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Detective Trigger and the Ruby Collar: Book One

He’s on the trail of crooked cats. Can a doggy detective make this crime their last meow?Canine private eye Trigger wishes someone would throw him a bone. Without a case to solve, the quick-witted Chihuahua is stuck digging for scraps in a city run by criminal cats. So he thinks his luck has changed when a classy purebred hires him to find her priceless stolen collar.With his client insisting that an infamous master thief took the jewel-studded accessory, Trigger sniffs around for clues. But what he digs up is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take down the city’s wicked feline kingpin…Can Trigger restore law and order, or is he barking up the wrong tree?Detective Trigger and the Ruby Collar is the first book in an entertaining middle-grade mystery series. If you and your child like clever animals, stories about private eyes, and canine heroes, then you’ll both love M.A. Owens’ hairy whodunit.Buy Detective Trigger and the Ruby Collar to put the cat back in the bag today!

Squirrel & Swan Precious Things: A charming mystery series set in New Zealand (S & S Investigations Book 1)

The Disappearance of Polly Dixon and the Persistent Petnapper"Funny and insightful."Best friends Paige and Sophie are putting their psychology skills to the test – they’ve opened an investigations agency.They’ll be a detective duo like no other!At least, that’s what Paige believes. No one else thinks they’ll make something of this new and unexpected venture. But why wouldn’t they be a success? Paige understands the mechanics of the mind and Sophie can read behaviour like a book. They’re a little light on investigative experience or, erm, practical life skills, but they make up for it with intelligence, tenacity, and diligence.After a couple of frustrating months without even a whiff of a client, they finally get a break. Someone is kidnapping pets, and the head of the Remuera Ladies Bridge Club wants them to find out who.As they start investigating with gusto, the possibility of another case appears. Nineteen-year-old Polly Dixon has disappeared.Can they prove everyone wrong and find the missing girl?"Loved this book from start to finish. It’s so funny, witty… good story line that keeps you guessing. The characters are written in such great detail that I could see them in my mind. I can’t wait for the next and hope there are many more to come!"S & S Investigations is a cozy mystery series set in New Zealand. With a bit of crime-fighting, humour, romance and drama, this series has it all. Get started on the Squirrel & Swan adventures today.Sign up to M. D. Archer’s mailing list - [email protected] - to hear about new releases (and special deals), first! You can also find her on twitter @mda_008.*Note, Squirrel & Swan: Precious Things is 55,000 words.

DOTTY and the Calendar House Key: A Magical Fantasy Adventure Mystery for 8-12 year olds (The DOTTY Series Book 1)

Dotty Parsons knows the noises in the chimneys aren’t jackdaws nesting as the old cook says. After all, it’s December and who ever heard of a bird that whistles?But it is only when the feisty young Welsh girl finds her dead mother’s locket hidden up the playroom chimney that she really begins to suspect there’s more to the Calendar House than meets the eye. What Dotty doesn’t know is that the locket is the key to a long lost magic…and keeping it is going to be a whole lot more trouble than she had bargained for.Award-winning children’s magical fantasy fiction from #1 bestselling children's author, Emma Warner-Reed. “Secret Garden meets Diagon Alley. Fabulous!” A. Vere, Harrogate.Buy DOTTY and the Calendar House Key today and join Dotty as she is strives to unravel the mysteries of the Calendar House: a place filled with secrets, danger and a just a little bit of sweeps’ magicDOTTY and the Calendar House Key is the introductory book in the multi-award winning DOTTY Series.Since the release of DOTTY and the Calendar House Key, in 2015, The DOTTY Series has received significant acclaim. To date, accolades include both Gold and Silver awards from Literary Classics, together with their official seal of approval for all three books, honorable mentions at the Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam and Paris Book Festival Awards, and three coveted five star Reader's Favorites reviews (so it's quite good :o) ).Look out for the fourth series book, DOTTY and the Mermaid’s Purse, due out this year!Here’s what people have to say about the series:"Author Emma Warner-Reed has penned a magnificent children's book with suspense that builds … highly recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval."Literary Classics Book Reviews"Dotty and the Calendar House Key has truly fired my daughter's imagination for the first time since Harry Potter. Beautifully written and exciting. The Secret Garden meets Diagon Alley. Fabulous!"Alexandra Vere, Harrogate"My son has just read the first [book] and thinks it's brilliant - high praise since he has very decided opinions about what he reads."P. Uglow, Harrogate"I really liked the [first] book. It was a bit scary when Dotty found herself in Uncle Winchester's private study. But most of the books I read are a bit scary so that was okay. I would read the other books in the series. Go Team Dotty!"Betty, age 7, Amazon"Enchanting, innocent and lovely with just the right amount of modern technology...a great read for a grown up 7 year old! She loved it... When is the next one coming out?"A. Little, Amazon

The Disappearing Diva (Max the Detective Cat)

Max, chief mouse-hunter at the Theatre Royal, is up to his whiskers in his first mystery!Max is a pampered cat, used to the finer things in life, until a fun mouse chase goes badly wrong and he finds himself scruffy and alone and hiding out at the Theatre Royal.It's here that Max takes on his first case as a detective cat, when he notices that famous singer Madame Emerald is acting strangely. Why is her maid so terrified? And what kind of singer doesn't like to sing in public?Soon Max is trapped in a complicated web of crime, dashing round dancers' legs and over the rooftops of London in a race to catch a clever thief...

Orca Rising: Spy School or Lie School? (Orca #1)

*****People's Book Prize Finalist*****Spy School or Lie School?Ocean Daley just doesn't fit in –for one, he's called Ocean– but his enigmatic uncle sees huge promise in him and takes Ocean to a summer school for talented teens. Orca, the secretive organisation behind the school, needs fresh recruits…but for what? With classes in hacking, bike racing and defence, it could be Ocean's chance of a lifetime....or something far darker. Orca Rising is the explosive first book in the Orca series by Chris Hannon and finalist for The People's Book Prize, ideal for fans of Alex Rider, Cherub and Young Bond. if you like spy thrillers and adventure with great twists then you'll love Orca Rising.Are you ready?***** 'Fans of Alex Rider will love it!' (Amazon review)***** 'A cinematic action romp, packed with great characters and dark deeds (Author S Baines)'***** "Engaging thriller for all ages. Fast paced action and an engaging thriller. A page turner for all ages."

Angus Adams: the adventures of a free-range kid: Book1 of The Free-Range Kid Mysteries

As a free-range kid, Angus is allowed to do things other kids his age aren’t – like play in the street and hang out at the park without adults (shock, horror!) But when he’s accused of stealing an iPhone from school, Angus must use all of his brains, resilience, and courage to catch the real thief, clear his name, and outwit the seriously bad dudes hot on his tail!

The Mystery of the Black Birds: A Free Middle Grade School Action Adventure Mystery Suspense Kindle Book for Children Ages 7-12+ (The Mystery Quad 1)

NOTE: This book was written by an Eleven Year Old Author.OVER 4500 COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE!Will Four Kids Save America from being under British Rule?The year is 1976, two hundred years after American Independence. Siblings Jack, Jim, and Rose Brown discover that the British want to steal America again and, before they can notify the authorities, they get kidnapped. With everything on the line, the trio escape and, in doing so, they meet a friend who joins them on their quest.Follow the siblings in this exciting mystery to find out what happens to the U.S.A.

Ava & Carol Detective Agency: The Christmas Thief

Move over Santa! This year, Ava and Carol are figuring out who’s naughty or nice.A Christmas Special EditionThere’s a time of year that’s full of cheer--but this December, not everything is quite so merry for Ava and Carol Detective Agency. For their holiday house-sitting gig has gone ho-ho-horribly wrong, and now Mr. Parker’s prized painting is missing! With Christmas Eve approaching, the girls have little time to tie this burglary up in a bow, and so they’ll need some help from their best friend Derik.Using state-of-the-art hacking skills and the trained brains of the best super-sleuths in the business, Ava and Carol set out to unwrap this mystery. However, when the trail of clues leads them to a devastating personal discovery, all bets are off on whether this Christmas will be very merry after all. How can the girls reconcile terrible deeds when they are done by good people? And how can they turn their backs on a friend at a time like this?Only with quick-thinking, fast fingers, and big hearts will Ava, Carol, and Derik retrieve the painting in time and put the real bad guys away for good.Join the crew and follow the clues as you can uncover the greatest gifts in this world are the things we do for others in Ava & Carol Detective Agency: Christmas Thief!

Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels (Skylar Robbins mysteries Book 2)

A deserted mansion perches on a steep hillside, overlooking a rocky canyon. Tattered curtains hang behind broken windows, and a turret stretches toward the sky. Three years ago the wealthy owner disappeared suddenly, leaving behind a house full of secrets: A mysterious note, tantalizing clues, a hidden floor, one piece of a treasure map, and a missing fortune in diamonds.Thirteen-year-old sleuth Skylar Robbins moves into the mansion with her parents and embarks on a new and dangerous mission. Armed with her detective kit, and with the support of her BFF Alexa and a team of secret agents, Skylar sets out to decipher the clues and find the diamonds. Can she outwit a gang of older bullies and find the hidden jewels before they do? Or will the perils of middle school--like battling ruthless Emelyn Peters for the attention of class hottie Dustin Coles--get in her way?Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels is an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Children's Detective Books, was voted Book-of-the-Month by LASR readers, won a 5-star Reader's Favorite award, and was a Top Ten Finalist for an Author Academy Award in the YA/Middle Grade category.

Pirates (The Magic Library Book 1)

A MAGICAL MYSTERY BOOK FOR CHILDREN AGED 9-12Myra and Kassy Cooper have discovered a magic library in their gran’s house. A wicked witch has cast a spell on the books and the characters inside are forgetting who they are. Myra and Kassy have to break the spell and save the characters before their stories are lost forever.Book 1 - PiratesA flying book leads Myra and Kassy to a beach where they find a message in a bottle. They soon discover a magic cave which takes them to a band of pirates. The pirates have been tricked by The Witch Of A Thousand Towers and are stranded on the island.Can Myra and Kassy help the pirates escape from the island?

Mind Captives

There is a point where everyone breaks. Some can be repaired and eventually come out stronger, while some are left forever broken and mentally shattered. The change that both groups experience will open their mind to the world they live in as they come to the belief that they are to blame for everything that has happened. But if everyone is blaming themselves, the question is: who really is to blame for it all?

Shadow Born (Shadow Born Trilogy Book 1)

5 Stars: "The Shadow Born Trilogy is a phenomenal futuristic fantasy..." -Amazon review4 Stars: "I really enjoyed this book... when the end of the book arrived I was surprised." -Goodreads review5 Stars: "A superb start to a wonderful trilogy..." -Amazon ReviewDescription: Discovered wandering alone in the woods at night. Taken to a secretive mansion. 12-year-old Gabriel Frost has amnesia. He has no clue where he came from, how he received the scars on his back, or where he learned the assassin-like skills he seems to possess. His entire life is a mystery.Gabriel is about to find out the world is nothing like he believed: assassins, monsters, and new super technologies bridge the gap between our world and the shadow world. But what other sinister secrets are his new guardians hiding? Who are the shadowfriends, and what do they want? Can anyone he knows be trusted? What if Gabriel has a few secrets of his own?Gabriel must unravel the mystery of his past before the monsters of the present destroy him.