Children's Science, Nature & How It Works Books

Kids On Earth: A Childrena??s Documentary Series Exploring Global Cultures & The Natural World

Wouldn't you like to take a family vacation to a place you've never been, right now? You and your entire family are invited to come and experience, learn, feel, and imagine what life in other countries all over the world is like from other kids!Visit fascinating countries around the world without ever having to leave your home with a kid’s documentary series that teaches an appreciation for both culture & biodiversity by country worldwide. In this one-of-a-kind kids’ documentary series, let local kids be your guides as 2 kids from each country take you and your family on an unforgettable private guided tour of their lives via cultural traditions, food, clothes, history, economy, music, beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and more!In this book, Joaquin and Yocsary take us on an exciting and unforgettable adventure around the unique Central American country of Costa Rica. Are you ready to take a majestic walk in the cloud forests and visit tropical blond and black sand beaches all in the same country? Feel free to jump into the ocean and go surfing. Visit hot spring sites and learn more about the wonderful biodiversity in the Costa Rican jungle. Joaquin and Yocsary are so excited to give you a taste of the food they eat, the languages they speak and the clothes they wear as they dance in the street! Don't forget your sun hat and comfortable shoes and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Costa Rica. There's a bonus quiz at the end of every book. Sensei Publishing provides kids with a series of books for generations of people encouraging exciting curiosity and interactive discovery. Please join us on this unique journey around the world where kids teach other kids about the wonders and treasures of their home countries - are you ready? Get your family's copy of Kids on Earth: 'Costa Rica' today!

Kids Want To Know About UFO's: A Childrens Mystery Ages 9-12 (Kids Want To Know About Series Book 1)

It's Free!!! Do Your Children Love Stories About Unknown Creatures? Kids Do Want To Know About UFO'sDiscover well known and little known facts about UFO's. Did you know that Christopher Columbus and some of his ship's crew said they saw a flying ship crash into the sea while on his first voyage to America? Did you know that an Air Force Base Commander reported seeing a UFO with some of his men and also recorded the incident on tape?Kids will learn what is known and not known about UFO's. Are UFO's real? What do the American people think about UFO's?Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover In This BookLearn about the Roswell incidentRead about the exciting Rendlesham Forest incidentFind out how 1000's of people saw the famous "Phoenix Lights"You'll learn about the U.S. governments "Project Sign"Did you know that a President of the United States saw a UFO and filed a report?Are UFO's real?And much, much moreDownload your copy today!

Life of Bailey: A True Life Story from Puppy to Dog

From the Life of Bailey series, join us as we help Bailey find his forever home. This is a sweet and simple story of a playful puppy as he grows and explores his new life as a warm-hearted member of the family. In this true-life puppy-story, Bailey meets his Daddy and Mommy and tries to overcome all of the challenges every new puppy must endure, but Bailey must endure a different challenge he never expected! Will Bailey find his forever home? Let's find out! Daddy is patient and loves to take Bailey on adventures and trains him to be the best puppy he can be! Mommy is kind, and she’s Bailey's biggest fan! Grandma is wise and calming. This book marks the beginning of a true story series that captures the interest of children around the world. Life Of Bailey is a story children will want to be read over and over again. A great bedtime story to help bring families closer together, with quality colourful illustrations that amuse and inspire. BONUS: In every book, there’s a colouring page to share with other kids around the world on Instagram & Facebook @ senseipublishing. Share your colouring of Bailey right away. A perfect book for kids ages: 2 and up. Let’s follow Bailey as he discovers his place in his new life." Sensei Publishing provides kids with a series of books for generations of people encouraging exciting curiosity and interactive discovery.  Get your copy of 'Life Of Bailey' today by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button now! Join Our Publishing Journey! Everyone’s invited to: - Get to know us better - Take a look behind the scenes and experience our creative process - Learn about the new books we’re working on by joining our news letterVisit: & fill out the pop-up form. Follow/Like/Subscribe/Share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeSearch: #senseipublishing

The Consolation of Philosophy

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

All About Elephants (All About Everything Book 8)

Does your child love elephants??Then this lively, fast-paced and informative book will enchant them! Filled with rich and vibrant photographs, it will appeal to children of all ages!Elephants are endlessly fascinating. Their distinctive shape, sleek beauty, and playfulness enchant kids and adults alike.In this book, you will learn:• How many muscles there are in an elephant’s trunk• Just how smart elephants are• That the ears of an African elephants are shaped like Africa • What sorts of games elephants like to play
And much, much more

Nature Calls: a yearly nature spotting guide (preschool nature wild animals picture book)

Do you know what is in your garden? who slinks around your park? which animals leave footprints in the snow? and what noises they make? Nature Calls gives you a sneaky peak into the lives of wild animals and birds that live in Britain all year round and some, that are just visiting. A nonfiction nature and science book for everyone aged over 3.Q&As with the author:Q. What makes Nature Calls special?A. I spent many hours listening to bird audio and animal noises and interpreted them into words (phonics), so when you are looking at this nature spotter with your children, you can learn to recognise what each one sounds like. You can often hear birds or animals without actually seeing them, so this is a great way to identify who is in the bushes or high up in the trees.If you'd like a copy of this free nature book as a children's ebook, all you have to do is download it. If you'd like a signed paperback copy, just have a look at my website store. Nature Calls is perfect for preschool children from age 3 years and over.Q. Why should I give your books a try?A. I have been an illustrator for nearly a zillion years (or so it feels!) and I LOVE drawing wildlife. I always 'see' a book before I write it, and you will know what I mean when you have a look at my books. I am also intensely interested in education - so I always slip a sneaky way to learn things into my stories. My customers and reviews tell me how much they love my books, how 'each page is a smorgasbord, a real treat for little readers' and 'I could not wait to turn the pages and see the antics, marvellous illustrations. This is a must read for all small people, and their grandparents.'Q. Do you have other books?A. Yes - loads, and all but The Golden Stone can be purchased as paperback books too.Vincent and the VampiresRoyal FleasWally and Bert, Bffs The House on Hare HillFlossie BonceBluebell's New SchoolThe Golden StoneFidget (new release)Check out my website for details.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Humane Heroes Volume I

Laugh and learn as you read inspirational and educational stories about remarkable animals and the people who take care of them.  Chicken Soup for the Soul: Humane Heroes, Volume I is full of real-life stories that are appropriate for 4th graders and up to read on their own. While teaching the value of humane conservation, children are introduced to some amazing animals – a puppy and a cheetah who become friends; an adopted gorilla; and some not-so-scary sharks, among others. Not only will children learn how these animals share and enrich our planet, they will also learn of the critically important work being done by humane heroes around the world that helps them survive.   

My DNA Diary: All about YOU (Genetics for Kids Series Book 2)

You are unique and fabulous. But have you ever wondered why, or how?Let the Dinky Amigos explain exactly what DNA is, where you get it from and why it makes you different from anyone else - including your parents.A gentle introduction to DNA and genetics for unique 9-12 year olds and their favourite adults.

Childrena??s A-Z Reading Topics: Children book, reading & learning about A to Z topics; Simple reading & knowing facts with great fun; Builds Vocabulary, Reading ability, imagination power; Ages 8-12

This is more than A, B, C! When your child can read by herself she looks for exciting materials. Her inquisitiveness and wonders are also expanding. She is thinking much more, want to know much more. Here’s a great company for her pastime full of topics and texts!  Rose Press House presents a simple but rich topic-based reading book for grade 3 to 7 children.This book contains A to Z 26 topics. Each has a picture. There is some interesting text for each topic. Texts are simple and short – presented in shapes to resist monotony. Keep your child busy with interesting educational material – let them read, think, and learn by themselves and tell you what they understood.For effective reading, try to follow the text-color. For every topic, texts of same color denotes related information. Therefore, try to read the same color texts together for better easy and better understanding.This book can be a wonderful gift for your child!Exciting Features:Self-reading and learning based  Interesting and exciting too  Plain EnglishBuilds up children's general aptitudeFull of exciting colorful imagesMakes a great gift8.5" X 11" sizeGlossyNo bleed

Through Central Borneo; an Account of Two Years' Travel in the Land of Head-Hunters Between the Years 1913 and 1917

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.