experiences in various industrial fields at the cutting edge of theories and practices in terms of safety, professionalization and their relationships. It also consolidates the positioning of the Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture, highlighting what is currently considered at stake in terms of safety training, taking into account the system of constraints the different stakeholders are submitted to. It reports some success stories as well as elements which could explain the observed plateau in terms of outcome. It identifies some levers for evolution for at-risk industry and outlines a possible research agenda to go further with experimental solutions.

Cat Humor: A Funny Little Book For Cat People

A funny little book full of cat cartoons, comics, jokes, funny top 10 lists, cat trivia and weird facts.The perfect book for cat lovers!"Gaspirtz's cartoons are purrfect!"-Joan Cannata-Fox, National Enquirer

Particle Accelerator Physics (Graduate Texts in Physics)

This book by Helmut Wiedemann is a well-established, classic text, providing an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the field of high-energy particle acceleration and beam dynamics.The present 4th edition has been significantly revised, updated and expanded. The newly conceived Part I is an elementary introduction to the subject matter for undergraduate students. Part II gathers the basic tools in preparation of a more advanced treatment, summarizing the essentials of electrostatics and electrodynamics as well as of particle dynamics in electromagnetic fields. Part III is an extensive primer in beam dynamics, followed, in Part IV, by an introduction and description of the main beam parameters and including a new chapter on beam emittance and lattice design. Part V is devoted to the treatment of perturbations in beam dynamics. Part VI then discusses the details of charged particle acceleration. Parts VII and VIII introduce the more advanced topics of coupled beam dynamics and describe very intense beams – a number of additional beam instabilities are introduced and reviewed in this new edition. Part IX is an exhaustive treatment of radiation from accelerated charges and introduces important sources of coherent radiation such as synchrotrons and free-electron lasers. The appendices at the end of the book gather useful mathematical and physical formulae, parameters and units. Solutions to many end-of-chapter problems are given.This textbook is suitable for an intensive two-semester course starting at the senior undergraduate level.

Training your own Service Dog The Complete Guide Series: Raising your Service Dog Puppy

This system is proven to start service dog puppies off right and achieve success!Follow this system to unlock a foolproof blueprint for raising and training your service dog from puppy-hood with the highest probability of success. Volume III of the TYOSD series is written by Professional (Certified) Service Dog Trainer, Megan “Meg the Dog Trainer” Brooks. Meg has worked hands-on, training service dogs and their handlers to work together as a team since 2006. She has successfully trained hundreds of owner-trained service dog teams. Now Meg brings the skills and tricks of this success to readers with this series.Picture a blank slate; Raising and training YOUR service dog exactly how YOU need your service dog to be trained!Imagine your service dog; your right-hand pup; your constant companion learning from the very beginning exactly how to work with YOU as an individual with YOUR individual needs and to effectively become your trusted teammate. All without overwhelming costs or long waiting lists!Add this book to your library for the most complete collection of information on raising and training your service dog puppy from day one. Indulge in content you will not find anywhere else:Including advice from world-renowned experts in the fieldLearn the human foods you never knew could harm your puppy100% foolproof housebreaking-FAST!Early socialization practices that help produce a rock-solid temperamentLearn the dirty secret pet food companies, even the expensive brands, DO NOT want you to know and how to choose an inexpensive diet for your puppy that will promote long life and healthLearn to train using the highly effective MEGA LEARN System®, based on time-told and scientifically proven methods of learning, while adding a unique but simple way to learn to communicate with your dog using a common languageNot to mention, the other essential elements offered:Complete early training plan from novice through advanced obedienceTeach foundation behaviors for task training while your puppy is at the prime age for learning these essentialsEarly public access skills practices to teach your puppy to be a professional from day oneAccess to Meg the Dog Trainer's library of video, documents and other resourcesYou are not going to want to pass up the opportunity to add this book to your library, where you can reference it today and all the way through your service dog training endeavors.Click the buy now button and join me on the most rewarding journey you may ever encounter!

Bathroom Design Ideas: Get the Perfect Bathroom Makeover with Remodeling, Renovation and Decoration

Bathroom Design Ideas for the Perfect Bathroom MakeoverThis book on Bathroom design Ideas will help you achieve the perfect Bathroom Makeover through remodeling, renovation and decoration. You will learn the difference between these three words that people use and interchange the meanings, and these are: remodeling, renovation and decoration. This book is suitable for those who want to go down the path of DIY and it’s also pretty useful for those who are hiring contractors for the job.The chapters are dedicated to remodeling, renovation and decoration. Not only are you bombarded with tips, tricks and ideas in giving your bathroom a makeover, you are also given a quick tutorial on the important facets of a bathroom makeover that homeowners commonly commit mistake.By giving you a quick tutorial about this, I can assure you that you will not commit these common mistakes that homeowners who went on a bathroom remodeling or renovation did. By simply buying this book, you have saved hundreds of dollars from these common mistakes.Another important feature of this Bathroom Makeover book is that it has been written by a person who has tons of experience when it comes to bathroom remodeling, renovation and decoration. Therefore you are sure to reap a lot of benefits from my extensive experience on bathroom makeovers.Further, the book is formatted in such a way that the first steps of a remodeling, renovation, or decoration is tackled first followed by succeeding steps. Important parts of the bathroom makeovers are highlighted with tips and tricks to help you in deciding which types of materials, designs and colors are perfect for your needs and wants.To make everything easy for you, here is a quick list of what you will learn within this bathroom makeover book:Get to know two important steps in a bathroom remodeling that people usually tend to overlookLearn how to choose bathroom flooring that will stand the test of moisture, molds and mildew. The latest and trendy bathroom flooring without breaking your budget. Plus the different and perfect flooring material that would suit your budget best.Some great and trendy bathroom makeover ideas and even bathroom ideas for kids, guest bathroom, powder room and for the master’s bathroomAnd a whole lot more!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs and Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Kill the bed bugs before they bite youAfter decades of queer silence, the bed bug has found its way back into our homes. It’s a tiny pest with a huge family, and it’s ready to put our slumber on the line. Who said bugs are easy to wipe out? Well, with this guide book you will know exactly how to take the flat-bodied, mahogany bug by the neck and sweep it into non-existence.Latch on to the bug before it finds an excuse into your house. This book will take you through a complete rundown of ways to get around this exasperating issue. With a succinct description of its background and biology, you will get familiar with the winding path the bug takes to your home, and, you will learn ways to scour your house for an infestation. If you’re waking up with bug bites, it is important that you know how to identify them, and be prepared to take the right action as soon as you feel sore skin.Anything with a warm stream of blood running through it is at risk of being attacked by the bed bug, including your pets. Keep your children and pets safe with tested prevention techniques. Don’t worry! The idea of being on the alert at all times, and looking out for minute insects, sounds strenuous. Debunk all myths they ever told you about the bed bug, and wriggle free from the nasty gaggle of bugs with this strident guide to a bug free home. Once, you are through with the book, hurling the bed bug out of your home will be second nature.

The Complete Guide to Under Cabinet Lighting

Today, the kitchen has to be multifunctional. It’s not only a place to prepare and eat food, but also a place to relax, a place to entertain, and a place to enjoy. It should be inviting, bright, functional, and easy to control. The right kitchen lighting will help you stay clean, organized, and safe, while letting you create the perfect atmosphere for an early morning baking frenzy, board games with the kids on a rainy afternoon, or spending a couple’s night in.Most of all, light layering (having multiple light sources for different purposes) is the most important, all-encompassing rule in kitchen lighting design. A single light source never does any space justice. You need different sources of light for different purposes. Ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, safety lighting, and mood lighting are all essential parts of great kitchen design.This book will first and foremost address task lighting in the kitchen.Under cabinet lights are the most popular, attractive, and handy kind of task lighting for the kitchen. Lighting designers agree that the path to any beautiful, functional kitchen starts with excellent task lights. Kitchen task lights have one simple purpose – to help you out. When you really need to get down to business, to cook a gourmet dinner or finally scrub down those countertops, task lights allow you to see.In this book, you’ll learn how to get that perfect lighting in your own kitchen. You’ll discover what kind of under cabinet lights will work best for your space, the ins and outs of every light source and fixture style, and even what kind of lights will work best with your personality. Then, move on to step-by-step instructions on how to layout, install, and operate your under cabinet lights.Already have under cabinet lights in your kitchen? Just flip over to the maintenance section to learn what to expect from your lights over time, and how to fix common problems that may come up.You may also want to note that under cabinet lights work in areas other than the kitchen – offices, labs, workstations, even in outdoor cooking areas.

Baby Steps To Backyard Chickens: How To Prepare For Your First Flock (Backyard Homesteading Book 1)

Are you tired of buying eggs from the grocery store? Want to save some money and get the best quality eggs available? Are you considering raising your own backyard chickens?Kathryn has raised chickens in the city and has some words of wisdom to help you decide if chickens are a good fit for you.Inside Baby Steps To Backyard Chickens you'll learn:How to find out if backyard chickens are legal where you liveWhat kind of housing you will needWhat type of food your chickens will needBasic health informationAnd how to pick the best chickens for you!Let this short guide walk you through the steps of bringing home your backyard chickens.

Keeping a Backyard Horse

Hay is for horses! Everyone knows that, but do you know how much hay they need? Or how much water? Did you know your horse can talk to you with his ears? Or that he can sleep standing up?Follow along with Athena the horse as she explains the basics of keeping a horse in your backyard. She’ll teach you the basic necessities of caring for your equine friend, from what kind of fencing you can use, to tips and tricks for keeping water thawed in winter weather, and even fun stuff you can do with your horse. Keeping a backyard horse can be fairly simple, and even if you have a tight budget, it can be done!

A to Z How to Grow Weed for Total Beginners

Made At Home is Always BetterDo you want to be in full control over where your weed grows? Maybe you are tired of dealing with that shady dealer or you are simply tired of paying for it. If you are here for the above reasons or any other one, then you are in the best place a stoner can be!Growing marijuana at home might seem complicated but the truth is that it's quite easy if you have the right information and attitude.Simply put, anyone who loves weed can grow weed! I mean, which stoner would not like to see this beautiful plant growing taller every morning when he or she wakes up?Personally, I decided to start growing cannabis for the heck of it, I got engaged to sweet Maryjane back in campus and it was only right that I should get married to her. That's why I have weed growing in my house, I am just a guy who enjoys his blunt and I want it close to me all the time.

The Medallic History of the United States of America 1776-1876

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Buildings for Education: A Multidisciplinary Overview of The Design of School Buildings (Research for Development)

This open access book presents theoretical and practical research relating to the vast, publicly financed program for the construction of new schools and the reorganization of existing educational buildings in Italy. This transformative process aims to give old buildings a fresh identity, to ensure that facilities are compliant with the new educational and teaching models, and to improve both energy efficiency and structural safety with respect to seismic activity. The book is divided into three sections, the first of which focuses on the social role of the school as a civic building that can serve the needs of the community. Innovations in both design and construction processes are then analyzed, paying special attention to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) strategy as a tool for the integration of different disciplines. The final section is devoted to the built heritage and tools, technologies, and approaches for the upgrading of existing buildings so that they meet the new regulations on building performance. The book will be of interest to all who wish to learn about the latest insights into the challenges posed by, and the opportunities afforded by, a comprehensive school building and renovation program.

Shining Star of the Bowling Alley (Matchmaker Mom Book 5)

Some friendships form quickly…unbreakable bonds that carry us through our most difficult moments…Shining Star of the Bowling Alley is the fifth novella in the Matchmaker Mom series.Even as Molly Reardon is doing all she can to make life better for the residents of the huge residential complex she now owns including the bowling alley that is soon to open and the indoor miniature golf course that she’s determined to make a reality…she finds that once again life is filled with expected challenges.Molly has never been the type to shy away from any kind of challenge…Molly Reardon has never made it a secret that she would like nothing more than for her oldest son to find that perfect someone and settle down. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t also like to see the same thing for all her other children as well. She knows that life is filled with next steps…and not all are easy. But those who are part of her life are finding themselves taking the challenge that each next step presents.Shining Star of the Bowling Alley is the fifth novella in the Matchmaker Mom series. Also available are Through the Binoculars, Potluck Social, League of Friends, and Next on the List.Matchmaker Mom seriesThrough the BinocularsPotluck SocialLeague of FriendsNext on the ListShining Star of the Bowling Alley

A Beginner's Guide to the Ba Gua: Understanding the Feng Shui Energy Map (Fast Feng Shui Easy Guides Book 1)

The feng shui Ba Gua is a map of the invisible world. It defines what areas within your home influence which aspects of your life experience. It’s an essential feng shui tool, and the source of a great deal of confusion to many newcomers to feng shui, who are likely to find conflicting or contradictory information in the various books and websites they encounter. A key factor in the confusion that surrounds feng shui today is that different styles and methods of feng shui have developed over the centuries. Some very old methods are still practiced today, while new variations have evolved to meet the needs and expectations of a modern audience.Traditional Chinese methods of feng shui have withstood the test of time, not just in China, but around the globe. Why, then, have new approaches – including the modern ba gua – emerged in recent decades? Is there really a need to reinvent the wheel? What does the modern ba gua have to offer, and why might you want to use it?The purpose of this free ebook is to answer those questions by providing you with an overview of the various methods of feng shui in use today. I’ll introduce you to the different forms of the ba gua, help you choose which style of feng shui will best suit your home and personality, and suggest some first steps for using feng shui successfully in your home. You’ll gain a basic understanding of the pros and cons of different feng shui systems, and learn why I’m a fan of the modern approach while honoring what the traditional schools have to offer. Whether you’re new to feng shui or just curious about what the different methods have to offer, A Beginner’s Guide to the Ba Gua provides valuable insight for your feng shui journey.

Healing Your Heart From Pet Loss Grief: Five Steps To Begin Your Journey

Healing your heart from pet loss grief. A short guide, which will help you begin a compassionate, respectful, and loving experience when dealing with the rawness of grief and loss. Honor your with gratitude during a tough, yet unique time. This pet loss book will guide you through the five steps that I share with my clients and in my book to begin healing the trauma of pet grief with the loss of a dog, the loss of a cat or any other companion that you share your heart with. It will support you immediately to begin your grief and loss journey with pet bereavement suggestions. You will learn about the myths, why it is important to mourn, and when you are ready, celebrate the life you had with your pet by saying thank you in a very particular way.At the end of each chapter, there is an easy action step. Also, included are three compassionate poems to help you heal your heart and a resource section.The Five Chapters/Steps are...Step One ~ Feelings are NormalStep Two ~ Stages of GrowthStep Three ~ Myths to DebunkStep Four ~ Mourning to HealStep Five ~ Celebrate Your Forever LoveHealing your Heart from Pet Loss Grief: Five Steps to Begin Your Journey will help you create a compassionate, respectful, healthy, and loving experience for yourself, while honoring your beloved pet, during a tough, yet unique time.When you read this book and do the action step at the end of each chapter you will begin to heal your heart. If you are suffering from the loss of a cat, the death of a pet or even a terminal illness like dog cancer…this little book will help you.

Alternative Fuels for Transportation (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series)

Exploring how to counteract the world's energy insecurity and environmental pollution, this volume covers the production methods, properties, storage, engine tests, system modification, transportation and distribution, economics, safety aspects, applications, and material compatibility of alternative fuels. The esteemed editor highlights the importance of moving toward alternative fuels and the problems and environmental impact of depending on petroleum products. Each self-contained chapter focuses on a particular fuel source, including vegetable oils, biodiesel, methanol, ethanol, dimethyl ether, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, hydrogen, electric, fuel cells, and fuel from nonfood crops.

I Spy, You Spy - Shapes & Colours!: A Fun Guessing Game for 2-4 Year Olds (Mastery by Method Book 2)

This book will help your child master shapes and colours, using a turn-taking guessing game as the method. This book:has a series of I Spy games that start with the basics before getting more challenging (eg different types of shapes)has a colourful array of shape illustrationsencourages parent and child to take turns leading the game. Children will lead several of the games after being shown how the game worksmakes learning fun while also building confidence and challenging children

Creating Healthy and Sustainable Buildings: An Assessment of Health Risk Factors

The open access book discusses human health and wellbeing within the context of built environments. It provides a comprehensive overview of relevant sources of literature and user complaints that clearly demonstrate the consequences of lack of attention to health in current building design and planning. Current designing of energy-efficient buildings is mainly focused on looking at energy problems and not on addressing health. Therefore, even green buildings that place environmental aspects above health issues can be uncomfortable and unhealthy, and can lead to public health problems. The authors identify many health risk factors and their parameters, and the interactions among risk factors and building design elements. They point to the need for public health specialists, engineers and planners to come together and review built environments for human wellbeing and environmental sustainability. The authors therefore present a tool for holistic decision-making processes, leading to short- and long-term benefits for people and their environment.

Examples of Chinese ornament 1/5: with 5 days free out of each 90-day

A Memory of Chinese History and ArtChinese traditional patterns are expressions of the living environment, thought and values of the ancient Chinese, and the themes are abundant, most of them are auspicious. It is widely used in classical drama costumes, decoration of architecture or instruments, it is an important part of Chinese culture. Chinese had been a long way to get the opportunity and study classical materials of the emperor.In 1860, the Anglo-French army invaded Beijing. They plundered the Yuanmingyuan, the largest art treasure of the Qing emperor, and finally burned it down.Since the war plunder was brought to Europe and sold by British and French soldiers, a large number of precious Chinese classical works of art have appeared in museums in France and Britain.The Empress' Chinese Museum housed at Fontainebleau palace was built in 1863 by Queen Eugenie of Napoleon III, is used to store and display cultural relics from the Yuanmingyuan. Most of the collections come from Yuanmingyuan.At the same time, Owen Jones, a British architect and designer, sorted out the patterns of Chinese relics in the South Kensington Museum and published Examples of Chinese Ornament in 1867.In 1900,When the Eight-Nation Alliance forces invaded Beijing, the Qing emperor's art treasures were once again plundered to Europe.In the late Qing Dynasty, some people went to Europe to study. They were shocked by the splendor of Chinese classical artworks, because at that time the Chinese had no chance to study the art collection of the Qing Emperors.In 1912, the Qing Dynasty perished. As one of the conditions for peaceful takeover of all Chinese territory, Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, was allowed by the new government to continue living in the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace. But in the autumn of 1924, suddenly a warlord Feng Yuxiang entered the palace with guns, drove Puyi out. At that time, the upper class all knew that the planners behind the incident were intellectuals who dreamed of studying cultural relics. The representatives were Li Shizeng , who had studied in France, and Cai Yuanpei, president of Peking University, who had studied in Germany and France.In order to avoid the aftermath, Li Shizeng even asked the warlord to kill the 18-year-old Puyi.In 1925, Li Shizeng renamed the Forbidden City as the Palace Museum, and from that time on, the Chinese finally became able to study rich classical cultural materials.In 1958, in the face of China's poverty and backwardness, Mao Zedong attempted to bring the economy up at one blow, ignoring the principles of the market, began the Great Leap Forward. Unexpectedly led to a famine in China.The lack of material will lead to the fear of the leaders. The most perfect way to stabilize political power is to make people's thoughts lack. The Cultural Revolution should be the result of such a vicious circle, which makes the research of Chinese classical culture ruined, and many historical materials were destroyed.Behind the seemingly beautiful art is a history of human strife. Fortunately, everything is over.

EMMA STONE: Top 100 Sexy posters

Top 100 Sexy posters of EMMA STONESexy and Hot Emma Stone Pictures like Bikini, Ass, Boobs.How sexy is Emma Stone?Best of Emma stone sexy and bikini images in 2020EMMA STONE attends the wonderful Spider-Man 2, New York Premiere | April 24, 2014.Emma Stone nude and sexy photos. Finally Emma Stone nudeEmma Stone's - Autograph Signed 8x10 PhotosEmma Stone Lovely and sexy Pose 8x10 Promotional PhotoEmma Stone's - 8x10 Broadway theater PhotosEmma Stone Cabaret Signed Photo 11x16Emma Stone The Rocker Signed Autographed 8x12 PhotoWithout a doubt, Emma Stone is one of the most talented actresses of her generation.Emma Stone 24X36 Posters - Sexy Hottest - Amazon.comLA LA LAND - 27"x40" Original Movie Poster Sheets 2016 Ryan GoslingEmma Stone Signed 8x10 Photo PSA/DNA Amazing Spider ManEasy A (2010) 8x10 Photo Emma Stone Gangster Squad Sexy Emma Stone Authentic Signed Autographed 11x14 Super color Glossy Photo Poster LoaEmma Stone “La La Land" AUTOGRAPH Signed 8x14 Photo ACOALA LA LAND 17"x24" D/S Poster IMAX Ryan Gosling Emma StoneLa La Land Emma Stone & Ryan signed 8x10 posters 100 RPSuperbad Sexy Emma Stone Authentic Signed Autographed 8x10 Glossy color Photo LoaEmma Stone PRETTY In Person Autographed PhotosGangster Squad Sexy hot Emma Stone Signed Autographed 8x10 Glossy Photo LoaPassion for Emma Stone is one of the most sexy and talented actresses of her generation.Emma Stone sexy actresses for your life.If You Really Want To Know, Look In The Emma Stone sexy actresses.Nothing is faster than Emma Stone sexy actresses.The World's Favourite Emma Stone sexy actresses.Big Chocolate Emma Stone sexy actresses.Emma Stone sexy actresses for everybody.Emma Stone sexy actresses evolution.Emma Stone sexy actresses, the clever way.Things go better with Emma Stone sexy actresses.Images for emma stone sexy

Beginners Guide to African Cichlid Success

3 simple steps and 10 easy to follow Rules to Success to get most out of your new aquarium guaranteed!

Avoidant Attachment: Why is your partner cold and detached in your relationship? Improve intimacy, emotional connection and understand why your dismissive partner behaves the way they do

Does your partner experience their relationship with you through a certain detachment?Do you feel coldness and distance within the relationship that is difficult to explain?Do you strive to grow your relationship, but have been stuck in the same spot for months or even years?A partner with an avoidant attachment style of emotion can build walls and create distances in any couple relationship, can show strict communication limits and undermine a romantic relationship. The detached attitude of the avoidant attachment personality can be frustrating for a partner, who will find him or herself experiencing feelings of uselessness and/or neglect, even to the point of feeling completely abandoned.Those who in a relationship with an avoidant partner can, justifiably, take a few steps back and question the entire relationship.Similarly, in adult life, people with avoidant attachments fear losing their self-reliance. They come to think that forming a partnership with another person will lead them to lose something of themselves. They approach the relationship in a conflictual way.  On the one hand, they seek it because they desire intimacy and closeness, but on the other, living the relationship as a couple forces them to confront the painful memory of primary relationships that were emotionally deficient or sources of suffering.You may already have started a family with an avoidant person and made huge efforts to try to make it all work, out of love for your partner, family and children (as well as for your own happiness!).The mechanisms of distancing the avoidant partner have very deep roots. Only knowledge of these ‘protection systems’ can overcome the distances with the person you love. There is no other way.I recommend that you read this book if your partner:Has a shy, detached, elusive personality or seems impervious to love and emotions.Struggles to think as a couple and to build a sense of ‘US’.Obstructs, or deviates from any attempt to communicate your hurt feelings.Cannot – or will not - accept help from others.Shows boundless love for a pet but can be cool and aloof with you.Regards any request for intimacy from you as pressurising.Shows difficulties in living the sexual life of a couple in a natural way, sometimes even avoiding intimacy in their relationships.Is not aware of these dynamics, so can come to question love, to the point of thinking that they are a difficult person.Not everyone wants or has time to physically sit down with a couple counsellor. They are often not prepared for this type of specific attachment. Instead, you might feel:Empty and confused when you are close to your partner.Like an invader of their privacy and put aside.That there is something wrong and you feel that somehow, it's your fault.As if you are playing a constant game of ‘hide and seek’ in the relationship.That sometimes, you are insecure and unworthy of love.If you do not intervene soon, those in a couple relationship with an avoidant person will end up having to settle for a relationship that consists of distances, until the relationship eventually fragments. Everything you have built together will have been in vain.Understanding the wounds of attachment is the best gift you can give to your relationship, and grow and nurture intimacy.Scroll up and click Buy Now button at the top of this page

Declutter:The Ultimate Guide to Tidying Up, Organize Your Home and Your Life and Make it a Habit (organize, Decluttering, Minimalistic, Declutter, cleaning, organizing, simplify)

DISCOVER::3-Minute Declutter: The Ultimate Guide to Tidying Up, Organize Your Home and Your Life and Make it a Habit ★★★Limited Time Discount Offer!★★★ ★★★Regular Price $2.99★★★We’ve all been there. Work to be done, bills to pay, kids need a lift, tornados-a-blowing, window’s-a- rattling, laundry, dog business, meals, and more work. And on top of all this, just like a chevy-size cherry on top: the house is cluttered! Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get all the decluttering done. The work is just too much, and familial obligations are paramount. But decluttering your house does not have to be like rolling a boulder up a hill. There are tricks. There are methods to make life easier. The first step involves the acknowledgement of those overwhelming feelings. Lots of people will tell you to deny your feelings. Don’t. It will just make you feel worse. Take a zen approach. When you feel yourself ready to rip your hair out, calm down, take a deep breath, and acknowledge: I am feeling crazy right now. But it too shall pass. Understand that your human feelings are like the clouds passing overhead. We are the backdrop, the sky, and the canvas, while our emotions are the foreground, the clouds, and the paint. That’s all. Nothing will get done unless we acknowledge this and then step forward to grapple with those feelings. Imagine, for a moment, when cluttered homes, and piles of papers, are miraculously placed where they are supposed to, and it stays that way. This is attainable an attainable goal. Within the pages of this book, you will find the techniques to dislodge the hindrances in your life that keep you from having a decluttered home. Use these easy methods, form long lasting habits, and find an easier life. . Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...How To Maximize Your Decluttering EfficiencyHow To Increasing Your ProductivityHow To Get Rid of Excess JunkHow To Create A Home Free Of AnxietyThrough reading it you will gain a better understanding of how clutter accumulates, how you relate to this, and how to changeYou will also gain an insight on how you can alter your behaviors, and become more contentMuch, much more!Download your copy today!Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99! ________ Tags: Declutter, decluttering, declutter your life, declutter your home, declutter and organize, decluttering your home, declutter your house, minimalism, minimalist, minimalist living, minimalist lifestyle, minimalist budget, minimalism books, minimalism living, Happiness, Organized, Organization, Declutter, Life Of A Minimalist, How To Be A Minimalist, purging, junk, cashback, zero waste, De-clutter, organize, clean, organizing, de-clutter your life, de-clutter your home , Cleaning, Caretaking & Relocating


Amazon Prime is a membership program offered by the popular online retailer Prime members receive free two-day shipping, access to streaming services for music, videos, books, audiobooks, and a lot more. Do you know everything about Prime Day? Do you know, for instance, that Amazon gives its Prime members unlimited cloud storage for their photos? This book goes into all the benefits in detail and describes how to use them.Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime so you can take it for a test-drive. If you feel it's not for you, simply cancel before your 30 days are up.I break down the service's benefits so you can decide if it's best for you.

LEGO-MOC INSTRUCTION: Display Base for Minifigures Series: Shower Guy - Series 19

This Instruction guides you how to make two models of Display base for Shower Guy - Series 19Number of parts: 159 and 172The Listing Parts is at the end of each instructionI hope you'll love new base for your Collectible MiniFigures.

How to Crochet a Cat Can Cozy (for your drinks): Bonus: Instructions for making a Cat Magnet are also provided

This crochet pattern is for a cat can cozy. I chose a Birman cat to demonstrate the pattern, but by changing the colors and the shapes of the pieces, you could make any cat. I also included instructions to make a cat magnet. The cat would be mounted on a magnet rather than a can cozy base. This is an easy pattern. A cat cozy makes a great gift!