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Raspberry Pi: An Easy Guide to Programming, Developing, and Setup of Raspberry PI Projects for Beginners

LEARN AND MASTER THE SKILLS THAT CAN HELP YOU CODE AND DEBUG PROGRAMS IN A RASPBERRY PI If you are a beginner, a Pythonista, or a Pythoneer, you have a guidebook that can help you to set up and navigate through Raspberry PI device. This pocket-size computer can create exciting games and animations, automation scripts, and other innovative projects with little or no experience by following the descriptions you will learn in this handbook. The Raspbian software will help you manage graphical user interfaces and handle other operating software in Python at an affordable price. The PI has introduced a new group of geeks in a computer with a credit card size. With this, beginners and experienced programmers can develop and control robotics and gadgets without much ado. Other exciting things you will learn from this book include Features, specifications, and functionalities of Raspberry PIAll the tools required to install and setup Raspberry PiDifferent models of Raspberry PI and the connectionsThe basic programs in PythonUnderstanding the string theory, lists, and dictionariesA comprehensive analysis of classes, methods, and modulesHow to use the internet and files with Raspberry PIUnderstand graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and hardware interfaces in Raspberry PILead fader and prototyping projectsBuild projects in Raspberry PIUnderstand Raspberry PI projectsHow to program games And many more. ....Now, Click the BUY button to get More Information to Improve Your Knowledge of the Specifications, Uses, and Applications of Raspberry Pi Programs, Projects, and Products.See you inside!!!

Security in Computer and Information Sciences: First International ISCIS Security Workshop 2018, Euro-CYBERSEC 2018, London, UK, February 26-27, 2018, ... Computer and Information Science Book 821)

This open access book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the First International ISCIS Security Workshop 2018, Euro-CYBERSEC 2018, held in London, UK, in February 2018. The 12 full papers presented together with an overview paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 31 submissions. Security of distributed interconnected systems, software systems, and the Internet of Things has become a crucial aspect of the performance of computer systems. The papers deal with these issues, with a specific focus on societally critical systems such as health informatics systems, the Internet of Things, energy systems, digital cities, digital economy, mobile networks, and the underlying physical and network infrastructures.

Error-Correction Coding and Decoding: Bounds, Codes, Decoders, Analysis and Applications (Signals and Communication Technology)

This book discusses both the theory and practical applications of self-correcting data, commonly known as error-correcting codes. The applications included demonstrate the importance of these codes in a wide range of everyday technologies, from smartphones to secure communications and transactions. Written in a readily understandable style, the book presents the authors’ twenty-five years of research organized into five parts:Part I is concerned with the theoretical performance attainable by using error correcting codes to achieve communications efficiency in digital communications systems.Part II explores the construction of error-correcting codes and explains the different families of codes and how they are designed. Techniques are described for producing the very best codes.Part III addresses the analysis of low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes, primarily to calculate their stopping sets and low-weight codeword spectrum which determines the performance of these codes.Part IV deals with decoders designed to realize optimum performance.Part V describes applications which include combined error correction and detection, public key cryptography using Goppa codes, correcting errors in passwords and watermarking.This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in error-correcting codes and their applications, ranging from non-experts to professionals at the forefront of research in their field.This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

iPad 8th Generation: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Mastering the New Apple iPad 8th Generation Hidden Features and Troubleshooting Common Problems

DON'T BUY THIS USERS MANUAL EXCEPT YOU WANT TO PUSH YOUR APPLE iPAD 8th GENERATION TO IT'S LIMITS Apple Inc. released the iPad 8th generation on 15th September 2020. The device comes with the latest iPadOS 14 in a sleek body having an original display screen of 10.2 inches. It is similar to previous models in appearance but performs better than all of them, and therefore highly rated. This book comes with practical methods of mastering the tips and tricks of setting up and using this latest technology. It involves comprehensive guidelines about the new features of the 8th generation of the Apple iPad and how you can use it optimally. Other things you will learn include : iPad 8th Generation Features Setting Up and Updating your iPad How to Restore from iCloud Backup Resetting Your iPadHow to Turn on iCloud BackupTurning Off iCloud Auto Sync for Videos and Photos How to Back up and Restore iPad on macOS Catalina Creating a New Apple IDHow to Change Apple ID on iPadHow to Display Previews on the Lock Screen Using a USB Mouse or Wireless Using the Quick Take FeatureHow to Customize the Buttons on the MouseHow to Use the MouseHow to Record Videos Quickly Using the New Camera AppUsing the Ultra-Wide CameraTaking Square PhotosHow to Zoom in and out of the iPadTaking Night Photos and Burst PicturesHow to Activate Capture outside the Frame How to Set Up Apple Pay on iPad 8Configuring Apple Pay on iPadUsing Apple Cash FamilyHow to Set Up Apple Cash Family for KidsHow to View Apple Cash Family TransactionsSetting Up Apple Pay CashHow to Use Messages app to Send Money with Apple Pay CashHow to Verify your Identity for Apple PayRequesting for Payment Using Apple Pay CashWays of Sending Payments Using Payments Apple Pay CashHow to Add Money to Apple Pay Cash CardHow to Send Apple Pay Cash Balance to your Bank AccountHow to Change the Language of iPad 8How to Set Up Optimized Battery ChargingHow to Remove App Size Limitations on Cellular Data Using the New Scroll BarScanning Documents in the Files appHow to Share Pictures with No Location InformationDeleting Apps from the Notification Screen Accessing Reachability ModeAccessing the Control Center Customizing Notification Center How to Display Multitasking Quick App Switcher Setting your Notification Preferences on iPad 8How to Set Messages to React to WallpaperHow to Set Messages to Share your Personalized Contact DataFiltering Unknown Calls and MessagesManaging Call, Text, and FaceTime ForwardingHow to Set Filming SpeedSetting Location Preferences AppsHow to Switch Off Required Attention on Face IDEnabling iCloud Keychain PasswordsAccessing iCloud Keychain Passwords How to Set Filming Speed Activating Siri on iPad 8How to Activate Siri with Side Button How to Use AirDrop in Sending Files to Closer Devices Managing Sign In Using Apple Feature Turning Off Attention Awareness Feature Using Family Sharing to Set Up Screen Time for your Child How to Set Up Screen Time for Kids on a Device Activating Offline Finding through Find My App And many more.. You Can Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited and Configure Various Setting on Your Device. So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the orange BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK BUTTON on the top right corner and download Now!!! You won’t regret you did See you inside!!!

Anti-fragile ICT Systems (Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing Book 1)

This book introduces a novel approach to the design and operation of large ICT systems. It views the technical solutions and their stakeholders as complex adaptive systems and argues that traditional risk analyses cannot predict all future incidents with major impacts. To avoid unacceptable events, it is necessary to establish and operate anti-fragile ICT systems that limit the impact of all incidents, and which learn from small-impact incidents how to function increasingly well in changing environments. The book applies four design principles and one operational principle to achieve anti-fragility for different classes of incidents. It discusses how systems can achieve high availability, prevent malware epidemics, and detect anomalies. Analyses of Netflix’s media streaming solution, Norwegian telecom infrastructures, e-government platforms, and Numenta’s anomaly detection software show that cloud computing is essential to achieving anti-fragility for classes of events with negative impacts.

Programming Languages and Systems: 29th European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2020, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice ... Science and General Issues Book 12075)

This open access book constitutes the proceedings of the 29th European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2020, which was planned to take place in Dublin, Ireland, in April 2020, as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2020. The actual ETAPS 2020 meeting was postponed due to the Corona pandemic. The papers deal with fundamental issues in the specification, design, analysis, and implementation of programming languages and systems.

Reversible Computation: Extending Horizons of Computing: Selected Results of the COST Action IC1405 (Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues Book 12070)

This open access State-of-the-Art Survey presents the main recent scientific outcomes in the area of reversible computation, focusing on those that have emerged during COST Action IC1405 'Reversible Computation - Extending Horizons of Computing', a European research network that operated from May 2015 to April 2019.Reversible computation is a new paradigm that extends the traditional forwards-only mode of computation with the ability to execute in reverse, so that computation can run backwards as easily and naturally as forwards. It aims to deliver novel computing devices and software, and to enhance existing systems by equipping them with reversibility. There are many potential applications of reversible computation, including languages and software tools for reliable and recovery-oriented distributed systems and revolutionary reversible logic gates and circuits, but they can only be realized and have lasting effect if conceptual and firm theoretical foundations are established first.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 & 20 ULTRA USER MANUAL: The Beginners and Advanced Users Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series including Tips & Tricks

Good News!!Samsung Officially Unveiled The New Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & 20 Ultra. We'll Show You How to Enable and Use The Hidden Features!!One of the best Smartphone developers (Samsung) is back again with the launch of two mind-blowing mobile smartphones known as theGalaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. The introduction of the new devices is an upgrade to its predecessors, especially the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Ultra. From August 21, 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will be available to the public for purchase, and you can get them from any Samsung outlet or store. Meanwhile, if you are looking to purchase the latest mobile release by Samsung, then this user guide will put you on the right course to navigate easily without any hassles. This manual dissects the complicated features and breaks them down even if you are not Tech-savvyWhat’s more? This book will also guide you and teach you to become an expert when handling any of the Galaxy Note 20 series. A lot of people out there are not acquainted with the use of the Galaxy Note 20 series because it was recently released. However, with this Guide, you will learn essential Tips & Tricks and specifications associated with the new 2020 Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. What you can expect from this user guide: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra specificationsSamsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra release datePrice of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraComparison between Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraDesign of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraDisplay of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraRear Camera of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraThe front camera of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraProcessor and Specs of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraSamsung Galaxy Note 20 S PenHow to use Samsung Galaxy Note S PenAll about Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus charging and batteryGalaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra OutlookGalaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra softwareFeatures of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraHow Galaxy Note 20 Plus resists scratchesHow to charge the batteryHow to use Wireless PowerShareHow to set up Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraHow to transfer data from old devicesHow to lock and unlock your Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraHow to add your Samsung accountHow to add Google accountHow to set up voicemail on your Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraHow to customize your home screenAll about Bixby on Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraHow to use BixbyHow to activate and deactivate Always On DisplaySamsung Galaxy StoreHow to access the Samsung Galaxy StoreHow to use Samsung PayHow to use Samsung HealthHow to use Samsung NotesHow to change Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra languageTroubleshooting Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraHow to solve S Pen not workingHow to solve accidental screen touchHow to solve poor battery lifeHow to soft and hard reset Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraHow to boot in safe modeAnd many more....This Guide would be perfect for the existing Samsung users and the New users, as it will help them understand their Device and Master the New Features. So Scroll up and click the orange “BUY NOW” button and get Your Copy Now See you inside!!!

DOCKER: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Learn and Master Docker

Good!! If you're reading this now, it's not a Coincidence. You’re interested in Learning about Docker and How it Works!! Docker is Software that enables Container Virtualization of applications. Applications, including their dependencies, can be packed into an image. Using a unique engine, the packaged application can then be executed in a Docker Container. Except for some Interfaces to Operating Systems or Hardware, the application is completely isolated. Any number of containers can be created from an image and operated in parallel, for example, scalable Cloud Services. Container Virtualization comes in many variants; Docker tries to make working with Containers as practical and uncomplicated as possible. As a Developer, for example, you can isolate your subproject into a container and transfer it to the test server with Docker Engine. There you can do the required tests without lengthy Installation or waiting for the next build.With Docker Container, the Project can also be quickly and easily shared with colleagues or, more generally, independently of the client. Also, because the Containers are isolated, it is possible to simulate different environments for Software. In this Book, we are coming up with an Introduction and Technical information about Docker. Everything is well explained in layman terms to help Beginners learn, understand, and Master Docker very fast. Other things you will learn in this Book include :What is Docker? Understand containers firstWhy you need Docker?Is it useful to use Docker containers in programming?Important features to know about DockerEasy pack, ship, and run of the applicationStoring single codes in containersGetting Started with DockerOrientation and SetupThe Docker fileDocker for various operating systemsDockers for WindowsAccessing Setting dialogKubernetesDockers for LinuxInstallationDocker TroubleshootingCommon mistakes with DockerfilesUse of ADD instead of COPYEntering whole application directory in a lineRunning multiple services in one containerImproper usage of Docker’s builds cache Storing data in containersWhat to avoid while using DockersRunning “apt-get install.” Use of “Latest”Use of external services while buildingUse of multiple FROM statementUsing VOLUME in buildDocker CommandsKnow the structureCleaning up the messDocker Commands and purposesRunning a commandStarting containersCreating a new imageDifference between Kubernetes (k8s) and DockerSetup and installationLogging and monitoring Working in two systemsManaging containersHow to monitor Docker in productionBenefit of monitoringThings you need to start monitoringLevels in monitoring dockerMonitoring the docker hostTracking containersContainer performance Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)And Many More... This book will Guide you as a beginner to learn the basics of Docker and how it worksSo what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the orange “BUY NOW” button on the top right corner and download Now!!! You won’t regret you did See you inside!!!

Photoshop Elements 2021 Guide: The Complete Tutorial for Beginners to Mastering Amazing New Features in Photoshop Elements 2021

Photoshop Elements is a professional photo editing suite that has been in existence for over two decades and is a popular choice for beginners and advanced photographers. It is geared more towards general photography rather than the way that most photo editors use the software today, where many are more interested in enhancing the subject and the look of the photograph. Photoshop Elements 2021 is one of the few options available to a beginner looking to learn photo editing basics. With it, you can easily plan, design, publish and turn your photos into design work and online portfolios, posters, and prints. This book is an excellent guide on how to use this powerful image editor that is super seamless to use as you will learn and understand topics such as: Getting started on activating Photoshop Elements 2021 New features on Elements 2021 Understanding your basic interface (Home screen buttons) Using the Guided Mode Types of photo projects you can create with Photoshop Elements How to access the help resources Editing photos Viewing photos Monitoring your image Image modification Using the undo, redo, and cancel actions Using the rulers How to use the grid Using selections, layers, and shapes to position your items How to resize images How to crop images Working with Raw files from your camera Adding blur to images Replacing your image colors Cloning your image Using the Smart Brush tools for adjusting shadows and light Retouching and correcting the photos Getting to know and using the painting tools How to add text Creating various shapes How to edit shapes Adjusting photos with filters Applying effects to images Color management and setup Using color and tonal correction How to use hue, saturation, vibrance, and black and white color adjustment Tools for Fixing Color Casts And many more……. This is just a few of what is contained in this User Manual, and you can Download FREE with Kindle UnlimitedSo what are you waiting for? Scroll up and Click the Orange - BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK BUTTON- on the top right corner and Download Now!!! You won’t regret you did See you inside!!!

AMAZON ECHO SHOW 5 USER GUIDE: Quick Tips & Tricks on How to Use and Setup Your New Amazon Echo Show 5 in Minutes! (Echo Device & Alexa Setup Guide Book 2)

A Complete Guide for Users of Amazon Echo Show 5 The Amazon Echo Show 5 is an amazing house help device that takes care of your tech problems in the house; the Amazon Echo Show 5 is a 5.5-inch display device with a 2 watts speaker at the back and has three buttons at the top, and a switch, the buttons available at the top of the device are the decrease and increase volume buttons as well as the mute button. The switch located at the top is used in controlling the 1-megapixel front camera.The Echo Show 5 has a series of features that could help ease your stress around the house; the Alexa feature helps you do many things without having to stand up from where you are, some of the features that the Echo Show 5 offers are; playing music, watching videos, setting alarms and to-do list, taking selfies, playing radio, weather forecast, podcast and many more. However, the Echo Show has many more features installed, which we would be explaining thoroughly in this guide. The Show has however helped billions of people in many ways and also helped Mums and Dads to ease stress in the most important areas of the house and even in the offices.The Amazon Dot 3, is the former device before the Amazon Echo Show 5 was introduced, the Doc 3, is a device that doesn’t have a display and looks more like a Bluetooth speaker, however it possesses certain features that are also available in the Echo Show 5. Echo Show 5 is very different from the Echo Dot 3 base on appearance and certain features. Here are some Things you would Learn in this Guide : How to start up a multi-room music player using your Show 5 How to link the FIRETV with your Echo Show 5How to control your smart home devices with your Echo Show 5How to connect Amazon remote the with the Show 5How to set up more voice profiles for Alexa How to ask Alexa to perform various tasksAnd many moreIf you want to be 99% familiar with your Echo Show 5, then you need to read everything contained in this guide.So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the orange “BUY NOW” button on the top right corner and download Now!!! You won’t regret you did See you inside!!!

macOS Catalina Users Guide: The Ultimate Tips, Tricks and New Hidden Features to Master in the Latest 2019 macOS Catalina

Good News!! The New macOS Catalina 2019 for Macintosh Computers. We'll show you How to Install and use the Features!!The macOS Catalina is the best and most efficient of the macOS versions you can find anywhere. This Guide will take you around the best reasons why you should download and install the macOS Catalina. This Guide will also try to solve the possible Troubleshooting Problems you may encounter when you download and install the macOS Catalina. With the macOS Catalina, you are sure of maximizing the full potential that comes with every macOS version without having any doubt of having not to install it. Also, to mention, the new features of the macOS Catalina are very much sought after, and Mac users are lucky to have the opportunity to make their dreams come true. This Manual will also take you through the amazing features of the macOS Catalina, the issues that come with it, the solutions, and how to blend this software with your other Apple devices like your iPhone and iPad. At the end of reading this Guide, you should know all the tricks and flicks about using the macOS Catalina, which will help you whenever you encounter any problem or if you want to get the best out of your Mac. Other things you will learn in this Book include :Using macOSSetting up macOSNavigations and Notifications Airplay and AirDrop Siri on macOS How to use Siri on macOS How to download and install macOS Catalina How to create a partition to install macOS CatalinaBacking up your macOS Check out for storage space Get to know your Apple ID Updating your appsHow to restore your iPad or iPhone on macOS CatalinaRequirements to use macOS Catalina Availability of macOS CatalinaWhere to get MacOS Catalina New Features on macOS CatalinaDevices that support macOS CatalinamacOS Catalina troubleshooting problemsHow to solve macOS Catalina download issuesHow to fix macOS Catalina install issuesHow to fix setting up your macOS CatalinaHow to fix macOS Catalina login issues How to fix macOS Catalina email issuesFixing macOS Slow runningHow to fix macOS Catalina battery problemsHow to fix macOS Catalina mouse issues macOS Catalina booting issuesHow to fix non working ApplicationsFinder problemsHow to fix macOS sidecar issuesHow to fix macOS Catalina Wi-Fi issuesHow to sign in to iCloud macOS App Store Updates How to back up with time machine Yearly upgrades Privacy and Security Where to Sync your iPad and iPhone on macOS Catalina Sync movies between your iPad or iPhone on macOS CatalinaHow to enable and disable screen time on macOS Catalina Adding a password to screen timeWhy you should use MacOS CatalinaAnd many more.... What this book will do for you? In every Chapter of this Manual, you will learn Tips and Tricks on how to install some advanced features on your device !!!! So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the orange “BUY NOW” button on the top right corner and download Now!!! You won’t regret you did See you inside!!!

HOW TO CANCEL KINDLE UNLIMITED: The Ultimate Guide on How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription in Few Minutes, Plus Pros and Cons

Do you want to Cancel your Kindle Unlimited Membership Subscription? We'll show you how to do it!!In this book, you will learn a lot of things about the Kindle Unlimited service. On the first note, you will learn how to Cancel and avoid the $9.99 monthly charge for Subscription on the Kindle Unlimited. Also, you will equip yourself with the knowledge of the things you should know about the Kindle Unlimited. Furthermore, you will know the supported devices on Kindle Unlimited as well as the cost every month and every year. Knowing the Pros and Cons is also vital for people looking to either sign up or Cancel their Membership Subscription Plan. This and much other information will be passed across in the content of this book. This book will Guide and Enlighten you more about Kindle Unlimited Membership Subscription So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the orange “BUY NOW” button on the top right corner and download Now!!! You won’t regret you did See you inside!!!

iPad 7th Generation User's Guide: The Seniors Guide to Master the 2019 iPad 7th Generation in Minutes!

The New iPad 7th Generation Guide. We'll show you How to Enable Some Hidden Features!!This book provides you the opportunity to experience the wonders of iPad devices. This Guide will provide you with information on what iPad 7th Generation is all about, how to set up an iPad 7th Generation, and how to restore iPad Back-up from iCloud or iTunes. Moving further, you will also get to learn how to get rid of activation lock on iPad, how to wipe an iPad with the use of iCloud, and how to fix security password or locked home-screen. Also, this book will give a detailed explanation of how to successfully lock an iPad and how to set up Touch ID to unlock your iPad. Not also forgetting the battery life of an iPad, how to fix iPad that would not charge, and how to prolong battery life.Other things to look out for in this book include : How to use drag and drop on the iPadThe reason we need drag and drop featureHow to connect your iPad to a Mobile Data How to connect your iPad to a Wi-Fi networkAnd many more… Look out for all these and much more range of information in this book's write-upSo Get your Copy Now and Learn Something New!!! See you inside!!!