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THE FIRST DAYS OF MAN: The Origin Of Civilization - Narrated For Young Readers

This carefully crafted ebook: "THE FIRST DAYS OF MAN" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents."Every child, between the ages of five and fifteen, seeks by constant questioning to grasp the fundamental facts upon which our whole fabric of present-day knowledge is based. These facts, painfully gathered by the human race during its many centuries of development, must of necessity be absorbed by the child within the short space of some ten or twelve years. It is a prodigious task, and one in which the growing mind should be afforded every possible assistance. Two courses are usually adopted by parents; one, to dismiss the child's questions with the stock phrase, "You are not old enough to understand," the other, to place in his hands some so-called book of knowledge, containing, it is true, a great mass of information which the child should possess, but usually so badly presented, so jumbled together, that no one fact has any bearing on another, and thus the child is left to turn from "Why the ocean is salt?" to "What is a lightning rod?" without the least understanding of the principles and laws which underly these and all other facts, and link them together in a composite whole." – Frederic Arnold Kummer ("The First Days of Man")Frederic Arnold Kummer (1873-1943) was an American author, playwright and screen writer. He wrote in various genres including spy and international mysteries, detective novels, romances and non-fiction. Under the pseudonym Arnold Fredericks he wrote a series of mysteries featuring the detective Richard Duvall.

Ninja: Ninja Warrior Fun Facts For Kids: Ninja Assassin History, Training, and Code

Ninja: Ninja Warrior Fun Facts For Kids: Ninja Assassin History, Training, and Code- The Ancient Japanese Ninja Warrior Mysterious & Magical!The ancient Ninja has a very mystical place in Japanese popular culture. The folklore surrounding ninja developed for hundreds of years in Japan before ninja were ever heard of overseas, so most of the legends about them are authentically Japanese.Storytellers and authors have taken historical tales and built on them, creating a whole series of legends about Ninja’s incredible skills – even going so far as to suggest that they could turn themselves invisible, walk on water and that they had power over animals.Unfortunately, with the long history of the Ninja and people stretching the truth about them, facts have become mixed up with myth. This often makes it difficult to tell the difference between fantasy and truth.Ninja: Ninja Warrior Fun Facts For Kids: Ninja Assassin History, Training, and CodeYou'll Learn The Following...- Ancient Japan- The Ninja- The Role of the Ninja- Female Ninja Warrior- The Art of Ninjutsu- Japan's Last Ninja- How To Be A NinjaIt's fun and educational with beautiful images. Your child will love it! -Click the 'Buy Now With One Click' Button Now!

The Sea Adventures of Robert Smalls (African American Civil War Heroes Book 1)

New 2nd Edition - 08/19/17"My race needs no special defense, for the past history of them of them in this country proves them to be the equal of any people anywhere. All they need is an equal chance in the battle of life." - Robert Smalls, 1895Congressman Robert Smalls, an escaped slave who went onto write the first legislation for a free public school education accessible to all children in the United States, always confronted his fear for the sake of making America a better place for all.In 1862, while America was at war with itself over the issue of slavery, ship pilot and slave Robert Smalls, pressed into service of the Confederacy, saw an opportunity for the birth of freedom. Escaping aboard the steamboat with his enslaved crewmen and their families was a daunting task. A single mistake under the watchful eyes of the watchmen manning the deadly forts would've had deadly consequences. Robert defied the odds and became a national symbol of freedom for blacks and whites in the north. This educational supplement will make inspiring reading for children as they are introduced to the first Civil War hero. They will learn of his journey in convincing President Abraham Lincoln to allow blacks to enlist in the war effort and his engagements in battle for Union forces that culminated in his rise as the first black Captain of a Navy vessel. The theme of facing fear and conquering it is an inspiring story of a little known hero who made a difference to better the lives of others. It is abundance in his pursuits while in public service and sends a message that dreams can be fulfilled by confidence and commitment. Appropriate text for grade levels 2 to 5, historical images, and illustrations provides a sound introduction to subject. Also features include a table of contents, maps, glossary, guided reading questions, and additional resources. This fun and informative supplement adheres to common core standards will make a fine addition to classroom curriculum.

Anaheim Pioneers: The Stories of Bennett Payne Baxter and Other Pioneers of Early Anaheim

This children's story is about Bennett Payne Baxter and other pioneers who helped Anaheim, CA; to prosper during its early history before Disneyland was built in 1955.