Children's Sports & Outdoors Books

Think and Play Like Capablanca: 35 best games of the great master

This book includes the games played between 1901 and 1919 by of the third world champion, Jose Raul Capablanca. Capablanca chose these games for his book My Chess Career, published in 1920. You will play all games "move by move" together with the Great Master.

My Family My Life

An intimate glimpse into the private family life of author, Ewan Fowles.This book looks at the realities and importance of ‘family’. Including issues that we can all relate to that are prevalent in today’s 'family dynamics'.Ewan’s story is a good example of how opportunities for inclusion are out there if you just have the determination and the right support. Having your voice heard and being able to make your own decisions will help you achieve this.Ewan’s book examines and dispels myths about people with disability, proving anything is possible and to never give up.